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TheLordOfTimehggdh, got the latest message?00:58
TheLordOfTimeon the mailing list00:58
TheLordOfTimebdmurray, same question ^00:58
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hggdhTheLordOfTime: from balloons? Yes, will answer as soon as possible. I think it is a good idea19:12
TheLordOfTimehggdh, yeah there's continued discussion on it, i put in my two cents, but i've lurked the QA team's area for a while now, since occasionally bug triage questions come out outside the scope of ISOtesting19:12
TheLordOfTimeof course i put in my two-cents in #ubuntu-quality since GMail's not sending my emails today for some reason19:13
TheLordOfTimebut meh19:13
asdhi i would like to assign a bug to a particular package but am not able to find which package the bug belongs too20:44
asdcan someone please help20:44
TheLordOfTimeasd, which bug20:44
asdTheLordOfTimes it is Bug #124290720:45
ubot2Launchpad bug 1242907 in Ubuntu "The Shutdown button does not work" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/124290720:45
asdthis bug also affects me20:45
penguin42fun - I'd file that against pm-utils or linux20:47
penguin42asd: So it stops working but doesn't actually turn the power off ?20:47
TheLordOfTimeasd, ^20:47
asdfor me the case is when i press the top right button and shutdown a window pops up with two huge buttons restart and shutdown20:48
asdclicking on wither does nothing20:48
asdand clicking on some where else in the screen dismisses the window20:49
TheLordOfTimeasd, do me a favor and test this in the command line: `sudo shutdown -r now`  (tests restart)   or  `sudo shutdown -h now`  (tests full shutdown and halt)20:49
TheLordOfTimeof course, assuming you aren't on your system right now :)20:50
TheLordOfTimebut if you are just test20:50
TheLordOfTime(because if it's just those buttons not working that might be a more specific issue)20:50
asdTheLordOfTime: I have tested these two commands and they work from a user who is sudoers list20:50
asimionovasd: have you checked the logs? do you have something in the system log?20:51
asdasimionov: could you please direct me to where I can find the logs, sry but I am new to ubuntu20:52
asimionovdo this: open a new console, type: tail -f /var/log/syslog20:53
asimionovasd: and type some ENTERs20:53
asimionovasd: then do you stuff and see what you get in the logs20:53
asimionovasd: *your20:53
asdasimionov: Oct 24 22:54:58 c490100005 gnome-session[1984]: WARNING: Unable to inhibit system: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.AccessDenied: Operation not permitted20:55
asdTheLordOfTime: it seems to be the buttons, i did what asimionov asked and in the logs i see ^20:57
TheLordOfTimewait, wasn't this a bug in 13.04?  And 12.10, too?20:57
TheLordOfTimei could've sworn i've seen this crop up in **every single release*20:57
asdI have not used 13.04 or 12.10, I was using 12.04 and i updated to 13.10 a few days back20:59
TheLordOfTimei was addressing everyone else, not just you20:59
TheLordOfTimei've seen questions about this issue since 12.1020:59
TheLordOfTimeon Ask Ubuntu and stuff20:59
asdoh ok21:00
penguin42TheLordOfTime: So this is a permission/session permission thing where it's not allowing the shutdown?21:00
TheLordOfTimepenguin42, dunno, i've only seen the people complaining on Ask Ubuntu about it, i haven't seen any bug resolutions for it21:01
TheLordOfTimei mean, i could go digging, but... meh21:01
TheLordOfTimepenguin42, i'm also not a dev, and I personally have never had the bug21:01
penguin42TheLordOfTime: Yeh I'm sure I hit it a few releases ago but can't remember how it resolved21:01
TheLordOfTime(it works fine in my systems xD)21:01
penguin42asd: The problem you are hitting sounds different to the bug you linked to - that bug sounds like it starts shutting down just never actually manages to turn the power off21:02
TheLordOfTime... be right back, I need to wage war against sbuild right now... (it's FTBFSing only on my system)21:02
