slickymastermorning all09:10
bluesabreNoskcaj: that would be awesome10:42
GridCubewich iso should i download to test? daily or final?13:25
slickymasterafternoon all13:58
elfyhello slickymaster 13:59
slickymasterhello elfy, how's your chest infection?13:59
elfynot too good - but nvm :)13:59
slickymasterelfy: I trust you saw a doctor and are under treatment14:00
elfyof course ... 14:00
slickymasterelfy: well you'll have to wait until the antibiotics start to do their job 14:01
elfyslickymaster: I'm not world renowned for doing what I should do ;)14:01
elfybut it's all o/t in here anyway - better in -offtopic :)14:02
slickymasterelfy: I know what you mean. I do the talk, when it concerns others, but rarely do the walk, when it concerns me ;) 14:02
GridCubei'm not seeing any progress bar while the installation goes15:06
knomehave you filed a bug?15:06
GridCubeno, i dont know if its a bug15:08
GridCubeknome, ^ is that correct?15:11
GridCubei assume i need to create a bug report agains ubiquity15:13
ubottuUbuntu bug 1240117 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "ubiquity installed doesnt show a progress bar while installing on saucy RC" [Undecided,New]15:22
GridCubeits there any particular thing needed to check?15:26
elfyGridCube: I'll see if I can replicate that15:26
elfydid you try resizing the window at all though15:26
ali1234GridCube: it looks like the progress bar has been shoved off the bottom because the window shouldn't have a title bar and scrollbars15:27
GridCubei tried to resize but it only allowed me to move the window15:28
ali1234do the scrollbars work?15:28
GridCubeit just shows the same image a little more or less15:28
elfyok - I'll look 15:29
elfyno that I can do anything but confirm or not :)15:29
elfyGridCube: in a vm here with 2gb ram - can see progress bar ok15:31
GridCubedid you encountered the kernel error before?15:35
GridCubeand thats the installer from the desktop live session15:35
elfyBug 122016515:35
ubottubug 1220165 in parted (Ubuntu) "Error informing the kernel about modificatons" [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/122016515:35
elfythat bug GridCube ^^15:35
GridCubeyes that one15:35
elfyI have seen it of late - but not today15:36
GridCubeok, my bug seems related to that15:36
elfy'should' have been fixed with todays rebuild15:36
GridCubei'm using the iso from the "final" not "daily"15:36
elfyyep - it gor rebuilt - did you get it today - I got notification at 10:56UTC 15:38
GridCubejust now15:40
elfymmm - not sure then - it's ok here15:40
GridCubeD: wait15:40
GridCube i though the szync was correct but it actually fetched 79% of the iso15:41
GridCubei will delete the results :/15:42
GridCubei was testing the beta2 image all again15:42
GridCubehow do i cancel the bug report aswell?15:44
knomeGridCube, first check if it happens with the final images; if not, then mark it as fix released and leave note in the comments that it doesn't appear with the final images anymore and that your previous test was with an older image15:45
elfyGridCube: I see we were marking it invalid at the same time then15:46
GridCubei marked it invalid myself :/ 15:46
knomemarking as invalid is fine as well15:46
elfyGridCube: I know - I was doing the same thing 15:46
GridCubei will test tomorrow then :( i lost a lot of time doing this one and i have to get some work done15:49
elfyGridCube: I expect you'll need an up to date one again tomorrow15:50
GridCubefrom the same final folder?15:50
GridCubeor from daily?15:50
elfysame place - Final15:51
GridCubein any case, it wont be the same as 50% difference from beta215:51
elfyGridCube: whatever is here http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/305/builds15:51
knomewell let's hope it's more than 50% same than todays image.15:57
thadali1234: did you already take a look at bug 1185396? maybe even done some debugging?18:15
ubottubug 1185396 in gnome-system-tools (Ubuntu) "users-admin crashed with SIGSEGV in gst_user_profiles_get_for_user()" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/118539618:15
ali1234i had a look but it's gnome18:15
ali1234it's all plugins inside plugins and i have no idea how you are even supposed to run it let alone debug it18:17
ali1234what i did find is that it crashes at the same time as the user creation actually happens18:17
ali1234and the new user does seem to get created correctly18:18
thadit still uses the normal gtk stuff18:18
thadand the segfault when you close the application?18:18
ali1234only if you made a user though18:18
thadsomething corrupts the list which contains all the groups18:19
ali1234where is it in the source even?18:19
thadwhat exactly?18:20
thadthe invalid function call?18:21
ali1234well, the list with the groups i guess18:21
ali1234this does not use GSlist18:22
ali1234not directly anyway18:23
thadit's GtkListStore18:23
thadit's some sort of wrapper18:23
ali1234static GtkListStore *groups_model = NULL;18:23
ali1234that one?18:23
