glycanseriously, I can't find any TTY config insturctions anywhere00:00
BarryBlackwell, nullmailer keeps screwing me over by saying "Sending failed:  Unspecified temporary error"00:00
BarryBlacki know i have the mail config set up right, i've made a user and a group previously to installing nullmailer00:01
bennypr0fane_hello, can someone help me with Wine? I have a Windows application called Electronics Workbench which does start in my rather fresh installation of Ubuntu Gnome 13.04, but not in regular Ubuntu. I need to used it in Ubuntu for now though. How can I check what's wrong00:01
reisiobennypr0fane_: it's unlikely Unity vs GNOME is the relevant difference00:01
reisiobennypr0fane_: these are two separate installations?00:01
Dr_Willishttp://www.maketecheasier.com/change-console-fonts-in-ubuntu    perhaps glycan00:02
zykotick9glycan: try "sudo dpkg-reconfigure console-setup"00:02
clifterHi - Running Ubuntu 13.10 - Missing the Log-off, Shutdown icon in top right corner of desktop. Have Terminal before. What is best way to get back to default panel ? ?00:02
zykotick9glycan: that's called "console" or "linux console", a TTY is ANY terminal...00:03
bennypr0fane_reisio, yes, separate. And that's what I was thinking, the desktop shouldn't make a difference00:03
reisioglycan: I call it 'outside of X'00:03
reisiobennypr0fane_: and likely isn't00:03
reisiobennypr0fane_: it's probably some other difference00:04
reisiobennypr0fane_: what does the output in a terminal say?00:04
Dr_Willisglycan:  /etc/default/console-setup   has settings also.00:04
bennypr0fane_reisio, for what command?00:04
reisiobennypr0fane_: whatever wine command you're using00:04
linus /msg NickServ REGISTER asemlah  foo@bar.com00:05
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wilee-nileeclifter, 13.10 is on #ubuntu+1 for a couple more days till released.00:06
zykotick9glycan: fyi, i doubt unicode is possible... i always get squares :(00:06
Dr_Willisglycan:  for the console. check out fbterm  it  allows extra features by using the framebuffer-console00:06
Dr_Willis!info fbterm00:06
ubottufbterm (source: fbterm): A fast framebuffer based terminal emulator for Linux. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.7-2 (raring), package size 59 kB, installed size 184 kB00:06
jubaleHow do we add menu entries for binary applications installed via tarball??00:06
Dr_Willisi THINK i might have seen unicode characters with fbterm on the console while useing weechat in here.00:07
bennypr0fane_reisio, I'm not using it from the command line, I just go to the .exe file in the file manager, right-click and choose "open with Wine Windows- application Starter"00:07
bennypr0fane_I can start other windows apps though in regular Ubuntu00:07
jubaleWhat do you mean by 'other windows apps'?00:08
bennypr0fane_reisio, btw I'm talking about 2 different installs of Ubuntu on the same computer00:08
Dr_Willisi tend to run wine/windows apps in terminal bennypr0fane_  - because if often tehres error messages you may not see if you just 'double click'00:08
bennypr0fane_jubale e.g. I can launch a  Win pdf viewer, but not this other program "Electronics Workbench"00:09
InfandumIf I install Ubuntu 13.10 now, can I update it to the REAL Ubuntu 13.10 when it's released?00:09
bennypr0fane_Dr_Willis, I don't know how to do that in terminal00:09
wilee-nileeInfandum, yes and 13.10 till then is #ubuntu+100:09
Dr_WillisInfandum:  of course you can.00:09
Dr_Willisbennypr0fane_:  wine /the/path/to/the/whtever.exe00:10
InfandumDr_Willis: How can I do that? Will it pop up with a message?00:10
acovrigI installed and drivers from amd.org (not apt-get) because I was trying a friend's card, and now I can't get a GUI (w/my nvidia card)00:10
Dr_WillisInfandum:  sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade        will do it also.00:10
Dr_WillisInfandum:  its ust a typical update/upgrade..00:10
InfandumDR_Willis: Thank you!00:10
jubalebennypr0fane: How are you attempting to launch the application?00:10
bennypr0fane_jubale I said so above00:11
bennypr0fane_what's the keybd shortcut to launch terminal?00:11
bennypr0fane_I keep forgetting that00:12
Dr_Willisi just put a teminal icon in the panel. ;)00:12
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Dr_Willispress-hold super key to see a list of keybord shortcuts00:12
reisiobennypr0fane_: from the commandline would give you useful output00:13
reisiobennypr0fane_: CTRL+ALT+t00:13
bennypr0fane_reisio, ha, that's it, thanks!00:13
bennypr0fane_whoa that's a lot of jumbled code00:15
clifterwilee-nilee: Thanks didn't know.00:15
wilee-nileeno problem00:16
bennypr0fane_reisio, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6238435/00:17
BarryBlackgreat i fixed it00:17
acovrigGraphics seem just fine for lightdm, however when I login, I have a cursor, but nothing else, I see it is trying to display gnome-terminal (startup item) but isn't showing the entire window and I don't think I can interact with it00:17
BarryBlackthat was just enourmously stupid00:17
Dr_Willisacovrig:  try making a new user - and see if the new user has the same issues00:19
bennypr0fane_hm not sure I understand this output. So maybe it can't find those libraries?00:19
acovrigDr_Willis: I tried the guest session and I just get the default background and mouse, upon pressing <super> I get a red screen with a mouse yet there appears to be a window (the way the cursor changes to a resize window icon thing, yet I don't see a window)00:21
Dr_Willisacovrig:  so the guest user has teh same issue., may as well test with a totally new made user 'sudo adduser billgates'   if that user also has the same issue. that points to a  driver/Config issue with the driver or compiz00:22
acovrigDr_Willis: do you know what the drivers would be called for me to uninstall from AMD (I tried dpkg -l | grep -i "fglrx\|AMD" and didn't see anything)00:23
Dr_Willisacovrig:  i dont use ati unless i have to. this whole 'compiz/unity dosent totally load' is sadly a rather common problem i see in here with ati, and nvidia. and even intel at times.00:24
Dr_Willisacovrig:   lot of the time its the users config files that are messed up. wheich is why i asked if a newly made user worked.00:24
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acovrigDr_Willis: yea, the new user has the same issue (I have to Ctrl+Alt+F2, skill to logout) and I have the nvidia drivers installed (current card), I just installed the AMD drivers when I was temporarily in a system with AMD instead of Nvidia.00:25
commiewhat's up? apt-get is giving me a funny error (/var/cache/apt/archives/squid-prefetch_1.1-3_all.deb: subprocess new pre-removal script returned error exit status 1). how do i fix this so i can apt-get remove the offending pkg?00:25
acovrigDr_Willis: would 'apt-get install --reinstall nvidia-settings' help?00:26
Dr_Willisacovrig:  you had ati and amd both in that box?   you did remove teh  drivers for one card befor installing the other?00:26
Dr_Willisacovrig:  run the nvidia-settings tool to see if the nvidia drivers are even in use.00:26
acovrigDr_Willis: I normally am using Nvidia (as I am trying to now) but was temporarily in an AMD system (so I have both drivers installed) how do I uninstall the AMD drivers (nothing fglrx* is installed) and set nvidia as the default?00:28
Dr_WillisIm not even sure :) i never mixx the 200:28
Marleneewhat is "RX" "TX" mean in bmon tool ??00:28
commie... no basic apt-support here? can i get another channel suggested?00:29
Dr_Willissudo apt-get purge  fgl<tab>  perhaps :) if you can see whts installed  Its possible one of the drivers blacklisted some modles00:29
RenaMarlenee, probably receive and transmit00:29
acovrigDr_Willis: I tried apt-get purge 'fgl*' and it said none was installed.00:30
cbilljonesi need to run a vnc server that runs on boot and gives me a shared session(need to see what user sees on other end)00:30
Dr_Williscbilljones:  run a vncserver from /etc/rc.local as the user you need, then both of you can vnc-viewer into the session00:31
bennypr0fane_can anyone help me make sense of that output?00:31
cbilljonesdr_willis will that allow me to connect at login screen? i need that as well00:31
Dr_Williscbilljones:  you will need to set the vncsession to run lightdm i imagine then00:32
sgehrmanJust installed 13.10 and my xmodmap to swap the ctrl and alt keys doesn't work.  What's the best way to do this?00:32
Dr_Williscbilljones:  but then that may cause issues with users connecting to it.00:32
Dr_Williscbilljones:  ive seen it done befor like that in the past. but if all users logged out. the session would end.00:33
cbilljonesdr_willis that is the issue i have now00:33
cbilljonesdr_williams i need to be able to vnc in, logout, and log back in to differant session00:34
commiewhat's up? apt-get is giving me a funny error (/var/cache/apt/archives/squid-prefetch_1.1-3_all.deb: subprocess new pre-removal script returned error exit status 1). how do i fix this so i can apt-get remove the offending pkg?00:34
Dr_Williscbilljones:  ive seen setups where you vnc in = get a new session each time.  old ones close out when you exit.00:34
Dr_Williscbilljones:  freenx also can work that way00:34
acovrigrun vncserver in a while:; loop?00:34
Dr_Willisive seen guides ages ago about getting vncserver spawning from init, or as a service00:35
Dr_Willisnot noticed any updated guides recently. I dont need the feature00:35
cbilljonesdr_williams i think i need from init or something for what i need00:35
Dr_Willisif i want vnc session, i ssh in,  run vncserver, then  connect.00:35
acovrigI personally do a ssh -L5901:localhost:5900 and run x11vnc (so x11vnc vs vncserver)00:36
jribcommie: my suggestion is to use "set -x" in the pre-removal script and debug the error00:36
cbilljonesdr_williams that works for most scenarios, but mine is kind of unique00:36
Dr_Willisi rarely want to see the current visible desktop. ;)00:36
commiejrib, i don't understand that00:37
cbilljonesdr_williams these are point of sale devices, when i get support call i need to see what they see, and sometimes fix things, then i usually want to exist and login to a full dm, all they get is a very basic unity with no panel/launcher00:38
acovrigif I manually change xorg.conf does 'service lightdm restart' do the trick, or should I reboot?00:38
cbilljonesdr_williams i can bring up term with ctrl+alt+t, i suppose thats sufficient00:38
Dr_Williscbilljones:  vnc over the internet is a big security  (BIG BIG) hole.   unless you use a ssh tunel00:38
commiejrib: i'm just trying to get apt to do it (or synaptic) but both fail. what is this setting flags? in my apt-line?00:38
Dr_Williscbilljones:  so id say its best to setup ssh and do it that way00:39
cbilljonesdr_williams these arnt on net, i need to logmein to windows box and lan and vnc from there00:39
acovrigHas anyone gotten Ubuntu 13 to boot on a MacBook Pro 9,2 using the intel graphics (instead of the GPU) so the battery doesn't die so fast?00:40
Dr_Willisif you want to see their CURRENT desktop. that would be x11vnc. or vino.00:40
cbilljonesdr_williams i may try x11vnc, with vino i cant seem to get to work at login screen00:40
cbilljonesdr_williams and user doesnt have keyboard or even password to login00:41
Dr_Willisyou use x11vnc OR vini00:41
Dr_Willisdependng on what desktop/window manager you are using00:41
cbilljonesdr_williams well its lightdm at login, unity after.. default ubuntu setup00:42
acovrigWhere does ccsm (CompizConfig Settings Manager) keep the settings?00:42
Dr_Willisacovrig:  ~/.compiz i belive or in .config/00:42
sgehrmanJust installed 13.10 and my xmodmap to swap the ctrl and alt keys doesn't work.  What's the best way to do this?00:42
jribcommie: pastebin full input and output00:42
acovrigDr_Willis: ~/.compiz-1 (cuz I don't have .compiz)? I got graphics with 'apt-get install --reinstall nvidia-common' however all my ccsm settings are gone...00:43
wilee-nileesgehrman, #ubuntu+1 is the 13.10 channel till release.00:43
Dr_Williscompiz may have changed its location in the laste few releases.00:43
Dr_Willisrename the dir and see perhaps.00:44
wankmanI have a AMD catalyst problem00:44
wankmanEverytime I unplug the power adaptor, the screen blanks out, then comes back on after changing my resolution to 1360x76800:44
commiei have purged squid-prefetch 2x and squid00:44
commieand tried it w/ apt-get reinstall00:45
wankmanThen I have to manually change it back to 1366x76800:45
acovrigI copied .compiz-1 and it is still default, upon examining the folder, it isn't ccsm settings :/00:45
Dr_Willisacovrig:  personally id reset everything back to defaults and redo them .00:46
mythridoes 1360 vs 1366 make a big difference?00:46
acovrigDr_Willis: yea, that is what seems to have happened00:46
Dr_WillisI often find compiz and unity can get confused. and needs reset. ;)00:46
Dr_Willisbut i do push things a little hard in my testing00:46
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commiejrib: ^^ (not sure if you are waiting for it or saw it. i appreciate the help.)00:48
jribcommie: thanks, I did not see it until the highlight00:48
jribcommie: ls /etc/init*/squid-prefetch*00:49
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jribcommie: sudo /etc/init.d/squid-prefetch status00:51
commieUsage: /etc/init.d/squid-prefetch {start|stop|restart|force-reload}00:52
Nothing_MuchSo I'm having problems with my OpenID00:52
Nothing_MuchWhy can't I login to it?00:52
jribcommie: pastebin that script00:52
commielike.. cat the one that's error 1-ing?00:53
jribcommie: /etc/init.d/squid-prefetch00:53
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umarzukicommie: not event work with dpkg -r ?00:53
Nothing_MuchSo I'm having problems with my OpenID00:55
Nothing_MuchWhy can't I login to it?00:55
jribcommie: ps -ef | grep squid00:55
jribNothing_Much: please use one line00:55
Nothing_MuchSo I'm having problems with my OpenID, why can't I login to it?00:55
wilee-nileeNothing_Much, Can you give the channel some details?00:56
umarzukicommie: seems that squid3 service is up00:56
Nothing_Much"Unable to log in with your OpenID provider:Canceled "00:57
jribcommie: sudo /etc/init.d/squid-prefetch start00:57
Nothing_MuchThat's all I get when I attempt to login]\00:57
InfandumI am trying to install Ubuntu on a preloaded Windows 8 machine. I disabled fastboot and secureboot in the BIOS. When I put in the flash drive live usb, I get the boot screen "try ubuntu, install ubuntu, etc" but when I hit try Ubuntu it gives me a blank screen!00:57
wilee-nilee!nomodeset | Infandum00:57
ubottuInfandum: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter00:57
ideopathichi all.. we have an 11.10 system that we would like to upgrade to 12.04 LTS.  Is there a way to do this?00:58
jrib!eolupgrade | ideopathic00:58
ubottuideopathic: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades00:58
wilee-nilee!eol  ideopathic00:58
ideopathicthank you00:58
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OerHeksNothing_Much, Unable to login what/where?00:59
Nothing_MuchIs there a channel for OpenID?00:59
Nothing_MuchTrying to login to askubuntu with my openID00:59
Nothing_MuchFrom launchpad?00:59
Nothing_MuchI don't know00:59
Nothing_MuchOpenID is too convoluted, when I THOUGHT it would've been nice to use as an alternative to signing into Google00:59
commieStarting prefetch daemon for squid: squid-prefetch.01:00
commieStarting prefetch daemon for squid: squid-prefetch.01:00
commieStarting prefetch daemon for squid: squid-prefetch.01:00
FloodBot1commie: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:00
jribcommie: ps -ef | grep squid01:01
Nothing_MuchI have no idea what I'm doing01:03
jribcommie: if removal doesn't work still, then comment the line that tries to stop squid-prefetch in /var/lib/dpkg/info/squid-prefetch.prerm .  I have to go now.  Someone else can help you if you aren't sure01:04
Infandumwilee-nilee: I added the option nomodeset but I can't exit the editor. I tried Ctrl-x and F10 as it says to but that is not doing anything.01:05
Nothing_MuchCan somebody at least tell me why I'm getting this "canceled" message after I attempt to login?01:05
commieTHANK YOU jrib01:06
wilee-nileeInfandum, Not sure if the uefi environment makes this different, have you had a chance to confirm the downloads sum?01:07
Infandumwilee-nilee: How do I do that on windows?01:08
wilee-nilee!md5sum | Infandum01:08
ubottuInfandum: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows01:08
wilee-nileeIt has windows instructions01:08
wilee-nileeInfandum, There are two options to nomodeset the edit, or I believe it is f4 for a menu to do so.01:09
Infandumwilee-nilee: F4 does not work. When I edited, esc worked and the command line option worked01:11
Infandumwilee-nilee: But F10 does not for some reason01:11
wilee-nileeInfandum, cool, so you are booted?01:11
Infandumwilee-nilee: No, I mean the command line for grub01:11
Infandumwilee-nilee: I can't check if nomodeset works because F10 does nothing01:12
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=== ltcbot is now known as _hidden_
wilee-nileeInfandum, Ah, how did you load the usb, some loaders are problematic, and you have to look up their key press versions01:12
hewhomustare you booting the usb in uefi or legacy mode?01:12
repudiatewhat's uefi mode?01:13
Infandumwilee-nilee: I first tried linuxlive usb creater, then unetbootin01:13
Infandumwilee-nilee: Both do the same thing. I am trying to install Ubuntu 13.10 final beta01:14
repudiateUnified Extesible Firmware Interface?01:14
repudiateWhat the hel...01:14
wilee-nileeInfandum, The nomodeset option is just a guess here, so I would answer other questions here. I have not had the pleasure/pain of the uefi experience. msdos I know.01:14
hewhomustuefi is shit damn windows01:15
wilee-nilee!language | hewhomust01:15
ubottuhewhomust: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.01:15
wilee-nileehelp if you can but please don't swear while doing it.01:15
hewhomustuefi theoretically is very good much larger file sizes01:16
hewhomustthan dos01:16
Infandumwilee-nilee: WAIT! I just booted into "install ubuntu" and I got a black screen (like, no backlighting at all), but after a while I heard the ubuntu drums!01:16
repudiatewilee-nilee: Nice name.01:16
repudiateWhere did you get it from? Please PM me.01:16
Infandumwilee-nilee: Does that confirm nomodeset as the issue!?01:16
repudiateI still have no idea what nomodeset is Infandum01:17
wilee-nileeInfandum, I would guess a driver issue, nomodeset is one option I know of, you might look up the computer and what you doing to see whats on the web, and askubuntu01:17
wilee-nileerepudiate, I don't pm.01:17
repudiateoh, ok.01:17
Infandumwilee-nilee: The computer is brand new and not technically released yet...01:18
* repudiate is dejected.01:18
Infandumwilee-nilee: Best buy was just selling them even when the manufacterer was not yet01:18
wilee-nileethat is about the gist of what I know, uefi is not an area I know much about.01:18
Infandumwilee-nilee: I guess that means I wait for a new kernel?01:19
wilee-nileeInfandum, Not necessarily, someone here might know, the ubuntu forums has several users concentrated on this here is one. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=214729501:20
wilee-nileeInfandum, It's not so much the computer but the hardware that matters basically, it would have what some others provide, and the manufacturers version of the uefi thang.01:21
Infandumwilee-nilee: I don't get that pretty splashscreen. I just get the ugly grub2 one. The pretty one has easy settings...how can I get that one?01:24
Infandumwilee-nilee: on the liveusb I mean01:25
wilee-nileeInfandum, I have never ran a install on a uefi computer, so I have no idea what the options are, I'm avoiding it as long as possible.01:25
Infandumwilee-nilee: ohhh kaaaay01:26
InFlamesdoes anyone know a powerful tool for managing a complex hosts file? i have used gas mask on mac, and would love something similar01:26
cbilljoneswhenever i reboot it remembers last session instead of picking my default, any ideas on how to fix?01:30
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wilee-nileecbilljones, release nd desktop?01:31
rypervencheInFlames: You could make a simple bash script to do that, or simply manually move the files yourself.01:31
cbilljoneswilee-nilee 13.04/unity01:31
InFlamesrypervenche, if you view the screenshots it might give you a better idea of my intent and needs01:31
InFlamesi'd prefer gui based01:32
InFlamessomething that can be manually handled by the menu01:32
cbilljoneswilee-nilee but login is lightdm(default)01:32
wilee-nileecbilljones, you logging from a cli?01:32
wilee-nileecbilljones, Have you run the lightdm start to set it as default01:33
rypervencheInFlames: I saw that. You could make something GUI-based without too much hardship if you understand bash scripting. You could even make keyboard shortcuts to do the work for you, which would be even faster than a GUI.01:33
cbilljoneswilee-nilee i am logging in from x11vnc-server atm, but was doing samething at office with local session only01:33
InFlamesyou can script and make something that's gui based?01:33
InFlamesi will have to look into that01:34
wilee-nileecbilljones, from the desktop sudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm01:34
cbilljoneswilee-nilee i have autologin enabled, after reboot it logs into whatever session was used last, i need it to always pick default01:34
wilee-nileecbilljones, as long as you run it from the cli it will set it as default I believe, from the desktop or a cli probably.01:35
wilee-nileedesktop or tty01:36
cbilljoneswilee-nilee it was doing same thing when i wasnt using vnc, standing right at it with keyboard01:36
=== JonO is now known as Guest53454
wilee-nileecbilljones, Maybe someone else would be better help.01:37
cbilljoneswilee-nilee it seems to be some sort of save state option somewhere, pretty sure its a lightdm thing01:39
PwrSurgeany way to fix ia32-libs on 12.04?01:39
PwrSurgeit has unresolved dependencies01:39
PwrSurgetried a few fixes posted on the web and they don't work01:39
umarzukiPwrSurge: sometimes a quick 'sudo apt-get update' would do the trick01:40
umarzukiin case you had not done that in a while01:41
PwrSurgenot so simple01:41
=== jalcine_ is now known as jalcine
PwrSurgethis is a known issue01:41
umarzukielse this is caused by ppa or other repos01:41
PwrSurgewith amd64 platform01:41
PwrSurgefresh upgrade01:41
PwrSurgeThe following information may help resolve the situation:01:42
PwrSurgeThe following packages have unmet dependencies:01:42
PwrSurge ia32-libs : Depends: ia32-libs-multiarch01:42
PwrSurgeand when i try to install multiarch01:43
PwrSurgeThe following packages have unmet dependencies:01:43
PwrSurge ia32-libs-multiarch:i386 : Depends: gstreamer0.10-plugins-good:i386 but it is not going to be installed01:43
PwrSurge                            Depends: gtk2-engines:i386 but it is not going to be installed01:43
PwrSurge                            Depends: gtk2-engines-murrine:i386 but it is not going to be installed01:43
PwrSurge                            Depends: gtk2-engines-pixbuf:i386 but it is not going to be installed01:43
FloodBot1PwrSurge: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:43
PwrSurgeand others01:43
PwrSurgeI won't paste them all01:43
cbilljoneswilee-nilee look at second answer here, maybe this? http://askubuntu.com/questions/62833/how-do-i-change-the-default-session-for-when-using-auto-logins01:44
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PwrSurgethere's also  Recommends: libgl1-mesa-glx:i38601:44
PwrSurgeat the bottom01:44
wilee-nileecbilljones, 13.04 is not using 2d01:46
cbilljoneswilee-nilee i know replace that with my custom session01:46
cbilljoneswilee-nilee i made the change and have rebooted, we will know soon ;)01:47
cbilljoneswilee-nilee no go, rebooted to regular unity01:48
tomswartz07cbilljones: you're trying to change lightdm's session?01:48
tomswartz07i just did that the other day. let me peek at my notes.01:49
cbilljonestomswartz07 well the session lightdm logs into, i need it to always pick my default01:49
tomswartz07right- so you have xfce installed (for example) and want to autologin to that?01:50
cbilljonestomswartz07 basically, its actually a custom unity session i have created, i can pick it from login screen and login, and if i reboot it autologs into that, however if i switch sessions and reboot, it boots into whatever i used last01:51
tomswartz07cbilljones: righto. there's a way to hardcode the session into lightdm's config file01:52
cbilljonestomswartzo7 yes, thats what i need i think :)01:53
dn4hey is 13.04 going to support a macbook pro 5,5 ?01:53
dn4I noticed nothing was written up on it01:53
cbilljonestomswartz07 i is there, what command do i need in lightdm.conf?01:54
tomswartz07change under the [seat defaults] section: user-session=<custom name>01:54
tomswartz07double check your 'greeter session' as well01:54
cbilljonestomswartz07 user session is correct , unity-greeter is unity-greeter01:55
cbilljonestomswartz07 do i change unity-greeter to my session?01:55
tomswartz07hm. I have unity-greeter removed completely.01:56
tomswartz07wait. hang on01:56
tomswartz07yeah - greeter-session is unity-greeter. user-session is the custom name of the session.01:58
SonikkuAmericaYou can use another greeter of course...01:58
Dr_Willisi sort of like the look of the xubuntu greeter. ;)01:59
cbilljonestomswartz07 i have tried running "/usr/lib/lightdm/lightdm-set-defaults --session [session name]" and rebooted, will see if that helps, though i think i did that already02:00
cbilljonestomswartz07 nope, lol still remembers last session arg02:01
PwrSurgefixed it02:02
cbilljonessonikkuamerica i think the greeter is just login page, correct?02:03
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SonikkuAmericacbilljones: You are right02:03
tomswartz07cbilljones: it's weird that it's ignoring the session info.02:04
cbilljonessonikkuamerica my issue is it is autologging into my last session, not default session02:04
cbilljonestomswartz07 i know, its odd :(02:05
Guest67238hi everyone, is anyone here using 13.10?02:05
wilee-nileeGuest67238, people on #ubuntu+1 are02:06
Guest67238i have 13.04 but for the wireless it takes a while to connect02:06
cbilljonestomswartz07 from wiki.ubuntu.com "The greeter will default to give you the last session you chose, so this option will only change the default session" this my my trouble02:06
SonikkuAmericacbilljones: Is auto-login enabled at all is System Settings > Users?02:06
cbilljonessonikkuamerica yes02:07
tomswartz07cbilljones: did you try this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/146265/programmaticaly-change-lightdm-autologin-session-type02:07
Guest67238is it worth upgrading from 13.04 to 13.10?02:08
cbilljonestomswartz07 no, let me read it over02:08
Dr_Williscbilljones:  the users .dmrc sets what session they use by default overrideing the system default If the .dmrc file exists02:08
cbilljonesdr_willis, .dmrc reverts any change i make after reboot02:09
allengreenThe following packages have unmet dependencies:02:09
allengreen ntop5 : Depends: pfring (= 5.6.1-6725) but 5.6.2-6817 is to be installed02:09
Dr_Williscbilljones:  the user normally selects their session at the lightdm screen,   system reads .dmrc and it uses that as their default session.02:09
allengreen pfring : Depends: linux-image-3.2.0-53-generic but it is not going to be installed02:10
allengreenI don't want to install inux-image-3.2.0-53-generic02:10
Dr_Williscbilljones:  the users .dmrc shouldent change unless they seelct a differnt session02:10
allengreenI just need to remove ntop502:10
cbilljonesdr_willis it seems for some reason pick last session on its own and update .dmrc accordingly02:10
allengreenbut I can't , can anybody hep me.02:11
darkangelHey on https://one.ubuntu.com/referrals/referee/3129888/ how do u get 500 GB free of back up storeage? do u just send link through E-Mail or is there something else u do?02:11
Dr_Williscbilljones:  you mean the autologin is using whats in the users .dmrc and not the system wide default?02:11
mamece2Hello, i need some help with something easy, i have ubuntu and i need to browse a file in my sd external card. how can i do it?02:12
tomswartz07allengreen: try running apt-get dist-upgrade. it almost sounds like you have some packages floating with upgrades02:12
mamece2my phone is an android GS3 with jely bean 4.202:12
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Dr_Willismamece2:  the file manager should show the sd card in its left side panel02:12
cbilljonesdr_willis no, autologin is picking whatever i used last, and editing .dmrc on its own02:12
Dr_Willismamece2:  on a phone.. thats a differnt story02:12
Dr_Williscbilljones:  log out. select what you want, log back in.. then check the .dmrc file02:12
tomswartz07mamece2: you might need MPD support for the new filesystem02:13
Dr_Willisauto login SHOULD be using the last the user selected.02:13
allengreenyes, But I don't wanna install the linux-image.02:13
Dr_Willisand the last they selected they should have saved in their .dmrc02:13
mamece2I though i just need to mount the sd card and voila02:13
Dr_Willismamece2:  easiest thing to do with android devuces is to use 'airdroid' and wifi to get to files02:13
mamece2Dr_Willis:  ive read about that :(02:14
Dr_Willismtp support has improved with each release of ubuntu. some of the old ones had issues02:14
AnonynimityHey does anyone know why Oracle Java v. 1.40 would not work with firefox in ubuntu12.0402:14
cbilljonesdr_willis the problem is the user doesnt pick, it auto logs in. If i remote in, switch sessions and reboot, it reboots into my session; i need to change this02:14
Dr_WillisAirdroid is a Must have issue02:14
mamece2Dr_Willis:  ive 12.04 guess it does support it. i cant get gmtp to work02:14
advxHi All Good Morning02:15
Dr_Williscbilljones:  switch session how? See whats in the users .dmrc file now. keep track of what its changeing to.02:15
Anonynimitydefine notwork mamece202:15
tomswartz07mamece2: sorry- i mean MTP. http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/12/how-to-connect-your-android-ice-cream-sandwich-phone-to-ubuntu-for-file-access02:15
Dr_Williscbilljones:  the user CAN log out and select a differnt session. that should then set their default for  the next autologin02:15
cbilljonesdr_willis it changes to whatever was used last02:15
cbilljonesdr_willis i know, that doesnt help me02:15
cbilljonesdr_willis i need it to always login to default session on reboot02:16
cbilljonesregardless of what was used last02:16
Dr_Williscbilljones:  delete the users .dmrc file02:16
Dr_Willisand perhaps link it to /dev/null ;)02:16
cbilljonesdr_willis what if i make file read only, think that will work?02:17
Dr_WillisNo idea. I dont see why selecting the default session wouldent do what you want.02:17
Dr_Willishow many desktop sessions do you have anyway?02:17
gueriLLaPunKwhat program do you guys recommend for benchmarking a SSD?02:18
cbilljonesdr_willis, selecting it does, but user doesnt get to select, or even know the password for that matter02:18
cbilljonesdr_willis, there is 2 session, regular ubuntu, and POS(default)02:18
Dr_Williscbilljones:  from what ive seen if the user logs out from his auto login session, he can then select a differnt one.  could be you dont have the POS session set up correctly.02:18
Dr_Willisif the user selected POS then that should get entered into the .dmrc file and then be the users new default02:19
cbilljonesdr_willis he can do that already, i dont want him logging out ever02:19
Dr_Willisshould i point out that i have seen KOISK/POS focused disrtos that  may allready solve most of your issues. ;)02:20
cbilljonesdr_williams he doesnt even have means to logout, no menus, no keyboard etc02:20
mamece2tomswartz07: i have jelly bean02:20
mamece2Anonynimity: doest work gmtp. I tried to connect and this message appears: cannot connect to raw objetct02:20
Dr_Willisseems theres been a person in here almost every week trying to build their own ubuntu KOISK setup.02:21
Dr_Williswonder how many guides on it are at askubuntu.com02:21
tomswartz07mamece2: that's fine- its the same info with the mtp02:21
tomswartz07cbilljones: do you have more than one autologin user?02:22
cbilljonestomswartz07 no just the one, only one user account at all actually02:22
juzpengJust got ubuntu install first time, with only a couple hickups.., but.02:23
moxTreeDevhi there02:23
moxTreeDevis there anyway to speed things up with ubuntu under VMware Unit?02:23
tomswartz07cbilljones: theres a nuclear option, add a pre-configured .dmrc file to /etc/skel and delete that user.02:23
tomswartz07or add a new one02:24
AdBlocker_ juzpeng: how are you liking it?02:24
juzpengWhen I reboot after install, I am faced with grub.. grub works fine w/ loading "buntu" but won't load windows.  Only way to load win is go into bios and force boot it.  Any help?02:24
tomswartz07this way, the user will get the 'default' config and should always have the .dmrc file thats to be used.02:24
tomswartz07emphasis on *should&02:24
wilee-nileejuzpeng, Windows 8?02:24
AdBlocker_juzpeng: You should get the option to boot to windows and then from windows you get the boot  manager. Then you select to load into windows02:25
AdBlocker_juzpeng: Is that not what is happening?02:25
AdBlocker_boot to windows from grub*02:25
SonikkuAmericajuzpeng: Have you tried [ sudo update-grub ]?02:25
juzpengYes.  I like it- I have a mac too, but was getting frustrated by being locked down.. so I picked up a cheap notebook so I could load win.. so far it's cool.. kinda like how it was before in gnome better than this new unity02:26
AnonynimityMike and Ike went to fetch a pail of water....02:26
Anonynimitylol wrong channel02:26
cbilljonestomswartz07 hmm that sounds scary, lol. Will that screw up any permissions ive setup?02:26
tomswartz07it'd be a lot safer to make a new user with the profile from /etc/skel, but not too much to screw up02:27
tomswartz07just check that the permissions are the same02:27
juzpengYes, win I first had trouble ..but then it install alongside win after turning off turned off fast & secure boot in bios.  It made it kinda large though is there any way to shrink the volume a bit?02:27
AdBlocker_juzpeng: You would have to format that partition, if you partitioned it. Then expand your windows partition from within Windows. Then reinstall Ubuntu with the remaining space.02:28
tomswartz07cbilljones: i fired up my other box here; try changing the lightdm.conf file to greeter-session=lightdm-gtk-greeter02:29
juzpengit get stuck after clicking win in grub02:29
tomswartz07that one autologins to i302:29
AdBlocker_juzpeng: You messed up your master boot record02:30
juzpengCan I go in windows, click computer, manage, and shrink the partion for linux02:30
AdBlocker_juzpeng: Please refer to here: http://www.redmondpie.com/how-to-fix-windows-8-mbr-master-boot-record/02:30
juzpengahh.. how do i fix it. lol02:30
cbilljonestomswartz07 ok rebooting now02:30
Dr_Willisjuzpeng:  you dont resize linux partions from windows.02:30
AdBlocker_juzpeng: Also you cannot shrink your partition for linux from within windows. You can overwrite critical system files and mess up the partition itself. You can resize your partition of Ubuntu from within Ubuntu.02:31
juzpengI shrinked my patrion in win that where it installed the ubuntu partion02:32
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juzpengOkay I won't do that then.02:32
cbilljonestomswartz07 no go, still last session :(02:32
AdBlocker_juzpeng: How did you install Ubuntu? From a disk or did you install it using Wubi?02:32
tomswartz07cbilljones: what shows in ls /var/lib/AccountsService/users02:33
juzpengHey, if I have to take this computer back is there a way to get rid of Ubuntu altogether and make it as though it looks as though its factory fresh without the win 8 dvd02:33
JuslintekHi, I've installed ubuntu desktop on server, but cannot login to my account, only able to access guest account, and when I try to login to my account i'm being sent back to login screen. Anyone experienced this problem? :-)02:33
Dr_Willisjuzpeng:  guys in #windows may know. Most of the time theres a windows -restore partion02:33
wilee-nileejuzpeng, W8 has a complete restore option.02:34
AdBlocker_juzpeng: Yes, you can extend your partition for windows over ubuntu. You should use your windows installation disk.02:34
iKillCypheris Ubuntu 13.10 out ?02:34
juzpengI shrink my partion in win, the i stalled a program called pen drive linux, then booted it from my USB and installed it from there.02:34
juzpengIt didn't come with one.  It doesn't even have a optical disk!02:34
Dr_Willisjuzpeng:  it may have  restore partition. or there may be ways to get a disk or ISO image file you can use from  a USB flash drive02:35
SonikkuAmerica!isitout iKillCypher02:35
AdBlocker_Dr_Willis: Does the ubuntu installation process give the option of formatting a partition/make a partition without installing ubuntu itself?02:35
AdBlocker_I can't remember02:35
Dr_WillisYou can use gparted, or the disk tools from the live cd to do what you want02:35
wilee-nileeAdBlocker_, You have made a whole number of totally wrong claims helping this user, can you like mellow out.02:35
juzpengwill updating grub fix it so i can boot into windows without having to force boot it from bios?02:35
Dr_Willisjuzpeng:  tried the boot-repair tool yet?02:36
AdBlocker_wilee-nilee: Unless you plan on trying to help him, no. I find it kind of funny that you are telling me to shut up when you yourself are not trying to help him.02:36
Dr_Willisgrub should be able to boot the windows install.02:36
tomswartz07wow. such rage. so many angers02:36
wilee-nileehe has good help from Dr_Willis no need to help.02:37