penguin42asd: But there again it's not too clear from the wording of that bug if it is that he's seeing21:02
asdpenguin42: okay i searched for my issue and found this bug, should i create a new one instead, thanks21:03
penguin42asd: Yes, create a new one - if the shutdown -h now works then I suggest  filing the bug against either unity or pm-utils21:03
penguin42asd: (unity assuming you're running unity that is)21:03
asdpenguin42: how do i find if i am running unity, thanks21:04
penguin42asd: Is it the 'normal' Ubuntu gui - with the ubuntu symbol at the top left that when you click it pops up a search box and buttons down the left side?21:04
brainwashcould be gnome-session, systemd/logind or policykit21:05
penguin42brainwash: Indeed, but very non-trivial to track down21:05
penguin42certainly I wouldn't know where to go from that point - feel free to suggest21:06
asdpenguin42: yes that is what I have.21:06
penguin42asd: OK, Unless brainwash has some better ideas of package to pick then I'd file against   pm-utils  and see what happens21:07
penguin42asd: AS long as you pick something reasonable then the guys who own it might be able to point in a better direction21:07
asdpenguin42: ok thanks I will do so21:07
brainwashpm-utils is kinda wrong21:07
TheLordOfTime... and I'm back, apparently sbuild didn't take into account the PPA i told its schroots to add into it for the nginx builds...21:07
penguin42brainwash: Ok, make a better suggestion21:08
* penguin42 has to disappear for a while21:08
asdbrainwash: shall i choose unity then, thank you21:08
brainwashwell, gnome-session is throwing the waring21:09
asdwell the thing is that is same warning being thrown every few seconds21:10
asdi just realized this21:10
brainwashwhat does "dbus-send --print-reply --system --dest=org.freedesktop.login1 /org/freedesktop/login1 org.freedesktop.login1.Manager.CanPowerOff" return?21:11
brainwashyes, no or challenge21:12
asdbrainwash: dbus-send --print-reply --system --dest=org.freedesktop.login1 /org/freedesktop/login1 org.freedesktop.login1.Manager.CanPowerOff21:12
asdreturns method return sender=:1.3 -> dest=:1.77 reply_serial=2    string "challenge"21:12
brainwashthat means that there is are other active user session running at the moment, right?21:13
asdyes i ran the command from a sudoer user21:13
asdfrom my user i see this method return sender=:1.3 -> dest=:1.78 reply_serial=2    string "challenge"21:13
brainwashmmh, how many sessions does "loginctl list-sessions" list?21:14
asdit says o sessions listed21:15
brainwashthat is odd21:16
asdbrainwash: the sudoer user I have logged in only from the terminal using su21:17
asdmy user is the one currenty logged in physically21:17
asddont know if that makes a difference21:17
asdagain i am pretty new to ubuntu and linux in general so sry if it sounds silly :)21:18
brainwashusing su?21:18
brainwashwhy that?21:19
asdyes from the terminal i say su <sudoerUserName>21:19
TheLordOfTimewhy would your user that you're logged in as not already be in sudoers?21:19
asdTheLordOfTime: that is the configuration from my office21:20
asdmy user is not in the sudoers list21:20
asdi just know a user in the sudoers list that i am currently using to issue the shutdown command when i want to shutdown21:21
brainwashso did you run the mentioned commands as normal user (your user account)?21:23
asdyes the first one from my user account gives method return sender=:1.3 -> dest=:1.81 reply_serial=2    string "challenge"21:25
asdand the loginctl list gives 0 sessions also run from my user21:25
brainwashright, and that's a bit odd21:31
brainwashit should at least list your current session21:31
brainwashwhat does "cat /etc/pam.d/common-session | grep systemd" return?21:35
asdbrainwash: it returns nothing21:36
brainwashit should return something21:36
brainwashI'm looking for an existing bug report21:38
asdit would maybe help to add that my user is linked to a kerberos account21:38
brainwashasd: so, the entry for systemd is missing in your pam conf file21:46
asdbrainwash: yes it looks like that is the case21:46
