cmaloneybrousch7: I have a feeling this next OMC episode is going to have a lot of doom in it01:02
cmaloneySeems it's October, and time for people to take to the fields in bizarre rituals involving goats and chick'n Mc Nuggets01:03
cmaloneyMan, I don't understand how this works01:45
cmaloneyI think I'm going to have trouble putting together an episode01:45
cmaloneyI dig further, and I find so much music that I don't think  it'll all fit in an episode01:45
cmaloneyAnd I find some amazing artists01:46
cmaloneyDa fuq: http://jugad2.blogspot.com/2013/10/bank-of-america-to-rebuild-tech-stack.html03:06
rick_h_saw that one today. Go python go :)03:06
cmaloneyNow I'm torn03:07
cmaloneyBoA is evil incarnate03:07
cmaloneythey use Python03:07
cmaloneyeeeerrrr eerrr rrrrrrr meltdown03:07
cmaloneyAlso, I have found great music. Please share this next episode.03:08
jrwrencmaloney: don't be torn. BoA is still evil.12:42
cmaloneybrousch created repository vibrationexplorer13:33
cmaloneySounds kinky13:33
cmaloneylmorchard: I can't believe how many people I know play cookie clicker13:43
rick_h_that is pretty damn funny13:43
brouschAlthough there were some questionable apps when I was checking to see if this existed already13:43
cmaloneysmart people. People who aren't usually ones to waste time.13:43
brouschDo you get real cookies?13:43
cmaloneyYou spend time creating a cookie engine13:44
brouschWell fuck that13:44
cmaloneyit's like playing Magic the Gathering against yourself13:44
cmaloney(Or Dominion / Thunderstone)13:44
cmaloneybrousch: Downloaded the latest OMC yet?13:45
brouschNo. I am way behind13:46
cmaloneyI think you'll like this latest episode13:46
cmaloneyThere's a whole label dedicated to Stoner / Doom metal13:46
cmaloneyAnd I play an entire segment of their stuff13:46
brouschI can user more of that. Any sludge?13:47
jrwrenany symphonic and/or operetic ?13:47
cmaloneyjrwren: That's next episode13:48
cmaloneyI literally went from "oh God, it's going to be a funeral doom episode" to having a bunch of stuff for this and next episode13:48
jrwrenCC music along lines of Sonata Arctica and Xandria would be SWEET13:48
cmaloneyCrimson Blue13:48
cmaloneyhttp://www.jamendo.com/en/artist/438364/the-rinn <- The Rinn13:49
cmaloneyI've run into a few other ones. Will have to do some searching13:51
cmaloneybut yeah, there's a bunch of them.13:51
greg-gcmaloney: you scared me, I read "it's goign to be a funeral doom episode" as being a reference to your weekend, but reading scrollback, everything is 'OK' (for various definitions, at least), right?15:28
mathomastechis there a way to automate this in the irc.conf or weechat.conf? "/set irc.look.smart_filter on" I can do it maually in each individual channel I am in, but it doesn't seem to take effect when I but it in the irc.conf files.16:02
mathomastechBasically, that command turns off the join and connect messages that spam my terminal :)16:02
cmaloneygreg-g: Yeah, dad-in-law is home17:02
cmaloneyReleased him yesterday.17:02
cmaloneySo only a matter of time until he has to go back in17:02
* cmaloney thinks they released him too early, but oh well17:03
greg-g:( suck17:04
greg-gsorry man17:04
cmaloneyThanks. No worries. :)17:18
jrwrensaucy is a bit of a letdown.  still setuptools 0.619:39
jrwrenpbr it is!19:48
jrwrenhonestly, I kinda blame ubuntu on that one.19:48
jrwrenunless moving to current setuptools breaks older stuff.19:48
cmaloneyOh, I thought you were going to drink PBR19:56
cmaloneydidn't realize it was something for setuptools19:56
jrwrendamn, and no pbr in precise19:56
jrwrenyeah, its openstacks attempt at dealing with setuptools b.s.19:57
jrwrenno doubt in large part to missing modern setuptools on most distros19:57
rick_h_my guess is brazil because everyone loves brazil and you said it's not obvious so not going to guess US/UK20:35
rick_h_oops, wrong channel lol20:42
cmaloneyFigured it might be something like that. :)20:42
rick_h_"OK, a prize for the person who guesses this without looking at blog stats: what country has the most page views ofthe gui blog in the past 30 days? If you win, you have to tell me how the heck you guessed this country."20:42
rick_h_from work channel20:43
cmaloneyYeah, I'd pick Brazil20:43

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