sgehrmanJust got 13.10.  My xmodmap file isn't working very well now.  How can I easily swap the ctrl and alt keys?00:12
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dandraderthomi, ping07:00
didrocksSaviq: hey, when do you think that landing request 196 will be ready?08:00
Saviqdidrocks, as soon as ogra wakes up ;)08:00
Saviqdidrocks, u8 is ready08:00
didrocksveebers: hey, when do you mean to "fix AP jobs", what is it? for the smoketesting?08:00
Saviqdidrocks, u-n are landing right now08:01
Saviqdidrocks, so we only need u-s-touch to land08:01
didrocksSaviq: ok, do you know how this is helping AP?08:01
didrocks(like will that help the various runs when we have all tests hanging?)08:01
Saviqdidrocks, yes, I've run the suite 20 times on both maguro and mako last night08:02
veebersdidrocks: can you elaborate, I'm not sure I understand the question08:02
Saviqdidrocks, one or two crashes on startup that I can't trace at all, but nothing hanging and such08:02
didrocksSaviq: but you never had hangs as well recently, right?08:02
didrocksveebers: I see that the latest unity8 has some "fix AP jobs" description, should wanted to know more :)08:03
Saviqdidrocks, I did - u8 hangs on shutdown pretty often - tsdgeos is looking into that08:03
didrocksSaviq: ah, so maybe that's what is hanging after the first test finishes…08:03
didrocksSaviq: let's cross fingers ;) keep me posted, I'll ensure you land today08:04
Saviqdidrocks, will do08:04
Saviqdidrocks, it might just be that upstart is more persistent at killing stuff08:04
veebersdidrocks: can you link me to where you're seeing this please?08:04
Saviqveebers, in the landing pipeline08:04
didrocksSaviq: I hope it is :)08:04
Saviqdidrocks, phablet-test-run was working fine08:05
Saviqdidrocks, only thing to make sure of08:05
didrocksveebers: I guess that's link to http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~unity-team/unity8/trunk/revision/46108:05
Saviqdidrocks, is "powerd-cli display on" before starting the suite08:05
didrocksSaviq: on utah? I don't at all, I always ensure that when testing manually personnaly08:05
Saviqdidrocks, yeah, in automation08:06
Saviqdue to bug #123387008:06
ubot5bug 1233870 in mir (Ubuntu) "unity8 cpu spike after blank/unblank (nexus4)" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/123387008:06
veebersdidrocks, Saviq: ah right, that was to start launching unity with upstart while testing to sort out some issues with the keyboard etc.08:06
Saviqbug #123500008:06
ubot5bug 1236525 in unity-mir "duplicate for #1235000 unity8 killed/crash then restart can result in mir unable "could not unblank display"" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/123652508:06
tsdgeosSaviq: tbh this one hang on shutdown looks not so "easy" to fix, i.e. the thread for driver painting is still there alive08:07
tsdgeosmay me more a mir one than an unity-mir one08:07
didrocksajmitch: I can just tell you this fix is in, but it didn't reallyhelp08:07
tsdgeosstill having a more in depth look though08:07
tsdgeosgreyback: did you have time to look at the fixes i made for "ctrl+c while starting" ?08:07
Saviqtsdgeos, got it08:08
veebersdidrocks: I'm not sure if that answers your question; But I'm just popping out, will be back later if there is anything else08:08
greybacktsdgeos: ah no, I didn't realise it was ready08:08
didrocksveebers: ok, let's see, time to get that in anyway, I think it will be your tomorrow :)08:08
tsdgeosgreyback: yep, it should fix the crashes if you ctrl+c while starting08:08
greybacktsdgeos: ok, will have a look08:08
tsdgeosgreyback: then there's the hang we are getting on exit if there's something on screen animating, looking at that now, but seems to be pretty much a different thing08:09
veebersas ok, I see now didrocks. Sounds good08:10
tsdgeosveebers: do you know how do i tell autopilot to forward me the debug output of the app it's running?08:11
didrocksveebers: have a good night!08:13
Saviqtsdgeos, -v08:13
Saviqtsdgeos, autopilot run -v08:13
Saviqtsdgeos, but!08:13
tsdgeosSaviq: did not do what i expected yesterday08:14
Saviqtsdgeos, with what we have in trunk08:14
Saviqtsdgeos, ~/.cache/upstart/unity8.log08:14
veebersdidrocks: will do thanks08:14
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tsdgeosSaviq: ok08:14
veeberstsdgeos: yes, what Saviq said. If you use -v (or -vv) the output log should contain the stderr/stdout  of the app if the test fails08:15
Saviqveebers, that's not the case through upstart, though08:15
veeberstsdgeos: you can also use -o <filename> to save the output to a file08:15
veebersSaviq: ah I see, very good point :-\08:15
Saviqveebers, we should think about this08:15
veebersyeah, the log that Saviq pointed out is probably the best bet.08:15
Saviqveebers, generally upstart support needs building into autopilot more08:15
Saviqveebers, but, go away now, have a good night!08:15
dandradergreyback, updated https://code.launchpad.net/~dandrader/ubuntu-keyboard/osk_rotation_lp1236489/+merge/19094608:16
greybackdandrader: thank you08:16
veebersSaviq: sure. Yep and thomi has been working on some things in the next version of autopilot. So we will have a bunch of new goodness coming up08:16
veebersSaviq: heh, will do o/08:16
dandraderSaviq,  should qmlscene work?  I'm getting a seg fault when I try to run it on the device...08:16
Saviqdandrader, it should, but I've seen people saying it doesn't08:17
Saviqdandrader, let me try08:17
Saviqdandrader, you passing --desktop_file_hint?08:18
dandraderSaviq, no08:18
Saviqdandrader, you should :)08:18
dandraderSaviq, what's that about?08:18
Saviqdandrader, it's always been there :D08:18
Saviqdandrader, you need to point at a .desktop file08:18
Saviqdandrader, so that u8 can match the session to an app08:19
dandraderSaviq, so "--desktop_file_hint" is a qmlscene parameter?08:19
Saviqdandrader, no, it's a "whatever" parameter08:19
veebersoh rats, Saviq one more thing. Are there known issues with interaction between unity and maliit/osk?08:20
Saviqdandrader, it's only interpreted by the app manager08:20
Saviqveebers, I didn't get any during testing08:20
veebersfor instance running the ubuntu_keyboard tests it seems that unity crashes/restarts/something. But only if I do something similar to this:08:20
veebersstop maliit-server && start maliit-server && autopilot run -v ubuntu_keyboard.tests.test_keyboard.UbuntuKeyboardTypingTests.test_can_type_string08:20
Saviqveebers, there is bug #123324508:21
ubot5bug 1233245 in unity-mir "[mir] key events not working through input devices (aka volume up/down)" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/123324508:21
Saviqveebers, will try08:21
