matt_tha_mastaJoin /ubuntu-au04:36
matt_tha_mastajoin /#ubuntu-au04:36
Myrttimatt_tha_masta: did you crack it yet?04:52
matt_tha_mastalol, yes04:52
Myrttiit looked somewhat morning-ish :-P05:09
Myrtti(I've got a meeting at half past (8.30 Finnish time) as I always do on Tuesdays, last week I even wrote the memo. Today I find action points I must've assigned to myself that I don't remember seeing ever in my life)05:09
Myrttidesperate times, these Tuesday mornings05:10
MooDoomorning all07:01
diddledangute morgen07:06
diddledanhave to go to the office today07:06
diddledanI mucho prefero working at home-o07:07
MooDoodiddledan: yeah don't we all :)07:08
MyrttiI'd actually prefer to work in an office07:08
Myrttitoo bad the office is in a really inconvenient place from all my life's angles07:09
MooDooyeah it's difficult at home, especially when I don't have an office just a kitchen table lol07:09
* neuro hugs his office07:22
DJonesUgh, shedload of twitter spam07:36
DJonesIf anybody see's Gord around, looks like his twitter account has been hijacked07:39
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knightwisemorning everyone08:17
diplomorning all08:17
knightwiseYoyoyo :)08:21
knightwisepopey: i'll be interviewing the Belgian Whoovians this weekend at a cosplay event08:21
knightwiselooking forward to petting their K9 :)08:21
knightwiseI was taking a look at the Asus Nexus7(version 2) in the shop last week08:26
knightwiseperhaps looking at getting one, but i was wondering , if I want to run Ubuntu on it .. is that gonna be ubuntu TOUCH or full ubuntu  ?08:27
knightwiseOr is "full ubuntu" no longer supported ?08:27
DJonesknightwise: Not tried ubuntu on mine, but I can fully recommend the N7(2)08:28
DJonesYou can't dual boot as I understand it (at the moment anyway)08:28
popeyknightwise: yes, touch08:29
popeyalthough the nexus 7 isn't top of the pile for support08:29
popeywe mainly target the phones right now08:29
* popey updates his n708:30
popey179MB update \o/08:30
DJonesAfter having one since they 2013 model came out, just bought my wife a one at the weekend, she loves it already08:31
DJonesOnly trouble is, it gives her an excuse not to get out of bed when she's off work, she lies there watching tv/sky etc on it for hours, poor dog is left sitting there with his legs crossed08:32
awilkinsSet a Google calendar item for "take dog for walk" and there's no excuse not to notice it...08:44
DJonesGood thinking08:44
knightwisepopey: is it worth trying the N7 out yet to run Ubuntu ?08:47
popeyUbuntu Desktop or Ubuntu Touch?08:47
knightwiseUbuntu touch.08:50
popeyknightwise: sure, if you want to test and file bugs ☻08:54
knightwiseand how about the 'full ubuntu' version  ? Does it support the basics ? like keyboard, wifi, sound ,08:56
popeyby "full ubuntu" do you mean "ubuntu desktop"?08:58
brobostigongood morning everyone.08:58
* awilkins gunts09:01
* awilkins laments that he can't type09:01
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GentileBenGunts? Don't say that word, awilkins.09:07
awilkinsIt was meant to be "grunts"09:09
awilkinsThank you for the learning experience (ovO) (although the redheaded Snorg teeshirt girl is always welcome in my office...)09:09
GentileBennp bro09:10
directhexurban dictionary is a wasteland of 11 year olds trying to invent foul terms for things09:13
* GentileBen gives directhex an Abe Lincoln09:14
bigcalmGood still ill morning peeps :)09:30
TheOpenSourcererMe too.09:31
TheOpenSourcererHad a cold for about 2 weeks now :-(09:32
TheOpenSourcererStarting to get on my not insignificant moobs.09:32
diddledanwait, what happened to my nick at home?09:43
davmor2Morning all10:00
brobostigonmorning davmor210:05
MooDoomorning davmor210:05
Laneygot my royal mail share number - the automated sale line is being DoSed10:08
MooDooLaney: did you just go for the 750?10:09
MooDooor what ever the minimum was?10:09
Laneyeveryone got that much10:09
MooDooyeah I heard that if you went with the min everyone got it, but the higher you went, the more likely it was you'd get declined10:10
Laneyyou got nothing if you asked for more than 10k10:10
Laneyotherwise 75010:10
MooDoook fair enough :)10:10
awilkinsIs there a way to direct Google Maps to use different transport for different route nodes?10:12
hooverHi folks10:30
