wgrantScottK: Also, libqt4-script is seriously broken on arm64; that's why I ripped grantlee out of kde4libs on arm64.00:00
wgrantAnything using QScriptEngine will segfault due to a buggy port00:00
wgrantI don't think that will affect much, though, right?00:00
wgrantReading state information...00:00
wgrantE: Unable to locate package libdebconf-kde-dev00:00
wgrantapt-get failed.00:00
wgrantReading state information...00:00
wgrantE: Unable to locate package libdebconf-kde-dev00:00
wgrantLooks good00:00
wgrantReading state information...00:00
wgrantE: Unable to locate package libdebconf-kde-dev00:00
wgranti think my middle mouse button didn't like that tea00:01
StevenKwgrant: You spilt tea on your mouse?00:01
infinityMy mouse doesn't often drink tea.00:01
wgrantActually no, unrelated, compiz had just gone insane00:01
wgrantI think00:01
StevenKNot a long trip for compiz00:02
ScottKNo new feature work is being done in Qt4, so I guess people who care about arm64 need to focus on Qt5.  How's it doing?00:03
wgrantMostly blocked on the lack of V8, I think00:04
wgrantWe would have had qttools5 if someone had fixed the symbol file early enough00:04
ScottKRight.  Like almost everything.00:04
wgrantOK, debconf-kde building in release with kdelibs5-dev00:05
wgrantLooks like it will work00:05
ScottKpyqt5 only builds on 3 archs in Debian due to V8, webkit, or in the case of armel the buildd's exploading at link time.00:05
wgrantAnd then update_output will look a lot less sad.00:05
ScottKCool.  Thanks wgrant.00:05
wgrantI might end up digging into the libqt4-script issue again at some point, but it's in JavaScriptCore so it's very much ew.00:06
wgrantI'm a bit disappointed with KDE's lack of dep cycles.00:19
wgrantIt mostly just works :(00:19
wgrantBah, didn't notice it was in desktop-core. But not on any images, FTBFS fix for getting KDE built.03:06
wgrantinfinity, ScottK: Ah, there is a cycle there involving katepart, but higher up than expected: kate b> python-kde4 -> kde-runtime -> kdelibs5-plugins -> katepart.04:47
* wgrant builds a stage0 kate without python04:47
slangasekcjwatson: when you have a moment, bug #1197766 could probably do with an explicit SRU test case05:00
ubot2Launchpad bug 1197766 in partman-auto (Ubuntu Precise) "Different partition layout after recovery with keep home partition" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119776605:00
wgrantBut kate is hopeless anyway, as it turns out, because kdepim-runtime needs libkolab, which FTBFS on all archs as it explicitly requires boost1.4905:24
elfymorning - can anyone tell me when respins with the fix for bug 1220165 will be available07:01
ubot2Launchpad bug 1220165 in parted (Ubuntu) "Error informing the kernel about modificatons" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/122016507:01
kanori am a member of french loco08:12
kanori have a problem with ubuntu-defaults-image08:12
kanorto generate a iso with EFI08:12
kanoridea, to have same behavior that official iso08:15
xnoxkanor: best to discuss this in #ubuntu-installer. I don't think there is an easy way to customize/respin the image with uefi/secure boot on it. As far as I recall ubuntu-defaults-image doesn't have that feature that.08:18
pittixnox: right, it's more or less using live-build08:20
pittixnox: back when I wrote that, at least some Ubuntu images were done the same way08:21
pittibut I didn't keep up with the EFI/secure-boot changes there08:21
xnoxpitti: yeap. hence e.g. ubuntu chinese images didn't get EFI/secure-boot with 12.04.2 release. But e.g. Ubuntu Kylin does have EFI/secure-boot08:22
pittixnox: so these aren't built with u-d-i? or they are, and there's some extra special sauce poured onto them afterwards?08:22
pitti(or extra hooks?)08:22
cjwatsonThey aren't built with u-d-i08:23
xnoxpitti: ubuntu kylin is just a normal flavour.08:37
* apw wonders if we are expecting a respin for the parted issue, or should i test the current images08:40
kanorthe procedure to generate official iso, is public ?08:43
xnoxkanor: yeah.08:49
xnoxkanor: lp:ubuntu-cdimage and lp:livecd-rootfs08:49
kanoroki thank08:52
pittiapw: folks were asking about that this morning already, indeed09:00
cjwatsonelfy,apw: I expect infinity will be respinning when he gets in09:07
ScottKapw: Testing in the mean time wouldn't hurt.09:12
apwScottK, heh, i only have so much energy for it, and knowing there is a new image coming ...09:13
wgrantScottK: libkolab (build-dep of kdepim-runtime) FTBFS on all archs because it explicitly build-deps on boost1.49, despite the packages on either side of it using 1.53. That's blocking arm64 installability of basically all of KDE; how would you feel about changing it to use the default version instead?09:17
wgrantTwo symbols of a Private class disappear, but AFAICT it's only linked by akonadi_kolabproxy_resource in kdepim-runtime, and it doesn't use them.09:17
wgrantSo it seems safe.09:18
infinitycjwatson: Respin for parted fix will be happening indeed.  I'll be in to the office by 11 or so and make the world twirl.09:20
infinitywgrant: If you're sure it won't break anything, do it.09:21
infinitywgrant: (ScottK delegated kubuntu decision making to me while he's out)09:21
infinity(Also, letting that xorg CVE fix in while I wander in)09:24
wgrantinfinity: I also have a cln which builds on arm64 to unblock kde-workspace (just needed some CPU definitions), but that's a 90 minute build on armhf, though that was on a panda.09:25
infinitywgrant: 90m on a Panda is negligible on Highbank.09:26
infinitywgrant: I'll spin kubuntu last in the respin pipe to give it time. :P09:27
infinityAnd edubuntu, apparently.09:27
