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jessica_Any information about when the touch emulator is available?04:37
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JamesTaitGood morning all; happy World Development Information Day! :-D08:37
t1mpwhere does logger.debug() output of autopilot tests go? I don't see it in my terminal, and my tests are failing10:03
nik90fginther: Is the jenkins merger bot down? I approved a MP 10 hours ago and still not merged. https://code.launchpad.net/~elopio/ubuntu-clock-app/autopilot-1.3/+merge/19241610:08
guschtmoenicke: https://code.launchpad.net/~schwann/ubuntu-keyboard/keyboard-tests-reorg/+merge/19247910:25
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nic-doffaynik90, that issue should be fixed now.11:13
nic-doffaynik90, there was actually another loosely related issue that I also sorted out, thanks for the report!11:13
tmoenickegusch: ok11:18
nic-doffaynik90, feel free to give the fix a test run, same branch as before.11:18
nik90nic-doffay: will give it a try. thnx11:38
nik90nic-doffay: I still experience the issue. To test your patch, I downloaded the amd64 deb packages generated by Jenkins in the latest comment and installed all 5 packages. But I still see the issue of the option disappearing when using selectedIndex11:53
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guschtmoenicke: https://code.launchpad.net/~schwann/ubuntu-keyboard/keyboard-decoupled-autocaps/+merge/19249212:14
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nic-doffaynik90, that's strange.12:20
nic-doffaynik90, it's possible that jenkins wasn't up to date with the push.12:20
nic-doffayMost likely.12:20
nik90nic-doffay: okay, I will wait for another jenkins update or else until your branch is merged12:23
fginthernik90, one of the jenkins slaves fell over and the jobs were stuck. I'm working on getting them back up and using trusty13:32
mihir_popey:  are we gonna meet ?14:28
popeymihir_: we cancelled all the meetings for now. Will probably restart them after next week14:28
mihir_okay cool :-)14:28
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om26eroSoMoN, hello15:52
om26eroSoMoN, https://code.launchpad.net/~om26er/webbrowser-app/activity_close_button_left/+merge/19253315:53
oSoMoNom26er, looking16:01
om26eroSoMoN, cool16:04
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mzanettiis it possible to disable or hide a tab?17:20
nik90fginther: somehow the MP https://code.launchpad.net/~elopio/ubuntu-clock-app/autopilot-1.3/+merge/192416 is still failing on jenkins machine18:17
nik90fginther: unable to determine why..Is it still a memory issue?18:17
fginthernik90, nope. balloons point this out a short time ago, just haven't been able to do the fix yet. There are no trusty packages in the ubuntu-sdk-team ppa yet. I think the solution is to remove that PPA for now18:23
balloonsyes, for now.. the sdk *should* be in trusty18:24
nik90fginther, balloons: so I suppose it should fix itself in time as we start using trusty?18:50
fginthernik90, right, I just updated the jobs to remove the sdk ppa and am doing a test18:50
nik90fginther: okay18:54
fginther... and another test ...18:54
fginthernik90, \o/
nik90fginther: \o/18:57
fginthernik90, I'll reapprove/rebuild the jobs that failed18:57
nik90fginther: thnx18:57
fgintherballoons, hey got a minute?19:34
fgintherballoons, removing the sdk ppa works for some projects, but not others19:34
balloonsfginther, sure.. ohh interesting19:34
balloonsthe sdk is probably older19:34
fgintherballoons, and it's precise and quantal builds that fail19:34
balloonsfginther, I just was noticing that19:35
balloonslol.. yep the calendar stuff19:36
fgintherit's actually the qt5 dependencies, not the sdk itself19:36
balloonsohh.. ok, that makes sense19:36
fginther(well, I guess that's a gray area)19:36
balloonswell.. not much you can do without the ppa19:37
balloonscan we just get a trusty build going?19:37
balloonsbzoltan still around?19:37
* fginther is surprised that clock builds without qt5-default and friends19:37
fgintherballoons, didn't you want to stop using the ppa?19:38
fgintherfor stability reasons?19:38
balloonsfginther, well.. I guess you could use the ppa for old builds.. and the archive version for trusty19:38
balloonsthat actually makes sense19:38
a_muvanewbe here. I'm trying to import qDir but not sure how. I would like to read files in a folder.19:40
fgintherI don't agree. by using the sdk ppa for precise and quantal, we also end up building those against ubuntu-ui-toolkit trunk where the trusty build would be against ubuntu-ui-toolkit from the archive.19:41
balloonswelp.. heh..19:42
fgintherhmm, but I guess these are qml apps and don't really 'build' per-se19:42
balloonsfor < trusty what are we trying to achieve?19:44
fgintherballoons, I really don't know the answer to that. The reason older distros were supported before was that we wanted to support developers who were still on those distros19:46
fginthernow that we have a 1.0, can we say to them "it's saucy and trusty or you're out of luck"?19:46
fgintherI would prefer to drop anything < saucy19:47
balloonsthese builds drop into a ppa.. so it's really was only the ppa stuf.. although you can also say now that if they someone on say quantal wouldn't be able to build there package locally19:50
balloonsman that sentence.. I'm just trying to think of what the big deal with building these on non saucy / trusty targets is19:51
nik90fginther: afaik the clock does not friends, hence it does not have it as a dependency19:51
nik90fginther: as for qt5-default, that is weird19:51
fginthernik90, sorry I didn't mean the friends package literally :-), but "qt5-default and similarly-named-packages"19:53
nik90fginther: ah okay..19:54
nik90fginther: but since the clock depends on UITK which in turn depends on qt5-default, I am guessing we do not need to specify it as a dependency19:55
fginthernik90, that's correct19:55
fginthernik90, balloons, it's possible that ubuntu-calendar-app and others are incorrectly specifing too many build dependencies19:57
fgintherI'll try a quick test19:58
nik90fginther: +119:58
nik90fginther: can you let me know if removing redundant depencies work for calendar app etc? I just had a quick look at the clock app debian/control file and see that it depends on qtdeclarative5-qtquick2-plugin, qtdeclarative5-localstorage-plugin and qtdeclarative5-xmllistmodel-plugin which are technically not required if a user has the UITK installed on their system20:01
fginthernik90, it didn't work. https://code.launchpad.net/~fginther/ubuntu-calendar-app/remove-build-deps/+merge/19257920:23
fginthernik90, ubuntu-clock-app is using the qmltestrunner during the build to do some testing, that's what requires the additional deps20:24
fgintherballoons, shall we revisit this tomorrow? I would like a better understanding of this from asac and others20:26
paugreHi all! I just started to work with an app that is supposed to fetch data from a website and display it. I'm quite new to programming in general and absolutely new to QML etc. Is there anyone around that could give me some assitance in how to fetch data from websites? Would be awesome! :)20:30
balloonsfginther, yea.. things are kind of held up20:31
balloonsI'm wondering if I shouldn't send along a mail giving everyone a heads up20:31
balloonsI don't want to hold merges up for too long20:31
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fgintherballoons, good idea, I'll send out a message to ubuntu-touch-coreapps20:45
balloonsfginther, ty21:13

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