AlanBellThis Thursday is the end of the world economy, the start of the zombie apocalypse and the release of Ubuntu 13.10 http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-uk/2555-saucy-salamander-release-party/10:33
AlanBellso stock up on tinned food, bottled water and shotgun cartridges, then go to London and celebrate the release while all the city types drown their sorrows as the USA defaults on their debt10:35
BigRedSRelease parties normally leave me in a state that's not ideal for dealing with the beginning of the zombie apocalypse10:35
BigRedScould the latter be rearranged?10:35
AlanBellwell I think it might take a few days for it to spread from patient zero in Washington over to London10:36
BigRedSOh good10:36
MooDooooo party10:39
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directhexjust to get this straight10:42
directhexyour zombie survival plan involves heading to the heart of zombie banker land, with millions of people?10:42
mungbean_i wonder if lidl should sell the hudl11:05
mungbean_and what genius thought it was a good name11:05
mungbean_didn't twitter used to be called twttr?11:06
popeyTime for noodles!11:09
JamesTaitGood day all; happy Ada Lovelace Day! :-D11:13
BigRedSzombie banker land is the other side of the river11:16
* TheOpenSourcerer wonders what to have for lunch...11:21
TheOpenSourcererCor - That would be jubbly: http://pbs.twimg.com/media/BWjqmEyIYAA-5ge.jpg:large11:21
davmor2TheOpenSourcerer: no this is a jubbly http://static.packagingnews.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/01/shelf-review-jubbly-cola-ice-lollies/jubbly-cola.jpg11:25
popeyawesome noodles btw ☻11:30
davmor2TheOpenSourcerer: what it's called a jubbly11:31
* awilkins wishes he was a heathen with noodles11:32
funkyHatI don't have marmite or toast or noodles ⢁(11:32
* awilkins is going to Tesco for noodles11:33
AlanBellI had eggs11:33
davmor2Myrtti: not bitter much :D11:33
Myrttiiiiiinnnn other news...11:33
MyrttiI could quote some latin here11:33
Myrttilet's start with O Tempora, O Mores11:33
Myrttiand follow up with Sic transit gloria mundi.11:34
Myrttialso reverse works11:34
AlanBellDraco dormiens nunquam titillandus11:34
Myrttioh you ^____^11:35
Myrttisilly Alan.11:35
popeyDicta Latine profundissime personant11:36
MyrttiAlanBell: incidentally quoting that might wake my HP addiction dragon11:37
Myrttiso careful with that11:37
davmor2X print "clausus '11:38
davmor2X XX Goto11:38
davmor2that didn't translate so well11:38
AlanBellSalve, munde!11:38
davmor2AlanBell: Hello cleanly! I don't think that translated quite correctly either :D11:40
AlanBellSalve, Mundi! then11:41
knightwiselost connection there for a bit12:00
* TheOpenSourcerer had Cream of Chicken Soup with added home-made Naga Chilli power ;-)12:04
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mungbean_is there a desk clamp/mount for a 40 inch telly? or do i need a trolley? i don't have strong walls at the office12:19
popeythats a big screen to have near your face12:19
Myrttikeeps you warm atleast12:20
popeyand illuminated12:20
mungbean_its a display screen,12:20
mungbean_would a rasp pi control it OK? i guess so12:20
popeyshouldn't care12:20
mungbean_acer aspire are too much12:20
AlanBellmungbean_: a raspberry pi would be fine on the HDMI interface, as long as you don't want things moving too fast12:27
mungbean_just web pages12:29
mungbean_think i'll struggle to buy a tv trolley with shelling out serious ££ though12:29
mgdmVESA desk mount and some tools?12:30
mungbean_desk mount for 40 inch monitor though?12:31
mungbean_i just need a mount that isn't a wall mount. ceiling mount is prob offlimits too12:31
mungbean_what did you guys choose re: the giffgaff outage?12:36
mungbean_WOW the casio dropped to £5.73 today. was about to buy at £7.61 yesterday12:38
mgdmmungbean_: F-91W?12:39
mungbean_my strap broke12:39
mungbean_oh bugger. no free delivery12:39
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mungbean_Postage & Packing:£6.0112:42
MyrttiI've got http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B007UNAV6I/12:44
Myrttiwhich is all good apart from not having 24h time12:44
Myrttibut obviously it's a woman's watch12:44
mungbean_so i can buy 2 watches for cheaper than 1 watch12:45
