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ahayzenHey guys, who can i talk to about issues with the header component?01:13
loolahayzen: SDK team is best01:20
loolahayzen: you can raise them on ML01:20
ahayzenlool, hehe01:20
ahayzenlool, we are investigating if we can patch it ourselves01:20
loolor file against ubuntu-ui-toolkit01:20
loolahayzen: what's the issue?01:20
ahayzenlool, basically when we do header.visible = false; we get a white box showing in certain cases01:21
loolahayzen: it's in lp:ubuntu-ui-toolkit/modules/Ubuntu/Components/Header.qml01:21
ahayzenlool, yeah we've been looking at it01:21
ahayzenlool, looks like there must be another component as the bg or something that isn't been hidden01:21
ahayzenlool, see bug 1239106 comment #5 for reproducible steps01:23
ubot5bug 1239106 in Ubuntu Music App "Empty tab header obscures the queue's close button" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/123910601:23
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dansabinI was wondering if someone could help me get the Ubuntu Touch dev tools connecting to my Ubuntu Phone (LGE Nexus 4)?02:25
dansabinI was trying to do: http://developer.ubuntu.com/apps/cordova/creating-cordova-ubuntu-qr-code-scanner-html5-app/ but the Link to Install the SDK is dead (goes to homepage) and the SDK I installed doesn't seem to have the project presets mentioned in the tutorial.02:26
dansabinI get this when i try to deploy to my device: ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host02:32
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jblixhey, is this the appropriate place to ask for installation help on gnex?04:02
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slangasekfolks, I'm on build 97 on mako and I'm seeing a serious problem here, with apps displaying a blank white window except when they display a black one.  Is anyone else seeing this problem?  It may be something I did to mess up the config during development, but if so I don't know what05:36
slangasek(I was running build 95 previously, saw the same problem - had to update to 97 from the commandline, to rule out it being a known-fixed bug)05:37
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jibelrotation doesn't work on first boot on mako, against which package should I file a bug?06:09
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abhishekI am compiling Ubuntu touch yuga source code ...I am facing compilation issues ....1) Segmentation fault (core dumped) ...Now, compilation stops saying .....  CHK     include/generated/utsrelease.h   CC      scripts/mod/empty.o qemu: uncaught target signal 11 (Segmentation fault) - core dumped Segmentation fault (core dumped) make[4]: *** [scripts/mod/empty.o] Error 139 make[3]: *** [scripts/mod] Error 2 make[2]: *** [scripts]06:15
abhishekCan someone please help me06:16
abhishekqemu: uncaught target signal 11 (Segmentation fault) - core dumped06:16
abhishekI am facing compilation issues in yuga ....06:20
abhishek1) Segmentation fault (core dumped) .....but, the build still continues .....I am not able to understand why I am seeing this06:21
abhishek2) compilation stops at: make[4]: *** [scripts/mod/empty.o] Error 13906:21
abhishekqemu: uncaught target signal 11 (Segmentation fault) - core dumped06:21
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abhishekI am facing compilation issues in yuga ....06:33
abhishek compilation stops at: make[4]: *** [scripts/mod/empty.o] Error 13906:34
abhishekqemu: uncaught target signal 11 (Segmentation fault) - core dumped06:34
abhishekcan someone please help me solve this06:34
abhishekPlease help me solve the Utouch yuga compilation issues06:46
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abhishekPlease help me solve the Utouch yuga compilation issues07:13
abhishekqemu: uncaught target signal 11 (Segmentation fault) - core dumped07:13
abhishekdholbach: Please help me resolve this07:14
dholbachabhishek, I'm sorry, I don't know07:15
abhishekdholbach: ok07:15
abhishekI am facing "qemu: uncaught target signal 11 (Segmentation fault) - core dumped" during yuga compilation07:17
jibeloSoMoN, hey, could you have a look at bug 1239289 , mediaplayer crashes on second video07:23
ubot5bug 1239289 in mediaplayer-app (Ubuntu Saucy) "mediaplayer-app crashed with SIGABRT in __gconv_release_step()" [Critical,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/123928907:23
oSoMoNjibel: hey, looking07:24
Saviqogra_, hey, we can has https://code.launchpad.net/~saviq/session-manager-touch/drop-unity8/+merge/190842 now :)07:29
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ogra_Saviq, did the unity side land ?08:26
Saviqogra_, yup08:27
ogra_tvoss, can you address the remaining issue in https://code.launchpad.net/~thomas-voss/location-service/refactor-packaging/+merge/18987808:30
ogra_(i would like to get it in the image today if possible)08:31
tvossogra_, sure08:31
Saviqogra_, hmm, so maybe we should tweak the ofono-setup script then to not depend on unity8?08:36
ogra_Saviq, why ?08:36
Saviqogra_, dunno, does it require unity8 to be running?08:36
ogra_i dont know either. thats why i would leave it in pülace two days before release :)08:37
tvosspopey, mhall119 ping08:38
loolSaviq: the only thing I can think of is unlocking the sim card08:38
loolSaviq: indicator-network needs to be there08:38
popeytvoss: pong08:38
Saviqlool, yeah, but that happens later08:39
loolSaviq: but in theory, we shouldn't have dependencies between these08:39
Saviqlool, so indicator-network needs ofono-setup, not the other way 'round08:39
ogra_lool, ofono-setup was started from unitys upstart job until now08:39
* Saviq looks at what ofono-setup is doing08:39
ogra_lool, since we dont know why i would prefer to leave this dep in place08:39
ogra_lool, we can ask awe later08:39
loolSaviq: I think it just sets up one account08:39
loolit's a one time thing08:39
loolit's probably safe to do it early08:40
tvosspopey, mhall119 is someone working on fixing the ap tests for the music-app?08:40
Saviqlool, exactly08:40
tvosspopey, for example: http://reports.qa.ubuntu.com/smokeng/saucy/touch_mir/mako/97:20131015:20131015/4730/music-app-autopilot/485748/08:40
Saviqlool, it just enables the account and makes it auto-connect08:40
loolso yeah, that's not related to unity808:41
Saviq+ creates08:41
loolshould just be a session startup task08:41
Saviqand shouldn't be an upstart job08:41
loolwhy not?08:41
popeytvoss: will take a look08:41
Saviqwhy would it...08:41
loolSaviq: what would create the account?08:41
Saviqlool, it should come pre-created with the image IMO08:42
Saviqlool, and in /etc/skel for new users08:42
loolSaviq: then it wont work for new users08:42
loolSaviq: haha /etc/skel08:43
Saviqlool, but really, an upstart job for :08:43
loolSaviq: I was tring to find the xdg one but seems it's gone  :-008:45
Saviqlool, what's wrong with /etc/skel? ;P08:47
Saviqlool, or well, are you telling me there's no way to prepopulate a user's home dir?08:47
loolSaviq: what's wrong is that it exists since the 90s and it still work!08:47
loolSaviq: well the usual way to make assumptions on the home dir is to run things at session startup08:48
loolSaviq: typically this applies to conversions rather than new creations08:48
loolSaviq: there are many weird home setups: ecryptfs, nfs etc.08:48
loolSaviq: so the most generic way is to run something on session startup08:48
loolSaviq: you could argue it doesn't apply to creation of a new user; that's fair, we cant really tell whether people have copied /etc/skel or not08:49
loolSaviq: it seems more robust to me to check this at session startup08:49
Saviqlool, well, if they didn't copy skel, they must've had a reason for it08:49
loolSaviq: it also doesn't apply to existing users08:50
Saviqlool, sure, that is true08:50
Saviqbut if we run a script for every thing we need just once, on session startup... bye bye boot times08:50
loolSaviq: we wont shave any significant time with this, I think upstart job is actually more readable, manageable and robust08:51
Saviqlool, not if it just calls an "ofono-setup" script...08:51
Saviqlool, and then you need to go hunting for that script08:51
Saviqfor that use case we should probably just have support in telepathy for default accounts08:52
loolSaviq: But it's good, it's abstracted in the ofono-setup package08:52
loolSaviq: we dont really have infrastructure for populating /etc/skel08:52
loolSaviq: or e.g. to only add things to your home if you want this type of session08:52
Saviqlool, I understand for conversion / existing users it's an issue, just not sure solving it with an upstart job being run on every session start is the right thing...08:53
loolSaviq: well the right thing would be like xorg -configure08:54
Saviqwe can start it way sooner08:54
loolSaviq: do NOT require an account08:54
Saviqlool, +108:54
loolSaviq: but in terms of our current real life processes, it's going to be more painful to deal with /etc/skel08:54
pstolowskiSaviq, hey! clicking any of the 'search in...' results in Home (which performs a new search immediately) messes dash up a bit (there is an empty space at the top); any idea what may be causing this?08:56
ogra_Saviq, /etc/skel is copied at user creation ... which happens during image build ...08:56
pstolowskiSaviq, and swiping up/down fixes it08:56
Saviqpstolowski, any example? I just clicked "see more" and it looks fine08:57
Saviqogra_, before all the packages are installed?08:57
ogra_no after08:57
tvosslool, https://code.launchpad.net/~thomas-voss/unity-mir/oom_adjust/+merge/19112308:58
pstolowskiSaviq, type 'pol', select 'ask ubuntu' icon in Search In08:58
ogra_Saviq, if you run the image on a device without telephony (trablet) you dont want an account to be set up08:58
pstolowskiSaviq, thostr_ let me know about this issue, and I can reproduce08:58
looltvoss: ut's in asks with a different version?08:58
tvosslool, ack, see my last comment on the ricmm's mp08:58
tvosstaking over to ensure it's landing on trunk early today08:59
Saviqpstolowski, looks fine here :/08:59
Saviqpstolowski, thostr_, file a bug please08:59
tvossogra_, testing the remaining packaging changes locally now08:59
tvossogra_, for location service08:59
ogra_tvoss, thanks !08:59
looltvoss: also -1000:100008:59
tvosslool, just look at the mp :) all encoded and documented09:00
tvossogra_, ack09:00
Saviqogra_, ok, so "start on startup"?09:00
looltvoss: ah right, score_adj, not adj09:01
looltvoss: it looks good09:01
looltvoss: does this supersede the ricmm thing?09:01
tvosslool, yup09:02
ogra_Saviq, no09:02
Saviqok /me leaves it be09:02
tvosslool, I always try score_adj before adj as per deprecation of oom_adj for post 2.6.x kernels09:02
ogra_Saviq, it would be start in desktop-start or some such.  "startup" is a system event09:02
Saviqogra_, pushed09:03
ogra_thx !09:03
ogra_Saviq, err, i dont think there is a "started" emitted09:04
Saviqogra_, craps09:05
ogra_"start on desktop-start"09:05
Saviqogra_, fixed09:05
Saviqogra_, yeah, sorry about that09:05
ogra_we'll see if it still works :)09:06
abhishekI have downloaded "saucy-preinstalled-touch-armhf.zip". How to flash this ubuntu image on Android board09:11
abhishekI am reading http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2405815 ....09:12
abhishekCan you please let me know how to flash the Utouch image on Android board09:13
abhisheksaviq: can you please help me09:14
popeyabhishek: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Install has a section on manually installing09:15
loolpopey: I tried removing the HUD pieces in dropping-letters, and it worked09:15
loolpopey: Where is the QML module in question?09:15
tvossogra_, didrocks https://code.launchpad.net/~thomas-voss/location-service/refactor-packaging/+merge/18987809:15
tvossdidrocks, would be great if I could get your review, too, on: https://code.launchpad.net/~thomas-voss/location-service/refactor-packaging/+merge/18987809:15
ogra_lool, could it be that this is one of the packages still using hud1.0 ?09:16
popeylool: nice one... probably ogra_09:16
ogra_tvoss, its already on the spreadsheet09:16
tvossogra_, ack ..09:16
popeylool: which qml module?09:16
didrockstvoss: checking :)09:17
loolpopey: Ubuntu.HUD09:19
loolpopey: share-app09:20
loolpopey: share-app is what was pulling thisin09:20
loolCool, at least wasn't core app09:20
didrockstvoss: added somme comments09:20
loolso now the question, is hud part of our platform09:20
loolI'd say yes09:20
tvosslool, +1, at least as it is right now09:20
abhishekpopey: I ran the command phablet-flash cdimage-touch --device-path saucy-preinstalled-touch-armhf.zip09:21
looltvoss: ok09:21
abhishekcommad fails with: INFO:phablet-flash:Device detected as msm896009:21
abhishekERROR:phablet-flash:Unsupported device, autodetect fails device09:21
abhishekpopey: can you please let me know09:22
popeyabhishek: that wont work09:22
abhishekpopey: some different procedure is written at "http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2405815"09:23
popey10:15:09 < popey> abhishek: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Install has a section on manually installing09:23
popeynote I said "manual installing"09:23