juzpengno was just checking if there was an easy fix somewhere. I don't think I did anything to break it.02:37
Dr_Willisexcept ive never used windows 8 ;)02:37
Juslintekto make things less League of Legends rage way, can you read my message? :-D02:37
AdBlocker_wilee-nilee: Thanks dad. I think I can try and help someone if I want.02:37
juzpengI hate win 8, i would rather much use win xp02:37
tomswartz07so angsty teen. very AdBlocker_. wow.02:38
AdBlocker_tomswartz07: hm?02:38
wilee-nileewubi will not run in W8, it has no mbr, the fix is not bootrec /fixmbr to start with02:38
juzpengcan you customize the new ubuntu like you could do with gnome?02:38
juzpengi didn't use wubui02:38
AdBlocker_wilee-nilee: Are you kidding me? I have installed Ubuntu using wubi on win8 a few times myself.02:38
Dr_Willisjuzpeng:  depends on what you want to customze02:39
cbilljonestomswartz07 ls /var/lib/AccountsService/users reports: lightdm volante02:39
tomswartz07any dotfiles? ls -a /var/lib/AccountsService/users02:39
randomedudehi everyone I have a problem02:39
juzpengCan you make it so the apps arent on the side and have it look like mint02:39
Dr_WillisHmm.. last i heard. wubi dident work witn win8 - but wubi is a dead prject.02:39
JuslintekHi, I've installed ubuntu desktop on server, but cannot login to my account, only able to access guest account, and when I try to login to my account i'm being sent back to login screen. Anyone experienced this problem? :-)02:39
iKillCypheris 13.10 out ?02:40
ubottuUbuntu 13.10 (Saucy Salamander) will be the 19th release of Ubuntu. Announcement: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1252 - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1. Release date will be 17th October 2013.02:40
AdBlocker_Dr_Willis: This is the first I am hearing of that being an issue. I have used it with win8 a few times myself.02:40
wilee-nilee!13.10 | iKillCypher couple of days02:40
ubottuiKillCypher couple of days: please see above02:40
Dr_WillisJuslintek:  check the .Xauthority file in the users home.02:40
juzpenghey what was that grub update command again, or the fix to win MBR .. sorry got lost chatting.02:40
iKillCypherwell if I use 13.04 will I be able to upgrade to 13.10 in the future ?02:40
Anonynimityyes iKillCypher02:40
Dr_WillisAdBlocker_:  i always advize against wubi in all forms. last  i heard. its dead.. and dident support win8. (i dont use it()02:40
wilee-nileesudo update-grub juzpeng02:40
tomswartz07randomedude: whats the problem. just ask02:41
Juslintek<Dr_Willis>, thanx :-)02:41
AdBlocker_Dr_Willis: Ah02:41
Dr_Willisa moment of slience for the demise of wubi... ;) or cheers of rejoiceing.02:41
AdBlocker_I thought it was a pretty interesting project.02:42
juzpengso did ubuntu get rid of KDE ?!02:42
Dr_Willisjuzpeng:  kde is in the repos.. or use Kubuntu, or install Kubuntu-desktop package02:42
Dr_Willisjuzpeng:  ubuntu  has not gotten rid of kde.02:42
juzpengyou can boot into either it wont wipe it out?02:43
juzpengsudo update-grub >>> Adding boot menu entry for EFI firmware configuration02:43
juzpengFound Windows 8 (loader) on /dev/sda402:43
cbilljonestomswartz07 i changed xsession in /var/lib/AccountsService/users/volante to my custom one and rebooted; lets see02:43
randomedudeok. I've been using 12.04 on my 60 GB SSD thinkpad x61 for more than a year. A couple weeks ago the system started hanging 10 minutes to an hour after restart or cold boot, without a miss. I took out the SSD and right now I'm using live ubuntu 10.04 from flash and the system hasn't hung for many hours. SSD system check shows everything green/okay.02:44
juzpengI guess im going to restart and see it it's working now.02:44
cbilljonestomswartz07 bingo, i think thats what you were going to suggest, we have success02:44
cbilljonestomswartz07 so looks like ~home/.dmrc reads /var/lib/AccountsService/users and updates itself, thx for all the help02:45
Lee-CHi all,  can anyone give me a tip for how i can keep track of my dynamic IP?  I have a netgear router and used to have a free DynamicDNS account which i let expire.  unfortunately my router only gives me the option to add a dynamicDNS account so not sure how to work around it...02:45
kmystLee-C: sure, just cobble together a script and shove it into a crontab02:46
AdBlocker_Dr_Willis: Did you hear about the universal kernel? It is some kind of hack for wine that let's .exe's run natively on linux.02:46
AdBlocker_I don't really know how to feel about it xD02:47
juzpengOk here what it said when trying to load win 8 loaded on dev402:47
juzpengerror: cant find "drive map"... and error: something EFI02:47
juzpengthis sucks. lol02:48
juzpengAnyone got any idea..02:48
Anonynimityefi... do you have efi enabled in your bios?02:49
juzpengDo i have to fix win MBR or something02:49
juzpengno I don't think so.02:49
AdBlocker_juzpeng: I gave you my advice. It was shut down though; try it at your own risk I guess.02:49
AdBlocker_I'm going back to studying.02:49
Anonynimityokay and is this a windows 8 factory disk or...?02:49
Lee-Ckmyst: thank for that.  i had thought about that but not sure what the best way of doing it would be.  maybe send myself an email?  don't really like that though.  maybe somehow use crontab to automatically update an alternative dynamic dns account?...02:49
Anonynimityalright juzpeng is this an actual installation?02:50
juzpengI found this command02:50
GallomimiaLee-C: that's what i was going to suggest. cron job send packet to machine outside your router, get your ip address, tells you what's where02:50
juzpengsudo apt-get install boot-repair && sudo boot-repair02:51
juzpengworth giving it a shot?02:51
kmystLee-C: here ya go: http://pastebin.com/6KrgQr5K02:52
Lee-CGallomimia: Yeah,  i just don't know how exactly to go about it...  i've used crontab to send myself an email in the past but not sure if my abilities will stretch as far as to do what i want to do.02:52
Gallomimiai wouldn't email it. a simple ssh connection to a computer you control would be best i think02:53
ItsMeLennydoes anybody have a how to (or a ppa) for SDL2 in 12.04 precise?02:53
juzpengunable to loacate boot-repair02:53
wilee-nileerandomedude, Had you set up the ssd to run as such and how full is it?02:53
kmystLee-C: Gallomimia i'm lazy i just email it to myself :)02:54
wilee-nileejuzpeng, its in a ppa02:54
juzpengdamn i hate being a newb :(02:54
kmystLee-C: just edit the necessary bits for the logfile and email02:54
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge02:54
wilee-nileejuzpeng, slow down, if you flail at this you may have some real problems. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair02:55
juzpengsynaptic package manager02:55
randomedudei don't remember how I setup SSD to run, it has a few GB's left, at one point in the past it was 0.1 GB free and it didn't crash, but now it's crashing. Although I have to be honest I didn't check the latest disk free space.02:55
kmystLee-C: i put it into my crontab thusly: 0 */3 * * * /home/username/bin/scriptname.sh02:55
AdBlocker_wilee-nilee: His problem isn't with Ubuntu though. This is a windows problem.02:56
wilee-nileerandomedude, I used this wiki to set mine up, you have it to full for sure. https://sites.google.com/site/easylinuxtipsproject/ssd02:56
wilee-nileefilling up any HD is not a good idea, even linux02:57
Lee-Ckmyst: thanks for that, I will keep keep that one saved.  would prefer to try and get a dynamic account updated. but not sure how much luck i will have doing that.02:57
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randomedudeok I don't remember this webpage. I have played with bios, ahci, acpi but not sure all of it in relation to SSD install. do you think reinstalling ubuntu acc to this webpage is the only option?02:58
kmystLee-C: i've seen some examples but i just elected to roll my own and seeing how my IP doesn't really change but once every few months regardless of the cable modem resyncing it "just works" for me02:59
uPrismQ: I'm having trouble getting my wifi working on my Sony Vaio laptop (ar242x ar542x atheros) - can anyone offer some help?03:00
lotuspsychjerandomedude: for ssd set ide to ahci before installing ubuntu03:00
wilee-nileerandomedude, I never said you had to reinstall, just gave you a wiki I used, and suggested you have it to full.03:00
juzpengboot repair said EFI detected is that good?03:00
juzpengbuggy-kernel detected. Do you want to activate [Backup and rename Windows EFI files]?03:00
juzpengshould I press Y, or N.  LOL this could really get ugly.03:01
wilee-nileejuzpeng, Make sure you keep the bootinfo summary url, the latest you have when you use this tool it is a key for getting help, the ubuntu forums is a good place for this there is a thread just for that app by the author of that tool.03:01
randomedudewhat should be the plan of action then? is there a way I can troubleshoot this? I have a sense the crashes started after my last update-manager update, although I might be completely off the mark here03:02
juzpengi install boot repair in ubuntu.. not using a live cd, or USB is that fine?03:02
kmystLee-C: of course you could always extend the concept and instead of email any change to the IP have it SMS it or IM, etc.03:06
Anonynimityso, how much ram do I need to run Mac OS X 10.6 on an HP Probook?03:07
Gallomimiacan someone tell me why i can no longer see my side-bar in ubuntu?03:07
GallomimiaAnonynimity: how much you got?03:07
Gallomimiai would say 2 gigs is going to be slow03:07
Gallomimiamy mpb had 4 when i got it and it was a bit slow03:08
Gallomimia2 gigs is a little light on ram for hungryOS like that03:08
wilee-nileeGallomimia, number of reasons, how about sharing the processes you did leading up to this.03:08
BuzZBladElike if you were messing with video drivers :I03:09
Gallomimiawilee-nilee: i've been wrestling with amd drivers, and the disappearing act began after first reboot upon removing generic installed drivers. i now have a working GPU with catalyst installed (i think03:09
Gallomimiabut still no visible menu bar or "dock"03:09
Gallomimia(i come from the world of mac)03:09
rannongahave you tried resetting unity03:09
AnonynimityI ran a toshiba satellite L755-S5216 on OS X. It had about 3 GB of ram, and ran perfectly fine, until I was using the update feature in OS X03:09
kmystGallomimia: my old mbp is still chugging along with 10.6 and 1g of ram...no issues :)03:09
Gallomimiahah one gig. wow...03:09
Gallomimiaalright, reset unity03:10
rannongause crunchbang and it never gets over a gig lol03:10
Gallomimiawhat is this process and how do i do it?03:10
kmysthey that's the max for it too...03:10
* Gallomimia googles03:10
Anonynimitythe thing was though, I had to use ubuntu to install mac os x onto a "Virtual Machine" although the "Virtual Machine" was actually an External Hard Drive.03:10
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randomedudeI have to mention about a month ago, I tinkered with proc/acpi/fan settings, and installed thinkfan ... but the fan never stops running when the system crashes, laptop get really hot but then sometimes system also crashes when laptop doesn't feel too hot. I'm just shooting in the dark here.03:11
Anonynimitywhat version are you using randomedude?03:11
randomedude12.04 with latest updates03:11
Anonynimityheylo jmgk how are you this evening? and welcome to ubuntu03:11
Gallomimiaam i to believe that the only way to reset my basic settings is with a software install?03:11
Anonynimityokay randomedude have you tried setting your fan speed?03:12
kmystseems an extreme solution just to get a sidebar back...03:12
Anonynimitygood to hear jmgk03:12
randomedudeyes I tried to set it to "disengaged" which made the fan blasting at full speed, and the temp was down below 55 c in the reading, the system still crashed03:12
Anonynimityrandomedude, hang on a sec03:13
Anonynimitywhat kind of computer do you have randomedude?03:13
Gallomimiarannonga: care to suggest a method of "resetting unity"?03:13
Gallomimiathe things i find on google seem nonsensical03:13
Anonynimitysamsung, hp, toshiba, dell, sony, ...?03:14
rannongawhat did you find lol?03:14
Anonynimityhang on a sec Gallomimia03:14
randomedudeI have thinkpad x61, 2 GB ram ... like I mentioned earlier it has something to do with either the 60GB SSD or the latest ubuntu setup on it ... cz right now my SSD is out and I'm on a live ubuntu 10.04 and system hasn't crashed in 5-6 hours (I doubt it's gonna crash)03:14
umarzukiGallomimia: restart lightdm service?03:15
Anonynimitywhat in unity are you trying to reset Gallomimia?03:15
kmystGallomimia: i had that happen on a box that had the proprietary nvidia drivers and booting into a xen kernel which make my bar disappear...somehow i don't think that is your problem though03:15
rannongaAnonynimity: his sidebar not working03:15
Gallomimiai don't know. it was suggested as a remedy to my disappearing sidebar and menu bar03:15
bamphometmy fav way of resetting unity is installing gnome or xfce03:15
Gallomimiauh.... nvidia drivers. i seem to remember seeing those and deselecting them03:15
Anonynimitydid you hide it Gallomimia?03:15
Gallomimiathat was awhile ago03:16
Anonynimityok... sec03:16
Anonynimitywhat version of ubuntu are you using Gallomimia?03:16
Anonynimityhello kenMasters, welcome to ubuntu. How are you this evening?03:16
rannongawhere's ryu03:17
Anonynimityrandomedude: follow: http://askubuntu.com/questions/133030/overheating-and-reboot-with-ubuntu-11-10-and-12-04-on-thinpad-t500 and/or03:17
=== AdBlocker_ is now known as AdBlocker
kmystis it both in unity 3d and the 2d one?03:18
sweeeshhello! I am testing 13.10 right now, and it seems that Youtube VEVO is not working?03:18
AnonynimityGallomimia: try following: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=201758303:18
wilee-nilee!13.10 | sweeesh03:18
ubottusweeesh: Ubuntu 13.10 (Saucy Salamander) will be the 19th release of Ubuntu. Announcement: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1252 - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1. Release date will be 17th October 2013.03:18
GallomimiaAnonynimity: 13.0403:20
AnonynimityGallomimia: Was that an upgrade or a fresh install?03:20
Gallomimiafresh. the system itself is fresh03:21
AnonynimityGallomimia: http://askubuntu.com/questions/285779/after-upgrading-to-13-04-unity-interface-is-not-showing03:21
Gallomimiathe bios, drivers, all hardware, nothing has been in a stable state yet.03:21
randomedudeAnonynimity: I guess I'll give it a try but I doubt the crash is temperature related03:23
Anonynimityit could be randomdude, I remember a while back my toshiba was overheating with ubuntu12.0403:23
Anonynimityit started freezing and crashing all to h3ll03:24
randomedudeAnonynimity: ok I'll give it a try ... and if it doesn't work report back here?03:24
Anonynimitysure... I'll see if I can help you out a bit more.03:24
randomedudeAnonynimity: ok thanks. And thanks to other users too for help. Have a good one!03:25
Anonynimityyou too randomedude03:25
Anonynimityyou have left #My.Pen.Is.Erect03:26
GallomimiaAnonynimity: thanks. the settings manager is very useful03:28
AnonynimityYou're welcome Gallomimia.03:28
sweeeshanybody tried running GIMP with Ubuntu 13.10? The menu keeps acting up03:29
Gallomimiai think this means its time for games03:29
sweeeshit's a frustrating experience03:29
jmgksweeesh, why/03:30
jmgkI like GImp03:30
AnonynimityYou're welcome Gallomimia. did that solution work for you?03:30
Gallomimiai did manage to get unity to show its face again yes03:30
Gallomimiamenu and sidebar03:30
Anonynimitygood to read03:31
wilee-nileesweeesh, #ubuntu+1 is the 13.10 channel03:31
sweeeshjmgk: Gimp rocks. It's just that it does not seem to live with the Unity desktop of Ubuntu 13.1003:31
Anonynimitymmmm yummmmmmhyyyyyyy data03:32
Anonynimitygive me all of your data03:32
Anonynimityall of you!03:32
AnonynimityI want your data copied to my server, NOW03:32
Gallomimiaalright, so i launched steam and for some reason a game launched immediately03:32
Gallomimiawhich is fine, i wanted to test it. i've now alt-tabbed out of that game and can't get back to it03:32
Gallomimiaany suggestions?03:32
Anonynimitydid you set a game up in steam to launch as soon as steam starts?03:33
Anonynimityare you sure?03:33
Gallomimiait is the last game i was running that crashed when i last ran it03:33
Gallomimiaand i think i asked it to launch again before steam was killed03:33
Anonynimitythat doesn't sound very comforting...03:33
Gallomimiagame running, fullscreen working.... can't change back to that app.03:33
Anonynimitywhat version of ubuntu are you using Gallomimia?03:35
Gallomimianot installed.....03:35
BuzZBladEit just tells if your 3d opengl stuff is working03:36
Gallomimiait says a lot of stuff...03:36
Gallomimiadirect rendering: yes03:37
Gallomimiathat's the line i like to see right?03:37
Gallomimiaalright i'm bored of waiting for this program to change back to foreground... killing03:37
hewhomustwhats the opengl string03:38
AnonynimityGallomimia: http://steamcommunity.com/app/221410/discussions/0/828937979234181573/03:38
BuzZBladE /usr/lib/nux/unity_support_test -p03:38
Anonynimitygive me your data03:39
Gallomimiahewhomust: uh where is that string located in the 3page wall of text i am seeing?03:39
GallomimiaopenGL version string 4.2.1221703:39
Gallomimiacompatibility profile context 12.10403:39
hewhomustglxinfo | grep render03:39
kmystAnonynimity: my data's useless ;)03:40
=== b1221 is now known as testxDnick
Gallomimiait says AMD Radeon HD 7700 series03:40
Gallomimiawith some other good stuff03:40
hewhomustthats good then03:40
BuzZBladEgallo, try     unity03:40
Gallomimiasounds like it's a good sine03:40
Anonynimitylol @kmyst03:40
hewhomustcosines better03:40
Gallomimiaunity what?03:40
BuzZBladEsee if terminal throws things around, just unity03:41
Anonynimitythe next time you have secs, make sure you do an Arnold Schwarzenegger impression to your girlfriend... like he'd be grunting... girls like it, they think it's hottt03:41
AnonynimityGallomimia: http://steamcommunity.com/app/221410/discussions/0/828937979234181573/03:41
Gallomimiaabout to read that one03:41
Gallomimiaunity is fully supported by your hardware03:42
Gallomimiastarting to sound really optimistic about that03:42
Gallomimianow i reboot, then i read that thread03:43
hewhomustis this the same problem03:43
hewhomustyour sidebars not working03:43
ConsoleWhat's the best way to create a link between two directories? They both derive from /home03:45
jribConsole: what do you mean by "derive from"03:45
ConsoleBoth will be folders in /home03:46
jribConsole: use a symlink?03:46
Consolesudo ln -s link link_root?03:46
thamvmk@ivan  blal03:46
jribConsole: ln -s TARGET NAME03:47
thamvmkhow to perform find?03:47
jribthamvmk: what do you want to find?03:47
ivan_find / -name03:48
thamvmkwant to find all files with extension wmv03:48
jribthamvmk: find where?03:49
thamvmkat my home directory /home/abc03:49
ivan_find / *.wmv03:49
jribthamvmk: find /home/abc -name '*.wmv'03:49
thamvmkwrong ivan.03:49
thamvmkyes, thanks jrib.03:49
SecretFireis there a way that i can permanently disable ipv6? I keep having to do sudo sysctl -p, is there a way around this so that i don't have to keep typing this command every time the system restarts?03:49
Anonynimitysec secretfire03:50
SecretFireAnonymity : what?03:50
AnonynimitySecretFire: What version of ubuntu are you on?03:50
Anonynimityor in?03:50
SecretFireAnonyimity : I am on kubuntu 13.0403:50
=== vincent is now known as Guest54444
AnonynimitySecretFire: REF- http://www.noobslab.com/2012/05/disable-ipv6-if-your-internet-is.html03:52
j4gu4ralguien que me pueda ayudar aqui?03:52
j4gu4rantes que nada, buenas noches a todos desde mexico03:53
SecretFireAnonynimity : Ive done that, but i keep having to type sudo sysct -p03:53
SecretFireAnonynimity : sudo sysctl -p every time i restart03:53
Anonynimityokay, sec...03:53
Dr_Willisdirty way. put that command in rc.local ;)03:54
Anonynimitysystemwide or firefox only SecretFire?03:54
Anonynimityhave an idea SecretFire..03:55
Dr_Willishmm. theres some ipv6 stuff in /etc/sysctrl.conf also03:55
Dr_Willisnot sure if theres a setting for what you want. :)03:56
Anonynimitycreate a file called bad_list in /etc/modprobe.d and type alias net-pf-10 off03:56
SecretFireok hold on03:57
SecretFirea txt file03:57
Dr_Willissort of hard to type in a binary file. ;)03:57
Anonynimityor you could make a file called blacklist-ipv6 in /etc/modprobe.d?03:58
Dr_Willisecho 'alias net-pf-10 off' > /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-ipv603:58
Dr_Willismight do it.  (double check that command)03:58
SecretFireit won't let me do it03:58
Dr_Willisneed sudo rights. ;) of course.03:58
Dr_Willissudo  echo 'alias net-pf-10 off' > /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-ipv603:59
SecretFireDr_Willis, do this in the new file?03:59
SecretFireDr_Willis, i am using vi03:59
Dr_Willisoh wait - you cand do sudo and echo that way03:59
Dr_Willisone single line in the file with that  alias ......  line04:00
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=== Jan11 is now known as ON1
AnonynimityGive me all of your peanutbutter04:00
ItsMeLennydamn, my question got pushed out of the screen so i dont know if it got answered :P04:00
=== AndresSM_away is now known as AndresSM
SecretFiredo i need the quotes04:00
Dr_Willisquotes were for the echo command to know what to print04:01
Anonynimitywhat was your question Lenny?04:01
Paulus68_1ItsMeLenny: then just ask the question again :)04:01
ItsMeLennyis there any simple way, or a ppa that is, getting SDL2 on 12.04 precise04:02
SecretFireok i have the blacklist-ipv6 in /etc/modprobe.d04:02
SecretFireso when i restart i won't have to do that anymore?04:02
Dr_Willisin a FILE in /etc/modprobe.d/ you mean?04:02
SecretFireyea, thats what i mean04:02
Dr_WillisSecretFire:  try it and see.04:02
L0S7M1NDHello 'ello04:04
AnonynimityI am the peanutbutter bandit04:04
Anonynimitygive me all of your peanutbutter,04:04
SecretFirepeanut butter + chocolate is best04:04
* Dr_Willis gives Anonynimity a vegimite samwich.04:05
AnonynimityPeanutbutter is Healthier than chocolate.04:05
L0S7M1NDlol I got pb if you can fix networking issues.. lol04:05
Paulus68_1ItsMeLenny: perhaps this link is usefull to you http://forums.libsdl.org/viewtopic.php?t=8720&sid=aa806ec9d55e5cc03e635c387c1d9cf004:05
SecretFirecan't argue that, but the two combined are a godsend04:05
* Anonynimity shoves the samwich down Dr_Willis' throat04:05
AnonynimityI said PeanutButter04:05
AnonynimityI hate vegemite.04:05
AnonynimityI can fix networking issues,04:06
Dr_WillisYou will eate your vegimite and like it young man!04:06
ItsMeLennyPaulus68_1, ah, i see, thanks04:06
Paulus68_1ItsMeLenny: your welcome04:06
Anonynimitydepending upon the variant, distro, and what's wrong with your network04:06
AnonynimityI accidently removed the dns-masq-base once.04:06
L0S7M1NDlol I can google.  trying to find a fix. wound up here04:06
AnonynimityI had to download every networking package there was for that distro, and install them by hand in terminal,04:07
Anonynimitybut I fixed it.04:08
* Paulus68_1 keeping google on my good side :)04:08
Anonynimitywanna play a game?04:08
* Anonynimity doesn't use google without a proxy.04:08
L0S7M1NDwell I did a clean install ubuntu 13.10 beta2 64bit, all standard, and networking was fine in install but cant connect to anything ethernet or wifi after the install finished.04:08
ubottuUbuntu 13.10 (Saucy Salamander) will be the 19th release of Ubuntu. Announcement: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1252 - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+1. Release date will be 17th October 2013.04:08
Anonynimityhave you  made sure your network settings are good?04:08
Anonynimityand have you made sure your network is enabled?04:09
Dr_Willisthis is a wired nic thats not working?04:09
L0S7M1NDif you got a link or some commands I can read about to try in terminal04:09
Anonynimityhave you tried using sudo ifconfig eth0 [or wlan0] up?04:09
ubottuWireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs04:09
L0S7M1NDits a fresh install, still new04:09
Dr_Willisstart with 'ifconfig'04:09
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Anonynimitysudo network-manager04:12
=== Anonynimity is now known as Anonynimity-afk-
=== Anonynimity-afk- is now known as Anonynimity-brb
L0S7M1NDthanks for the wifi link. but I was leaning more towards network-manager because it all works fine in the installer.  works on the installer, then reboot and nothing.  not even Ethernet.  ?04:12
Dr_Willisnetwork manager is used on the installer live desktop also - as far as i know04:13
L0S7M1NDI would really like to find the reason for this bug, so that it can be fixed before the aug 17th release.04:13
Dr_Willisboot live cd, check what modules are loaded also.04:13
Dr_Willisthen boot desktop where it dont work. and check what modules are loaded04:14
Anonynimity-brbfind the networking packages, copy them to a new folder on your HDD, launch terminal, cd to the new folder you created, then use dpkg -i "packagename here.deb"04:14
Anonynimity-brbthat's what I would do....04:14
L0S7M1NDok, i'll see where that leads04:14
Anonynimity-brbsudo modprobe04:14
L0S7M1NDany idea who I should contact if this solves anything?  This an Asus ROG G74SX laptop (gaming) never had problems before, so I really would like to see it keep with flawless installs. :)04:16
L0S7M1NDautually, thanks for the help.  I'll slow down & try this for now & let you know how your help goes.  :)04:17
jmgkwelcome L0S7M1ND04:17
BetaSoulHey guys, long time no see. Just got a new box, and I'm having a few issues gettin 13.04 up and running. Most important, I can't seem to get the TP-LINK TL-WDN3800 wireless card to detect04:23
=== AndresSM is now known as AndresSM_away
HisaoNakaiHi. I need to change some internet settings. In Windows 7 one would go Control Panel > Network and sharing center > Change adaptor settings > Local area connection > Properties > IPv4 > Properties. How does one do that in Ubuntu? CLI solution preferred.04:25
BuzZBladEits almost identical, system settings > network >04:27
derrickcan i run a lightdm session instead of unity?04:28
=== derrick is now known as Guest94530
Guest94530can i run a lightdm session instead of unity?04:28
wilee-nileeGuest94530, unity is a desktop lightdm is a window manager, what is the goal here?04:29
Guest94530wilee-nilee want to run a session without unity, no menus etc04:29
wilee-nileeGuest94530, How about another desktop?04:30
Guest94530wilee-nilee could do that, what would be the lightest way to go?04:30
=== Anonynimity-brb is now known as Anonynimity
Anonynimitythere we go04:30
Anonynimitymuch better...04:30
Anonynimitylxde is a really lightweight desktop but it still has menus04:31
Dr_Willisjwm - is about the lightest 'window manager' but its not a full desktop04:31
BuzZBladEmaybe install only xfce then you can remove its panels at least?04:31
wilee-nileeGuest94530, You can add sektops, however these are meta packages, and can be removed if you have the list of whats installed. You say"a" session, is this a singular run?04:31
HisaoNakaiBuzZBladE: I open 'network conenctions' > Wired connection 1 > edit > ipv4 tab. How do I change the DNS?04:32
Guest94530wilee-nilee this would be the default xsession want something very minamal04:32
AnonynimityI'm going to go because My.Pen.Is.Erect04:33
wilee-nileeGuest94530, I think the others might have a better idea what to do, my concern was you getting backed into a corner without knowing the fix.04:33
wilee-nileea whole bunch of desktops to choose from though04:35
BuzZBladEHisaoNakai, to change the DNS you have to disable DHCP, as it will talk to your router and get that information04:35
HisaoNakaiBuzZBladE: I open 'network conenctions' > Wired connection 1 > edit > ipv4 tab. How do I change the DNS?04:35
HisaoNakaiBuzZBladE: So 'manual'?04:35
BuzZBladEautomatic DHCP with address only may work, unless you want static local IP's04:35
HisaoNakaiBuzZBladE: Okay. Do I write both the primary and secondary DNS in the DNS servers field?04:37
Sheldoraaaado I have to use python to write a program for back up on ubuntu server?04:37
BuzZBladEi believe so, with a space seperating them,  if this is connecting to the internet Automatic DHCP should get this DNS from your cable modem04:38
Sheldoraaaaor is there anyway I can cheat ?04:38
HisaoNakaiSheldoraaaa: Depends on what you want it to do...bash is usually good enough.04:38
Sheldoraaaaso the idea is that if one of my computer down, the other one can automatically on04:39
Gallomimiathat's really not funny anymore. alt+tab plus steam game = can't get back to the game ever... ?04:40
Sheldoraaaawithin a very limited time without any information loses04:40
HisaoNakaiBuzZBladE: I see...I want to override the default DNS. And is it necessary to fill in the Search Domains field?04:41
BetaSoulGah, other machine crashed.04:41
PryMaLGallomimia: do you run windowed mode?04:41
PryMaLGallomimia: try it, that's always done well by me!  -windowed in your advanced launch options.  :D04:42
BuzZBladEHisaoNakai, it is not necessary, unless you are wanting to cross local network domains04:42
BetaSoulOkay, two issues. First, ubtunu will only recongize one device per bus(had to move my keyboard to another bus), second, the TP-LINK TL-WDN3800 wireless card still isn't showing up.04:43
Gallomimiai'm also looking at figuring out how to get windows versions of some games attempting to run in wine... that's a kind of later on thing tho04:43
BetaSoulAlso, frekaing laptop crashed, so sorry for the flashing in and out.04:43
BuzZBladEi will be happy the day all games can start in a borderless dragable windowed mode that can remain on top :I04:43
GallomimiaPryMaL: your theory has failed me miserably; the game is not showing at all now... no sound either04:44
Gallomimiatho, this does give some kind of clues as to what's going on here... wish i knew what they meant04:45
BuzZBladEsounds like a video driver issue04:45
Gallomimiathose just got installed04:45
BetaSoulHey, who was a talking to a minute ago, I didn't mean to bale, the machine I'm on crashed.04:45
=== [1]binary01 is now known as binary01
PryMaLGallomimia: that surprises me greatly, what video card are you running?04:48
Gallomimiaasus radeon hd779004:48
PryMaLAhhh, my bad... Radeon cards are a bit funny with the Windowed mode.  My apologies, I should have asked that to start with.  :(04:49
PryMaLI'll go back to my corner and stop trying to help now.04:49
Gallomimiajust got it up and running and the fact that it plays the game at all is cause for great celebration04:49
Gallomimiaoh well04:50
* PryMaL fails04:50
BetaSoulHey guys, how do I enable to atheros driver?04:51
BuzZBladEBetaSoul, http://wireless.kernel.org/en/users/Drivers/ath9k04:53
BuzZBladEmay want to check if your chipset is supported?04:53
BetaSoulIT is.04:54
BetaSoulRight now the lshw has it listed as unclaimed.04:54
BetaSouland it worked as fo 12.1004:54
ian_im having trouble sertting IRC auto connect to a channel. im using /channel add -auto #r/leagueoflegends04:57
BetaSoultry escaping the slash.04:59
=== ian_ is now known as tigz4god
tigz4godstill says insufficuent paramters05:00
tigz4godanyone have ideas, trying to auto load a channel, /channel add -auto #r/league of legends       says not enough parameters05:03
geirhatigz4god: That would depend on which irc client you use05:03
tigz4godgeirha: im using irssi05:04
BuzZBladEbecause its not enough paramenters05:05
BuzZBladEyour not telling it what network, just the channel05:05
geirhaAssuming the syntax is correct, there's no channel with that name on this network05:05
lazors(and spaces)05:05
BuzZBladE /channel add -auto #leagueoflegends FREENODE05:05
BuzZBladEidk what network league is on though05:06
tigz4god(sorry, im SUPER new to IRC in general)05:06
BuzZBladE /channel add -auto #leagueoflegends QuakeNet05:07
BuzZBladEquakenet is probably already in the network list05:07
BuzZBladEi dont remember quake using adobe air though :I05:07
winsoffI am curious if anyone here lives by any woody bamboo.  PM me if you do.05:13
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=== io is now known as IdleOne
=== ian_ is now known as tigz4god
bray90820Would installing ubuntu on a flash drive to be able to plug it into any computer really work?05:28
histobray90820: yes05:28
bray90820But every computer needs different drivers05:29
histobray90820: linux != windows05:29
linuxuz3rdepends on the driver05:29
linuxuz3rso no05:29
linuxuz3rif you have an old computer yes05:29
Dr_Willisbray90820:  not every computer needs differnt drivers.05:29
Dr_Willisand most drivers are included by default on ubuntu05:30
histobray90820: even if they need different drivers they are loaded as modules.05:30
histolinuxuz3r: nonsense05:30
Dr_Willisbray90820:  theres also  a 'live' install to flash drive. (like the cd works) then theres a 'full' install to flash drive.05:30
bray90820well i know on one of my computers i need to install wifi manually05:30
bray90820On my MacPro05:30
Dr_Willisit will totally depend on the esact chipset of the device. for legal and other reasons not all the firmwares canbe included.05:31
bray90820So some will work and some will not?05:31
Dr_Willisif you made a live-usb with persistant save, or a full install. you could install the drivers onto the usb05:31
Dr_Willisthen it should work.05:31
histobray90820: You're not installing wifi drivers. You are just adding the firmware that is closed source that can't be freely distributed.05:31
bray90820So by default most computers will work but some will not?05:32
Dr_Willistoo bad there used to be a project that sort of  skirted the legal areas and had all the firmware and other junk on a unoffical extras-cd ;)05:32
Dr_Willishavent seen that project mentioned in years05:32
bray90820the dvd install?05:32
bray90820Dr_Willis: were you talking about the dvd install05:33
histobray90820: you will find more that will work than not.05:34
histobray90820: also your definition of work is a little off. Even those that need firmware still work without a problem.05:34
histobray90820: just wired only05:34
bray90820histo: alright05:34
wachpwnskihow do you rsync a folder with the sub directories and everything?05:34
bray90820and maybe a few weird graphics drivers05:35
=== jalcine is now known as jalcine_
penguinRaiderHi I am trying to make a bridge connection on my machine . My network's dhcp server gives me an IP by default . I am trying to bridge it to an interface that I configured at /etc/network/interfaces http://paste.ubuntu.com/6239201/ .But whenever I try to connect it by ifup br100 the eth0 disconnects from the main network and both of the interface don't get an IP . I am new to network configuration Where am I doing it wrong ? Any help ?05:43
Dr_Willisit pays to invest in a usb-wifi-dongle  that works out of the box. ;)05:47
Dr_Willisif for no other reason - then to install the drivers for the built in wifi in an easy way05:47
lkthomasOH NO, all of sudden all my youtube full screen feature not work05:50
lkthomasit become windowed screen with same size05:51
Dr_Willisdual monitors?05:51
lkthomasit happen all of sudden05:51
lkthomaswhich used to work before05:51
Dr_Willisodd that it used to work befor.  ;)   the webupd8, or omgubuntu blog sites mention some fix's for getting it to always work and stay fullscreened if you click on the other monitor.05:52
Dr_Willisi often have hulu, or crunchyroll on my 2nd moniotr (tv) and  have had to fight with the fullscreen flash being brain dead in the past05:52
grendal-primeis there a command i can use to shutdown all of the vms?05:53
grendal-primevirsh command that is.05:53
Dr_Willislkthomas:  i recall some firefox extensions that could tweak flash a bit.. or in teh guides they mention some hex editor hack to change a single byte in teh flash binaries to disable the annoyance05:55
g0ranhi guys, I am trying to setup openvpn server on my ubuntu box but I am not sure how to add bridge interface. I have only one network interface, that is eth0 which uses static ip addres. the said interface has public ip address (accessible directly via internet) and I am not sure if I need to set ip address of the bridge interface  to this public one?05:57
BuzZBladE"i have only one network interface"05:58
histo!details | BuzZBladE05:59
ubottuBuzZBladE: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."05:59
lkthomasDr_Willis: I am going to html5 instead06:00
lkthomasflash just a shit06:00
g0ranyes BuzZBladE, what do you find unclear about that?06:00
Dr_Willislkthomas:  i really rarely have issues with flash.  I just use it for Hulu and crunchyroll.com an crackle.com mainly06:00
richat!info keyrings06:01
richat!info keyring06:01
ubottuPackage keyrings does not exist in raring06:01
ubottuPackage keyring does not exist in raring06:01
RedRyderWell, I went and followed the steps and I seem to have it all installed. I think I even created my databases. However, I can't seem to access them and my opensim program can't seem to access the databases either. Any new suggestions???06:01
lkthomasI know06:01
lkthomasunsure why it happen all of sudden06:01
Dr_Willislkthomas:  flash package might have been updated06:01
lkthomasDr_Willis: just checked, not really06:01
Dr_Willisim on a raspberry pi at the moment. ;) No Flash for Arm Systems. ;)06:03
kongthapis there any good alternative to terminal which offers multiple tab interface ???06:03
=== bocaneri is now known as Sauvin
Dr_Willistheres dozens of terminal-eumlator apps in the repos06:04
Dr_WillisMost offer tab's06:04
Dr_WillisI tend to use Terminator - it has a large feature set06:04
richathello there06:04
BuzZBladEguake is pretty popular too06:04
Dr_WillisI dont really use the pop-down type terminals.06:04
NaeblisHello. gparted (from live USB) shows my entire HDD as "unallocated". Does this mean I'll have to re-partition everything (and thus lose all the data) ?06:05