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BigRedSMy watch is held together with duct tape13:06
BigRedSand now you've got me trying to find a new one13:06
AlanBellit is Ada Lovelace day today13:06
mungbean_just bought a strap instead for 4£ inc P&P13:07
directhexAlanBell, shh. you are not the official channel "X day" announcer.13:10
BigRedSIt was officially announced earlier13:10
AlanBellthis is true13:12
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MooDooJamesTait: what day is it today ;)13:19
JamesTaitMooDoo, why, it's Ada Lovelace Day, of course!13:49
davmor2I still don't think she loved lace, But from what I hear is an awesome role model13:50
directhexher name wasn't actually ada lovelace13:55
directhexAugusta Ada King, Countess of Lovelace13:56
bigcalmWould it be crazy to try and run a vbox vm via an nfs share?14:02
MooDoobigcalm: no don't think so, i've done it with vmware in the past, vm on the server vdk on a nas14:02
bigcalmMooDoo: ta. Saves me trying to find a spare power socket for an external hdd14:03
bigcalmOh, hang on. I have an interface that works from 2 usb ports. That might do for now14:03
* bigcalm ponders what fs to put on this external drive14:11
bigcalmWell poop14:13
bigcalmErasing Device -- 6 hours and 2 minutes remaining14:13
davmor2bigcalm: just dd the file table ;)14:14
bigcalmI've opted to not overwrite the data. Table alterations are much quicker14:14
bigcalmdavmor2: how much space would one give an vm for throwaway testing?14:18
davmor2bigcalm: depends on the testing!  I tend to use the vbox defaults if I'm not doing anything serious with the vm or 60GB if I'm doing work stuff with it14:20
bigcalmI shudder to think that 8gb isn't enough for small scale testing. Will go with the defaults then, ta14:21
bigcalmI have a 500gb drive that is currently empty, but no need to waste space14:21
TheOpenSourcererTotally OT but rather a nice & smiley story: http://www.theguardian.com/music/2013/oct/15/jon-bon-jovi-walks-fan-down-aisle-wedding14:23
davmor2bigcalm: again it just depended on what you were doing, being the dev that you are if you were planing on building Software for example that might need more space than if you were just testing if you could get your setup the way tou like it :)14:23
bigcalmdavmor2: testing deployments of websites. So finding out which additional packages one will need when setting-up from a fresh 12.04.3 image14:24
bigcalmdavmor2: the sites themselves aren't big, just hope the OS and packages aren't either :)14:25
davmor2no 8Gb should be find for that,  if you were building debs on it you might need more space depending on the size of the app folder you start with14:26
bashrcWhen is 13.10 officially out?14:26
directhex8gb is fine for most things14:26
directhexnot building LO though14:26
mungbean_anyone use x2go? its a bit like nxserver14:27
davmor2bashrc: Thursday14:27
bashrcI havn't tried the beta.  Is Mir usable?14:27
bashrc(expects breakage)14:28
davmor2bashrc: mir isn't default except on the phone/tablet14:28
davmor2directhex: or firefox, or chromium, or linux + modules, or ..............14:29
ali1234quite a lot of things really14:29
davmor2bashrc: xmir is installable but it was deemed not ready enough for multimontitor and bypass to use by default14:30
ali1234is it possible to apt-get install the touch UI + Mir on x86 yet?14:31
bashrcIs it mir which will handle features like multitouch?14:32
davmor2ali1234: you can have shell on by just install unity8 but it isn't a desktop it's just windowed effectively14:32
ali1234does that mean i get the same as i would get on a phone, except in a window, without emulation?14:33
davmor2ali1234: yeap14:34
ali1234so would that be Mir on Xorg on XMir on Mir then?14:35
davmor2ali1234: but as I say not as a desktop just a window on your desktop.  you can then fullscreen it and use it as a tablet style desktop :)14:35
ali1234sure, that's close enough for me14:35
davmor2ali1234: only issue is because it is effectively touch you can have fun trying to use the edge gestures14:36
ali1234i have a tablet PC and i'm sure it would be much easier to test on that14:36
ali1234yeah the edge gestures are a pain14:36
ali1234they are hard to use on a phone with a bezel too14:36
* popey returns15:10
Laneyoh noes, the RM shares are higher than I sold them for15:10
