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MavKendo any of you use symfony00:41
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adam_gjamespage, merged the openstack updates to charm helpers, updated all charms accordingly and proposed for charm store. a few have failing test suites so marked those as WIPs01:39
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JuslintekHi everyone who is still awake02:32
JuslintekI've installed ubuntu desktop on server, but cannot login to my account, only able to access guest account, and when I try to login to my account i'm being sent back to login screen. Anyone experienced this problem? :-)02:33
thumperJuslintek: my guess is something to do with the desktop crashing02:57
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g0ranhi guys, I am trying to setup openvpn server on my ubuntu box but I am not sure how to add bridge interface. I have only one network interface, that is eth0 which uses static ip addres. the said interface has public ip address (accessible directly via internet) and I am not sure if I need to set ip address of the bridge interface  to this public one?05:57
pmatulis_g0ran: set up the bridge in /etc/network/interfaces06:01
pmatulis_and configure the bridge, usually called br0, like you did your old interface06:02
g0ranyes that is what I am trying to do. but in said file only one network interface is defined which uses public ip address. as far as I understand I need to comment out eth interface when adding bridge?06:02
Anomie_workI've tested both my postfix (echo "Test mail from postfix" | mail -s "Test Postfix" admin@something.com) and PHP (php -a mail ('admin@rtcamp.com', "Test Postfix", "Test mail from postfix"); exit ();) and I'm receiving both the emails fine to my inbox. But my contact form @ http://www.villacalmia.co.uk/book_now.htm still isn't sending emails (even though it says it's been successfully sent) any ideas? - using the contact f08:59
geserhave you checked your postfix logs? did it got those emails from the contact form at all?09:14
Anomie_workgeser: Nothing new is added to the mail.log when I submit a email09:15
hadifarnoudanyone knows a cheap vps server provider in London? I want to use SSH tunnels to bypass internet censorship in Iran. can't afford the ones I found. (London is fastest route to Iran because of EU fiber cable)09:15
Anomie_workhadifarnoud: Couldn't you use a VPN?09:15
hadifarnoudAnomie_work: they blocked it. doesn't work09:16
Anomie_workhadifarnoud: What do you mean? AFAIk you can't block 'all' VPNs09:16
Anomie_workyou'd have to block them individually09:16
andolhadifarnoud: What would you define as cheap?09:17
hadifarnoudAnomie_work: not sure how they did it. but OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP they are blocked09:17
hadifarnoudandol like $5 per month.09:17
Anomie_workhadifarnoud: I'll ask in a cryptoanarchist channel I'm in, they should have something - but those are just the biggest VPNs, there are tens of thousands of them, anyone can set up a VPN09:18
hadifarnoudAnomie_work: I did try to setup my own. does not work in Iran whilst my friends outside can connect.09:19
Anomie_workhadifarnoud: http://www.vpnground.com/go/hidemyass.php ?09:19
Anomie_work#2 on 'The Best VPNs to bypass Iranian censhorship.' $6.33/mo09:20
hadifarnoudAnomie_work: hmm, the site is blocked but I give it a try. big guys are all blocked. private servers are harder to find though. that's why I wanted to get a server and use SSH tunnel09:20
Anomie_workvisit the site ( https://hidemyass.com/vpn/promo/1/1/ ) in Tor and register09:21
Anomie_workhadifarnoud: (10:21:02 AM) kzw: does it have to be UK?09:22
Anomie_work(10:21:22 AM) kzw: digitalocean.com is cheap and should be enough to get openvpn running09:22
hadifarnoudAnomie_work: cool. will try them09:22
Anomie_work$5/mo for 1TB transfer09:23
hadifarnoudthat's awesome!09:23
hitsujiTMOhadifarnoud if they do a blanket port ban then you may have to modify the default ports09:31
hadifarnoudhitsujiTMO: I could do that only with OpenVPN, right?09:31
hitsujiTMOhadifarnoud: technically you can do it with any vpn but some may be harder than others to do09:32
rbasaksmoser: may I have your comments on http://paste.ubuntu.com/6239796/ please? It's a separate tool I've been thinking of called cloud-wait, for waiting on various cloudy-type events (things being ready, such as ssh being available, or an instance having started) that might support a variety of wait types. Could this go into cloud-tools, perhaps? Then I could add a --wait option to uvt-kvm which calls it (either with subprocess or an API), and then sup09:33