veebersthis is after doing this (so we can introspect the keyboard): echo exec maliit-server -testability > ~/.config/upstart/maliit-server.override08:21
veebersI came across it while testing this branch: https://code.launchpad.net/~veebers/ubuntu-keyboard/restarting-maliit-for-tests/+merge/19000508:21
Saviqveebers, nothing that I know of, if you have a .crash file I could try and see08:22
veebersbut even when using trunk tests and using a similar command as above (also added a sleep before starting the tests)08:22
Saviqveebers, btw just pass QT_LOAD_TESTABILITY=1 to initctl start - no need for -testability08:23
veebersSaviq: ah, right, I was using an outdated method08:23
dandraderSaviq, works now. thanks!08:23
veebersI have some stale crash files, not sure if they are interesting, will attempt to generate some new ones later on.08:24
Saviqveebers, k, o/08:24
Saviqdandrader, we'll be getting rid of that soon, when all of the apps (and app tests) are launched via upstart, which we want to be the only supported way of launching apps08:24
dandraderSaviq, so "qmlscene foo.qml" will just work then or will I have to do it?08:25
dandraderI mean, how am I going to do it08:25
Saviqdandrader, it won't, you will still need a .desktop file08:25
Saviqdandrader, and launch through upstart, something like:08:26
Saviqinitctl start application APP_ID=qmlscene ARGS=/path/to/qmlfile08:26
Saviqor similar08:26
dandraderah, ok08:27
Saviqdandrader, where qmlscene.desktop would be a generic launcher for testing purposes08:27
tvossSaviq, https://code.launchpad.net/~thomas-voss/unity-mir/oom_adjust08:56
dednickSaviq: the datetime indicator seems to be stopping randomly. i think it's crashing, but not getting a crash report. Do we have to turn it on per process?08:57
Saviqdednick, no, if it's crashing - there should be a .crash08:57
mzanettiSaviq: hey, expanding categories in the dash seems to animate really slow nowadays, intentionally?09:00
Saviqmzanetti, bug #122455209:01
ubot5bug 1224552 in Unity 8 "[Dash] Category expansion transition has varaible speeds" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/122455209:01
mhr3dednick, +109:05
mhr3dednick, exactly what i've been seeing past week(s)09:05
mzanettiSaviq: hmm... seems to me this issue was only introduced with the branch that should fix it09:05
dednickmhr3: you mean datetime?09:06
Saviqmzanetti, not really, using duration you'll always get slow for small movement, fast for large movement09:06
Saviqmzanetti, but now the easing is wrong09:06
mhr3dednick, yep, i told you i don't see it half of the time09:07
mhr3dednick, also, it's using am/pm... where are we? in us? :P09:07
dednickmhr3: it using locale.09:07
mhr3dednick, what's our default locale?09:08
Saviqmhr3, en_US09:08
mhr3i see09:08
Saviqor en_EN?09:08
mhr3would be nice to have a first run wizard which sets up the network, gets location, sets locale etc...09:09
* mhr3 dreams09:09
dednickmight be good to have a working phone first ;)09:10
dednickor at least a datetime.09:10
mhr3dednick, details09:11
dednickmhr3: if you see that datetime thing again, can you check for a crash report?09:26
mhr3dednick, i don't think i saw one... ever09:26
tsdgeosSaviq: i've bad news :/09:26
dednickmhr3: i cant seem to get it to not show up. have my phone in a reboot loop now checking for the process... but it's done it about 10 times now with no luck09:26
tsdgeosnow that i've qtdeclarative with debug in the phone09:27
tsdgeosthat hang points to our friend the amazing QQuickRenderThreadSingleContextWindowManager :/09:27
tsdgeosSaviq: is it worth compiling 5.1 and seeing if it doesn't happen there?09:28
tsdgeosi guess it's not09:28
Saviqtsdgeos, qt5-beta-proper not good?09:28
tsdgeosi mean we're not going to update because of this09:28
Saviqtsdgeos, oh yeah, we're not09:28
Saviqtsdgeos, but finding out would be good regardless09:29
tsdgeosi need more phones :09:29
Saviqtsdgeos, I know what you mean :D09:29
tsdgeostook my almost a day to get all the stuff compiled with debug in this one09:29
tsdgeosdon't want to destroy it just to use the ppa09:29
Saviqtsdgeos, we should have a debug-enabled PPA09:29
tsdgeosi guess i could rsync the stuff09:29
SaviqMirv, wdyt ↑?09:29
tsdgeosSaviq: like as compiled with CONFIG+=debug ?09:29
Saviqtsdgeos, try with qt-beta-proper - if that doesn't work - just comment on the bug and leave it09:29
tsdgeosthat'd rock :D09:29
Saviqtsdgeos, yes09:30
Saviqtsdgeos, and it's easy ;)09:30
tsdgeossave me quite some time09:30
tsdgeosqtdeclarative compiles reasonably fast09:30
tsdgeosbut qtbase can be a bit of a pain09:30
MirvSaviq: the debug packages are all there in qt5-betaproper09:33
Mirvand for archive versions, ddebs.ubuntu.com09:33
SaviqMirv, not debug packages09:33
SaviqMirv, but built in debug mode09:33
SaviqMirv, as in, with assertions and stuff09:33
Saviqand debug logging09:33
SaviqMirv, basically CONFIG+=debug09:33
Mirvright, so it's not good enough then, but requires a separate debian/rules?09:33
SaviqMirv, yeah09:34
Mirvyep, makes sense for PPA test builds if there are no downsides except for size09:34
Saviqtsdgeos, hrmpf... ideas on why I can't link http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~saviq/unity8/fix-lvwph-easing/revision/463 ?09:36
SaviqI bet it's not exported...09:37
tsdgeosmost probably09:37
Saviqof course it's not09:37
tsdgeosif it's installe09:37
tsdgeosshould be09:37
tsdgeosthat's weird09:37
Saviqtsdgeos, nope, Q_AUTOTEST_EXPORT09:38
tsdgeosthat in qquicksmoothedanimation_p.h ?09:38
Saviqtsdgeos, yes09:38
tsdgeosSaviq: yep09:39
tsdgeosso i guess if it's us wrongly installing that in the -private package or them09:39
tsdgeosi mean, what's the point of that header being installed?09:40
Saviqtsdgeos, indeed09:40
Saviqtsdgeos, think we could make the animation a prop and pass it from QML?09:40
tsdgeosshouldn't be too hard09:41
mhr3does the update manager app actually work? everytime i run it i just get a white screen of nothingness09:42
nic-doffaymhr3, you know you're search active branch? Is it up to date with trunk atm?09:45
nic-doffayI'm back on all of that now after some more SDK stuff.09:46
nic-doffayTrying to sort out the filters branch again.09:46
mhr3nic-doffay, it was merged into trunk quite some time ago09:46
mhr3nic-doffay, but filters never needed that branch, did they?09:47
Saviqmzanetti, hrm, right, with velocity we get long categories collapsing in seconds...09:48
nic-doffaymhr3, which one did it rely on? I can't recall...09:48
Saviqmzanetti, we need a two-step animation - first collapse to "visible size" in one frame, and then collapse to the end09:50
mzanettiSaviq: yeah, something like that09:53
* Saviq hacks09:53
mhr3nic-doffay, anything it did rely on should be in trunk09:54
