lool/!\ Mir FTBFS in PPA00:14
loolracarr: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/153780284/buildlog_ubuntu-saucy-amd64.mir_0.0.15%2B13.10.20131014-0ubuntu1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz00:15
loolit's this flaky new test00:15
lool 10/155 Test  #10: acceptance-tests.ServerShutdown/OnSignal.* .............................***Failed    0.02 sec00:15
loolI've retried the builds00:15
loolbut this is no good00:15
loolkgunn: ^00:15
kdublool, alan_g was looking into that towards the end of euro-day00:22
loolfailed again00:23
loolit's kind of unfortunate because it built on armhf00:26
looland that will block other builds like the platform-api fix00:26
loolok, succeeded on 3rd try00:42
racarrlool: Yay. Thanks00:45
loolracarr: would still be good to fix this  :-/00:46
racarrlool: I know I think Alang is working on it01:10
loolunity-system-compositor and platform-api now in PPA01:16
racarrlool: I think we should get some good autopilot runs when it runs :D01:23
loolespecially with the keyboard fix01:25
racarrMm :D01:47
RAOFmlankhorst: What ended up being the problem with nested? I'm trying to rework it to remove the bonghits involved in mystically passing around a gbm_device *.02:11
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* duflu wonders what said "bonghit" looks like in code03:25
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tvossgood morning07:02
RAOFtvoss: Good morning!07:03
tvossRAOF, hey there :) how goes?07:03
RAOFThinking about foreign surfaces, still trying to figure out precisely what mlankhorst's patches for nested-gbm actually *do*, so we can make the nested code less maniacal, the usual.07:05
dufluManiacal is fun, in small portions07:05
RAOFI'm a fan of not doing http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~afrantzis/mir/spike-nested-gbm-egl-image-hack/view/head:/src/server/graphics/nested/nested_platform.cpp#L59 and http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~afrantzis/mir/spike-nested-gbm-egl-image-hack/view/head:/src/server/graphics/gbm/native_gbm_platform.cpp#L3707:09
tsdgeoswhat's calling mir::graphics::android::MirNativeWindow::dequeueBuffer ?07:44
tsdgeosi can't seem to grep-find what calls it07:44
tsdgeosbut i have a thread here that is doing it07:44
tsdgeosso someone is :D07:44
tsdgeos#25 0x42aad0c4 in mir::graphics::android::MirNativeWindow::dequeueBuffer (this=<optimized out>, buffer_to_driver=0x5219b970) at /build/buildd/mir-0.0.14+13.10.20131011/src/shared/graphics/android/mir_native_window.cpp:16507:45
tsdgeos#26 0x4468ab0e in ?? ()07:45
tsdgeos#27 0x4468ab0e in ?? ()07:45
alf_tsdgeos: AFAIK, it's called only by the driver. We pass this to the android drivers, as part of our custom native window implementation.07:51
om26erduflu, hello! when your second branch lands re: bug 1227739 is someone working on using those changes in unity-mir or platform-api ?07:52
ubot5bug 1227739 in Mir "Mir continues to render background application surfaces even when they're not visible" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/122773907:52
tsdgeosalf_: i see07:52
dufluom26er: The main fix for Mir isn't even proposed yet. Those awaiting review are just prereq enhancements. But no, no one is assigned the platform-api task.07:53
om26erduflu, that means you have another branch inprogress ?07:54
tsdgeosalf_: thing is, if i shutdown unity+mir when nothing is moving, it's all fine, if i shut it down while some animation is going on (i.e. there's painting) this is one of the threads that seems to be kept alive07:54
dufluom26er: Yes. It's blocked by the one still awaiting review (because I fear it could be rejected so don't want to complete the fix based on that)07:55
tsdgeoscan't totally blame on it, but i wonder who is supposed to tear it down07:55
om26erduflu, ok, thanks.07:56
tsdgeosbtw, if the comment in https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/mir/fix_mismatched_delete/+merge/190885 is true shouldn't the CI job be fixed so that it merges the target before running CI?07:56
alf_tsdgeos: Mir should be tearing the graphics subsystem down. A couple of things could be going wrong here: 1. Mir is not tearing down correctly 2. Mir is not tearing down at all, because e.g. the shell is still holding a shared_ptr to a Mir resource/subsystem08:00
tsdgeosalf_: mir is teared down08:01
tsdgeosor looks like it to me08:01
tsdgeosat least mir::run_mir has returned08:02