richatpossible if i can see my password that store on chrome?06:05
Dr_WillisNaeblis:  what does 'sudo fdisk -l' say about it?06:05
Dr_WillisNaeblis:  its not a LVM or part of a raid setup was it?06:05
BuzZBladENaeblis, if your booted in and looking at gparted, then something is allocated, you cant use an os thats in unallocated space06:06
Naebliswelp, "/dev/sda doesn't contain a valid partition table"06:06
Dr_WillisIts possible the HD has died.. it would be weird for it to suddendly become unallocated.06:07
Naeblisthis hdd was working fine a couple months back, with Win7 and Ubuntu dual boot06:07
kongthapDr_Willis: i've installed Terminator, i don't know how to open new tab ???06:07
Dr_Williskongthap:  check the right click menu and its docs>06:07
Dr_Willislxterminal also has tabs (thats what im using now on my raspberry pi)06:08
kongthapi got it, thanks :)06:08
Dr_Willisterminator's ability to split windows is handy in some cases06:08
NaeblisDr_Willis: yeah that's what I fear. I can see it in BIOS, but it's not being booted.06:08
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
Naeblisany way to check it for sure?06:09
Dr_WillisNaeblis:  hard drives are the weakest link in hardware.06:09
histoNaeblis: did you remove the partition table?06:09
Dr_WillisIts possible it may be dead, and might come back to life after it runs a bit.. or gets shookup . or you say the magic words.06:09
histo!testdisk | Naeblis06:09
Naeblishisto: I didn't do anything myself06:10
Dr_WillisNaeblis:  and its not using any weird encryption, or other fancy things06:10
histoNaeblis: scan it with testdisk see if there are any partitions there. Also make sure that sda is your actual hdd and not usb or something goofy06:10
Naeblishisto: nah, 1TB, so fairly sure it's the hdd06:10
Dr_Willisyea. :) seen some bios's ages ago that would sort of switch around hard drives if you booted from USB06:10
histoNaeblis: http://www.cgsecurity.org/wiki/TestDisk_Step_By_Step06:11
RedRyderSorry I wasn't more specific. I went to the website suggested by ubottu the last time I was here. I am still having problems with getting mysql and opensim to communicate. I know I must be doing something wrong but I follow the steps. Any ideas?06:13
histoRedRyder: have you asked opensim people for help?06:15
RedRyderyes and also the metropolis grid people06:16
BuzZBladEred, did you create the mysql database for it?06:17
RedRyderAs far as I know I did. But I'm not sure what I'm doing in linux. I had it all set up under win8.06:18
=== Guest88658 is now known as fate_
techyanHi Guys06:20
techyanIts regarding Ubuntu installation failure06:20
techyanI tried to install Ubuntu 12.04 and Ubuntu 12.10 in a P4 PC06:21
histo!pae | techyan06:21
ubottutechyan: To use more than ~3.2GB RAM on a 32bit system you can install the PAE-enabled kernel. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EnablingPAE for more info06:21
histotechyan: what was the failure?06:21
techyanUbuntu 12.10 installation is not even starting in my PC06:22
histotechyan: can you describe not starting?  Does anything show up on the screen?06:22
Dr_Willisbooting from dvd? or usb flash or how..06:22
techyanHowever 12.04 installation was successfull , but I am getting internal errors while opening application06:22
techyanAnd it is not restarting.06:23
techyanSome times mouse and keyboard  is not detecting06:23
histotechyan: pick one problem and describe it in detail06:23
Dr_Willissounds like there maybe deeper hardware issues. or a bad install image/burn06:23
techyanThe error message was "could not write bytes: brocken pipes" ?06:25
techyan<histo> Is there any updated hardware support machine desktop list. Just like https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportMachinesDesktopsDell06:26
=== Denza252 is now known as MangaKaDenza
Dr_Willistechyan:  you tried running the memtest from the live cd/dvd for a while as a test to verify theres no ram issues?06:27
techyanThe RAM is working fine06:28
Dr_Willisand how long did you let memtest run?06:29
techyanPass 106:29
techyanPas 1 was success06:29
techyanArround 30min06:30
BuzZBladEthe broken pipes bit could be referring to his video drivers, its not starting 3d unity06:30
BuzZBladEtechyan, you say its a p4, i'm assuming its an onboard intel video chipset?06:31
BuzZBladEthat should be vga compatable...06:32
techyanFor your information, because of this error I installed Ubuntu 12.04 server in the same PC06:32
techyanAnd it was working fine ( CLI mode). Later I installed Ubuntu-Desktop in 12.04 server .06:33
techyanSo lot of internal issues occured.06:33
techyanLike application crashed, system is not successfully restarting etc06:33
Roy_Ubuntu_13-04who is familer with scanmem06:33
BuzZBladEtechyan, hm, so you installed 12.04 server, then desktop over top of it?06:34
techyanI installed the server version because desktop version always crashing06:34
Dr_Willisdesktop and server versions should be pratically identical. except for the desktop bits.06:35
Dr_Willisif you boot to text mode, you dont have any crashing of the cli apps?06:35
techyanIn CLI mode the server version was fine. I installed ubuntu-desktop over it . Because I have to work on some design softwares.06:35
techyanSo again system crashed.06:35
techyanIn text mode everything works06:36
BuzZBladEin the server version you could have just installed the desktop packages06:36
techyanbut in gui its crashing. some times manual restart required.06:36
techyanSome times it wont restart.06:36
BuzZBladEhow old is this hard drive?06:37
foo357Hello, I have a ubuntu 12.04 machine with some packages installed. I recently noticed that there was a PPA that offered these packages (but newer versions and so, of course). How should I go from using the official ubuntu packages to the ppa ones? What would happen if I added this ppa, would APT find out that some packages can be updated or something?06:37
histotechyan: do you have a swap partition?06:37
Dr_Willisfoo357:  thats how it works.. enable ppa. apt-get update, upgrade should pull them in.06:37
lazors!ppa | foo35706:38
ubottufoo357: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge06:38
foo357Dr_Willis: oh, great. thanks for the clarification.06:38
techyanI installed Ubuntu by guided partitioning06:40
=== g_byers is now known as gbyers[Away]
techyanIs there anyway I can get a details of hardware supported by Ubuntu-Desktop06:44
BuzZBladEit doesnt list a keyboard, but it helps to have one06:45
wilee-nileetechyan: more hardware works than is listed.06:47
BuzZBladEthe only thing i might worry about when he says p4 is does he have at least 512mb of ram?06:48
techyan@Wilee-nilee -  OK. I should give some kind of explanation why it is not installing in my hardware >06:48
ubottuFor lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection06:50
Dr_Willisand of course hardware that is 'ubuntu certified' can still have issues06:51
Dr_Willistechyan:  best to keep the chat in the channel. Most of us in here ignore pm's06:51
Dr_Willisthe only real hardware the desktop would be using would be the video chipset/driver that would be differnt then the server.06:52
Dr_Williseverything else is pratically the same btween server and desktop editions these days.06:52
Dr_Willisof course a Pent4 - is getting towards the low end of what could be expected to work. You may want to try Lubuntu or xubuntu on that old of hardware06:53
techyanDr_Willis : OK.06:56
techyanDr_Willis    : In Lubuntu I am working on the desktop,right06:57
=== Kitar|st_ is now known as Kitar|st
dr0phello, is there an way to enable mouse  natural scroll ? (not touchpad)06:58
techyanSo there may be a chance that the same issue occurs06:58
techyanDr_Willis: Is there any system compatibility checker for ubuntu ?06:58
apapaiaHi all07:00
Dr_Willistechyan:  cant say ive ever noticed one.. then again. ive given away pc's with specs greater then a P4 :)07:01
=== BotaniCar|2 is now known as StrudelMuffin
Dr_Willisnormally the only issues hardware wise would be the wireless cards. and the video chipset.07:01
Dr_Willisunless the system is so old - its not using a PAE enabled cpu.07:01
gordonjcpearly early P4 might not be PAE and might not be 32-bit07:02
gordonjcptechyan: simplest thing is to download an image and bung it on a USB stick07:03
hitsujiTMOtechyan: what cpu are you trying to run on>07:04
techyanhitsujiTMO: P407:05
hitsujiTMOtechyan: how much ram?07:06
techyanIts Dell Optiplex Gx62007:07
techyanhitsujiTMO: 2GB RAM DD207:07
techyanhitsujiTMO: sorry , 2GB DDR207:07
techyangordonjcp: I am installing Ubuntu using universal USB installer. I boot from USB and installed it on hardware07:08
hitsujiTMOtechyan: what release are you installing? 12.04 ?07:10
techyanDr_Willis:  so you suggest to install Lubuntu ?07:11
ProctologistHello, anyone know how to fix the issue where after my xubuntu 13.04 computer goes to sleep it wakes up with a black screen only allowing me to use the cursor and see a blinking line at the top of the screen?07:11
techyanhitsujiTMO: 12.04 and 12.1007:11
DuncanNZProctologist: your laptop make and model might be a good start07:11
hitsujiTMOtechyan: unity is going to have a hard time running on your graphics chipset: you should defo use lubuntu or xubuntu 12.0407:12
techyanhitsujiTMO: Issues happened while working on gui07:14
techyanin CLI it is working07:14
techyanAnyway let me try Lubuntu or Xubuntu ?07:15
techyanhitsujiTMO: Let me try Lubuntu07:16
techyanhitsujiTMO, Dr_Willis, histo thank you07:16
neilHi .. I am trying to get the tftp configured for a libvirt but it isn't working and I can't find out why :-( ... the command I am using and the xml is on http://paste.ubuntu.com/6239442/ ... what am I doing wrong?07:19
cjmacHi, I'm having a bit of trouble with open-iscsi on Precise (12.04). Anyone here got any experience with it?07:19
ProctologistDuncanNZ: macbook pro retina 13 inch07:19
hitsujiTMO!details | cjmac07:20
ubottucjmac: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."07:20
cjmacHi, I'm having a bit of trouble with open-iscsi on Precise (12.04). Specifically, I'm trying to set up multi-pathing and for some reason, it's trying to route traffic to my target via all my iscsi ifaces, not just the ones that can actually route to it. I can manually correct this by removing the bindings, but I'd like to stop it binding the target to the other ifaces altogether.07:23
cjmacThat better?07:23
DuncanNZProctologist: If you go to settings and click "Device Drivers", do you get anything there?07:23
hitsujiTMOyes, you're more likely to get help if you provide the details07:23
DuncanNZit might be worded differently, "proprietary drivers" or "hardware drivers"07:24
ProctologistI'll have a look, it is still at the black screen so I'll have to restart it07:26
DuncanNZwait one second then07:26
DuncanNZfirst check if you can press Ctrl+Alt+F107:26
DuncanNZand if it does anything when you press Ctrl+Alt+F1 or not, that could be useful information07:26
ProctologistI tried that before and nothing popped up07:26
DuncanNZjust reboot then07:27
nhazcan ask a question?07:28
DuncanNZ!cn | freelance07:29
ubottufreelance: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw07:29
nhazits about network problem07:29
bekksnhaz: ask your question.07:29
DuncanNZ!ask | nhaz07:29
ubottunhaz: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience07:29
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nhazi set installed linux lite my desktop at home, but when i bring bing it to my friends house i cannot connectit on his network07:31
gordonjcptechyan: and did it work?07:31
nhazi try manual config conected but nointernet.07:31
cjmacneil: I'm not entirely familiar with what the issue with dnsmasq is, but can I point out that part of the command line says "--conf-file=" with no file specified? exit code 2 often means things like missing / malformed arguments07:33
ProctologistI looked through the Additional Drivers section of my Ubuntu Software Updater and the only propriety driver in use is the Broadcom wireless driver07:34
hitsujiTMOnhas try in ##linux   this is for #ubuntu support07:35
DuncanNZok so nothing relating to graphics drivers, Proctologist, and that was my only suggestion sorry07:35
hitsujiTMOnhaz try in ##linux   this is for #ubuntu support07:35
ProctologistI wasn't sure if it was supposed to happen07:35
Proctologistand there was a shortcut to get out of it07:36
nhazok  thanks07:36
DuncanNZmaybe anyone else can help with Proctologist's problem, black screen after suspend on mac book pro07:36
ProctologistI'll just make sure it doesn't go to sleep. I was running some tests in the background but I'll just turn the screen off07:36
cjmacneil: on second thoughts, I just gave you a red herring.Apparently that's a quite legal empty argument. Have you had a look at this? http://wiki.libvirt.org/page/Virtual_network_%27default%27_has_not_been_started07:37
ProctologistDuncanNZ my googling skills may have come to fruition, it seems that some SSD users have been having a similar problem, I'll inform you with results07:39
DuncanNZok good luck07:39
azarhow to enable fingerd in ubuntu?07:39
dn4what happened to all the mirrors ubuntu used to have07:42
DJonesdn4: For iso's? I use http://mirror.umd.edu/ubuntu-iso/ if I need to07:42
wilee-nileedn4, There a bunch in software sources.07:44
hitsujiTMOdn4: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+archivemirrors    https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+cdmirrors07:44
dn4thanks it was taht launchpad site I needed07:45
dn4didn't think it was the ubuntu's07:46
NewToThisMy wireless works but ubuntu doesnt recognize it when i type in airmon-ng start wlan007:47
=== lixiaoling_ is now known as lixiaoling
ProctologistDuncanNZ you there?07:55
ProctologistI followed this guide: http://www.webupd8.org/2013/01/ubuntu-lightdm-black-screen-when-using.html07:55
ProctologistAdded sleep 5 onto /etc/init/lightdm.conf07:55
ProctologistAbove exec lightdm07:56
ProctologistThe first try seems to have worked, I'll try again07:56
ProctologistJust letting you know in case you or anyone else ever has the same problem07:56
DuncanNZok that's good that it seems fixed07:57
edemmmAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA let me quit :)))07:57
hitsujiTMO/quit edemm07:57
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kongthapafter running fsck command i got lost+found folder, is it safe to delete the folder???08:07
sasmit87how can I update my firefox in ubuntu 11.1008:08
hewhomustsasmit87: what version do you have?08:08
reisiosasmit87: update your ubuntu08:08
=== davide is now known as Guest27778
sasmit87I have firefox 10.008:09
sasmit87i want 24.008:09
hitsujiTMO!eol | sasmit8708:09
ubottusasmit87: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades08:09
ProctologistUpon trying again I seemed to have fixed it DuncanNZ08:09
hewhomustyeah reisio's answer is probably the best08:09
hitsujiTMO11.10 id eol sasmit8708:09
ripthejackerI need to install a package smlnj, It's present in packages.ubuntu.com for quantal , but apt-cache seach doesn't return any hit.08:10
ripthejackerPlease help08:10
rethuswhen comes the next LTS?08:11
auronandacerethus: 14.0408:11
reisiorethus: 10th month08:11
ripthejackerWhen I did apt-get update , some repositories were ignored,08:11
reisiooh yeah, 1408:11
ripthejackerlike backports main08:11
auronandacerethus: no, lts are released in april (4th month)08:11
rethusreisio: great, was thinking about to install an STS, but 4 Month are ok to wait.08:12
reisiorethus: well, six08:12
reisiobut waiting is silly08:12
reisioyou can update to it when it comes out08:12
rethuswhat do you mean?08:12
reisiogood question08:13
rethusBut for April, 13.04 is released ?!08:14
hitsujiTMOripthejacker: smlnj is in universe: not showing for me either , may be a bug08:14
rethussee it on a wiki in ubuntuusers.de08:14
auronandacerethus: lts releases are every 2 years08:14
auronandacerethus: 13.04 is not an lts08:15
hitsujiTMOripthejacker: if you need to install it you can download the .deb from packages.ubuntu.com08:15
rethusSo, the LTS in an own branch?08:15
ripthejackerhitsujiTMO: How do I know if i have enabled universe?08:16
rethusbut created out of 13.04 STS?08:16
ripthejackerIn the repositories, I can see updates universe and backports universe , but no main universe08:16
hitsujiTMOripthejacker: it will not be commented out in /etc/apt/sources.list08:17
auronandacerethus: each release is a separate branch, they make lts releases so that you can upgrade directly between consecutive lts releases08:17
hewhomustwhat does dist-upgrade do?08:18
auronandacerethus: with normal releases you can only upgrade to the one next in line08:18
auronandace!dist-upgrade | hewhomust08:18
ubottuhewhomust: A dist-upgrade will install new dependencies for packages already installed and may remove packages if they are no longer needed. This will not bring you to a new release of Ubuntu, see !upgrade if that is your intention.08:18
rethusis visible, which features of the STS versions are included?08:18
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade08:19
ripthejackerhitsujiTMO: well it's enabled08:19
ripthejackerhitsujiTMO: maybe I'll install using the deb package08:19
hitsujiTMOripthejacker: np, as i said i cant find it either so more than likely its a bug08:20
ripthejackerI thought apt is a thoroughly tested program08:21
gm10Siemanko xd08:21
ripthejackerhitsujiTMO: maybe I'll try changing the server.08:21
mistertwja stara sik N pociongi08:21
gm10CHYBA TY08:21
gm10Czemu blondynka przebiera sie za akumulator08:22
gm10_co ma cztery nogi  i jedno oko?08:22
misteridzie kot i spoawa gunwa08:22
gm10_jo jest g łupia08:22
ubottuThe core of Ubuntu is the Linux kernel: see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel - You shouldn't have to compile your own, and if you need to troubleshoot issues, you can try a !Mainline kernel instead, but if you insist, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Kernel/Compile (see also !Stages)08:22
mistera bo ja wiem08:22
wilee-nileeripthejacker, This website will build you a sources list to compare or use. http://repogen.simplylinux.ch/08:22
hitsujiTMO!op gm10 gm10_ mister08:22
ubottuhitsujiTMO: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)08:22
somsip!pl | mister gm10_08:22
ubottumister gm10_: Na tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.08:22
DJonesgm10_: Please note that this a support channel, not a chat channel08:22
ubottuThe kernel team supply continuous mainline kernel builds which can be useful for tracking down issues or testing recent changes in the Linux kernel. More information is available at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds08:23
gm10Idzie pies i zdech iksde08:23
misteridzie pies i sie ...08:23
gm10_kompa ł08:23
gm10Pan na geografi pyta sie jasia gdzie jest KUba ? Jasiu mowi ze w domu AHahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahahaha / PAWEL08:23
gm10_poweł ogat żulu08:23
gm10Bo ci zjem pizze08:24
ripthejackerwilee-nilee: thanks08:25
wilee-nileeno prob08:25
ripthejackerwilee-nilee: the repositories are enabled, I can see other packages from that repo, but the particular one I want , is missing08:25
wilee-nileeripthejacker, you mentioned main missing, should be there.08:26
ripthejackerwilee-nilee: yeah dunno what was the problem, I changed the server to main and I got the package08:28
ripthejackerhitsujiTMO: hey changing the server worked for me :)08:29
hitsujiTMOripthejacker: cool, your country repo must not be synced correctly (and my country repo for that matter)08:30
ripthejackerI was using Indian server08:30
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dn4I am trying to boot up ubuntu on a macbook pro and it always has jacked up graphics with with the latest releases of 13.04 and 12.04.308:43
dn4any ideas why graphics would be jacked up and then the wireless fails at a certain point I think and the install just stops08:44
Neo2013#dn4 try to donwload it again08:47
dn4Neo2013: hmmm any recommended ways to download it?08:48
Neo2013#dn4 to be clear you are trying to boot from your macbook with a live cd?08:49
Neo2013and than it jamms ?08:50
nabn hi. how do i enable alt-tab shortcut to switch appilcations? I am using gnome classic on ubuntu 13.04(64bit). I tried using ccsm, but  the version i downloaded does not have an option where i can enable this. The best it allows me to do is activate 'alt-w' to enable window picker.08:50
dn4Neo2013: I am using a usb thumb stick08:52
dn4maybe I am messing up some where08:52
dn4should my file format on the usb stick be fat32?08:52
Neo2013I always use NTFS08:53
Neo2013because you can put biger files on it08:53
Neo2013Try to format it as NTFS and make a new startup file08:54
dn4maybe I Should just buy a dvd and use that instead of a usb08:54
dn4that normally always works08:54
Neo2013also possible08:54
Neo2013I use vmware workstation if I want to try  a new OS08:55
Neo2013but I dont konw if that is working on your mac ;)08:55
meyouin a netstat -l, what does [::]:123408:56
cjmacmeyou: the :1234 is the port, and [::] is the ipv6 equivalent of, basically08:57
meyouso if that was the only entry with port 123408:58
meyouyou could conclude ipv4 addresses aren't listening on 1234?08:58
cjmacmeyou: I .....believe so, yes.08:59
meyoui was pretty sure because i see other *:<port> entries for stuff that is listening on this thing's ip4 address08:59
meyoustupid service is binding wrong i guess08:59
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czardozhow to manually set DNS in Ubuntu? I don't have GUI, and there seems to be three ways, none of which work09:06
czardoz1.) edit /etc/resolv.conf 2.) edit /etc/networking/interfaces 3.) edit /etc/dhcp/dhclient.conf09:06
czardozhas anyone tried any of these before?09:07
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ActionParsnipczardoz: you can add it in /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/head09:10
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ActionParsnipczardoz: echo "nameserver" | sudo tee -a /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/head > /dev/null09:11
ActionParsnipczardoz: for example09:11
sasmit87when I tried this command sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mozillateam/firefox-stable09:11
ActionParsnipczardoz: the head file adds the 'dont modify this file' text, if it just happens to include DNS server information, that's ok :)09:11
sasmit87ValueError: No JSON object could be decoded09:12
sasmit87i got this error09:12
czardozActionParsnip: ok, just trying that out =)09:12
ActionParsnipsasmit87: what is the output of:  cat /etc/issue09:12
ActionParsnipczardoz: its a hack, but I find it waaaay easier09:12
sasmit87output is Ubuntu 11.10 \n \l09:13
czardozActionParsnip: the DNS support in Ubuntu is surprisingly poor. I should probably raise a bug about this.09:13
ActionParsnipsasmit87: Oneiric is no longer supported in any way09:13
ActionParsnipczardoz: you can set it in wicd-curses super easy too09:13
sasmit87what ??09:13
ActionParsnipsasmit87: its dead, its like asking Microsoft for support for Windows 9809:13
sasmit87I am new to ubuntu so didn't get u\09:13
ActionParsnipsasmit87: the community, and that PPA do not support Oneiric09:14
sasmit87so how to fix that09:14
czardozActionParsnip: installing WICD will no doubt again lead to some conflicts with network-manager09:15
czardozI'd rather not try that09:15
ActionParsnipsasmit87: upgrade to Precise (Ubuntu 12.04) which is LTS and supported til April 201709:15
sasmit87how do I upgrade09:16
sasmit87sorry I am very new to that09:16
sasmit87any command09:16
ubottuFor upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade09:16
ActionParsnipsasmit87: not new to finding stuff out online...right?09:16
Hermaphroditesasmit87: looks like an python error09:17
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HermaphroditeUpdate your python libs09:17
Rorysasmit87: The Update Manager should show that a new distribution release (12.04 LTS) is available09:17
sasmit87let me try that too\09:18
sasmit87when I open My ubuntu update manager09:18
sasmit87its showing09:18
sasmit87Your Ubuntu release is not supported anymore09:18
sasmit87You will not get any further security fixes or critical updates. Please upgrade to a later version of Ubuntu Linux.09:19
Rorysam113101: Yes that is correct. There should be a button to upgrade to 12.0409:19
wilee-nilee!eol upgrade | sasmit8709:20
Rorysam113101: If you can't find the option, run the command: "sudo do-release-upgrade" in the terminal09:20
wilee-nilee!eol | sasmit87 you have to follow this guide09:20
ubottusasmit87 you have to follow this guide: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades09:20
nomad_frI'm trying to install via preseed09:21
wilee-nileesasmit87, There is a sources.list change for a eol upgrade.09:21
sasmit87what is that again09:21
Rorysasmit87: Does that command give an error?09:21
nomad_frIt work perfectly over ethernet, I've made a 'special' usb boot stick that permit to load my preseed form network09:21
sasmit87rory: which command09:21
Rorysam113101: If you can't find the option, run the command: "sudo do-release-upgrade" in the terminal09:22
Rorysasmit87: ^09:22
Rorysorry sam113101 :(09:22
nomad_frbut I can't do the same with wifi09:22
Rorysasmit87: Failing that, you can download a supported version from http://ubuntu.com/downloads/desktop and install it the same way you installed 11.1009:22
Rorysasmit87: By burning to a DVD, or a USb flash drive, booting from it, and following the instructions09:23
sasmit87rory: its happening I guess09:23
Rorysasmit87: OK let me know if it stops with an error09:23
nomad_frtis parameter in presed didn't seems to work : d-i netcfg/wireless_essid string09:23
sasmit87rory: till now happening09:24
sasmit87I will let you know09:24
nomad_frso I trie with a preseed/run script for early configuratino but my script is never launch09:24
Rorysasmit87: OK I should be here for the next 3 hours09:24
patHello gentleman. I'm wondering if anyone knows how to disable sticky edges in xfce?09:25
patThere's no option for it in display settings.09:25
sasmit87rory: any idea how much time it takes09:25
patAnd it's driving me insane.09:25
Rorysasmit87: Depends on the speed of your Internet connection09:25
sasmit87its 4mbps09:25
Rorypat: In XFCE it's called "tiling snap" not sticky edges09:26
michael87anyone else waiting for the release of 13.10? I keep hoping it will get faster with more functions.09:26
patRory: oh okay, where abouts is that option?09:26
sasmit87rory: its showing now09:26
sasmit87Continue [yN]  Details [d]09:26
MrQuisti keep hoping it fixes damn drivers issues and comes with a proper window manager09:26
Rorysasmit87: continue09:26
Rorypat: I don't know,  don't use XFCE but it'll be in the settings console somewhere09:26
Rorysasmit87: Yes09:26
patRory: okay, thanks, I'll try and invoke Google09:27
Rorypat: Just poke around the settings09:27
patRory: hmm I've tried that, couldn't see it anywhere :( I'll try again09:27
patRory: google has nothing, yay09:27
michael87so weird questions, is there a way to make chromium transparent where the tabs are without effecting the tabs themselves? like windows 7. not a biggy just want to know if its possible09:28
Rory!xubuntu | pat09:28
ubottupat: Xubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce as the desktop environment. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels09:28
Rorymichael87: No, because Chrom/ium uses its own internal way of drawing the window, and the rest of the desktop can't change it09:28
patI'll try the xubuntu chan, thanks09:28
reisiopat: sticky edges?09:29
michael87Rory, damn :(. well maybe one day that will change. I personally love unity and its task menu reminds me of aeroglass. just becuase microsoft wants to flatten everything doesn't mean I have to deal with that crap lol09:30
patreisio: yeah, when i move my mouse from 1 monitor to the other the mouse gets stuck on the middle section for a bit09:30
patreisio: and i have to wiggle it09:30
Roryreisio: on XFCE not Unity09:31
reisioSettings > Window Manager > Advanced > snap windows?09:31
patunity does it for me too09:31
reisioSettings > Workspaces >Margins?09:31
Dr_Willisedge resistance  perhaps.09:31
patreisio: nice, i'll try those09:32
reisioSettings > Window Manager Tweaks > Use edge resistance09:32
reisioand then of course you could query the heck out of xfconf09:32
reisioalso, #xfce09:32
patawesome, thanks!09:32
michael87anyway thanks for the answers I'm out09:35
MrQuistwhile we're at it; i had another window manger (unity or something - the ubuntu default), then i added some option that the window blinks on an alert message. Then a collegue of mine replaced the default one with Cinnamon - now i can't revert the blinking alert sound anymore09:35
RoryMrQuist: They're entirely different desktop environments, Cinnamon probably doesn't even support what you want09:36
patreisio: according to #xubuntu it was that snap windows setting, good work09:36
MrQuistOkay, but then, why does it still blink?09:36
MrQuistWhen i go to all settings -> universal access -> hearing09:37
reisiopat: even without carrying a window?09:37
MrQuistvisual effects (flash the window title / flash the entire screen) is disabled09:37
patreisio: yeah :/09:37
Slindermandual boot, win8 and ubuntu?09:38
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hitsujiTMOmyquist: afaik both ubuntu and cinnamon are built on top of gnome ... might be a setting common to both environments09:38
hitsujiTMOmyquist: afaik both unity* and cinnamon are built on top of gnome ... might be a setting common to both environments09:39
hitsujiTMOMrQuist^ even09:39
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DaHopihello @all, is there a possibility to use two graphic cards at same time with X11? In win7 it works, but on X11 i could not found a solution.. twinview and xinerama doesnt work .09:49
DaHopifirst card is intel onboard hd graphics, 2nd is a nvidia with 2 display ports09:50
DaHopiso i have three monitor ports to use..09:50
ubottuBoheme: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».09:51
lkthomasI am looking for ubuntuwarez09:51
reisioDaHopi: twinview and xinerama are more for multiple monitors than multiple cards09:51
reisiobut you can use multiple cards09:51
hitsujiTMODaHopi: yes, you may need to set up a cj09:52
DaHopi@reisio.. i want to use all three monitor outputs in unity.. as one desktop,..09:53
DaHopi@hitsujiTMO  whats a cj?09:53
hitsujiTMODaHopi: yes, you may need to set up a custom xorg.conf to get it working, and install proprietary altho it's not an easy task09:53
hitsujiTMODaHopi: a cj is the output of my dog hitting the keyboard :P09:54
DaHopiahhh ok ;)09:54
reisiohitsujiTMO: ha09:54
DaHopi@hitsujiTMO do u know any howto? i found a lot about twinview / xinerama but only for one driver at same time..09:55
hitsujiTMOdahopi: i don't i'm afraid. theres a few people around the last few days looking to solve the same problem so hang around and if they're on they can share their experiences with you.  also try #xorg09:57
DaHopiok.. i will try. #xorg.. thanx!09:59
driiperHello, i'm currently tasked to set up a server at my university (ubuntu) and i head about the 13.10 coming out the 17th10:00
driiperso i was wondering if there is any issues with upgrading from 13.04 to 13.1010:01
driiperwhen its released that is10:01
driiperor if its possible to download the release version now from somewhere10:01
hitsujiTMOdriiper: there could be, an upgrade is not also a smooth process, normally it would be recommend to use an lts release for a server.     saucy beta is here: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/   (will update to release)   keep in mind all saucy support is in #ubuntu+1 til release10:04
driiperokay sorry for asking in the wrong channel10:04
driiperhitsujiTMO: but a quick one nontheless  :P  that daily build will basicly be the release then if i understand you correctly?10:05
driiperhitsujiTMO: ok thanks alot! :)10:05
DeepBluethe windows buttons r lost in gnome except for the x button,i think this is because of a gnome extension but i don't no which10:06
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energizer1I accidentally saved a multi-sheet spreadsheet as a csv instead of xls, and lost all the formulas and all the other sheets. Is it possible to recover?10:15
TTTTThow do I install git-slave on ubuntu without installing from source? I've tried apt-cache search gits. I've tried looking in synaptic's gui etc.10:15
TTTTTThis is what git slave is http://gitslave.sourceforge.net/10:15
gordonjcpTTTTT: look for a PPA for it?10:16
cfhowlettenergizer1, possibly in autosaves ... not sure where to look but the location will be stated in the preferences /settings10:16
TTTTTgordonjcp, Let me check but havn't had any success with finding a ppa10:18
energizer1cfhowlett: nothing there10:18
energizer1thanks tho10:18
sasmit87Rory:you still there know10:18
vmzI’m trying to run this bash script on VPS with Ubuntu 13.04: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6239937/ . But the last line resulting in error: Syntax error: "(" unexpected . How to make this script run without errors?10:19
TTTTTgordonjcp, I have a computer with it installed, how can I check which ppa it came from? There are lots of them in sources.list10:19
cfhowlettenergizer1, best of luck.10:19
TTTTTvmz, What do you expect the script to do?10:21
TTTTTvmz, Or what is it you want done on your vps10:21
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RoryHello sasmit87 Yes10:22
sasmit87no just wanted to check if you are there10:23
sasmit87its still going on10:23
Rorysasmit87: OK no problem10:23
RoryDoes anyone know if it's possible to get desktop notifications for an IRC setup that goes weechat -> screen -> ssh -> Terminator -> Ubuntu10:23
RoryIf I could have desktop notifications for hilights I would be so happy10:24
vmzTTTTT: I’m running gith nodejs server which is listening to github web hooks and when I commit to master branch of my websites repo - this nodejs server runs this bash script. And this script pulls code from github, installs dependencies with npm and generating static website with docpad. And then I need to make gzip versions of some files with that last line of the bash script - but this line gives me an error and not executing properly10:24
jribRory: should be, check weechat scripts page10:24
gordonjcpRory: write a weechat plugin that sends a message when you're highlighted?10:25
gordonjcpRory: or hell, *find* one10:25
gordonjcpRory: weechat -> mqtt -> notifications ;-)10:26
jribthere are at least 3 options that I see on the scripts page10:26
TTTTTvmz, Let me try see what is wrong with it. You can try asking in #bash. Do you know of any cool channels for web dev stuff?10:26
vmzYep, but it seems related somehow with Ubuntu. I’ve found some similar topics on google with that error and Ubuntu, but not found solution yet. This script was introduced in the blogpost as fully working, so maybe its author runs it on another Linux distro... As for channels - yes, I could always use /list (:10:29
TTTTTvmz, Try this http://pastebin.com/pHGhR5Xi10:30
Roryvmz: I'd perhaps recommend against running /list on Freenode, depending on your client. There are a lot of channels10:30
TTTTTvmz, Did that work?10:34
TTTTTI gotta10:34
vmzError:  sh: 1: cannot open {}: No such file10:34
vmzSomething with "sh -c "gzip -7 -f < {} > {}.gz" I think...10:35
TTTTTvmz, Did you try the script I gave you10:36
vmzIt gives me that error10:36
vmzError:  sh: 1: cannot open {}: No such file10:37
TTTTTvmz, Ask on stackoverflow10:37
TTTTTyou are noob10:37
vmzYep, totally10:38
geirhavmz: find ./out -type f \( -name "*.html" -o -name "*.css" -o -name "*.js" \) -exec sh -c 'gzip -7 -f < "$1" > "$1.gz"' _ {} \;10:38
ubottuTTTTT: As our !guidelines say, "When helping, be helpful". If you're not familiar with the issue at hand, let someone else handle it instead of making !offtopic comments or jokes.10:38
geirha-f is pointless though10:38
vmzgeirha: trying that10:39
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geirhavmz: The main point is that (, ) and ; are special to bash, so to pass those characters on to find, you have to escape them, either by prepending \ or quoting them; \(, '(' or "("10:40
geirhavmz: It's also bad practice to embed data into scripts, as you did with {}10:40
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DeepBluethe windows buttons r lost in gnome except for the x button,i think this is because of a gnome extension but i don't no which10:44
njsghei, I'm having trouble with pmount, I'm in the plugdev group, but when I mount a device it gets mounted under a different user, not the user I run pmount as10:44
njsgwhat do I need to do to fix that?10:44
vmzgeirha: It worked! Thanks a lot!10:45
BluesKaj'Morning folks10:45
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nomad_frHi, I need help with preseed setup10:54
nomad_frI just want to launch an earl_command for wifi setup10:54
sasmit87Rory : do I need to restart my system after installation finshed10:57
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Rorysasmit87: Yes you do11:00
Rorysasmit87: I need to go out now but people in here will help you with any post-upgrade issues11:01
njsganyone around who is successfully using pmount?11:01
Rorysasmit87: It's fine it's a busy channel full of knowledgable people11:01
sasmit87but sometime people dont help often like you11:02
sasmit87its taking quite long time11:03
ActionParsnipDeepBlue: you can set the displaying of buttons in Gnome11:12
ActionParsnipDeepBlue: its not an extension at all11:12
r2jhey long time11:13
mirozi think i broke my g++ environment (under ubuntu 13.04), i cannot even compile a hello world with #include <iostream>, i get: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6240069/11:13