nic-doffaymhr3, ok great, sorted then :)09:55
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Saviqmzanetti, https://code.launchpad.net/~saviq/unity8/fix-lvwph-easing/+merge/19113910:09
mzanettiSaviq: should I manually merge?10:10
Saviqmzanetti, ye10:10
Saviqmzanetti, well, or I can - gonna be easier10:11
Saviqmzanetti, you approve?10:11
Saviqmzanetti, I'm merging10:11
Saviqmzanetti, done10:11
mzanettiSaviq: ok...  just would have needed to push10:12
Saviqmzanetti, hopefully after a unity8 release we'll get to green and get autolanding again10:12
mzanettiSaviq: oh boy, this switching previews turned out more complex then expected :)10:13
Saviqmzanetti, I did expect it to be complex, did you not? ;)10:13
mzanettinot that much no...10:13
mzanettiactually it would be fairly easy if QML animations wouldn't such in some certain regard10:14
Saviqtrue, true10:15
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nic-doffaySaviq, so the ui-tk is having some CI issues which timp is looking at. My branch won't land until that's sorted, however would you mind giving a code review of: https://code.launchpad.net/~nicolas-doffay/unity8/filter-selector/+merge/191145? I superseded the mp as a result of it being reliant upon a new branch.10:33
nic-doffayThen once the new selectors branch lands perhaps a full functional review?10:33
nic-doffayUnless you're comfortable doing both now?10:33
Saviqnic-doffay, we'll get there, not today though - we won't merge it before release anyway10:34
nic-doffaySaviq, also are you aware of anything in QML that can mimic abstraction?10:35
Saviqnic-doffay, what kind of abstraction?10:35
nic-doffaySaviq, something like an abstract base class.10:35
Saviqnic-doffay, btw, did you use  the "resubmit proposal" link in https://code.launchpad.net/~nicolas-doffay/unity8/filter-selector/+merge/183503 ?10:35
Saviqnic-doffay, QML is *all* about abstractions10:35
nic-doffaySaviq, yeah I did.10:35
Saviqnic-doffay, weird, it didn't leave a "superseded by" / "supersedes" links10:36
Saviqnic-doffay, any qml component can be a base component to another10:36
Saviqnic-doffay, Item { property string foo: "bar" }10:36
nic-doffaySaviq, yeah but an abstract base class so that it can't potentially be used by someone else.10:37
nic-doffayLike C++/C#10:37
Saviqnic-doffay, you mean private/protected properties? no10:37
nic-doffaySaviq, yeah essentially.10:37
Saviqnic-doffay, nope, nothing like that10:37
nic-doffaySaviq, ergh right. Thanks.10:38
Saviqnic-doffay, well, just don't expose a type to the outside world10:38
Saviqnic-doffay, and they won't be able to use it10:38
Saviqnic-doffay, i.e. don't put it in the qmldir file10:38
nic-doffaySaviq, then only the current dir would be access it, right?10:39
Saviqnic-doffay, no, you can import "Foo/Bar" where the internal component is10:39
Saviqnic-doffay, and well, people would still be able to import "/full/path/to/Foo/Bar"10:39
Saviqnic-doffay, but no one will10:39
nic-doffaySaviq, I guess if that's the closest it can get to completely restricting access I'll have to settle. Thanks.10:41
Saviqtvoss, you'd like https://code.launchpad.net/~thomas-voss/unity8/add_post_inst_script_to_gain_cap_sys_resource/+merge/191144 to be merged for release, right?10:41
Saviqtvoss, wth does it say "updating diff" all the time?10:42
Saviqtvoss, and is that persistent across reboots?10:44
tvossSaviq, yup, should be persistent across reboots, ripped of the post inst script from the gnome-keyring package10:44
tvossSaviq, merged, yes. Requires https://code.launchpad.net/~thomas-voss/unity-mir/oom_adjust/+merge/191123, too10:45
tvossSaviq, well, not strictly requires10:45
tvossSaviq, just land the mp10:46
tvossasac, http://reports.qa.ubuntu.com/smokeng/saucy/touch_mir/mako/97:20131015:20131015/4730/notes-app-autopilot/ reports 4 crashes in the overview, although nothing crashed10:46
tvossasac, seems like crash "detection" is a wildcard *crash*10:46
Saviqdidrocks, +1 on https://code.launchpad.net/~thomas-voss/unity8/add_post_inst_script_to_gain_cap_sys_resource/+merge/191144 ?10:47
tvosspopey, who is looking into the failing ap test cases for ubuntu-filemanager?10:47
tvosspopey, http://reports.qa.ubuntu.com/smokeng/saucy/touch_mir/mako/97:20131015:20131015/4730/ubuntu-filemanager-app-autopilot/486002/ is a bit weird ;)10:48
Saviqtvoss, setcap is not installed on my device, has that been added?10:48
tvossnone == none10:48
asactvoss: nice catch :)10:48
tvossSaviq, hah, good catch10:48
didrocksSaviq: I approved it, but yeah, you're right need to add setcap as a dep10:48
asacSaviq: oh it was you... well done!10:48
popeytvoss: I will poke balloons when he wakes up10:49
tvossSaviq, the *crash* was me10:49
Saviqasac, ↑10:49
asacthanks to both of you for many things! :)10:49
tvossargh, which package has setcap?10:49
Saviqtvoss, didrocks, are postinst ran on the devices or only during image creation? will that get through on the image?10:49
tvossSaviq, not sure10:50
didrocksSaviq: only during image creation (or when you install a package by hand)10:50
didrocksSaviq: but it needs to be seeded anyway and it's a dep of unity8 now10:50
Saviqtvoss, yeah, I'm worried this is not gonna cut it10:50
Saviqtvoss, maybe an additional upstart job instead?10:50
tvossSaviq, why do you think so?10:50
didrocksSaviq: no, it should work, generating the image is about package installation basically10:51
didrocksso if you have the right dep, that's fine10:51
didrocksadd a dep on libcap2-bin10:51
Saviqdidrocks, I know, but do we know what "setcap" does when called?10:51
tvossdidrocks, just on unity8?10:51
Saviqtvoss, didrocks, does it store the settings in a file somewhere?10:51
Saviqso that it's applied on boot?10:51
tvossSaviq, does not need to, look at the gnome-keyring package10:51
didrocksSaviq: yeah, the dep from the binary package you add the postinst hoook10:52
Saviqtvoss, do we know that it's working when applied on a different device (image builder) than the target?10:52
didrocksSaviq: well, I guess that's stephane's job to ensure that10:52
Saviqtvoss, like how does it know?10:52
Saviqmaybe it just stores it on the file itself?10:53
Saviq"Failed to set capabilities on file `/usr/bin/unity8' (Operation not supported)"10:54
Saviqtvoss, ↑10:54
tvossSaviq, it stores them as extended attributes10:55
didrocksSaviq: it's part of file system capabilities, I think it's the same set of attribute or rights that we do have10:55
Saviqtvoss, didrocks, we're on ext2 and not mounted xattr10:55
didrocksext2 on touch, really?10:55
* didrocks looks10:55
Saviqcan we please test that stuff actually works?10:56
didrocks/dev/loop0 on / type ext2 (rw,relatime,errors=continue)10:56
tvossSaviq, yup, my bad10:57
