wookeyOK, that's a good pile. 'fun' might be a bit strong :-)00:01
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wookeydoko_: is three a reason why networking doesn't work inside the trusty schroot in your image?00:34
infinitywookey: Wants a valid resolv.conf?00:34
wookeywhich I expect schroot to sort out for me on chroot entry00:35
wookeylooks like that clever stuff may be turned off00:35
wookeyright. It's got the same static one the extrernal chroot has00:36
wookeyOK. that's better00:38
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abhishek___ I have development board with Android preloaded on it. I want to run the Ubuntu desktop version on it. What steps I need to perform?08:53
abhishek___Please suggest me08:53
abhishek___I have development board with Android preloaded on it. I want to run the Ubuntu desktop version on it. What steps I need to perform?09:00
abhishek___Please suggest me09:00
abhishek___I have development board with Android preloaded on it. I want to run the Ubuntu desktop version on it. What steps I need to perform?09:36
abhishek___Please suggest me09:36
shadeslayerabhishek___: what board?09:48
abhishek___shadeslayer: I have IFC6410 board with Android pre-loaded on  it09:49
abhishek___shadeslayer: I have source code of Android ......downloaded from codeaurora09:49
abhishek___shadeslayer:  I want to run Ubuntu desktop on it?09:50
abhishek___shadeslayer: can you please suggest me what steps to follow?09:50
shadeslayerabhishek___: start with compiling the kernel that comes with it, pack a ubuntu ARM initramfs, combine the two together to create a flashable image, create a standard ubuntu image ( just the ubuntu-standard package) and then flash all of that and try to boot it?09:52
abhishek___shadeslayer: I have compiled the kernel .....(Also, I can pic the zImage from Android images available to me)09:54
shadeslayernot quite09:54
shadeslayeryou'll probably have to enable various other kernel options09:54
abhishek___shadeslayer: from where to get the Ubuntu ARM initramfs ?09:54
shadeslayerabhishek___: you'll have to make one, I usually run mkinitramfs in a ubuntu arm chroot09:55
abhishek___shadeslayer: Ok ....I will compile the kernel all by myself and will create the zImage09:55
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abhishek___shadeslayer: can you please explain09:56
shadeslayerexplain what09:57
ogra_shadeslayer, update-initramfs ... never use mkinitramfs directly09:57
abhishek___ I usually run mkinitramfs in a ubuntu arm chroot09:57
shadeslayerogra_: oh, does mkinitramfs eat kittens?09:58
ogra_it misses a lot09:58
shadeslayerah I see09:58
ogra_its only one step in building an ubuntu initrd (update-initramfs calls it in the end)09:58
shadeslayerabhishek___: just debootstrap a ubuntu arm chroot09:58
shadeslayerand then chroot into it09:58
shadeslayercall update-initramfs09:58
ogra_or crab an ubuntu-core tarball09:59
shadeslayeror that ^09:59
shadeslayer( must be something new, I haven't followed ARM stuff in the last 6 months :)09:59
ogra_what is new ? ubuntu-core ?09:59
ogra_its 3 years old or so09:59
abhishek___Ubuntu core tarball can be picked from https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Core09:59
shadeslayeroh okay, first time I'm hearing of it :S10:00
ogra_well, you need to fiddle with qemu-user/static if you want to chroot into it10:00
abhishek___ogra_ : from where to pic the tarball10:00
ogra_so qemu-debootstrap is probably the better choice since that does everything for you10:00
ogra_abhishek___, there should be links on the wikipage10:01
abhishek___ogra_ : can you please link the traces10:02
abhishek___ogra_ : I have kernel image ...compiled for my board10:02
shadeslayerhttp://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-core/releases/13.10/release/ ?10:02
abhishek___now from where to get the initramfs10:02
ogra_you will likely need to rebuild it woith many android options dropped10:02
ogra_you need to create a chroot or use a core tarball, chroot into it (with /sys, /dev and /proc bindmounted ... and then call update-initramfs10:03
abhishek___Ok.....I have kernel image compiled for my board10:03