wgrantedubuntu dvd09:27
wgrantIs that still a thing?09:27
infinityThat's the only edubuntu.09:28
infinityBut yeah, it's respin city after I shower and come in anyway, so if it's low impact, just do it.09:28
wgrantYeah, both uploaded09:28
infinityhighvoltage / stgraber: Any opinions about that xpra upload in the queue?09:31
highvoltageinfinity: what's that about?09:38
pkerncjwatson: So in my naive view liblockfile in precise-proposed is an advantage over the non-patched package. adam_g did not reply in the channel last time you pinged him after we talked. I verified the other bug (bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1011477) on precise the other day. But I won't go and verify on quantal.09:39
infinityhighvoltage: It's a merge with Debian, looks like.  But it's on your image.09:40
highvoltageinfinity: seems benign enough09:56
infinityAlright, respins in progress once that xorg-server publishes.10:02
apacheloggerinfinity: please hold out respin, we got a kubuntu fix for muon that needs inclusion10:47
infinityapachelogger: Sure, you were at the end of the respin list anyway, due to a couple of other things.10:48
pittihm, *confused*: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/cdimage/daily-live/current/ ought to be from today (15-Oct-2013), but only amd64+mac updated10:50
pittiamd64 and i386 seem to be from yesterday, and rsync complains about "no regular file" (presumably they are symlinks?)10:50
cjwatsonamd64/i386 are gated on autotesting, amd64+mac isn't10:51
pittiah, I see10:51
cjwatson(it should probably be slaved to amd64 for this purpose, but I haven't had time to do that)10:51
pitticjwatson: thanks10:51
apwahh the 'build have been updated' is kinda a fib10:51
cjwatsonpitti: See .../pending/ rather than current if you actually want most-recent-build10:52
pitticjwatson: nah, I'm fine with leaving the test machines do their job first :)10:53
pittiI can rsync later10:53
cjwatsonpitti: you also want rsync -L for cdimage in general10:53
cjwatsonAt least if you're grabbing individual images10:53
Mirvmir, unity-system-compositor, platform-api, unity-mir - updated mir that gives a good performance boost to Unity8 on device. all autopilot suites run with no regressions to image #97. also smoke tested (running right here) on desktop.10:58
didrockscjwatson: infinity: as Mirv told: here are the mir changes that were apparently already discussed with you (with the ABI break) ^11:01
* didrocks just waits for unity-mir now11:01
didrockshere we go :)11:01
xnox(not sure if infinity mentioned in the scrollback but): https://code.launchpad.net/~xnox/wubi/saucy-fixup/+merge/191147 wubi's bump to saucy URLs was incomplete, fallback URLs were not bumped and preseed settings. I've now bumped them and retested in windows 7 VM and it works correctly (downloads image from cdimage et, al)11:02
Mirvdon't forget about mir itself and platform-api ^11:04
cjwatsonmir> least useful changelog ever11:06
infinityUseless changelogs from the autolander?  Say it ain't so.11:07
cjwatson+    //MirNativeBuffer is type-compatible with the MirNativeBuffer11:07
infinitycjwatson: I don't think you should question the only guy who contributes more to Ubuntu than you do.  Just sayin'.11:07
Mirvyeah their new method does not work well with cu2d - this is the actual "should have been" changelog https://code.launchpad.net/~mir-team/mir/development-branch/+merge/19105511:08
cjwatsonI sure hope MirNativeBuffer is type-compatible with the MirNativeBuffer11:08
infinitycjwatson: The first rule of tautology club...11:08
LaneyMirv: That changelog could have been put into debian/changelog ...11:09
cjwatsonI'll accept it because we don't have time to go around much, but people need to stop regarding debian/changelog as a thing they don't have to (cause the autolander to) get right11:10
cjwatsonIt's valuable documentation for your fellow developers11:10
apacheloggerinfinity, ScottK:   Uploading muon_2.0.65+git20131008-0ubuntu4_source.changes: done.11:10
apacheloggerSuccessfully uploaded packages.11:10
apacheloggerI'll have to leave now11:11
* infinity overrides the new libmirserver to main.11:11
cjwatsoninfinity: oops, thanks11:12
MirvLaney: the Mir team apparently manually edited debian/changelog, therefore preventing cu2d from adding that actual changelog11:12
cjwatsonFWIW this also means that the bugs will need to be closed manually11:12
didrocksinfinity: cjwatson: well, the changed the changelog manually and didn't follow the FAQ (so it override sthe commit)11:13
LaneyMirv: Yes, I'm saying that instead of the useless message they put there, they could have put the useful one that went into the merge proposal.11:13
didrockseverything is explained in the FAQ, and kept being repeated…11:13
LaneyThe message doesn't appear to have gotten through to the people approving the merges11:14
Laneys/the people/some of the people/11:14
didrocksLaney: well, want IRC logs? :)11:14
LaneyI believe that you've explained it :P11:15
didrocksthen, I find quite ackward that cu2d is blamed for cases that both people here and I discussed some monthes ago (about changelog generation and when/when not listing commits :p)11:15
infinitydidrocks: I don't blame cu2d, per se, but the entire process, which is mostly down to people.11:15
infinitydidrocks: It's hard to argue that the changelogs would be better if people weren't confused by how to make them not crap.  Unless, of course, the people refuse to write good changelogs at all, but that didn't seem to be the case here, they just failed to DTRT to get the good changelog into debian/changelog.11:16