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mhr3mzanetti, any idea what this is?11:04
mhr3file:///home/phablet/shell/Dash/DashPreviewPlaceholder.qml: Object destroyed during incubation11:04
tsdgeosMirv: i can't use qt5-beta-proper11:21
tsdgeosMirv: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6240105/11:22
Mirvtsdgeos: right. I haven't had time for the PPA for weeks, but the auto-builds are still running. that sounds like that the diverts from qtmultimedia-touch don't take it kindly that the diverted package gets upgraded.11:23
Mirvor, right, that the diverted package actually gets to the same version11:24
Mirvso qtmultimedia-touch would need upgrading to work with that, then11:24
* tsdgeos uninstalls billions of multimedia pckages11:26
didrocksSaviq: ubuntu-touch-session was providing the upstart session right?11:28
didrocksSaviq: you need a replaces: in that case11:28
didrocksis that dropped from ubuntu-touch-session as well?11:28
didrocks(and ogra doing it?)11:28
tsdgeoslet's see if stuff still starts11:29
didrocksSaviq: I'll buy a new pair of glass it seems :p the replaces is there11:33
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Cimihow do I see the video carousel? putting videos?11:48
Cimior is there a trick or sole to enable?11:48
SaviqCimi, put videos in, yes11:50
SaviqCimi, if they don't show up - try searching to refresh, but it should be fine11:50
Cimifirst have to download 611:50
SaviqCimi, if they still don't - you might not have the right codecs11:50
Cimidon't have any11:50
CimiSaviq, which codecs are supported?11:51
Cimior sample videos I can take?11:51
Cimitrying also not to fill the memory11:52
tsdgeosSaviq: also happens with 5.1.1 so may not be that then11:57
CimiSaviq, tsdgeos we also have another issue in qt that I think we should distropatch12:00
Cimithe default maximumFlickVelocity on the devices seems to be slow12:00
Cimiindeed we tweak it when we need, since we have higher pixel density12:01
CimiI think we should distropatch qt to change the default value accordingly to pixel density12:01
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om26erSaviq, ping12:21
om26erSaviq, unity8 in trunk seems to break my sim signals.. i.e. no signals12:22
om26erI have to open the messaging app or the dialer app first and then the signals come back12:22
om26erbecause opening those apps invokes telephony-service and which I assume calls ofono12:23
didrockssil2100: please track that ^12:23
Saviqom26er, that will be fixed in session-manager-touch12:23
Saviqom26er, https://code.launchpad.net/~saviq/session-manager-touch/drop-unity8/+merge/19084212:23
om26erSaviq, ok. I reported a bug for that a few hours ago. I'll assign it you then.12:25
Saviqom26er, k12:26
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mzanettimhr3: when do you see this message?12:37
mhr3mzanetti, when playing with switching-previews :)12:38
mzanettimhr3: I guessed that far. I don't see it tho. so probably some certain corner case12:39
mhr3mzanetti, sorry, no exact way to repro12:40
Saviqmzanetti, saw bug #1239750 ?12:53
ubot5bug 1239750 in Unity 8 "Launcher items get "stale" after app upgrades" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/123975012:53
mzanettiSaviq: yes12:53
Saviqmhr3, it sometimes happen when an item in a ListView is destroyed before it completed12:53
mzanettiSaviq: not sure yet how to tackle this12:54
tsdgeosCimi: i think they somehow fixed that in later qts12:54
=== _salem is now known as salem_
Cimitsdgeos, so we should back port no?12:54
mzanettiSaviq: given that the appID is indeed a different one12:54
mzanettiso it's in fact a different app12:54
tsdgeosCimi: no, we should update :D12:54
Cimitsdgeos, indeed12:55
Saviqmzanetti, appid://blah.blah.blah/blah/current-user-verion12:55
mzanettiSaviq: do appids now contain slashes?12:55
mzanettigood thing this stuff is communitcated :)12:55
Saviqmzanetti, no12:55
Saviqmzanetti, appid:// !== application:///12:55
Saviqmzanetti, appid:// is a way to target an app at no specific version12:56
Saviqmzanetti, like ppid://com.ubuntu.developer.webapps.webapp-facebook/webapp-facebook/current-user-version12:56
=== alan_g|lunch is now known as alan_g
Saviqmzanetti, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~indicator-applet-developers/url-dispatcher/trunk.13.10/revision/3412:56
mzanettimhm... ok. will check it out12:56
mzanettiSaviq: I think the switching-previews are one step closer. pushed a bunch of fixes12:57
Saviqmzanetti, why we need the  "current-user-version" you'll need to ask tedg ;)12:57
Saviqmzanetti, cool beanz12:57
tsdgeosSaviq: i looked at the code and it seems you could request a specifc version too maybe12:57
Saviqtsdgeos, yes yes12:57
tsdgeosseems to have some kind of support for it12:57
Saviqtsdgeos, appid://com.ubuntu.developer.webapps.webapp-facebook/webapp-facebook/0.1.512:58
Saviqtsdgeos, but that's the same as12:58
Saviqtsdgeos, and I just don't get why we need the "current-user-version" at all12:58
Saviqcouldn't it just be12:58
Saviqfor the "current user version"?12:59
Saviqlike what else would you request12:59
SaviqTBH I think ↑ that should be the default12:59
Saviqand version as a url param12:59
Saviqi.e. appid://com.ubuntu.developer.webapps.webapp-facebook/webapp-facebook?version=0.1.512:59
tsdgeosSaviq: so, what do you want me to do with the hang on animation, go back to qt5.0.x and keep trying to find out what's wrong?12:59
Saviqor well, appid://com.ubuntu.developer.webapps/facebook?version=0.1.5 would be even better :P13:00
Saviqtsdgeos, no13:00
tsdgeoshang on quit on animation i mean13:00
Saviqtsdgeos, upstart seems to take care of it for us now13:00
Saviqtsdgeos, i.e. no problems in autopilot now that we're using upstart13:00
Saviqtsdgeos, please add as much info as possible to the bug13:00
Saviqtsdgeos, and make it Medium13:01
mhr3Saviq, kill the disable-hswipe-on-vswipe now!!!13:01
mhr3it's driving my crazy13:01
mhr3stupid dash doesn't want to swipe the way i want half of the time13:01
Saviqmhr3, it's like that all the time13:02
Saviqmhr3, you only ever could swipe to the sides on empty spaces13:02
Saviqmhr3, that's QML I'm afraid13:02
mhr3Saviq, it's just the threshold i guess, i do tiny vswipe and then it doesn't want to do the switch between changes13:03
Saviqmhr3, if you put a horizontal flickable on top of a vertical one - you won't be able to move to the outer one while the inner one is moving13:03
Saviqmhr3, yes, the disable-hswipe-on-vswipe has nothing to do with it13:03
tsdgeosSaviq: ok13:04
mhr3Saviq, but someone it got worse after that branch13:04
Saviqmhr3, you think it did - it didn't13:04
Saviqmhr3, bug #115215013:04
