yacc_Just wondering, does bzr have builtin support for ssh, or does it require an external ssh/plink executable?11:53
jelmeryacc_: it can either use external ssh/plink, or the python paramiko module11:57
yacc_jelmer, :)11:58
yacc_Any description how private/public keys are handled with paramiko?11:59
jelmerI think it just reads them from ~/.ssh, but I'm not entirely sure12:00
yacc_jelmer, openssh format?12:01
jelmeryacc_: I'm not actually sure, sorry12:01
yacc_jelmer, no problem, it's such a PITA to support Windows users if one has no Windows box at hand ;(12:06
fullermdI enjoy supporting Windows.  First you find a good solid branch, then tie a noose on the end of the rope...12:11
yacc_fullermd, well, there are some improvements on this, I mean you might be forced to use subversion repositories, Windows PC as work stations, ...12:31
yacc_fullermd, getting a DVCS (I've reached the point where I don't care if it's bzr, git, hg, monotone or whatever) that can work with such an setup (did I mention that the subversion repo is full of nice or not so nice svn:external properties?) can get one into an asylum really quick.12:32
fullermdObviously, you'd need to about that "subversion" stuff and get something industrial strength.  Like ClearCase.12:34
yacc_fullermd, well, at least I work for the bleeding edge part of the company, we already have svn and don't even need to have CC installed on our PCs, ...12:35
fullermdGotta be careful.  You never know when it might mutate and become airborne   :|12:37
yacc_It's not really funny. git is a pure joy under Windows (and because the svn bindings for perl are even more fun to create than the python ones it uses an ancient git-svn)12:43
yacc_bzr/hg have their own joy, e.g. random grass root pythons installed on the developer/tester work stations, ...12:43
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yacc_Ok, I've setup that plink.exe can access hostname.org (saved session as hostname.org) with a password. (eg. plink hostname.org id / plink hostname.org bzr do work without a password)13:37
yacc_set BZR_SSH="c:\program files (x86)\putty\plink.exe"13:38
yacc_bzr branch bzr+ssh://hostname.org/path asks for a password.13:38
yacc_Ok, I've setup the putty session so it can login WITHOUT a password (using a PPK)13:41
yacc_ErrorFromSmartServer: Error received from smart server: ('PermissionDenied', '/home/andreas/private/conf2html/.bzr/repository/upload/9hzeuy945jl4nur1wlo9.pack', ": [Errno 13] Keine Berechtigung: u'/home/andreas/private/conf2html/.bzr/repository/upload/9hzeuy945jl4nur1wlo9.pack'") <= any idea why my branch has no repository directory?13:56
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