cjwatsonOne of the problems here is that there is (AIUI) an automatic documentation generator whose output people don't really get the opportunity (or at least aren't encouraged) to review before upload.11:16
didrocksbasically, they are 2 cases: either you touch debian/changelog and so, cu2d ignore the commit because "it was filed manually", either debian/changelog was untouched and the commit message is taken11:16
didrockscjwatson: infinity: I'm afraid that the issue is more "upstream don't care about debian/changelog", it's something we should work on, I agree11:17
cjwatsondidrocks: Note I wasn't actually blaming cu2d, although I do have a well-documented distaste for generated changelogs11:17
infinitydidrocks: Also, can we get rid of:11:17
infinity  [ Ubuntu daily release ]11:17
infinity  * Automatic snapshot from revision 355411:17
didrocksinfinity: how would we know which rev was used as based then?11:17
LaneyI'll write a comment on the MP. You never know, it might help. :-)11:18
infinitydidrocks: We could alter the version spec again, and make you lose your mind. :)11:18
didrocksinfinity: you wanted shorter versions, not longer, remember? :p11:18
infinityYeah, I guess it just drives me nuts when the above two lines are pretty much the entire changelog, and they're completely meaningless.11:19
infinity"This is an automated upload", no really?11:19
infinitydidrocks: Aaaanyhow, totally the wrong time in the cycle to be bitching about such things or suggesting changes.11:19
didrockshappy to change the semantic (but for people not being familiar with the process, not sure they know it's automated)11:20
infinitydidrocks: For people unfamiliar with the process, I don't think they should care that it's automated.11:20
cjwatsonI think it would be helpful not to take every criticism of a particular output of cu2d as a fundamental criticism of cu2d, though11:21
didrockspossibly, but sarcasm on the Internet… ;)11:22
apwcjwatson, this pending/ image seems to fix the parted issue on my test rig11:24
infinityapachelogger: \o/11:25
infinityapw: \o/11:25
infinityapachelogger: Ignore that.11:25
cjwatsonapw: good11:32
apwcjwatson, we need that combination, side by side overwritten by single install, as a test11:37
cjwatsonPossibly, though only automated; this is the first time I'm aware of that it's been a problem, so let's not turn it into another thing for human testers to spend ages on since it takes a while to set up11:39
apacheloggerinfinity: awww, no cheering for me :P11:44
apwcjwatson, it occurs to me, that an install with 'separate home' with an install over the top ought to trip it too11:54
cjwatsonYep, probably, depending on the position of the swap partition11:55
cjwatsonWould no doubt trigger related-but-different bugs in slightly different ways11:55
apwinfinity, just saw that 'super+space is the new ...' thing on first boot of a VM install11:57
cjwatsoninfinity: Could you unblock lighttpd, please?11:59
infinitycjwatson: Feel free to unblock unseeded fixes, I don't think that needs an extra layer of review from someone !uploader.12:17
cjwatsonmozjs will probably need manual review due to being in the mozilla packageset12:54
infinitycjwatson: I'd have been tempted to add ppc64el by hand to that symbols file to avoid having to do it all over again.12:56
cjwatsonYeah, but I didn't have an actual build to check that against12:57
cjwatsonAnd there were a couple of not-completely-obvious changes in there12:57
infinity-e 's/kfreebsd-amd64 s390x/kfreebsd-amd64 ppc64el s390x/' -e 's/!kfreebsd-amd64 !s390x/!kfreebsd-amd64 !ppc64el !s390x/'12:57
cjwatsonTwo symbols that were inlined/missing)12:57
cjwatsonSo I'd rather do it with reference to a build12:57
infinityFair enough.12:57
cjwatsonNot that I would object if the maintainer (hi chrisccoulson!) decided to do it anyway in advance. :-)12:58
stgraberinfinity: looking now12:59
infinitystgraber: I think you're a bit late. :)13:01
stgraberok :)13:01
stgraberoh I see highvoltage's ack in the backlog now13:02
=== psivaa is now known as psivaa-afk
rbasakinfinity: thanks for landing the dpkg SRU14:49
=== psivaa-afk is now known as psivaa
zulcan horizon rc2 get approved please its got a rather nasty regresison15:23
cjwatsonhope it's rc1 with the nasty regression :-)15:23
zulcjwatson:  fyi https://bugs.launchpad.net/horizon/+bug/123798915:24
ubot2Launchpad bug 1237989 in OpenStack Security Advisory "user can update his password without knowing the old password" [Undecided,Incomplete]15:24
cjwatsonyikes, yeah, had just found that15:24
cjwatsonaccepted and will unblock15:26
zulcool thanks15:26
LaneyOh, we're in block-all source?15:27
LaneyMissed that ...15:27
Laneyis the auto-accept script still on?15:27
cjwatsonbelieve so15:28
stgraberupdate_excuses.html is a bit of a pain to parse with all those arm64 packages :)15:32
cjwatsonthey'll clear soon, I believe15:32
cjwatsonbut grep for 'by freeze' or similar15:32
stgraberso obvious candidates for unblocking are keystone, apparmor-easyprof-ubuntu, subversion and ubuntu-touch-meta15:32
cjwatsonI already unblocked subversion I think15:32
cjwatsonoh, no, infinity did15:33
stgraberI guess we need lool or didrocks to ack/nack apparmor-easyprof-ubuntu and ubuntu-touch-meta (that one has an unblock but for the wrong version)15:33
ogra_stgraber, yeah, we'Re waiting for another package15:33
ogra_to then do another seed change15:33
dokoany chance for libopenraw?15:34
didrockslool: did you discuss apparmor-easyprof-ubuntu?15:34
stgraberdoko: looking15:34
jdstrandapparmor-easyprof-ubuntu is in the landing plan15:34
jdstrandlanding #23615:34
