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gdoswhenever i login to my account, my wireless keeps asking for the password. when i check wireless settings its already there. something get goofed up?00:16
`Fibz`revert to 12.1000:27
`Fibz`naw, what version are you running?00:27
`Fibz`what wireless chipset? what kind of encryption?00:28
holsteingdos: are you doing automatic login?00:42
holsteinyeik: do you have PPA's added?00:43
holsteinyeik: i would run "sudo apt-get autoremove libldap-2.4-2 libldap-2.4-2:i386" and then, if that completes with no error, i would run "sudo apt-get update" and get that to complete with no error, and then start fresh from there00:45
holsteinyeik: are you trying to ultimately install some 32bit app in a 64bit OS?00:47
yeikholstein, i have done that01:40
holsteinyeik: you have done what01:42
yeikholstein, i have had some around for a while it seems, I used dpkg to remove some of them, try to reconfigure01:43
yeiki have checked my ppas and done apt-get autoremove01:43
holsteinyeik: so, "sudo apt-get update" finishes with no errors?01:43
yeikholstein, no01:43
holsteinyeik: then, open a terminal, and run 'sudo apt-get update' and share errors via pastebin01:44
yeikholstein, so wine1.4 and wine1.4-common were in a dependent loop01:44
holsteinyeik: if you have added PPA's, you might want to purge them01:44
yeikupdate works upgrade fails01:44
yeiksorry, should have read your question  better01:45
holsteinyeik: you want to purge the ppa's you have, and try again?01:45
holstein!info ppa-purge01:46
ubottuppa-purge (source: ppa-purge): disables a PPA and reverts to official packages. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.2.8+bzr57 (raring), package size 5 kB, installed size 44 kB01:46
holsteinyeik: ^ i use that01:46
yeikcan't install it01:46
holsteinyeik: what is the error message?01:47
holsteinyeik: remove the packages with issues listed there01:49
holstein"sudo apt-get autoremove libldap-2.4-2 libldap-2.4-2:i386"01:49
yeikholstein, http://pastebin.com/DhgnMtK601:49
holsteinyeik: i would just keep going01:50
holsteinyeik: when i see "this package is causeing a problem" i remove it..01:50
yeikinstall everything that depends on it?01:50
yeiksmbclient, winbind?01:51
holsteinyeik: what im implying is a removal of packages, til you get things sorted out enough to install ppa-purge01:51
holsteinyeik: remove as much as you can that is "broken", get the unsupported sources removed and unsupported packages purged, then try and fix what you are dealing with01:51
holsteini would try "sudo apt-get install ppa-purge" and see if it'll go through01:52
yeikholstein, i did, it won't install01:52
holsteinyeik: you did what? and what wont what? and with what error message?01:53
yeikholstein, i tried installing ppa-purge, i get the error message about the libldap-2.4-2 and libldap-2.4-2:i38601:53
holsteinyeik: if "sudo apt-get install ppa-purge" wont work, then remove *everthing* that is causing the issue til "sudo apt-get update" completes with no error and you can install pacakges01:53
holsteinyeik: *remove* those packages01:53
holstein"sudo apt-get autoremove libldap-2.4-2 libldap-2.4-2:i386" and paste errors01:54
yeikif you look at my pastebins, i did01:54
holsteinyeik: OK.. then, keep going.. til you get it cleaned up01:54
holsteinyeik: keep cleaning.., and trying the suggested -f flag01:55
yeikholstein, I don't think it is wise to keep trying to remove everything, it wants to remove git, transmission, and many more things that seem like it could just break the system.01:56
holsteinyeik: if you have unsuppported sources added that are adding broken packages, you might need to remove quite a bit to get it back to "stable"01:57
holsteinyeik: what would i do? keep working back, alternating between "autoremove *whatever*" and "apt-get -f install" til something works and i can purge my PPA's01:58
yeikholstein, just seems dangerous as a suggestion. to keep removing packages. I don't think it was a bad source.01:58
holsteinyeik: OK.. good luck01:58
holsteinyeik: its not "dangerous" to remove packages that are giving you errors..01:59
yeikholstein, even if those packages are part of the core of your os? maybe a wireless driver?01:59
holsteinyeik: if they are "broken", then the packaging system needs to be fixed01:59
holsteinyeik: if you want to use your system "as-is", you can..02:00
holsteinyeik: i have literally done this before, and suggested doing it before.. plus, im not saying "just remove everything".. im saying, alternate with the -f flag command that doenst remove anything02:00
yeikit is use-able, but not working, updates, etc, installations all break.02:01