ubot5bug 1152150 in Unity 8 "[DASH] diagonal swipe is recognized as a scroll" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/115215013:04
Saviqmhr3, really - patch -R it, you'll see it's exactly the same13:04
Saviqmhr3, you just notice it more now and associate with that merge13:04
mhr3Saviq, still.... grrrrrrrrrrr13:05
CimiSaviq, still this one waiting review https://code.launchpad.net/~unity-team/unity8/carousel-loader/+merge/19040613:07
SaviqCimi, not gonna happen for S13:08
mhr3Cimi, sorry, it'd cause too many issues imo13:16
mhr3Cimi, after 13.1013:16
Cimimhr3, what, that loader?13:17
mhr3Cimi, count changes too often in scopes, basing renderer off of it is dangerous13:17
mhr3we'd need to minimize the count changes first13:17
tsdgeosSaviq: so the maintainer of qsortfilterproxy argues that my patch is wrong and that the bug is actually at the qmlvisualmodel level13:26
tsdgeosSaviq: so i'll have to create a qml testcase and then let the qml people and him fight on who's wrong13:26
tsdgeosSaviq: we probably don't want to carry much time a patch in qsortfilterproxymodel that is not blessed by upstream13:27
tsdgeosSaviq: mind if i edit the description of https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity-mir/+bug/1239409 ?13:27
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1239409 in unity-mir "unity8 hangs on SIGTERM if there's a painting/animation going on" [Undecided,In progress]13:27
Saviqtsdgeos, do13:28
Saviqtsdgeos, that above one was re: which patch?13:28
Saviqtsdgeos, the loop?13:28
tsdgeosSaviq: the one i made to fix the issues with pstolowski reorder branch13:28
Saviqtsdgeos, since we dropped reordering anyway... we might as well drop that patch from qt13:29
Saviqtsdgeos, before release that is13:29
SaviqMirv, still around?13:29
tsdgeosSaviq: sure13:29
Saviqfeels like a safe route13:30
MacSlowSaviq, can you imagine what alcohol would to to my untouched liver? ;)13:50
MacSlowwould do13:50
SaviqMacSlow, soften it slightly? ;)13:50
mzanettithe s shirt looks like the q one13:50
didrocksbregma: Trevinho: andyrock: hey, urgency ping13:50
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1240074 in unity (Ubuntu) "multi-monitor regression" [Undecided,Confirmed]13:51
didrockswith latest unity13:51
Trevinhodidrocks: pong13:51
Saviqmzanetti, but you can have a t-shirt with the infographic ;)13:51
didrocksTrevinho: elmo can produce more info13:51
didrocksTrevinho: I had it at first as well13:51
MacSlowmzanetti, a t-shirt that can actually pull data form the phone's inforgraphic-backend :)13:51
mzanettihah, right13:51
Saviqmzanetti, http://shop.canonical.com/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=infographic+and+t-shirt13:51
SaviqMacSlow, exactly what I thought about :D13:51
SaviqMacSlow, double tap to see how much alcohol you drunk today :D13:52
MacSlowSaviq, should be possible with today's tech I guess :)13:52
MacSlowSaviq,  :)13:52
Trevinhodidrocks: mh, ok, thanks let me check that13:52
mzanettireminds me of the episode of Big Bang Theory where Raj has the speaker shirt :D13:52
didrocksTrevinho: if we need to revert, let's revert13:52
MacSlowmzanetti, don't know that one13:52
Trevinhodidrocks: but... I can't understand exactly what the problem is there...13:53
Trevinhothe bug is quite generic13:53
didrocksTrevinho: well, I got the same this morning13:53
Trevinhodidrocks: no multi-monitor at all?13:53
mzanettiMacSlow: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n6r_AclV6X813:53
greybackmzanetti: uh oh, if I click that, that's 22 minutes of me not working13:54
mzanettinah... it's a 2 minutes clip13:54
didrocksTrevinho: yeah, just one was up13:54
didrocksthen I rebooted13:54
didrocksand it was fine again13:54
MacSlowmzanetti, top... totally wicked!13:54
Trevinhodidrocks: just one laucnher/panel and such?13:54
didrocksTrevinho: one of the screen was off13:55
Trevinhomh, how could be that related to unity... looks weird13:55
didrockseven going to g-c-c13:55
didrocksyeah, it's weird13:55
didrockshey elmo13:55
Trevinhodidrocks: I don't even seen what could have caused it from 7.1.2+13.10.20131014.1-0ubuntu1 to 7.1.1+13.10.20131004-0ubuntu113:56
didrockseean: we are discussing https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/124007413:56
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1240074 in unity (Ubuntu) "multi-monitor regression" [Undecided,Confirmed]13:56
didrockselmo: ^13:56
didrockssorry eean :)13:56
didrockselmo: so, it seems you had the same symptom than I13:56
didrockslike just one screen starting13:56
didrocksand the other one being off?13:56
elmodidrocks: yeah13:56
didrocksdo you know exactly what happen? (I know that when I got it, I had only the internal monitor on, and then I plugged the other one)13:57
elmodidrocks: sorry, I'm not sure what you mean.  basically, I can reproduce it by turning on display mirroring13:58
elmodidrocks: if I do that, I get an image on only one screen13:58
didrocksah, different from what I saw13:58
SpadsI got it without mirroring13:58
Spadsbut with both displays on13:58
didrocksSpads: but then, you still get it?13:58
elmoyeah, I can reproduce it that way too13:58
elmomirroring just seemed like the easiest to explain13:58
didrockslet me try13:58
didrockshum, I can't get it anymore13:59
didrocksI just rebooted and it was fine13:59
didrocks(this morning)13:59
didrocksand I can't reproduce it again13:59
didrockswith the same unity version13:59
didrockselmo: can you try just upgrading? I can see unity being guilty for a lot of things, but having the screen shutted down…14:00
didrocksTrevinho: your team didn't land anything regarding that, right?14:00
elmodidrocks: checking14:00
didrocksthanks :)14:00
Trevinhodidrocks: mh, I've been checking but I don't see what bit could have affected this14:00
* didrocks looks at uploads14:01
Saviqdidrocks, soo, we have a dpatch in qtbase that's being debated upstream, but we had to revert the code triggering the issue for unrelated reasons, so we could drop the dpatch to be on the safe side, what do you think?14:01
Spads2013-10-14 20:16:14 status installed unity:amd64 7.1.2+13.10.20131014.1-0ubuntu114:01
Spadser, mispaste14:01
didrocksSaviq: does this patch is known to create any issue?14:01
didrocks"triggering the issue" is quite vague :)14:02
elmodidrocks: I can't reproduce now14:02
Saviqdidrocks, no, but it's not known to not14:02
didrockselmo: yeah, same frustration than mine then…14:02
Saviqdidrocks, without the patch unity8 was broken when reordering categories in Home14:02
didrocksI don't see anything creating it :/14:02
Saviqdidrocks, but we've reverted that for other reasons14:02
didrocksSaviq: let's not change anything that we ship for now I would say14:02