didrocksjdstrand: yeah, not sure if you discussed it with lool, (he didn't tell me), I'm happy to unblock it15:35
jdstranddidrocks: I did. he is the one who added it to the plan15:35
didrocksok, hinting now15:35
stgraberdoko: accepted. Not exactly sure why it's in all those package sets when seeded-in-ubuntu says it's unseeded, anyway, accepted15:35
cjwatsonYeah, I couldn't make that out either15:35
jdstranddidrocks: thanks :)15:35
didrocksjdstrand: yw ;)15:35
cjwatsonstgraber: oh, it's in the build-depends stack for those flavours15:36
cjwatsonI don't think seeded-in-ubuntu cares about that15:36
cjwatson(it arguably ought to)15:36
stgrabercjwatson: ah, interesting, so it's a build-dep that doesn't result in a runtime dep? Probably not an issue anyway since it won't actually affect any media.15:37
cjwatsonthink so15:37
cjwatsondidn't look too hard :)15:37
cjwatsonit's a build-dep of (at least) tumbler, if you care15:37
cjwatsonfeel free not to :)15:37
* stgraber quickly goes through the ~ubuntu-archive bugs to see what needs doing or postponing15:40
infinityWe still have one outstanding MIR that makes maas uninstallable. :/15:42
slangasekinfinity: so we are likely to have an upload of systemd for bug #1234743 sometime today.  I'm assuming you don't want to respin the world for an updated udev, and we should push this to -updates?15:52
ubot2Launchpad bug 1234743 in systemd (Ubuntu) "omapfb module floods system with udev events on samsung galaxy nexus" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/123474315:52
infinityslangasek: We're in 'block-all source' mode right now anyway.  So, push it to proposed, don't unblock it, and if we respin for $reasons, I'll unblock and pull it in.  If not, you can do SRU paperwork.  Deal?15:54
slangasekinfinity: we want it into the phone images on release day due to its impact on maguro, so I think we would proceed with the SRU anyway15:55
didrockscjwatson: so, second attempt on location-service ^ (I also changed the Breaks/Replaces order as I prefer to have that after Depends)15:55
slangasekinfinity: unless you think we should fudge the SRU process and just push it to -updates in lieu15:55
xnoxogra_: ^ you'll do the SRU paperwork =)15:55
infinityslangasek: Given history, I have a hard time believing we won't have a respin before release.  But a man can dream.15:56
xnox... of electronic sheep =)15:56
slangasekinfinity: we might have respins of some things, but hopefully not respinning the world? :)15:56
* xnox goes to find ubiquity/partman bug to fix15:56
infinityslangasek: The most critical RC bugs at this point tend to respin the world anyway. :P15:56
infinityslangasek: (installer, etc)15:56
ogra_xnox, OOOOH !15:56
* ogra_ hugs xnox 15:57
infinityslangasek: Anyhow, long story short, get it fixed, upload, we can argue about where it goes after it's all built in proposed. :P15:59
infinityslangasek: My bet is on it making to the release pocket, but we can sort out a backup plan if I'm wrong.15:59
slangasekinfinity: yes, I wanted to give you a heads-up that it was coming in case you wanted to delay any currently-pending respins15:59
infinityslangasek: Current set o' spins just happened (module KDE, which is waiting on us unsnagging or forcing pykde4)16:00
cjwatsonif somebody wants to binary-NEW libaria, that's the last in saucy_outdate_all16:00
infinitycjwatson: I'm on it.16:01
cjwatsonthough I guess there are a few more builds to arrive16:01
infinityWas waiting on all 5.16:02
infinityBut I can quickly review the two debs here for sanity.16:02
infinityErr, the two uploads of MANY debs.16:02
looldidrocks: *I didn't explcitely ping you on apparmor-easyprof-ubuntu since we discussed on #ubuntu-ci-eng)16:06
didrockslool: that's fine, I was just wanted to know if it was handled and agreed (I've hinted in)16:07
ScottKinfinity: Do I need to find someone to help with getting pykde4 through?16:09
wgrantScottK: That's just migrated16:10
wgrantScottK: bootstrapping kdepim-runtime and kate took a bit longer than expected due to builder unreliability.16:11
wgrantBut 126 bits of KDE just migrated16:11
ScottKJust checking in for a moment. Nice.16:11
wgrant /win 5816:13
cjwatsondidrocks: sorry, missed that, looking now16:14
cjwatsonok, dropping M-A entirely probably isn't ideal, but it's better than it being wrong :)16:15
didrockscjwatson: yeah, I did want to test is properly, but prefer doing this way for now16:16
ogra_ogra@chromebook:~$ rmadison location-service16:53
ogra_location-service | 0.0.1+13.10.20131011-0ubuntu1 |         saucy | source16:53
ogra_location-service | 0.0.2+13.10.20131015.2-0ubuntu1 | saucy-proposed | source16:53
ogra_ogra@chromebook:~$ rmadison location-service16:53
ogra_location-service | 0.0.2+13.10.20131015.2-0ubuntu1 |         saucy | source16:53
* ogra_ scratches head16:53
ogra_where are the binaries ?16:53
ogra_didrocks, did you only copy the source ?16:56
Laneyogra_: you want -S16:56
cjwatsonrmadison -S16:56
didrocksogra_: it's a ubuntu-location-service-bin ;)16:57
ogra_yeah, sorry, my fault16:57
didrocksno worry!16:59
didrocksogra_: it seems to all be ready!16:59
ogra_didrocks, yeah16:59
ogra_funny that all but the -bin package are in main though16:59
ogra_i wonder how they got there17:00
cjwatsonthey're build-deps of bits of desktop17:00
ogra_so we use location service on dekstop but not on the phone ... fun17:00
cjwatson-dev and -doc will be extra-include, -bin probably isn't pulled in by anything, such is life17:01
ogra_yeah, i dont really care for S17:01
cjwatsonwe don't use it on the desktop as such - as I say it's a Build-Depends17:01
cjwatsonof gst-plugins-bad1.0 which IIRC you use on the phone ...17:01
