ubottuIn #lubuntu, holstein said:  !ask is another one that the new user might not be aware of as well00:58
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Pici!guidelines > TauNeutrino16:42
skasznchello, i fixes the issue i had with excess flood17:09
skasznccan i be -b'd now?17:09
bazhang<cac> m3kk, so if you want better performance you can try fedora17:32
bazhanggreat support advice...for #fedora17:33
geniibazhang: To be fair, it was referring to specific speed enhancement with radeon under 3.12 kernel, saucy will ship with 3.1117:42
bazhanggenii, it started that way true17:42
bazhangnow he's just going on and on waaaay offtopic17:43
IdleOnehe's moved to -ot now17:45
bazhangthank goodness17:45
genii@comment 57793 "Can I troll here?"18:14
ubottuComment added.18:14
bazhangholy crap batman!18:42
bazhangPICI unleashed18:42
Myrttioh yeah.18:42
Myrttiyou said crap!18:43
MyrttiI said it too18:43
bazhangwe dont want that CRAP in -ot eother!18:43
bazhangI for one welcome our new factoid overlord18:43
bazhangubottu, isitout18:44
ubottuThe 19th release of Ubuntu, Saucy Salamander, will be out in October of 2013.18:44
bazhang<eihander> anyone know any good softwares for maleware?? My MOBO is talking to me18:52
LjLi talk to my mobo all the time but she never answers me :(19:02
bazhanglimace255 was doing something odd: posting questions from ##linux to #ubuntu19:05
bazhangwonder why centos users seem to love coming to #ubuntu for support19:15
IdleOnethe distro are so similar19:20
ubottuUh, don't you mean !apt ?19:21
jdolesInstead of acknowledging a problem and saying thank you for the free issue report, all you do is say ignorant stuff and you kick me.20:39
jdolesThey should kick you for being a fool.20:39
k1l!attitude | jdoles20:39
ubottujdoles: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines20:39
LjLit wasn't me20:40
jdolesI don't give anything about volunteers that can't do anything.20:40
k1lplease see the mentioned guidelines. your acting was not appropriate in the support channel20:40
jdolesJust like people who kick homeless people also are kicked from the volunteers that give them free food.20:40
jdolesThat's how I classify k1l.20:40
jdolesPlease just kick him of the ops; he clearly cannot handle it.20:41
LjLjdoles, bad analogies don't lift bans20:41
jdolesLjL: do you really want to associate yourself with k1l ?20:41
jdolesLjL: if so, state your real name and k1l's.20:41
jdolesI will then remember to add you to my IRL ban forever list.20:41
k1ljdoles: you were told several times now that your attitude of beeing the linux-god and ranting and insulting other users is not apporpriate in the channel. so if you dont want to change your behaviour please stay out of the channel20:41
LjLi'm sure you're about to /whois20:42
LjLalso, by20:42
jdolesWhat is there to resolve? You are a bunch of idiots together.20:42
jdolesWhy should I even think you are worthy of talking at the same level?20:42
IdleOneok. This is over now20:43
Myrttiteamwork, bitches20:44
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.20:44
MyrttiI've had too much sugar20:44
IdleOneit happens20:44
Myrttitoo much excitement20:45
Myrttitoo much sugar20:45
Myrttitoo much tea20:45
LjLput some coffee in your sugar20:45
LjLgenii, please20:45
* genii puts on a fresh batch20:45
MyrttiI'll jump on the walls20:46
geniiDecaf for you, then!20:46
* IdleOne reinforces the chandeliers20:46
geniiI'm starting to think eihander's issue might be assistive technology is somehow enabled.21:18
geniieg: "It's saying everything I do... "21:18

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