* yeik nods02:01
yeikjust seems dangerous. there is a kerneloops-daemon that wants to be removed.02:01
holsteinyeik: and, how about when you run "sudo apt-get -f install" ? instead?02:02
yeiki still get the failed error, dpkg returned error 102:03
yeiklibldap-2.4-2:amd64 2.4.28-1.1ubuntu4.3 cannot be configured because libldap-2.4-2:i386 is in a different version (2.4.28-1.1ubuntu4.4)02:03
holsteinyeik: whatever you have tried to install that is depending on that should be removed02:03
yeiki did a dpkg -force-all libldap-2.4-2:i386 a few days ago to remove it.02:04
yeikerr dpkg remove -force-all02:04
holsteinyeik: at some point, if you have days in this, you should consider that a fresh install will take maybe only a few minutes02:04
yeikholstein, indeed, that would be the easier route. I like to figure out the issue, and find a way to solve it.02:05
holsteinnot sure what you tried to install.. looks to me like a 32bit app on a 64bit box.. but, if you can trace back to what is looking for that, or put it back.. you might be able to get the package system stable02:05
holsteinyeik: dont install PPA's..02:05
holsteinyeik: it could be that simple..02:06
yeikholstein, i have had issues before, it was suggested that I might have upgraded from 32 to 64 bit, don't know how i would have done that... but I was having strange issues. was easier to fix than this though02:07
holsteinyeik: you can do that, so i dont think so02:07
yeikholstein, I didn't think so either.02:07
holsteinyeik: i think you have installed something that is looking for a different version of a package than what it is finding..02:08
holsteinyeik: if you can remove that pacakge, and ask it not to be looking for any pacakge, then you can theoretically get the system back02:08
yeikholstein, I think I am going to reboot, try doing a dpkg remove -force-all for libldap-2.4-2 and see if that does anything. at worse, it will probably break everything that depends on it , all the way down02:08
holsteinyeik: see what its depends are02:08
yeikis there an easy command for that?02:09
holsteinyeik: i usually use synaptic. there are gui tools in the menu that work great for this02:09
holsteinyeik: there is also a "fix broken packages" button that can be helpful02:09
yeikholstein, if it were only that easy, huh?02:10
holsteinyeik: have you tried it?02:10
yeikholstein, synaptic package manager doesn't open, ubuntu software center crashes.02:11
holsteinyeik: launch it from the terminal and see what the errors are02:12
holsteini think you have a compromised system with more issues that just what we are seeing with this apt error message02:12
* yeik When I break something, I break it good. otherwise I rarely need help to work on it.02:15
* yeik will work on it.02:18
yeikthanks holstein.02:18
holsteinyeik: good luck...02:18
yeikholstein, thanks. I'll try to let you know how it goes.02:19
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patHey guys, do any of you know where to disable tiling snap or sticky edges in xfce?09:29
Poisoned_Dragonpat, Settings Manager; Window Manager; Advanced Tab; Uncheck "Snap Windows to Borders"09:31
patthanks Poisoned_Dragon :-)09:35
patwas driving me nuts09:35
Poisoned_Dragonlol, np09:35
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searcheri want to install 13.04 using bootable USB.11:55
searchercan some one provide me the reference link to make bootable xubuntu usb.11:56
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent12:03
searcherthank you cfhowlett12:04
m3kkis xubuntu faster then elementary luna? If someone tried both?13:08
m3kkHow is it with update ie when 13.10 comes to ubuntu does it come at the same time to xubuntu or must xubuntu team do some tweaking and check for bugs before release 13.10 xubuntu?13:10
m2kkthis is such a HUGE differnce to ubuntu with unity, i loaded ubuntu 13,04 with unity and it just froze and did lagged pretty badly13:26
GridCubem2kk, unity is more resource intensive than xfce13:27
m2kkGridCube, like a thousands times?13:38
GridCubei wouldnt know, i've never bothered to check unity myself13:38
m2kkGridCube, you would be suprised.. i just checked liveUSB. it was not usable. Im now sitting in liveUSB xubuntu , browsing the web, IRC, terminal , driconf running and it doesnt show a little slowdowna at all!13:39
knomem2kk, do you have a support question?13:40
GridCube:) thats vert good13:40
m2kkknome, Yeah i had but i forgot sorry i wont ot more.13:40