Laneyshould probably just stop watching it now :P15:10
mungbean_royal mail15:12
mungbean_ah, thought you meant that company from the 80s15:13
mungbean_how are my ARM shares doing?15:13
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davmor2mungbean_: sharing arms isn't that gunrunning and illegal?15:16
mungbean_Animal rights campaigners claim death of unborn panda cub is a 'relief' - how idiotic15:41
popey™ /4915:46
davmor2popey: Humbug16:24
ali1234if you type "pease" into firefox, "please" isn't in the autocorrect16:28
mgdmit's a valid word, though16:28
diddledanit is?16:30
diddledanpeace is a valid word. pease is debatable16:31
shaunoit's in the OED, what's to debate?16:32
BigRedSPease is valid, I don't think pease is16:32
BigRedSoh, is it? /me stands corrected16:32
BigRedSyeah, but that's the phrase, is "pease" on its own still a word?16:32
shaunomine has 'pease' as plural noun archiac, 'peas'16:32
mgdmBigRedS: yes, of course it is16:33
diddledanshauno, archaic means no longer valid :-p16:33
BigRedSof course it is?16:33
mgdmno, it means 'deprecated', I suppose16:33
ali1234well, firstly my firefox is stuck with the US dictionary and i don't know how to fix it16:33
ali1234i've fixed it several times but it always goes back16:33
mgdmBigRedS: it's a word, it's spelled correctly, the fact the rest of the phrase isn't there is irrelevant to a spell checker16:33
diddledanali1234, you need to tell ubuntu you want british16:34
ali1234my pidgin also underlines it red16:34
ali1234in firefox "pease" suggests "please" but "Pease" does not16:35
diddledananywho, I'm going home16:35
ali1234in pidgin they both suggest please16:35
ali1234mgdm: i don't believe it is really a word btw16:36
ali1234not in modern english16:36
* mgdm shrugs16:36
shaunohow can you make pease pudding without pease?16:37
directhexpease pudding hot16:50
popeypease pudding cold16:52
kecskebakHave they demolished this place? en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pease_Pottage16:52
kecskebakIt should be in the UK spelling checker for that alone.16:52
bigcalmPease pudding in the pot17:06
davmor2nine days old;17:08
bigcalmGood, now I can stop thinking about that17:08
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diddledan__and we're back in the room17:52
shaunoI seem to have SD cards absolutely everywhere .. until I have a task for the pi.  then they appear to disappear :/18:15
MartijnVdSshauno: check your cameras :)18:16
shaunothey're still on CF :/18:16
MartijnVdSI know I have one in my car18:16
shaunocan I borrow it for the evening?  ;)18:16
MartijnVdSshauno: If you come get it 8-)18:17
brobostigonwill be an interesting windy ferry trip.18:17
MartijnVdSand rainy18:18
MartijnVdSwe've had the third consecutive Day of Rain here18:18
brobostigonsame as here.18:18
MartijnVdSthough we had a few minutes of sunshine18:18
brobostigonthis afternoon, we did aswell.18:18
brobostigonand not to forget, it will be cold aswell.18:19
shaunoit's been clear all weekend here.  it has me quite worried.  it's like seeing a headmaster smile - you know its plotting something18:21
mungbean_what a swindle. the council sells a version of the electoral roll, but you can opt out of it. but somebody made a "legal challenge" and now you have to re-opt out again regularly18:50
mungbean_likelihood of people remembering and realising is probably 40%18:50
popeydont you get sent a form to fill in regularly anyway?19:00
popeyI did ours today and it had a tickbox for opt out19:00
mungbean_yes, and once you tick the box it should be persistent19:01
diddledan__damn you humble bundle19:26
Myrttijust cursed the same thing in two different places19:33
MyrttiI don't care about the other stuff, but TTR!19:33
Myrttiwith DLC!19:33
mungbean_given up trying to watch england match on tvcatchup19:35
popeyi watched c4 news on tvcatchup earlier was really good19:36
mungbean_buffer stutter fail19:38
mungbean_even 160px is a fail19:39
mungbean_always buffers when england get to the penalty area19:41
popeywhy not watch it on a telly?19:41
mungbean_wife is watching a baking prog and its her favourite19:42
mungbean_and i'm nice like that19:42
popeyyeah, i lost the remote years ago19:42
mungbean_its a fake programme though19:42
mungbean_they even put a disclaimer in the credits19:43
