zequencesmartboyhw: Seeing Jobs face on your emails is a little strange for a FLOSS person :)12:19
zequenceWhy not use your own face? Or something to do with FLOSS?12:20
zequenceAlso, on G+, and other places. It's up to you of course, but to me, it doesn't seem fully appropriate12:22
zequenceHe wasn't exactly someone who supported freedom in computing. Rather, the opposite.12:23
smartboyhwzequence, can't find a better picture (and I hate putting myself)12:34
zequencesmartboyhw: Use anything. I took a picture of my eye, and put some effects on it.12:43
zequenceDraw a penguin, or something12:43
smartboyhwzequence, sure, I don't know how to draw a penguin-.- (My art is crap)12:59
zequenceArt is not about being good at something. It's about making good choices13:01
zequenceIt's the choice that makes it art13:01
zequenceI shouldn't say good choices. Just choices13:02
astraljavaTrue, wasn't it Woody Allen who said he regrets everything he's done.15:43
zequencettoine: Hi18:33
zequencettoine: The cup that had problems with printing - has that problem been solved, do you know?18:33
zequenceI'd rather take it off, if not. 18:34
zequenceI don't think cub went through with asking for a new again18:34
ttoinei will manage that in november19:52
ttoinebefore it is not possible19:52
zequencettoine: Can't you just remove it from the shop until then?19:53
zequencettoine: Great. I'll remove it from our merchandise page as well19:56
zequenceWe should probably add that we are not responsible for any problems with the merchandise, and that they need to turn to spreadshirt about that19:58
zequenceunless of course, it's a flaw on our side19:59
zequenceBut, I don't see how that could be in this case, right?19:59
ttoinethis is already in the conditions of use of spreadshirt20:00
ttoineI will see if they can use vectorial stuff20:02
cubHello world20:16
cubttoine, Spreadshirt have dispatch yet another mug to me. Not arrived yet. :)20:17
cubzequence, OvenWerks , any idea if the tests for Saucy Final are reset every day? All the tests I ran yesterday are gone ..:/20:18

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