hitsujiTMOhadifarnoud: this may help for openvpn: https://forums.openvpn.net/topic12817.html      that would be standard for use in a college09:34
rbasaksmoser: then I could implement an adt-virt-kvm for dep8 testing, etc.09:34
hadifarnoudhitsujiTMO: Softether is great but only works in Windows. they have their own protocol and client.09:34
hadifarnoudhitsujiTMO: will give it a try09:34
Anomie_workMy php.log isn't filling up for some reason. 'error_log = /var/log/php.log' is set in php.ini in /etc/php5/apache2 - is there somewhere else I need to turn it on?09:36
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hitsujiTMOAnomie_work: are there logs specified in the virtual hosts?09:43
Anomie_workhitsujiTMO: Got it working, my php log was 18GB somehow, deleted it and restarted apache - logging now09:46
Anomie_workNothing in my php.log explains why this contact form isn't sending out emails though :(09:50
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jamespagezul, can you do the keystone and horizon rc2's please13:21
zuljamespage:  i thought you already uploaded them?\13:23
jamespagezul, not for keystone and horizon13:23
zuljamespage:  gotcha13:23
smoserrbasak, yeah, i think we've done similar things in many places.  bikeshed has 'cloud-sandbox', which does a related thing.13:24
* jamespage nudges zul to rember the static asset refresh for horizon13:27
zuljamespage:  exactly why i love doing horizon13:28
rbasaksmoser: I want something like this for uvt-kvm, so that my (yet-to-be-written) adt-virt-kvm can use it. It looks like cloud-sandbox does quite a lot more - this would just be a collection of waiting functions. Where should I put it? Would you accept it into cloud-utils, or shall I leave it inside uvtool?13:35
smoseri was just mentioning int rbasak13:35
zuljamespage:  just building keystone locally first13:38
zuljamespage:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OpenStack/LXC13:38
jamespagezul, thanks13:38
zuljamespage:  https://code.launchpad.net/~zulcss/keystone/2013.2.rc2/+merge/19118213:41
jamespagezul, +113:42
jamespagematsubara, I'm thinking the 13.10 release images could be doing with some MAAS testing :-)13:52
matsubarajamespage, I did some testing last week, will continue to do so this week. I still need to update the qa tracker test case to point to the automated tests.13:54
jamespagematsubara, please do!  balloons can help with that13:54
jamespagematsubara, hows things looking?13:54
matsubarajamespage, yep, I talked to him last week. There was a problem with juju-core bootstrapping on MAAS but that's fixed now13:55
matsubarajamespage, installation looks good so far13:55
zuljamespage:  the readme for horizon is still valid correct (for the assets)14:07
jamespagelemme check14:07
jamespageI think so - is that not working?14:08
jamespageno - thats not right14:08
jamespagenode-less -> python-lesscpy14:09
jamespageand you need to pop the top patch as well14:09
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jamespageadam_g, I fixed up nova-cc and openstack-dashboard failing tests and marked ready for review14:16
zuljamespage:  https://code.launchpad.net/~zulcss/horizon/2013.2.rc2/+merge/19120214:22
jamespagezul, two comments14:24
jamescarrhey fellas / ladies14:28
jamescarris there a way to construct an upstart job that will execute first when a shutdown sequence begins?14:29
jamespagejamescarr, its possible to write an upstart configuration that runs prior to another job stopping14:29
jamespage'start on stopping otherjob'14:30
jamescarryeah saw it… one thing I was curious about14:30
jamespageand that could be a task which is not long running14:30
jamescarrwill it block the other job from stopping while it runs?14:30
jamescarrawesome all I needed to know :)14:30
* jamespage loves the event based nature of upstart :-)14:30
xtrizafter i have setup a home server, what security measures should i take to make it secure ?14:32
zuljames fixed14:35
zuljamespage:  fixed14:35
jamespagezul, great14:35
* jamespage looks14:35
jamespagezul, +114:36
jamescarrjamespage: on the converse, if I have stop on stopping X will the pre-stop script execute in upstart?14:38
* jamespage thinks14:38
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jamespagejamescarr, I think so yes14:38