mungbean_along the lines of "even if this person is lame, we might choose them to win if we think they have the right look to subsequently sell ratings and books"19:43
mungbean_i picked the finalist in the first five seconds19:44
ali1234popey: you know when you do ubuntu hangouts on air... how does that work when you need to be on G+ to use it?20:03
ali1234do you all just use your personal google accounts to make the hangouts?20:04
ali1234or do you have a G+ account registered to Mr U. Buntu?20:04
bittinsomeone here knows dmraid ?20:04
bittini have 2 old IDE disk i used in my Gentoo server, now i bought 2 USB to IDE adapters to try to read them, but i don't remember how i do, someone helped me figured out they where RAID0 so i bought some more IDE to USB adapters20:07
popeyali1234: i have more than one G+ account20:18
popeybittin: they're dmraid, not mdraid?20:20
bittinpopey, 100% sure they are RAID 0 dmraid20:21
popeywill that work? Don't they have to be attached to the chipset the RAID was created on?20:22
bittindunno some guy said i only had to plug in them both :p20:22
bittinbut might be wrong :(20:22
bittincool will try20:23
bittinnah seems they are mdraid i did not remember it all :p20:24
popeythat makes it easier tbh20:24
popeydunno whose stupid idea it was to call it dmraid20:24
bittinalso saw some of the pins on one disk was broken so not sure if it gonna work any good :p20:24
popeypulled out in a hurry?20:24
* bigcalm runs off to humblebundle.com20:26
bittinwill try later to tired atm =p20:26
* bigcalm buys for worms only20:27
bigcalmMaybe The Bard's Tale as well20:27
popeyi bought it too20:27
popeybecause I have OHBD20:27
bigcalmpopey: is there a bundle you haven't bought?20:27
popeyyeah.. I did miss one i think.20:27
bigcalmI think I skipped the last one20:28
bigcalmAnd I don't do the weekly or book ones20:28
bittinthink i will buy it when i have money20:28
bigcalmbittin: you could buy it for almost no monies. But that's not very good sport20:28
popeythose are the ones I have20:29
popeymissed the first android one20:29
popeyand bundle 520:29
bittinthese are the ones i got :p20:30
popeyooh, i missed some steam keys20:31
* popey adds them to his steam account20:31
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MyrttiI'm not sure if it was that smart to see if bitlbee is doing ok with Google Talk.20:34
Myrttinow I've got heaps and heaps of people I don't really care to see that I could easily hide from view in Empathy20:34
bigcalmI joined the party far too late: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6242379/20:37
popeywell that was a fun five minutes adding about 20 games to steam20:38
bigcalm1st thing I always do20:39
bigcalmpopey: fancy playing worms?20:39
bigcalmAh, it doesn't run20:40
popeyis it 2 player?20:40
bigcalmI'd hope so20:40
bigcalmFailed to start game (missing executable).20:40
bigcalmI hope it's just that I'm too eager20:40
popeyi now have 90 Linux games on steam20:41
popeyyou can still download it without steam tho20:41
bigcalm76 for me20:41
bigcalmYeah, I'll have a look20:41
bigcalmNo USC link that I can see20:42
* bigcalm goes for the .sh20:42
bigcalmThis will Install Worms Reloaded for Linux (single player)20:44
Myrttibigcalm: late eh? I've got exactly two bundles now.20:53
bigcalmMyrtti: I'm guessing that's 2 more than Tony Whitmore ;)20:54
Myrttithis is the first game one20:54
* bigcalm gives up on the evening21:18
bigcalmNight peeps :)21:18
diddledan__is there any opensource app like mikrotik's "the dude" that anybody knows of which allows me to visualise my network, discover all hosts via scan, with realtime updates of availability via snmp/ping/tcp/udp?21:27
diddledan__yeah, no21:27
BigRedSwell, nmap, while and sleep :)21:27
BigRedSI've never seen 'the dude'21:28
diddledan__nmap doens't cut it21:28
diddledan__nmap may help in the overall scheme as a backend however21:28
BigRedSoh, that sort of map21:29
BigRedSnifty. Nah, I've only seen that sort of thing done by a series of horrible bodges21:30
diddledan__their example is a bit contrived top-right21:30
BigRedSbt I've also never really wanted it...21:30
diddledan__I guess I'll use the dude then21:31
diddledan__I just don't want to mess about with wine21:31
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