blitzclifter what client00:19
clifterblitz: What client? sorry00:21
clifterblitz: Running 13.1000:22
philipballewpleia2, About how long does the meetings for the LoCo last. I will be there at 1, but have class at 1:30.02:23
pleia2philipballew: should be quick02:23
philipballewpleia2, perfect.02:24
philipballewShort sweet and to the point.02:24
philipballewif you ever need me and I am not around, I accept all phone calls, and tweets right to my razor.02:27
* philipballew tweets way too much...02:35
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pleia2anyone around for the team reverification meeting over in #ubuntu-meeting in 9 minutes?19:51
pleia2not all at once, now :)19:55
pleia2starting now20:00
pleia213:14:31 < meetingology> Voting ended on: California LoCo Team Re-Verification20:14
pleia213:14:31 < meetingology> Votes for:4 Votes against:0 Abstentions:020:14
pleia213:14:31 < meetingology> Motion carried20:14
pleia2go us20:14
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raevolwhat's up with re-verification?20:16
pleia2every 2 years loco teams check in with the loco council to make sure they're still on track20:17
raevolah ok20:17
pleia2if they are, they get verification extended for another 2 years, so we get DVDs during LTS cycle and other verified team benefits20:17
pleia2it's replacing "approval" since "verification" is a more accurate word20:18
jyoDamn, sorry about missing it.20:23
raevolwell we are pretty awesome'20:23
jyoYou can regale me with the exciting 14 minute details on Thursday, I suppose.20:26
akkDarn, I was going to go add moral support at the meeting but we had drain unclogging excitement instead.20:54
jyoOdd. Didn't realize PyLadies SF has more of a South Bay presence.23:51
pleia2yeah :\23:51

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