rickspencer3hey loco team ... any thoughts about setting up a meetup for Thursday for the release party?12:51
rickspencer3ChanServ, do you do anything interesting?12:59
ChinnoDogChanServ is boring. He has the personality of a robot.13:00
* adom lawls.13:21
rickspencer3hey adom, ChinnoDog13:21
* adom waves.13:21
rickspencer3would you guys come out to a little celebration on THursday night?13:21
rickspencer3I'm looking to reserve a table for us at Bread and Soda13:21
rickspencer3it's on Wisconsin Avenue in Glover Park13:22
adomthat's a 45min drive from my work. i dont get out until 5:30, so i wouldnt get there until 6:15 at the very earliest. more likely closer to 6:45 probably.13:24
adomif everyone will be tryign to go, i could try to attend as well13:24
adombut cant guarantee anything yet13:25
marcoceppirickspencer3: I've got plans on Thursday night already :\13:26
rickspencer3marcoceppi, bring them!13:26
marcoceppirickspencer3: If only! Unfortunatley these plans put me in Southern VA13:28
rickspencer3ChinnoDog, adom, marcoceppi what do you guys think about me setting a meetup on meetup.com?13:55
marcoceppirickspencer3: for the release party, or for more regular events?13:55
rickspencer3marcoceppi, for the release party as a start?13:55
marcoceppirickspencer3: I don't really have a problem, with the exception that meetup is a paid for platform13:56
rickspencer3marcoceppi, yeah, I can pay for it13:56
rickspencer3it may bring some more people into the loco, I was thinking13:56
rickspencer3arg ... I have to name the meetup group and stuff13:57
rickspencer3marcoceppi, how does "DC Ubuntu Parties" sound for a group name?13:57
rickspencer3I presume I can change it later13:57
rickspencer3maybe DC Ubuntu Get Togethers ?13:58
marcoceppirickspencer3: Ubuntu DC LoCo might be a better umbrela name, or "Ubuntu DC"13:58
rickspencer3marcoceppi, is it ok if I use "LoCo"?13:58
ChinnoDogMeetup for this purpose seems useful but unnecessary13:58
rickspencer3I didn't want to be presumptious13:58
marcoceppirickspencer3: I'd recommend at least mailing the ubuntu dc mailing list with this idea too, since only a small amount of us are in IRC13:59
rickspencer3marcoceppi, well, I tried the mailing list, but got rejected because I was not accepted tot he team yet :(13:59
marcoceppirickspencer3: I assume so?13:59
rickspencer3I'll leave LoCo out of it for now13:59
marcoceppirickspencer3: that's lame, we really need to figure out who has the power of what in the loco and get some more active bodies in places13:59
rickspencer3I don't feel like it would be right for me to claim that I represent the Loco14:00
rickspencer3marcoceppi, well, in fairness, I applied like 1 hour ago :)14:00
marcoceppirickspencer3: ah, that's probably why! ;)14:00
ChinnoDogI sent a message to the list requesting access to moderate and the response was that all pending membership requests have been taken care of14:00
ChinnoDogOh. 1hr ago is not long.14:00
rickspencer3ChinnoDog, :)14:00
rickspencer3hey marcoceppi ChinnoDog adom, etc... http://www.meetup.com/DC-DMV-Ubuntu-Meetup-Group/14:17
* marcoceppi joins15:05
* adom joined.15:37
rickspencer3I'm confirming a venue in a few minutes, then I'll make the invite for the event15:46
rickspencer3ChinnoDog, any chance you could send that through the loco mailing list or something?16:07
ChinnoDogJust wait for them to auth you. If it takes too long I can send a message to the list to nudge them.16:09
rickspencer3thanks ChinnoDog16:10
adomrickspencer3: you might want to update bcurtiswx, he's OP here.17:56
bcurtiswxhey rickspencer3 what can i do for you ?17:57
bcurtiswxadom, what did he want befre ?17:57
marcoceppibcurtiswx: \o/18:03
marcoceppibcurtiswx: he's waiting for approval on the dc loco list18:04
marcoceppibcurtiswx: also, can you op someone eles in the channel, or add them to chanserv?18:04
bcurtiswxi can op anyone, but we've approved everyone we have in waiting18:06
rickspencer3hi bcurtiswx18:11
rickspencer3bcurtiswx, I joined the dc loco team this morning (I think)18:11
rickspencer3bcurtiswx, and also, I am organizing a little release event18:12
rickspencer3I would like to invite the loco to that18:12
adombcurtiswx: sorry for late response, at work...just that i think ^^^18:13
bcurtiswxrickspencer3, lemme go look, once sec18:13
rickspencer3thanks bcurtiswx18:13
bcurtiswxrickspencer3,  what is your launchpad id ?18:15
rickspencer3bcurtiswx, ^18:16
bcurtiswxrickspencer3, I don't see it https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-districtofcolumbia18:21
rickspencer3bcurtiswx, hmmm18:22
rickspencer3let me try again18:22
rickspencer3bcurtiswx, ok, I have no idea what team I tried to join earlier :)18:23
bcurtiswxwe've had to change our name before, since we're the weird part of the US in that we aren't a state, but a territory18:23