ogra_just found it curious that the only valuable package is in universe17:01
cjwatsonit's actually gst-plugins-bad1.0 B-D: libplatform-api1-dev D: libubuntu-application-api-mirclient1 D: libubuntu-location-service017:03
ogra_ah, yeah17:03
ogra_that makes some sense17:03
Laneybad is in universe17:03
ogra_platform=api is in main iirc17:04
cjwatsonsorry, yeah, it's actually from libubuntu-platform-api1-dev17:04
cjwatsonwhich is because other binaries from platform-api are in main17:05
cjwatsonI'm actually failing to find a root cause of any of this being in main, so I hope none of you really care :)17:07
cjwatsonI'm sure it must exist somewhere17:07
ogra_well, the sdk team might care that their stuff is in main ... but apparently thats the case so we're all fine :)17:08
cjwatsonIt probably doesn't show up in the rdepends tree there because that's generated on i38617:08
cjwatsonhdf5 (above) isn't actually on Kubuntu images AFAICS, just in their build-dep tree17:10
cjwatsonSo should be able to go in17:10
cjwatsonOh, update_output is really short due to block-all source17:12
cjwatsonI almost fainted and thought we'd accidentally let in a bunch of broken stuff17:12
infinitycjwatson: Heh.17:13
Laneydid proposed get cleared out?17:14
infinityLaney: No, that won't happen until post-release, when we can copy most of it to t-proposed.17:15
Laneyoh OK, was wondering why the shortness17:15
LaneySurely not fixing stuff :P17:15
cjwatsondue to block-all source, as I said17:15
LaneyOh wait17:15
cjwatsonsince that filters at the excuses stage17:15
Laneythat stops it from going there17:15
LaneyI get what you mean now17:15
apwinfinity, is that ... like a core image for arm64 ... like complete ?18:06
infinityapw: Yep.18:06
apwinfinity, ^518:06
infinityapw: If we had a kernel and bootloader, I could actually build server too.18:06
infinityAnd desktop, I think.18:07
infinityapw: So, bootloader's a harder question we need to solve, but we should make a generic kernel go this/next week for t-series opening.18:07
ogra_tsk ... server ... desktop ...18:07
ogra_touch is what you want ... (and some arm64 phones)18:08
infinityogra_: Touch is harder, because of the lack of V8.18:08
infinityogra_: basically, same reason we can't have touch on powerpc.18:08
ogra_i'm sure we'll soon see arm64 phones18:09
infinityYou mean, other than the iPhone5s?18:09
ogra_others will quickly follow suit18:09
infinityYeah, the phone race is a numbers game, I'm sure Android vendors will squirt some out ASAP.18:09
ogra_HTC already has its first fingerprint reader equipped phone out ...18:09
ogra_just a matter of time18:09
infinitycjwatson: ^-- required for that core build that just happened.18:14
infinity(What, me?  Cowboy?  Nevar)18:14
stgraberinfinity: is tty actually guaranteed to be guid 5?18:24
infinitystgraber: It is on any distro that isn't full of fail.18:25
infinitystgraber: And where it's not, you can't run chroots that mix and match distro anyway, because devpts is a shared mount.18:25
infinitystgraber: ie: if you mount in a chroot with gid=6, you get that in the base system too.18:25
stgraberinfinity: except that devpts support instances which you should be using in a chroot ;)18:26
stgraber(CONFIG_DEVPTS_MULTIPLE_INSTANCES=y + -o newinstance will give you a clean devpts)18:26
infinitystgraber: How clean?18:26
stgraberanyway, accepted18:27
stgraberinfinity: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6241781/18:27
infinitystgraber: Ahh, yes.  Tested here, newinstance works.  But how long has that been in the kernel?18:28
infinity2.6.29 ... No idea how long we've carried it in our configs.18:28
infinityAlso, not to be trusted to be there on random !Ubuntu machines, I'd guess.18:28
infinitystgraber: But thanks for the education.  I'll add this to my arsenal while I try to figure out how to sort all the corner cases of not shooting ourselves in the foot when I remove pt_chown. :/18:29
stgraberany distro that vaguely cares about containers will have it at least18:30
infinitySo, nobody who runs systemd? :P18:30
infinityWas it lxc or libvirt where I saw the gid=5 thing?  I didn't see newinstance there.18:31
stgraberlxc uses newinstance for sure. Also the fedora kernels actually work fine with LXC, it's just their userspace that doesn't (as is proven by the fact I use a fedora kernel on my wandboard and use that machine as an armhf LXC host) ;)18:32
infinityOh, no, it has both.18:32
infinitystgraber: lxc uses newinstance *and* gid=5.18:32
infinityWhich is good, cause without gid=5, it'll explode soon.18:32
infinitylxc also pointlessly sets ptxmode, but whatever.18:33
stgraberstgraber@castiana:~$ grep devpts data/code/lxc/lxc/src/lxc/conf.c -A118:33
stgraberif (mount("devpts", "/dev/pts", "devpts", MS_MGC_VAL,18:33
stgraber  "newinstance,ptmxmode=0666")) {18:33
infinityptmxmode, even.18:33
infinitystgraber: Erm, you're missing a patch there...18:33
infinityI thought that had been applied when I went grepping.  Maybe not.18:34
infinitystgraber: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=72012218:34
ubot2Debian bug 720122 in lxc "lxc: Improper pty permissions - missing mode=0620,gid=5" [Important,Fixed]18:34
stgraberignore all Debian lxc bugs, we're not using the same packaging and don't do any non-upstream patching in Ubuntu ;)18:34
stgraberthough I do see gid=5 in /proc/mounts, trying to figure out where that's coming from18:34
stgraberoh, the kernel apparently ;)18:35
infinitystgraber: It'll come from the last thing that mounted (or remounted) that instance.18:35
infinitystgraber: And no, not the kernel.18:35
infinityI wish.18:35