nerochiarosergiusens: hi, any idea why phablet-flash ubuntu-system is failing with today's image on my maguro with this error: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6239779/ ?09:26
abhishekpopey: I have IFC6410 board09:26
abhishekpopey: I want to build Ubuntu touch for this board09:27
popeyabhishek: yes, i understand that09:27
abhishekpopey: I have Android source for this board ....09:27
abhishekpopey: What steps do I need to follow ....I am totally confused09:27
abhishekpopey: to get the hands on building ubuntu touch ..I have downloaded yuga source code09:28
abhishekpopey: and start compiling .....but I am facing numerous compilation issues ..and I am not able to compile09:29
popeyabhishek: I am not an expert at porting, sorry09:30
popeyabhishek: now is probably a bad time to get time from people as we have a release in 2 days09:30
popeyabhishek: maybe put it on hold and come back next week when things are a little calmer?09:30
* popey pops out to get milk - no tea makes popey a sad boy09:31
abhishekpopey: ok .....can you please answer me one question09:31
abhishekwhile building yuga source code, my compilation stops at qemu: uncaught target signal 11 (Segmentation fault) - core dumped09:33
abhishekmake[4]: *** [scripts/mod/empty.o] Error 13909:33
abhishekpopey: can you please let me know how to resolve this09:34
nerochiarooSoMoN: gusch: hi, any idea why phablet-flash ubuntu-system is failing with today's image on my maguro with this error: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6239779/ ? does it work for you ?09:39
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guschnerochiaro: no idea, but "sudo phablet-flash ubuntu-system --channel devel-proposed" worked for me in the morning09:40
nerochiarogusch: as root =09:40
oSoMoNnerochiaro: no idea, haven’t flashed today09:41
guschnerochiaro: yes- with that arguments, sudo is needed09:41
guschnerochiaro: and flashing takes a bit longer09:42
nerochiarogusch: interesting, why is it needed ?09:42
cwayneit shouldn't be09:42
guschnerochiaro: I think it's using fastboot, that needs to run as root - but for details ask sergiusens09:43
popeyabhishek: as I said, I am not an expert at this09:44
abhishekpopey: ok09:46
nerochiarogusch: i did, but he's gone for today i think. i'll try the one you said, let's see how it goes09:47
abhishekpopey: sry for that ....I am stuck and not able to find solution.09:48
tvossdidrocks, updated09:51
tvossdidrocks, https://code.launchpad.net/~thomas-voss/location-service/refactor-packaging/+merge/18987809:51
didrocksogra_: you take care of the seed side?09:52
ogra_didrocks, dropping the examples ?` yeah09:53
didrockstvoss: should I top-approve or you want on more feedback?09:53
tvossdidrocks, I think we are good09:53
tvossdidrocks, thx09:54
davmor2Morning all10:00
cwaynemornin davmor210:01
davmor2cwayne: is it not like 2 am there?10:01
cwaynedavmor2: lol its 610:02
Aaron1011Hello. I'm having a problem running the phablet-dev-bootstrap command10:04
Aaron1011It fails with an error about a missing GPG public key when downloading the Repo toll10:05
Aaron1011Here is the error I10:05
Aaron1011'm getting: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6239906/10:05
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Aaron1011Never mind10:12
Aaron1011I fixed it by downloading the newer repo launcher, which installed the proper GPG keys10:12
deedendanyone have useed ubuntu otuch on Galaxy Nexus and can report the battery situation or most annoying issues?10:20
tvossSaviq, didrocks https://code.launchpad.net/~thomas-voss/unity8/add_post_inst_script_to_gain_cap_sys_resource/+merge/19114410:20
sergiusensgusch, nerochiaro it's been a busted usb/adb on the host side when it happened to ogra and om26er ; although this error message is new to me10:22
sergiusensno need for root10:22
tvossogra_, https://code.launchpad.net/~thomas-voss/location-service/refactor-packaging/+merge/18987810:22
Saviqasac, tvoss, the UITK suite doesn't complete, feels like it's because of the slowdown, the fix for which has not landed yet10:22
tvossSaviq, ack ... I will see that I try with kevin's performance fix10:23
tvossSaviq, need to reflash though :) I have a tendency of spamming my installation10:23
didrocksSaviq: tvoss: another fix not in mir trunk? (we are trying to land mir trunk)10:23
tvossdidrocks, let me check please10:23
Saviqdidrocks, it's in trunk, but not released yet10:24
asacSaviq: feels like?10:24
ogra_didrocks, the above is for droppign swap too10:24
Saviqasac, what else can I say - that's what happens - at some point the suite just stops10:24
asacSaviq: so its a timeout issue?10:24
Saviqasac, and unity8 is slow to the extent of being unusable10:25
asacSaviq: e.g. we have a "whole suite must not run longer than N minutes"?10:25
Saviqasac, no, the suite just dies10:25
didrocksSaviq: unity8 trunk or mir trunk?10:25
asacSaviq: but if we run them one by one its working10:25
Saviqdidrocks, mir10:25
ogra_didrocks, libpcap needs to be used to make unity8 allowed to adjust the oom_adj value10:25
asacMirv: can you confirm that the uitoolkit suite succeeds if you run every test one by one during ONE boot?10:25
Saviqasac, yeah, that's exactly why I'm saying it's the slowdown's fault10:25
didrocksMirv: did you have any issue with latest mir running the whole ui-toolkit test suite? ^10:25
asacSaviq: so the slowdown gets worse the longer the autopilot process runs?10:26
didrocksogra_: yeah, I'm fine with it (+1), didn't top-approve10:26
asacSaviq: iow, restarting autopilot will make slowdown less bad?10:26
asacsounds weird10:26
Mirvasac: no, for me it does not get to the end also individually, at least without utah trick. it gets quite near to the end, though, and then I've run the remaining tests on the next boot.10:26
asacbut guess thats the symptoms10:26
Saviqasac, I guess it's just about restarting the app quickly10:26
asacdidrocks: do we have the performance fixes by tvoss and friends staged in daily-build yet?10:26
Mirvdidrocks: I've had a problem both before and now. with the new mir the test results seem somewhat better with ui toolkit with my method.10:26
asacdidrocks: would be nice to get Saviq an early glance at those bits for testing things before10:27
didrocksasac: it's in, and that's what Mirv is using right now for his tests10:27
Saviqasac, maybe the autopilot shutdown / startup is long enough that it lets the whole thing settle10:27
didrocksI confirm as well that after 1h, unity8 is slow in scrolling10:27
Saviqdidrocks, 1hr?!10:27
tvossdidrocks, with kdub's performance fixes?10:27
Saviqdidrocks, I'm talking 3 mins10:27
didrockstvoss: right10:27
Saviqdidrocks, within a single ap run for UITK it slowed down to being unusable10:28
didrocksI'm unsure it's Mir or qml/unity8 TBH10:28
didrocksSaviq: yeah, I didn't run it, only Mirv ran it. I'm just talking about using it10:28
tvossdidrocks, could still be the upstart mem leak, too10:28
didrockstvoss: no mem leak10:28
didrocksand CPU idling10:28
didrocksso, not the case of unity8 getting to 1G10:28
tvossdidrocks, ack, that's mako or maguro?10:29
didrocksso Mirv, on the test suite, running all ubuntu ui toolkit AP tests still hangs?10:29
* didrocks can try10:29
didrocks(sorry seb for settings :p)10:29
nerochiarosergiusens: flashing with the proposed channel worked fine, so i think the cause was not a busted usb10:30
Mirvdidrocks: for me, yes always since mir-by-default. I've not tried utah tricks and such, but a simple phablet-test-run ubuntuuitoolkit10:30
Mirvdidrocks: to get results of the individual tests, I run them separately10:30
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tvossMirv, and you are running with kdub's performance fix right now?10:31
Mirvdidrocks: the general feeling is that the 2-3 fps, killing of processes is all connected10:31
didrockstvoss: he is10:31
Mirvtvoss: yes. now the performance is great at worst, but autopilot ubuntuuitoolkit gets it down to 2-3fps eventually, processes get killed and the device reboots (that's also with the older mir, but without the great performance in the beginning)10:31
oSoMoNjibel: I spent some time on this mediaplayer crash but haven’t made much progress, I’m gonna need help from someone who knows the multimedia stack10:31
Mirvs/worst/first/, heh10:31
sergiusensnerochiaro, let me check10:32
* tvoss has got an idea ... 10:32
Mirvdidrocks: I have now all AP suites tested with the perf-fixed Mir, and I'm getting no regressions from #97 image tests (with reboots in between, executing whole test suites except for ui toolkit and unity8).10:35
didrockstvoss: Saviq: FYI, just reproduced it10:36
asacMirv: when do you go off today?10:36
didrocksMirv: so, you're good to publish them?10:36
Mirvsome like music-app, clock-app are at least better than in #97 dashboard10:37
Mirvasac: I've 9h full in 2h10:37
tvossdidrocks, ack, see #ubuntu-mir10:37
Mirvdidrocks: I would be, yes, if it's ok to do publishes. there are cu2d runs ongoing, but I stopped platform + unity8 from doing rebuilds before they started.10:37
didrocksMirv: please publish now and ping the release team :)10:37
Mirvdidrocks: ok10:38
didrocksMirv: yeah, I saw that! Big thanks :)10:38
asacMirv: ok, enjoy your vacation in case we dont speak (i think i got:)10:38
asacignore the ()10:38
Mirvasac: thanks10:38
abhishekdidrocks: I have IFC6410 board with Android. I have source code of Android running on this board.10:41
abhishekdidrocks: I want to run Ubuntu on this board. Can you please let me know how to proceed ?10:41
abhishekdidrocks: can you please help me10:41
Mirvdidrocks: what about unity-system-compositor / desktop, should that be quickly smoke tested and published as well?10:41
didrocksMirv: if you can just enable it, ensure the session start and exits, it will be fine10:42
Mirvdidrocks: I'll do that10:42
didrocksabhishek: not really sure I can help you, there is the porting guide at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Porting10:42
abhishekdidrocks: ok ....this porting guide is for the devices which are in CyanogenMod. My device is not supported there.10:45
didrocksabhishek: I think dholbach may be able to help, I don't have more clue TBH10:46
dholbachdidrocks, no I'm afraid not :/10:47
abhishekdidrocks: Ok ...thanks ...I'll try to contact dholbach10:47
abhishekdholbach: :(10:48
dholbachdidrocks, I never ported Touch to any device :/10:48
abhishekno body is there to help me10:48
Mirvdidrocks: Mir continues to run on desktop as well, see packaging acks on desktop channel10:53
sergiusensnerochiaro, so stable broke?10:53
didrocksMirv: \o/ please publish now (+1 on all)10:53
nerochiarosergiusens: i had that error with stable "phablet-flash ubuntu-system"10:53
didrocks/dev/loop0 on / type ext2 (rw,relatime,errors=continue)10:56
didrocksogra_: do we know why? ^10:56
didrockstvoss is trying to setcap10:56
xnoxdidrocks: it's read-only, thus a "recovery" journal features of ext4 are pointless and waste of space.10:59
xnoxdidrocks: also i think we only have mkfs.ext2 in recovery when we generate that upon flashing the device.10:59
xnoxdidrocks: same reasons /boot is usually ext2 even today.10:59
didrockstvoss: here is your explanation ^11:00
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tvossxnox, how can we do setcap then?11:01
=== kapiteined is now known as Guest5532
xnoxtvoss: which capabilities are you after? it's read-only, and quite of few things are bind-mounted to a writable partition, which i can't remember is on what file-system (maybe even ext4)11:04
SaviqMirv, btw, unity8 tests in trunk should be good, too11:04
xnoxlet me boot my grouper tablet.11:04
didrocksSaviq: sil2100 is handling it right *now* :)11:05
tvossxnox, I need to give CAP_SYS_RESOURCE to unity811:05
tvossxnox, via setcap in a postinst script11:05
xnoxtvoss: that really will not work, given that we package rootfs in a tarball (which doesn't preserve capabilities) and then transfer the tarball in zip, and unpack it.11:06
xnoxtvoss: i think you need to talk to stgraber w.r.t. to how to transfer those capabilities.11:07
xnoxtvoss: with system-image updates.11:07
tvossxnox, can we issue the respective call from an upstart script then?11:07
tvossstgraber, ping11:07
xnoxtvoss: you can add system level job (not user-job) that will run as root....... but i'd rather it be done once on image deploy.11:08
tvossxnox, okay, do we have an example how to do that?11:08
xnoxtvoss: also CAP_SYS_RESOURCE lists many things that it grants http://linux.die.net/man/7/capabilities11:09
xnoxtvoss: and not sure from what kernel levels it's available.11:09
xnoxtvoss: what are you specifically after ?11:09
sil2100Saviq: I ran AP trunk without the last commit in the morning and I got 2 failures, all others were green - so it's really looking nice11:09
xnoxtvoss: upstart has native support for oom score http://upstart.ubuntu.com/cookbook/#oom-score11:10
xnoxtvoss: so if you are after that you can simply adjust that in the upstart job.11:10
xnox(system level, not user level)11:10
tvossxnox, discussion is summarized here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity8/+bug/123869111:10
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1238691 in Unity 8 "Unity8 needs to have CAP_SYS_RESOURCE set to be able to adjust oom[_score]_adj for lifecycle mgmt" [High,Triaged]11:10
xnoxtvoss: right I see.11:10