DeepBlueActionParsnip: i don't have the tweak tool11:14
ActionParsnipmiroz: i'd ask in #c++11:14
ActionParsnipDeepBlue: you can set it in dconf-tool11:14
mirozActionParsnip: i did they sent me here :(11:14
ActionParsnipmiroz: oh, do you have build-essential installed?11:14
sasmit87Rory: its finished downloading now11:15
mirozActionParsnip: yes11:15
sasmit87its showing some pop up and asking me11:15
sasmit87rsync cups cron atd apache2__11:15
ActionParsnipmiroz: are there any bugs reported?11:15
subby1Cant get my internet connection dont know y??11:16
ubottusubby1,: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."11:16
ActionParsnipsubby1: how do you connect to the web? wireless? wifi? 3G?11:16
mirozActionParsnip: when i apt-get install build-essential ? build-essential is already the newest version. 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 142 not upgraded.11:16
ActionParsnipmiroz: ok, get fully upgraded11:17
foo357_Hello, the following find syntax is wrong, how can I fix it? "find . -type f -iname "*.rar" -exec unrar {} basename {}"11:18
mirozhm you're right it's upgrading11:18
grimetonfoo357_: you're missing the \; in the end11:18
grimetonfoo357_: you have to add a ; at the end of exec and escape it so that the shell isn't interpreting it11:18
foo357_grimeton: ok, but 'basename is the issue'11:18
subby1ActionParsnip: yaa actually I hv connected it through my laptop with a lan connection which is connected with wifi11:18
ActionParsnipmiroz: funny that...11:18
ActionParsnipsubby1: why was that not in the initial question?11:19
jribfoo357_: what do you want to accomplish, in words?11:19
Timon_I created a Live USB using of Ubuntu-13.04 (64-bit) LiLi but it does not boot from there. I selected Removable device from Boot Menu. While making the USB LiLi showed that this distro is not in the compatibility list.11:19
DeepBlueActionParsnip: thr dcnof editor gives no options under gnome entry11:19
foo357_grimeton: find doesn't interpret 'basename' as a command to execute and only thinks of it as a string11:19
grimetonfoo357_: it's better to use a while loop: find ./ -type f -iname \*.rar | while read line; do bname=$(basename "$line"); unrar x "$line" "$bname" "$line"; done11:19
subby1Ohh I was first wwiting if anyone culd reply me first den I culd tell my prob...11:20
foo357_jrib: extract rar archives and put the content in whatever directory the archive is located at11:20
ActionParsnipsubby1: if you use the ethernet, do you get a web connection?11:20
cfhowlettsubby1, dude.  STATE the problem with details.  if someone knows, they'll speak up.  That's how it's done.11:20
grimetonfoo357_: find ./ -type f -iname \*.rar | while read line;  do dirname="$(basename "$line" .rar)"; mkdir "$dirname"; cd "$dirname"; unrar x "../$line"; cd ..; done11:21
ActionParsnipgrimeton: foo357_ watch for duplicated filenames in the archives as they will overwrite each other11:21
foo357_grimeton: uhh are you smoking something ;)11:21
grimetonfoo357_: no, i'm nature stoned11:21
subby1cfhowlett: roger dat....11:22
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jribfoo357_: i would just use execdir, but I guess the while loop will work too11:22
ActionParsnipsubby1: is the OS fully updated?11:23
DeepBlueActionParsnip: maybe some gnome packages r lost?11:23
Timon_Does LiLi throw up any problems when trying to make a Live USB of Ubuntu 64-bit?11:23
ActionParsnipDeepBlue: what is the output of:  cat /etc/issue11:23
ActionParsnipsubby1: then get updates whilst you are on the wire11:23
ActionParsnipDeepBlue: different releases use different dconfs11:23
ActionParsnipsubby1: too obvious?11:24
hitsujiTMOtimon_ what filesystem is the usb? lili should not have any problems for ubuntu?11:24
Timon_hitsujiTMO: FAT3211:25
DeepBlueActionParsnip: eepblue@DeepBlue ~ $ cat /etc/issue11:25
DeepBlueubuntu13.04 \n \l11:25
DeepBluedeepblue@DeepBlue ~ $11:25
mirozActionParsnip: i updated && upgraded, and now i'm getting: kscreen libegl1-mesa libegl1-mesa-drivers libgl1-mesa-dev libgl1-mesa-dri libgl1-mesa-glx libglapi-mesa libgles2-mesa libosmesa6 linux-generic linux-headers-generic linux-headers-generic-pae   linux-image-generic mesa-common-dev11:26
ActionParsnipDeepBlue: http://atlocalhost.wordpress.com/2012/07/17/howto-enable-minimize-and-maximize-buttons-on-window-title-bars-in-fedora-17/    you can change the oder by moving the colon and the words around11:26
hitsujiTMOtimon_: make sure lili is up to date and the iso you're using is from a legit source and verify its md511:26
Timon_hitsujiTMO: I thought maybe there's a problem with the ISO file itself but when I did a MD5 check. It matched....11:26
DeepBlueActionParsnip: ok,thanx a lot ,buddy11:26
ActionParsnipmiroz: just get updated, it may help11:27
mirozActionParsnip: i did update, but now if i try to update again, i get that these following packages (above) have been "kept back"11:28
miroz0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 14 not upgraded.11:28
ActionParsnipmiroz: are there any bugs reported?11:28
ReactoIf I got a m3u playlist I want to stream from an ubuntu server, what's the easiest way to do this?11:28
mirozActionParsnip: when i do "upgrade"? no just that these packages have been kept back11:29
Timon_hitsujiTMO: Now I am trying with unetbootin. Do I choose NetInstall_x64 or Live_x64 or Hdmedia_x64 ?11:29
ReactoYou can only open the playlist on a network with multicast enabled, and I don't have that at home, so I figured I could host it here, then stream it to VLC at my home computer or something similiar11:29
ReactoI have a server running ubuntu that I want to stream it from11:29
subby1When I try to install gparted it shows an message" this requires installung packages from unauthenticated sources"....wat to do???? Not even opening any websites from chromium11:29
hitsujiTMOtimon_: live is prob what you want11:29
ActionParsnipsubby1: if you run:  sudo apt-get update    what is output please? Use http://pastie.org to host the text11:30
subby1ActionParsnip:where shuld I run it???11:32
mirozActionParsnip: any other suggestion?11:35
Timon_Oh no....Unetbootin hangs up...not the first time!11:36
hitsujiTMOtimon_; in what way is it hanging? could there be an issue with the usb stick itself?11:37
Timon_hitsujiTMO: no... I have seen unetbootin do the same thing with a complete different USB stick and a different system(Win7).  I am running Win8.11:38
gillzonhow can i change character map in ps2pdf? dont get swedish letters like åäö, they been replaced by som strange characters?11:39
Timon_hitsujiTMO: Now it seems to be back.11:39
mirozhow can i fix "the following packages have been kept back"11:43
hitsujiTMOmiroz: sudo apt-get dist-upgrade11:46
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mirozhitsujiTMO: thanks11:46
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mirozhitsujiTMO: i still have "1 package have been kept back"11:50
hitsujiTMOmiroz what package is it?11:50
mirozhitsujiTMO: kscreen11:50
hitsujiTMOmiroz: try: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade11:51
hojgaardim using ubuntu 13.10 > In Dash the nautilus icon is fine, but in the launcher its just a folder icon... Why is it like that?11:51
mirozhitsujiTMO: same thing11:52
hitsujiTMOmiroz: try forcing it: sudo apt-get install kscreen11:53
Timon_My Disk space is like this.... http://imgur.com/1UJtnwZ I want to install Ubuntu on Disk 1 and remove Windows entirely. But I want to use the entire disk including the 15.00GB unallocated. How do i do that?11:54
mirozhitsujiTMO: thanks it worked11:54
grimetonTimon_: boot from the ubuntu dvd and then partition the disk as needed in the partition manager11:57
hitsujiTMOtimon_: the installer will ask if you want to install ubuntu along side windows or on its own: it will reformat the system for if you let it use the guided partitioning. Note: you will lose all data.11:57
Timon_hitsujiTMO: Will it allow me to combine the 15.00GB and the 59.43 GB (Current Win8 Volume)?11:58
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hitsujiTMOtimon_: sorry i didnt read your query correctly. as grimeton: said you can manually specify the partitions11:59
Timon_oops I didn't read his comment.11:59
hitsujiTMOtimon_: you can delete all partitions in disk1 and create a root partition and swap partition for ubuntu12:00
ruby_on_tailshello, i downloaded a .ova file and trying to import it using virtualbox ose import appliance feature but it fails saying could not import appliance, can anyone help ?12:00
hitsujiTMOruby_on_tails: i would suggest to also ask that question in #vbox12:03
nomad_fris it possible to use early command in preseed ?12:03
ruby_on_tailshitsujiTMO: just did that12:03
ActionPa1snipruby_on_tails: ask in #vbox too12:03
tanja__hi, apt worries about conflicts and it seems like it does not want to update versions which have been previously installed with a force to version by app-name=some-version12:04
tanja__where to check and reset these forced (old) versions?12:05
Timon_hitsujiTMO: A friend of mine gave me this screenshot.... He does not have internet connection when he uses Ubuntu. (He has net conn when using Win7. Dual Boot!) Any ideas??12:05
Timon_hitsujiTMO: ^^12:05
kippieHas the RC for 13.10 been released yet12:05
|Anthony|I'm trying to make a modified sudoers file but it keeps failing. After i make the edits i check with visudo -cf and it passes syntax checks. I then move the file to /etc/sudoers.d/sudoers where sudo promptly breaks stating a parse error. The line it references keeps on moving down the list as i comment the previous offenses out.12:07
|Anthony|why would the file pass the visudo check, but fail when put into place?12:07
kippieand when is the release date for #saucy12:07
hitsujiTMOtimon_ fist thing to do is to findout what network device he has (could be done with lspic or lsusb)12:07
hitsujiTMOTimon_ yes lspci not lspic  :P12:08
Timon_OK hitsujiTMO I will try that on his PC....12:08
fnoyanisihi folks. is there a counterpart of bsd's pkg_info command in ubuntu?12:10
tanja__is there a config or blocklist which tells apt which versions must not be overwritten?12:11
gordonjcpfnoyanisi: depends, what does pkg_info do?12:11
fnoyanisigives information, about a file, or package12:11
fnoyanisilet me say, I'd like to learn the download size of kde suite?12:11
repudiateWhat's up #ubuntu?12:12
dmaroulidisrepudiate: OK12:12
Myrttifnoyanisi: well, I suppose the best way to find it would be to do a dryrun on apt-get12:12
gordonjcpfnoyanisi: dpkg -l or dpkg -L maybe?12:13
hitsujiTMOfnoyanisi apt-cache show packagename     gives info about a package in repository12:13
Myrttigordonjcp, hitsujiTMO: that would show only the status of a single package, not the dependencies...12:14
MephosIs this the right channel to ask for hardware recommendations?12:14
gordonjcpMyrtti: true12:15
|Anthony|anyone here familiar with /etc/sudoers.d12:15
hitsujiTMOmyrtti: apt-cache shows dependencies for me12:15
MyrttihitsujiTMO: also the download size of them?12:15
Myrtti(that's what was effectively asked)12:15
|Anthony|dmaroulidis, i posted an issue above. would you like me to repost it?12:15
hitsujiTMOmyrtti: yes the size too12:15
dmaroulidis|Anthony|: yes12:16
|Anthony|I'm trying to make a modified sudoers file but it keeps failing. After i make the edits i check with visudo -cf and it passes syntax checks. I then move the file to /etc/sudoers.d/sudoers where sudo promptly breaks stating a parse error. The line it references keeps on moving down the list as i comment the previous offenses out. why would the file pass the visudo check, but fail when put into place?12:16
hitsujiTMOmyrtti: yes the size too, altho not size of dependancies12:17
|Anthony|dmaroulidis, would you like to see a pastebin?12:17
Myrttito be honest apt-get -s doesn't show the download sizes either12:17
dmaroulidisanthony, yes12:17
gens_hi, i'm getting a bunch of errors when trying to compile a simple file http://pastie.org/8403644 can anyone help please?12:17
fnoyanisi|Anthony| : maybe you have an extra empty line at the end of the file!12:17
hitsujiTMOMyrtti: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6240289/   example output of: apt-cache show apache212:18
Nothing_MuchMy indicator applets aren't working12:18
Nothing_MuchHow do I get them back?12:18
dmaroulidisfnoyanisi: I didn't know that this was a problem.12:18
|Anthony|fnoyanisi, indeed i do12:18
|Anthony|would that actually cause this issue?12:19
|Anthony|so odd12:19
Nothing_MuchWhy aren't my indicator applets working? They won't appear at all!12:19
fnoyanisi|Anthony| : just try to delete the last line12:20
fnoyanisiby dd12:20
dmaroulidisAnthony, In which line is the problem12:20
fnoyanisiand save the file12:20
fnoyanisiESC + :w12:20
n008is there anyway I can setup an ip based proxy easily?12:20
Nothing_MuchWhy aren't my indicator applets working? They won't appear at all!12:20
n008my host's ip address is whitelisted for a destination ip address12:21
n008but everyother computer on the internet is blacklisted12:21
adamkNothing_Much: We've heard you, each time. If no one who is currently around knows the answer, no one is going to answer.12:21
dmaroulidisfnoyanisi why would someone delete the last line from the file.12:21
n008I want to be able to access the destinatination address from my computer12:21
adamkNothing_Much: Instead of asking the same question over and over, you could try rephrasing it and giving more details.12:21
Nothing_Muchadamk, I'm sorry about that, but I don't know what else to say, they just won't appear at all at any time. I'm on 13.10 though.12:22
hitsujiTMOgens_: what is the output of: uname -a12:22
brandonjI'm looking for some clarification on anacron's default behavior.  On a standard install of 12.04, if I add an entry to the user's crontab with '@weekly' will it be run by anacron or the regular cron daemon only?12:23
gens_Linux Linux 3.8.0-31-generic #46-Ubuntu SMP Tue Sep 10 19:56:49 UTC 2013 i686 i686 i686 GNU/Linux12:24
gens_hitsujiTMO: ^12:24
|Anthony|dmaroulidis, line 12 is an issue12:26
|Anthony|if i comment that out the line 1712:26
Jayfluxdidn't ruby used to be in the default install of Ubuntu?12:27
|Anthony|i did remove the trailing newline, but the issue persists fnoyanisi12:27
=== njin is now known as Fabioo
Timon_OK this is the fourth time that I have tried to install Ubuntu from a Live USB. I don't know why this is not working..... I plug it in. Start the PC and select Removable disk from  the Boot Device Priority page and save changes and exit. The PC restarts but boots into Win 8 directly.... http://i.imgur.com/1UJtnwZ.png12:30
ludielsolo prova12:30
|Anthony|Timon_, was the usb created correctly?12:31
bekksTimon_: Sounds like UEFI secure boot, which does not allow you to boot something else. Disable it in the BIOS, try again.12:31
hitsujiTMOtimon_: make sure secure boot and fast boot is disabled ... also legacy usb may need to be enabled12:32
Timon_|Anthony|: yes the device was created correctly. bekks I have done this before using the Live USB but I dunno why this work now. hitsujiTMO I will try to find UEFI and fast boot and disable it...12:32
Timon_OK bye...12:33
dveimi have to generate xml with some random values in tags12:43
dveimusing _only_ shell tools12:43
dveimno python perl12:43
dveimany tips? =)12:43
bekksdveim: bash.12:43
C0mm4nd3rcan anyone help me ?12:43
C0mm4nd3ri have a problem12:44
dveimbekks: didn't work with it12:44
Jayfluxdidn't ruby used to be in the default install of Ubuntu?12:44
hitsujiTMOdveim: i would suggest asking for help in #bash12:44
hitsujiTMO!ask | C0mm4nd3r12:44
ubottuC0mm4nd3r: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience12:44
dveim-hitsujiTMO: indeed, thanks12:44
Guest5362Hello everyone, I created a text file containing many web addresses. is there a way to turn them into links? I would like to double click on them and automatically new tab in firefox. use Geany12:46
C0mm4nd3rhello guys , how can i re-install firefox ?12:49
ufoczekapt-get remove --purge, apt-get install :)12:49
Timon__Does anyone have an alternate for InfraRecorder. It has nothing for Win8 http://infrarecorder.org/?page_id=512:49
hitsujiTMOC0mm4nd3r: sudo apt-get install --reinstall firefox12:50
C0mm4nd3rthanks everyone12:50
geirhaGuest5362: If geany has that ability, #geany probably knows.12:52
Timon__Does anyone have an alternate for InfraRecorder? It has nothing for Win8 http://infrarecorder.org/?page_id=512:53
Guest5362geirha:  tanks you12:53
MonkeyDustTimon__  i'm sure the people in ##windows can help you better12:54
C0mm4nd3rfirefox is not reinstalling ;)12:56
C0mm4nd3rsigh sigh12:57
superkuhhttp://downforeveryoneorjustme.com/packages.medibuntu.org/ ...12:58
superkuhFailed to fetch http://packages.medibuntu.org/dists/lucid/Release.gpg  Something wicked happened resolving 'packages.medibuntu.org:http' (-5 - No address associated with hostname)12:58
=== Guest75488 is now known as sirduncefagot
MonkeyDustsuperkuh  here's why: http://www.medibuntu.org/13:00
superkuh"The Medibuntu Project has come to an end" :(13:00
geirhaC0mm4nd3r: Perhaps you really just want to reset your firefox config13:00
bekkssuperkuh: medibutu is officially shut down.13:00
geirhareinstalling firefox has no effect unless you've manually modified some of its files under /usr or similar13:00
C0mm4nd3rok thanks13:00
superkuhCan anyone direct me to similar repositories? With lucid support?13:00
bekkssuperkuh: There is no lucid desktop support anymore, since April 2013.13:01
C0mm4nd3rand if i install tor from "terminale" ? (excuse me but i'm in italian guy)13:04
C0mm4nd3r*but i'm italian guy13:05
gens_hi, i'm getting a bunch of errors when trying to compile a simple file http://pastie.org/8403644 can anyone help please?13:06
Timon__At least can someone tell me how to burn a Ubuntu 13.04 64bit DVD?13:11
MonkeyDustTimon__  in windows or in ubuntu?13:11
Timon__In windows13:11
Timon__MonkeyDust: ^13:11
MonkeyDustTimon__  i'm sure the people in ##windows can help you better13:12
MrQuisti guess #welcome-to-computers would fit better13:12
MonkeyDustTimon__  you're not in the right channel13:12
Timon__I have asked.... And they are yet to answer it.13:12
MrQuistTimon__, download imgburn and burn the image13:12
MrQuistyou can select the drive and the ISO file, then you should be able to boot from it13:12
geirhagens_: Odd, works here.13:13
gens_geirha: i think my ubuntu install is broken, but i don't know how to fix it13:13
gens_or at least the packages for g++ and such13:13
MrQuistgens_, have you tried another compiler?13:14
MrQuistor just reinstalling G++13:15
geirhagens_: I'd try reinstalling g++-4.7 and libstdc++6-4.7-dev13:15
gens_MrQuist: geirha: same problem after reinstalling these two packages (and i'm getting similar issues with clang++à)13:17
MrQuisti'm afraid this exceeds my knowledge gens_13:18
geirhagens_: Would help to know how it got broken :)13:18
Achilles`Has anyone programmed instrumentation with Pin? How do you make these errors go away for all of PIN function calls/data types? I've put all the header files in /usr/local/lib and it can find "pin.H" but I still get errors for the function calls/data types specific to Pin.13:18
gens_geirha: i don't remember exactly what i did, but i was trying to compile llvm and clang from source, and then uninstalled some old llvm packages, and i also tried to install to libstdc++6-4.7-dev manually but it was already installed13:19
PiciAchilles`: Are you sure you're asking in the right channel? This is #ubuntu13:19
Achilles`@Pici : Sure, but there's no channel specifically for Pin, so I thought I'd try my luck here.13:20
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m2kkhelloworld, hello13:27
benzrfmy friend is using an asus laptop, and his wifi does not work13:27
benzrfrfkill list lists his internal wifi as being hardblocked13:27
benzrfbut his external dongle doesn't seem to work either13:27
benzrfeven though it is not blocked13:27
m2kkbenzrf, what kind of asus laptop13:27
benzrfm2kk: w75a13:28
gens_regarding my http://pastie.org/8403644 problem, i moved the file /usr/include/c++/4.7/bits/c++config.h to c++config.h.back, and it solved the problem, is this hack ok, or should i do something else?13:28
m2kkbenzrf, sorry cant find any info on that laptop13:29
m2kkbenzrf, could you find it and link it here?13:29
benzrf*x75a, sorry13:29
benzrfmy bad13:30
camel_I random my windows 7 secret13:31
camel_how can i log on13:31
bekkscamel_: Ask ##windows13:31
benzrfm2kk: anything?13:36
m2kkbenzrf, did you check this? http://blog.qpg.us/2013/09/09/asus-x75a-wifi-hardware-disabled-solved-2/13:37
=== Mike is now known as Guest22264
benzrfthank you :D13:38
m2kkbenzrf, you are welcome!13:40
JinxtersHi there guys13:45
=== Jinxters is now known as Dooku
=== Dooku is now known as Dragos
=== Dragos is now known as Jinxters
Jinxterssorry about that13:46
JinxtersI would like to start installing Ubuntu on my old PC and later on an IRC server13:48
=== root is now known as Guest48933
TiagoTThello, I am having trouble with Vagrant and LXC after recent upgrade on 13.0413:51
TiagoTTthe guests network DHCP is not working well13:52
TiagoTTanyone else with the same problem?13:52
shyaam_ hi i tried compiling libmirage on my system but it returned error saying dh_install: libmirage9 missing files (usr/lib/*/lib*.so.*), aborting make: *** [binary] Error 25514:00
m2kkJinxters, yes? whats your question?14:02
lashihi, does anyone know where I can get some help on nautilus?14:03
lashiis there a nautilus expert here? or is there a chan for it?14:03
Dai_1987lashi: just ask your question and see what happens14:04
lashiok, here goes. So, I'm running nautilus version 3.4.2 and when I try and cut a file and then subsequently paste, if the destination drive is a mounted disk, it doesn't let me. I certainly have the right permissions because I can just drag and drop and it copies and I can manually delete. But this is suboptimal.14:05
shyaam_what do you want to know about nautilus14:05
lashiI just wonder whether there is some option to disable the cut and paste when it's a mounted disk? This certainly wasn't the case on older Ubuntu, I believe when I ran 10.10. I'm currently running 12.0414:06
shyaam_did you run nautilus as admin to do this type "sudo nautilus" in cmd prompt and you will be cool14:07
lashithat's not a good option14:08
lashiI shouldn't have to run anything root - that's how you damage the system14:08
hidhi, do the /usr/share/fonts/ directory slow down ubuntu?14:11
shyaam_hi has anyone installed libmirage on ubuntu 12.04 help me14:13
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=== dani is now known as Guest45727
fhtagnonavo. Are there alternatives? Was thinking something you could run on a server and have Android tunnel through there.14:16
=== Guest45727 is now known as dani90
dani90bye bye14:16
shyaam_ hi i tried compiling libmirage on my system but it returned error saying dh_install: libmirage9 missing files (usr/lib/*/lib*.so.*), aborting make: *** [binary] Error 25514:19
=== Kevin is now known as Guest83270
LivTylerHello, I'm buying ssl signed certificates for my webserver, also I'm using freeradius and I wonder if I need to give information about this to my ssl CA authority so I can use pem crt or key, I'm not sure, could anyone give some light on this? it's first time I acquire this type of certificates14:21
plof_hello , when switching to tty , any sound played in Xorg stops working , is there a ways to make it globally  work on all ttys ?14:21
hitsujiTMOlivtyler: how many certs and what class certs are you purchasing?14:21
n008this sounds stupid, can a child process stop and start a parent process?14:22
Timon_Why does my PC boot Win8 instead of the Ubuntu DVD or LiveUSB? I have chosen in "Boot Priority" CD>Removable USB>HDD. I have even disabled Quick Boot...14:22
ido2shyaam_: both directories exist? /usr/lib and /lib ?14:22
LivTylerhitsujiTMO: I'm buying 3 at first instance, for my mail server for my web site and for my ldap server, they're asking me if I need another cert more, I'm wondering if I should configure something in my freeradius, give them information about this14:23
hillaryprogrammes running on wine cannot start. it says file not found. If it starts i cannot stop them unless i restart my laptop ubuntu 12.0414:23
ido2maybe you can try the script at the bottom? http://askubuntu.com/questions/272729/accidently-deleted-usr-lib-how-do-i-restore-it14:24
LivTylerhitsujiTMO: sorry I don't know about class certs, please help me14:25
nicky_Hi. Please help me. While remastersys was setting user profiles I pushed the reset button on my computer because I couldn't close the apllication. Now I can't boot anymore. The boot-repair doesn't see the disk.14:26
hillarycould it be the wine windows loader has a problem?14:26
hitsujiTMOlivtyler: from what i understand of radius you should not need anything special for your certs, i would get a test cert for a dummy domain/subdomain to test out ofcourse. I would recommend looking at startssl as they are free and widely supported for class 1 certs14:26
Wiz_KeeDCould someone please recommend a good temperature monitor? and other statistics for that matter if it can14:27
Wiz_KeeDI will get a new laptop and it supposingly gets a bit hot from time to time, it has the turbo boost capacity on the proccessor and that could be it14:28
LivTylerhitsujiTMO: If I would want something more official? mean CA signed certs, what info/files I should give them?14:28
hitsujiTMOstartssl are a CA. you can generate a simple CSR bit basic info or you can let them generate the CSR for you14:29
nicky_okay. Can I save some folders from the USB drive which contains the OS that I won't have to spend another 2 days to install back my apps?14:30
shyaam_ hi i tried compiling libmirage on my system but it returned error saying dh_install: libmirage9 missing files (usr/lib/*/lib*.so.*), aborting make: *** [binary] Error 25514:30
ido2shyaam_: you have all the requirements, as stated here: http://cdemu.org/about/libmirage/    ?14:33
Reactoa friend of mine has an ubuntu server he wants me and a few other guys to be able to use and test stuff on, what's the easiest way for him to set up virtual machines on his server that we can use?14:34
compdocReacto, sudo apt-get install qemu-kvm virt-manager14:34
compdocthen reboot14:35
Reactocan you use virt-manager without gui=14:35
liquidmetalanyone here heard of a job profile called "configuration management"?14:36
compdocvirt-manager is a gui, but you dont need it14:36
kongthapis it always safe to delete lost+found folder???14:38
Reactocompdoc, what do you need instead?14:39
^_^_^_^_^_http://pastebin.com/84jkWGnT <= this is my cat /proc/cpuinfo is the processor 32 or 64bit?14:40
SonikkuAmericaWe really have a ^_^_^_^_^_ in the house :-)14:41
geirha^_^_^_^_^_: what does ''uname -m'' say?14:41
vicente_ragnarmain information about your OS14:41
SonikkuAmericaI've never heard of a 64-bit Pentium CPU.14:41
SonikkuAmerica^_^_^_^_^_: 32-bit14:42
^_^_^_^_^_http://ark.intel.com/products/55627/Intel-Pentium-Processor-B950-2M-Cache-2_10-GHz Intel® 64 ‡14:42
^_^_^_^_^_Is that because I'm running ubuntu 32 bit?14:42
^_^_^_^_^_That uname shows as i68614:42
Pici^_^_^_^_^_: Your CPU has the lm flag in your cpuinfo, which means that it supports x86-6414:43
Pici^_^_^_^_^_: so yes, it is a '64-bit processor'.14:43
^_^_^_^_^_let me take a look at the pastebin14:44
^_^_^_^_^_so i know for the future14:44
TiagoTThello, I am having trouble with Vagrant and LXC after recent upgrade on 13.0414:44
TiagoTTthe guests network DHCP is not working well14:44
TiagoTTanyone else with the same problem?14:44
=== AndresSM_away is now known as AndresSM
^_^_^_^_^_lm: Long Mode (x86-64: amd64, also known as Intel 64, i.e. 64-bit capable)14:44
^_^_^_^_^_gotcha thanks14:44
bibi346hi, I'm beginning with ubuntu / linux, I don't understand what does option 2 means here : http://pastie.org/8403960 , how is it possible? will it open multiple tcp sockets?14:44
A1ReconI am about to install Ubuntu 13.04. And I want to format the Win8 drive and install Ubuntu there. What do I choose?14:45
A1ReconOK Got it....14:46
pac1A1Recon, no going back...14:46
SonikkuAmerica^_^_^_^_^_: If your uname -m had a 64 in it it would be a 64-bit processor14:47
LivTylerhitsujiTMO: when buying a cert class 1 what info I should give, I'm buying from verisign14:48
ActionPa1snipSonikkuAmerica: not necessarily, you can run 32bit OS on 64bit OS14:48
^_^_^_^_^_it has a lm flag14:48
ActionPa1snipSonikkuAmerica: so uname -m    does not tell you the CPU arch, only the kernel14:48
^_^_^_^_^_I think uname just specifies the os14:48
^_^_^_^_^_it says generic which is true im running 32 bit ubuntu14:48
ActionPa1snipSonikkuAmerica: you can run both 64bit and 32bit OS and 64bit OS on 64bit CPU, but obly 32bit OS on 32bit CPU14:49
MonkeyDustweird nick, i don't know how to make it: try this line sudo dmidecode -t processor|grep capable14:49
SonikkuAmericaUbuntu Studio uses lowlatency14:49
ActionPa1snipSonikkuAmerica: thats not an architecture14:49
SonikkuAmericaNo, it's a kernel14:49
MonkeyDust^_^_^_^_^_  try this line: sudo dmidecode -t processor|grep capable14:49
ActionPa1snipSonikkuAmerica: yes but it doesnt tell you if its 32bit or 64bit14:49
SonikkuAmericaBack! Circular arguments! I'm done. :-)14:50
ActionPa1snipSonikkuAmerica: 'low latency' doesn't clarify 32bit or 64bitness14:50
ActionPa1snipSonikkuAmerica: its not circular at all14:51
geirhalshw -class cpu | grep width14:51
ActionPa1snipSonikkuAmerica: so why say "Back! Circular arguments! I'm done. :-)" when it's not circular?14:51
SonikkuAmericaMore like square one.14:52
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!14:52
ActionPa1snipSonikkuAmerica: i'll just assume you dont know what you are talking about14:52
SonikkuAmericaActually I think #Ubuntu-arguments is a better place :-)14:52
hitsujiTMOlivtyler: its dependant on the vendor, this should give you an idea: https://knowledge.verisign.co.uk/support/ssl-certificates-support/index?page=content&actp=CROSSLINK&id=AR19814:53
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ansuwasn't there a command to test apticron?14:57
willejshi all I'm having an issue where interrupts are not spread evenly across all processor cores for my main networking device (eth0)14:58
willejsi think its related to SMP affinity, but the file /proc/irq/217/smp_affinity is set to 0-7 (all cores)14:59
willejsany ideas?14:59
isashajust wondering, where can I find this http://i.imgur.com/4NmZcNY.gif ?14:59
isashaParticularly the top status bar with all the widgets part14:59
=== gbyers[Away] is now known as g_byers
hitsujiTMOisasha thats is xmonad i do believe15:04
isashaisn't that a window manager though?15:04
=== AndresSM is now known as AndresSM_away
SoruI deleted a directory15:07
Soruand it is not at the bin15:08
Soruand one more thing!15:08
SoruThe HDD is still full15:09
geirhaSoru: How did you delete it?15:09
Soruwith the file explorer15:09
Touhou11Sometimes there is more than one recycle bin, depending on the source directory of the file15:10
hitsujiTMOisasha, to be speciific its xmonads a dzen bar, ( and dzen applets ) and tint2 panel15:10
geirhaSoru: Then some process has one or more of the files in that directory still open15:10
Touhou11You can use "baobab" to see where large files reside15:10
isashaI shall check that out, tanks hitsujiTMO15:10
SoruThanks Touhou11 (nice game) and geirha ;)15:11
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^_^_^_^_^_   width: 64 bits15:14
jmgkhi ayu__15:16
=== alex88_ is now known as alex88
Marleneehow can i change timezone in date tool from UTC to GMT with 24 format15:21
shyaam_i need help on how to install libmirage on 12.04. i tried compiling lreturned error saying dh_install: libmirage9 missing files (usr/lib/*/lib*.so.*), aborting make: *** [binary] Error 25515:27
bjensen82Hi guys. Im setting up my hardware raid to use with ubuntu 12.04 lts. There is an option about sectors/track. I can choose between 63 and 32. The help msg describes it as: "The number of sectors per track presented to the operating system as part of the legacy geometry (CHS) information". Help please?15:29
SonikkuAmericabjensen82: 64 and 32 you mean?15:30
bjensen82SonikkuAmerica: nope, 31 and 63 i mean15:30
SonikkuAmericaHmmm... I dunno much about raid... But...15:31
ubottuTips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto15:31
bjensen82those seam to be on the subject of software raid..15:32
os2finnhi all15:33
ajdI have preinstalled windows 8 laptop, can anyone recommend a working document that explains how to install ubuntu 13.10 as dual boot?`15:33
os2finnWhat is best way to get decent Wine on 12.04 64bit?15:33
=== Wug is now known as Wug[Hyperspace]
MonkeyDustos2finn  sudo apt-get install wine15:34
os2finnI have tried 1.5 1.6 and 1.7 from repository but all give me err:seh15:34
os2finnOn my other laptop with 32-bit 12.04 and wine 1.3.28 my apps work15:34
MonkeyDust!info wine15:34
ubottuwine (source: wine1.4): Microsoft Windows Compatibility Layer (meta-package). In component universe, is extra. Version 1.4.1-0ubuntu5 (raring), package size 0 kB, installed size 21 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)15:34
MonkeyDustos2finn  what's the output of     cat /etc/issue15:35
os2finnMonkeyDust this is a problem with Ubuntu 12.04 wines15:35
MonkeyDust!info wine lucid15:36
ubottuwine (source: wine1.2): Microsoft Windows Compatibility Layer (dummy package). In component universe, is optional. Version 1.2.2-0ubuntu2~lucid1 (lucid), package size 39 kB, installed size 64 kB15:36
os2finnI tried compiling wine from sources but 32-bit compiling stopped because schroot did not work(there was a permissions error)15:36
os2finnand that seems also a problem with 12.04 64bit15:37
MonkeyDustos2finn  what's wrong with the version in the repos?15:37
MonkeyDustos2finn  tip: there's also #winehq15:38
os2finnMonkeyDust there is a bug report on WineHQ that states that 12.04 64bit wines are broken15:38
os2finnI get error err:seh running code outside stack with my apps15:38
MonkeyDustos2finn  yeah, guess you better ask in #winehq then15:39
JohnSmithHi there15:41
MangaKaDenzaJohnSmith, is that a haruhi reference ?15:42
TenemCannot access my HDD http://paste.ubuntu.com/6241042/15:44
TenemPlease help!15:44
jgcampbell300hey hey15:46
TenemAnyone here??15:46
MangaKaDenzaTenem, have you tried mounting it?15:46
SonikkuAmericaTenem: Are you familiar with burnt offerings? :-) Does Windows start when you boot it from GRUB?15:46
TenemMangaKaDenza: It won't even mount...15:46
MangaKaDenzadoes it.. you know15:47
MangaKaDenzaactually work?15:47
TenemSonikkuAmerica: I had Windows a few minutes ago. I instaled Ubuntu and removed Windows15:47
jgcampbell300I need assistance finding information and terminology of what im looking for. I am looking for something like virtual box that dosnt run on host os .. example I want ot turn my computer on and it ask me what image i want to start . then start it. at the same time i would like to be able to pause or start another image at same time15:47
SonikkuAmericaTenem: Boot from a Live image and run GParted.15:47
TenemSonikkuAmerica: and then what??15:48
=== insulamsimia is now known as mynameisnotdave
jgcampbell300can anyone point me to a source of information on this type of virtualization15:48
SonikkuAmericaTenem: Check for a partition containing an NTFS file system.15:48
TenemCan I install Windows again(remove Ubuntu in the process)?15:49
TenemSonikkuAmerica: ^^15:49
JohnSmithI have hundred millions of file stored in a 2 level folder, in this form AA/BB/832497BBAA.ext. Nowadays it's more or less impossible to scan this arborescence with utils like du or rsync. The filesystem is ext4, mounted with noatime. Does anyone has good practices regarding storing millions of files, like using different filesystem or maybe distributed FS?15:50
SonikkuAmericajgcampbell300: So you want to run multiple OS's from one machine at one, but not through a hypervisor's metadata... Like mounting a raw disk image in VBox?15:50
SonikkuAmericaTenem: If you have a Windows installation disc of some sort15:50
TenemOK will do that...15:50
MonkeyDustJohnSmith  is that on a file server? if yes: try asking in #ubuntu-server15:52
SonikkuAmericajgcampbell300: Can you be more specific?15:52
JohnSmithYeah thank you15:53
jgcampbell300SonikkuAmerica, i think so ... i saw a tech with a notebook that when his computer started he had only 5 icons and if he clicked one windows would start he could then click anohter and linux would start etc ... he had all 5 running at one time and it didnt appear to have a host os like loading virtual box on ubuntu ... it was like the computer started with no os then loaded diffrent images15:53
jgcampbell300i just dont konw what someting like this would be called so im haveing a hard time finding a place to start reading and researching15:53
Roryjgcampbell300: Sounds like the word you want is "hypervisor"15:53
SonikkuAmericajgcampbell300: VBox can act as a hypervisor for raw partitions.15:54
bubbly193does anyone know the irc channel for the api website?15:54
SonikkuAmerica... As well as full VMs.15:54
jgcampbell300hypervisor ... cool ... that sounds like where ill start reading ... anyone else have any more info for me befor i go to reading15:54
Rorybubbly193: What is "the api website" ?15:54
jgcampbell300and thanks Rory and SonikkuAmerica15:54
bubbly193ubuntu api website15:55
SonikkuAmericaYou're welcome15:55
jgcampbell300ok off to do some reading ... thanks again15:55
MangaKaDenzadoes anyone know some good free actionscript tools for ubuntu?15:55
bubbly193on ubuntu developer15:55
YokoBRHi guys, my dns isnt working after upsgrading to 12.0415:56
Rorybubbly193: I would suggest #ubuntu-devel15:56
Picibubbly193: I'd start with #ubuntu-app-devel15:56
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Rorybubbly193: Pici is probably more correct15:56
ActionPa1snipYokoBR: dns server or client?15:59
