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qingluohi all, why i use lxde with lubuntu. it requires my passwd when i press shutdown button in graphic mode01:26
hyperairdo you have any other users logged in? i think polkit requires root access to shutdown a system that has others still logged in.01:30
hyperairno wait, maybe it's a consolekit failing01:36
qingluoi have a root log in background01:54
qingluolinaro's system01:54
ianorlinI think it is so people don't log other users out and mess up their data02:39
hyperairianorlin: yeah i'd think so too, but the polkit files don't seem to show any difference in behaviour..02:42
hyperaircheck out the two <action>...</action> blocks from this command: sed -n '/power-off"/,/\/action/p; /power-off-multiple-session/,/\/action/p' /usr/share/polkit-1/actions/org.freedesktop.login1.policy02:43
Unit193hyperair: dbus-send --system --print-reply --dest=org.freedesktop.login1 /org/freedesktop/login1 org.freedesktop.login1.Manager.CanPowerOff    if you are using logind.02:45
hyperairit says "challenge"02:46
hyperairwait, how do i accept this challenge?02:46
Unit193string "yes"02:46
hyperairmaybe it means to prompt me?02:46
hyperairi mean i have a guest account active right now02:46
hyperairso maybe it just prompts me for yes/no confirmation02:47
hyperairhang on, wasn't logind supposed to replace consolekit? i still have consolekit running.02:47
hyperairhttp://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/systemd/logind/ this says possible, but only after authorization.02:48
hyperairpoking around consolekit's dbus methods says that CanRestart -> false, and CanStop -> false02:49
hyperairGetSessions() gives me a blank array02:50
Unit193`ck-list-sessions` ?02:54
hyperairis it supposed to have stuff?02:54
hyperairor is logind supposed to handle it now?02:54
Unit193logind is supposed to, but not so sure how it works in Lubuntu.02:54
hyperairwell, i'm on ubuntu02:55
hyperaireh interesting, i can remove consolekit.02:55
hyperairi don't think it's being used.02:55
Unit193Logind is what's used there.02:55
hyperairexcept by KDE, apparently.02:56
hyperair libpolkit-qt-1-1 : Depends: consolekit but it is not going to be installed.02:56
Unit193hyperair: dpkg -l | grep systemd02:56
hyperairand with it, goes kdelibs5-plugins02:56
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llogiqHi folks. I just updated to 13.10 and now ssh always asks for my rsa key. What has changed and how can I restore the old behavior?06:41
hyperairllogiq: what's the old behaviour?06:45
roscogrueni'm wanting to use unetbootin to make a usb install stick.  "lubuntu" is not a choice but other ubuntu types are.  which do i choose06:45
hyperairasking for your rsa key seems like correct behaviour to me06:45
Unit193hyperair: Gnome keyring.06:45
Unit193roscogruen: Download ISO, use the ISO option.06:45
hyperairUnit193: oh the agent06:45
hyperairis lubuntu using the upstart user session too?06:46
roscogruenwhat iso option, Unit193 ?06:46
Unit193Yep, in unetbootin.06:47
llogiqUnit193, thanks, that should do the trick06:47
Unit193hyperair: I thought they all were, but not sure and haven't upgraded yet. :P06:48
llogiqNope, that didn't do anything. It still asks for the passphrase to my rsa key.06:49
hyperairllogiq: you need to get the ssh-agent info06:50
hyperairit's in the SSH_AUTH_SOCK environment variable06:50
roscogrueni've a usb stick in the port now but it doesn't pick it up.  suggests i reformat to FAT32.  i'm lost06:50
hyperairrun blkid on the usb stick partition06:55
hyperairas root06:55
hyperairUnit193: okay, i've done some poking around, and i have absolutely no idea how gnome-sessoin handles environment variables any more.06:56
hyperairUnit193: it used to be set inside /etc/X11/Xsession.d/06:56
hyperairbut it's shifted away to /etc/xdg/autostart/gnome-keyring-ssh.desktop06:56