xnoxjdstrand: ^ unity8 user binary wants CAP_SYS_RESOURCE and/or other ways of controlling oom_score_adj. system-level upstart has oom_score support, but not sure how best to manage that resource.11:12
xnoxtvoss: i think you want stgraber / jdstrand, I'm not the best person to figure out how to manage capabilities on ro system images.11:13
JamesTaitGood day all; happy Ada Lovelace Day! :-D11:13
xnoxtvoss: oh, i see approval from mdeslaur. Chat with stgraber how we can get setcap to unity8 on the ro system image.11:14
tvossJamesTait, happy Ada Lovelace day11:14
tvosslool, can you help here? ^11:16
ogra_didrocks, no, we dont, thats a question for stgraber (who is travelling afaik)11:16
sergiusensis anyone aware of this: terminate called after throwing an instance of 'boost::exception_detail::clone_impl<boost::exception_detail::error_info_injector<std::runtime_error> >'11:22
sergiusens  what():  buffer allocation failed11:22
sergiusensI see that in the unity8 logs on my maguro11:22
sergiusenswell, on the QA maguro logs11:22
tvosssergiusens, we had that before ...11:22
tvossalan_g, ^11:22
tvossalan_g, speaking of gut feeling: I think we never free the surfaces11:22
sergiusenstvoss, that can explain why it gets slow after opening and closing apps all the time11:23
alan_gtvoss: Gut feel isn't enugh11:23
alan_g"buffer allocation failed" does sound like resource exhaustion - which would be a consequence though.11:25
alan_gsergiusens: recently racarr changed mir::shell::Surface so that it continues to hang onto resources until it is deleted. Could something in unity be holding onto these?11:27
tvossSaviq, greyback ^11:27
sergiusensalan_g, I'm not familiar with either codebase to give a straight answer there11:27
alan_gIn any case I'm hacking some reporting code into Mir so that we can test tvoss's "gut feel"11:29
ogra_Saviq, hmm was https://code.launchpad.net/~unity-team/unity8/ap_launch_unity_with_upstart/+merge/190886 the MP that was merged ? didnt you want to add the SIGSTOP handler to the upstart job ? (i dont see "expect stop" in there11:31
Saviqogra_, we don't have it yet11:36
Saviqogra_, sil2100, didrocks we can't do SIGSTOP yet, Mir doesn't expose it for us yet11:39
=== dandrader is now known as dandrader|lunch
Saviqbut guys it's not critical if we don't get it yet11:40
sil2100Saviq: so are we cool as we are right now in trunk?11:41
Saviqsil2100, yes11:41
Saviqsil2100, didrocks, we can release11:41
sil2100Saviq, ogra_, didrocks: ok, then I test what we have now11:42
Saviqsil2100, clear /var/crash please11:42
didrockssil2100: keep me posted ;)11:42
=== chriadam is now known as chriadam|away
didrocksyeah to see if we have more crashes11:42
Saviqsil2100, and in case you get something other than maliit, please let me know11:42
Saviqdidrocks, we'll have maliit aborts on startup for sure - when mir isn't ready yet11:42
Saviqdidrocks, but that's ok, it gets restarted straight away and works then11:43
didrocksSaviq: ok, but it restart?11:43
didrocksok :)11:43
=== MacSlow|lunch is now known as MacSlow
Saviqsil2100, you take unity-notifications too?11:43
didrocks+ ubuntu-touch-session (but I guess it's just to drop the upstart file)11:43
Saviqogra_, can ew please merge the ubuntu-touch-session unity8.conf drop?11:44
Saviqdidrocks, that's not merged yet11:44
sil2100Saviq: I have a .deb from ogra_ with that11:44
ogra_Saviq, waiting for sil2100's feedback11:48
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=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|lunch
looltvoss: what was it that I could help with/12:06
tvosslool, we found an issue with setcap in a postinst script here https://code.launchpad.net/~thomas-voss/unity8/add_post_inst_script_to_gain_cap_sys_resource/+merge/19114412:07
tvosslool, so ro system images and ext2 -> no setcap :/12:08
tvossxnox, pointed direction stgraber but I wondered if you could probably help12:08
looloh no12:08
sil2100Saviq: hi!12:08
looltvoss: yeah this is a pretty bad approach I fear12:08
sil2100Saviq: so, I ran unity8 AP testing on the latest unity812:08
sil2100Saviq: and I got 2 failures: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6240267/12:09
sil2100Saviq: last time when I ran without the last commit, I also got 2 failures but different ones12:09
tvosslool, bad approach as in?12:09
looltvoss: multiple things12:09
looltvoss: relying on fs attributes by default; we let people use them, but usually packages dont make assumptions on them12:10
sil2100Saviq: any idea what might be the case here? I can provide the actual test results if those are not known failures12:10
looltvoss: second, this changes the unity8 binary after installation12:10
loolbut md5sum doesn't change12:10
loolI am not even sure our system-image diff can transport that delta12:10
tvosslool, so what is the preferred way of using setcap then?12:10
loolwe transport attr updates and ownership/group updates, but not sure about xattr12:11
tvossmdeslaur, might be of interest to you12:11
looltvoss: I think we should do it at runtime12:11
tvosslool, by an upstart script?12:11
looltvoss: I mean some kind of helper to gain us just this12:11
loole.g. /usr/sbin/gain-setcap, then sudo gain-setcap --user=phablet unity812:12
loolsorry, I mean gain-sys-resources12:12
tvosslool, why not just an upstart script?12:13
looltvoss: upstart script to set it on the file?  that still means requirement of a specific filesystem setup12:13
looltvoss: I was thinking we woudl grant it to the process when it starts12:14
loolrather than encode that in the file12:14
mdeslaurlool: it's the approach we use for other desktop software, such as gnome-keyring12:14
loolI am a bit reluctant of us switching fs today...12:15
didrockstvoss: for next time on location-service, you should keep it as UNRELEASED rather than saucy in the changelog (see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DailyRelease/FAQ#I.27m_bumping_the_upstream_version.2C_what_should_I_do.3F)12:15
tvossdidrocks, sorry12:15
mdeslaurlool: why do we need to switch fs?12:15
didrockstvoss: no worry :)12:15
=== gatox is now known as gatox_bbl
loolmdeslaur: we use ext2 without xattr12:15
loolI mean changing the fs setup12:15
mdeslaurlool: oh, hrm...yeah12:16
mdeslaurthis was the short term approach...the long term approach would be to have a root-running helper much like rtkit12:17
loolmdeslaur: exactly12:17
tvosslool, mdeslaur so what do we do next?12:17
loolI'm trying to think of a good location where we could have it with the setcap bit12:18
=== dandrader|lunch is now known as dandrader
loolmdeslaur, tvoss: So how about an upstart job that mkdir /run/unity-setcap/, then copies unity8 there, setcaps it, then we prefer this one over /usr/bin/ one in upstart session job?12:21
tvosslool, don't have a strong opinion as long as unity8 has get CAP_SYS_RESOURCE12:21
tvossSaviq, ^, thoughts?12:21
loolwe need setcap on the image12:21
looltvoss: I've confirmed that setcap works there12:22
tvosslool, ack12:22
mdeslaurlool: it's kind of ugly, but at this stage, I guess it's acceptable as a workaround :P12:22
loolmdeslaur: can you think of something less ugly?12:24
ogra_root@ubuntu-phablet:/# apt-cache rdepends libubuntu-location-service-dev12:24
ogra_Reverse Depends:12:24
ogra_  ubuntu-location-service-doc12:24
ogra_tvoss, ^^^12:24
mdeslaurlool: not at the moment, no...12:24
mdeslaurlool: I think it's the best idea for now12:25
loolmdeslaur: I wanted to do something that will work on non-touch and with a fs that has xattr12:25
Saviqlool, we already have a BINARY that's used in unity8.conf12:25
Saviqlool, so if we check in the script that /run/blah/unity8 exists, we can set that BINARY to that by default instead12:26
ogra_tvoss, thats still all messed up ubuntu-location-service-doc depends on libubuntu-location-service-dev (if thats documentation  it shouldnt pull in dev libs)12:26
loolSaviq: who sets BINARY?12:26
loolSaviq: is that for testing?12:26
xnoxtvoss: usually -dev package includes documentation, or recommends/suggests -doc.12:26
Saviqlool, yes12:27
ogra_xnox, its the pother way around here12:27
xnoxtvoss: -doc should typically not depend on stuff (apart from like yelp / www-browser and the like)12:27
Saviqlool, it's "unity8" by default, but autopilot sets that when it wants to run a local copy12:27
xnoxtvoss: e.g. for the case i install all -doc packages and open up /usr/share/doc/ via apache212:27
Saviqi.e. not installed one12:27
loolSaviq: I'm not really sure we need to fiddle with this; we should just default to /run/xyz/unity8 instead of unity8 (from usr/bin)12:28
mdeslaurlool: is there anywhere in /var that is rw with xattrs?12:28
ogra_dpkg: error processing ubuntu-location-service-bin_0.0.2+13.10.20131015-0ubuntu1_armhf.deb (--install):12:28
ogra_ trying to overwrite '/usr/share/man/man2/ubuntu-location-service.2.gz', which is also in package ubuntu-location-service-examples:armhf 0.0.2+13.10.20131015-0ubuntu112:28
ogra_tvoss, ^^^^12:28
loolmdeslaur: a bunch12:28
ogra_thats broken as well12:28
loolmdeslaur: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6240327/12:29
loolmdeslaur: and we could also add a new one12:29
loolmdeslaur: but it is so much work12:29
Saviqlool, sure, default to /run/xyz/unity8, fall back to /usr/bin/unity8 and BINARY overrides both12:29
loolmdeslaur: and it's just for a workaround12:29
mdeslaurlool: yeah12:29
=== jhodapp|afk is now known as jhodapp
Saviqlool, what would copy the bin to /run?12:30
loolSaviq: upstart job12:30
loolI'm trying to write one12:30
mdeslaurlool: I'm curious, was ext2 because of the android recovery tools and all that?12:30
Saviqlool, a system one, right?12:30
loolSaviq: yes12:31
loolmdeslaur: no idea12:31
loolmdeslaur: It might be bogus12:31
Saviqtvoss, /me rejects your postinst12:31
tvossSaviq, ack12:31
loolmdeslaur: I think it's because we only needed read-only12:31
mdeslaurlool: please add a comment to the upstart job that it's an ugly hack workaround so people don,t think we've engineered this on purpose :)12:31
loolmdeslaur: but I would htink ext4 would still be better?12:31
loolmdeslaur: yeah12:31
mdeslaurhehe :)12:32
Saviqlool, /run/what/unity8 then?12:32
loolSaviq: you want to do it?12:33
Saviqlool, I'm doing the unity8 part12:33
loolSaviq: /run/unity8-setcap/unity812:33
ogra_tvoss, commented at https://code.launchpad.net/~thomas-voss/location-service/refactor-packaging/+merge/189878 and set it back to "needs review", please fix12:33
loolSaviq: well that should all go in unity8 IMO12:33
tvossdidrocks, #97 will have the performance fix?12:33
loolSaviq: no need to split hairs12:33
Saviqlool, it could, true, I can do12:33
dbarthspeaking of unity8, will there be a last update before the 1.0 image gets released?12:33
dbarthi'd love to get the fix for the facebook launcher on the home screen12:34
tvossogra_, xnox so dev recommends doc?12:34
tvossogra_, nox it's okay if doc recommends -examples?12:34
loolSaviq: ok, I've also started one, we can mix and match when we're done  ;-)12:35
xnoxtvoss: yes, dev can recommend or suggest doc, but doesn't have to. (optional)12:35
Saviqlool, yup12:36
xnoxtvoss: doc recommending -examples is also very legit.12:36
ogra_tvoss, -doc depends on -dev currently12:36
ogra_tvoss, that needs to go12:36
ogra_-dev can recommend -doc indeed12:36
tvossogra_, got it, just asking12:36
Saviqogra_, FYI, startup and session-end are User Events12:42
ogra_startup is also a system event12:42
ogra_(the first one init emits)12:42
looldbarth: which rev was that merged in?12:43
looldbarth: 411.3.3?12:43
lool      s/facebook/gmail/12:43
loolhmm n12:44
ogra_dbarth, did you add it to the spreadsheet ?12:44
loolhe had it a while ago I think12:44
* ogra_ doesnt see it anywhere 12:44
loolfacebook starts empty here12:44
Saviqogra_, http://upstart.ubuntu.com/cookbook/#ubuntu-well-known-events-ubuntu-specific12:45
ogra_  5  | startup(7)                   |  S   |  I   | Boot                       |  J |12:45
mihirpkunal-parmar: hey !!12:45
ogra_ah, there is another table :P12:46
ogra_blind me12:46
ogra_Saviq, yeah, you are right, startup would work too12:46
tvossasac, ping12:47
loolSaviq: testing the change here12:47
Saviqlool, "the change"?12:47
loolSaviq: got the boot part done, testing unity8 upstart job now, but it's not landed12:47
ogra_Saviq, there are some jobs we want to have executred before unity8 starts though ... they use startup ...12:47
loolSaviq: I mean the setcap stuff12:47
Saviqlool, mine looks like so http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6240377/12:48
dbarthSaviq: you ok to have a new release of unity8? ie i can add it to the spreadsheet, but under your control12:48
ogra_Saviq, like logrotate and the xdg-dir env vars setup12:48
Saviqdbarth, it's happening right now12:48
dbarthSaviq: ah sweet :)12:48
Saviqogra_, yeah, sure, and ofono-setup could be one of those, no?12:48
ogra_Saviq, so i think desktop-start is the best event foir us (like discussed before)12:48
Saviqogra_, sure, I'm ok with that12:49
ogra_Saviq, even ofono writes logs12:49
Saviqogra_, right12:49
Saviqogra_, yeah, I'm good12:49
loolSaviq: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6240389/12:49
ogra_you want logrotate to be done befoire you write to the logfile :)12:49
ogra_cyphermox, thats so long ago already12:49
ogra_(morning ... )12:49
cyphermoxhehe :)12:49