pip__is ubiquity in 13.10 still freezing?15:59
SonikkuAmerica!crosspost | pip__16:00
ubottupip__: Please don't ask the same question in multiple Ubuntu channels at the same time. Many helpers are in more than one channel and it's not fair to them or the other people seeking support.16:00
SonikkuAmericaAlso, that's a question for #ubuntu+116:01
pip__duh -yes it is my bad, also sorry for crosspost - I only tried it in Lubuntu16:01
PeldanOkay, I installed ubuntu to my new laptop yesterday and I want to optirun (I have a GT 650M GPU) dota 2. I don't know how to do it though.16:11
Peldan"optirun steam" etc works fine16:11
Peldanbut "optirun dota_linux" doesn't work16:11
Peldanhelp a noob16:11
=== g_byers is now known as gbyers[Away]
PeterCassettaHey, Peldan, have you installed bumblebee?16:13
PeldanYeah, otherwise optirun wouldn't work with steam right?16:13
PeterCassettaI have bumblebee on my laptop.16:14
PeldanOkay, but you can't explain why "optirun dota_linux" doesn't work?16:14
MangaKaDenzaanyone got any ideas for ActionScript/Flash IDE's for ubuntu?16:15
MangaKaDenzathat are free?16:15
SonikkuAmericaMangaKaDenza: Does NetBeans do that?16:15
PeterCassettaPeldan: What is dota_linux?16:15
PeterCassettaA Steam game?16:15
PeldanDota 216:15
Peldanin steam16:15
PeterCassettaSo it runs fine if you just run "dota_linux", I assume?16:16
PeldanIt says "file not found"16:16
Peldan/usr/bin/vglrun: 303: exec: dota_linux: not found16:17
SonikkuAmericaDotA is Defense of the Ancirns16:17
jgcampbell300SonikkuAmerica, hi again ... do you have any suggestion on what flavor of hipervisor to start with ... i was looking at KVM after reading a few Wiki pages16:17
PeldanSince optirun firefox and optirun steam works16:17
ActionPa1snipjgcampbell300: virtualbox is nice and easy16:17
PeldanI suppose it just doesn't know where to look for the file?16:17
compdocjgcampbell300, I like kvm. you having a problem with what youre reading?16:17
SonikkuAmericajgcampbell300: Why not VMware or VirtualBox?16:17
bjensen82when following the guided setup of partitions, it wants to make a swap and a main partition. I thought it was preferred if you had a /var mount point as well..In case eg. logging goes berserk and doesnt bring down the whole system...have things changed since I checked this out a few years ago?16:18
isashaQuick question: if I create symlinks in a certain directory to various other ones (/media/ and /home/user/ in particular), will I be able to access the entirety of the folders I have linked to over NFS?16:18
jgcampbell300compdoc, not really ... theres just so many options and i get indeciceve lol ... gota start some where .... as for VMware and VirtualBox im pretty sure those are type 2  and i am looking for type 1 ... or if they could make up there mind type 016:18
PeterCassettaPeldan, I would imagine it's something to do with how optirun works. (I seem to remember it running a command as a another user, but I'm not positive about that.)16:18
PeldanBut it SHOULD work?16:19
isashaI must note that with the permissions I have right now accessing all the files over SMB isn't an issue, it's just too slow16:19
PeldanHow does the command optirun work anyways, does it search my whole computer for the file I am referring to or what? PeterCassetta16:19
compdocjgcampbell300, it really depends on your requirments. kvm is better as a server, where virtualbox is better at graphics16:19
jgcampbell300I am sure i dont have a full understanding of it yet so i guess i just need to pick one or two and start building to see some results ... or maybe find a you tube videos16:19
PeterCassettaPeldan: It looks for the file "dota_linux" in your $PATH.16:20
PeterCassettaWhich can be different for different users.16:20
jgcampbell300compdoc, well i have 4 2950's in my dev lab i have access to ... one of them i want to replace my desktop with and have plenty of guest os's ... the other 3 will be loaded with server based stuff16:21
YokoBRGuys, please, my dns service is not working16:21
Beast-have you tried turning it off and on again?16:21
RoryHow do I cd into a directory that starts with a "-" character? I even tried escaping with a \ but I still get invalid argument, how do I escape it?16:21
compdocjgcampbell300, unless theyve changed it, virtualbox doesnt load VMs automatically at boot.16:21
designbybeck_I have a brand new HP 2000 laptop AMD 4GB RAM with Windows 8, I went and disabled Secure boot, andchangeed the boot order. 1304 64bit does start booting and then the whole system shuts down16:21
PeterCassettaPeldan: Run "echo $PATH"; it'll output the value of your $PATH variable to the terminal.16:21
PeldanThing is, I installed both firefox and steam etc at the same time, and they both work. Then I installed dota_linux and it doesn't work with optirun so the most logical thing I can think of is that it just can't find the file16:21
designbybeck_This laptop is going to Africa at the end of the week! I was hoping to have a dual booting system16:22
PeldanThanks, PeterCassetta! Will try putting it there16:22
compdocjgcampbell300, I think VB is more for personal use16:22
designbybeck_I didn't want to setup the Windows8 side, because I want the other person to do that16:22
PeterCassettaPeldan: Just adding "dota_linux" to your path wouldn't do anything.16:22
jgcampbell300ya ... I really want to stay away from type 2 ... i would like to save as much resources as i can for the accual immages insted of the host os16:22
YokoBRIm having some sort of a problem with resolv.conf16:23
SonikkuAmericaRory: use double quotes and no \'s16:23
PeterCassettaPeldan: If you can find the folders in your $PATH, you should be able to locate the "dota_linux" file.16:23
PeldanPeterCassetta: I mean placing for an example dota_linux into usr/games/16:23
SonikkuAmericadesignbybeck_: all right, calm down...16:23
designbybeck_I had another guy with almost the same HP2000 laptop, but he didn't want to keep windows so we didn't worry about this. I don't know if this is a hardware issue or not SonikkuAmerica16:24
SonikkuAmericadesignbybeck_: What do you mean, first off, by changing the boot order?16:24
designbybeck_SonikkuAmerica: so that it booted from the USB and not the main harddrive16:24
YokoBRGuys, ive upgraded from 10.04 server to 12.04, everything looks fine but dns16:25
PeterCassettaPeldan: The main thing that you need to do is find the absolute path of the "dota_linux" file, so you can then try running something like "optirun /full/path/to/dota_linux".16:25
Beast-designbybeck, that can be arainged in the bios, afaik16:25
PeterCassettaSo Peldan, you basically need to find the dota_linux file on your hard drive.16:25
jgcampbell300I do have access to 15 slightly older servers .... I guess i could look more twards building some form of cloud system for the servers16:25
designbybeck_yes Beast- I did do that and I did boot, but the whole computer shuts down while trying to boot Uubntu16:25
designbybeck_i can see the Ubuntu boot screen16:25
ses1984hi, i just installed ubuntu 12.04 desktop and i was going to download and install oracle virtualbox. so i go to the site, and it says the site has an invalid security certificate16:26
PeldanPeterCassetta: I did, and it gave me this now "/usr/local/games/dota_linux: error while loading shared libraries: libtcmalloc_minimal.so.4: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory16:26
Beast-designbybeck_, sorry, just joined the channel16:26
SonikkuAmericadesignbybeck_: You don't do that with UEFI... Do this instead: Change the BIOS boot order back, let it boot into Windows, choose the power menu and hold SHIFT and click Resta4t...16:26
ses1984i think this would be pretty unusual for a big company like oracle to have an invalid cert. the details of the cert say it's issued by verisign and expires in 2014...so it should be valid right?16:26
shyaam_i need help compiling libmirage16:26
ses1984firefox says that the error is "sec_error_unknown_issuer" so does my ubuntu install not trust any certs from verisign?16:27
ses1984http://i.imgur.com/kHw8QZn.png this is what i see16:27
designbybeck_SonikkuAmerica:  I was tryingto avoid setting up the Win8 stuff, this is a brand new system and it has never booted Windows16:27
SonikkuAmericadesignbybeck_: You should get a menu that has like 6 options in it; select Choose a device, and select you Live media.16:28
designbybeck_SonikkuAmerica:  you lost me on that one16:28
designbybeck_I'm burning a DVD right now to try that route instead of the USB16:28
YokoBRPlse guys :(16:28
SonikkuAmericadesignbybeck_: OK... Go change the boot order back to what it was originally.16:28
PeterCassettaPeldan: Just to be clear, running only "dota_linux" works fine, right?16:29
SonikkuAmericadesignbybeck_: Then, boot into Windows, but don't log on.16:29
PeldanPeterCassetta: No, it seems to be something else wrong now. Only putting "dota_linux" gives me the same error16:30
YokoBRGuys pls16:30
SonikkuAmerica!patience | YokoBR:16:30
ubottuYokoBR:: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/16:30
designbybeck_SonikkuAmerica: I never even went past the HP/Welcome to your new computer using Windows 8 EULA.... but I just go ahead and go into all that?16:30
SonikkuAmericaGo ahead and follow the initial setup.16:30
ses1984is there a reason why my fresh vanilla 12.04 install doesn't trust the ssl certificate for virtualbox.org from verisign?16:31
SonikkuAmericaThen when the Start screen appears, bring up the charms menu and click Settings.16:31
vividses1984, on the web? or their package repository16:31
SonikkuAmericadesignbybeck_: ^16:31
YokoBRPlseee, my dns isnt working16:31
hitsujiTMOses1984: either your time is off, or their cert may have experired16:31
PeldanPeterCassetta: It is however still possible to just run it from the Steam client16:31
ses1984i'm trying to visit www.virtualbox.org in firefox and it's complaining about sec_error_unknown_issuer16:32
Beast-YokoBR, patience. What exactly isnt working16:32
ses1984my time seems correct in the OS but i don't know if ssl verification is done with system time that might be wrong?16:32
ses1984i mean the time looks correct to me in the gui16:32
ses1984the cert expires in 371 days16:32
YokoBRBeast-, the dns service. Ive upgraded to 12.04, and done dpkg-reconfigure resolvconf16:33
YokoBRBut still isnt working16:33
PeterCassettaPeldan: Is there a launcher for Dota 2 in your dash?16:33
nightdreverin update manager there is an update for webcam studio but i cant select it?16:33
ses1984the command "date" has this output, so it looks like my time is correct, right?: Tue Oct 15 12:33:28 EDT 201316:33
PeldanPeterCassetta: No16:34
PeterCassettaOnly for Steam?16:34
hitsujiTMOsis1984: i'm getting the same error on firefox only; i think their server is misconfigured16:34
designbybeck_@(#*$*(@ I HATE WINDOWS! I don't want to connect to the internet! They don't have Internet where this laptop is going anway!16:34
PeldanPeterCassetta: Yeah16:34
SonikkuAmericadesignbybeck_: So once you see the Start screen, open the Charms menu and click Settings.16:34
designbybeck_*deep breath*16:34
designbybeck_I don't know how to pass this setup SonikkuAmerica16:35
SonikkuAmericadesignbybeck_: What does it say?16:35
PeterCassettaPeldan: What happens if you run "optirun steam", then start the game from within Steam?16:35
designbybeck_SonikkuAmerica:  it is on the first startup setup, asking me to connect to Wireless and it shows wireless connections16:36
designbybeck_there is no skip or next on this page, only Connect16:36
SonikkuAmericadesignbybeck_: There should be a link that says I don't want to connect now or I want to connect later16:36
designbybeck_SonikkuAmerica:  I'm not seeing it16:37
PeldanPeterCassetta: Damn.. It doesn't launch16:37
Peldanor well first try it launched and showed the intro logo, but then just closed16:37
Peldannow it doesn't launch16:37
PeterCassettaPeldan: Well, I did some Googling, and found this: https://support.steampowered.com/kb_article.php?ref=6316-GJKC-743716:37
SonikkuAmericadesignbybeck_: Hmmm... you don't know any of the networks around?16:37
PeterCassettaLooks to be what you need.16:37
PeterCassettaPeldan, also http://askubuntu.com/questions/256431/play-steam-games-with-nvidia-optimus-laptop16:38
designbybeck_I do but I don't want to connect! why do I have to let Micro$oft check in on this laptop while I'm trying to install Ubuntu16:38
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TauNeutrinohey gays16:38
Peldan"Valve recommends using primusrun for running Steam games on the NVIDIA GPU."16:38
YokoBROmg.... Please, my dns is not working16:38
frewhey guys, for some reason certain dkms modules don't reinstall when I update my kernel but others (such as nvidia) do, odes anyone know an easy way to fix this or what I may have done wrong for it not to work?16:39
MangaKaDenzayokel, have you tried rebooting?16:39
designbybeck_SonikkuAmerica:  http://www.pasteall.org/pic/show.php?id=6080516:39
frew(the modules are spl-dkms and zfs-dkms)16:39
PeterCassettaPeldan: It seems to tie into Bumblebee; worth a try.16:39
* TauNeutrino hands out some cookies16:39
PeldanYeah, trying it now PeterCassetta16:39
aFeijofolks, I downloaded a .mp4 file but it play without audio?16:40
SonikkuAmericadesignbybeck_: Click <Connect to a wireless network later>16:40
PeterCassettaPeldan: No problem; let me know how it goes!16:40
SonikkuAmericadesignbybeck_: Down near the bottom16:40
TauNeutrinohey, may I troll?? :)16:40
SonikkuAmericaTauNeutrino: lol16:41
YokoBRPlease guys, my dns is not working16:41
hitsujiTMO!details | yokobr16:41
ubottuyokobr: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."16:41
TauNeutrinodns not working? don't fuck around16:41
andryyy387any further ideas for ssd except for discard and no atimes?16:41
PiciTauNeutrino: Knock it off.16:41
TauNeutrinooh that was dna sry16:41
YokoBRIve already said, but again16:42
MonkeyDust!details | YokoBR16:42
ubottuYokoBR: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."16:42
ansuI just create a public/private keypair with ssh-keygen -t rsa -f <myusername> and appended the public key part on my root servers authorized_keys file. but for some reason the ssh client on my local machine (macbook air) does only look for a file named id_rsa16:42
YokoBRIve upgraded from 10.04 to 12.0416:42
fishcookerim using this intel pro wireless 4965 http://paste.ubuntu.com/6241292/ ..  i want to make this as AP but this information that i get https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_open-source_wireless_drivers#Driver_capabilities.. my driver that i use 'iwlagn' doesn't support the AP mode. is my hardware can be used as AP?16:42
YokoBRThere was a problem with resolv.conf symlink16:42
PeldanPeterCassetta: Dota2 launched successfully using "primusrun %command% in launch options.16:43
PeldanThank you very much16:43
MonkeyDustYokoBR  keep it one line please, it's easier to read and repeat, in case you have to wait a long time16:43
YokoBROn askubuntu they said to run dpkg-reconfigure resolvconf16:43
SonikkuAmericaYokoBR: Was your resolv.conf backed up somewhere?16:43
andryyy387did 10.04 already use dnsmasqß16:44
hitsujiTMOSonikkuAmerica: resolv.conf is rebuilt on every boot16:44
YokoBRIm on a smartphone, its hard to type16:44
compdocandryyy387, thats all I use in fstab:    UUID=blah-blah-blah /Vertex2  ext4  discard,noatime,errors=remount-ro  0  216:44
=== michaelni_ is now known as michaelni
andryyy387thanks, i put nodiratime, too ... but i think noatime fits diratimes as well16:44
designbybeck_SonikkuAmerica:  it is going through the last statges of seting up win816:44
hitsujiTMOyokobr: what is the output of: ls -l /etc/resolv.conf16:45
designbybeck_and making me ill in the process! ;)16:45
PeterCassettaPeldan: You're welcome! Glad I could help. :)16:45
SonikkuAmericadesignbybeck_: OK, when the Start screen appears, bring up the Charms menu and click or touch Settings.16:45
YokoBR /etc/resolv.conf16:46
hitsujiTMOYokoBR: please pase the exact result16:46
designbybeck_SonikkuAmerica: uh oh... this just turned off! when it said getting your computer ready! Like maybe the issue is hardware issues!16:46
YokoBR-rwxrwxrwx root root 294 out 15 13:38 /etc/resolv.conf16:47
SonikkuAmericadesignbybeck_: It turned off...? Was it plugged in?16:47
designbybeck_SonikkuAmerica:  no still plugged in didn't touch it just heard it shut down harshly and went black16:48
designbybeck_I did just booted back up SonikkuAmerica and at the login i guess this page is16:48
MonkeyDustYokoBR  paste this line in a terminal       sudo apt-get install pastebinit;cat /etc/resolv.conf|pastebinit        then paste the url here16:48
PeterCassettaDoes anyone know where I can ask about getting certain universe packages updated?16:48
SonikkuAmericadesignbybeck_: You might want to ask in ##hardware about that abrupt shutdown...16:49
compdocPeterCassetta, maybe the dev channel or mailing list16:49
andryyy387YokoBR dies does this file contain dns=dnsmasq? > /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf16:49
hitsujiTMOyokobr: what is the output of: ln -s /run/resolvconf/resolv.conf16:49
andryyy38710.04 didnt use dnsmasq16:49
PeterCassettacompdoc: Do you know the dev channel offhand?16:49
designbybeck_SonikkuAmerica:  what are the next steps16:49
geniiYokoBR: /etc/resolv.conf is supposed to be a link to /run/resolvconf/resolv.conf   ... if you issue only: mount | grep run    ..does it show a line like: tmpfs on /run type tmpfs (rw,noexec,nosuid,size=10%,mode=0755)   ?16:49
designbybeck_How do I open the Charms menu?, DO I need to have my DVD or USB plugged in?16:50
=== Denza252 is now known as MangaKaDenza
hitsujiTMOyokobr: what is the output of: ls -s /run/resolvconf/resolv.conf     sorry16:50
hitsujiTMOyokobr: what is the output of: ls -l /run/resolvconf/resolv.conf     sorry grr16:50
designbybeck_SonikkuAmerica:  I just tested the USB and it booted fine on an older Dell XPS Laptop16:50
SonikkuAmericadesignbybeck_: You're at the logon screen, right? click or touch the power button in the lower right, then hold SHIFT and click Restart.16:50
SonikkuAmericadesignbybeck_: Your older XPS probably doesn't have UEFI,16:51
designbybeck_SonikkuAmerica: correct16:51
designbybeck_Do I need my USB plguged in SonikkuAmerica?16:51
YokoBRNo such file for ls -l /run/resolvconf/resolv.conf16:51
compdocPeterCassetta, migth try #ubuntu-devel16:51
SonikkuAmericadesignbybeck_: Yes sir,16:51
andryyy387anyone running gnome 3.10 on >=13.04 btw?16:52
MonkeyDustYokoBR  paste this line in a terminal       sudo apt-get install pastebinit;cat /etc/resolv.conf|pastebinit        then paste the url here16:52
designbybeck_ok SonikkuAmerica I see the Usa Aa Device16:52
SonikkuAmericaandryyy387: I was at one time16:52
designbybeck_Use a Device16:52
SonikkuAmericaClick it16:52
designbybeck_ok it is rebooting16:52
aFeijofolks, I downloaded a .mp4 file but it play without audio?16:52
designbybeck_SonikkuAmerica:  I'm back to the GRUB Try Ubuntu16:53
Beast-aFeijo, what are you using to play the file?16:53
SonikkuAmericadesignbybeck_: OK, try Ubunti16:53
YokoBRMonkeyDust, aptget is not working16:53
MonkeyDustYokoBR  apt-get, not aptget16:54
YokoBRI dont have internet since i cant resolve names16:54
designbybeck_dang!!! Same crash SonikkuAmerica16:54
andryyy387aFeijo, you may try to install package gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly16:54
SonikkuAmericadesignbybeck_: As in it abruptly shut off?16:54
designbybeck_It makes a noise, like the speakers and and everything else glitches and goes black and turns off16:54
designbybeck_yes SonikkuAmerica16:54
hitsujiTMOyoko what is the contents of /etc/resolv.conf16:55
SonikkuAmericadesignbybeck_: That's a hardware issue to be sure... sounds like your motherboard,16:55
aFeijoBeast-, default ubuntu 13.04 player16:55
aFeijoandryyy387, apt-get told me that I've get it already16:55
Beast-aFeijo, ok, then try a different player, like VLC16:56
designbybeck_SonikkuAmerica:  this lady, one of our nursing faculty just bought this to donate it to one of our hospitals we help out with in Malawi16:56
aFeijoBeast-, ok16:56
designbybeck_We're in Texas.... I'm not sure what to do with it!16:56
YokoBRnameserver, nameserver, nameserver
SonikkuAmericadesignbybeck_: What make is it?16:56
designbybeck_SonikkuAmerica: HP 2000 TPN-L10816:57
designbybeck_not sure if l orL or what16:57
=== skinux is now known as jubale
RoryYokoBR: You don't want that line there16:57
hitsujiTMOYokoBR: can you change the contents to http://paste.ubuntu.com/6241383/  and then restart networking16:58
SonikkuAmericaOh, right. You may want to either take it to a local computer repair place or get it RNA'ed.16:58
aFeijoBeast-, damn, I cant install vlc... some package conflict16:58
SonikkuAmericadesignbybeck_: ^^16:58
andryyy387really aFeijo? what conflict?16:58
Beast-thats interesting :S16:59
YokoBRMm ok16:59
andryyy387aFeijo, you may want to try to install:  ubuntu-restricted-extras16:59
andryyy387this should install amr decoder files too16:59
designbybeck_Thank you for your help though SonikkuAmerica16:59
designbybeck_i'm trying to see if Windows will at least boot up16:59
aFeijoandryyy387, I have it16:59
andryyy387and these? sudo apt-get install libavcodec-extra-53 libavdevice-extra-53 libavformat-extra-53 libavutil-extra-51 libpostproc-extra-52 libswscale-extra-217:00
Beast-andryyy387, do you still have to do that via terminal, to be able to say yes to some options?17:00
SonikkuAmericadesignbybeck_: You're welcome17:00
aFeijoandryyy387, it say "depend: vlc-nox (...) but wont be installed"17:00
mahender43any body now how to profilling in Android phone using oprofile17:02
MonkeyDustmahender43  how is that ubuntu related?17:02
mahender43do u know any chatroom for oprofile17:03
matthias_Hi there, I'm having a problem exporting the correct Path variables for the java installation I got via apt-get. ls /usr/lib/jvm returns java-1.6.0-openjdk-amd64  java-6-openjdk-common17:03
matthias_java-6-openjdk-amd64      java-7-openjdk-amd6417:03
andryyy387Beast-, sorry for the late answer. dont know. :)17:04
hitsujiTMOmahender43 try #android maybe17:04
YokoBRRemoved but still not working17:05
hitsujiTMOYokoBR: what is the exact contents: please use paste.ubuntu.com17:06
mahender43thank u17:06
YokoBROmg, im on a smartphone17:07
Jimy56Does anybody knows how to get win7 medias on ubuntu and ubuntu medias on win7?17:08
hitsujiTMOyokobr: can you ping    do you get a response?17:08
MonkeyDustYokoBR  try
MonkeyDustYokoBR  or
jdolesThe date command returns an answer which is off by two hours.17:09
jdolesI mean: "returned".17:09
Modem80I do not like unity, what version of ubuntu can i use that will look like the old ver of Gnome?17:09
Modem80Unity sux!17:09
jdolesIt was fixed, but it took like 40 seconds.17:09
cgtModem80: Try Xubuntu17:09
cgt!xubuntu | Modem8017:09
ubottuModem80: Xubuntu is Ubuntu with Xfce as the desktop environment. More info at http://www.xubuntu.org/ - To install from Ubuntu: « sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop » - Join #xubuntu for support - See also: !Ubuntu and !Xubuntu-Channels17:09
Modem80but i want gnome17:10
cgtModem80: Gnome 2?17:10
andryyy387then mate17:10
jdolesAlso, my new kernel ... crashed.17:10
YokoBRYep, i c ann ping them17:10
andryyy387mate is like old gnome17:10
Modem80I think they have made the latest version of ubuntu to complicated17:10
Modem80the design is horrible17:10
Modem80the older editions were so much easier to navigate17:10
cgtModem80: No need to elaborate on why Unity is horrible.17:11
andryyy387there are a lot (!) of useful shortcuts, keep super pressed, you see them17:11
SiyfionModem80: I dont think it's complex, just non-intuitive17:11
YokoBRNo, i cant anymore17:11
MonkeyDustModem80  time to get used to the new interface!17:11
m3kkcgt, you got that right17:11
andryyy387< brbr17:11
gordonjcpModem80: Unity is the default, because it's far better than all that horrible old Gnome 2 crap17:11
SiyfionMonkeyDust: Or switch to cinnamon / XFCE4 / ....17:11
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!17:11
SonikkuAmericacgt: Food call.17:12
Modem80Why Did they go for the Unity desktop?17:12
gordonjcpModem80: but if you don't like it, you can always use something else17:12
cgtcompdoc: ?17:12
YokoBRI cant ping anymore17:12
gordonjcpModem80: because it's the best17:12
MonkeyDust!notunity | Modem8017:12
ubottuModem80: Ubuntu 11.10 and higher use the !Unity desktop environment by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown.17:12
gordonjcpModem80: it is by far the best desktop environment in any OS17:12
m3kkgordonjcp, also the slowest i have ever used17:12
Modem80gordonjcp - what is another alternative u would recomend/?17:12
gordonjcpModem80: it's even better than OSX17:12
gordonjcpModem80: I wouldn't.  I only recommend Unity17:12
gordonjcpm3kk: it's more responsive than Gnome 2 on equivalent hardware17:13
m3kkgordonjcp, you cant mean that on nothing but highend pc?17:13
gordonjcpm3kk: if it's *really* too slow, try XFCE17:13
hitsujiTMOYokoBR: can you please change the contents of /etc/resolv.conf  to http://paste.ubuntu.com/6241383/    and then restart the networking service17:13
SonikkuAmericaModem80: I recommend XFCE or LXDE if you don't want your desktop running slower17:13
gordonjcpm3kk: it's blindly fast on my 2GHz Core 2 Duo with 1GB17:13
m3kkgordonjcp, yep that is what im running to be fair. I want o run unity but nooope17:13
m3kkgordonjcp, nvidia?17:13
gordonjcpm3kk: it's the best of a bad bunch on my 1.8GHz Celeron with 512MB17:13
cgtModem80: You could also try the fallback mode in Gnome 3. It is similar to the old Gnome experience.17:14
gordonjcpm3kk: if you've got NVidia, try the binary drivers17:14
gordonjcpbrb, got to pick someone up off the train17:14
m3kkgordonjcp, ive got intel e450 with amd hd 6320.. it should be able to run it ?17:14
gordonjcpm3kk: I'd imagine so17:14
gordonjcpm3kk: if you're really struggling, toss some more memory in17:14
Modem80the new ver of 13.04 doesnt even recognize my Wireless card, I have been using ubuntu for the last 5 yrs, and I am so dissapointed by this new release, are any other the older version still supported??17:15
=== bfiller is now known as bfiller_afk
gordonjcpModem80: 12.0417:15
gordonjcpModem80: that's an LTS release17:15
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions of Ubuntu will be supported for 3 years on the desktop, and 5 years on the server; with the exception of 12.04 (Precise Pangolin), which will be supported for 5 years on the desktop. The current LTS version of Ubuntu is !Precise (Precise Pangolin 12.04)17:15
m3kkgordonjcp, i just tried running liveUSB and it froze and struggle reeaally bad especialy dash. ran liveUSB with xubuntu and i could browse web, softw are center , irc , terminal and it did not flinch.. :S could not run anything in ubuntu. really sad17:15
gordonjcpModem80: if you're having problems, instead of whining try filing bugs17:15
gordonjcpm3kk: strange17:16
Modem80gordonjcp - does 12.04 include unity?17:16
cgtModem80: yes17:16
gordonjcpModem80: yes17:16
m3kkgordonjcp, perhaps unity depend more on activating correct drivers.,. but xfce isnt17:16
cgtModem80: But you can install whatever desktop environment you want in any version of ubuntu17:16
gordonjcpm3kk: no idea17:16
m3kkgordonjcp,  ok just a thought17:16
Modem80cgt - i want my desktop to look like the older versions of gnome , will 12.04 look like the older versions?17:16
cgtModem80: Not by default17:16
MonkeyDustModem80  then you will never get used to the new desktop17:17
cgtModem80: but as I said, you can install whatever desktop environment you want17:17
Modem80monkeydust- the new desktop looks like a tablet and it sux!17:17
=== charpand is now known as charpandnl
MonkeyDustModem80  then use a different, xfce, kde, mxde, something else maybe17:17
cgtModem80: Saying that something "sux" is not productive. I already told you that you can install whatever you want and you've received many suggestions.17:18
m3kkModem80, exactly what tablet does it look like?17:19
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quadHelixI have 3 ubuntu boxes.  When I `ping google.com` 2 of the machines are pinging kidsource.com and the 3rd is pinging 1e100.net.  Any ideas why?17:20
dtcrshrwhat would be the most compatible  lightweight ubuntu version for my friends oldschool acer notebook? it gots intel vga onboard17:20
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines17:20
designbybeck_SonikkuAmerica: I booted off a DVD, it idnd't crash this time, but only took me to the ubuntu@ubuntu:~$ promte17:20
YokoBRGot resolvconf error: /etc/resolv.conf isnt a symlink17:20
dtcrshrthe lts version runned, but very slow17:20
m3kkdtcrshr, xubuntu or lubuntu17:20
Modem80Is SUse better than ubuntu?17:20
cgtModem80: That is subjective17:20
Beast-are appples better than oranges?17:20
dtcrshrm3kk: between both, which is the lighter?17:20
MonkeyDustModem80  depends on what you like more17:21
Modem80what do u like?17:21
m3kkdtcrshr, lubuntu17:21
SonikkuAmericadesignbybeck_: So it booted to a console? Try [ starts ]17:21
MonkeyDustdtcrshr  linuxlite is light and ubuntu based (but not supported here)17:21
m3kkdtcrshr, but xfce looks nicer.. both are more lightweight than default unity thou17:21
SonikkuAmericadesignbybeck_: Or rather, [ startx ]17:21
dtcrshryeah.. unity is VERY heavy17:21
dtcrshrcomparing to windows 7 that I instlaled double boot17:22
designbybeck_SonikkuAmerica: Fatel server error: no screens found (EE)17:22
m3kkStrangely on my mother really old laptop it runs unity like a dream17:22
hitsujiTMOYokoBR delete /etc/resolv.conf  and restart networking17:22
Beast-dtcrshr, its blasphemy, but i found linux mint to be working surprisingly nice on an old netbook of mine (1.2ghz singlecore atom processor)17:22
m3kkbut with my new laptop it cant be run with satisfaction17:22
dtcrshrBeast-: agree. I pesronally use LMDE17:22
designbybeck_maybe boot with nomodeset?17:22
Jimy56Somebody knows how to change weechat layer?17:22
SonikkuAmericadesignbybeck_: Try rebooting...17:22
dtcrshrBeast-: mate desktop is amazingly productive and lightweight17:22
Jimy56sry bad channel17:22
Modem80Windows 7 is better than Unity!17:23
m3kkdtcrshr, i have never tried MATE. its like old gnome2 ?17:23
m3kkModem80, Microsoft is better then iPhone!17:23
MonkeyDustModem80  please stop now, we understand that you don't like unity17:23
dtcrshrwell kinda. but for multiple desktop and no eye candy its quite nice. Now that some steam games are avaiable, the lest I need is desktop overlays17:24
Modem80is anyone in here from Texas?17:24
designbybeck_I am Modem8017:24
dtcrshrdota2 and tf2 runs like a charm, on the same pc with ubuntu / unity its impossible to play17:24
designbybeck_San Angelo, out west about 5hrs17:24
* Beast- wonders if there is an #ubuntu-dating channel17:24
dtcrshrm3kk: but theres also cinnamon, a midter between them17:24
Modem80xubuntu - works great!17:25
m3kkdtcrshr, cinnamon is a nono for me... runs slow like unity here17:25
MonkeyDustModem80  did you have a ubuntu support question?17:25
dtcrshryeah.. too expensive for a little eye candy17:25
dtcrshractually seeing both screenshots im on doublt between xubuntu and lubuntu17:25
m3kkdtcrshr, the menu is lagging behind and has al kind of delays17:25
dtcrshrxfce seems quite more finished17:25
dtcrshrill give xubuntu a try17:26
Beast-quick question: what can i expect when installing a fresh 13.04 or 13.10 on a SSD? Do i still need to tweak all sorts of settings, or will it just work out of the box?17:26
m3kkdtcrshr, honeslty i have never tried LXDE, give xubuntu a try with the liveUSB/liveCD and see if it feels snappy enough17:26
dtcrshrsure m3kk !17:27
m3kkdtcrshr, if it doesnt.. then create liveUSB with lubuntu and compare =)17:27
limace255xubuntu roxx17:27
* limace255 using this since some years, good stuff17:27
m3kkdtcrshr, i craeted liveUSB with xubuntu and it ran FASTER in LIve session then my current Mint  cinnamon did..amazing17:27
m3kklimace255, +117:27
dtcrshractually on this acer and another student hp notebook, usb sticks with ubuntu wont boot never... I have some sticks with a bunch of distros settled up with sardu or yumi (gparted, ubcd, clonezilla, etc...) that works fine.. ubuntu keeps asking for something on the way17:28
dtcrshrI ressurected an old dvdRW to install them up17:28
cacm3kk, because cinnamon uses OpenGL compositing which will slow down your PC quite a bit17:28
limace255well, some unuseful spent time with older releases, but since 4.8, perfect17:28
dtcrshrm3kk: my personal notebook im using lmde + mate, a low latency kernel and bumblebee package, its AWESOME17:29
m3kkcac, quite a much bit to tell you the truth. that is the way with unity as well? since i use radeon that can be the cause .. drivers17:29
dtcrshrfor instance, on ubuntu unity dota2 give me 18, 20 fps17:29
dtcrshrwith or without bumblebee17:29
dtcrshron mint i get 32, 3617:29
cacm3kk, yes.17:29
m3kkI have never heard of bumblebee17:29
voozeI have a little problem with my laptop-screen.. All the white + gray colors are like yellowish.. I have tried with both 13.10 and 12.04.... When the problem is only on the laptop-screen and not when I plug in the my monitor via HDMI, is the problem 100% the screen (like I need to return the laptop) or could it be somthing else? (its the new Intel HD 5200 Iris pro GPU)17:29
cacm3kk, use open source drivers or catalyst?17:29
dtcrshrm3kk: its a switcher between nvidia optimus vga and intel sandybridge17:30
m3kkcac, open source.. catalyst made the OS perform worse actually17:30
m3kkdtcrshr, oh!17:30
cacit's bad with 2D acceleration17:30
dtcrshrwithout it its impossible to use the nvidia accelleration17:30
cacm3kk, I'm excited for Linux 3.12's radeon improvements, but it might take ubuntu forever to adopt that version17:31
cacm3kk, so if you want better performance you can try fedora17:31
cacor something else more bleeding edge than ubuntu17:31
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
hitsujiTMOwold it not be better to move the graphics discussion to #ubuntu-offtopic ?17:31
chaotic_goodtry writing some code that doesnt make machine do a lot of work17:31
chaotic_goodfor nothing17:32
voozecac: why not just use this? http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v3.12-rc5-saucy/17:32
chaotic_goodI hate when I gota fart and im at work among 100 people17:32
SonikkuAmerica!it | Just a reminder17:32
ubottuJust a reminder: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)17:32
chaotic_goodif want performance17:32
chaotic_goodthen code it in ADA forth or C17:32
SonikkuAmerica!ot | Err...17:32
ubottuErr...: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!17:32
chaotic_goodok who here is doing iscsi SAN with ubuntu>?17:33
dtcrshrcac, the experimental vga drivers for nvidia or ati are quite bleeding17:33
dtcrshryou can give a shot up on ubuntu also17:33
m3kkcac, really? fedora? why is that ?17:34
m3kksorry for ot17:34
m3kkleaving now17:34
m3kkcac, will you follow me?17:35
cacm3kk, what?17:35
cacm3kk, Fedora has more updated packages17:35
cacXorg versions, kernel versions, mesa versions, etc.17:36
cacdtcrshr, the proprietary ones?17:36
cacAMD proprietary drivers suck.17:36
cacAnd my card is legacy now. Even if I bought it in 2011.17:36
cacGoing to stick with the open source drivers until I buy a Mac or build a PC with Intel graphics.17:37
Ari-Yangcac: fglrx has horrible 2d acceleration.... mesa 9.2 or greater, xf86-video-ati 7.2 is on par with fglrx when it comes to gaming17:37
Ari-Yangthis is with open source radeon driver17:37
dtcrshrcac: the pre-released updates if enabled on your repos will bring up the experimel fglrx17:37
cacAri-Yang, not really. I still get terrible fps with openarena on 1080p with mesa.17:38
parasaurolophuswhere can i get help with libreoffice writer? it's a simple question about aligning text17:38
IdleOnecac: All very interesting but nothing to do with ubuntu support. If you feel like chatting please join us in #ubuntu-offtopic17:38
cacAri-Yang, source games are even worse.17:38
Ari-YangI myself run mesa 9.3 xf86-video-ati 7.2...17:38
dtcrshrcac well, if you like games, run from ingel graphics17:38
Ari-Yangcac: what mesa version?17:38
Ari-Yangare you using?17:38
dtcrshrbesides the optimus / intel mashup is quite nice here17:38
cacdtcrshr, there is no experimental version of fglrx for me. My card is legacy.17:39
IdleOneAri-Yang: dtcrshr Please continue the conversation in #ubuntu-offtopic and keep this channel free for support only17:39
cacAri-Yang, on this box, whatever ubuntu 13.04 comes with17:39
dtcrshrhmm mine is quite older, I dunno if its legacy.. its hd679017:39
Ari-Yangcac: what's the output of glxinfo | grep -i opengl ?17:39
Ari-Yangit should tell you the mesa version17:39
dtcrshrsorry IdleOne, ill bail17:40
cacAri-Yang, 9.1.417:41
cacmy netbook which runs openbsd has 9.2, lol.17:41
Ari-YangAri-Yang: ummm yeah, there are a lot of improvements in 9.2 and on... Like I said before, gaming is on par with fglrx... I know some guys who have ditched fglrx and went with mesa 9.2 or 9.3 setup17:42
cacI ran openbsd on this desktop once, experienced similar if not the same fps with linux when running -current17:42
cacAri-Yang, replying to yourself?17:42
Ari-Yangtab fail17:42
cacAri-Yang, gaming is not on par with my box17:43
cacsource games run terribly17:43
cacopenarena runs terribly17:43
caceverything is slower with mesa17:43
Ari-Yangcac: and you're running 7.2 of the radeon driver?17:43
Ari-Yangcac: and you're using kernel 3.10 or greater?17:43
Ari-Yangcac: if that's the case, then maybe that's why17:43
cacphoronix's benchmarks find mesa is very far from being "on par" with fglrx17:43
cacAri-Yang, I did on fedora17:44
cacI'm on xubuntu right now17:44
IdleOnecac: Ari-Yang Seriously, please take this discussion to PM or #ubuntu-offtopic17:44
cacIdleOne, ok17:44