hyperairbut afaik nothing plugs directly into the gnome-session process, so how does it set environment variables?06:56
hyperairoh Apps in this phase can make use of a D-Bus interface to set environment variables in gnome-session's environment. This can be used for things like $GTK_MODULES, $GNOME_KEYRING_SOCKET, etc06:57
hyperairit's broken for lubuntu then.06:57
llogiqI got a /tmp/ssh-LUserGaRBleD/agent.1234 socket06:59
llogiq@roscogruen: Maybe unplugging it and plugging it in again might help? Otherwise, which version of UNetBootin do you use? My version here has Lubuntu alright.07:01
llogiqroscogruen, if you want to format the stick, mkfs.vfat is your friend.07:02
hyperairllogiq: can you check if your user has a process called init running?07:03
Unit193hyperair: What about /etc/xdg/lxsession/Lubuntu/desktop.conf?07:04
hyperairoh i didn't know there was something like that.07:04
* hyperair isn't familiar with lxsession07:04
hyperairbut gnome-keyring-daemon invoked with `gnome-keyring-daemon -s` shows you the environment variables07:05
hyperairso you could basically put something like [ -n "$DISPLAY" ] && eval $(gnome-kerying-daemon -s)07:05
llogiqhyperair, "ps aux | grep init" returns, among the grep and /sbin/init a "init --user" entry07:09
llogiqSo yes, the user init is running.07:09
llogiqThe gnome-keyring-daemon also runs, if that helps07:10
hyperairby default?07:10
hyperairor not?07:11
llogiqI think I started it when trying things out.07:12
llogiqMaybe I'll just reboot and come back if the problem persists.07:12
hyperairwell the simplest way is to just dump this line: [ -n "$DISPLAY" ] && eval $(gnome-keyring-daemon --start)07:13
hyperairinside your .bashrc07:13
hyperairyou just need to log out and log back in07:13
hyperairor if you're trying out the bashrc trick, then open a new terminal07:13
llogiqhyperair, this doesn't export the values07:17
llogiqAh, my fault, I mis-copied it :-)07:18
llogiqThanks, hyperair.07:19
llogiqWhat needs to be done for this to be fixed in the main Lubuntu? I know ISOs will not change, but which packages should be changed?07:20
hyperairllogiq: oh yeah whoops, sorry about that.07:20
hyperairllogiq: it's eval $(set -e; gnome-keyring-daemon --start)07:21
hyperairoh and unset -e07:21
hyperaireh not -e07:21
hyperaireval $(set -a gnome-keyring-daemon --start; unset -a)07:21
llogiqhyperair, this gives me an error: "bash: unset: -a: Invalid Option"07:23
llogiqI'll go with your original version: [ -n "$DISPLAY" ] && eval $(gnome-keyring-daemon --start)  - it works for me07:24
llogiqThank you for the workaround.07:24
hyperairuh okay07:24
llogiqAgain, does anybody know which package would we need to patch to bring this fix into mainline?07:24
hyperairthis wasn't a fix07:25
hyperairthis was a hack07:25
llogiqSure thing. Ok, let me rephrase that.07:25
llogiqWhat can be done to fix this problem in mainline?07:25
hyperairthe right fix would probably be to get gnome-keyring ported to upstart07:25
hyperairso that it sets the env vars inside upstart instead07:26
llogiqThere is a file /usr/share/upstart/sessions/ssh-agent.conf which contains what you specified, except it uses ssh-agent instead of gnome-keyring-daemon07:36
llogiqso it should (in theory) already work. I'll revert the bashrc hack, reboot and see if that was an odd post-installation error.07:39
llogiqNo, that doesn't work for some reason.07:43
llogiqHow do I debug upstart?07:50
llogiqI'd like to know if the ssh-agent job was run07:50
hyperairinictl list08:32
hyperairinitctl list08:32
llogiqthanks, hyperair - ssh-agent is running. Why doesn't it cache the id_rsa passphrase?08:41
hyperairllogiq: because ssh-agent is the wrong one.08:41
llogiqI see.08:42
hyperairllogiq: with ssh-agent, you have to manually add it via ssh-add08:42
llogiqSo the solution would be to disable ssh-agent and use a similar upstart script to run gnome-keyring-daemon?08:42