tsdgeosof course that doesn't mean it has tearned down properly or much i guess :D08:02
alf_tsdgeos: what I mean is that if e.g. the shell is holding a strong pointer to Mir's graphics subsystem, the server will be torn down, but the graphics subystem will not be uninitialized08:02
alf_tsdgeos: at least not at the right time08:03
tsdgeosalf_: but that "not tearing down" problem only happens when there's an animation running08:03
tsdgeosif all is static it works08:03
tsdgeosi don't see us holding an extra resource when animating08:03
tsdgeoswhich may be of course :D08:04
tsdgeosmaybe just still haven't found that bit of code08:04
alf_tsdgeos: yeah, I am not sure either, just guessing, trying to give some leads :)08:04
tsdgeossure :-)08:05
alf_tsdgeos: I know that unity-mir is holding a shared_ptr to a MirSurface, which may be related to this problem. So one possible scenario is: mir server is torn down, graphics torn down, but the MirSurface (which is backed by a "native window" used by the driver) is not destroyed because shell/qt/qml is still trying to use it08:08
tsdgeosmay be08:09
alf_tsdgeos: valgrind may give you more hints about what is going on there08:09
tsdgeosi does actually hang/deadlock while we are deleting the window08:09
tsdgeosi.e. i successfully leave qt's event loop08:09
tsdgeosand when i try to delete the window08:09
tsdgeosit goes deep in somewhere08:10
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alan_gduflu: I didn't get a chance to look at lp:~mir-team/mir/verify-MirConnection - is it still a problem?08:15
duflualan_g: Not really. I'm now questioning the whole exercise. Might be best to reconsider all libmirclient error handling semantics post-saucy08:15
dufluBecause we need to halt broken clients and show them where they're broken... but that conflicts with the existing design of allowing invalid connection handles to many functions. And in many cases silently ignoring them08:16
alan_gduflu: OK. What we've implemented isn't self-consistent08:17
duflualan_g: Correct08:17
duflualan_g: I think we need to detect bad parameters and crash the client immediately. But that's enough of a semantic change I'm struggling to call it a "fix" we could squeeze into saucy08:18
alan_gduflu: I think it is too big a discussion for this week. But I agree the broad principle08:20
duflualan_g: https://bugs.launchpad.net/mir/+bug/123997808:27
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1239978 in Mir "libmirclient does not validate/verify parameters to API calls" [High,New]08:27
alf_Saviq: Do you also need a "stopped" event from mir? Returning from run_mir is essentially a "stopped" event.08:43
Saviqalf_, not right now, but dunno if it'll be needed later by something08:44
alf_Saviq: My plan is to add "started" for now. If we need it it can be trivially added.08:44
alf_Saviq: (stopped)08:44
Saviqalf_, +108:44
tjaaltonthe xorg packages keep getting xmir related crashes all the time, and I doubt those will get fixed as sru?08:45
duflutjaalton: True. It would only be a big problem if the crashes can't be easily de-duplicated though... ?08:47
tjaaltonde-duplicated? i've no idea which ones are related to which08:47
duflutjaalton: I mean we can deal with it so long as there's sufficient stack info for you to know it's a Mir bug... and then for us to recognize which Mir bug08:49
tjaaltoni mean, shouldn't there be a word sent out that anyone sticking to saucy should just disable xmir?08:49
tjaaltonoh I can recognize xmir from ProcCmdline08:49
duflutjaalton: That's a nice thought but in the world of Ubuntu, users will constantly customize and experiment even when we suggest not to08:49
tjaaltonso that's fine, but the bug view is getting cluttered with all these bugs with '[xmir]..' :)08:50
duflutjaalton: Is it? Are they correctly assigned to the xmir project?08:50
tjaaltoncrashers are sent to xorg-server08:50
tjaaltonit's a manual process after that08:50
duflutjaalton: I know how that is. Spent most of the past could of years dealing with Unity crashes landing in Compiz :/08:51
tjaaltonalthough xdiagnose could be smarter..08:51
tjaaltonnow that I think of it08:51
duflutjaalton: If you could automagically bump them to the xmir project then we'd see them and help with the triage08:52
tjaaltonyeah I'll see if it can be done08:53
tjaaltondepends on apport I think08:54
asacit would be nice if Mir team could run apt-get install ubuntu-ui-toolkit-autopilot + phablet-test-run ubuntuuitoolkit and see what happens09:04