jamespagejamescarr, you read the cookbook right?14:39
jamescarrskimmed it :)14:39
rbasakjamespage: the dpkg SRU just landed. I think a golang build on armhf should succeed now for cloud-tools.14:49
jamespagerbasak, marvellous14:49
jamespageI'll hit rebuild and see14:49
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zuljamespage:  keystone rc2 got accepted previously, horizon rc2 just got accepted15:27
jamespagezul, good-oh - upload them to havana-staging and I'll flush through the CA as well15:28
zuljamespage:  yeah just waiting for them to perkulate15:28
jamespagehey gaughen15:31
gaughenhey jamespage15:34
jamespagegaughen, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SaucySalamander/ReleaseNotes#Ubuntu_Server15:48
jamespageI think we need some details for MAAS specifically and virt stack changes15:48
jamespageand I'm sure the juju team can add some details for juju-core features as well15:49
jamespageadam_g, I can't figure out that cinder test failure; something is mocking out restart_map but I can't see what15:53
JohnSmithI have hundred millions of file stored in a 2 level folder, in this form AA/BB/832497BBAA.ext. Nowadays it's more or less impossible to scan this arborescence with utils like du or rsync. The filesystem is ext4, mounted with noatime. Does anyone has good practices regarding storing millions of files, like using different filesystem or maybe distributed FS?15:53
sgranhash the directory structure more15:54
sgraneg AA/BB/8/3/2/4/9/7/B/B/832497BBAA.ext15:54
sgranyou can keep throwing tech at stupid code, but sooner or later tech will run out and stupid code will do something too stupid to bandaid over15:55
jamespagegaughen, hey - we have our weekly team irc meeting starting in 2 mins in #ubuntu-meeting if you would like to join15:58
MavKenany recommendation for lightweight php framework with built in user authentication?16:02
geniiJohnSmith: You may also want to experiment with mhddfs. In this way, you have for instance /dev/sda2 /dev/sda3 /dev/sda4 /dev/sdb2   ..and so on, each with maybe quarter-million files, then mount them in a single point with access to all files concurrently but they remain on their respective partitions. In this way you do not have one monolithic filesystem to fsck, etc.16:26
adam_gsmoser, after patching curtin's utils.py, what do i need to reload?16:59
adam_ger, what services need restarting16:59
smoseradam_g, probably shoudln't need anything actually17:03
smosermaas forks17:03
smoserto curtin17:03
adam_gsmoser, cool17:07
adam_gsmoser, no luck with that patch17:15
smoserhallyn, could you update LXC on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SaucySalamander/ReleaseNotes#Ubuntu_Server17:15
aslaenhello, I have followed multiple guides to get DHCP (dnsmasq) and pxe (tftpd-hpa) setup. The DHCP works fine, assigns IPs, but if I try to pxe boot it just says it can't find a pxe server.17:50
aslaenAny ideas how to troubleshoot this?17:50
sarnoldaslaen: tcpdump or ethereal on both the pxe server network segment and the pxe client network segment?17:52
aslaensarnold ok cool I'll see if I can figure that out.17:59
smoserstgraber, could you put some "lxc notes" up at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SaucySalamander/ReleaseNotes#Ubuntu_Server perhaps ?18:09
smoserhallyn, is out i believe18:09
stgrabersmoser: I'll see what I can do, kind of busy with other more urgent release things at the moment18:15
smoserstgraber, thanks.18:29
jamespagezul, pushed horizon to -proposed18:29
jamespagekeystone still stuck in saucy pending migration18:29
smoserjamespage, juju is building in -proposed in cloud-tools now.18:30
adam_gubuntu@obayifo:~$ ls /usr/sbin/policy-rc.d18:35
adam_gls: cannot access /usr/sbin/policy-rc.d: No such file or directory18:35
adam_gsmoser, fix seems to work18:35
stgrabersmoser: wiki updated19:24
bittinsomeone can help me with a dmraid problem ?20:06
bazhangah he quit20:09
zuljamespage:  keystone uploaded to the CA20:09
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jamescarrwhen the shutdown sequence starts what is the very first thing to be stopped?21:33
jamescarrI want an upstart service that I can be 100% sure will execute on shitdown21:33
jamescarrshutdown even, sorry21:33
sarnoldjamescarr: maybe /etc/init/rc.conf or /etc/init.d/rc .. http://upstart.ubuntu.com/cookbook/#shutdown21:39
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