pleia2jose: still about?00:32
joseyep, what's up?00:32
pleia2want to review and move over summaries for UWN? I'm bullet-pointing blogosphere and writing the In The News summaries now00:32
josesure thing00:32
joselet me give you a hand too00:32
pleia2ok, looks good, all can be copied over :)00:40
pleia2once you're done I'll add stats and do a final once through on the wiki, then we can publish00:40
josepleia2: want me to run stats?00:45
pleia2jose: nah, I'll take care of that00:49
joseok then :)00:49
pleia2jose: stats added, want to do a final review? I'll add "In This Issue" and publish when you're done :)00:57
* jose looks01:00
joseUnit193: mind link-checking?01:01
Unit193Sure, got a link to check?01:01
Unit193(Scripting something, wasn't sure if it was past this scrollback screen)  Thanks.01:02
josepleia2: everything looks good on my side01:03
Unit193https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-security-announce/2013-October/002276.htm nope.jpg01:04
Unit193Everything else looks normal.01:04
* jose fixes01:05
josethanks, Unit193!01:05
pleia2thanks guys01:08
pleia2ok, off to publish!01:08
pleia2jose: wanna do fridge?01:09
pleia2ok, go for it01:10
* pleia2 emails01:10
josepleia2: wait01:10
joseit still says 'work in progress'01:11
pleia2Welcome to the Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter, Issue 338 for the week October 7th - 13th 2013 https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue33801:14
josefridge done01:14
pleia2thank you, sir!01:14
joseto you, madam01:15
josehey pleia2, I wanted to check what can we do on the Feedback section of UWN01:28
josecurrently it lists ubuntu-users@lists.ubuntu.com as the only support option, maybe we can link to a wiki page where we put all the support options we have right now?01:28
pleia2sounds good01:29
pleia2maybe http://community.ubuntu.com/help-information/01:30
joseyeah, I'd link that page01:30
pleia2want to update the template?01:31
josedoing that right now01:31
joseall done01:33
Unit193See?  We need people like jose that aren't disdainful towards the wiki and avoid it.01:34
joseone of the problems that may arise with wiki pages are them not being updated01:35
pleia2jose: perfect!01:36
joseif there's anything else I can help with, just poke me01:36
pleia2wasn't there something else from last week that we wanted to update on the template? was it that?01:36
pleia2we can add Saucy to updates too :)01:36
joseI think that was it01:36
joseand yeah, I'll add saucy01:36
pleia2if you want to do that real quick before I create the 339 page01:36
pleia2saucy should be supported until july01:37
josefound an error and fixed it01:38
pleia2ah, good catch01:38
josewell, I'm out for today!01:46
pleia2have a good night01:48
dholbachgood morning07:01
* PaulW2U thinks let's forget about the problems surrounding the last issue and make the next UWN one to remember !!!15:51

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