gdos2 part question (answer on one might give me the answer i'm looking for on the other question): how come when i install software (like wine for instance), on my account it shows up at the top of my menu but on other accounts its placed where i believe it should be: deeper in the menu. my other question: how can i reset my xfce4 settings back to default (i.e. pull the default settings from the system)?14:06
knomegdos, if you want to reset to default settings, just remove the appropriate config dir in your home (eg. remove ~/.config to get rid of all (think: almost all) settings)14:09
gdosknome: any reason why my menu would show up differently than, say, my kids' menus?14:10
knomegdos, maybe you're using a custom menu14:15
gdosknome: no. i am using the default menu.14:45
gdosknome: is there a way to edit the default menu for everyone?14:49
knomegdos, yep, look in /etc/xdg/xdg-xubuntu/menus (though take into account that stuff in ~ will override)14:50
gdosknome how i edit? says i can't write back the file.14:51
knomegdos, you need sudo rights to edit those files.14:52
gdosi have sudo rights but how do i edit?14:52
knomegdos, alt+f2, run: gksudo mousepad /path/to/file14:54
gdosok hold on.14:55
rtdosknome: how do i open menu the gui menu editor. can it be edited with gksudo (elevated privs)?15:02
knomertdos, i don't think there is a designed way to edit the system-wide menus via GUI.15:03
knomertdos, some menu editors (like menulibre, i think) could be able to edit any menu file you specify15:03
knomertdos, but you can basically edit your own menu, then copy that over the system-wide configuration file15:04
rtdoswhat would be the filename?15:05
knomertdos, look in ~/.config/menus15:05
rtdosi do have something weird happening to my menus now that i think about it...some icons are actually larger in the menu than the other normal sized icons.15:06
knomewhich applications?15:06
rtdossuper tux cart.15:08
gdosknome: can the menu in ~/.config/menus be copied over to /etc/xdg/xdg-xubuntu/menus ?16:03
knomegdos, yes. but please do not direct messages to me; others are able to answer as well16:05
gdosknome: ok. (i was just continuing our discussion)16:06
knomesure. but if it's been last active one hour ago, better to ask everybody16:06
gdosOK. :)16:06
gdosi just installed IceWM and it loads fine but i would like to know where the file is located which is displayed in lightdm's login screen (i.e. the drop down menu which displays Xubuntu, Xfce, etc.) ?18:30
gdoshow do i restart alsa? or the my audio output hardware? the only device that shows up is the dummy audio device.18:53
gdoshow do i restart my audio output hardware? the only device that shows up is the dummy audio device.19:10
gdostwo part question because i think one is related to the other: 1. how do edit services (which ones start and which ones don't)?  2. my physical audio device has now become my dummy audio device. I followed the instructions here but to no avail (meaning these instructions didn't work for me):   http://itsfoss.com/fix-sound-ubuntu-1304-quick-tip/ (i'm thinking my issue is related to JACK)19:42
Poisoned_Dragongdos, if it's a dummy device now, maybe it's a driver issue.20:25
legg1anyone using streamtuner2?20:36
Poisoned_DragonNo. I stream using RadioTray.20:37
legg1Using radiotray now too, but there's a lack of trance20:39
legg1tried streamtuner2, but, it just lags like crazy and wont start playing20:39
Poisoned_DragonYou know, you can add your own streams to radiotray20:41
Poisoned_Dragonjust get some trance from DI.FM20:41
legg1how do i get the radio-address?20:42
legg1oooh got the .pls20:44
legg1Thanks a bunch Poisoned_Dragon !20:44
Poisoned_DragonTell you what... I have a login there. Tell me what chans you want, I'll dpaste them for you. :)20:44
Poisoned_DragonOh, cool20:44
legg1oh i got .pls, now to add that one. it wants a url :p20:45
legg1Alright, i just had the brains. changed to VLC and copied the play-button url into the radioplay one20:47
legg1works perfect, thanks again, and sorry for the r-tarded questions :P20:47
ObrienDaveno such thing as r-tarded questions :))20:47
legg1it is when you've been hobby'ing and working with computers for 20+ years20:47
Poisoned_Dragonlol, it's not retarded. RadioTray does have a bit of a learning curve.20:48
legg1basic things. however, i suppose i can thank beer for my brain-freeze20:48
legg1but is it ever good with this heat!20:48
k0r1n Running xubuntu, this: "xfconf-query -c xfce4-desktop -p /backdrop/screen0/monitor0/image-path -s /path/to/wallpaper" does nothing.. I'm not sure what broke it.. last night updates or xfce4-theme-manager (did both last night, noticed today i couldnt use the command anymore), any thoughts?20:55
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