cyphermoxit's always morning somewhere12:50
* ogra_ does another reboot ... one of these days pulseaudio will just work on my precise desktop ... i'm sure12:50
cyphermox(just like it's always beer oclock elsewhere ;)12:50
loolSaviq: /proc/self/fd/9: 6: exec: /run/unity8-setcap/unity8: Permission denied^M12:50
Saviqlool, wonder if /run is mounted noexec...12:51
Saviqlool, of course it is12:51
loolSaviq: yeah  :-/12:51
loolsucks to be us12:51
davmor2ogra_: shame on you tis always Morning on the T'interwebz12:52
Saviqlool, I'll let you find another way then12:52
* Saviq is logging out from that for now12:52
loolnot quite sure what to do that isn't touch specific12:53
=== _salem is now known as salem_
jdstrandmdeslaur: so, due to bug #1230091, no one can implement out of process user prompting. that means online accounts and location have no prompting12:55
ubot5bug 1230091 in unity-mir "[feature] Window reparenting (required for appstore app trust model)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/123009112:55
ogra_davmor2, heh12:55
jdstrandmdeslaur: the problem is, several apps were let in to the appstore in the previous months in anticipation that it would be there12:55
mdeslaurjdstrand: hrm, that's unfortunate. Should be in the release notes I guess.12:56
jdstrandmdeslaur: it is12:56
tvossjdstrand, on the radar for immediately after v112:56
jdstrandtvoss: yes12:56
jdstrandtvoss: thanks :)12:56
=== alan_g|lunch is now known as alan_g
ogra_oh, finally, sound again12:56
jdstrandmdeslaur: at the time those apps were let in, the accounts policy group was considered 'common'. as a result of this bug, it is considered 'reserved'12:56
jdstrandmdeslaur: people like mhall119 are performing updates for their apps, but they are being blocked because they are using a now reserved policy group12:57
jdstrandmdeslaur: and I'm not sure how to proceed. a hard line approach would be to rewrite the app. perhaps a more reasonable approach is to grandfather in those that were already allowed, but don't allow any new apps12:58
jdstrandmdeslaur: thoughts?12:58
mdeslaurjdstrand: any reason why we don't just continue having it as "common"?12:58
mdeslaurjdstrand: if it's going to get implemented soon, I don't see an issue...12:58
jdstrandmdeslaur: we did that with location. however, it was deemed that accounts was too sensitive12:59
asactvoss: ?12:59
loolstgraber: around?12:59
jdstrandmdeslaur: another consideration is when it is implemented, it is almost certainly going to be part of the 1.1 policy for ubuntu-framework-140413:00
tvossasac, ?13:00
loolstgraber: we'd like to setcap unity8 with some flags; ext2 doesn't support this; should be bind-mount this specific executable and then setcap it on boot?13:00
ogra_questionable day today ?13:00
mdeslaurjdstrand: ok, so switch it to reserved, and grandfather in the apps that already use it I guess13:00
loolstgraber: will it be updated on upgrades if I have it as "temporary transition" in writable-paths?13:00
mdeslaurjdstrand: kicking the apps out basically means they can't get back in at the moment...I think that would be a letdown to the developers who made it all the way in :P13:01
stgraberlool: it won't be updated on updates and you're assuming that /userdata is ext4 which you can't rely on either13:01
jdstrandmdeslaur: (it is already reserved btw)13:01
jdstrandmdeslaur: yes, I think that is the only way to proceed13:01
loolstgraber: we cant but it is right now13:01
jdstrandmdeslaur: thanks13:01
loolstgraber: we seem to assume this for desktop installs with gnome-keyring13:02
mdeslaurjdstrand: yw13:02
loolstgraber: which has a setcap in postinst13:02
loolstgraber: I looked for other fses that would exist on desktop, found /run but it's noexec13:02
loolstgraber: we could mount a tmpfs /just for this/ but seems ugly, and wouldn't work on desktop13:02
ogra_lool, create something like /dev/.pcap/ ?13:03
ogra_ah, wait13:03
loolurgh /dev13:03
tvossgreyback, updated https://code.launchpad.net/~thomas-voss/unity-mir/oom_adjust/+merge/19112313:03
greybacktvoss: thanks13:03
ogra_lool, well, thats what initrd, bootchart and other bits do that need to keep stuff from the initrd boot13:03
stgraberlool: so yeah you could have an init script mount a tmpfs somewhere and then copy the binary and use setcap on it but that's a giant hack...13:04
ogra_or at least did in the past13:04
loolstgraber: exactly13:04
ogra_yeah, it isnt beauty indeed :)13:04
ogra_but would be a quick workaround one day before release13:04
loolstgraber: is there a combo in writable-paths that gives me a tmpfs *and* contents updated on upgrades?13:04
tvossogra_, updated: https://code.launchpad.net/~thomas-voss/location-service/refactor-packaging/+merge/18987813:04
ogra_tvoss, thanks, looking13:05
stgraberlool: nope13:05
ogra_tvoss, and the duplicated manpage too please :)13:05
mdeslauris there a prize for whoever comes up with the ugliest hack? :)13:05
ogra_tvoss, oops, sorry, wrong glasses :P13:06
ogra_didrocks, ^^^ can you trigger a new build of https://code.launchpad.net/~thomas-voss/location-service/refactor-packaging/+merge/189878 ?13:06
stgraberlool: on the long term what we should really do is have ext4 in the recovery environment so we can have the loopback image be an ext4 partition (only used ext2 because I didn't have a choice) then figure out a way to store fs caps in a tarball (which AFAIK isn't possible without patching tar)13:06
stgraberthat or figure out a way not to use caps :)13:06
loolstgraber: so ext2 was due to android limitations there?13:07
loolstgraber: there are other tar implementations that might be able to transport13:07
mdeslaurstgraber: long term, it should use a helper daemon, not have unity privileged13:07
stgraberext2 was due to not having mkfs.ext4 in Android's recovery13:07
stgrabermdeslaur: that works too :)13:07
loolSchilling's star!  :-)13:07
loolmdeslaur, stgraber: Any opinion on where I should mount the tmpfs?13:08
lool/run/unity8-setcap ok?13:08
ogra_doesnt that inherit from /run ?13:08
mdeslaurlool: I would prefer somewhere in /var that's isn't user-writable13:08
stgraberlool: somewhere under /run should be fine, just be very very sure you don't mess up the permissions13:08
stgrabermdeslaur: /run isn't user-writable and the copy will need to happen at every boot (since it's a tmpfs), so why not /run?13:09
loolstgraber: hmm tring to make things less complex, if I ship an empty dir in /var/lib/unity8, is that ok?13:09
loolwell ok, I dont want to argue, you two just tell me  :-)13:09
looleither is fine with me13:09
mdeslaurstgraber: oh! whoops, I thought it was13:09
mdeslaurlool: /run is fine, ENEEDCOFFEE13:10
stgrabermdeslaur: we'd be in a whole lot of trouble if /run was user writable ;)13:10
stgrabermdeslaur: /run/user is a whole other thing though13:10
mdeslaurstgraber: yes, was confusing with $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR13:10
stgraberlool: so yeah, upstart job that's "start on starting whatever" checks if unity8 was already copied over, if not, creates the path, mounts a tmpfs with the right flags, copies the binary over and does setcap13:11
stgraberlool: (do we even have setcap on the phone?)13:11
loolstgraber: yeah, I had: 14:49 < lool> Saviq: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6240389/13:11
loolstgraber: we dont have setcap13:12
loolstgraber: need to depend on it13:12
* stgraber runs away and pretends he never heard of that hack13:15
jdstrandmhall119: you asked about uReadIt-- but I don't see an update that needs review13:15
loolSaviq: file:///build/buildd/unity8-7.82+13.10.20131011.2/Shell.qml: File not found ^M13:16
loolf7fc98d7d845f85044733a943f7dffec  /run/unity8-setcap/unity813:17
loolf7fc98d7d845f85044733a943f7dffec  /usr/bin/unity813:17
loolSaviq: looks like unity8 doesn't like running with a different path?13:17
mhall119jdstrand: dholbach and beuno approved it yesterday13:17
jdstrandoh, interesting13:17
tvosspopey, any update on the failing tests?13:19
popeytvoss: looking for balloons13:20
popeytvoss: so no.13:20
popeytvoss: plars i see you're looking at music-app tests?13:20
ogra_wow, thats gross13:22
tvossogra_, ?13:22
ogra_tvoss, lool's hack13:22
* ogra_ is happy it does have lics name and not his ... 13:22
ogra_usually its me doing such evil stuff :)13:22
* lool wishes he had options13:23
ogra_lool, you could have put someone else name in the changelog :)13:24
ogra_"* this is a sponsoring upload for asac"13:24
ogra_or some such ;)13:24
loolyou folks are missing on the last round of evil actually13:26
* popey afk13:37
nik90dpm: alarm saving works13:37
nik90popey ^^ :D13:38
nik90just waiting on EDS to updated in the next phone image13:39
nik90charles: What else are we waiting on your MP for alarms notification? https://code.launchpad.net/~charlesk/indicator-datetime/lp-1233176/+merge/19000913:43
mhall119jdstrand: I talked dholbach and beuno into approving it, since the existing version already used that policy group, but was broken due to depending on Friends 0.113:43
jdstrandmhall119: yes, I saw the discussion, which is why I discussed it just now with mdeslaur13:44
=== Namidairo is now known as Namidairo`bnc
jdstrandwe came to the same conclusion13:44
jdstrandI just didn't see that someone else approved it13:45
jdstrand(and was mildly surprised)13:45
didrocksogra_: re location-service: is not the version that was built before?13:47
ogra_didrocks, no, its a rebuild, seems it happened automatically13:47
didrocksah, it's a new MP13:48
didrocksok doing it13:48
dpmnik90, awesome! \o/13:50
nik90dpm: the core apps ppa did not include the fix btw. I just downloaded the MP's armhf deb package13:51
dpmnik90, the package was built from trunk. Which revision included the fix?13:55
nik90dpm: ah..the fix was not yet merged to trunk...I should have mentioned that13:56
dbarthtedg: ping?13:57
dpmnik90, ah, of course, silly me, hadn't considered that13:57
nik90dpm: It was in a MP, and I wasnt sure how to get the deb package ... but then the jenkins bot was kind enough to create one :)13:57
dpmnik90, oh, nice. Jenkins you rock! (sometimes :)13:58
=== kentb-out is now known as kentb
nik90dpm: hehe13:58
=== oreneeshy_ is now known as oreneeshy
loolSaviq, tvoss: https://code.launchpad.net/~lool/unity8/unity8-setcap/+merge/19119114:09
Saviqlool, it's nice that there's no need to modify unity8.conf for that :)14:11
loolSaviq: yeah14:13
tedgdbarth, pong14:14
dbarthtedg: hey14:15
dbarthtedg: so i've just found that youtube now wants to display its media content with an rtsp:// url14:15
dbarthtedg: <grin> ;)14:15
dbarthshould that be converted into a video:/// url14:15
dbarthby webbrowser-app for example? or be yet-another mime type to manage?14:16
loolrtsp:// should be routed to mediaplayer-app, but not sure it supports it14:16
dbarthhow do we play videos on the dash right now?14:16
dbarthit's all downloaded?14:16
* tedg isn't the guy to ask here, he's just the router14:16
loolNot sure whether we generate video:/// or file:/// URLs from the start, but in the end mediaplayer-app gets told to open a file:///home/phablet/Videos/foo url14:16
looldbarth: the online ones are opened in webbrowser14:17
tedgdbarth, So you're saying that we should route rtsp:/// to the video player, so that the webbrowser doesn't have to.14:17
looltedg: well I doubt it supports that though14:17
tedgjhodapp, Do you support rtsp:// ?14:17
jhodapptedg, nope14:17
tedgjhodapp, Tomorrow?14:17
jhodapptomorrow what?14:18
looljhodapp: rtsp support14:18
looljhodapp: and mms:// please14:18
jhodapplol, no way14:18
jhodapprtsp is a can of worms14:18
looljhodapp: throw in some rtmp14:18
looldbarth: isit rtsp or rtmp BTW?14:18
dbarthjhodapp: but rtsp is what youtube gives us right now14:18
dbarthdo the test, go http://m.youtube.com/ and try to play a video14:18
tedgjhodapp, Isn't there a GStreamer plugin for it?14:19
looldbarth: cant you set some profile to get http webm links?14:19
jhodappdbarth, youtube requires rtsp support is what you're saying?14:19
dbarthearlier it was blocked I thought because of mediaplayer support, but now that it's active14:19
dbarthi can see that the url doesn't get routed14:19
jhodapptedg, there is, and ideally it'd just work, but I've been told by experience GStreamer folks that it never just works14:19
dbarthfor a good reason though14:19
jhodappdbarth, it wasn't listed as a requirement14:19
jhodappdbarth, so it can be added for 14.0414:19
dbarthlool: i could, or rather, i think i should if rtsp is not popular with jhodapp14:20
looldbarth: but rtsp really?14:20
loolI've seen plenty of sites use rtmp recently14:20
Saviqlool, it has one nasty sideeffect14:20
loolrtsp has these complex firewall bypassing issues, while rtmp is more or less like http14:20
dbarthi'll look deeper into it, and see also which user-agent to set in that regard14:20
jhodapplool, if you have specific uses for these, we should start capturing them as 14.04 requirements14:20
Saviqlool, you can't apt-get upgrade unity8 :/14:20
loolSaviq: correct14:20
Saviqlool, we could add pre/post, but OTOH...14:21
loolSaviq: you need to unmount /usr/bin/unity8 before you do14:21
Saviqlool, yeah I know14:21
Saviqlool, maybe unity8-setcap could have stop for that?14:21
looljhodapp: we were obviously kidding, not expecting you to add rtsp support on day of release14:21