rickspencer3bcurtiswx, taxation without representation :)18:24
rickspencer3bcurtiswx, so, can you come on Thursday?20:13
bcurtiswxnot looking good for me specifically, things can change tho.20:13
bcurtiswxrickspencer3, so what brings you to DC from Seattle ?20:13
rickspencer3bcurtiswx, well, we (my wife, son, and I) lived in Alexandria in 90s, before we left so I could work at Microsoft in 199820:14
rickspencer3that's why we went to Seattle20:14
rickspencer3after the boy graduated High School, I had already been working for Canonical for 4.5 years, so ...20:14
rickspencer3we decided to move back20:15
rickspencer3my wife didn't love Seattle, but we both love DC20:15
bcurtiswxrickspencer3, ah I'm sorry you had to deal with MSoft ;)20:15
rickspencer3(we have a daughter now too, but didn't when we left for Seattle)20:15
rickspencer3bcurtiswx, almost 10 years there!20:15
bcurtiswxrickspencer3, well then, welcome back :)20:15
rickspencer3thanks bcurtiswx20:15
rickspencer3bcurtiswx, I'd love to be part of other loco events, btw20:16
bcurtiswxyou introduced me to Mr. Shuttleworth at the UDS-O so I'm still thankful for that20:16
rickspencer3I should have planned this party weeks ago, but I was so heads down driving the phone release20:16
rickspencer3bcurtiswx, oh? I don't recall, though I'm sure he does20:16
rickspencer3sabdfl never forgets anyeone20:17
bcurtiswxrickspencer3, i'm not very happy with how touch has taken away from the Desktop, but hopefully when things start getting more "gelled" the Desktop can regain that focus20:17
bcurtiswxWe usually meet once a month in here for formalities as we try to get "official LoCo" status back20:18
rickspencer3we're not official?20:18
bcurtiswxi'm sure we could, but with how busy everyone is, we haven't attended a "let us back in" IRC chat20:19
rickspencer3bcurtiswx, hold on, just took a call20:19
bcurtiswxrickspencer3, sure thing20:19
ChinnoDogrickspencer3: I would be curious about the relative merits of living in DC vs Seattle.20:50
rickspencer3ChinnoDog, then come on Thursday!20:50
rickspencer3we can talk all about it20:50
rickspencer3personally, I like both places20:50
bcurtiswxMeteorologically speaking, Seattle's a rainy place, but probably not as rainy as the past week has been20:51
ChinnoDogI can't on Thursday. :-( I already have plans.20:51
bcurtiswxYeah, typically there's two points that have to be met in order for people to show up at events.. A) Metro access and B) Weekends20:52
ChinnoDogI would be up for it most weekdays but can't this time.20:54
rickspencer3 bcurtiswx good to note about the metro access, I'll keep that in mind for next time20:54
ChinnoDogI like having my weekends to myself.20:54
rickspencer3probably more than 2 days notice too ;)20:54
marcoceppiwe had a small, but successful two outings from just the people in IRC on weekdays, but weekends are way better (and more notice)20:54
rickspencer3bcurtiswx, marcoceppi is there a Loco wiki page where I should put the breadsoda thing?21:22
bcurtiswxrickspencer3, haha.. There is21:23
bcurtiswxthe reason i laugh, is that we have a drupal page.. well.. had one.. and Canonical is having a troubled time getting it back up..21:23
bcurtiswxrickspencer3, http://dc.ubuntu-us.org/21:24
bcurtiswxit's been that way for a good month now21:24
rickspencer3bcurtiswx, well, now you have an escalation point :)21:24
bcurtiswxrickspencer3, if it helps it's been in purgatory in rt "rt.ubuntu.com #22941"21:25
rickspencer3bcurtiswx, I need to go, remind me tomorrow and I'll chase it up :)21:26
bcurtiswxrickspencer3, i will try. Have a great evening21:26
marcoceppibcurtiswx: YOU'RE THE ONE I NEED TO TALK TO21:28
bcurtiswxmarcoceppi, yes?21:29
marcoceppibcurtiswx: IS contacted me a while ago, they can't update it and took it off line because of a plugin incompatibility21:29
marcoceppiit, the site21:29
marcoceppiafter the forums were comprimised, they went through and upgraded all the properites. They asked me about the site but I didn't know who to mention it to21:29
marcoceppiand it slipped my mind21:29
bcurtiswxthey contacted you?21:29
marcoceppibefore the site was taken offline21:29
marcoceppishortly before*21:30
marcoceppithey can put it back online but the plugin needs to be removed or whatever. Let me find the email21:30
bcurtiswxi've been on contact with them after that, in e-mail threads, i gave them perm to get it back up with a newer Drupal21:30
bcurtiswxthey told me all that in their initial communication21:30
bcurtiswxmarcoceppi, but, thanks :)21:30
marcoceppibcurtiswx: cool21:30
marcoceppiI can help push it along if need b21:30
bcurtiswxmarcoceppi, OK, Thanks21:31

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