stgraberyeah, that seemed weird, apparently it was just my eyes or brain (or both) malfunctioning for a minute18:36
infinitystgraber: So, if we're not carrying that patch, we really should be.18:36
infinitystgraber: And SRUed back, too.18:37
infinityI'm going to try to belt-and-bracers this and make util-linux (and maybe the kernel driver too) all assume that "defaults" == "gid=5,mode=620", but that's no excuse for mount calls getting it wrong.18:37
stgraberinfinity: hmm, I really don't like the idea of hardcoding a gid in LXC... though looking around the dozen or so distro we support seem to be consistent on tty=518:43
stgraberinfinity: so you're basically telling me I need to get that change upstream, cherry-pick it into Ubuntu and then respin Edubuntu for it (since we apparently already have the new eglibc in saucy...)18:46
infinitystgraber: No, I backed it out in saucy pending sorting out fixing all the gotchas.18:47
infinitystgraber: However, Fedora's glibc lacks pt_chown already.18:47
infinitystgraber: We do want to push this as a security update eventually, though, which will mean also pushing updates to a bunch of packages that might break.  It'll be fun(tm).18:48
stgraberinfinity: ok, I'll send the patch to the lxc mailing list now so should be merged soonish (assuming none of the distro maintainers tell us that their distro use a different gid, in which case we'd have to make a much bigger patch and template changes...)18:50
infinitystgraber: In a quick bit of research, the only people I could find who were divergent were LFS, and they switched to gid=5 a while back to stop being gratuitously different.18:51
stgraberok, sent for review to lxc-devel.18:55
infinitystgraber: There's precedent in that libvirt already appears to do it this way.18:55
stgraberplease remember LXC when doing the massive set of uploads to -security. LXC is only in main since saucy so won't show up in the security team reports but we have a ton of users from precise all the way up to saucy, so we'll want all of those to get an SRU.18:56
stgraberinfinity: libvirt uses %d with a per-distro value18:56
infinitysrc/lxc/lxc_controller.c:    if (virAsprintf(&opts, "newinstance,ptmxmode=0666,mode=0620,gid=5%s",18:56
stgraberI thought they changed that to %d but maybe I was looking at some other libvirt-related patches18:57
infinitysystemd supports compile-time changing of TTY, but defaults to 5, I believe.18:57
infinityBasically, if any distros aren't tty=5, they'll all switch soon. :P18:58
zulcan someone unblock keystone rc2 please?19:32
stgraberinfinity: hmm, so we're bumping d-i for new omap4 kernels instead of just killing those?19:35
infinitystgraber: Yeah.19:36
infinityzul: Already done.19:36
zulinfinity:  cool thanks19:36
infinitystgraber: I'll kill them with fire in T in a week.19:36
infinitystgraber: But in S, I will be removing the forked X stuff, we're just keeping the kernel so d-i and the server image still work while I didn't have the time to fix and validate all the d-i bits with generic.19:37
infinity(And the Q kernel will be supported for 6 months into the S series, so it's "mostly supported". :P)19:37
stgraber6 months out of 9 isn't too bad for anyone who actually wants to use that stuff ;)19:38
stgraberoops, looks like I missed 2 packages when I demoted some ceph stuff earlier... fixing that now19:39
infinityI'll unblock d-i and spin new matching server/alternate builds later tonight.19:39
infinitystgraber: I already fixed it.19:39
infinitystgraber: Don't double-override, bad things happen.19:39
stgraberI think my ctrl-c may have been late for ceph-fs-common-dbg, we'll see if it vanishes or not...19:41
infinityErm, ceph-common-dbg didn't need fixing, though...19:41
infinityIt was only ceph-fs-common ceph-mds...19:41
stgrabernah, ceph-fs-common-dbg and ceph-mds-dbg want to go to universe to match their non-dbg equivalents19:41
infinityNo, other way.19:42
infinityThe debugs are being rescued by germinate.19:42
infinityAnd then pulling in the others.19:42
infinityYou'd need some excludes in the seed to work around that, if you really want them in universe.19:42
stgraberwe really want ceph-fs-common and ceph-mds in universe19:42
stgraberas those were specifically excluded from the MIR19:43
infinityOh.  Lovely.19:43
infinitySo, that needs seed magic.19:43
stgraberso I demoted those two earlier but didn't think of the -dbg19:43
infinitysupported: * Extra-Exclude: ceph-test-dbg19:43
stgraberseems like we need to demote the two -dbg too and tweak the seeds to avoid having them show-up again19:43
infinity^-- That needs the others.19:43
stgraberyep, I'll take care of that19:44
stgraberand wait for the publisher to run before re-overriding everything where they belong (so we don't double-override...)19:44
infinityAs a general rule, you shouldn't change-override in the opposite direction from what component-mismatches is telling you, until you fix why it's telling you the wrong thing.19:44
stgraberexclude rule changed to include the two others, so just need to wait for the publisher, then override then we should be good19:46
infinityYeah, wait for c-m to settle down and tell you what you want to hear.19:46
infinityAnd then demote those bits.19:46
stgraberinfinity: are you doing anything about those nvidia-* entries in c-m?19:47
infinityYes, I'll sort all that tonight.19:47
* stgraber looks at doing $something with all the current ~ubuntu-release bugs (at least unsubscribe to a whole lot of those)19:49
* infinity wonders why libelf1 wants to drop to optional on only arm64...19:50
infinityOh well, I'll stubbornly ignore that as partial port weirdness.19:51