Saviqdidrocks, but upstream is arguing whether the patch tsdgeos sent is correct14:02
Saviqdidrocks, ok14:03
didrocksafter V1, we can reevaluate14:03
Saviqdidrocks, there's no known regressions14:03
Saviqdidrocks, so that's good14:03
tsdgeosSaviq: didrocks: otoh this is a patch to a core qt component14:03
didrockselmo: I don't see any other upload which can be guilty though…14:03
elmodidrocks: right, and I only downgraded unity14:03
tsdgeosSaviq: didrocks: and upstream argues it destroys some optimization in the code14:03
tsdgeosi'm fine with leaving it in14:03
didrockselmo: yeah, but maybe restarting the session was enough to """fix""" it14:04
didrockstsdgeos: let's keep it for V1, really, we have too many bugs to tackle right now to get to that level of details/risks :)14:04
tsdgeosdidrocks: i'm fine leaving it for now, but forever 13.10 not sure i'm really confortable14:04
elmodidrocks: possibly14:04
didrocksSpads: have you tried restarted the session?14:04
Spadsdidrocks: no, haven't logged out since the last reboot-requiring update two days ago14:05
didrocksTrevinho: before Spads maybe try logging out, is there any info that can be interesting to us? ^14:06
Trevinho1 sec...14:07
tsdgeosSaviq: ok, added my bt to https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity-mir/+bug/1239409 with what i think is interesting in it14:10
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1239409 in unity-mir "unity8 hangs on SIGTERM if there's a painting/animation going on" [Medium,Confirmed]14:10
Trevinhodidrocks, Spads: I guess some output from xrandr, wnckprop --list may help to understand what's going on14:10
tsdgeosSaviq: now i'm going to have a look at creating the qt testcase to get them to fight themselves at who's bug it is14:11
Spadshttp://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6240708/ <-- Trevinho I redacted some of the window titles :)14:14
TrevinhoSpads: LVDS1 is the black one, right?14:15
SpadsTrevinho: yep14:15
Saviqtsdgeos, yup, thanks14:15
Trevinhomh, it doesn't seem ON on xrandr as well.. it's very strange that only updating unity can fix this issue14:16
Spadswell, it's possible it was the session restart that did it14:16
Spadssince elmo can't reproduce14:16
TrevinhoSpads: looking there unity only correctly creates the windows it needs...14:17
SpadsI can see if a restart without touching my packages helps14:17
didrocksSpads: elmo: do you have the list of upgrades you have done before getting that issue?14:17
TrevinhoSpads: just try to do a "compiz --replace&" in a terminal before14:17
TrevinhoI see you've a couple opneed :D14:17
SpadsTrevinho: STALKER14:17
didrocksoh, nice idea :)14:17
Spadsdidrocks: I can snip out a dpkg.log spam if you need14:18
Spadsokay, so should I do compiz --replace first?14:18
Trevinhoit should reload unity, I don't expect it to fix anything though14:18
SpadsLVDS1 still off14:19
Spadsyeah my X server is still from the 13th14:20
Spadsshall I log out now?  Because all my windows are in one workspace and it's making my brain cramp :)14:20
didrocksTrevinho: ? ^ I think Spads should ;)14:20
SpadsI could try the multi-monitor tool again14:21
Spadsto see if it can wake lvds1 up now14:21
didrocksSpads: I tried it this morning, without any success14:21
Spadsoh, so you saw this as well?14:21
didrocksyeah, but as I suspended/resumed a lot, I was thinking it was due to that14:21
didrocksand I just rebooted14:21
Spadsyeah it couldn't switchi t on14:22
TrevinhoSpads: yes, reboot14:22
SpadsTrevinho: I'm going to log out first instead of reboot14:22
TrevinhoSpads: using xrandr manually doens't help?14:22
TrevinhoSpads: sure14:22
Spadswelp, that fixed it14:23
Spadseven before it was done logging me out14:24
Spadsalthough that's probably just lag of various sorts14:24
Spadsooh, apport wants me to submit a complaint14:25
TrevinhoSpads: why complaining, that's working! ^_^14:25
bregmaprobably just the usual unity-panel-service crash-on-dbus-disconnect apport noise14:25
Trevinhoyeah, maybe...14:26
dednickmhr3: ping14:26
mhr3dednick, pong14:26
dednickmhr3: howdy. could you do me a favour? :)14:26
Spadsokay, well at least it looks like it was a transient thing that's fixed now14:26
dednickmhr3: can you grep your syslog for anything from "indicator-date"14:27
dednickmhr3: on your device i mean14:28
mhr3dednick, syslog?14:29
mhr3hmm, let me try14:29
dednickmhr3: zgrep 'indicator-date' /var/log/syslog*14:29
didrocksSpads: can you do one more test?14:30
Spadsdidrocks: sure what's up14:30
didrocksshut your computer down, disconnect the external monitor, boot it, log in, then plug the external monitor14:30
mhr3dednick, nope, nothing14:31
dednickmhr3: have you flashed lately?14:31
Spadsdidrocks: okay14:31
mhr3dednick, yes, morning14:31
mhr3dednick, was just about to ask if it'd survive14:31
* Spads will bbiab14:31
dednickmhr3: hm. i think it does actually14:31
mhr3dednick, fwiw i don't have any gzipped syslogs there14:31
mhr3dednick, and the first entry is from this morning14:32
dednickmhr3: ah. probably didnt then14:32
dednickmhr3: dang. dont suppose you noticed your datetime indicator not working ;)14:32
mhr3dednick, nope, today it was fine14:32
dednickstupid indicator14:32
dednickworks when you dont want it to14:33
mhr3who wouldn't love those kind of bugs14:33
dednicki'd like everything to always work14:33
dednickalthough i might not have much of a job14:34
mhr3dednick, they you have to be the one who makes it always work :)14:34
dednickwhat you talkin about. my stuff always works14:35
greybackSaviq: hey, what was the signal you wanted unity-mit/unity8 to emit when Mir was ready to get client connections? Upstart needed it14:35
Saviqgreyback, raise(SIGSTOP)14:35
dednickmhr3: other people secretly add bugs to my code.14:35
greybackSaviq: ok. I can add to unity-mir easily enough, but how about the SF case?14:35
Saviqgreyback, we'd need to raise it on sflinger, too - but whenever, so probably in main()14:35
mhr3dednick, damn, you noticed it?14:35
dednicktrying to bring me down to their level!14:36
Saviqgreyback, since we know on sflinger nothing else will emit it, and we know we're ready already, we'll just emit ourselves14:36
Spadsokay, let's try plugging this in now14:36
dednickall: anyone's datetime indicator not working at the moment?14:36
Spadsdidrocks: works fine14:37
didrocksSpads: ok, thanks for all the testing :)14:37
Spadsdednick: I had that problem last week, but it's been clear for a while14:37
didrocksthanks Trevinho, Spads, elmo. Seems it's a transition issue in something else than unity anyway, we are going to continue investigating14:38
Spadsdidrocks: want a paste of my dpkg.log for the past few days?14:38
SpadsI warn you it's full of noise :)14:38