Saviqlool, so we could stop unity8-setcap and start unity8-setcap14:21
dbarthjhodapp, lool: i'll investigate a bit more with various user-agents to see if i can convince this site into serving supported video formats instead14:21
looljhodapp: albeit if you could, that would be nice; you getting early to bed tonight?14:21
looljhodapp: ;-)14:21
loolSaviq: the stop/start semantics are already quite fragile for this kind of boot-hook scripts; would rather not play with this14:22
Saviqlool, there should be an upstart event for that :)14:22
jhodapplool, yeah :)14:23
Saviqlool, ok, we'll just have to remember :/14:23
jhodapplool, I would like to get any features or enhancements recorded if you would14:24
loolSaviq: good incentive to remove the hack  ;-)14:24
Saviqlool, true14:24
Saviqlool, merged14:25
nerochiarotvoss: you said yesterday that clipboard is not working with MIR and it's a known issue. Is there a bug number for it ?14:27
ogra_tvoss, so now that we dont ship it anymore, should libubuntu-location-service-dev go into sdk-libs-dev ?14:35
loolbarry: hey14:36
barrylool: hi14:37
loolbarry: some errors running autopkgtests14:37
loolbarry: do you have access to,label=adt/4/console ?14:37
barrylool: i think i need to fire up my vpn14:37
=== psivaa is now known as psivaa-afk
asacanyone knows why youtube videos are always incompatible?14:40
asacor at least most of them are not supported by my device14:40
barrylool, cjwatson hmm, interesting.  i don't know why those fail, but i will look into it.  i'm also working on a fix for cjwatson's earlier observation bout /tmp  chmod'ing (which i know why that's happening - see discussion with myself and jdstrand over in #ubuntu-devel)14:40
asac... maybe thats a user agent string?14:40
asacoSoMoN: ^^ ?14:40
loolbarry: discussing with yourself?14:41
barry*between :)14:41
barryor maybe, yeah actually ;)14:42
loolI wonder who won the argument14:42
barrylool: i did of course14:42
oSoMoNasac: looking into it in a moment14:43
asacoSoMoN: thx14:43
loolbarry: I guess you'll keep didrocks and I up-to-date on either ETA for fix or severity of the issue; we will assess next landings in a hangout in 75mn or so14:43
barrylool: yep.  that's the q/a meeting?  i'll attend14:44
loolbarry: nah it's a conflicting one14:45
loolbarry: might be best if you cover the qa one14:45
barrylool: ah okay ;)14:45
loolbarry: it's a ci/landing team standup14:45
loolbut given relesae approaching, I need to be there14:45
loolor sleeping14:45
barrylool: sleeping, haha!  np, i'll let you guys know14:45
looltedg: I'm sure you'd like to chat indicator-network14:52
dbarthasac: i was just discussing that with lool and jhodapp14:52
looltedg: so yesterday while roaming I perceived this behavior14:52
looltedg: if you're near a wifi, but not connected to any, you can't turn off wifi from indicator; 3g doesn't come up14:52
tedgNo, really, I never want to chat indicator-network :-)14:53
asacdbarth: ok half-line summary is?14:53
looltedg: if you connect to a wifi, you can turn off wifi and 3g comes up14:53
dbarthasac: and yes, it's something our ua-overrides and mediaplayer-app ability to display rtsp14:53
looltedg: does that match what the code is meant to do and do you agree it's annoying and needs to be fixed?14:53
looldbarth: where did you saw the facebook fix is?14:54
dbarthasac: will tweak things further, but probably it's a choice between a nice mobile UI vs getting an unsupported video stream url14:54
dbarthlool: facebook fix for?14:54
looldbarth: facebook comes up empty14:54
dbarthlool: we have a ua fix to get a better facebook as well, avoid blurry images14:54
tedglool, Seems odd, but I think that's probably a Network Manager issue more than an indicator-network one.  The enable/disable thing is probably ours and Wellark is fixing that.  But the no 3G probably isn't.  cyphermox might have an idea.14:54
dbarthlool: youtube you mean?14:54
looldbarth: also 14:34 < dbarth> i'd love to get the fix for the facebook launcher on the home screen14:54
looldbarth: no facebook14:55
dbarthlool: ah sorry; go to the home dash, click on facebook14:55
asacdbarth: rtsp is what they send to iphone and android devices?14:55
dbarthlool: with image 96 it still points to a /usr/share/application desktop file14:55
looldbarth: that gives me a blank webbrowser-app --webapp run14:55
dbarthasac: right14:55
asacdbarth: so how does rtsp with proxies etc. work? or is that optimized for direct IPs?14:55
* asac wonders if we have rtsp in the archive at all14:56
cyphermoxlool: but are you connected to 3G? is there enough signal to be connected and stuff?14:56
dbarthlool: that gives me no application launch on image 96; if you get a blank window, it means that the unity8 fix does not work :/14:56
loolcyphermox: Yes14:56
loolcyphermox: and there's always 2g14:56
cyphermoxlool: I think you ought to file a bug and add syslog, the output of list-contexts and list-modems14:56
looltedg, cyphermox: But now that you bringit up, that reminds me of another annoying issue: how do I *remove* wifi networks I've connected to?14:56
cyphermoxlool: I don't understand.. if there's 2G, and you're not connected to wifi already, aren't you connect to 2G?14:57
tedglool, We just got design for it a week or so ago, and haven't had time to implement it.14:57
dbarthasac: no real idea, except it's supposed to be a pain with network protections, yes14:57
loolcyphermox: that's the thing14:57
ogra_tvoss, one more issue with location service ... the bin package needs to be "Multi-arch: foreign" apparently14:57
loolcyphermox: it lists all the wifis14:57
loolcyphermox: doesn't attach to 2g14:57
loolcyphermox: I wasn't with a computer to adb shell14:57
loolbut I could reproduce I guess14:58
dbarthasac: but long story short; i will try to get something more compatible, while still being served a decent mobile UI14:58
cyphermoxlool: if you're not connected to wifi, you should be connected to 2g, regardless of what's showing in the indicator menu14:58
asacdbarth: yeah. would be nice to get a nice bandaid that is safe to land tomorrow still14:58
pittifginther: hm, still here?14:58
cyphermoxthe icon should be showing something to that effect14:58
cyphermoxlool: if not, then you are disconnected for whatever reason, and that's where the bug helps14:58
asacdbarth: so whatewver is best by tomorrow lunch would be amazing. not 100% sure if it will still make the cut14:58
asacbut we want to try landing till last minute :)14:58
fgintherpitti, yes14:58
dbarthok, message received14:59
pittifginther: I got new tests, but https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/generic-mediumtests-runner-maguro/2449/console is really confusing -- it fails a test "test_click_new_message_button" which doesn't even exist any more14:59
loolcyphermox, tedg: Where do I file this?14:59
pittifginther: that's from the original trunk branch (the tests which didn't really do much)14:59
cyphermoxfile it against NM, and I'll reassign14:59
pittifginther: but I removed that as test_click_new_message_button() wasn't actually a test, just a helper function14:59
pittiI have no idea why the toolbar actually fails, it works fine on my mako15:00
fgintherpitti, can you try merging to trunk and pushing the updated branch?15:01
pittifginther: done (that didn't touch any test, though)15:04
fgintherpitti, I'm in the middle of watching a phone, it's driving me crazy15:04
fgintherpitti, I'll take a closer look in a moment15:04
pittifginther: ah, sorry; we can continue tomorrow or so15:04
pittiit's not *that* critical15:04
pittifginther: I guess I shouldn't be worried too much about "UNSTABLE" though, right? a lot of tests seem to fail on these15:04
pittiI want my new ones to succeed, though15:05
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pkunal-parmarfginther, any chance we can get this merged  lp:~pkunal-parmar/ubuntu-calendar-app/icons ⇒ lp:ubuntu-calendar-app15:05
fgintherpkunal-parmar, looking15:05
pkunal-parmarok, thaks15:06
pkunal-parmarthoose are just icons15:06
looldbarth: nevermind, fb was because of the bad wifi network I cant get rid off15:06
pittifginther: ah yes, earlier tests already failed with the exact same issue, so it's not related to my MP in particular15:09
fgintherpkunal-parmar, building15:09
pittiseems people just approve landing anyway even with test failures :/15:09
fgintherpitti, ugh. I wonder if it's a test no-one cares about, should it be removed?15:10
* popey returns15:10
pittifginther: certainly not, that's testing the core functionality of the app (and it's working fine)15:10
pittifginther: that particular test_click_new_message_button() is bogus (I removed it in my MP, or rather, renamed it into a helper function), but the actual failure remains (toolbar doesn't come up)15:11
pittiit just comes up in a different test now15:11
pittiabove just made me wonder why it runs the AP test from the archive instead of from the package in my branch15:11
fgintherpitti, toolbar, I remember a bug about that...15:11
fgintherpitti, it should be using your archive, let me take a look15:12
pittifginther: I run the tests like this: install image, make writable, reboot, install the packages (ui toolkit, ofono-phonesim, and the like), go to the branch's tests/autopilot, and do "autopilot run messaging_app"; is that much different from what the CI machinery does?15:12
pittiall of that from an ssh session15:13
pitti(as user phablet)15:13
fgintherpiiramar, are you using the development image (with mir)?15:13
pitti(as the adb terminal really sucks)15:13
davmor2charles: Hey dude did you manage to get to the bottom of the bluetooth headset issue in the end?15:13
fgintherpitti, are you using the development image (with mir)?15:13
fgintherpiiramar, sorry, wrong nick15:13
pittifginther: yes (although from yesterday)15:13
pittifginther: I can feel the Mir slowness :)15:14
fgintherpitti, ci basically installs all the packages from your build, then does "autopilot run $test_suite" to run the installed package (it doesn't go to the branch's test directory)15:16
cyphermoxlool: do you have a new bug, or are you trying to reproduce first?15:17
pittifginther: ah, right; I'll try that, but I didn't actually move/add files15:17
fgintherpitti, there is a lot of work to get the screen on and unlock unity, but that doesn't sound like the issue for you15:17
pittifginther: I run "sudo powerd-cli display on &" in the bg15:17
fgintherpitti, so does ci, timing appears to be critical to get it to work15:18
loolcyphermox: just want to know where to file it once I reproduce15:19
cyphermoxlool: ah, sorry, I didn't ping you when I answered15:19
cyphermoxlool: file it against network-manager, I'll reassign if necessary15:19
loolah I see it now15:19
loolok thanks15:20
cyphermoxthanks to you :)15:20
pittifginther: oh - the debs from my build were 0.1+13.10.20131011+autopilot0, while 0.1+13.10.20131015.1-0ubuntu1 was already in teh archive15:32
pittifginther: that's why you asked me to merge to trunk, I suppose15:32
pittifginther: ok, that mystery got solved for me :) (still not the main issue for the broken toolbar, which seems to have been around for a while already)15:33
fgintherpitti, yeah, I'm looking at that... I'm not sure why the didn't happened, since a merge is done before building (unless you just got bit by bad timing)15:33
fgintherpitti, and the broken toolbar doesn't show up when you test locally, right?15:34
pittifginther: the toolbar shows up, the breakage doesn't reproduce locally, right15:34
fgintherpitti, ahh, maybe it's using a different version of the uitk?15:35
pittifginther: I just use whatever is current in saucy15:35
pittiI've been running them for the last week without probs, but I can re-flash to the latest devel-proposed and check again15:35
* pitti does (just always takes a bit to reset to something actually useful to develop on)15:36
fgintherpitti, it looks like uitk hasn't changed in several days15:36
fgintherpitti, so probably not the issue15:36
pittiyeah, I doubt it, too (and this issue isn't new), but I'll update anyway, can't hurt15:36
pittifginther: how easy is it to reproduce the whole CI test locally? (i. e. the script which installs packages, unlocks screen, runs tests)15:37
fgintherpitti, it's not that hard, I'll send you an email15:37
pitti(i. e. I don't want to do a full jenkins setup, just run the job that jenkins runs)15:38
pittifginther: thanks15:38
tvossogra_, https://code.launchpad.net/~thomas-voss/location-service/fix-multi-arch/+merge/19122915:41
ogra_tvoss, i think didrocks wanted to do a quick fix15:41
ogra_(i dont see it in the archive though)15:41
didrocksit's pushed to trunk15:41
ogra_and the MP has a conflict indeed15:41
didrocksI just removed the Multi-Arch thing15:41
didrocksI don't think it has values there15:42
didrocks(still building btw)15:42
=== pete-woods is now known as pete-woods-away
ogra_what does it do ? build a kernel alongside ?15:42
ogra_tvoss, so you can just drop that one15:42
ogra_it is being taken care of15:43
jessica_Any good QML tutorial for Ubuntu Touch other than the Converter tutorial on the developer site? I'm new here.15:43
dholbachjessica_, you could just run "bzr branch lp:ubuntu-sdk-tutorials" and check out the different examples in there15:45