infinitydoko: Erm, those xfce packages are seeded.20:15
infinitydoko: You might want to talk to the Xubuntu and UbuntuStudio people before uploading too many of those.20:15
dokohmm, libopenraw was as well tonight, so I thought these were ok20:15
infinitylibopenraw wasn't.20:16
NoskcajWhat re all the xfce uploads for?20:16
dokoNoskcaj, just updating config.{guess,sub} for AArch6420:17
Noskcajdoko, ok. Let me know if there's anything i can do to help20:18
dokoNoskcaj, two or three more, then these are done. Are you involved with Debian xfce4 too?20:18
Noskcajyeah. I'll try and backport all the change20:19
dokothat would be cool. just wanted to have a basic desktop installable for this platform20:19
infinityNot that anyone has one with a video card. ;)20:19
dokowell, remote desktop should work20:20
infinityI guess since we're in block-all anyway, I'll let 'em in to proposed.20:20
infinityHigh chance of a respin in the morning for a new ubiquity, in which case I'll unblock.20:21
infinityIf we don't respin, they'll get move to t-proposed instead.20:21
infinitystgraber: Looks like component-mismatches has settled down and agreed with you now.20:37
stgraberinfinity: yep, and I've moved all of those to universe now, so next run should be clean20:38
* infinity does an office->hotel relocation.20:39
mdeslaurstgraber: are you getting this issue? LP: #123912720:57
ubot2Launchpad bug 1239127 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "20131011.1 iso gets stuck at timezone selection screen" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/123912720:57
stgrabermdeslaur: nope, but my ISP is in Ontario so geoip gives me Toronto which works fine21:08
mdeslaurstgraber: hrm :P21:08
stgraberoh actually I'm lying, my squid forwards the Canonical DC subnet to my server in Germany, so I believe the installer currently thinks I'm in Berlin21:09
mdeslaurstgraber: your incredibly complex networking setup and requirements never cease to amaze me :)21:11
infinitymdeslaur: I do the same through San Jose, except via GRE tunnels, not a squid.21:13
stgraberI just like well working fast networks, apparently no standard ISP can do that, so I've got to do it myself...21:13
infinity(But tunnelling means geoip still works right for me)21:14
mdeslauroh, looks like zone.tab isn't getting populated in the livecd21:15
infinitymdeslaur: Erm, really?  It's shipped by tzdata.... How would it be not there?21:16
mdeslaurinfinity: that is an incredibly good question...I'm at a loss as to why it's empty21:17
infinitystgraber: Hey, captain bandwidth, can you tear open an ISO and confirm/deny this claim that /usr/share/zoneinfo/zone.tab is 0-length?21:19
stgrabersure, 1s21:19
mdeslaurinfinity: it's not 0-length, it has the comments, but not the actual zones listed underneath21:19
infinitymdeslaur: Oh...21:20
infinitymdeslaur: Looks good on my installed system.21:20
* infinity wonders how this could be.21:20
mdeslaurwth, file size is right21:21
stgraberroot@athos:~# mount -o loop 1/casper/filesystem.squashfs squash/21:21
stgraberroot@athos:~# ls -lh squash/usr/share/zoneinfo/zone.tab21:21
stgraber-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 20K Sep 11 00:47 squash/usr/share/zoneinfo/zone.tab21:21
stgraberroot@athos:~# md5sum squash/usr/share/zoneinfo/zone.tab21:21
stgraber11a04ee0312cfaf4bb4f146666d7dd0d  squash/usr/share/zoneinfo/zone.tab21:21
stgrabermatches what I have on my laptop21:21
mdeslaurok, wait a sec, something is pretty weird here21:22
infinitySo, it goes wonky in the live/installer environment, but the squash is right?21:22
mdeslaurnah, it's ok in the live environment, it seems 'more' is broken for some reason21:22
mdeslaurwth is gong on21:22
infinityOh.  Heh.21:23
dokoinfinity, ok to upload ots and keep it in -proposed?21:28
ogra_hmm, is the datacenter already being hammered ?21:29
ogra_11,1KB/s  eta 3h 52m21:29
ogra_thats what i get from system-image.u.c currently21:29
infinityogra_: doko is DoSing Germany with FTBFS fixes.21:29
ogra_(sometimes it spikes to 25KB/s)21:30
stgraberogra_: 2013-10-15 21:30:22 (80.3 MB/s) - `/dev/null' saved [260355116/260355116]21:30
infinitydoko: Yeah, go for it, if it's just a config.sub update, nothing intrusive.21:30
stgraberogra_: that's downloading http://system-image.ubuntu.com/pool/ubuntu-c64e8885f07df6b66061532c11fec2d9594330db8d67e6ef8b9e3c9cfaef0c8a.tar.xz from my server in Germany21:30
stgraberogra_: so seems like it's just your ISP :)21:30
ogra_stgraber, hmm, german telekom21:33
mdeslaurstgraber, infinity: mystery solved... https://github.com/eggert/tz/commit/45dcf69b45087cff50282d4da64b86a7d705ddf321:37
mdeslaurso, ubuntu is uninstallable in most of quebec21:37
dokoinfinity, gle (main) too?21:38
infinitydoko: Not seeded, go for it.21:39
cjwatsonmdeslaur: is that fixable with a change to the geoip server I wonder?21:41
mdeslaurcjwatson: yeah, that's what I was just thinking...probably21:42
mdeslaurcjwatson: any idea who maintains that?21:42
rsalvetican someone approve ubuntu-touch-session? fix a regression that blocks phone to work after boot in -touch21:42
cjwatsonWe don't seem to have Montreal hardcoded as a default for that timezone in the installer or anything21:42
cjwatsonmdeslaur: RT21:42
mdeslaurcjwatson: ok, I'll file an RT21:42
cjwatsonmdeslaur: I think there's an LP project with the code somewhere too21:42
rsalvetithanks :-)21:43
cjwatsonThere's ubuntu-geoip but I don't think it's that21:43
cjwatsonmdeslaur: It might actually be based on lp:geoip21:44
cjwatsonWhich is a horrifying pile of hardcoded defaults IIRC21:45
cjwatsonIt's been a while though, ICBW21:46