hyperairgnome-keyring-daemon implements the ssh-agent interface, but isn't the same as ssh-agent08:42
hyperairyesh something like that.08:42
hyperairthe existing ssh-agent script is in /usr/share/upstart/sessions/ssh-agent.conf08:43
llogiqI know.08:43
hyperairjust cp it into ~/.config/upstart/ as gnome-keyring-daemon.conf and modify it to use g-k-d instead08:43
llogiqInterestingly, synaptics shows libgnome-keyring0 as defect.08:46
llogiqAlso gnome-keyring comes with /etc/xdg/autostart files08:47
llogiqBut apparently that works only for gnome.08:47
qingluomy lubuntu didn't recognize hdmi screen well, how can i set the xorg.conf file to recognize it?08:49
llogiqI'll be back after trying out my upstart script.08:59
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llogiqYep, it worked.#09:02
llogiqSomeone interested in getting the upstart script into the gnome-keyring-daemon package?09:02
llogiq(which could effectively replace the xdg autostart files)09:03
brainwashthe keyring cannot be enabled via lubuntu's default apps config dialog?09:05
Unit193lxsession-edit, I saw it in there, on Raring.  I still don't know much about Lubuntu on Saucy. :/09:07
llogiqUnit193, apparently it is no longer available on saucy. But as hyperair said, using upstart is the right fix.09:10
llogiqSo why not fix it while we're at it?09:10
brainwashhere's a picture of it http://i.stack.imgur.com/HTvnJ.png09:19
llogiqbrainwash: I know it (having run Lubuntu since 10.10)09:20
llogiqStill, it's not here by default.09:21
llogiqI'm in the process of creating a bug on launchpad attaching the upstart script.09:21
brainwashdoes lubuntu even utilize the upstart user session?09:22
brainwashlooks like it does09:23
llogiqApparently, yes. And I just opened bug #124413809:27
ubottubug 1244138 in gnome-keyring (Ubuntu) "Run gnome-keyring-daemon using upstart" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/124413809:27
llogiqthanks, ubottu09:27
llogiqcu folks, I've got work to do.09:28
brainwashmmh, but lxsession-default-apps offers the user to enable xdg autostart entries or select a default app to manage the keyring09:32
llogiqHi again. Lunch break ;-)10:26
bioterrorllogiq, if you want to chat, you can join #lubuntu-offtopic10:27
llogiqSince 13.10 can lock the screen using lightdm-greeter, can I remove xscreensaver?10:28
Unit193It can't.10:31
llogiqUnit193, Go to the logout screen and select "Lock".10:33
Unit193llogiq: ...Then hit CTRL+Alt+F7 ;)10:33
brainwashbug 120538410:33
ubottubug 1205384 in lxsession (Ubuntu) "Lock can be circumvented by switching to console" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120538410:33
* Unit193 wonders if brainwash highlights on that.10:34
lehongnguyenhi everyone10:39
lehongnguyenwhen I doubleclick on an icon, how can I know it works10:39
lehongnguyensometimes I open it few times, because I don't see anything open10:40
llogiqbrainwash, Unit193 : Great. I'll probably be OK with suckless (in fact I quite like it), but I'll need something more user friendly for my wife.10:53
llogiqcu folks (back to work)10:54
ozbrkhi guys are there any other menu appellts which we can use11:19
ozbrkI mean different menu styles11:19
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nb-ecasome languages do not display well on my firefox or chrome13:31
nb-ecaim on lxle btw13:31
nb-ecaany ideas?13:31
holsteinnb-eca: lxle is its own thing.. they might have a support channel.. not sure13:48
holsteinnb-eca: what languages do what exactly? do you have or want to take a screenshot?13:48
nb-ecaoh sorry13:53
nb-ecasome korean and chinese characters13:53
nb-ecai'd post this in their forums13:54
nb-ecai'll *13:56
llogiqhi again. Apropos characters: Has anyone else noticed that with 13.10 sometimes characters will show up wrong? Marking the text seems to repair it.13:56
