johnjohn101someone needs to change the topic03:04
IdleOnechange it to what and why?03:49
=== IdleOne changed the topic of #ubuntu+1 to: Welcome to #ubuntu+1, the channel for discussion of pre-release versions of Ubuntu. Consider this unstable and will probably break in some way. | 13.10 has been released!! Support in #ubuntu | http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes | https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TrustyTahr/ReleaseSchedule
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TOM_otakuxasking one thing12:18
TOM_otakuxkubuntu 13.10 with iso install12:18
TOM_otakuxthe plasma-nm did not show anything even though i have add a network connect like DSL12:18
penguin42TOM_otakux: This channel is now for 14.04 - 13.10 is back in #ubuntu12:21
penguin42TOM_otakux: However, I'd check with nmcli to see if the core NM code knows about it12:21
michagogo|cloudWhat in the world is a Tahr?12:23
penguin42michagogo|cloud: A mountain goat12:26
BluesKajHi folks12:27
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ZiberSo, 14.04. Where in the directory structure of the ISO is the kernel/initrd?20:59
johnjohn101thanks for getting perl up to 5.18.1 on tahr.23:29

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