sergiusensogra_, can you look at https://code.launchpad.net/~sergiusens/click-sync/switch_store/+merge/191232 ?15:46
jessica_dholbach_, thanks!15:47
dholbachjessica_, and if you get stuck you can either ask in here or in #ubuntu-app-devel15:47
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tvossdidrocks, any eta on #9816:10
didrockstvoss: I guess cjwatson is reviewing location-service (in unapproved), once this is done, and migrate to propose, ogra will update ubuntu-touch-meta and we kick an image16:11
ogra_didrocks, migrate to archive ... meta doesnt build from proposed16:11
tvossdidrocks, ack16:12
loolbarry: do you have an ETA or assessment on the issue?16:12
barrylool: still working on it16:13
loolbarry: does that mean you will have a fix later today?  is the issue serious?16:13
loolbarry: sorry, need to know to plan next landings16:13
cjwatsondidrocks: will do shortly, on a call16:13
tvossdidrocks, we might want to include https://code.launchpad.net/~osomon/location-service/respawn, too16:15
barrylool: i think i'll have the permission issue fixed today (it's fixed in trunk but i need to make some changes to packaging).  the autopkgtests failures may be trickier.  i think it's mostly just bad interactions with the autopkgtest environment/chroots but we'll see.  no eta on the latter yet16:15
didrocksthanks cjwatson16:15
=== jhodapp is now known as jhodapp|afk
barrylool: it looks like autopkgtests randomly hang for >10m.  i get different timeout error failures than on jenkings16:16
loolbarry: so we're putting the landing on hold until further notice then, if that makes sense to you16:16
loolbarry: further notice from you that is16:16
didrockstvoss: that will be for tomorrow :)16:16
barrylool: ok16:16
tvossdidrocks, ack16:16
tvossoSoMoN, ^16:17
looltvoss: this mp is building16:17
tvosslool, ack16:18
svijis "screencap" broken in the current image?16:20
beunosvij, I heard popey talking about that16:20
beunosomething about Mir16:20
svijah i see16:21
popeysvij: beuno https://bugs.launchpad.net/phablet-tools/+bug/123883916:22
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1238839 in Phablet Tools "Add phablet-screenshot script" [Undecided,New]16:22
popeyscript attached to that bug16:22
svijah, thx popey !16:22
bfillerkenvandine, nerochiaro : configuring facebook from gallery not working so well. can you guys try this?16:24
nerochiarobfiller: having a look now16:24
nerochiarobfiller: latest image ?16:24
bfillerkenvandine, nerochiaro : yes it correctly launches the settings panel but after configuring facebook you are brought back to gallery still thinks it's not configured16:25
bfilleruntil after closing and reopening gallery16:25
bubbly193Can i get a breif debreifing on how otter suport is doing, i.e timeframe (if available) and if there is any generable stability to it yet16:26
mhall119jdstrand: I'm getting the following error that's crashing the calendar app:16:29
mhall1191199567968:error:0200100D:system library:fopen:Permission denied:bss_file.c:169:fopen('/usr/lib/ssl/openssl.cnf','rb')16:29
mhall1191199567968:error:2006D002:BIO routines:BIO_new_file:system lib:bss_file.c:174:16:29
mhall1191199567968:error:0E078002:configuration file routines:DEF_LOAD:system lib:conf_def.c:199:16:29
mhall119does the default apparmor profile allow access to using SSL?16:29
bubbly193I'm thinking about doing a quick test whence i get a computer, but if the resault is the majority of testers brick i may wait for a more stable release. and of course by otter I mean kindle fire 1st gen16:32
jdstrandmhall119: it should if you have the networking policy group. are there apparmor denials in /var/log/syslog?16:32
=== gatox_bbl is now known as gatox
jdstrandmhall119: (the networking policy group uses "#include <abstractions/openssl>16:33
loolbarry: I'm afking, perhaps for the evening; just leave updates on IRC or email and we'll eventually read them  :-)16:33
mhall119jdstrand: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6241264/16:35
mhall119sergiusens: ping16:35
jdstrandmhall119: seems the calendar needs the networking policy group16:36
mhall119jdstrand: ah, it has "calendar" but not "networking" policy groups16:36
sergiusensmhall119, jdstrand already knows about those16:36
pittifginther, boiko: why does messaging-app run autopilot tests in MPs, but not dialer-app? (e. g. https://code.launchpad.net/~renatofilho/dialer-app/add-swipe-to-delete-confirmation/+merge/190966)16:36
sergiusensjdstrand,  mhall119, oh, since when?16:36
mhall119sergiusens: so can I make an MP for calendar's branch to add networking policy group to the apparmor manifest?16:36
sergiusensjsut create the MR if it does16:36
sergiusensmhall119, affirmative16:37
jdstrandsergiusens: no idea-- just now saw the denial16:37
pittifginther, boiko: I was about to enable the phonesim tests for the AP tests too (mostly adding a dependency to ofono-phonesim-autostart), but that seems a bit pointless if they don't run; is that a matter of cu2d?16:37
mhall119jdstrand: "networking" is the policy group name?16:37
boikopitti: it was supposed to, I actually didn't notice they were not running :-S16:37
bubbly193Also, why support the KF, i mentioned it on the replicant IRC and they wanted nothing to do with Amazon.16:37
sergiusensmhall119, yes16:38
fgintherpitti, boiko, looks like an oversight16:38
jdstrandmhall119: it is (aa-easyprof --list-policy-groups --policy-vendor=ubuntu --policy-version=1.0)16:38
sergiusensmhall119, make sure you don't misuse the ',' in json :-)16:38
jdstrandheh, yes16:38
jdstrandpesky commas16:38
fgintherpitti, boiko will get it corrected16:38
pittifginther, boiko: as that shouln't be affected by the toolbar bug (bug 1238062), I was going to try those first, to compare against the messaging-app tests16:38
ubot5bug 1238062 in unity-mir "Multiple apps autopilot tests fail on revealing the toolbar" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/123806216:38
pittifginther: cheers16:38
pittiboiko: i. e. you'll add that to cu2d?16:39
jdstrandmhall119: curious-- why does it need networking? does it work with google calendar now or something?16:39
pittiboiko: I'll propose a merge which should make the phonesim tests actually run, we can use that as a guinea pig; does that sound ok?16:39
mhall119jdstrand: I'm not sure, but probably to load a map for the event view (which is where it crashes)16:39
jdstrandthat would make sense16:39
jdstrandit would be cool if it did integrate with google calendar btw :)16:39
bubbly193Does anyone know the stability (likelyhood of bricking) status of Ubuntu Touch support for Kindle Fire first gen?16:42
boikopitti: what is cu2d?16:42
boikopitti: yep, that should be ok16:42
mhall119sergiusens: https://code.launchpad.net/~mhall119/ubuntu-calendar-app/add-apparmor-networking-policy/+merge/19124616:42
jdstrandlooks reasonable to me16:43
nerochiarobfiller: kenvandine: confrimed16:44
nerochiarobfiller: kenvandine: is there any bug report for this already ?16:44
fgintherpitti, it's enabled now (assuming I did it right :-) )16:44
bfillernerochiaro: no, I'll add one16:44
kenvandinenerochiaro, not that i've seen16:44
kenvandinenerochiaro, is it just not getting a signal from accounts?16:44
* kenvandine wonders if it's a bug in online accounts 16:45
nerochiarokenvandine: i need to check but i probably not check that signal. let me verify16:45
kenvandinenerochiaro, or is it gallery-app not watching it?16:45
nerochiarokenvandine: i'll let you know in a moment16:45
bfillernerochiaro, kenvandine : https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gallery-app/+bug/124014516:50
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1240145 in gallery-app (Ubuntu) "problems configuring facebook for sharing" [High,Confirmed]16:50
kenvandinenerochiaro, is that using Ubuntu.OnlineAccounts.Client ?16:50
pittiboiko: cupstream2distro16:51
nerochiarobfiller: thanks16:52
nerochiarokenvandine: no, it's using Accounts::AccountIdList to figure out if a Facebook account exists. Which will work fine if this check is done every time the share popup is opened, but I'm not doing that for now16:53
pittiboiko, fginther: sent https://code.launchpad.net/~pitti/dialer-app/enable-phonesim-tests/+merge/191248, let's see what breaks :)16:54
kenvandinenerochiaro, ok16:54
nerochiarokenvandine: can you point me to docs for Ubuntu.OnlineAccounts.Client ? Maybe it's better for what I'm doing16:54
mhall119kenvandine: ping16:55
kenvandinemhall119, pong16:56
mhall119kenvandine: is lp:qml-friends still the project for libfriends?16:56
mhall119or rather the QML bindings for it16:56
kenvandinenerochiaro, not sure if there are docs... that API is for raising the accounts settings to add an account16:56
kenvandinenerochiaro, i've never really used it16:56
kenvandinemhall119, yes16:56
mhall119kenvandine: and the docs there are up to date for Friends 0.2?16:57
kenvandineshould be16:57
nerochiarokenvandine: i'm just using the URL dispatcher to send the user to the control panel UI to do that16:57
* kenvandine hasn't looked at it in a while16:57
kenvandinenerochiaro, ah... there is an API for that :)16:57
nerochiarokenvandine: well, you try to open settings:///system/online-accounts and that's it16:58
kenvandineyeah, that works16:58
kenvandinenerochiaro, i'm not sure if anything is using that API yet, i know next to nothing about it16:59
kenvandinebut i think it provides you the signals for when it's created, etc16:59
kenvandineyou'd have to talk to mardy16:59
kenvandinenerochiaro, not worth changing right now16:59
nerochiarokenvandine: i think i'll just try to do the check again on re-opening the share popover for now17:01
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pittiboiko, fginther: I'm really confused where https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/generic-mediumtests-runner-mako/2501/? takes this 0.1+13.10.20131015.1-0ubuntu1 version from17:20
pittiboiko, fginther: lp:messaging-app head debian/changelog has 0.1+13.10.20131011-0ubuntu117:20
pittialso, teh archive:17:20
pittimessaging-app | 0.1+13.10.20131011-0ubuntu1 | saucy/universe | source, amd64, armhf, i38617:20
pittiwhere on earth does the 1015 come from?17:21
pittioh, "Unity daily stack preparation", a PPA? but why isn't that in bzr?17:21
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sergiusensmhall119, approved, not happroved, I can't17:28
mhall119sergiusens: I can and have :)17:29
mhall119popey: we can remove the networking policy group once we remove the features that use it, but for now this will at least stop the crashing17:29
sergiusensmhall119, calendar app isn't building new clicks though as dpm asked me to block it17:33
sergiusensmhall119, he said he'd bping me once everything was working again17:33
fgintherpitti, that's the daily-release ppa, so that's ok that it has a higher number. But what annoys me is that the local packages are pinned with a higher number (600 vs 500) and they aren't taking prioirty17:34
mhall119sergiusens: oh?  I wasn't aware of that17:35
fgintherpitti, uhhh, 600 is the wrong number to use...17:36
mfischtedg: ping17:46
pitti./mediumtest_install_packages.sh:echo 'Package: *' > /etc/apt/preferences.d/local-pin-90017:54
pitti./mediumtest_install_packages.sh:echo 'Pin-Priority: 600' >> /etc/apt/preferences.d/local-pin-90017:54
pittifginther: aside from the discrepancy between 600 and 900, it's not enough -- apt will only do downgrades for > 100017:55
pittifginther: so try 100117:55
pittifginther: (sorry for lag, EOD now and making dinner)17:55
fgintherpitti, already in place17:55
pittifginther: the higher pin, you mean?17:56
fgintherpitti, yes:
pittiPreparing to replace messaging-app-connected-autopilot 0.1+13.10.20131011+autopilot0 (using .../messaging-app-connected-autopilot_0.1+13.10.20131015.1-0ubuntu1_all.deb) ...17:57
pittithat looks like an upgrade to the PPA, though17:57
fgintherpitti, that one occurs during the clean up when removing the test packages, further up the log you should see the right thing happening17:58
fgintherpitti, dpkg: warning: downgrading messaging-app-autopilot from 0.1+13.10.20131015.1-0ubuntu1 to 0.1+13.10.20131011+autopilot017:59
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bubbly193Question, Will root access be possible to easily obtain on the Touch?18:07
=== bfiller_afk is now known as bfiller
ogra_bubbly193, sudo is there and the existing usedr can use it18:08
bubbly193Ogra_: Good, stock root acess. No hoops to jump through like on most touch based OSes18:10
bubbly193Also, if i were to test the /devices/otter build on my Kindle Fire today, what are the chances of a brick?18:11
ogra_you would have to ask the porter18:11
kenshiroHi, will be Nexus 4 able to connect to wifi networks? And use GPS sensors?18:12
kenshiroIn 13.10 release18:12
ogra_kenshiro, wifi works since feb. ... GPS is there but not used by anything yet18:12
ogra_you should be able to develop apps that use it though18:13
kenshirothat's great I did one for Android, now I want to do it for Ubuntu Touch. But it's very simple, I hope something like Google Maps works soon18:13
bubbly193hashcode:  Your the Touch/devices/otter maintainer, could you give a debreifing of the stability or know anyone who can?18:14
alexnatwriAre the current test builds different from the release builds that Canonical is running internally?18:14
ogra_"test builds" ?18:14