brainwashllogiq: visual glitch? intel gpu?14:10
llogiqbrainwash: I'm afraid yes.14:12
brainwashsome intel chips are affected by this weird font rendering issue, if SNA is being used as accel method (default)14:13
llogiqHow do I change the method?14:13
brainwashbug 109833414:13
ubottubug 1098334 in xf86-video-intel "[gen4 sna] Font corruption in Chromium tab bar" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/109833414:13
llogiqThanks, brainwash14:13
brainwashllogiq: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Intel_Graphics#Choose_acceleration_method14:15
brainwashUXA was the previous default method14:16
brainwashit's slower, but does cause less visual glitches14:16
llogiqcu folks.14:21
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StretchyHi there, new to Lubuntu and excited to really dive in but I'm having an issue determining what firmware I need to get wireless to work.  I'm sure you get this question all the time so I figured this was the best place to look.19:24
Unit193Stretchy: Open lxterminal,  lspci19:27
mikkieI have a big problem with my Screen-Configuration. -> I have two n210 (nvidia) cards in my pc and four screens but however I try (nvidia-settings or xorg.conf) I cant set them right to split screen all over them. please help19:30
Unit193mikkie: Nvidia settings I thought would take care of it, but have you installed and tried using arandr?19:31
mikkieyes I have tried both19:32
mikkiearandr lets me turn on and off the screens of the first graphic card19:32
mikkiethe other are gray19:33
mikkienvidia-settings shows them all but doesnt do the job19:34
mikkieand even if it does than I have two running and the others are turned off or black (when move mouse over it turns from arrow to X) or just background of loginscreen19:36
Unit193I have setup dual monitors only once, and it went off without a hitch, so not much more I can say there.  Maybe someone else might know.  The nvidia drivers are in use I'd presume?19:37
mikkieI think so19:38
* ianorlin unfortuanley hasn't treid multiple monitors19:38
Unit193`lsmod`  to find out.19:39
mikkieis there an option to do it with xrandr?19:39
mikkiemikkie@desktop:/media/data/home/mikkie$ lsmod | egrep "nouveau|nvidia|vesa"19:41
mikkienvidia               9430532  22219:41
GoGooThe problem with Lubuntu 13.10 is that it does not have the plug and play printers drivers like the other Ubuntu’s do.  I had to manually add the printer driver of my HP Deskjet 1050A All-in-One printer by going into the Printer Settings Menu in Lubuntu.  It allowed me to add the recommended driver for my printer but when I tried to print something with it nothing came out of the printer.19:44
Unit193Install hplip.19:45
GoGooThe problem with the HPLIP is that you need the internet to install it completely.  But I do not have the internet at home so can somebody tell how I can get my printer working without it?19:45
phillwUnit193: does not the .deb have all the data? It's ~ 6.3 Mb19:48
GoGooThe HPLIB does not come with a .DEB file.19:49
Unit193GoGoo: I see nothing in the post or preinst scripts that would prevent it.  Sure it does!  apt-get download hplip  on a computer with internet.19:49
Unit193phillw: Check it yourself, see if it does.  People fail, I may overlook something.19:50
GoGooThe HPLIP is .RUN file or a TAR.GZ file.19:50
phillwGoGoo: also you may want to look at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1157609 which is specifically for installing on a machine with no internet.19:50
phillwGoGoo: the .deb is available at http://packages.debian.org/sid/all/hplip-data/download19:51
ianorlinhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptCdrom would this be of help19:51
phillwbut I think that forum thread may better explain things.19:51
Unit193ianorlin: Better to use apt-offline19:52
ianorlinthank you19:53
