AzendaleI've been using Juju with MaaS for testing purposes. I accidentally destroyed the Juju client machine I was running without having run something like "juju destroy-environment" to clean up the machines in MaaS. Is there a way to reset all the machines in maas to no being claimed?01:56
AzendaleI've tried going into the webui and stopping the machine and then deleting it (and then readding it) but when I try to connect a new juju client install to it, it says "ERROR environment is already bootstrapped"01:56
roaksoaxAzendale: run juju destroy-environment02:05
AzendaleHm, tried that, it gives "ERROR gomaasapi: got error back from server: 409 CONFLICT"02:09
Azendalemind you, this is not the old juju client with the old .juju folder (which I accidentally got rid of before I should have)02:10
Azendale(I'm assuming that the juju client store all it's info in the .juju folder)02:10
roaksoaxAzendale: seems like juju doesnt have access to the api02:11
roaksoaxcheck whether you are using the correct api02:11
roaksoaxor rm -rf ~/.juju/environments/02:12
Azendaleok, just checked, .juju/environments.yaml has the right API key. Removed the .juju/environments/ folder02:13
Azendalehm, same 409 CONFLICT error02:14
Azendalemaybe I just rebuild the maas server (this is a testing setup after all)02:14
roaksoaxi have no odea qhat might be wrong02:14
roaksoaxsorry :-(02:14
roaksoaxthat ahould have fixed02:15
Azendaleroaksoax: That's fine. Thanks for the help anyway. I appreciate it!02:15
roaksoaxcause i experienced tbat this morning02:15
roaksoaxAzendale: what version of maas are you using?02:18
Azendaleroaksoax: I'm running it on 13.1002:19
roaksoaxim out of ideas02:20
bigjoolsAzendale: I know02:20
bigjoolsuse maas-cli to list files and delete the provider file that juju left behind02:20
Azendalebigjools: ok, I'll give it a try02:21
bigjoolslet me know if that was the case02:22
Azendalebigjools: Ok, I will02:22
bigjoolsAzendale: what is the status of all your nodes?02:26
AzendaleWhen I started having the problem with juju saying that the environment was already bootstrapped, I had 11 ready, and one allocated (by the old juju setup). I stopped that one (since I couldn't run juju destroy to get rid of it) and still had trouble02:29
Azendaleso I deleted all the nodes and let them run through the discovery and then commissioning again02:29
Azendalebigjools: I see a 'provider-state' and 'bootstrap-verify' when I list the files. It lists them with relative URLs. I don't see any command to delete in the Maas API, do I just need to go to the right folder and rm them?02:29
Azendalebigjools: (I also see various tools files for various architectures and versions of ubunu)02:30
bigjoolsAzendale: maas-cli <profile> files delete filename=<name> IIRC02:30
bigjoolstools are ok02:31
bigjoolsdelete the other two02:31
bigjoolsAzendale: so were the nodes still commissioning when you did destroy-env?02:31
Azendalebigjools: I'm not quite sure how to answer. I only did destroy-env with a new juju config, not on the old one02:34
bigjoolsAzendale: ah - then that is definitely a known bug.  There's a fix waiting to get pushed out.02:35
Azendalebigjools: I think that is part of my problem, that I didn't "clean up" on the old config first02:35
bigjoolsyou need t odelete those files02:35
bigjoolswell your original problem was deleting a node that was allocated02:35
Azendalebigjools: I tried the command syntax you suggested, but it still seems like the maas-cli command doesn't have it (gives an error, and only lists 'add', 'list', 'get-by-key', 'get')02:36
bigjoolsAzendale: my bad, it's02:38
bigjools maas-cli <profile> file <filename> delete02:38
bigjoolsdo help on file and it should say02:38
Azendalebigjools: ah, I see what I was missing. I was looking at the help for fileS02:40
bigjoolsyeah :)02:40
bigjoolsthe cli is based around the api structure so it looks a bit odd sometimes02:40
Azendalebigjools: Ok, it looks like it worked to remove the files. I'll give juju a try now. Thanks! I feel like a learned a bit about under the hood so it's less of a black box for me02:42
Azendalebigjools: It appears to have worked. The bootstrap command returned sucessfully, and a machine has been allocated. Thanks again.02:47
bigjoolsyou at least found a new bug for us :)02:47
Azendalebigjools:  I've been working on this stuff for a few weeks (trying to get openstack going in a test environment), and have realized I need to learn to debug/troubleshoot instead of just starting over when I break something (which I seem to have a knack for doing)02:47
bigjoolssome things are a little fragile unfortunately but we're working on making debugging easier02:48
Azendalebigjools: I learned about juju debug hooks yesterday, and I have say that system is pretty nice combined with --retry. I had to ask to figure out that you had to run hooks/<name_of_hook> to get the hook to run in the terminal, but once I knew that that part was really nice actually02:52
AskUbuntuReset MAAS after loosing Juju configuration? | http://askubuntu.com/q/36482104:04
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