asac(something bad, in short, after a couple of minutes)09:04
asac"it would be nice if Mir team could run apt-get install ubuntu-ui-toolkit-autopilot + phablet-test-run ubuntuuitoolkit and see what happens09:04
asac(something bad, in short, after a couple of minutes)"09:04
asackgunn: ^^09:04
asacthats again uncovered/triggered by MIR landing still09:04
tvossasac, do we have any more detail on what is going wrong?09:05
asactvoss: no its misty dark09:06
asactvoss: you run the APs one by one its kind of working... but if it runs all in one shot it will stall completely09:06
tvossasac, okay09:12
tvossasac, any reason we suspect mir and not u8?09:12
asactvoss: so unity8 could be the candidate, but since mir landing started regressing all the tests09:18
asacits the first stop for every issue until we have managed to get the rest to green once09:18
asacthen we can more easily blame the right folks again09:18
asactvoss: if you feel its u8 from the looks, lets have Saviq also check09:18
asacSaviq: sdk team tests:09:18
asac11:04 < asac> "it would be nice if Mir team could run apt-get install ubuntu-ui-toolkit-autopilot +  phablet-test-run ubuntuuitoolkit and see what happens09:18
tvossasac, reflashed phone, testing now09:18
tvossasac, just saying that both the Mir team and the U8 team should look into regressions to be more efficient09:19
* Saviq checks09:19
asactvoss: yeah. good news is that mir team is in the same team as unity8 :)09:19
asacso... :)09:19
Saviqasac, except we're not ;)09:19
asacwe put them organizationally close to each other for such cases09:20
asacSaviq: both report to kgunn ... who spans this bigger team09:20
alf_greyback: https://code.launchpad.net/~afrantzis/mir/server-started-notification/+merge/191134 , let me know if this is enough for you09:32
greybackalf_: looks reasonable, will test it out in ~1 hour09:34
alf_greyback: ok09:34
alan_gduflu: shall we move the "privatize" and "tidy-up" branches to WIP for the time being?09:42
duflualan_g : Yeah "Resubmit" for when we have a T-series branch09:42
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tvossalf_, got an eta on https://code.launchpad.net/~afrantzis/mir/server-started-notification/+merge/19113410:26
tvossalan_g, ping10:32
alan_gtvoss: ?10:32
tvossalan_g, hey, so we are seeing slowdown of rendering after multiple app starts/stops in autopilot test scenarios10:33
tvossalan_g, as I have seen some mp's for ensuring correct session deconstruction recently, could you check if we actually clean up sessions, their surfaces and buffers?10:33
tvossalan_g, I have a gut feeling that we somehow have closed sessions alive in mir/unity810:34
alan_gtvoss: you mean like the one I wasn't convinced cleaned sessions up?10:34
tvossalan_g, yup :)10:35
tvossalan_g, perhaps we can prove with a simple cout in the session/surface d'tor?10:35
alan_gtvoss: have you tried enabling the session mediator report?10:36
tvossalan_g, nope, not yet10:36
tvossMirv, didrocks again, to establish a baseline: how do we run the uitk testsuite?10:37
* alan_g realizes that won't prove anything10:38
didrocksphablet-test-run ubuntuuitoolkit10:38
Mirvtvoss: flash, apt-get install ubuntu-ui-toolkit-autopilot on device, run phablet-test-run ubuntuuitoolkit10:38
tvossMirv, didrocks thx10:39
alan_gtvoss: is is probably ms::surfaces that need to be cleaned up - and it is entirely possible that unity hangs onto them after the session closes. (We need a surface manager report)10:39
* alan_g hasn't looked at the unity code for a long time - "possible" is not an accusation10:40
tvossalan_g, can you help me and look into that?10:45
alan_gtvoss: I'm going to knock up a quick report from surface manager and first try a basic mir server. If that's clean I'll try dropping it into u810:50
tvossalan_g, +1, and many thanks10:51
* alan_g hates interruptions10:51
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alan_gtvoss: the ownership of surfaces is such a mess that I can't spot an effective place to report on it. Digging...11:04
alf_tvoss: I am the submitter, you should ask the reviewers :)11:05
alf_tvoss: ah, you mean about the fix, working on it11:05
tvossalf_, sorry, ENOCONTEXT ;)11:06
alf_tvoss: @eta for server-started-notification11:06
tvossalf_, ah, thanks11:07
dandraderalf_, Since you have a recent fix in qtubuntu I suppose you've also built it in your device recently. I'm trying to build it myself but I'm getting these errors: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6240031/  I should have all the needed  libraries installed as I've run "apt-get build-dep qtubuntu"11:07