alexnatwrithe build I get if I install the latest saucy image on a nexus 4 using the ubuntu touch/install isntructions on the wiki.18:15
ogra_alexnatwri, thats usually a day or two behind  the devel-proposed channel18:16
ogra_but beyond that you get what we use too :)18:17
alexnatwriogra_: is it possible to bring up an ubuntu desktop on an external monitor on a nexus 4 at this time?18:17
ogra_lol, no18:17
ogra_thats 14.04 or even 14.10 material18:18
bubbly193Hashcode:  Your the Touch/devices/otter maintainer, could you give a debreifing of the stability or know anyone who can? sorry, I've lived in Windows land of non-case sensitivity for to long, libraries need to go Linux...18:18
ogra_13.10 is the first stable ubuntu touch release18:18
alexnatwriogra_: How about for Ubuntu on Android-- similar release outlook?18:18
ogra_just phone for now18:18
ogra_ubuntu for android is a product that needs a vendor to work with ...18:18
ogra_it will never "just see a release" i suppose, since it requires massive changes in android18:19
ogra_so it needs deep vendor involvement18:19
alexnatwriogra_: Alright, I gotcha.18:19
alexnatwriogra_: So how about WPA2 enterprise wireless, I don't suppose that's coming at 13.10 either?18:20
ogra_not sure, but i dont think so ... awe_ or cyphermox might know what the plans are for this18:20
tvossSaviq, ricmm could you guys look at https://code.launchpad.net/~thomas-voss/unity-mir/oom_adjust/+merge/19112318:20
awe_alexnatwri, 13.10 is all locked down.  No WPA Enterprise for touch AFAIK18:22
cyphermoxalexnatwri: no, not for 13.10 to be able to do it via UI.. you can still push config files to the system and it will be used fine18:23
awe_however no guarantees on what the indicator will show... ;)-18:25
ogra_right, if you have a laptop connected to the same network you can use pahblet-network from the laptop to push the config via USB18:26
alexnatwriogra_: Ah, that's interesting.18:26
pittifginther: ah, indeed; and now that has the right tests18:28
* pitti -> EOD, cu tomorrow18:29
tedgmfisch, pong18:33
mfischtedg: I see you've got some network indicator bugs, so I wanted to ask you about one I see18:33
tedgmfisch, Heh, no, there are no bugs.  Only MRs you've not yet written ;-)18:34
mfischtedg: I'm curious about 2 things: 1) why I see "old" networks when I use my phone elsewhere, as in I see networks near my house while at the dentist.18:34
mfischtedg: and 2) why I see any networks at all when wifi is "Off"18:34
tedgmfisch, Nexus 4?18:35
mfischtedg: yeah18:35
sergiusensstgraber, mfisch do you guys have an alternate server to test with?18:35
tedgmfisch, The second one seems to be a N4 Wifi issue: bug 122619718:35
ubot5bug 1226197 in network-manager (Ubuntu) "Network menu shows WiFi networks even the switch is off" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/122619718:35
mfischtedg: thanks18:36
tedgmfisch, The first is a bit surprising, but next time it happens if you could open a bug with a screenshot and the output of nm-tool we can see.18:36
awe_tedg, mfisch, that's a dup18:36
awe_I entered that bug awhile ago...18:36
tedgmfisch, In general, the indicator should should the same thing as nm-tool18:36
mfischtedg: oh of course, I'll try the cli and see what happenes18:37
awe_on boot, the wifi kill switch always shows disabled, although it really should be on18:37
tedgawe_, That's different, bug 122033218:37
ubot5bug 1220332 in indicator-network (Ubuntu) "Wi-Fi menu shows incorrect state after flashing" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/122033218:37
vincentboschI have got a question about the Note 2014 edition18:37
awe_tedg, my point is that it's probably the same bug18:38
tedgawe_, I don't think so, thostr_ has showed me it happening on a live running device.18:38
sergiusensstgraber, mfisch rsalveti if you can give this a go later would be great https://code.launchpad.net/~sergiusens/phablet-tools/server_options/+merge/19126918:38
tedgawe_, over Google hangouts18:38
awe_tedg, it happens to me on a live running device18:38
mfischsergiusens: thanks I'll try to run it18:38
awe_on boot, the state always shows off, yet networks are displayed18:38
tedgawe_, Sure, and the flash/boot one just got fixed like 3 hours ago.18:39
mfischis it a bug if apps still use --fullscreen in their desktop files or is that a not yet implemented feature?18:39
awe_mfisch, if you haven't, please enter a bug for the first problem.  it just means the network list isn't being purged properly18:40
vincentboschIs it already possible to port Ubuntu Touch to the Note 2014, aka the SM-P600? Exynos 518:40
mfischawe_: I have not already, will do18:40
awe_mfisch, thanks18:40
mfischtedg: do you know the answer to my desktop file question a few lines up ^^?18:40
awe_mfisch, I've fixed that bug at least two or three times on different platforms in the past 10 years.  ;)-18:40
tedgmfisch, No, not sure there.  I'd assume it's a no-op, but that's really an SDK thing.18:41
mfischtedg: thanks18:41
awe_tedg, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/network-manager/+bug/1226197/comments/318:42
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1226197 in network-manager (Ubuntu) "Network menu shows WiFi networks even the switch is off" [High,Confirmed]18:43
awe_looks like a dup to me18:43
mfischvincentbosch: most everyone here is fighting to fix bugs before oct 17 rather than porting18:43
mfischvincentbosch: you could ask on the list18:43
awe_ted, just reproduced on my maguro too.  ;D18:44
mfischawe_: I'll re-flash and re-test the old networks showing up when I go to the gym in a bit18:44
awe_mfisch, k18:44
tedgawe_, If it is, that's awesome, because it's fixed.  Just skeptical :-)18:45
sergiusensSaviq, when you have a moment, can you comment on https://code.launchpad.net/~doanac/phablet-tools/unlock_screen/+merge/191268 ?18:45
vincentboschmfisch: Thanks for your reply. I could help porting, but on my own I don't think would work out. You mean the list on launchpad?18:45
awe_tedg, I honestly can't tell the difference between the two bugs, although the latter claims it's an N4 problem18:45
mfischvincentbosch: yeah18:46
mfischsergiusens: it's not working for me18:46
bubbly193What devices are planned to be fully supported by 13.1018:46
tedgawe_, When thostr_ showed me over video chat he could reproduce it with the switch.  i.e. turn off Wifi the networks would stay.18:46
tedgawe_, I can't do that on my Galaxy Nexus at all.  But he can regularly on his N4.18:47
mfischsergiusens: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6241861/18:47
awe_tedg, who the @#$@! remove the "show password" checkbox?18:47
awe_boo hiss18:47
awe_hmmm, the indicator also now tells me I'm associated to my AP, even though it's not.18:48
awe_( at least the power toggle is in the right state though )18:49
sergiusensmfisch, right :-/18:49
sergiusensmfisch, just looked at the MR, forgot to save a file18:50
bubbly193There still seem to a few problems with the nexus group, will they be finished in time?18:50
sergiusensmfisch, just pushed18:51
sergiusensmfisch, your want revno 21018:52
mfischokay I'll retry18:53
tedgawe_, I think it's a not implemented yet in the new-ish temporary system that'll be replaced soon after 14.04 opens.18:53
awe_show pw?18:54
tedgawe_, Oh, maybe not.18:54
tedgawe_, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Networking?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=phone-wifi-auth.png18:54
awe_tedg, I'll enter a bug then.  This used to work.  Trying to enter 15+ character passphrase on a phone with a touch keyboard is ripe for error IMHOP.  -1 for usability18:56
tedgawe_, bug 123864918:57
ubot5bug 1238649 in indicator-network (Ubuntu) "No way to show passwords while typing it" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/123864918:57
awe_tedg, ;D18:57
jdstrandrsalveti, xnox: I have a couple of questions regarding suid binaries. what are these for:18:59
jdstrandogra_: ^18:59
mfischsergiusens: it's still broken, curl issues now19:00
mfischsergiusens: updated the review19:02
mfischsergiusens: line 28 of ubuntuimage.py needs to be changed I Think19:02
sergiusensmfisch, can you give me a paste?19:03
mfischsergiusens: its in the review19:03
sergiusensmfisch, or can you give me your server uri?19:03
mfischsergiusens: also in the review ;)19:04
sergiusensmfisch, I can remove that curl stuff, it's only there to support jenkins19:04
jdstrandrsalveti, xnox, ogra_: also, what is the significance of group 2000?19:05
sergiusensmfisch, on our side it's not used anymore at all, are you guys using it?19:05
jdstranduser/group 2000 looks to be the adb shell user19:05
mfischsergiusens: I dont see why we'd need it19:05
sergiusensmfisch, oh, jenkins and wget don't get along19:06
sergiusensmfisch, and curl and everything with and old apache19:07
mfischsergiusens: our server is not jenkins, so we're fine w/o it19:08
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mfischsergiusens: did you see my note about the ubuntuimage file?19:08
sergiusensmfisch, I did, it's using the same ip though19:08
mfischsergiusens: where is the "Server is system-image..." line coming from then?19:09
mfischI mean "Starting new https.."19:09
Aaron1011Hello. I am interested in porting the Asus Nexus 7 (flo) to Ubuntu Touch. However, it only has code for Cyanogenmod 10.2, not 10.1. Will it still work?19:09
sergiusensmfisch, ah, that's not curl though... I'll check on that one19:09
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doanacsergiusens: updates added to the MP.19:18
doanacfginther: FYI - you might want to look also: https://code.launchpad.net/~doanac/phablet-tools/unlock_screen/+merge/19126819:18
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fgintherdoanac, sergiusens, we don't have any way to actually confirm that the screen is unlocked, right?19:30
fgintheror that it's even on?19:31
robotfuelnerochiaro: ping19:31
doanacfginther: i think the first part of that script tries to confirm it was unlocked. if that fails, it blindly does it19:31
nerochiarorobotfuel: hi19:31
sergiusensfginther, nope19:32
sergiusensmfisch, fixed all issues19:32
robotfuelnerochiaro: is there an example of what you are trying to do in the ui gallery in this bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/+bug/1239754?19:32
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1239754 in Ubuntu UI Toolkit "Add emulator for getting slide-to-delete confirm button" [Undecided,Confirmed]19:32
sergiusensdoanac, can you look at https://code.launchpad.net/~sergiusens/phablet-tools/server_options/+merge/191269 too?19:32
mfischsergiusens: okay, retrying19:32
robotfuelnerochiaro: or some qml file I can use to create the emulator?19:32
sergiusensmfisch, gave it a try myself and noticed a couple of improvements that were missing19:32
doanacsergiusens: reading now19:33
mfischsergiusens: so far so good19:34
nerochiarorobotfuel: in notes-app you can slide a note off to be able to delete it. I need to write autopilot tests that prove that when i slide the note off _and_ press the delete button, the note is really deleted.19:34
robotfuelnerochiaro: I'll look at the notes app, thanks.19:35
timppaIs there a known bug on mediascanner-service using CPU 50-100%19:36
timppait's also still running after disabling all mediascanner dash plugins19:37
timppaI'm on latest build 9719:37
popey98 is latest19:37
popeykeep up ㋛19:37
timppaum :)19:38
timppaok, I'm on 98 then :) But still the issue is the same19:39
mfischsergiusens: approved, it worked great19:40
timppaOnly Click packages  dash plugin is enabled but mediascanner-service still hogs around 50-100% CPU19:40
timppaIt seems be crashing all the time, PID changes quite often19:41
robotfuelnerochiaro: it seems like you should be able to drag or flick the note-item that you want to delete19:42
timppaCan someone else verify this or should I wipe the phone and do a clean install?19:43
nerochiarorobotfuel: flick it left or right, yes19:43
nerochiarorobotfuel: when you do that a "delete" button appears and you have to click that to confirm the delte19:43
nerochiarorobotfuel: otherwise the note will slide back to its original position19:44
timppaapport is also taking a lot of CPU time19:46
sergiusensmfisch, thanks19:49
sergiusensmfisch, now just need doanac 's confirm and perhaps stgraber 's19:49
stgrabersergiusens: looking19:50
jdstrandrsalveti, cyphermox: do you know why the phablet user is in group android_net?19:50
stgrabersergiusens: did you try against phablet.stgraber.org? (if not, I'm going to test it now)19:50
jdstrandrsalveti, cyphermox: that gives the user access to /var/lib/lxc/android/rootfs/system/bin/netcfg (-rwxr-s--- root android_net)19:51
sergiusensstgraber, tried agains mfisch 's server19:52
sergiusensstgraber, I'll give your server a go, but my bw here is 3mbps19:52
stgrabersergiusens: I'll quickly test here19:52
jdstrandrsalveti, cyphermox: but with nm running as a privilged process that the phablet use can access, I don't know why this group is required19:53
stgrabersergiusens: the advantage of my server is that it's a "real" one with valid https and everything (and uses the server side code that I want OEM and QA to use)19:53
cyphermoxjdstrand: I do not. AFAIK none of my stuff uses it -- not NM, and not bluez19:54