blzHello!  I have a laptop that's not always connected to my home network.  Is there a way to automatically mount my home network's NFS shares only when I'm on said home network?17:49
blzWhat's the best way to go about making a user's files unreadable by users not in his group?17:51
Mikey^I run Ubuntu 13.04 and when I use skype (with video), sometimes it automatically logs off.17:51
blzby default it appears that any user can read files from any other user and I'd like that not to be the case17:51
Mikey^When I dont have video, there is no problem.17:51
limace255blz : user/group strategy17:51
andryblz, chmod a-rwx && chown you:you file17:52
minimec_blz: Change the 'properties' of /home/yourname17:52
andrychmod a-rwx file && chown you:you file17:52
Mikey^I have an AMD onboard graphics card. I have installed the drivers from the AMD website. If I use the drives with ubuntu, I see random lines acorss the screen.17:52
=== minimec_ is now known as minimec
blzandry can I just apply that to /home/user ?17:53
andrybetter not17:53
andrythere are some files that need cross-access17:53
bekksblz: If you do, you will break things.17:53
blzbekks, , andry so making one user's files unreadable by other users is a bad idea?17:53
hitsujiTMOblz: that should be chmod o-rwx      not a-rwz17:53
limace255blz: depends the files you want to "protect"17:54
blzlimace255, pretty much the contents of /home/myuser17:54
=== dziegler_off is now known as dziegler
andrythe whole $home is a bad idea, i would apply the rules to only some of the folders inside home17:54
blzandry okay, fair enough17:55
limace255with the entire /home/user, you'll have some errors, like .gvfs17:55
andryjust chown the folder to you:you (not you:users), then chown a-rwx (=all no read/write/execute)17:55
limace255the best choice is, like andry said, choose a folder, put the necessary files inside, and apply your strategy17:55
bekksa-rwx is a bad idea. You dont want others to write things in your home.17:55
hitsujiTMOandry: o-rwx don't you mean17:55
blzandry I'm not very clear on what that means, actually.  Chown me:me means that the group is changed from `users` to `me` ?17:55
bekksblz: What do you actually want to do?17:56
hitsujiTMOandry: a-rwx will set a files permissions to ----------17:56
blzbekks, I just want to make it so that other users can't see the contents of my home folder17:56
limace255chown means the files will be user's ones17:56
andryoops ;D sorry, yes, o17:56
limace255blz: ow, ok17:57
bekksblz: Then run, as your user: chmod 700 /home/user17:57
andryor 700,17:57
blzbekks, right that was what I was originally thinkning, but apparently this breaks things?17:57
bekksOther users shall not see anything, so 700.17:57
andryyes, if it is you:users17:57
blzI'm open to suggestions, but I'm a bit overwhelmend!  Everybody is suggesting something different ^^17:57
bekksblz: a-rwx is the same as 777 which will break things.17:57
blz*overwhelmed, even17:57
bwayneblz: listen to bekks17:57
bekksblz: Run as user: chmod 700 /home/user17:57
andryno, a+ is 77717:58
blzbekks, okay, but won't that break things?17:58
andryhaha yes, just chmod 70017:58
hitsujiTMObekks: a-rwx = 00017:58
bekksblz: No. It will remove access for others but your user.17:58
limace255but normally, if you put yourself in a single group, others users won't have access to your /home, I guess17:58
blzbekks,  and that shouldn't create any problems?  I just want to be double-sure17:58
blzSorry if I'm being a pain17:59
bekksblz: If it does, just run: chmod 750 /home/user17:59
blzbekks, okay, will do17:59
blzbekks, limace255 hitsujiTMO, andry, thanks for the help!18:01
blzNext question:  I have a laptop that's not always connected to my home network.  Is there a way to automatically mount my home network's NFS shares only when I'm on said home network?18:01
andryi wonder if 700 is fine, you can tell us later, if you want18:01
blzandry, I'll definitely be back if there are problems =)18:02
bekksandry: Sure it is fine, unless you want to share contents from your home.18:02
bekksandry: as a regular user on a multiuser system, you want your home to be private.18:03
andrythere are some configs in there .. but as long as you dont chmod recursive to no group access it should work18:03
=== dziegler is now known as dziegler_off
andryyes, but not-readable is a bit more than private18:03
andrymaybe some apps want to read private config files etc18:04
Dudytzhi all! in ubuntu saucy + gnome 3.10 the changes in the Gnome Tweak (activation of plugins) not persists after a reboot, can anyone tell me if is a know bug?18:06
hitsujiTMO#ubuntu+1 for saucy support Dudytz18:07
bazhangDudytz, gnome3.10 from a PPA?18:08
=== bfiller_afk is now known as bfiller
Dudytzfrom ppa18:08
Dudytzubuntu gnome + gnome 3.10 from ppa18:08
bazhangDudytz, contact the PPA maintainer, we dont support PPA18:08
bazhangthat one in particular has multiple warnings, iirc18:08
Dudytzok, thanks18:08
yokobrGuys, please, still no dns18:14
ubottuTo set up a Domain Name Service see the !serverguide - https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/dns.html18:15
yokobrOmg.. It was working until i upgraded to 12.0418:16
tgm4883yokobr, that sounds like a dnsmasq issue18:17
MonkeyDustyokobr  people come and go, better repeat your inital question, in one single line, for those who just entered18:17
yokobrOmg... Im on a smartphone, but okay, here we go again18:18
yokobrIve upgraded ubhntu to 12.0418:18
yokobrNow i cant ping anything18:19
tgm4883yokobr, can't ping anything is completely different than DNS doesn't work18:19
=== Advocation_ is now known as Advocation
yokobrI cant ping or open any webpage18:20
Piciyokobr: can you ping IP addresses? like or ?18:20
tgm4883yokobr, can you ping your router?18:22
MonkeyDustyokobr  what are the nameservers in /etc/resolv.conf ? no typos, every character counts18:23
Piciyokobr: Are you getting an IP addresses on your network adapter?18:23
yokobrYep, but i cant ping it18:24
yokobrIts on dhpc and i mettging
anonymousВсем привет.18:25
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DJones!ru | Guest5661218:26
ubottuGuest56612: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.18:26
Guest56612Who is speak in Russian?18:26
ubottuПожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.18:26
Piciyokobr: So you're getting an IP, but you can't ping your router's address either?18:27
onekingwhat up kids18:29
onekingwhat up kids18:29
onekingwhat up kids18:29
onekingwhat up kids18:29
FloodBot1oneking: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.18:29
chaotic_goodhows iscsi san from ubnutu?18:30
bekkschaotic_good: As reliable as you configured it.18:32
chaotic_goodwoa thats pretty solid18:34
chaotic_goodcuz ima genius18:34
bekksyeah, for sure.18:34
=== chaotic_good is now known as genius_blueyes
genius_blueyesunregulated capitalism18:34
genius_blueyesconceal caryr guns for all18:34
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!18:34
PiciWe don't want that crap in #ubuntu-offtopic either.18:35
genius_blueyesok ok18:35
genius_blueyeslets talk iscsi18:35
genius_blueyesdo you guys not liek reiserfs?18:35
genius_blueyesand wha tthink of the noop and deadline io scheduler?18:35
bekksgenius_blueyes: Do you have a specific support question. :)18:36
defaultrohi folks, is there any built-in cpu monitoring task enabled in ubuntu? Would like to know so I don't have to write on18:36
genius_blueyeswhere is iscsi documented in ubunut 12.04 lts manual?18:38
tgm4883genius_blueyes, https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/iscsi-initiator.html18:39
geniigenius_blueyes: If you were experiencing an issue with iscsi, reiserfs, or scheduler under Ubuntu, then this channel would be where to ask. For more general questions that you're not really having an immediate problem with, #ubuntu-offtopic is more appropriate18:40
Matieskoik heb een vraagje18:42
Matieskoik heb een vraagje18:42
genius_blueyesyeah reiser FS deadlinme and iscsi are mostly my forumula I have lvm2 down pat18:42
bekks!nl | Matiesko18:42
ubottuMatiesko: Nederlandstalige ondersteuning voor Ubuntu (en vers gezette koffie) is te vinden in #ubuntu-nl18:42
bekksgenius_blueyes: Do you have a specific support question?18:43
bekksMatiesko: This channel is in english. :)18:44
YokoBR_Ok, now at least i can access irc18:44
=== b1221 is now known as testxDnick
YokoBR_guys, i have a dns problem... some websites are still not loading18:44
genius_blueyesno no Im reviewing the iscsi doc im good for now18:45
cgtYokoBR_: Have you tried changing DNS server?18:45
cgtYokoBR_: More details please18:45
ubottuPlease give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."18:45
cgtAre you sure it is DNS related?18:46
Matieskogaat er nog iemand reageren?18:48
cgt!nl | Matiesko18:48
ubottuMatiesko: Nederlandstalige ondersteuning voor Ubuntu (en vers gezette koffie) is te vinden in #ubuntu-nl18:48
tasslehoffUbuntu runs great on my retina MBP, but I would like to use 3 and 4-finger gestures for something. Any utils for that?18:49
eihanderanyone know any good softwares for maleware?? My MOBO is talking to me18:50
cgt!details | eihander18:50
ubottueihander: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."18:50
giikereihander:  what is it saying to you? ;-)18:50
bekksgiiker: "Neo, I can see you."18:51
eihanderI have a problem with my motherboard, there is someone actually using it to talk to me!18:51
eihanderits the entire computer!!!18:51
bekkseihander: So what does it say?18:51
giikereihander: well, that's not weird, that's actually normal ;-)18:51
eihander"You piss off everyone"18:51
AlexKaluzhnyJohnGris, Hi, IS is going to contact you shortly18:51
eihander"You are figuring out that everybody hates you"18:52
eihanderoh ok :-P18:52
cgteihander: Are you sure it's coming from the motherboard?18:52
bekkseihander: Turn off the volume then, in first instance.18:52
giikereihander: you r kidding ,right?!18:52
eihanderI don't have sound installed, no internal speaker that I know of, it's a Rampage III18:53
cgteihander: probably not the motherboard then18:53
bekkseihander: If you dont have sound installed, then you would not be able to hear anything.18:53
cgtmaybe someone placed a speaker in your computer18:53
eihanderI'm definitely hearing something, They just said my real name and they're repeating everything I'm typing to you18:54
gdoshow do i restart alsa? or the my audio output hardware? the only device that shows up is the dummy audio device.18:54
giikereihander: how often and at what times does it happen?18:54
giikerhow many times a day?18:54
raubDoes anyone know of a mailing list/irc for logrotate?_______________________18:54
eihanderIt's been going on all my life, I just recently got back into using Ubuntu.  I was always using Windows 7 to play video games.  I might have upset some people18:55
bekksraub: If you are using Ubuntu, this is the right channel.18:55
limace255raub : they're discussing about it on #ubuntu18:55
limace255oh, #linux18:55
eihanderTrace IP and idk hackers18:55
eihanderalmost 15+ years18:55
limace255brucelee has asked questions about logrotate18:55
YokoBR_the websites loading are still loading too slow18:56
giikereihander: oh ok, I thought this was happening now & then, carry on pls,  your mobo has been detected with a extreme case of toraxic talkativis maliciuos!18:56
bekksYokoBR_: Then its not a DNS issue. DNS is reponsible for resolving their address only.18:56
YokoBR_some adresses are not resolving18:56
bekksYokoBR_: did you change the nameserver?18:57
tjjCan anyone recommend a high-powered laptop that 100% works with ubuntu?18:57
YokoBR_bekks, yep, i'm using google's now18:57
bekks!hcl | tjj18:58
ubottutjj: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection18:58
fishcookeri have ubuntu 10.04.4.. i want to install new kernel 3.1 to the system.. how to seamlessly upgrade kernel from 2.6x to 3.1x?18:58
eihanderI'll brb18:58
eihandertalktivis maliciuos!! no bueno!!18:58
tjjbekks: That link is...not super helpful for laptops18:58
bekksfishcooker: 3.1? Why do you want that kernel? The current one is 3.11.x18:58
gordonjcptjj: macbook18:58
fishcookeri want to get the graphic advantage on cedar platform bekks18:59
sandGorgontjj, in general I have found dell to be very compatible. I have also heard great things about thinkpads.18:59
bekksfishcooker: Whats "cedar platform"?18:59
fishcookercedar trail platform19:00
bekksfishcooker: What is it?19:00
tjjsandGorgon: Have you had good experience with Alienware boxes? They're made/sold by dell now I think19:00
cgttjj: Alienware is for suckers19:00
tjjcgt why?19:00
fishcookercpu thing19:00
bekkstjj: Too expensive for the hardware offered.19:01
fishcookerboard thing19:01
fishcookerfrom intel i think19:01
`Dookuguys, I'm going crazy here19:01
sandGorgontjj, typically top end graphics hardware seems to have support lag in linux ... other than that, they should be fine19:01
=== LivTyler_ is now known as LivTyler
cgt`Dooku: why?19:01
bekksfishcooker: Why dont you say "It the Intel Atom processsor platform"?19:01
`Dookujust installed ubuntu and it sais that its a wrong password of my username when I KNOW its not19:01
tjjWhat do you guys recommend for a 17"+ screen + good CPU? I want to do coding on it so I want some power19:01
tgm4883`Dooku, yea, it probably is19:01
fishcookerthat's it .. i tell you the detail from the manufacturer19:01
limace255Dooku : checked numlock ?19:01
bekksfishcooker: you could try a mainline kernel (from the according ppa) - but be aware that it might not work.19:02
fishcookerthat's my consideration19:02
`Dookuyes I did guys, actually I trid in all this time with the regular numbers not with the nu lock19:02
tjjbekks: Can you recommend a high-powered laptop that's not for suckers?19:02
raubbekks, limace255: something like this: http://pastie.org/private/i35za17ohzt70biec3ggw19:02
wilee-nilee`Dooku, change it or reinstall both are fairly easy.19:02
`DookuI mean I am logged on and all now but it did that while trying to apply the updates19:02
fishcookerthis box is running well on 10.04 but not in graphic bekks19:02
fishcookerit sucks19:02
`Dookuwell that's the thing wilee-nilee it sais its incorrect when I try to change it19:03
bekkstjj: No, since this is ubuntu support and not ##hardware :)19:03
raubI think I copied that from my centos test box but in the end of the show I want to do in both ubunut and centos.19:03
bekksfishcooker: Do you run 10.04 desktop?19:03
fishcookernope server19:03
bekksfishcooker: Then why do you need graphics on a server at all?19:03
limace255Dooku : azerty/qwerty mode on keyboard ?19:03
tjjbekks: Yeah, I'm trying to do my research so I don't have to come back and ask for ubuntu support _after_ I spend $2000 :-)19:03
`Dookuwhat's that limace255?19:04
gordonjcpfishcooker: servers tend not to have graphics19:04
wilee-nilee`Dooku, You may not be doing it correctly or something is broken. How experienced are you with this?19:04
limace255your keyboard default language19:04
gordonjcptjj: just get a macbook19:04
`Dookuhow can I check that limace255?19:04
limace255english : qwerty19:04
limace255well, test it on your login prompt19:04
`Dookuwilee-nilee somehow I figured it out and I got the updates installed19:04
limace255type azerty, or the first 6 of your keyboard19:05
gordonjcptjj: they're the same kind of spec and same kind of build quality as a good Thinkpad, and the same kind of price, but they don't look like they've been milled out of a solid chunk of 197519:05
tjjgordonjcp: I was looking at macbooks but it seems like the biggest one is 15"19:05
gordonjcptjj: ah, okay19:05
jackarghi, when I try to execute "sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread4/install-css.sh" to enable dvd playback, it says wget could not fetch the site packages.medibuntu.org. indeed when I try to access it from the internet it seems down. Do you know what's wrong?19:05
tjjgordonjcp: I'm really trying to get a 17" or 18"19:05
bekksjackarg: Look at www.medibuntu.org to see why.19:05
dklps2hi all19:06
raublimace255: so #linux was *not* the right place to ask about logrotate19:06
raubWhere else can I ask about it19:07
bekksraub: What exactly happens...?19:07
tgm4883raub, I missed the initial question19:07
limace255raub : look at tuto about it19:07
raubAs soon as I mentioned rsyslog, the reply was "well, that surely is a rsyslog question. Now scoot after the rsylog room"19:07
* limace255 remember to have found some awesome ones19:07
bekksraub: You pasted some config but didnt state the problem, correcrt?19:07
tgm4883raub, who said that, we should probably burn that person19:08
jackargbekks, ok, so why can't they update that command? And what am I supposed to do to enable dvd playback? Since this is now obsolete: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs19:08
tgm4883jackarg, it's almost as if that is a.... wiki19:08
bekksjackarg: The site is down. No one cares about what they did in the past. There is no one left who updates packages. Thats called "it is down".19:08
bekksjackarg: Did you read the full text on their site?19:09
raublimace255: All the docs I see assume you provide a list of logs related to a given program, logrotate or fail2ban (if its logs are not sent to syslog) or whatever.19:09
raubSo, you have a bunch of log files, say, related to rsyslog. Which are then treated the very same way19:09
raubWhat I need is to have some of those log files being treated differently.19:10
gdoshow do i restart my audio output hardware? the only device that shows up is the dummy audio device.19:10
fishcookerbecause this box running java apps19:10
fishcookergordonjcp: bekks19:10
raubSo, can I have more than one postrotate in the same file? If so, what happens if I tell logrotate to restart rsyslog twice?19:11
jackargbekks tgm4883 ok guys stop attacking me here. All I want to know is how do I enable dvd playback now19:11
tgm4883raub, not sure I understand. You specify the different log files related to a particular program and each can have it's own settings19:11
jackargthis community is good at putting people down isn't it19:11
bekksjackarg: I am not attacking you at all. I am telling you whats up with medibuntu, and where to get help regarding their libdvdcss stuff.19:12
raubtgm4883: take a look at my pastebin, http://pastie.org/private/i35za17ohzt70biec3ggw19:12
bekksjackarg: If you dont like it, I'll stop it instantly - I am resting your case.19:12
raubIgnore it is centos because that is the only one I had at hand. Only line that changes is what is under the postrotate19:12
raubOk, and some of the log filenames ;019:12
jackargbekks, ok so what is the solution19:13
raubSo, all those log files are created by rsyslog19:13
bekksjackarg: I am resting your case. I told you what to do.19:13
raubI want the first 5 to be treated using the default (create a cron.1 file, for instance)19:13
=== jmgk is now known as j95
raubbut, for my messages.log file, I want it to be rotated daily and be compressed and do some other stuff.19:14
raubtgm4883: does it make sense now? I can clean up the pastebin some19:14
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=== Guest25421 is now known as bubbly193
designbybeck_I've tried both Ubuntu 13.04 and LinuxMint 15, they both just go to a command prompt. I've tried nomodeset but that doesn't seem to help .... HP2000 laptop brand new, with Windows 819:18
designbybeck_Fatal server error: no screens found (EE)19:20
adamkdesignbybeck_: Pastebin the full Xorg log file.19:20
=== AndresSM_away is now known as AndresSM
ObrienDavedesignbybeck_... did you try the UEFI instructions? http://askubuntu.com/questions/236787/install-ubuntu-next-to-windows-8-uefi-dual-boot19:20
ObrienDavedesignbybeck_... or https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI19:21
=== Calinou_ is now known as Calinou
anonymous_'ts awesime19:21
Crockeoquick question: with the 12.04 LTS Wubi install I can upgrade to the latest release, right?19:21
designbybeck_not sure how to do that adamk if i cna't get in to copy and paste19:21
adamkdesignbybeck_: Use a utility like pastebinit.19:22
adamkNo need to copy and paste.19:22
blzHello, I'm trying to share a directory via NFS, along with all of it's subdirectories (and one symlinked subdir).  Here is my /etc/exports file and /etc/fstab file, respectively:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/6242014/,   http://paste.ubuntu.com/6242013/   I'm getting `mount.nfs: access denied by server while mounting` when running `sudo mount test`19:24
blzwhat am I doing wrong?19:24
bDUC_I just started using linux for the first time yesterday. I think I might've broken it. Terminal does not work anymore.19:24
raubblz: how about sudo mount test19:25
blzraub same issue =/19:26
bDUC_trying to run gnome-terminal through xterm gives me the error "gnome-terminal: undefined symbol: vte_terminal_set_alternate_screen_scroll"19:26
wilee-nileeCrockeo, wubi is a try out design, per the designer themselves, do you have to use it?19:27
raubblz: you are doing nvfv4, right?19:28
raubblz, my exports file is http://pastie.org/private/pibz41sc13vhi5sqpaj6ww19:28
blzraub, nfs4, yes19:28
raubdid you try using mount.nfs4?19:28
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest83385
Crockeowilee-nilee: I don't /have/ to per se, but I'm not (necessarily) looking for a long-term installation. I'm trying out a Haskell library that doesn't work well on windows and I want to see if it's worth full-on dual booting19:28
bekksblz: Did you follow https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NFSv4Howto ?19:28
blzbekks, yes I did19:29
tozenbDUC_: sudo apt-get install --reinstall libvte9 ??19:29
blzbekks, it *was* working until earlier today, so I'm not sure what went wrong19:29
designbybeck_adamk and ObrienDave when I go into BIOS to try to save anything it just crashes and turns off, it does restart. I'm thinking there might be physical problems with this brand new laptop19:29
blzbekks, I did install and configure fail2ban, but I doubt that's related19:29
ObrienDavedesignbybeck_... I seriously doubt a physical problem19:30
wilee-nileeCrockeo, I would not waste you time with it theoretically you can upgrade it, however it is not strongly supported nor does anyone here really use it. Any OS fully installed can be installed or removed at you whim, wubi is just a file in windows and a waste of time really.19:30
bDUC_Anybody feel like helping a complete noob to get his terminal started again?19:31
MangaKaDenzacontrol alt t19:31
wilee-nileebDUC_, Since you are new at this you want to learn not to do things you can't fix or reverse.19:31
raubblz: check if the shares are being seen in the client19:31
Crockeowilee-nilee: Alright. I think I'm still gonna waste my time with it, but forego upgrading it. I'll just see if the library works well, if it doesn't then I'll probably just go ahead and uninstall wubi. If it does work well then to the Ubuntu-mobile i go. :)19:32
blzraub, how so?19:32
bDUC_wilee-nilee: Fresh install my only way out, eh?19:32
bekksbDUC_: What did you do that lead to your problem?19:32
designbybeck_ObrienDave:  it just crashes, you can hear a glitch from the speakers the same time you hear the haddrive park and it turns off19:32
tozenbDUC_: have you tried what I've said?19:32
wilee-nileebDUC_, I reinstalled 3 times in my first 6 months 7 years ago, you choice really, how much time do you want to spend is my motto. ;)19:33
bDUC_install dependencies for anjuta19:33
raubblz: showmount -e fileserver19:33
designbybeck_I've had that happen ones when setting up win8 first startup, every time I have tried to boot off USB with Ubuntu and a few times coming out of BIOS19:33
bDUC_tozen: yeah, does not work19:33
designbybeck_and just now when I tried to turn it back on, the light comes on for a sec, and then shut off..... I wait a sec and then try again19:33
designbybeck_it booted back to Win819:33
arusselin curl=7.22.0-3ubuntu4.1 what does the 4.1 stand for ?19:34
raubblz: I take the bind mount works, right?19:34
blzraub, yeah that part seems to be working19:35
raubblz: did you do the showmount?19:35
blzraub, yeah, and I seem to get it there.  Actually it's strange... one of the subdirectories is reachable, but the others aren't =/19:36
bDUC_"GLib-GIO-Message: Using the 'memory' GSettings backend. Your settings will not be save or shared with other applications." is another part of the message. GLib screwed up?19:36
defaultrodo you think guys mpstat 5 is heavy for a busy server?19:36
trismarussel: ubuntu4.1 is the ubuntu packaging version19:37
defaultroi want the data to be as granular as possible19:37
YowlDoes it matter for the sack of LVM whether a partition was made before or after its installation?19:37
trismarussel: it starts ubuntu1, ubuntu2, etc, and the .1, .2 are usually SRU or security updates19:37
raubblz: you might have to explicitly export the directory or something. Remember only the root has the fsid=019:37
raubSee my pastebin example19:37
raubThat's what I use19:37
blzraub, aaah yeah that might ahve something to do with it ^^19:38
blzraub,  alright let me play around with that.  Thanks for the tips!19:38
raubSure thing19:38
pbxhello. fresh install of 13.04 on a dell xps 13. running fine... but screen is super-dim and not responding to brightness control panel. i know this is a known issue. how do i fix?19:38
raubWhich reminds me: me /export/logs should only be seen by one machine :)19:38
arusseltrism: does it always goes up, or restart from 0 each time a new version of the app itself is out ?19:39
bDUC_tozen: I think I might have "sudo make install"'d another version of vte before apt-get install libvte919:40
trismarussel: it resets with each new upstream version, or new debian version depending19:40
bDUC_might this be an issue?19:40
trismarussel: usually the new upstream version goes into debian, and then we get the debian version which resets the ubuntu versioning scheme19:40
trismarussel: basically it just counts the patches we have on top of the debian package19:40
YowlDoes it matter for the sake of LVM  and enhanced data security from resizing partitions, whether a partition was made before or after its installation?19:41
gdostwo part question because i think one is related to the other: 1. how do edit services (which ones start and which ones don't)?  2. my physical audio device has now become my dummy audio device. I followed the instructions here but to no avail (meaning these instructions didn't work for me):   http://itsfoss.com/fix-sound-ubuntu-1304-quick-tip/ (i'm thinking my issue is related to JACK)19:41
arusseltrism: so the 4.1 -> 4.2 would be a security update due to a problem on the packaging, not the root app (I'm assuming here that if curl1.1 get a security update, then it will be moved to 1.2)19:42
jdolesWhy do I not have any working audio device?19:42
trismarussel: no in the case of security updates they are applied as patches to the upstream version, usually backported19:42
raubWhere does network manager store dhcp lease info? Specifically for a wireless connection if it matters19:42
jdolesIn my previous boot, I had working sound.19:42
trismarussel: occasionally we will get completely new upstream versions to deal with those issues but most of the time not19:44
bDUC_So nobody with an idea of the problem when I get this while trying to run gnome-terminal from xterm? "GLib-GIO-Message: Using the 'memory' GSettings backend. Your settings will not be saved or shared with other Applications. gnome-terminal: symbol lookup error: gnome-terminal: undefined symbol: vte_terminal_set_alternate_screen_scroll"?19:46
arusseltrism: thanks19:46
geniiraub: /var/lib/dhcp/dhclient.<iface-name>.leases19:47
repudiateWhat up hood?19:47
neclovekski have a problem with my screen after instaling ubuntu 13.0419:47
neclovekskwhen i log in19:47
neclovekskit only shows mouse cursor19:48
neclovekskon blank screen19:48
EricKitHello, I have an issue only after a cold shutdown that does not happen I reboot.  I have put the issues here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/354305/mouse-and-keyboard-dont-work-from-shutdown-do-work-from-restart but noone has been able to help.  Any ideas?  Upvote if you can..it affects several Lenovo users.  I've tried Ubuntu+1 forums as well as searches19:48
=== fishwithapipe is now known as f|shy
gradashhello, can someone help me with mint 15 ?... i have damn tearing in movies, ATI card, tearing settings ON in catalyst control panel...but anyway glitches.... :(19:49
genii!mintsupport | gradash19:50
ubottugradash: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org19:50
gradashgenii, ubottu, thx19:50
compdocEricKit, there was an bios option that prevented usb and networking to start on UEFI systems I've installed ubuntu on. I think one was IOMMU, which I had to disable19:50
EricKitcompdoc: I've searched and toggled almost every option in my BIOS.  Remember it's only on a cold start.  What is IOMMU?19:51
compdocits used for VT19:51
compdocwhen youre running VMs19:51
compdocnot needed otherwise19:51
bDUC_Can I reinstall gnome-terminal somehow?19:52
ipfaffyIn 12.04, how do you control the number of virtual desktops? Like I want to add 2 more vertically19:52
bDUC_or get rid of vte all together somehow?19:52
compdocEricKit, also, look to see if there are bios updates for your system19:52
EricKitcompdoc: I've run em... thanks!19:52
YowlDoes it matter for the sake of LVM and enhanced data security from resizing partitions, whether a partition was made before or after its installation?19:53
thumpbai have 12.04lts fresh install but i have a gpg error when i run apt-get update19:53
bekksYowl: No.19:53
jdolesWhy doesn't my audio work?19:53
EricKitcompdoc: Mind upvoting my qustion? I can't find an answer! I've tried everything I can find.19:53
jdoleslspci shows the card.19:53
jdolesIt used to work before the reboot.19:53
raubYowl: encrypting partition?19:54
=== jess is now known as Guest50365
Yowlraub: With or without encryption19:54
raubjdoles: either the space pope decreeded so or we need more info19:54
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=== Smedles_ is now known as Smedles
compdocEricKit, how would I do that? dont think I have an account on askubuntu.com19:55
jdolesraub: I already gave more info.19:55
jdolesraub: as root I do have sound apparently.19:55
jdolesraub: but.. I did not change anything.19:55
jackarglet me try again: how would one enable dvd playback in ubuntu19:55
Yowlraub: I seem to be unable to install LVM, and am wondering if I can just make the partitions, with say one being encrypted, and install LVM latter, whether the order will matter19:55
raubYowl: AFAIK LVM does not care a dingo's kidneys about security. Either way is the same19:55
bekksYowl: How do you try to "install LVM"?19:55
thumpbathe error is 'E: GPG error: http://extras.ubuntu.com precise Release: The following signatures were invalid: NODATA 1 NODATA 219:55
raubYowl: I have done both19:56
Yowlbekks: Ubuntu software center19:56
bekksYowl: And whats the error you get?19:56
windowsWhen trying to run a virtualbox, I get "Kernal driver not installed (rc=-1908)". I then install the dkms package and ran vbox as root, but got the same error.19:56
linusexecuse me,  how about black screen after switching users and logging out19:56
bekkswindows: Then install the vbox kernel drivers.19:56
bekkswindows: The error even tells you how to do it.19:57
bluechaosguys I have a problem !19:57
Yowlbekks: Failed to download package files: check your internet connection19:57
jdolesraub: you got your information...19:57
bekksYowl: Did you check your internet connection then?19:57
bekksYowl: Which ubuntu are you on?19:57
Yowlbekks: I'm using said internet connection right now, it's fine19:57
windowsbekks: I tried running the command it gave me '/etc/init.d/vbox setup' or whatever it was, but it didn't work19:57
bekkswindows: It tells you why it didnt work, too.19:58
linuscan somebody tell me about  "black screen after switching users and logging out"19:58
Yowlbekks: 11.10, and I know I need to update it, working on that now19:58
bekkswindows: And you have to use sudo to run that command.19:58
jdolesDo I need to be in the audio group?19:59
tgm4883Yowl, are you asking why you are having trouble installing LVM in 11.10?19:59
raubisn't the package lvm2?19:59
blzI'm still having trouble with my NFS system.  I'm following the NFSv4 tutorial (without kerberos) and I can successfully mount in the client with `sudo mount -t nfs4 -o proto=tcp,port=2049 /mnt`, and I see the exported directory within.  However, when I cd into that directory I find that it's empty.   Any ideas?19:59
Yowltgm4883: Not exactly, just mentioned I wasn't able to install it when asking about whether it matters if a partition is created before or after installing LVM, then I was asked about what kind of installation problems I was having20:00
windowsbekks: i get a "not found" warning, so change to virtualbox instead of vboxdrv (which does exist in init.d), then it gives me a usage echo, but without the 'setup' method20:00
flan_suseI am getting the following error message whenever I use apt: "dpkg: error processing procps (--configure)"20:00
bluechaosguys can u help me ? ( http://paste.ubuntu.com/6242221/ ) ?20:00
tgm4883Yowl, well 11.10 isn't supported anymore, so I'd imagine you are unable to install it because the repo doesn't exist20:00
zykotick9blz: you export directories you want from the nfs-server, which typically isn't /...20:00
flan_suseI cannot get rid of the message about procps, even if I do apt-get upgrade. It wants to "upgrade" nothing, and spits out the same message: "dpkg: error processing procps (--configure)"20:01
blzzykotick9, sure, but doing `sudo mount -t nfs4 -o proto=tcp,port=2049 /mnt` gives me a similar result20:01
pbxbrightness controls not working on Dell XPS 13 with 13.04. anybody?20:01
blznamely an empty /mnt20:01
raubtgm4883: good call, but he can still use the sites that keep old distros20:01
bDUC_So I found out vte 3.0+ breaks gnome terminal. Installing an earlier version over it doesn't work. How do I get rid of the broken version?20:01
bekkswindows: That will not work, whe randomly changing commands.20:01
Yowltgm4883: I figured it might be something like that20:01
blzFWIF, my /etc/exports now has these two lines:  `/export,fsid=0,no_subtree_check,async)`  and    `/export/nfs,crossmnt,insecure,no_subtree_check,async)`20:02
bekkswindows: Uninstall your vbox version, and install the official vbox version from the official vbox website.20:02
windowsbekks: right, then I'm stuck at "no such file"20:02
linussomebody can help me "http://dpaste.com/hold/1418005/"20:02
zykotick9blz: what is ".. proto=tcp,port=2049 .." for?  are you sure you need it?20:02
computa_mikeJust thought I'd ask this question (although I may have to dissapear from the keyboard for a bit)...  I'm preparing a presentation for oggcamp, and on one of the slides I'm working on I'd like to put the Bazaar logo, as the slide talks about the use of bazaar for animation scene management.  Do i need any special clearance to use the Bazaar logo on a slide that will talk about Bazaar - I think I'm ok doing that, but it would be20:02
windowsbekks: ok. is the ubuntu store not reliable?20:02
popeycomputa_mike: no20:02
blzzykotick9, I'm just following the tutorial here:  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NFSv4Howto20:02
bekkswindows: I never used it.20:02
blzzykotick9, should I try mounting differently?20:02
Yowltgm4883: Do you concur that it doesn't matter at all if a partition is made before or after installation of LVM?20:02
zykotick9blz: you wouldn't typically need to export /foo and then /foo/bar... the first will cover the second.20:02
windowsbekks: fair enough20:03
blzzykotick9, how do you mean?  Sorry, this is all very new to me20:03
zykotick9blz: i just use "mount IP:/export/dir /foo"20:03
blzzykotick9, ok let me try that20:03
computa_mikepopey: so I'm20:03
computa_mikepopey: sorry - miss type.  Thanks for clearing that up.  :)20:03
Picicomputa_mike: Its probably fine to you it, but if you want to be sure it would be better to ask in #bzr, not #ubuntu20:03
thumpbai have a fresh 12.04 install and am getting "'E: GPG error: http://extras.ubuntu.com precise Release: The following signatures were invalid: NODATA 1 NODATA 2" when i run apt-get20:04
blzzykotick9, same problem -- empty mount point20:04
=== dziegler is now known as dziegler_off
zykotick9blz: did you restart the nfs server after adding the exports?20:04
Picicomputa_mike: or nevermind ;)20:04
raubYowl: the partition for lvm you can create any time20:04
blzzykotick9, yes20:04
raubBut then you need lvm to do pvcreate :)20:04
zykotick9blz: are you sure there is something in those directories?20:04
blzzykotick9,  oh shi- ... i think that might not be an error at all20:04
computa_mikePici: thanks20:04
blzzykotick9, it seems as though my directory is empty, meaning I somehow rm'ed my files =(20:05
Yowlraub: Just to be clear on your meaning, you're saying it doesn't matter of the partition was made before or after LVM? I thought just perhaps LVM kept track of some data during creation or something20:06
windowsHow can I search all installed packages?20:06
bekksYowl: Correct. It doesnt matter.20:06
bDUC_This is driving me nuts. Say I "sudo make install" on vte 0.34 and I want to remove everything it did. What do I do?20:07
raubYowl: which partition are we talking about? When I setup lvm I need partition(s) that I will use with it20:07
raubThen I pvcreate them20:07
raubvgcreate and then lvcreate the partitions *inside* lvm that I will be providing to the system20:08
bekksraub: He is trying to install the lvm package and cant do it, because of the server being unreachable currently.20:08
zykotick9bDUC_: try "sudo make uninstall"20:08
bDUC_zykotick9: I love you so much <320:08
Yowlraub:  I don't understand the question, "which partition" almost sounds like your asking me what I label them or something20:09