GoGooThanks guys.  To resolve the problem I installed Xubuntu.  Its has plug and play drivers.  But I prefer Lubuntu over Xubuntu.19:53
StretchyUnit193: Thanks for the help.  I'll try that out.19:55
wxlStretchy: did you get taken care of?19:55
Unit193Well, not fully.19:56
StretchyI'm going to try the lspci in terminal19:56
wxlah, k19:56
wxlthat would be helpful :)19:56
* wxl goes back to work19:56
phillwGoGoo: that's the advantage of being dvd sized :D Lubuntu, however, are comitted to CD size.19:56
StretchyI'm away from my laptop that I'm trying to get working so I can't do much from here but I'll take your advice and give it a try when I get home.19:56
Unit193Stretchy: That will only tell you what card you have, you have to know/figure out from there what you need.19:57
wxlStretchy: unfortunately that's not so much advice as it is a necessary investigative step that's a precursor to giving advice19:57
wxlStretchy: what kind of laptop is it?19:57
Unit193!bcm | Doesn't mean it's this, but tends to be more often than not. :P19:57
ubottuDoesn't mean it's this, but tends to be more often than not. :P: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx19:57
wxltru dat!19:58
StretchyI see.  I have to admit I don't have a whole lot of experience with this but I'm trying to learn all that I can.19:58
wxlthe word "firmware" kind of tipped me off :)19:58
Stretchyit's a Toshiba Satellite...can't think of the specific model off the top of my head...19:59
StretchyLet me look through my notes as I wrote it down somewhere because I new I'd need to know it at some point in this process19:59
wxlyeah there are like 30,000 of the darn things20:00
Stretchyyeah that's why I can't remember off the top of my head...20:00
StretchyI'm going to head out, fire up the ol' laptop when I get home later, and hop on here and do this all "live".  That'll probably be the best plan of attack...20:02
Stretchythanks for your help so far and I'll be back later20:02
Unit193Make sure to ping wxl when you do! :----D20:09
sisterFisterhello is anyone here?22:32
phillw!ask | sisterFister22:33
ubottusisterFister: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience22:33
phillw :D22:33
sisterFisterThanks. So I'm using Lubuntu and really like it. The thing is that in the terminal the letters are spaced very strangely, some overlapping and others too far apart. Changing the fonts to monospace in the "customize look and feel" options didn't solve the issue either. Anyone know how to fix this?22:35
wxlsisterFister: screenshot?22:35
phillw!screenshot | phillw22:36
ubottuphillw, please see my private message22:36
phillwwxl: the factoid is wrong :(22:37
wxlsisterFister: you know how to handle a screenshot?22:37
sisterFisterwxl: lol not here in lubuntu22:38
wxlsisterFister: just hit print screen. it'll be in ~22:38
phillw!screenshot | wxl22:38
ubottuwxl: Screenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imagebin.org/?page=add and post a link to it.22:38
sisterFisteri pressed the button and am used to it being saved in the pictures folder22:38
sisterFisterit's not in ~22:39
phillwsisterFister: it get saved to your home directory22:39
wxl~ = /home/$(whoami)22:39
wxlif it's not there for some reason, ~/Desktop is possible22:40
sisterFisternot there either.22:40
wxloh for pete's sake22:40
sisterFisterI know how to take a screenshot lol.22:40
phillwwxl: I'll leave this with you, having both of us chatting will complicate; but PrtSc gets saved where you said22:40
sisterFisterhow do i shot screen?22:41
sisterFisteri'll be back in a bit guys.22:41
wxlsisterFister: try scrot /path/to/filename22:41
sisterFisterso I installed knapshot to get a screenshot. Print sc key didn't seem to be auto saving to anywhere. Anyway any insight as to why my terminal letter spacing looks this way? http://imgur.com/085KN3r23:59

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