dandraderany ideas?11:08
alf_dandrader: the build command is not linking against -lEGL, but I don't know why that is, I didn't have any problems with it11:10
dandraderalf_, so it's not "-lGLESv2"?11:11
alf_dandrader: that is only GLES 2, you also need to link against EGL11:14
dandraderalf_, ah, ok. "EGL", "GLES", they look so similar. :)    thanks for the hint!11:15
Mirvcongrats on the performance improvements (the situation after a fresh boot), extremely nice. scrolling not hitch free yet, but that's probably a combination of many factors.11:36
Mirvbut it's night-and-day difference in swiping between lenses or indicators with the new mir11:37
tvossMirv, thanks :) all credit to kdub :)11:39
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alf_kdub: ^^ \o/11:53
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om26erracarr, ping12:39
tvossMirv, which image will have the performance fix?12:48
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Mirvtvoss: it's now in release pocket (since 0.5h), so the next one. I assume the number is #98.12:57
mlankhorstRAOF: see the patch I wrote13:03
mlankhorstRAOF: basically the GBM allocator expected a gbm_surface13:03
mlankhorstand then it passed gbm_surface->dri_private to the mir call13:03
mlankhorstRAOF: look at the forwarding calls defined in src/gbm/backends/dri/ for dri2_loader_extension13:05
mlankhorstdri_get_buffers_with_format  dri_flush_front_buffer dri_get_buffers13:07
om26erMirv, when do we spin a new build ?13:11
Mirvom26er: ask ogra_ or didrocks13:13
ogra_om26er, once everything planned is in the archive13:13
alf_greyback: did you get a chance to try the server-started-notification branch with unity(-mir)?13:24
greybackalf_: just compiling now13:25
alf_greyback: ok13:26
greybackalf_: well I've tried your branch, I get a started() call, but I'll have to trust you that it happens when mir is ready to get client connections14:34
alf_greyback: Trust me, I know what I am doing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nnwWKkNau4I14:35
greybackalf_: :D14:36
Saviqogra_, https://code.launchpad.net/~saviq/unity8/raise-sigstop/+merge/191212 looking sane for the SIGSTOP?14:41
ogra_Saviq, awesome !14:42
alan_gtvoss: The mir code doesn't leak surfaces. I'll have to update my phone image to investigate further - here's the code if it helps you: https://code.launchpad.net/~alan-griffiths/mir/draft-surfaces-report/+merge/19121514:48
Saviqogra_, so... that makes us pause when ran by hand... any way we can detect we're running under upstart?15:00
Saviqogra_, to only emit it if we are?15:00
Saviqhmm we could set an env var15:00
ogra_Saviq, one sec ... meeting ...15:08
Saviqogra_, we went for $UPSTART_JOB == "unity8"15:08
ogra_Saviq, i dont really get what you are referring to15:12
ogra_the above patch looks just fine15:12
Saviqogra_, if we just "$ unity8" in bash15:13
Saviqogra_, the process will pause15:13
ogra_yeah you should never do that15:13
Saviqogra_, and we need to SIGCONT it (or well, "$ fg")15:13
Saviqogra_, for testing15:14
ogra_use upstart to start and stop it15:14
Saviqogra_, we often need console output and stuff15:14
ogra_ah, k15:14
Saviqogra_, and it's just easier to not have to go through upstart15:14
ogra_yeah then add stuff to the unity8 job that reacts to an env var15:14
ogra_and sets debug options etc15:15
Saviqogra_, we have that15:15
Saviqogra_, it's still easier to just ./unity815:15
Saviqogra_, I just did if ($UPSTART_JOB == "unity8") raise(SIGSTOP);15:16
ogra_well, but that wont give you the same env that the user has15:16
Saviqogra_, that seriously wrong?15:16
ogra_i dont think so15:16
ogra_but i think testing stuff without upstzart involved will taint your results15:16
Saviqogra_, we obviously will15:16
Saviqogra_, autopilot does, if nothing else15:16
Saviqogra_, it's just for day-to-day dev15:17
ogra_ship a developer start script ;)15:17
Saviqogra_, we do ;D15:17
ogra_ah,, good15:17
Saviqogra_, and that we'll make to use upstart15:17
Saviqogra_, but we don't want to break the "./unity8" case unnecessarily15:18
kgunnracarr, hey did you happen to look into why unwanted characters show up in text fields sometimes ? e.g. * when you hit the power button ?15:31
tvossalan_g, thanks, are you looking further15:35
alan_gtvoss: Am updating my phone image as we chat15:35