Trevinhodidrocks: np14:38
didrocksSpads: no, I think we've identified another victim :)14:38
Spadscome to think14:39
Spadsthe behaviour of the light dimmer was odd for a while14:39
didrocksyeah, that's what the last upower was supposed to fix14:39
Spadslike it seemed like it took on a new power profile14:39
Saviqgreyback, https://code.launchpad.net/~saviq/unity8/raise-sigstop/+merge/19121214:40
mzanettidednick: define "not working". It's here but none of the items in it open something when I tap them14:45
mzanettidednick: not sure if that is expected or not14:45
dednickmzanetti: that may indicator not working14:46
dednickis the indicator-datetime-service process running on the device?14:46
dednickmzanetti: otherwise it may just be another bug14:47
dednickmzanetti: although that one is related to the indicator restarting i think.14:47
mzanettidednick: oh... just realized that it tried to launch the datetime settings but I already had systemsettings open in the "accounts" page14:48
mzanettidednick: so it just brought the accounts page to the front again14:48
mzanettidednick: I guess that means it's working fine (the indicator part at least)14:48
dednickmzanetti: yup14:48
dednickmzanetti: not working means not visible in this case i think (or at least not updating the time)14:49
mzanettidednick: I've seen kalikiana's device at the dev days basically never showing the datetime indicator. but I haven't ever seen this issue on my device14:49
* tsdgeos hits himself14:54
tsdgeosafter wondering why the qml testcase works for a while14:54
tsdgeosi realized we have patched qt so i can't be hitting the bug14:54
mhr3Saviq, could you look at the overridden-results-preview branch?14:55
tsdgeoswhat?¿?¿? http://www.engadget.com/2013/10/13/lg-g-flex-revealed/14:55
tsdgeosit's so big that they curved it so you can use it with a single hand14:56
mhr3tsdgeos, sometimes the dash decides that there's less content than there really is... any idea what's up with that?15:04
mhr3i mean there's lots of content but it doesn't want to let me scroll to it15:04
tsdgeosmhr3: that'd be a bug in the LVWPH i guess :'(15:05
mhr3tsdgeos, yey!15:06
tsdgeosmhr3: i guess it's not easily-reproducible, no?15:07
mhr3tsdgeos, it you just want to get into that state, it's not too hard, if you want exact steps though...15:08
tsdgeosmhr3: well, not exact steps, but rough step?15:09
mhr3tsdgeos, search in home scope, swipe away to clear15:09
tsdgeoslike "if you do this a few times it'll happen"15:09
mhr3repeat until it's broken15:09
tsdgeosmhr3: swipe away = change to a different scope?15:09
mhr3tsdgeos, yes15:09
tsdgeosand then?15:09
tsdgeoswhen does it break? how does it look like?15:10
tsdgeosbreaks before swiping away?15:10
mhr3it looks like you can't scroll all the way down :)15:10
mhr3tsdgeos, it's easier to see when you still have lots of results from the home scope, so before swiping away, which resets it back to the surfacing model15:11
tsdgeosmhr3: ok, could you open a bug with all that info?15:12
mhr3tsdgeos, are you sure there isn't one already?15:12
tsdgeosi'm not15:12
tsdgeosbut if there is15:12
tsdgeosit's not assigned to me :D15:12
tsdgeosSaviq: any idea about ↑↑↑↑15:12
Saviqtsdgeos, no, didn't see/hear15:13
mhr3opening then15:13
mhr3tsdgeos, although i'm seeing this on saucy-proposed which still has the reordering, maybe it's easier to trigger with that15:15
tsdgeosmay b15:15
mhr3but i do remember seeing it before that as well15:15
Saviqkill -SIGINT tsdgeos15:21
tsdgeosSaviq: what?15:22
Saviqtsdgeos, can I interrupt you?15:22
greybackSaviq: https://code.launchpad.net/~gerboland/unity-mir/listen-for-server-start-stop-ready/+merge/19122415:22
Saviqgreyback, cool beanz15:23
greybacktsdgeos: you pay extra for the "I sat on my phone" joke?15:24
greybackah that comment was 30 mins ago15:24
mhr3tsdgeos, https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity8/+bug/124011815:25
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1240118 in Unity 8 "Scrolling in dash breaks" [Undecided,New]15:25
mhr3tsdgeos, so with the steps there i can reproduce it reliably when the reordering is enabled, with trunk it just breaks the search bar position15:32
tsdgeosi fixed the search bar pos a while ago :S15:33
tsdgeosmaybe needs more fixing :D15:33
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mhr3Saviq, is this useful in any way? http://paste.ubuntu.com/6241183/16:21
* greyback eod16:33
CimiSaviq, mhr3 https://code.launchpad.net/~cimi/unity8/carousel-music-video/+merge/19124716:47
Cimifor T16:47
mhr3Cimi, yey, pretty :)16:55
mhr3Cimi, it's not pixel perfect though :P16:56
Cimimhr3, music lens?16:56
Cimimhr3, not my fault16:57
mhr3Cimi, yep16:57
mhr3Cimi, see http://imgur.com/6NgLiOZ16:57
Cimimhr3, can't do much about it with those assets16:58
mhr3Cimi, the video carousel behaves weird though, it keeps disappearing for me... not sure whether your branch introduced that though17:01
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kgunnmterry: ping20:32
mterrykgunn, hello20:33
kgunnmterry: hey...i don't have a sim...but you can rcv/answer a call with a locked phone right ?20:33
kgunnlocked greeter20:33
mterrykgunn, yes, I believe I tested last Friday20:33
mterrykgunn, you can test without a sim these days20:33
mterrykgunn, I'll test again, just to make double sure20:33
kgunnmterry: how to test w/o a sim ?20:34
mterrykgunn, one moment, let me get instructions20:34
kgunnmterry: i assume emergency call is supported as well20:34
mterrykgunn, no need for emergency call, there is no lock20:35
kgunnmterry: yeah...ok, so there is _some_ effort there just to make sure those items "just work" when lock get in20:37
mterrykgunn, hmm, the script to fake an incoming call isn't working right now20:39
mterrykgunn, for when the lock is enabled...20:39
kgunnok, no biggie..just updating bp's20:40
mterrykgunn, we need either the dialer-app to provide a Qml plugin (which got put on hold for 13.10) or transition the split greeter into a full session that can launch internal apps (which we probably want to do eventually anyway)20:41
kgunnmterry: right, i'd like to focus on migrating to the split greeter really....20:42
kgunnmterry: what do you think...i mean we're now free for effectively another 6mo window20:42
mterrykgunn, so would I...  I started updating my split branch today and was going to try to test everything in concert20:42
kgunnmterry: so we're looking at setting milestones for the 1/2 way mark to 14.04...i would like to see split greeter be one of those20:44
kgunnseems like we're close20:44
mterrykgunn, OK.  Yeah, we're close.  If we are OK with regressions, even closer.  I've been trying to keep track of things that need updating for a split greeter (things like making sure the indicators have a phone_greeter mode and the dialer stuff20:45