thadyes, and gtk_list_store_clear (groups_model) fails when terminating the app18:24
ali1234fishy fishy code18:27
ali1234after it sets up the tree model it calls g_object_unref(groups_model)18:28
ali1234it seems to me that using groups_model after unref'ing it would be a bad idea18:28
ali1234i don't know though... need to read the docs18:28
thadunless the model gets copied18:28
ali1234*if* the model gets copied18:29
ali1234unref just decrements the reference count18:29
ali1234when it hits clear it is free'd18:29
ali1234if gtk changed so that the object was copied that would make this code stop working18:30
ali1234since there would no longer be another reference to keep the object alive18:30
ali1234i doubt that is the problem though18:31
thadmmh, but there is no problem with the model until you add new user18:32
thadwhich also adds a new group18:32
thaddeleting a user/group does not cause any notable trouble, but adding does18:32
ali1234if i read that correctly... the unref's are completely unnecessary18:33
ali1234and will cause the object to be freed prematurely18:33
thadwouldn't that kill the app way sooner?18:34
Unit193Soooo, why is it when you boot an installed system in Vbox it'll use plymouth-theme-xubuntu-logo, but booting the ISO it'll use plymouth-theme-xubuntu-text?18:36
ali1234Unit193: nvidia graphics?18:36
Unit193vbox, so does it matter much?  Yes.18:37
ali1234thad: no. reading freed memory works fine. writing to it as well, as long as nothing else started using it. extending it however18:37
thadI see18:37
ali1234Unit193: actually no. i was thinking how plymouth doesn't work with nvidia driver, but that shouldn't affect the ISO18:38
thadstill segfaulting18:40
elfythad ali1234 - I did some checking on that user admin thing - the ONLY thing I've crashed it with is adding a user 18:42
thadyes, right18:42
ali1234does it crash in unity?18:42
elfyno idea ali1234 18:42
ali1234or gnome classic?18:42
elfyI can have a look 18:42
ali1234or anything that isn't xfce?18:42
ali1234(does unity even use it, or something different?)18:43
thadwould that really make a difference?18:43
ali1234i dunno18:43
thadusers-admin is not maintained anymore18:43
elfyali1234: I can check if you want me too 18:44
Unit193ali1234: Yeah, no idea why it doesn't use the logo boot.18:44
thadonly xubuntu/ubuntustudio/lubuntu depend on it18:45
ali1234hmm ok18:45
ali1234can i hack this so it doesn't actually make users, but still crashes?18:46
thadI didn't try this yet18:49
ali1234i think i know what is happening18:51
thadthe "create new user" function fails?18:54
thadadding a group manually works without causing a segfault afterwards18:55
ali1234yeah it crashed when clear is called from gst_users_tool_finalize (GObject *object) (which is in another file)18:57
ali1234if i rearrange the calls so it clears the models first then it crashes in a different place :/18:59
ali1234i think manually clearing and unreffing everything is the problem here18:59
thadwhat about "** (users-admin:14123): CRITICAL **: gst_user_profiles_apply: assertion 'profile != NULL' failed" ?19:01
thadthis one appears when creating a new user19:01
ali1234it's a double free issue19:02
ali1234the thing has already been cleared/freed19:02
ali1234if i comment out the call entirely it doesn't crash19:02
ali1234i don't know for sure what the consequences of that are though19:02
thadbut it also does not complain19:02
thadwell, the app is closed anyway :)19:03
ali1234also i still don't understand why it only crashes after a user was added19:03
ali1234it does cause a few extra calls... maybe that is the problem19:03
ali1234the groups_list gets created and destroyed a lot during program lifecycle19:04
thadprobably the function to create a new user19:04
ali1234fishy fishy code19:04
thadand the critical error19:04
ali1234but i don't feel comfortable changing stuff that is security related19:04
thadmmh, identifying the culprit does not cause any harm19:05
thadand you can test it inside a virtual machine19:06
ali1234i also don't understand why the exact same thing doesn't appen with the users table19:13
ali1234the code is identical19:13
ali1234it does complain19:15
ali1234(users-admin:25934): GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: g_object_unref: assertion 'G_IS_OBJECT (object)' failed19:15
thaddoes the error appear when creating a new user?19:17
thadI see this one -> ** (users-admin:14951): CRITICAL **: gst_user_profiles_apply: assertion 'profile != NULL' failed19:18
slickymastergood night all20:28
dokoany xubuntu release manager online?22:35
bluesabrehi doko, what's up?22:35
knomedoko, heya.22:35
bluesabreoh good, knome is here22:35
knomedoko, saw that discussion; is there any actual code change?22:36
dokono, just the config.* change. see the diff22:36
knomedoko, i'm fine with those22:36
dokoknome, cool, could you repeat that on -release?22:37
dokothanks, hopefully these were the last ones22:38

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