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Guest80239Hi, is anybody here ?06:59
Guest80239Hi, is anybody here ?08:05
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ThatGuyI'm trying to install XAMPP but I don't know what version to download...19:51
ThatGuyCan anyone help me? I have the latest Ubuntu Studio on 64-bit19:52
zequenceThatGuy: Ubuntu Studio is one of the official flavors of Ubuntu, meaning, it's Ubuntu. Using Ubuntu Studio as a server is not what people usually do, so you might find it easier to get answers to server related on other channels19:55
ThatGuy ok19:55
ThatGuyI just want to run it for testing my website, not to openj to the public19:55
ThatGuyjust so you know19:55
ThatGuyNobody is on the XAMPP channel20:12
ThatGuyAnybody bhere know?20:12
johannfaithfulAnyone need help?22:29

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