tvossalan_g, ack15:35
* alan_g thinks it weird the instructions haven't changed since last time15:36
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alf_Saviq: +1 for not breaking './unity8' case15:49
alf_Saviq: if the $UPSTART_JOB scheme doesn't work, we could make unity8 read e.g. UNITY8_SIGSTOP_ON_STARTED env. variable, and set that in unity8.conf15:51
alf_Saviq: when invoking unity815:51
tvossgreyback, for my mp: unity-mir already uses mir, which uses exceptions15:55
tvossgreyback, also: how do you handle cases where creation of an object would result in an invalid object? with an isValid() accessor?15:57
greybacktvoss: true, we can't avoid that, but it's why if mir throws an exception, unity-mir doesn't try to catch it, nor does unity8, so unity8 quits15:59
greybacktvoss: yes15:59
tvossgreyback, well, that's the opposite of exception safety16:00
tvossgreyback, just saying :)16:01
greybacktvoss: I'm not arguing, I'm just saying what we do with Qt16:02
tvossgreyback, ack, I will adjust the mp. Still saying we should revisit how we consider exception safety :)16:03
* alan_g wonders why mir exceptions are propagating to unity on a thread Mir doesn't own16:04
greybacktvoss: no objection here, as long as Qt's particulars are considered. It was written before exceptions were commonplace, so it wasn't designed to use exceptions itself. I'd love a primer on safe exception usage with Qt16:05
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tvossgreyback, ack16:18
tvossgreyback, I left the static functions, they are at least as good as const static members16:19
tvossgreyback, addressed your other comments16:19
greybacktvoss: thank you16:21
racarrkgunn: I am not sure * whn you hit the powe button was a real thing...I could never reproduce it I think we fixed the other unwanted characters though, that's the thing I was pinging you about it yesterday16:44
racarrreworded: We fixed some kind of unwanted character bug16:46
racarrnot sure about the power button16:46
racarrare you sure thats a thing?16:46
davmor2racarr: open terminal hit the power button you got a ? in the terminal and then a second when you powered it back on16:49
davmor2racarr: let me see if it is still in place on 9716:50
davmor2racarr: Ah is a * now16:51
davmor2racarr: I forgot open terminal and tap it so the keyboard it up then press the power button16:51
davmor2racarr: although it might be fixed by the fix you are talking about16:52
davmor2racarr: does that help?16:53
racarrdavmor2: Yes thanks I am checking now16:54
racarrit could be the bug from yesterday actually...16:54
racarras the surface loses focus16:55
racarrdavmor2: kgunn: Ok. it's a thing. its not the thing from yesterday actually just the key event really is going through17:00
racarrand getting mapped incorrectly17:00
racarrthe shell needs to grab it...need to figure out how to do that with the monitor situation17:00
davmor2racarr: \o/17:04
racarrI really thought  I tried that last week17:08
racarrwonder if I did something silly or there really is some sort of17:08
racarrinconsistency to the mismapping17:08
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kgunnracarr: thanks (sorry late response, i had an early lunch)17:36
kgunnracarr: so the "thing" yesterday...does it potentially fix this one https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity-mir/+bug/123809817:36
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1238098 in unity-mir (Ubuntu) "Autopilot test fails because of extra inserted characters" [Undecided,New]17:36
racarrkgunn: Yes17:37
racarrkgunn: Very hopefully...shouldn't we have new AP runs very soon17:40
racarror do we have them *checks*17:40
kgunnracarr: yeah...Saviq was saying we should be down to like 1 failure on unity8 AP run17:40
kgunnracarr: which means they should turn almost everything back on17:40
racarrunity8 and ubuntu-ui-toolkit finally succeeded17:41
racarrwhich is nice17:41
racarrI think the extra characters really are gone because that was killing17:41
racarrui toolkit17:41
racarrfilemanager and rssreader got worse?17:41
kgunnracarr: cool...i'm gonna mark that fixed, was that fix in unity-mir or mir or ubuntu-keyboard17:41
racarrkgunn: platform-api17:42
kgunnracarr: thanks...the only one i didn't guess :)17:42
kgunnwow...its getting creepy dark here in dallas....17:42
kgunnstorm movin' in17:42
racarrkgunn: lol, and my initial guess for where it would be was17:43
racarrits like some sort of bug wheel of fortune17:43