mterryAlso sharing some settings like volume/ringtone via AccountsService20:46
mterrykgunn, blueprints!  Sorry, I have not been keeping the greeter ones up to date...  :(20:48
kgunnmterry: no worries....you are much less an offender than most...so i thank you for that20:49
mterryI find that hard to believe20:49
kgunnmterry: everyone's probably going to need to help me with filtering out work items20:49
mterryhmm, now I can't get the phone to see my sim20:57
mterrykgunn, yup, just tested with real sim, we can receive calls in greeter just fine21:08
kgunncool thanks for testing mterry21:08
Cimikgunn, I'd love to have bug reports instead blueprints...21:16
kgunnCimi: noted21:16
Cimikgunn, they have milestones, priorities… they get automatically updated when they land!21:16
Cimiand they show up in +upcomingwork on launchpad :)21:17
kgunnCimi: yep....there's vices and virtues to everything...bp's have this http://status.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-s/21:17
kgunnCimi: i hope to have an opportunity to discuss with upper management21:18
kgunni get the fact bugs "make more sense" to the individual21:18
Cimikgunn, I generally don't like duplicated work, and blueprints/bugs feel like dup21:18
kgunni think bugs could be massaged into being more closely like bp's21:18
Cimikgunn, I think we should use BP only for small amount of things without a specific bug21:18
Cimiat least we don't have kanban anymore :)21:19
Cimikgunn, speaking of upcoming work, I have still on my list the calendar for sdk21:20
Cimikgunn, the calendar landed in ubuntu-settings-components, do we want to extract it and put in the SDK?21:20
kgunnCimi: yep...actually i was just doing bp's...you have more than that21:20
Saviqveebers, hey22:27
Saviqveebers, care to comment/respond on https://code.launchpad.net/~doanac/phablet-tools/unlock_screen/+merge/191268/comments/439588 ?22:27
veebersHI Saviq , sure will look now22:27
Saviqveebers, I don't want to another more place that keeps a blind unity8 unlock22:28
Saviqwe can do it right, it's not that much more work22:28
veebersSaviq: right, the code is already in the greeter emulator and we do it in the unity8 tests22:30
Saviqveebers, yeah, we just need to make it consumable from the outside22:31
Saviqveebers, we just need a Unity8 emulator with a "unlock" method22:31
Saviqveebers, that will take care of everything that's needed (restart unity8 if not under testability, wait for it, unlock), and return for the other suite to just continue22:32
veebersSaviq: hmm, I'm not sure about just restarting the shell, it's the same discussion that we had with the unity8 tests restarting the shell (ownership of the environment)22:33
Saviqveebers, sure, we could say you need to do it yourself22:33
Saviqveebers, I think we said that before - that the test harness should just set-env QT_LOAD_TESTABILITY=122:33
Saviqand restart unity8 - basically start the phone with testability all over22:34
Saviqveebers, and then the emulator would just find the running unity8 and unlock it, and give the reins back to the app22:34
veebersSaviq: I agree with the idea, just wasn't sure about where the 'restart the shell' part should go22:35
Saviqveebers, we do need to make sure that it's possible to run them outside of unity8 - so if the emulator doesn't find unity8 running, maybe a custom exception to-be-caught by whoever uses the emulator22:35
Saviqveebers, and if they decide it's fine, just continue - or bail out if it's actually required for the test to be ran under unity822:36
veebersSaviq: makes sense, I'm just writing something now like you described, shouldn't be too much to do22:36
Saviqveebers, cool22:36
veebersSaviq: just a thought, in the context of the unlocking the restarting of unity should reside in with the user or the calling testcase, this is so it can be cleaned up easily. (emulators don't have a n addCleanup)22:44
Saviqveebers, sure, we just said that, didn't we :D22:44
veebersSaviq: yeag, I guess so :-P oops22:45
Saviqveebers, that to use the emulator - you need to make sure unity8 is testable22:45
Saviqveebers, we can still provide utility functions for that22:45
Saviqveebers, so that we control how that happens22:46
Saviqveebers, or well, if we say people need to prepare (i.e. set-env manually), that's fine with me, too, probably22:46
Saviqveebers, will you respond to doanac please?22:46
veebersSaviq: sure can do22:46
veebersSaviq: fyi as per comment I filed: https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity8/+bug/124026122:50
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1240261 in Unity 8 "Unity8 autopilot emulators should provide a way to unlock the greeter" [Undecided,Confirmed]22:50
veebersmight need it's tags tweaked22:50
Saviqveebers, thanks22:50
veebersSaviq: heres a thought, if we're wanting to provide something for tests to use to unlock the greeter and restart unity if required, they are going to have to have unity8-autopilot installed right?22:57
veebersWhy not just get their testsuites to inherit from UnityTestCase and they can do what the unity8 tests do: self.launch_unity(); self.main_window.get_greeter().swipe()22:57
veebersthat way we don't need to add anything.22:58
Saviqveebers, testing on desktop22:58
Saviqveebers, I'd rather not tie them that much22:58
veeberswe could still add the unlock emulator part for those that want to take care of the restarting of unity etc.22:58
Saviqveebers, I'd rather provide a very simple .prepare_unity8() or something22:59
Saviqveebers, so that it's *us* that know what that entails22:59
Saviqveebers, and in case things change, we don't have to chase apps22:59
Saviqveebers, the tests should also run if you *don't* use that emulator to unlock (say you unlocked manually, 'cause your phone is password-protected)23:00
Saviqand I dare say - even when unity8 suite is not installed23:00
Saviqveebers, I'm thinking of it more like of a helper23:03
veebersSaviq: hmm ok, was a thought. I should have a MR up for discussion in a little bit if you'll still be around23:03
Saviqveebers, 1am here, probably not ;)23:04
Saviqveebers, but will definitely look tomorrow23:04
veebershah, I never know when you'll be around Saviq :-)23:04
Saviqtrue, true ;)23:04
Saviqdon't get used to it, though, it's not gonna continue past release day :D23:04
veebersSaviq: awesome, I'll try get other eyes etc. get it as far as possible23:04
veebersSaviq: heh, will you be sleeping for a week?23:04
Saviqveebers, that might *just* happen indeed23:05
=== jalcine_ is now known as jalcine

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