flan_suseOkay, I figured out the problem myself. If anyone is interested. Here was my problem: "I cannot get rid of the message about procps, even if I do apt-get upgrade. It wants to 'upgrade' nothing, and spits out the same message: 'dpkg: error processing procps (--configure)'" Turns out, SpiderOak created an invalid *.conf file under /etc/sysctl.d/. Commenting it out solved my problem.20:09
raubbekks: unreacheable as in no internet connection or?20:09
bekksraub: Yes.20:09
=== jalcine is now known as jalcine_
zykotick9bDUC_: in future, look into checkinstall - it creates DEBs from source, for easy removal.20:09
bekksYowl: You should fix your internet connectiom first, to actually install the lvm package.20:10
raubbekks: shouldn't the install iso have lvm?20:10
bekksraub: Depends on how he installed ubuntu before.20:10
Yowlbekks: Nothing is wrong with my internet connection. "first, to Install the lvm package" first before?20:11
QuerulousHey all - I've got a problem installing Ubuntu on an Acer Aspire One laptop that seems to be somewhat common - I disabled the Windows function that prevents third-party OSes from being installed(that thing everyone hates), but now it's just showing me the SYSLINUX/Peter Anvin copyright page and won't go past that. The solutions I see online are telling me to change some things in the installation files, but what to change and how se20:11
bekksYowl: You said you have problems installing the lvm package. Did you even check wether it is already installed?20:11
Yowlbekks It would say it was installed in ubuntu software center, if it were installed20:12
bekksYowl: Did you check it?20:12
raubYowl: type lvs20:12
raubif it works chances are you have lvm installed20:13
Yowlbekks: raub  Not installed20:13
raubYowl: you are running ubuntu 11.X, right?20:13
Yowlraub: Currently, yes20:13
bekksYowl: Then you have to fix that problem first. Did you try changing the installation mirror used?20:14
k1l!eol | Yowl20:14
ubottuYowl: End-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades20:14
raubYowl: you cannot use the normal ubuntu installation sites20:14
k1l11.xx is out of support. no installation of packages possible20:14
YowlWell aware people, I wasn't even asking about installing it20:14
=== jalcine_ is now known as jalcine
raubYowl: you need to get the lvm packages, right?20:15
bekksYowl: Then why did you try to install it...? :)20:15
Yowlraub: bekks I thought I would try it20:15
YowlThat was @ bekks20:15
brian__Hi there does anyone know much about rhythm box when I place a cd in it does not extract the tracks and find them it just says unknown although I can find the album through musicbrainz the server for rhythm box would anyone have any ideas?20:15
ubottudavide: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».20:16
bekksYowl: You should follow the link given by ubottu, for updating your EOL installation.20:16
=== davide is now known as Guest95353
raubYowl: old-releases.ubuntu.com20:16
ubottuGuest95353: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».20:16
pbxthanks ubottu20:17
QuerulousHey all - I've got a problem installing Ubuntu on an Acer Aspire One laptop that seems to be somewhat common - I disabled the Windows function that prevents third-party OSes from being installed(that thing everyone hates), but now it's just showing me the SYSLINUX/Peter Anvin copyright page and won't go past that. The solutions I see online are telling me to change some things in the installation files, but what to change and how se20:17
k1lYowl: 11.xx is not supported anymore. no one can say if its a problem that wasnt already fixed in an update but your system does not get any updates sonce some time. so see the message from the bot20:17
=== CyberJacob is now known as CyberJacob|Away
awygle1hello everyone. i am on precise and trying to install a version of libboost-all-dev which is >1.46. according to packages.ubuntu.com, the default version for that package in precise should be 1.48, but i am seeing it installing 1.46. 1.46 was installed on this machine previously. is that the reason i'm seeing this strange behavior, and if so, how can i fix it?20:18
Yowlk1l: Well aware, well aware20:19
raubYowl: the site I gave you has packages for 11.10. They are the latest there will ever be, but that does not mean they will be updated. But, it should get you going until you can upgrade to 12.04+20:19
=== Nisstyre-laptop is now known as nisstyre
bruno_alinfo; con la 13.04 non e' piu' possibile vedere le dirette rai?20:20
ObrienDave!it | bruno_al20:20
ubottubruno_al: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)20:20
CherianHey, novice ubuntu user here, need a bit of help. Is this where I ask for it or is there another page?20:20
OerHeks!info libboost-all-dev precise20:20
ubottulibboost-all-dev (source: boost-defaults): Boost C++ Libraries development files (ALL, default version). In component universe, is optional. Version (precise), package size 1 kB, installed size 26 kB20:20
k1l!details | Cherian20:21
ubottuCherian: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."20:21
OerHeksawygle1, did you add any PPA ? that would explain it20:21
awygle1OerHeks: i believe i've added an sssd backport ppa, but it has nothing to do with boost20:21
ObrienDave!ask | Cherian20:21
ubottuCherian: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience20:21
OerHeksawygle1, maybe, maybe not, it can disturb the dependencies20:22
=== CyberJacob|Away is now known as CyberJacob
QuerulousHey all - I've got a problem installing Ubuntu on an Acer Aspire One laptop that seems to be somewhat common - I disabled the Windows function that prevents third-party OSes from being installed(that thing everyone hates), but now it's just showing me the SYSLINUX/Peter Anvin copyright page and won't go past that. The solutions I see online are telling me to change some things in the installation files, but what to change and how se20:23
CherianRight, I just installed 13.04, and I can't seem to get any icons to show. The taskbar right on the top looks really sucky. It looked great on the usb drive, but after the first install it took over two hours to startup and so I forced a restart. Ever since, it's been like this. I've tried the unity --reset option, as well as installing ccsm, but nothing seems to work. I've even installed Cinnamon: it's a little better, but the icons still don't sho20:23
Cherianw, and the dialog boxes aren't very 'cool'.20:23
k1lCherian: you have the proper driver for your video card set up?20:25
=== jalcine is now known as jalcine_
Cherian@k1l I'm not sure. How do I find out? (Quite a noob, sadly :( )20:26
windowsHow can I ftp to ftp://ftp.kernel.org/? Getting "Name or service not known"20:26
Cheriankl: I did look under the propriety drivers thing, and installed my Broadcom driver.20:26
ObrienDavewindows... get rid of the ? at the end of the line20:26
raubwindows: dns issues?20:26
k1lCherian: which video card do you have? (chec with lspci)20:26
Cheriank1l: 00:02.1 "Display controller: Intel Corporation Mobile 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 07)20:27
Cherian" Is that it?20:27
ObrienDavewindows... hmm, I got in through file manager20:28
zykotick9Cherian: if you use "lspci -v | grep -i vga" do you see 2 listed?20:28
jdolesDo I or do I not need to be in the audio group in order to play audio?20:28
jdolesI have read the wiki, which says "no".20:28
jdolesThe wiki seems to be wrong.20:28
k1lCherian: yes. if its the only video card (if that is not a hybrid combination with a nvidia or ati card). the intel card doesnt need a special driver since its supported with the kernel20:28
jdolesOr if not wrong, very incomplete.20:28
jdolesIs there anyone who actually knows what they are doing?20:29
gordonjcpjdoles: what exactly are you trying to do?20:29
jdolesRandom upgrades of a stable distro like 12.04 LTS should not break all of this stuff.20:29
jdolesgordonjcp: mplayer foo.wav20:29
jdolesgordonjcp: as a user which is not in the audio group.20:29
k1ljdoles: you will get support by the volunteers in here if you dont rant or do personal attacks20:29
Cherianzykotick9: Nope, just "00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation Mobile 4 Series Chipset Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 07) (prog-if 00 [VGA controller])"20:29
gordonjcpwhy would your user not be in the audio group?20:29
jdolesk1l: that logic makes no sense.20:30
jdolesk1l: and skilled people know that, so please just don't mention that spam.20:30
ObrienDave*no feeding trolls*20:30
jdolesgordonjcp: because the wiki recommends that.20:30
jdolesgordonjcp: it's not supposed to be needed.20:30
gordonjcpjdoles: depends what you're trying to do20:30
gordonjcpjdoles: are you using pulseaudio?20:30
jdolesgordonjcp: audio playback via pulse.20:30
jdolesgordonjcp: yes20:31
zykotick9Cherian: ok, i just wanted to see if it was hybrid (for the channel, i've got nothin').  best of luck.20:31
raubjdoles: 1) I barelly work on desktops, so sound and video cards are of no consequence to me. 2) People here are helping you for free; throw them a bit of courtesy20:31
Cheriank1l: Right, so um.. is there anything I should do? lspci -v | grep -i vga only lists one.20:31
Cherianzykotick9: No worries :) Thanks20:31
gordonjcpjdoles: and what happens when you try that?20:31
jdolesraub: why do you ask a question for more information if you don't know the subject?20:32
k1ljdoles: since its not the first time this is the last warning to stick to the guidelines. you know the rules20:32
jdolesgordonjcp: when I run alsamixer, it says no such file or directory.20:32
gordonjcpjdoles: I'm feeling disinclined to help you, since you can't be civil20:32
ObrienDavejdoles... why are you being a jerk to people who are trying to help you for FREE20:32
gordonjcpjdoles: I'm feeling disinclined to help you, since you can't be civil20:32
jdolesk1l: are you crazy?20:32
jdolesI am just asking.20:33
gordonjcpjdoles: you're being terribly rude20:33
jdolesk1l: you should go outside someday.20:33
k1ljdoles: if you cant stick to the guidelines stay out of the channel. if you want to talk about the kick or the rules do that in #ubuntu-ops. stick to support in here20:33
jdolesgordonjcp: I used to be able to run alsamixer just fine.20:33
jdolesgordonjcp: without being in the audio group.20:33
gordonjcpjdoles: that's nice.  I hope you find a solution to your problem.20:34
OerHeksjdoles your user has to be member of the audio group.20:34
jdolesgordonjcp: you should be happy that I even spend the time to report this issue and not just install Debian.20:34
jdolesOerHeks: and why would that be?20:34
gordonjcpjdoles: makes no difference to me what you run20:34
the_fileare there any sound cards that have drivers provided from the vendor for linux?20:34
gordonjcpjdoles: why would I be happy or sad or otherwise20:35
kristenbbhow can I run a qt5 app on ubuntu 12.04 ?20:35
jdolesgordonjcp: if I don't run it, lots of other people also won't.20:35
=== amin is now known as MO_Handes
jdolesgordonjcp: network effects, etc.20:35
gordonjcpjdoles: <shrug>20:35
ObrienDavejdoles... oooo, a legend in your own mind20:35
jdolesgordonjcp: I represent a group of users with similar decision making processes.20:35
gordonjcpthe_file: not that I know of, although some USB and Firewire devices need firmware uploaded which you generally extract from the Windows drivers20:36
jdolesIf I decide that this kind of brokeness in an LTS is not worth the trouble, others will surely come to the same conclusion.20:36
OerHeksjdoles, show us the wiki that says otherwise.20:36
jdolesNobody likes breakage.20:36
gordonjcpjdoles: take it to ##someonewhogivesatoss20:36
gordonjcpjdoles: oh look, the channel is empty20:36
k1lguys, lets stick to technical support and a warm clima in here. no offences please20:36
ObrienDaveok, ok *ignores the troll*20:37
jdolesOerHeks: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Audio/TheAudioGroup20:37
CherianSo could anyone help me out here? I'm a bit stuck. I've tried reinstalling unity and even installing other environments but the icons never seem to show, and the windows aren't showing very well either.20:37
jdolesI think you are just pathetic if you defend breakage after installing a new kernel (the latest kernel doesn't work _at_ all).20:38
funktHi there my cd is not showing in the mount folder would anyone know why?20:38
ObrienDaveCherian... have you tried re-installing from scratch?20:39
pbxso, i just installed 13.04 on a new dell xps 13 for work.  backlight is off.  ubuntu thinks it's on.  ran apt-get update, upgrade, dist-upgrade successfully. what next?20:39
OerHeksconfusing, my user is member of audio. ( fresh install) so that wiki is outdated.20:39
CherianObrienDave: Well, this is sort of my third install :) Same thing happens every time. The first boot seems to go on forever, I restart, and I'm stuck here.20:39
gordonjcpOerHeks: my user is *not* a member of the audio group, and sound works just fine for me20:40
gordonjcpOerHeks: with both pulse and jack20:40
funktNone of my cds are going into the mount folder20:40
ObrienDaveCherian... sorry, I'm at a loss...20:40
CherianObrienDave: Most people seem to be :( Sigh. Thanks anyway.20:40
thumpbado i need to have extras.ubuntu.com as a source for precise...what am i missing by commenting this out, my server keeps failing on apt-get update20:41
OerHeksfunkt, does it show up in /media/ ?20:42
ObrienDavethumpba... don't see where it would hurt20:42
thumpbaObrienDave: thanks. i keep getting a gpg error nodata1 nodata2 and can't seem to fix it20:43
dpb1Hi -- I upgrdaed raring to saucy, and I have some weird behavior, the theme of the panel is wrong, it looks like QT, the dash is missing all lenses (like application even).  What could be going wrong?20:43
ObrienDavedpb1... saucy support in #ubuntu+120:44
dpb1ObrienDave: thx20:44
funktNo it doesn't I have just found a link it seems that audio cds are different20:44
thumpbawould anyone rec running 13.10 instead of 12.04LTS for production environment20:45
repudiateWhat's good in the hood #Ubuntu?20:46
ObrienDave13.10 not officially released yet20:46
raubthumpba: unless you need the versions of software that are only on 13.X, I would not use it in a server20:46
repudiateHow do I get rid of my unity bar for GNOME?20:46
repudiateDoes anyone know a good and effective way for me to familiarize myself with shell commands?20:46
k1lrepudiate: install gnome-shell or gnome-panel?20:47
repudiatek1l: Do I have to remove the Unity bar first?20:47
bwaynerepudiate: http://mywiki.wooledge.org/BashGuide20:47
repudiatek1l: Do I have to remove it at all?20:47
repudiatebwayne: Thanks.20:47
k1lrepudiate: you should consider installing another desktop that suits you more20:47
k1l!notunity | repudiate20:47
ubotturepudiate: Ubuntu 11.10 and higher use the !Unity desktop environment by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown.20:47
repudiatek1l: What do you mean?20:47
funktIt seems that there isn't a filesystem for audio cds?20:47
repudiatekimphill: Should I opt for KDE instead?20:48
ObrienDavefunkt... audio CDs have their own FS20:48
funktnot according to that link?20:48
funktI dont know20:49
funktdo you know where the FS is?20:49
k1lrepudiate: no. please see the bots message. there are other gnome based desktops included in the repos, that maybe look more the way oyu like from the start20:50
histofunkt: what are you trying to do?20:50
funktI am trying desperate to rip and tag tracks through puddletag if you have heard of the software and in order to do this I need to import a folder but I cannot find the folder for the audio cd20:51
funktdoes this make sense?20:51
histofunkt: /dev/cdrom20:52
funktOr do you know of any other way if you are familiar with this software?20:52
funktthere is no such directory on my install histo20:53
histofunkt: well substitute for whichever dev for your cd20:53
funktin ask ubuntu it seems to state "Audio CDs are a bit different - there's no actual filesystem there and as such they can't be mounted. "20:53
histofunkt: somewhat true20:54
funkthisto what does that mean?20:54
geniifunkt: Do you have a /dev/sr0 ?20:54
histofunkt: let me read up on whatever puddletag is hold up20:54
histofunkt: how are you going to use puddletag to edit tag info on an audio cd?  They aren't mp3s20:55
funktI know.... slightly confused histo should I rip the cd first as unknown tracks?20:56
funktthanks histo20:56
histofunkt: yes20:56
funktonce i have the files you are saying puddletag will then extract the info?20:56
histofunkt: you need to rip the cd to mp3 or ogg. Then you can use puddletag to edit those files tag information if you want. Although I don't see why you wouldn't just rip them properly in the first place20:56
funktthe reason is once ripped muzicbrainz is very limited20:57
funktwhich seems to be the default database for a lot of the software20:57
funktpuddletag seems to have about four diff music databases20:57
raubA port which is blocked (DROP) in iptables should show up as filtered, right?20:58
histofunkt: yeah then rip and fix with puddletag if you want.20:58
histofunkt: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CDRipping20:58
funktill try that histo thank you very much for all your help20:58
funktthank you histo20:58
cpt_peacockwich languace?21:00
cpt_peacocknowbody is speaking why ?21:01
k1l!english | cpt_peacock21:02
ubottucpt_peacock: The #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList21:02
ObrienDavecpt_peacock... you have not asked a question21:02
cpt_peacockok i visit by21:04
eihanderHey all is your Mobo speaking to you? I think mine is hacked...21:04
funkthisto thank you that works thanks for explaining I just need to work out how to get the track names many thanks!!!21:04
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moontoisehi guys21:11
wachpwnskiafter you add a user with useradd21:11
wachpwnskihow do you set them to use bash?21:11
moontoisewhat the best free todo manager for ubuntu, with alarm21:11
wachpwnskiright now I only have $ when I su21:11
eihanderHey everyone can anyone help me out? I have a computer that is talking to me21:11
eihanderIt's saying everything I do... I think the neighbors were hacking my computer.  I'm not sure what I need to do.21:11
wachpwnskieihander: in your terminal?21:12
eihanderI'm not sure if it is voltage control/manipulation or backdoor trojan . reformatted, fresh install encrypted, it's still failing21:12
moontoiseeihander , are you know jin ?!21:12
moontoisethe jin in your computer :D21:13
eihanderIDK how this is happening21:13
eihanderWhat is that?21:13
moontoiseeihander, see here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jinn21:14
moontoiseanybody know the best to-do manager with alarm?!! please help21:15
eihanderidk about jinn but i don't think it has to do with my computer21:16
eihanderi have a router, but it's not really helpful any terminal commands to shut out this problem? even with no internet they can still talk to me21:17
wachpwnskieihander: you are trolling sir...21:17
eihanderI'm sorry I'm really not trolling21:18
wyldeeihander: did you perhaps enable orca unintentionally? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Accessibility21:18
wachpwnskiwylde: he is trolling. "I'm not sure if it is voltage control/manipulation or backdoor trojan . reformatted, fresh install encrypted, it's still failing"21:19
wylde*cough.dontforgetyourmedseither.cough* >.>21:19
raubeihander: don't know how you setup your router but it could be an attack vector. Don't know which services you are running in your ubuntu box so I do not know if that is being attacked either21:19
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raubYou need to get yourself some known quantities21:20
geniiraub: I'm starting to think their assistive technology is turned on and the computer is narrating in case they are blind.21:21
eihanderI haven't enabled Orca, I just installed Debian + Aptitude and a wireless adapter.  It's a fresh install.. I'll check out this "attack vector".  This has been going on for a long time21:21
raubgenii: you are provably right21:21
raubit would be a great party trick tough21:21
LuvLinuxOShi all21:22
auronandaceeihander: this channel deals with ubuntu, not debian21:22
wyldeeihander: If you installed Debian why are you here?21:22
eihanderI am on Ubuntu OS21:22
eihanderhow do I change colors and address?21:23
raubeihander: have someone who knows and you can trust validate your router is not p0wn3d21:24
raubDo the same in your ubuntu box. And run some kind of firewall. And fail2ban while there21:25
raubAll that assumes someone did break int your machine and is not what genii mentioned21:25
eihanderthanks, I'll look into it.  I used to just use the computer to game alot... think some people took it really to heart lol21:25
eihanderI think they did..21:26
mrkentI have this proprietary software that was made for redhat and calls libraries like /lib64/libexpat.so.0. Is it possible to be able to use this software on ubuntu?21:27
raubeihander: if they keep doing it it means they have access to your network21:27
raubmrkent: chanoces are most of the libraries are also in ubuntu; you just need to identify and download the proper packages21:28
mrkentraub, how would I match the RH library to a package on ubuntu?21:29
karen_Hi, my daughter has a site  for audio books that her kids like to listen to, LibreVox.org. They were listening to Jungle Book on two different computers, but when she went to get on her computer with Ubuntu, it sometimes works and sometimes doesn't. I've tried it on my Ubuntu too with the same results. There is usually no sound unless you open the sound with Rythmbox. Being we're both kind of new with ubuntu, we want to know if that is n21:29
karen_ormal or should we download something else? The sound works good with Rythmbox but their pretty colorful screen during the reading sometimes doesn't come up. Are we missing something?21:29
antarHi People :)21:30
raubmrkent: do you know "yum whatprovides" in centos?21:30
veryhappyhi guys, got some questions abuot voip, is here any voip chan?21:30
mrkentraub, no, i haven't used any rpm based distro before21:31
veryhappyantar: ok, this is pretty useless, 1 user in there21:31
raubveryhappy: also asterisk has its own site21:31
veryhappyit's about a softphone21:31
Star-Flowerkaren_, at the moment I can't get the site to load21:31
veryhappyor rather about codecs21:31
antarveryhappy, sorry i have nt the luck actually :(21:32
karen_ya sometimes crazy to even load. Maybe it's just a funny site to deal with being it's free and people donate their time to make it work.21:32
veryhappyantar: it's ok21:32
Star-Flowerprobably because its spelled librivox.org not librevox.org21:33
Star-Flowerkaren_, which version of ubuntu do you have?21:34
antarguys i am looking for a good way to become a ubuntu Certified ?21:34
gregor30051hi, i installed updates and during the updates i had a power failure. now ubuntu can't boot because he didn't find the lvm vg because he didn't opened the encrypted partition. how can i fix it? i went into chroot and finished the updates + updated grub (update-grub) but the problem still persists21:34
raubmrkent: you need to find out which packages you need to install21:34
karen_oWELL, sorry    I have Ubuntu 12.0421:34
veryhappyok, well i've found a very odd thing in my softphone, a speex codec with a sample rate of 32000 and a bitrate of 021:34
cappytHi everyone, i have a problem doing a live/installable iso based on my current system. I run 13.04 and i tried using remastersys, but it seems not working anymore... anyone has suggestions?21:34
raubmrkent: How was that package installed?21:34
Star-Flowerkaren_, seems to work well in 13.04, opens and plays just fine21:34
veryhappycan someone please explain me which is the more important one? sample rate or bitrate? thank you21:34
antargregor30051, maybe you can reinstall the grub21:35
gregor30051antar: ok, i try it21:35
raubcappyt: try to elaborate on the problem21:35
karen_really    O.K. ya it does for me too the first one, but try chapter two. please21:35
Star-FlowerI tried several chapters, had to refresh once but it still seems to work just fine21:36
raubmrkent: ldd might help you identify the libraries you need21:36
mrkentraub, basically just by unpacking21:37
karen_hummm  do you see the pretty colors and hear the sound without having to open Rhythmbox?21:37
cappytraub i'm very new to this type of things and i don't know how to trubleshoot them, cause the log doesn't show errors (in my opinion)21:37
veryhappyantar: do you know which codecs are bette?21:37
mrkentraub, http://dpaste.com/1418122/21:37
wylde!info apt-file | mrkent: perhaps look into apt-file.21:38
ubottumrkent: perhaps look into apt-file.: apt-file (source: apt-file): search for files within Debian packages (command-line interface). In component universe, is optional. Version 2.5.1ubuntu1 (raring), package size 26 kB, installed size 136 kB21:38
antarveryhappy, voice codec21:38
veryhappyantar: yes21:38
sobocanecbenwhat's the best channel to discuss pinguy OS?21:39
antarveryhappy, maybe g 71121:39
Star-Flowerwell for me it just shows an mp3 file, not any colors or video21:39
geniisobocanecben: Probably #pinguyos21:40
karen_I don't understand mp3 file. I thought I checked that box at the beginning when I started my clean install.21:40
karen_just so you know, i'm still trying to learn Linux.21:41
veryhappywell i've got here "g722, speex 32khz, pcma, pcmu, speex 16khz, gsm and speex 8khz21:41
rangergordHi. I don't have Ubuntu yet, but have a question. If I get Ubuntu, is there a way to have icons in the taskbar also show the labels. Eg instead of (or in addition to) a random picture of some app I'm unfamiliar with, show the text "ApplicationX".21:41
veryhappyis the highest in my priority21:41
blarghlHi all. In 13.10, how do I swap the win/cmd and alt keys? Everywhere references a now-nonexistant option in Keyboard Settings...21:41
Star-Flowerkaren_, thats fine I remember being new too21:41
rangergordblarghl: how did you get 13.10? It comes out in 2 days.21:42
veryhappyantar: could you try to sort them for me? if possible?21:42
Star-Flowerkaren_, you can press ctrl+alt+t and then type in sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras and press enter to see if mp3 support has been installed21:42
veryhappyblarghl: should be under keyboard settings?21:42
pupdogdoes anyone play path of exile on ubuntu????21:42
blarghlrangergord: final beta has been around for ages...21:42
antarveryhappy, i am not good of sorting :(21:42
blarghlveryhappy: it's not, that's the issue.21:42
rangergordah, beta21:43
SymeHey all - I've got a problem installing Ubuntu on an Acer Aspire One laptop that seems to be somewhat common - I disabled the Windows function that prevents third-party OSes from being installed(that thing everyone hates), but now it's just showing me the SYSLINUX/Peter Anvin copyright page and won't go past that. The solutions I see online are telling me to change some things in the installation files, but what to change and how seems t21:43
veryhappyantar: what's the thing to give importance on? sample rate or bitrate?21:43
karen_o.k. I'm going to try that right now.21:43
veryhappySyme: what's your actual problem now? you don't get further in an installation?21:44
blarghlveryhappy: looks like they removed that option, no idea why.21:44
metadaveis there a libiconv package for Ubuntu 13.04?21:45
SymeYeah, I tell it to load from the USB stick, it goes to the SYSLINUX / Peter Anvin et al. copyright page, then it just stops.21:45
veryhappyblarghl: the only thing i recall about swapping was in keyboard settings in ubuntu21:45
rangergordI don't think I will mind Unity, but I'm not good with remembering icons, and prefer to rely on text. Will I have that option somehow, without using an alternative Ubuntu distro?21:45
rangergordI don't care if there's icon+text (like in the past), but icons alone are useless to me21:45
SymeAccording to my internet lurking I'm supposed to mess around with installation files in folders like isolinux but it seems to depend on a lot so I'm wondering what I do for a laptop like the one I have21:46
mrkentwylde, ubottu apt-file is similar to apt-cache search?21:46
veryhappySyme: 2 ways to install from usb - usb loadlin or dd if=/path/to/source of=/path/to/destination21:46
karen_o.k. when I put that command in, a bunch of stuff was installed and a few things uninstalled. I didn't see anything about mp3 yet.21:47
wyldemrkent: Yes but it will tell you what packages include specific files. After it's installed you use it like 'sudo apt-file update; apt-file find foo.so.1'21:47
SymeI don't mean to give the impression I'm not an idiot just because I use big fancy words like "isolinux" and "installation files", haha :p - all of this is kind of Greek to me21:48
SymeSo I need to change some text in some file, I assume, to specify a destination or something?21:48
veryhappySyme: i don't suppose you're an ideot. all i need are just further informations.21:48
SymeI'm just kidding, haha - but really, I am pretty lost here, that's all21:48
mrkentwylde, i see, cool thanks21:49
veryhappySyme: what do you want to install for a version?21:49
hewhomustSyme do you want dualboot?21:49
InfandumI am booting into the liveusb and the wifi is not working. I have the error that my hard switch is on so I can't get wifi to work. I tried ubuntu 13.10 and now I'm trying Ubuntu Gnome 13.10 and I have the same problem. There is no hardware switch. I tried turning wifi on and off in the bios but that did not work. I tried the rfkill stuff and that did not work. Any suggestions?21:49
SymeWel I think I have 13.04 Ubuntu on this Kingston DataTraveler USB stick. The laptop I21:49
veryhappySyme: ok21:49
Syme'm trying to install to is totally blank, no OS. I'm typing all this from a different laptop21:49
veryhappyhewhomust: i don't think that's important on this step now.21:49
SymeSo no, not dualboot, just want to put ubuntu right onto the other laptop by itself21:49
veryhappySyme: do you have some kind of linux there?21:50
hewhomustveryhappy,  you can change the partitioning table if its in gpt to mbr much easier21:50
veryhappyhewhomust: didn't know that. thanks for the information.21:50
SymeThe laptop I'm typing on and looking at the files in the USB from is running kubuntu, yeah21:50
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SymeThe one I'm trying to install ubuntu 13 onto is all blank, no OS of any kind21:50
SymeAnd again, the blank laptop is an Acer Aspire One21:51
veryhappySyme: ok, that should be pretty easy if you try dd if of21:51
karen_So, Star-Flower, is there anything more I should do?21:51
SymeTry dd? How do you mean?21:51
veryhappySyme: i'm using an acer aspire 6930g21:51
veryhappydd stands for disk dump21:52
veryhappyit's a terminal program21:52
SymeSo, step by step, what do I do here21:52
mrkentwylde, so I ran apt-file find libexpat.so.0 which returned nothing21:52
veryhappySyme: you can use it like this: dd if=/path/to/image (must be iso afaik) of=/path/to/usb stick (like /dev/sdb or /dev/sdc)21:53
veryhappyand then you press enter21:53
karen_Where do i find mp3    -    in restricted extras? Where's that? or is it in there already?21:53
mrkentand I already have a libexpat as a default package, but it seems that it doesn't provide same files21:53
veryhappykaren_: if you want to install an mp3 codec, better install vlc it comes with most useful codecs.21:53
Warp4karen_, you mean something to play MP3s?21:53
wilee-nileekaren_: to play a mp3?21:54
OerHeks!find libexpat21:54
ubottuFound: libexpat1, libexpat1-dev, libexpat-gst, libexpat-ocaml, libexpat-ocaml-dev21:54
Warp4karakedi, what veryhappy said21:54
mrkentDoes redhat and ubuntu have same file paths for libraries?21:54
YowlI was told dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/<device> for using urandom on a partition, could "<device>" be the label I gave said partition?21:54
SymeI'm confused - do I type that into the terminal here or is that something I do within the Ubuntu installation files?21:54
veryhappySyme: into the terminal, right21:54
mrkentOerHeks, ya I have libexpat121:54
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wyldemrkent: In that case you may have to resort to google, and since you're trying to satisy dependencies from a proprietary program from another distro you may end up having to get the source and compile some of the dependencies.21:55
mustmodifysomething's fuzzy in my head. If you want to split your logs weekly, so that you had some.20130929.log, some.20131006.log, some.20131013.log, etc., is that called truncation or something else?21:55
wylde"dependencies source"21:55
mrkenti see21:56
karen_well, I wanted to successfully listen to audio books on LibriVox.org, but for some of the chapters there was no sound until I opened it with Rhythmbox, so, Star-flower said to go to command line and get restricted extras which I did. it download a bunch of things and uninstalled a few things, but I don't know what to do now.21:56
veryhappySyme: if you want to be done faster do better "nice -n -20 dd if=/path/to/image of=/path/to/stick obs=1G bs=1G21:56
veryhappySyme: that should do faster21:56
SymeSo I just copy paste what you just put there into the terminal?21:56
veryhappySyme: you'll have to modify if= and of= options anyway21:57
SymeI'm not sure what to modify them to21:57
veryhappySyme: the path to your image after if= and the path to your stick after of=21:57
Crazyzurfermy ubuntu is asking to update, I tell it to do it... after asking my password it says that installation of untrusted packages must be installed, I tell it "accept" but it seems to not work, because some time later it asks to update the same packages21:58
SymeAh I see21:58
veryhappybrb guys please support Syme if he still has some questions thanks21:58
SymeThank you, I'll work on it now21:58
karen_So, I need vlc?  is that in software?21:58
rangergordkaren_: it was the last time I used Ubuntu (2008)21:59
rangergordshould still be there21:59
mustmodifysomething's fuzzy in my head. If you want to split your logs weekly, so that you had some.20130929.log, some.20131006.log, some.20131013.log, etc., is that called truncation or something else?22:00
karen_O.K. I'll try that. Do you think that will help on that audio book site for the sound and video?22:00
SymeAlright, separate problem, my terminal doesn't seem to be working. I type, and no words appear - this is in Xfce. It's my friend's laptop, I'm not sure how things work here.22:01
cappytIf someone can help me, i have a problem using remastersys to get a installable ISO/live CD based on my current install. Here is my log: http://goo.gl/wJy9bA22:01
karen_So, what about this restricted extras? I don't understand that either, sorry, new here.22:01
rangergordkaren_: I don't know how to fix your problem but look in the Ubuntu Software Center for VLC, it'll let you listen/watch anything until you can fix the system codecs or whatever22:03
karen_o.k. rangergord    thanks!22:03
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fahadashDoes ubuntu installer when installing , specifically at the formatting drive phase allow user to say "fix" or "mark" bad sectors ?22:04
compdocfahadash, no22:04
wilee-nileekaren_: codecs are what let these media types play the restricted extras and the vlc player have additional ones to have this work, install them amd enjoy.22:05
fahadashcompdoc: I currently have a windows computer with hdd having two partitions one with bad-sectors; I have to wipe out the hard drive and put a clean ubuntu install in it.. What would be the best way to do it?22:05
paul_wo finde ich einen deutschen kanal?22:05
wilee-nileepaul_: english?22:06
paul_deutsch?? :)22:06
wilee-nileepaul_: not here22:06
paul_ok ..22:07
ubottuIn den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!22:07
paul_i see it22:07
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fahadashno suggestions for me ?22:08
SymeHey all - I've got a problem installing Ubuntu on an Acer Aspire One laptop that seems to be somewhat common - I disabled the Windows function that prevents third-party OSes from being installed(that thing everyone hates), but now it's just showing me the SYSLINUX/Peter Anvin copyright page and won't go past that. The solutions I see online are telling me to change some things in the installation files, but what to change and how seems t22:08
wilee-nileefahadash: if you have bad sectors get a  new hd22:09
jubaleHow can I get binary apps to show up in Unity's search panel?22:12
theradmanHi all, I have a quick question, I just installed ubuntu-raring-13.04 which is command line based.  If I wanted to add a gui interface, e.g. gnome 13.04 (raring ringtail), is this possible to do on top of my os?  Would a reinstallation be necessary?  I dont want to change anything and risk having to reinstall everything22:13
jubaleFoxIt Reader specifically.22:13
veryhappySyme: i'm back, still any problems?22:13
Ben64theradman: not sure what you mean, 13.04 is not command line by default. if it really is ubuntu, you can add any desktop you want22:14
karen_O.K. I don't know how to use the vlc media player with LibriVox.org audio book site.   How do you use it?22:14
theradmanhmmm thanks Ben64, when I log into my beagle bone with a microhdmi cable to an external display, it only comes up as a command line interface22:15
veryhappykaren_: vlc is a player for media files, streams and dvds/vcds etc. it automatically brings its own codecs while installation. that's why the codecs should be installed while installation of vlc.22:15
Rorykaren_: Does librivox.org give you a downloaded file? what happens when you open it in VLC?22:15
theradmanam I not enabline something that I should be?22:15
Ben64theradman: well thats a horse of a different color22:16
Ben64!arm | theradman22:16