cjwatson    else if ( strcmp (region, "QC") == 0 ) {21:46
cjwatson      timezone = "America/Montreal";21:46
cjwatson    }21:46
cjwatsonMaybe that's it21:46
cjwatsonIt's seriously a gigantic if/else chain21:46
mdeslaurcjwatson: seems plausible21:47
cjwatsonhttp://geoip.ubuntu.com/lookup certainly returns a timezone name21:49
LaneyThat tzdata change got reverted21:49
LaneyAh maybe not the zone.tab bit21:50
dokoinfinity, gle ping?22:13
infinity15:38 < doko> infinity, gle (main) too?22:14
infinity15:39 < infinity> doko: Not seeded, go for it.22:14
dokoinfinity, it's waiting: ^^^22:14
stgrabercjwatson: what happened with bug 1226518?22:14
ubot2Launchpad bug 1226518 in ruby-arel (Ubuntu) "[FFe] ruby-arel 4.0.0" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/122651822:14
stgrabercjwatson: ScottK acked it but then nothing happened, is that still something you want to do before release?22:15
ScottKstgraber: it'd still be good to get ruby-activerecord installable if you can do it without affecting the images.22:20
stgraberScottK: the sync cjwatson asked for seems safe (unseeded), will have to check for anything that gets unstuck as a result as some of those may be seeded somewhere22:20
ScottKI doubt it's anything but activerecord, but sure.22:21
stgraberanyway, just requested the sync now, feel free to accept in the queue22:21
ScottKstgraber: Looking at update_excuses looks like it needs some more syncs maybe.22:23
stgraberok. I'll at least close that bug (going through all of the ~ubuntu-release bugs) and will look at update_excuses next see what's still needed once that one is done building and publishing (and see if that's something we can do without affecting the images)22:25
ScottKCool.  I need to head out for a few hours.  I'll check back in later.22:25
xnoxinfinity: stgraber: fixed bug #947107 (master of the reported bug #1191273)22:28
ubot2Launchpad bug 947107 in ubiquity (Ubuntu Precise) "No partition labels in the resize widgets" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94710722:28
ubot2Launchpad bug 947107 in ubiquity (Ubuntu Precise) "duplicate for #1191273 No partition labels in the resize widgets" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/94710722:28
rsalvetidid we lock down auto proposed migration already?22:32
rsalvetinot sure if I need to ping someone to get ubuntu-touch-session migrated from proposed22:33
rsalvetiin proposed already for almost 50min22:33
xnoxrsalveti: there is archive wide block, so yeah, all migration need explicit unblock.22:33
rsalvetixnox: cool, thanks22:33
xnoxrsalveti: also you can check the propose_migration reports for actual hints.22:33
rsalvetican anyone help unblocking that?22:33
rsalvetixnox: yeah, just noticed that, but wanted to check anyway22:34
xnoxrsalveti: http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_excuses.html and http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_output.txt22:34
rsalvetiso I can trigger another -touch image fixing a regression that caused the phone to be broken after boot22:34
xnoxrsalveti: the touch-release people can unblock (same people that you could be asking to block stuff explicitely)22:34
xnoxrsalveti: and ~ubuntu-release.22:34
rsalvetixnox: yeah, -touch people are gone already22:35
xnoxwell the ~ubuntu-touch-release to be precise.22:35
xnoxrsalveti: well stgraber was recently online.22:35
xnoxrsalveti: and I'm not ~ubuntu-release.22:35
xnoxrsalveti: hm maybe slangasek ?! ^22:35
rsalvetimaybe cyphermox as well ^22:36
rsalveticyphermox: need help from someone to approve proposed migration for ubuntu-touch-session22:36
rsalvetiso I can trigger a new image22:36
xnoxcyphermox: britney unblock request of ubuntu-touch-session from rsalveti.22:36
cyphermoxok, let me check22:36
cyphermoxxnox: yeah22:37
xnoxrsalveti: that's interesting that you can trigger new builds, but not accept stuff. =)22:37
knomexubuntu is fine with doko's proposed xfce4-* uploads22:37
dokoinfinity, ^^^22:37
xnoxcyphermox: ^22:38
xnox(or can cyphermox not accept things?! not sure)22:38
cyphermoxxnox: ?22:38
infinityknome, doko: Kay.  I won't let them in until I'm about to respin, though, so I don't lose track.22:38
cyphermoxxnox: I'm not archive admin22:38
cyphermoxI only have unblock access for touch only22:38
knomeinfinity, fine with that as well. :)22:39
stgraberrsalveti: done22:40
rsalvetistgraber: cyphermox  thanks so much22:42
cyphermoxah, thanks stgraber22:43
cyphermoxsorry, clearly not as fast as the demi-gods :)22:43
xnoxbug #1239127 updated title =)22:44
ubot2Launchpad bug 1239127 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "stuck at timezone selection screen, only if within geoip location ~ America/Montreal" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/123912722:44
cyphermox^^ ubuntu-system-settings, it may have been prematurely released. testing shows to me like there may be a regression.23:08
cyphermoxso please hold off on unblocking that one23:08
lamontinfinity: can I dump something on you and yours?23:11
lamonthttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/geoip/+bug/1239127 <-- make that a thing for precise et al.  I'll deal with that which is the actual server.23:12
ubot2Launchpad bug 1239127 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "stuck at timezone selection screen, only if within geoip location ~ America/Montreal" [High,Confirmed]23:12
cyphermox^^ ubuntu-system-settings, scratch that, it's fine.23:12
dokoinfinity, have an xmlrpc-c upload pending ...23:33
dokofeel free to reject / move to -proposed23:33
stgraberdamn I hate racy test suites...23:33

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