racarrkgunn: No, that's the adult themed free software chat roulette alternative17:44
racarrI want to write a phone app.17:45
racarrkgunn: ricmm had a fix in the pipe for the power key stuff https://code.launchpad.net/~ricmm/unity-mir/add-keyfilter-interface/+merge/189727 we are testing, coordinating, etc :)17:52
kgunnracarr: thanks17:52
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loolguys, just tested latest mir from image that was just published and it's *flying* much better performance with the locking changes   \o/19:00
tvosskdub, ^ \\o//19:00
tvosslool, thx19:00
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racarrIt actually feels really smooth now :) except for the occasional20:01
racarrkgunn: I think you were right with that idea you had last week that20:02
racarrsomething happens to the animation curve when you lift20:02
racarryour finger up20:02
kgunnracarr: yeah..the numbers from qml timing seem to indicate that also....20:03
kgunnand gerry was pretty sure there's a decelration in qt somewhere20:03
kgunnwhich we've selected by default20:03
racarrI'm not sure it's exactly that (lifting the finger actually)20:04
racarrI've just been sitting here for like 5 minutes flipping the dash trying to figure out why it doesnt look right lol20:04
racarrI think the thing is20:04
racarrit's quite slow to accelerate, you notice just20:04
racarrput your finger around an icon and quickly drag20:04
racarrand the icon falls far behind your finger20:05
racarrquite a bit...20:05
racarrand I think20:05
racarrthe finger jerks in response to this haha20:05
racarri.e. my physical finger20:05
racarrbecause if I really focus on making a smooth motion with my finger and not look at the screen as much it seems pretty smooth20:06
racarrit seems also like if you go really fast it will keep up20:07
racarrso there must be some sort of deacceleration or some acceleration with a weird curve20:07
racarrthere's also something that looks strange when you20:08
racarrflick fast and focus on white blocks20:08
racarrlike the top bar text...20:08
racarrbut I think that might just be...a weird effect from when the white passes over the light part of the background20:09
racarrit definitely doesnt look right though20:09
racarrOn the other hand. It works well enough that you can investigate minor issues like this without being distracted by general system failure. Huzzah :D20:10
racarrkgunn: If nothing critical comes up can I spend some time investigating the animation model? or do I need to dig in to autopilot more20:11
racarrbuild 98 is running I guess?20:11
racarrricmms branch fixes the power key thing :) just need gerry and saviq to review I guess20:13
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Saviqracarr, ricmm, do we know where the asterisk come from in any case?20:35
Saviqlike who translates PowerKey to * ?20:36
racarrSaviq: Probably a combination of xkbcommon and qtubuntu...20:39
racarrprobably mostly qtubuntu20:39
racarrby that I mean we probably have errors in both our xkbcommon mapping and the interpretation in qtubuntu20:39
racarrthough. it does in fact come out of xkbcommon20:40
racarrmapped to volume up20:40
racarrand we added that to the qt key table mapping20:40
racarrso it's a little hard to say20:40
RAOFmlankhorst: Where's the canonical location of your patch? I don't think I've got the whole context of your changes.21:17
mlankhorstRAOF: shrug I merged ubuntu debian packaging, upstream/9.2 branch21:18
mlankhorstsec :P21:18
mlankhorstreal changes were 2 pastebins I posted here before21:18
mlankhorsthttp://paste.debian.net/58054/ git show + git diff appended21:19
mlankhorstprobably applies against the egl-image*-i965 branch21:20
RAOFOh, right.21:22
RAOFBecause we were populating gbm_dri.21:29
RAOFSo that's a perfectly good fix, just one that doesn't allow me to stop passing the gbm_dri_device * through the platform.21:31
mlankhorstwell the #if 0'd code still works21:36
mlankhorstbut yeah needs gbm if available21:37
mlankhorstlookup extension probably sitll fails, dno if there is one or not21:37
mlankhorstbut it expects a gbm something21:37
mlankhorstI if 0'd it for debugging, mostly21:38
mlankhorstthat way i can test nested mir path with a demo client21:38
RAOFmlankhorst: I mean I'd prefer to do something like http://paste.ubuntu.com/6242735/ , which doesn't work, but I don't really see why not.22:07

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