ubottutheradman: ARM is a specific (RISC) processor architecture used in a variety of applications such as handhelds and networkdevices. For more information see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARM . For ARM specific support, stop by the #ubuntu-arm channel.22:16
theradmanBen64: ah thanks Ben64 I'll give this a read right now22:16
karen_When I open VLC, it just give the regular video box with choices on the top for what to play. They have an internet button on top to choose where they say to type in the URL, but that doesn't work for some reason with even copying and pasting.22:17
Rorykaren_: Can you give an example URL?22:17
veryhappykaren_: what Rory said22:17
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karen_well, it's a longggggg url    I can copy paste it for you, hang on.22:18
veryhappykaren_: bit.ly22:18
Rorykaren_: If it's very long use http://paste.ubuntu.com22:18
veryhappykaren_: you can also shorten the url with http://bit.ly22:19
karen_maybe it didn't get all of it.22:19
veryhappykaren_: corrected it for you22:20
YowlAnyone on who can help me with  /dev/urandom or a alternative to it for randomizing HDD space?22:20
karen_what did you correct?22:20
veryhappykaren_: your url22:20
karen_so what was wrong/22:20
Rorykaren_: That is a google search result22:20
veryhappythe first part was missing22:20
Rorykaren_: VLC isn't magic enough to go through a web page and work out which part is a link to an actual media file22:21
karen_ohhh   o.k. so how do I find the correct one?  sorry so dumb here.22:21
Rorykaren_: You need to find a URL which, if you were to click in in a browser, a file would download22:21
Rorykaren_: Forget the "open by URL" thing in VLC for now. Just try to find a file you can download from LibreVox and open it in VLC22:21
veryhappykaren_: this might be an .mp3 file or .wma22:21
Rorykaren_: It'll probably be .mp3 or .ogg22:21
veryhappyRory: :D if you confuse him much more he'll not find it at the end :D22:22
RoryI imagine "karen" is not a he22:22
karen_o.k. aaaaa    I think I can figure that out.22:22
veryhappyRory: oops, sorry :D22:22
evilytwistedHi, Is there a "gamepad to keyboard" gui for linux?22:22
veryhappyevilytwisted: you could as well try to find a program for joystick to mouse and then use an on screen keyboard for that purpose.22:23
wilee-nileeevilytwisted: not really.22:23
evilytwistedveryhappy:  im trying to play WoW with my gamepad :P22:23
veryhappyevilytwisted: nerd, right?22:23
karen_So, it's o.k. to find a file I can download on an online site? I don't know what you can download on ubuntu Linux22:23
evilytwistedveryhappy:  No.. i just would like to try it22:24
veryhappykaren_: whatever you can download on windows as well.22:24
evilytwistedi found joy2key, But its not gui and highly confusing22:24
Rorykaren_: Your issue here is with librevox it's not Ubuntu-specific. You're just trying to find an mp3 or something to download22:24
mrkentwhat is the redhat open source analogue?22:24
evilytwistedill go bug debian..22:25
karen_I really don't understan mp3, because I am dumb here, but they have a download you can download. hhahaha so dumb. Is that what I should do and then open it in vlc?22:25
OerHeksmrkent, fedora22:25
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veryhappyevilytwisted: http://lmgtfy.com/?q=joy2key+manual22:25
mrkentOerHeks, okay thanks22:25
evilytwistedveryhappy:  Ha..ha..22:25
veryhappykaren_: mp3 is an audio file22:25
wilee-nileekaren_: right click the media-properties-play with and choose22:26
karen_o.k then      is that the download button i can push on their site?22:26
Rory!google | veryhappy22:27
ubottuveryhappy: While Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.22:27
YowlAnyone on who can help me with /dev/urandom or a alternative to it for randomizing HDD space?22:27
veryhappyRory: sorry. got it22:27
wilee-nilee!details | Yowl22:27
evilytwistedRory:  I have googled my question, and ive checked joy 2 key manual..22:27
ubottuYowl: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."22:27
veryhappyRory: some people even do to me22:27
evilytwistedits confusing..22:28
evilytwistedveryhappy:  just cause someone does it to you.. doesnt mean you do it to others...22:28
veryhappyevilytwisted: you should actually find some config files perhaps22:28
wilee-nileeYowl: just state the iisues to ths channel for help.22:28
veryhappyevilytwisted: i got it i said22:28
Yowlwilee-nilee: Too many details to briefly explain, so waiting for someone who knows before going into it. Do you?22:28
RoryYowl: What are you trying to do?22:28
evilytwisted-_- yeah ill go back to linuxmint... seems a lot nicer.. and its my distro22:28
YowlRory: Trying to randomize the contents of a blank partition for encrypting22:29
YowlWell nicer or not, less people22:29
wilee-nileeYowl: good luck that is not now it works here and weask you state and  of just ask for hel;22:29
dr_willisdd from /dev/random  perhaps   but it seems weird Yowl22:29
RoryYowl: simply "dd if=/dev/urandom of=/dev/sdXN" replacing XN with your actual partition name22:30
widad_can i ask in here about connecting a nokia to ubuntu please?22:30
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience22:30
Yowlwilee-nilee: What did you say?22:30
dr_willisseems a waste of time to me.22:30
karen_So, another question, guys... My grandkids like to download games on their windows computer. Can they do that on Ubuntu, or should they stick with the Software games?22:31
YowlRory: Will that command randomize only that partition, and nowhere else? Someone else mentioned the possibility of overrun if I don't specify like the exact size of the partitions and it's location on the HDD or something, not a risk?22:31
jubaleShould there be a partition containing only 'lost+found'?22:31
Roryjubale: Yes22:31
jubaleWhy? It's not even mounted.22:31
jubaleIt's 5GB ext3, Ubuntu is installed on ext422:32
veryhappykaren_: it's more difficult to find such games on ubuntu though many games can be found there as well, but in order to get windows games started on ubuntu it's a little bit harder.22:32
dr_williskaren_: theres games in software center. theres steam for ubuntu. some windows games work with wine or  'play on linux'22:32
RoryYowl: No, if you specify the partition in the format /dev/sda2 (for example) only that partition will be touched22:32
veryhappyjubale: lost+found is always created.22:32
widad_HELPPPP  can i ask in here about connecting a nokia to ubuntu please?22:32
OerHeksYowl, it makes no sence, filling an empty partition with random numbers, to use with encryption22:32
veryhappywidad_: !ask22:33
karen_o.k., so mostly, stick with the Ubuntu Software games.22:33
illusionhello, can any one here help me with openvpn on ubuntu ? i wahnt to connect to my openvpn server trouth icmp22:33
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience22:33
widad_veryhappy, please i need help about connecting my nokia to my computer. i run under ubuntu-studio and don't know how to connect my phone to it22:33
YowlOerHeks: It is on advice, the principle being that it's more difficult to determine what is encrypted data, if surrounded by random. Like hiding a tree in a forest. You don't agree with this principle?22:34
veryhappywidad_: ok, first i need to know do you want to copy files from and to your computer with your nokia or do you want to use it as a modem in order to get into the internet?22:34
YowlRory: Will it give me a time frame for completion? Or is there a way to check? Can I use the label I gave the partition?22:35
wilee-nileewidad_: you would want to state the exact model and have you checked nokia's web pages or the net.22:35
widad_veryhappy, i want just to read my text message. my phone doesn't read some languages and i'm trying to read them22:35
OerHeksYowl, i disagree, because when you set that partition in use, encryption software formats it and there is nothing to see about where is and where is not written data,22:36
veryhappywidad do you know which language it is?22:36
karen_Another question here:     Sooooo, I'm really having trouble putting any Linux distro with live cd or on a usb flash drive onto my windows 7 desktop that connects to the internet with belkin N600 DB v.2 wireless adapter. Just impossible - tried everything, except the windows wrap thing, which I don't know how to do and some people online say that doesn't even work.22:36
widad_veryhappy, yes arabic22:36
YowlOerHeks: But Luks doesn't encrypt empty space, right?22:36
veryhappywidad_: does the phone have Android installed?22:37
RoryYowl: dd has no progress indicator, I've always let it run overnight so I have no idea if it takes 5 minutes or 5 hours.22:37
widad_wilee-nilee, i searched but found nothing hope to find an answer here22:37
karen_Is that an absolute no, that kind of adapter?22:37
widad_veryhappy, no it's old it's a 523522:37
wilee-nileewidad_: what ubuntu release 12,04 needs some  additional software for mtp22:38
RoryYowl: That won't increase your security one bit, if you just encrypt a random other partition on the drive. The partition table shows which partition is which22:38
widad_wilee-nilee, mtp?22:38
wilee-nileewidad_: this an adroid?22:38
YowlRory: You seem to misunderstand, I would be encrypting one partition, I would randomize that specific partition before encrypting it. Not another unrelated partition22:39
RoryYowl: Oh I see what you mean. Yes, by all means, that's good practice22:39
widad_wilee-nilee, i don't have an android22:39
veryhappywidad_: i don't think so.22:39
widad_veryhappy, it's not possible?22:39
RoryYowl: Although any encryption tool worth its salt (heh) would randomise the free space anyway22:40
OerHeksYowl even if it does not, you are not going to change that free space in random characters, luks will format your random filling22:40
wilee-nileewidad_:  nokia is  ot running a android platform?22:40
veryhappywidad_: you should try to use the Nokia PC Suite in order to synchronize the text messages to your computer.22:40
sienezwhen I run a .sh script I get the following error messages ./data/myrmy: ./data/libc.so.6: version `GLIBC_2.15' not found (required by /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/libX11.so.6) AND ./data/myrmy: ./data/libc.so.6: version `GLIBC_2.17' not found (required by /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/libdrm.so.2). do I need to install dev files for that?22:40
YowlRory: Well I am told LUKS and TrueCrypt are the best options, and that neither encrypt free space22:40
widad_veryhappy, does it run under ubuntu?22:40
veryhappywidad_: then you should be able to copy and paste the text into a translator in your computer.22:40
RoryYowl: Tryecrypt does, it has an option to during the wizard22:41
vimpulsesienez:  hi :)  what script, and why run it?22:41
YowlRory: What would it encrypt anyway :p22:41
jribsienez: say what you actually want to accomplish22:41
widad_veryhappy, does it run under ubuntu?22:41
fahadashwilee-nilee: There is a way to fill bad sectors with  fake data so system doesn't use that area right ?22:41
RoryYowl: It is more to do with not being able to recover files that were on the partition before22:41
RoryYowl: If there has never been sensitive data on the partition, it doesn't matter at all. You should use a Truecrypt hidden container if you need plausible deniability22:42
veryhappywidad_: perhaps you can try the program "blueman" in ubuntu22:42
sienezi want to run a script I downloaded from here: http://www.not-equal.eu/myrmedrome/main_en.html#Download. but when I run it I get the above error. so I checked synaptic for lib6 and so I was asking22:42
sienezthe script is supposed to run an ant simulator22:42
compdocfahadash, the problem with bad sectors is they dont stop growing. your data is at risk22:43
widad_veryhappy, blueman? i'll try it22:43
wilee-nileefahadash: I don't know why even would you?22:43
widad_veryhappy, thanks a lot22:43
widad_wilee-nilee, thanks anyway22:43
veryhappysienez: ant like in the animal or a program for programming?22:43
sienezant like the animal22:43
SecretFirehey how can I blacklist ipv6 in /etc/modprobe.d?22:44
karen_does anyone know how to use the ndiswrapper? I don't know how to find the .inf file for my driver. I can find the info when I go into Windows without Linux.22:44
YowlRory: Well I was thinking of encrypting a partition, rather then a container. Isn't that better? And the crypto people I get this randomizing advice from do not advice it to prevent recovery of files that were on the partition before22:44
sienezi'm on ubuntu 13.04 on x86_6422:44
veryhappykaren_: what model do you have there? it's generally always a good idea first to try if there is a native driver for this purpose.22:45
RoryYowl: Id recommend reading through all the truecrypt documentation (background info, not software manuals) because you need to understand encryption to get the most out of it, and I don't think I can explain well enough22:45
karen_I have a belkin N600 DB v.2001 wireless adapter.22:46
wilee-nileeSecretFire: you can block it with grub at boot22:46
RoryYowl: particularly the sections on plausible deniability - it seems you have a need to hide the existance of encryption from an adversary, and it's very important you do it right in that case22:46
veryhappysienez: do you need to compile it?22:46
YowlRory: Well preventing access by noisy individuals borrowing my PC would suffice mostly.  You don't think LUKS is more secure then TrueCrypt? Or no idea/opinion?22:47
RoryYowl: Truecrypt has Windows and Mac clients so it's good for cross-platform22:48
YowlRory: Yeah, but if I spend most of my time in linux..22:48
RoryYowl: Then either is fine22:49
sienezveryhappy, no. it's a simple 2-liner with "export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=./data/:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH; ./data/myrmy" where data contains several .so.0 files, the binary 'myrmy' and some png files22:49
veryhappykaren_: probably there is really no driver for Linux for that.22:49
vimpulsesienez:  Did you try "sudo /usr/bin/aptitude install wine" then "wget http://www.not-equal.eu/myrmedrome/ myrmedrome-v2.1-win.exe" then "wine ./myrmedrome-v2.1-win.exe &"?  Hacky but maybe it will work.22:49
karen_ya... so no luck?22:49
YowlRory So no idea if one is more secure then the other? I was told since LUKS is open source and TrueCrpyt isn't, that it is probably better to use TrueCrypt22:49
vimpulsesienez:  oops that middle command should be "wget http://www.not-equal.eu/myrmedrome/myrmedrome-v2.1-win.exe" without any space inside it.22:50
thenetbookWhat should I do if an Error pops up when I am trying to play a Steam game saying: "Could not find required OpenGL entry point 'glGetError'! Either your video card is unsupported, or your OpenGL driver needs to be updated.22:50
veryhappykaren_: in this case we can only try to get it running with ndiswrapper i guess.22:50
veryhappykaren_: let me check something out22:50
Richhhi broke my bash emulation by writing export PATH=$HOME/dir22:50
Richhhcommands dont work now22:50
Richhha quick way to reset it?22:50
RoryRichhh: "reset"22:51
sienezvimpulse, as a very last resort I might do that but before that i will try on ubuntu 12. but first i want to troubleshoot this. there has to be a way22:51
RichhhRory command not found22:51
vimpulseveryhappy:  is running the Windows version a bad troubleshooting step?22:51
vimpulseveryhappy:  on Wine22:51
ADP4UI hate wine in linux22:51
ADP4ULove drinking it22:51
RichhhRory im using cygwin22:51
RoryRichhh: /usr/bin/reset22:51
RoryRichhh: What22:52
vimpulseADP4U:  I used it today to run an obscure tool.  It worked flawlessly and perfectly.22:52
Rory!ot | Richhh22:52
ubottuRichhh: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!22:52
wyldeRichhh: log out and back in..... cygwin != ubuntu22:52
veryhappyvimpulse: for which program?22:52
vimpulseveryhappy:  this "Myrmedome" ant-colony simulator22:52
Richhhoh yep22:52
Richhhno problem22:52
RoryYowl: It's more to do with the actual encryption technoloy, like AES or whatever, that the program that implements it22:52
ADP4UOk cool.22:52
veryhappyvimpulse: at least you can try it, if it doesn't run, then we know it doesn't run.22:52
Richhhthanks wydle22:52
thenetbookhmkfdry kjgdxcyh22:53
OddityWhere do I find this ant colony simulator?22:53
vimpulsesienez:  very_happy thinks it's a reasonable thing to try.22:53
veryhappykaren_: ok, let's try to install ndiswrapper and get this thing to run. which version of ubuntu do you use?22:53
thenetbookdidnt mean to press enter22:53
vimpulseOddity:  http://www.not-equal.eu/myrmedrome/main_en.html22:53
YowlRory: Have you ever used Truecrypt or LUKS before?22:53
vimpulsesienez:  why don't you want to try it?22:54
sienezis it possible that version 'GLIBC_2.17' is found in libc6-dev-amd64:i386 in the repositories?22:55
karen_veryhappy, I am very happy with my Ubuntu on my laptop right now which I am typing off of, BUT, if I stick my Slacko Puppy usb flash drive or even any linux live cd in my desktop with the belkin adapter, it won't work, sooooo, if you can just tell me how to do it, I can right it down and try it later. o.k.?22:55
RoryYowl: Yes I use Truecrypt on my desktop machine which dual-boots Arch and Windows, and I use LUKS (I think) on my Ubuntu work laptop (or whatever technology is used by the LVM encryption provided by the installer)22:55
YowlRory: Does Truecrypt have a special boot screen one has to go through, even if only encrypting a nonboot partition?22:56
sienezvimpulse, i would prefer the native program.22:56
karen_"write" it down, sorry22:56
RoryYowl: I don't know, and this is starting to get well outside the realm of Ubuntu support22:56
karen_I do have the cd that the belkin wireless adapter came with. Will that help?22:57
veryhappykaren_: you will have to find the latest windows driver of this belkin adapter and try to load the driver in ndiswrapper in order to get it working.22:58
karen_I'm saying, "I'll try it later," because I don't have another monitor for the desktop to try it.22:58
veryhappykaren_: if you have the driver it might be useful to22:58
veryhappykaren_: i mean if you have the driver on a cd it's useful.22:58
=== CyberJacob is now known as CyberJacob|Away
vimpulsesienez:  we know that you would prefer the native program.  So would I, and so would anyone.  But my question was a little different.  My question was *why* you would prefer the native program.  :)22:59
veryhappyYowl: what do you want to encrypt?22:59
karen_Ummm I have the cd that came with the adapter that i had to put in when I got my windows desktop going, if that's what you mean?22:59
veryhappykaren_: yes. this driver will help you later.22:59
yarudlanyone care to help me with my computer not seeing the boot partition?23:00
veryhappyyarudl: what's the problem of this computer not seeing the boot partition?23:00
Yowlveryhappy: A partition with nonsystem files23:00
karen_o.k. veryhappy, tell me what to do step by step if you are so patient. ummm I wouldn't know how to download the new driver from online site to ndiswrapper.23:01
veryhappyYowl: afaik there should be encryption brought with ubuntu already23:01
yarudlI installed Ubuntu with the 'wipe the drive' option, and when I boot the computer it says no bootable partition found.23:01
Dr_Willisyarudl:  id try out the boot-repair tool from a live cd. its mentioned on the following urls23:01
karen_can't do that if I'm not online. I probably can do that on windows.23:01
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub223:01
yarudlubottu: I'll give that a go. I've spent quite a while arguing with this thing... it's an old cr48 so it's a bit cranky.23:02
ubottuyarudl: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)23:02
Tigz4godAnyone here familiar with using playonlinux and league of legends23:02
veryhappykaren_: first you have to download the driver from the internet or copy it from a cd. because this is much easier now, i'm going to try this way. you need to find the driver setup and there should be a driver that you can use for ndiswrapper. then you need to copy the driver to your linux system and move it into any directory that you specify with ndiswrapper -i /path/to/driver then you should just press enter and it should be loading23:03
veryhappyneeds to be loaded should be possible with modprobe -i ndiswrapper.23:03
plut0how do you change mirrors for apt-get using cli?23:03
thumpbawhat is the best ssh for 12.0423:03
veryhappyTigz4god: League of Legends is usable with wine. Install wine for your system and it should already work.23:04
veryhappythumpba: what do you mean with best ssh for 12.04?23:04
veryhappythumpba: do you want to use it for a server?23:05
Tigz4godveryhappy: i have it installed using wine. I was just curious if the extreme length of load screen is normal23:05
=== jalcine_ is now known as jalcine
veryhappyTigz4god: because wine needs a little more time to load it's normal i guess.23:05
Tigz4godveryhappy: thats what I thoguht, I just wnated to knwo if someone could confirm that they have same issue23:06
vimpulseI thought that Wine normally should be just as fast as Windows is.  Except if a game falls back to software rendering.23:06
veryhappyTigz4god: you can change that with a registry that i've made for the windows registry. probably that could work.23:07
karen_o.k.   If there is already a driver for it, because it works for windows, I should download it anyway so I can copy it to Linux? You mean, I'll be able to find the download through ndiswrapper, press where ever I downloaded it and it should enter Linux?23:07
Tigz4godveryhappy: could you elobrate a little for me? What changed should I make?23:08
Dr_Willisvimpulse:  ive seen some games run faster in wine, than in windows. :)23:08
karen_When you open ndiswrapper, it goes straight to your windows files. I don't quite get what your saying there.23:09
veryhappykaren_:  you just copy the windows driver for this adapter into any directory and install it in ndiswrapper23:09
veryhappyTigz4god: write me your email address /msg veryhappy type your email address.23:09
karen_o.k.    into any directory in windows, and then I can find it with the ndiswrapper?23:10
karen_that sounds easy enough23:10
karen_Does it matter, VeryHappy, if the downloaded driver is in any file on windows, because they said to find it in the .inf file, but maybe that doesn't matter just so long it see it and can "wrap" it.23:14
veryhappykicked myself out.23:15
veryhappyi'm back23:15
ObrienDavehate when that happens ;)23:15
veryhappywho had this League of Legends problem now?23:16
karen_me     but I think I pretty much got it, right?23:16
veryhappyi was talking about wine now.23:16
karen_oh ya that guy23:16
veryhappyis that guy still here?23:17
karen_Am I right, veryhappy?23:17
suyaseHey, when I type xinput list it doesn't show my touchpad, but my touchpad works - the problem is that the mouse jumps left and double clicks every ~3 seconds23:17
ObrienDaveoh oh, you're going to anger the OT gods LOL23:17
reisiosuyase: clean it off23:17
veryhappykaren_: i just asked because i kicked myself out.23:18
suyaseI can't get this behavior to stop, and none of the threads discussing Elantech touchpads have answers23:18
Crazyzurfermy ubuntu is asking to update, I tell it to do it... after asking my password it says that installation of untrusted packages must be installed, I tell it "accept" but it seems to not work, because some time later it asks to update the same packages23:18
suyasereisio: During boot it displays a message stating that query 0x02 failed to the touchpad23:18
suyasereisio: Also, it isn't dirty23:18
wilee-nileeCrazyzurfer, you are missing keys of added repos.23:18
ubottuKeyboard shortcuts can be set in System -> Preferences -> Keyboard Shortcuts. If your multimedia keys don't work with that, try the 'keytouch' package, explained at http://keytouch.sourceforge.net/ - See !Keyboard for changing layouts. A list of keyboard shortcuts for Unity is available at http://ubottu.com/y/shortcuts23:19
Dr_WillisHmm.i never can rember that repo key factoid23:19
reisiosuyase: only way you could know that is if you cleaned it off23:19
karen_So, let me get this straight... I'm so sorry... Soooo, I go download an upgraded driver for my belkin wireless adapter, put it like in downloads or something in my windows desktop. Then I get on my linux and go into ndiswrapper, find it, and hopefully it will load. Right?23:19
reisiokaren_: which adapter?23:20
suyasereisio: That's correct. I have cleaned it several times.23:20
veryhappykaren_: pretty much23:20
veryhappyreisio: belkin n60023:20
suyasereisio: Also, there is a specific error message at boot that indicates the problem probably isn't dirt.23:20
wilee-nileeCrazyEddy, run tghe update and upgrade in the terminal what ever key you are missing use this to insert it  sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys "put key here"23:20
karen_k, veryhappy,     reisio, it is a belkin n600 db v2 wireless adapter for my desktop that for some reason, no linux distro I try will recognize its driver.23:21
Crazyzurferwilee-nilee: are you telling me that? or you are telling that to crazyeddy, lol23:21
guyguyyo yo23:21
wilee-nileeCrazyzurfer, you sorry23:21
wilee-nileeCrazyzurfer, having a common nick is the problem with trying to use the tab complete, lol on you.23:22
Crazyzurferwilee-nilee: and how do I know which one has the missing key23:22
karen_thanks, veryhappy, for you time and info   !!!23:22
reisioyeah looks like ndiswrapper is the way https://www.google.com/search?q=%22belkin%22%20%22n600%22%20%22linux%2223:22
wilee-nileeCrazyzurfer, read the instuctions.23:22
markovhi've noticed randomly when i try to paste, it doesn't work in a terminal (ctrl shift v). when i click on edit and then click back into the console (other menus don't work like file,view), it starts working again23:23
veryhappyreisio: we already figured that out. thanks23:23
Crazyzurferwilee-nilee: now i understand23:23
markovhstrange right?23:23
reisioveryhappy: hence yeah23:23
wilee-nileeCrazyzurfer, cool they will show in the terminal with a update upgrade.23:23
suyaseSo, I updated to raring and my external USB atheros(wifi) adapter no longer works - Ubuntu recognizes it, it appears in the list of adapters, then it promptly vanishes - this happens over and over again23:24
wilee-nileesuyase, You install any drivers to get it going originally23:25
suyasewilee-nilee: linux-image-generic includes ath9k for atheros chipset cards I believe23:25
karen_One more question guys, than I'm scadaddling along.   If I download a audio mp3 thing from that LibriVox thing, can I somehow get rid of that download later? Where is it? This isn't windows.23:25
suyasewilee-nilee: also, it recognizes the card - it just immediately drops it and re-recognizes it repeatedly23:26
suyasewilee-nilee: I don't believe I ever installed any special drivers for that card23:26
Anom01yhey everyone23:26
wilee-nileesuyase, Hmm, that does not answer the question, am I to assume that is a no?23:26
Anom01yI have this strange problem with my graphics, everything works, for a while,23:26
Anom01ythen about 1 or 2 days, maybe a few more even, the graphics get very choppy23:27
wilee-nileesuyase, generally the exact model help, run lsusb and identify it23:27
ccowan_I'm having issues with an Nvidia GTX 660 graphics card and the Proprietary drivers.23:27
Anom01ythe problem is noticeable in the screensaver, and in clementine visualizations (music playing program)23:27
Anom01yit seems all graphics get choppy23:27
ccowan_when I boot into the login screen instead it just flashes between colors23:27
Anom01yso my only solution is to reset the computer,23:27
suyasewilee-nilee: it only appears on lsusb very briefly23:27
suyasewilee-nilee: then it vanishes23:28
ccowan_rainbow bars... black... gray scales... etc23:28
suyasewilee-nilee: this repeats indefinitely23:28
Anom01yI was wondering if there is another way to fix this issue without resetting the computer23:28
ccowan_any suggestions?23:28
moppyccowan_: I had that, do you have nomodeset set?23:28
wilee-nileesuyase, Can you test it on another computer to make sure it works or another OS?23:28
wilee-nileestill works that is23:28
ccowan_I tried that.. same results23:28
suyasewilee-nilee: It works on my other machines just fine23:28
ccowan_moppy ^^^23:28
moppyccowan_: works with nouveau?23:28
suyasewilee-nilee: When I installed raring, I started having many problems23:28
ccowan_yup... works fine with nouveau23:29
suyasewilee-nilee: The problem with the network adapter, and the problem with the mouse (it jumps left and clicks twice every ~2-3 seconds)23:29
Guest95165hey, what should I use to burn my ISO file to a disk for installation23:29
wilee-nileesuyase, To really get any help the exact model is quite helpful to you and us, if it works on other setuos get that info.23:29
wilee-nileeGuest95165, a burner, what OS?23:30
ObrienDaveGuest95165... I use K3B23:30
suyaseit's an AWUS03623:30
reisioGuest95165: don't have a usb stick?23:30
ccowan_moppy... did you just add that to grub?23:30
moppyGuest95165: ubuntu has brasero as standard: what OS are you on?23:30
Guest95165@reisio I'm on windows 7 right now23:30
reisioGuest95165: ...but do you have a usb stick23:30
moppyGuest95165: win7 doesnt need a burner program, it is built into windows explorer23:31
suyasewilee-nilee: Also, the reason I'm telling you this is it's not a problem with the device or the driver - I've checked those several times - it appears to be a problem with ubuntu, not my devices23:31
moppyGuest95165: I assume you mean a DVD-R not a USB, right?23:32
Guest95165yes, but I intended to just use an unused DVD-R that I had lying around23:32
suyasewilee-nilee: As in, ubuntu seems to recognize the devices just fine, then immediately forgets them, then immediately recognizes them again23:32
reisioGuest95165: k, it doesn't really matter as long as you burn the image as an image and not a file, and I'd recommend a slower speed, such as 4x23:33
moppyGuest95165: Well you don't need to download anyhting . Win7 can do it23:33
wilee-nileesuyase, Problem here is almost all wifi and many drivers are reversed engineered to work the problem is with the manufacturers not giving support, using that identification and 13.04 on google I find this, look for yourself. https://www.google.com/search?q=AWUS036+13.04&btnG=Search&client=ubuntu&channel=fs&oe=utf-823:33
suyasewilee-nilee: It's not _just_ the wifi card that is experiencing a problem, and the problems are the same23:34
Guest95165okay, moppy, then how do I do that? (sorry I'm such a N00B)23:34
moppyGuest95165: But when i used windows, i sometimes used Nero. However win7 explorer as a microsoft one built in somewhere, i think you right click the ISO file or someting23:34
ObrienDaveGuest95165... right click ISO, send to "burn disc"23:35
moppyGuest95165: if you're stuck just download any of the numerous windows dvd burnign programs. your pc probably came with one anyway? (becuase apparenty ppl dont know windows does it)23:35
wilee-nileesuyase, Myself, the minute it did not work I would get one that plugged and worked always, they are cheap, it's not worth the hassle in my opinion.23:35
moppyGuest95165: you need to burn the ISO, not the files in the ISO, that's the only tricky thing to remember23:35
suyasewilee-nilee: It has always worked.23:35
suyasewilee-nilee: Always.23:35
suyasewilee-nilee: I upgraded to 13.04 and it stopped working23:36
suyasewilee-nilee: It is not the _only_ problem that 13.04 has caused - I see two of the problems as related23:36
OerHekssuyase, see this answer, disable wireless N and see if the problem keeps comming up >> https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1170463/comments/3323:36
ubottuUbuntu bug 1170463 in linux (Ubuntu) "0bda:817f AWUS036NHR / RTL8188RU doesn't connect" [Medium,Expired]23:36
yellowfish2hey guys. So I just installed ubuntu on my new chromebook23:37
yellowfish2I'm usign the laptop mainly for web dev23:37
yellowfish2any suggestions on things I should download?23:37
yellowfish2I'm used to Sublime text23:37
suyaseOerHeks: I'm not sure how to explain this precisely.23:37
yellowfish2for text editing23:37
suyaseOerHeks: The wireless card doesn't malnfunction23:37
reisioyellowfish2: you could download that if you wanted23:37
suyaseOerHeks: As in, it actually works fine with Ubuntu23:37
yellowfish2oh nice23:37
yellowfish2any other good web dev IDEs for ubuntu?23:37
suyaseOerHeks: but some of my devices (touchpad, USB wifi card, other stuff) Ubuntu identifies them correctly, and then drops them ~2 seconds later23:38
veryhappyyellowfish2: web dev you say? eclipse or intellij23:38
suyaseOerHeks: So in the case of my touch pad, it's causing my mouse to jump 2 inches to the left every 2-3 seconds when it reinitializes23:38
reisioyellowfish2: yeah, but if you learned Vim you'd be so much happier :p23:38
suyaseOerHeks: The wifi card cannot be used because it reinitializes every 2-3 seconds23:38
suyaseOerHeks: So it's not an issue of using the wifi card23:38
suyaseOerHeks: It's just an issue of getting ubuntu to stop dropping the initialized devices constantly23:39
yellowfish2why do I see a picture of a poor african child when I google search for Vim?23:39
jakempbecause you have a weird google search history?23:39
reisioyellowfish2: you don't23:39
veryhappyyellowfish2: because google is based on filters and such23:39
moppyyellowfish2: first thing i would do on an ubuntu chromebook is download something to fix the function keys and delete key ...23:39
Guest95165if I mount the ISO from the website then copy those files do my DVD-R will that work? or no?23:40
yellowfish2I don't have a fgunction key23:40
reisioyou've probably been searching for something related to poor african children lately, and haven't cleared your cookies, so google is giving you more of what they know you're already interested in23:40
yellowfish2nor do I really need it...23:40
Vivekanandahey everyone. in my ubuntu 12.04 I see /usr/bin/emacs and /usr/bin/emacs24 and I chose the latter but what is the differnce23:40
moppyyellowfish2: exactly the point... most editors will use F1-F12 etc. and where is your delete key?23:40
VivekanandaAlso it is not giving me syntax highlight for php23:40
yellowfish2I don't use those f1-f12 keys anyways23:41
yellowfish2especially on sublime23:41
yellowfish2not necessary23:41
ObrienDaveyellowfish2... http://www.vim.org/23:41
moppyyellowfish2: I actually miss F11 a tlot (full scren for chrome). I can do it, but needs to click around. slighly annoying. kind of need that for testing sites etc.23:42
ObrienDaveoops, ok, THAT african child. my bad LOL23:42
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yellowfish2my trackpack doesn't even work23:42
yellowfish2with ubuntu23:42
moppyyellowfish2: which chromebook? arm?23:43
Guest95165if I mount the ISO from the website then copy those files do my DVD-R will that work? or no?23:43
veryhappyreisio: cool site reisio like i told search engine are filters, is that also a search engine?23:43
yellowfish2wait nvm23:43
yellowfish2it's intel23:43
moppyGuest95165: did you look @ the instructions on ubuntu's site? http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/burn-a-dvd-on-windows23:44
suyaseMy touchpad vanishes and reappears on "xinput list" every 2-3 seconds23:45
daniel_i need a list of hotel email addresses23:45
suyaseHow to fix this?23:45
ObrienDaveGuest95165... NO, an ISO file MUST be burnt as is. It is not an archive like a ZIP file is23:46
veryhappyObrienDave: is right23:46
Guest95165@obriendave okay, thanks23:46
daniel_how to access hotel email addresses23:46
veryhappydaniel_: that's not topic of this channel.23:47
ObrienDaveI feel a full moon coming LOL23:47
suyasehow to reinstall drivers for an Elantech touchpad on ubuntu 13.04?23:48
yellowfish2man I think I fucked up my chrombook installation23:48
yellowfish2I've no idea what's happening23:48
reisioveryhappy: hrmm?23:48
moppyyellowfish2: have you tried crouton? it's a bit better for hardware support since it's running on top of chromeOS23:50
veryhappyreisio: what's up?23:50
yellowfish2I'm using crouton right now23:50
reisioveryhappy: couldn't parse your last msg to me23:50
yellowfish2my mousepad is fucked up23:50
suyaseThis is unbelievably frustrating, and it seems that google has no answers23:50
yellowfish2you can't move the mouse unless you put like half of your finger on it23:50
IdleOneyellowfish2: Please no cursing in ubuntu channels23:50
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veryhappyreisio: i think i didn't write something important23:50
IdleOnethank you23:51
thumpbaveryhappy: yes i want to use ssh on a server...its just for me.23:51
veryhappythumpba: i'd suggest apt-get install openssh-server23:51
reisioyellowfish2: some useful packages for web stuff: http://dpaste.com/1418252/plain/23:52
Guest95165thanks for the support, everyone!23:52
thumpbaveryhappy: okay so i installed that, however, its performing diff on 2 servers23:53
Guest65825have a good day, come on!23:54
veryhappythumpba: diff?23:54
thumpbaveryhappy: one server it works great, the other i get a broken pipe error and when i try to reconnect via ssh it times out and will only work after the server is rebooted23:54
YowlHow do you get a time estimate for the work of DD randomizer?23:54
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veryhappythumpba: that seems strange23:55
veryhappythumpba: network works fine anyway?23:55
ubottuUbuntu 12.10 (Quantal Quetzal) is the current stable release of Ubuntu. Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/12.10/ - Release notes: http://ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/12.10 - Support in #ubuntu23:56
thumpbayes, same network23:56
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veryhappythumpba: never occured to me this problem23:58

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