shadeslayerno you don't10:03
shadeslayer<ogra_> you will likely need to rebuild it woith many android options dropped10:04
ogra_yes, recompile it with android dropped10:04
abhishek___ok ....I will recompile with android dropped10:04
* shadeslayer has to go, cya10:04
abhishek___ogra_: I also require the bootloader ?10:05
ogra_indeed, that is what loads your kernel and initrd10:05
abhishek___ogra_ : Android images uses fastboot\10:06
ogra_thats fine10:06
abhishek___ogra_ : can I use that to load the Ubuntu10:06
ogra_yes, you need to use abootimg to create a boot.img file from your kernel and initrd10:06
ogra_that one you can feed to fastboot10:07
abhishek___ogra_ : So, I have kernel image (fresly compiled for my board) and Ubuntu core tarball .....I will pack those to create boot.img image10:08
ogra_you need to create an initrd first10:08
abhishek___ogra_ : How to create initrd ?10:08
ogra_a) compile the kernel with a config that works under ubuntu10:08
ogra_b) create an initrd.img10:08
ogra_c) create a boot.img using abootimg10:08
abhishek___how to create initrd.img10:09
ogra_d) flash the boot.img to the right place so fastboot will find it10:09
ogra_e) put the ubuntu-core tarball in place so the initrd can find it and boot into it10:09
ogra_abhishek___, that was explained to you a few times now10:10
ogra_(how to create an initrd)10:10
ogra_for more details please look at documentation of the different tools10:10
abhishek___initrd.img using update-initramfs ???10:11
abhishek___If I flash the boot.img in the boot sector (using: fastboot flash boot boot.img) .....10:12
hrwogra_: ubuntu used cavium model for arm64 work?10:12
ogra_hrw, no idea10:13
ogra_hrw, ask infinity10:13
abhishek___ogra_ : I also require the recovery.img, system.img images ...10:13
hrwogra_: mkey, thanks10:13
abhishek___ogra_ : will I am able to boot the board into ubuntu desktop using the steps explained by you? ....I think I also require the recovery.img and system.img image .....is it not required?10:15
abhishek___ogra_ : you gave me step "e) put the ubuntu-core tarball in place so the initrd can find it and boot into it"10:16
abhishek___ogra_ : Please tell me .....I am new to this activity ?10:17
ogra_abhishek___, why do you care for e) before even having done a) ?10:23
ogra_(which might take you days anyway)10:23
ogra_expect that you need to read a lot of documentation and dont expect to be dont within a week or two if you havent done this before ... this is not a beginner task and will require you a lot of time and learning10:24
abhishek___ogra_ : I have read on the web that if Android boot.img is wrong ...then it will boot from the recovery image .......10:25
ogra_yes, thats what the bootloader might do ... depends on how the vendor created it10:25
ogra_but recovery or system or all the other android stuff is unrelated10:26
abhishek___ogra_ : so, if i flash the ubuntu boot.img in the boot sector and boot the board ...then Android will boot from the recovery image ....and then again i will be in Android10:26
ogra_so make sure to have a working boot.img10:26
ogra_try to find out whats wrong using the right android debugging tools and fix that10:27
abhishek___ogra_ : My problem is ...I don't have uboot (standard bootloader) ...10:27
ogra_you dont need uboot10:27
ogra_just create a proper boot.img10:27
abhishek___ogra_ : So, I don't require bootloader (u-boot)10:27
ogra_you have a bootloader already10:27
abhishek___If I am able to create the correct boot.img ....then I am able to boot the uBuntu on it ?10:28
abhishek___ok .....what abt the GUI ?10:28
ogra_stop juping that far ahead, lets talk in one or two weeks about GUIs ... get it booting first10:29
abhishek___ogra_ :  can you please give me your email-id ?? .......I will try to follow the steps as mentioned by you .....and will ask you for further suggestions .....10:29
abhishek___ok ......10:29
ogra_if you have questions it is better to use th eubuntu-devel mailing list, i'll answer there10:30
abhishek___ok ...10:30
abhishek___ogra_ :  thanks for your help .....10:31
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