sergiusensstgraber, ack, well I need to go to my godsons birthday for a bit; but I can fix anything later tonight (+3h)19:54
sergiusensstgraber, I'm bookmarking your server then, wasn't aware i existed (probably just forgot)19:54
stgraberoh, I see a potential future problem with phablet-flash but not something to worry about just now (it assumes https://<server>/<channel>/index.json, which isn't guaranteed to be the case per the spec, but I have no plan in changing that just now so you're fine)19:54
saxinIs it possible to receive MMS when running Ubuntu touch on Nexus 4 ?19:55
stgraberhttps://<server>/channels.json is the only fixed location you can rely on, the index.json are referenced from that one and then the files from the index.json19:55
sergiusensstgraber, I know I need to parse channels.json19:55
stgrabersergiusens: good :)19:55
sergiusensstgraber, it's on my todo19:55
doanacsergiusens: i made a comment. its not a deal breaker but I think its worth considering19:55
mhall119sergiusens: how can we make sure https://code.launchpad.net/~renatofilho/qtorganizer5-eds/fix-match-all/+merge/191080 makes it into the next build?19:56
popeymhall119: have asked for it to be in the landing asks19:57
sergiusensdoanac, yeah the curl dilemma, we were using that before going public since it worked fine with jenkins; then when using cdimage discovered it broke badly19:57
mhall119popey: who can we follow up with to make sure it's accepted?19:57
sergiusensmhall119, you need to go to #ubuntu-ci-eng and ask for i19:57
jdstrandcyphermox: ok, maybe rsalveti knows19:58
fgintheranybody know what causes "flush" to use up 15-20% cpu?19:59
sergiusensdoanac, I fixed your help comment20:02
sergiusensdoanac, but I would want to defer the curl thing to a different MR20:02
doanacsergiusens: fair enough. i think its orthogonal20:03
sergiusensdoanac, to be honest I was going to just use urllib or requests for this soon20:03
doanacprobably even better20:04
doanaci +1'd20:04
sergiusensdoanac, I was just preferring wget for the free progress bar :-/20:04
jdstrandrsalveti: ok, I filed bug #1240214 and assigned it to you. please comment/adjust/reassign as needed20:08
ubot5bug 1240214 in touch-preview-images "phablet user in android_net group" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/124021420:08
sergiusensjdstrand, that can be removed...20:09
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jdstrandI tend to agree20:15
=== kdub^lunch is now known as kdub
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timppaI just reflashed latest ro image and mediascanner-service and apport "issue" seems to be disappeared20:33
timppawith wipe20:34
om26erI lost signals on the latest image20:35
timppagsm signal?20:37
om26ertimppa, yes20:37
timppaom26er: I have the same problem also20:37
timppaI just noticed that the icon is missing and system settings does not show my operator20:38
om26erbug 123999720:38
ubot5bug 1239997 in ubuntu-touch-session (Ubuntu) "No network on boot, need to start the phone-app for the signals to appear" [Critical,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/123999720:38
timppathanks! :)20:38
shaneo1hey guys I really wanna test out the alarm clock now that clock-app just received an update but it dont seem to be working20:41
mterrypitti, hello!  I just tried to use "/usr/share/ofono/scripts/dial-number 199" on the phone and it didn't cause an incoming call...  Are there known changes in that area?20:43
shaneo1also whats with the crazy jumpy boucing in the messages when scrolling through them20:46
pmcgowanmterry, are you testing with latest stuff in 98?21:09
mterrypmcgowan, yeah21:10
pmcgowanmterry, theres a regression in the ofono startup we just nailed21:10
pmcgowanmight effect you21:10
mterrypmcgowan, ah, ok awesome21:10
pmcgowanstarting the dialer app might help meantime21:10
mterrypmcgowan, not blocking me, I just used actual phone.  Just cost me a quarter  :)21:11
pmcgowanthen maybe not this issue21:11
anders3408stgraber: you here21:29
szymon_wHi! I'm trying to open .pdf using ubuntu-docviewer-app on UT ( nexus4 mako ) but when I install ubuntu-docviewer-app I can open application but I can not view any document... so I tried to open terminal and enter: "ubuntu-docviewer-app /path/to/file.pdf" but I get bash: ubuntu-docviewer-app: command not found. Any ideas ?21:48
Chocantoszymon_w: Hey21:51
Chocantoszymon_w: You can use ubuntu-docviewer-app with : qmlscene /usr/share/ubuntu-docviewer-app/ubuntu-docviewer-app.qml21:53
szymon_wChocanto,  I tried that... and I get:  __pthread_getid -2         Sugmentation fault ( core dumped)21:57
Chocantoszymon_w: Oh yes sorry, you are trying to launch it from your phone ?21:59
szymon_wChocanto, yes... is it not going to work yet on mobile devices ?22:00
Chocantoszymon_w: It's already working on mobile devices :)22:01
szymon_wChocanto, not for me then ;/22:01
Chocantoszymon_w: Just because the docviewer-app is not created to be launched like other apps :)22:01
szymon_wChocanto, so what is work around to run .pdf on my device ? ;> pls22:02
Chocantoszymon_w: But with my command it will work, ubuntu touch just need an option to qmlscene, but I don't remember what22:02
Chocantoszymon_w: I'm searching22:02
szymon_wChocanto, thank you :)22:03
Chocantoszymon_w: You run docviewer from the terminal app in the device ?22:05
szymon_wChocanto, when I run "ubuntu-docviewer-app" I get "command not found." but ubuntu-docviewer-app is installed ( I can see it in dash and I can even lunch it from dash .. )22:07
Chocantoszymon_w: Yes, it's normal ! :)22:07
Chocantoszymon_w: Try to launch "music-app" from the terminal, and you will get an error too22:07
Chocantoszymon_w: But when you "touch" it from the dash it will work22:08
szymon_wChocanto, checked-true :)22:08
szymon_wChocanto, true22:08
Chocantoszymon_w: I just have to find the command sent by dash to launch an app22:08
szymon_wChocanto, that would be awesome :)22:09
RobbyFI'm on dlevel channel for updates, when can we expect to see updates push out for builds? I assume when there more stable? but where do i follow that information.22:09
Chocantoszymon_w: Try : qmlscene /usr/share/ubuntu-docviewer-app/ubuntu-docviewer-app.qml  --desktop_file_hint=/usr/share/applications/ubuntu-docviewer-app.desktop22:11
szymon_wChocanto, it opened docviewer with ubuntu-docviewer-app.qml opened22:14
szymon_wChocanto, so it kind of works :)22:14
Chocantoszymon_w: Good, so it's working ! :)22:14
Chocantoszymon_w: Now, before the path of *.qml, put the path of your pdf :)22:14
szymon_wChocanto, works :)22:17
szymon_wChocanto, thanks you Sir!22:17
Chocantoszymon_w: Great ! If everything is ok, soon you should be able to open you pdf by touch them on the filemanager-app, then it will automaticly open docviewer22:18
Chocantoszymon_w: But right now, just use this trick :)22:18
szymon_wChocanto, awesome!  yes zoom in/out is a bit tricky at the moment but I can live with that for now... :)22:19
Chocantoszymon_w: Yes, I had to fix it today but... I don't have the time right now, I'm sorry :/22:20
szymon_wChocanto, Thanks for your time and help! ;)22:20
Chocantoszymon_w: If you find other bugs, please feel free to report them ! :)22:20
Chocantopopey: Ping22:21
szymon_wChocanto, btw. the same file on android Adobe reader is jerky... on ubuntu-docviewer-app its smooooth!! ;) I love performance :)22:21
popeyChocanto: hey22:21
popeyszymon_w: thats good to hear!22:22
Chocantoszymon_w: And it will be smoother in the future :)22:22
szymon_wChocanto, no probs I'll do ;) bye for now ;)22:22
Chocantopopey: Hey ! :) About the screenshot, do it have to be a screenshot from phone ?22:22
Chocantoszymon_w: Bye !22:22
cyphermoxveebers: poke.22:23
skaterchik1994i need help on ubuntu touch22:23
Chocantoskaterchik1994: Just ask, if you have a question22:24
xnoxjdstrand: no idea.22:25
veeberscyphermox: hey, what can I do for you?22:25
skaterchik1994can i get any later builds than this one http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch-preview/daily-preinstalled/current on my Galaxy tab 10.1 (GT-P7510)?22:26
cyphermoxveebers: blocking ubuntu-keyboard. I can't successfully pass many tests (including ubuntu-keyboard's tests themselves) and when I dismiss it, eventually I can't get the keyboard back22:26
popeyChocanto: yeah, ideally22:26
cyphermoxveebers: thought it would be better if you knew now :)22:27
popeyChocanto: I know some apps have uploaded desktop screenshots from qmlscene, so that clearly works okay22:27
veeberscyphermox: is it' issues with the keyboard itself or the tests? I've just flashed my device now so will start looking22:27
Chocantopopey: docviewer with qmlscene on the desktop look exaclty the same, but... I don't know22:27
popeyChocanto: thats fine then ☻22:27
cyphermoxveebers: both22:27
veeberscyphermox: ah ok22:27
popeyyou just end up with a titlebar of qmlscene in it22:28
popey(which you can edit out if you're that bothered)22:28
Chocantopopey: Yes, of course I will edit it :)22:28
veeberscyphermox: have you filed bugs at this stage? If so could you link me please22:31
cyphermoxveebers: no, trying to make sense of it and what to add22:33
veeberscyphermox: ack22:33
cyphermoxtbh, on 3G now, I'm having some interwebz issues22:33
Chocantopopey: Sorry to annoy you again, I'm watching the source code of the 3 apps we had the bug about the screenshot as "Fix released", but I don't see the line X-screenshot in their .desktop file. Do we really have to add this line ?22:47
popeyChocanto: interesting22:48
Chocantopopey: I'm just getting confused ^^'22:48
Chocantopopey: Dropping letters, clock app and music app, all of them are mark as released or commited22:49
popeythe bug says they're in http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~music-app-dev/music-app/trunk/revision/172 but I can't see them22:52
popeyaha "X-Screenshot is for debs, click apps don't need it, all the apps listed22:53
Chocantopopey: Yes, I searched and didn't find22:53
popeyhere are click (or to be)"22:53
popeyi suspect sergio grabbed them and put them in the store, but they're not needed for the deb packages22:53
Chocantopopey: So what ? We don't need to put this line at all ?22:53
=== claydoh_ is now known as claydoh
popeyChocanto: i dont think so, no. sergiusens adds to the click package at build time, so I don't think you need to22:55
Chocantopopey: Them, I don't have to take screenshots, sounds good ^^'22:56
Chocantopopey: Ok, thanks you !22:56
popeyChocanto: you still need screenshots, just not the .desktop line adding22:58
* popey turns into a pumpkin and goes to bed22:59
J00MZhey, I have issue installing on nexus 7 (grouper)23:02
robert_ancellcharles, are you working on bug 1234361?23:02
ubot5bug 1234361 in ubuntu-system-settings (Ubuntu) "Bluetooth panel not getting scan results" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/123436123:02
charlesrobert_ancell, yes, but I haven't gotten much traction on it yet. I've just gotten the toggling-bluetooth-crasher fixed and this is next on my list :/23:05
robert_ancellcharles, oh, bug 1236251?23:05
ubot5bug 1236251 in ubuntu-system-settings (Ubuntu) "system-settings crashed with SIGABRT in raise()" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/123625123:05
robert_ancellI'm trying to find some system settings bugs to work on23:05
=== jalcine_ is now known as jalcine
charlesdavmor2 was seeing a similar issue with bluetooth scan results23:06
charlesactually, maybe he's got a dupe ticket on that23:06
charlesrobert_ancell: looks like that ticket is a dupe of bug #123624923:10
ubot5bug 1236249 in indicator-bluetooth (Ubuntu) "unity8 crashed with SIGSEGV in UnityMenuModelPrivate::itemState()" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/123624923:10
charlesbut, yes23:10
robert_ancellLaney, did you confirm bug 1240086? It seems to scroll file here23:13
ubot5bug 1240086 in ubuntu-system-settings (Ubuntu) "Cannot scroll wifi page when list of networks doesn't fit" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/124008623:13
charlesrobert_ancell: actually 1234361 needs to be behind bug #1233176 / bug #1231136 on my TODO list, so with luck, tomorrow23:29
ubot5bug 1233176 in Indicator Date and Time "Alarm notifications do not appear when an alarm is triggered" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/123317623:29
ubot5bug 1231136 in Ubuntu Calendar App "Calendar needs to be invocable with a URL" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/123113623:29
arjhow can I work on this project?23:36
arjdo I need to submit a resume?23:36
rsalvetijdstrand: the android_net was before we flipped container23:39
rsalvetiprobably not needed anymore23:39
rsalvetiwe still didn't manage to do the groups cleanup we wanted to23:40
rsalvetibut thanks for the bug report23:40
fishscenearj: What do you mean?23:42
arjYou know how this is an open source project, how can I contribute code so I'm on the same page as other developers23:44
arjdo I need to join a team23:44
fishsceneHonestly, I don't really know. However, I *do* know it is exceedingly late in the Suacy development cycle. You might want to ask in #Ubuntu as this channel, unless someone else here has a better answer. :)23:47
arjGotcha, thanks for the info!23:50

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