brainwashit's "session optional        pam_systemd.so"21:47
brainwashthere is pam-auth-update to manage the modules, well, but I'm not that familiar with pam21:48
asdbrainwash: i have session optional with couple of other stuff21:48
brainwashadd it below the the pam_unix.so line21:49
asdpam_unmask.so, pam_krb5.so minimum_uid=1000, pam_ldap.so and pam_ck_connector.so nox11 these are what i have21:50
brainwashso add "session optional        pam_systemd.so"21:51
brainwashthe block on the bottom is called "Additional" block21:52
brainwashand the line belongs there21:52
brainwashIt's the only hint we got so far, maybe it does solve your issue21:53
brainwashif no, you should file a bug report against gnome-session I guess and attach all the information we gathered21:54
asdok will add and see what happens21:55
asdthank you for yout time21:55
brainwashhopefully the mystery gets solved now or soon :)21:57
asdbrainwash: i have added the line i guess i will have to restart for the changes to take effect22:00
brainwashright, maybe a relog would be enough22:01
brainwashbut a restart won't hurt22:01
asdok doing a restart now22:03
asdbrainwash: it worked22:13
asdthank you, the results of the command now are, method return sender=:1.3 -> dest=:1.77 reply_serial=2    string "yes"22:14
asd   SESSION        UID USER             SEAT                     c2      20006 abduljabbar.gulam seat0             1 sessions listed.22:15
brainwashyou should file a report, but against system and pam22:15
asdand i can do a restart and shutdown22:15
asdwhere can i do this report, thank you22:16
brainwashon launchpad22:16
brainwashto inform the devs about this issue, it might affect more people22:17
brainwashpeople who upgraded to 13.1022:17
brainwashafterwards you can also add pam to the list of affected packages22:18
TheLordOfTimebrainwash, might be better for him to do `ubuntu-bug systemd` in the command line22:21
TheLordOfTimethen apport grabs things about it22:21
brainwashasd: use `ubuntu-bug systemd` in the command line22:22
TheLordOfTimewithout the ` characters22:23
asdTheLordOfTime and brainwash from command line i get a message saysing Package systemd does not exist22:23
asda window pops up displaing this message22:23
TheLordOfTimebrainwash, systemd != in saucy22:24
asdfrom the link brainwash sent i find "libpam-systemd" shall i choose this22:26
brainwashsystemd is the meta build package name I assume22:27
asdok i did ubuntu-bug libpam-systemd22:29
penguin42brainwash: Nice bit of debug22:30
asdyes brainwash, thank you22:32
brainwashpenguin42: thanks, sadly 13.10 isn't fully compatible with systemd/logind yet22:32
brainwashasd: you're welcome :)22:32
brainwashpenguin42: and on top o that, not well tested regarding systemd/logind22:33
penguin42brainwash: But that is the default install isn't it?22:34
brainwashyes, logind is now the default, it replaced consolekit (deprecated)22:35
brainwashcurrently I'm trying to debug and understand bug 118426222:36
ubot2Launchpad bug 1184262 in network-manager (Ubuntu) "[logind] stuck in PrepareForSleep, causing network and other services to not resume" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/118426222:36
penguin42brainwash: OK, interesting - I hadn't noticed consolekit went away22:36
TheLordOfTimeasd, what's the bug number on your bug that you filed (it should give you a link after its filed)22:36
asdTheLordOfTime it is Bug #124446322:37
ubot2Launchpad bug 1244463 in systemd (Ubuntu) "session optional pam_systemd.so missing from /etc/pam.d common-session file" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/124446322:37
penguin42asd: Did you go straight from 12.04 to 13.10 ?22:38
asdpenguin42: no i ran update-manager -d and it updated to 12.10, 13.04 and finally to 13.1022:39
asdi did this however one after the other immediately without changing anything in betweem22:39
brainwashclean install would have saved you some time22:39
asdwell i did not want to lose my kerberos settings22:41
asdbut it looks like a clean install would have been better :)22:41
penguin42asd: Hmm ok, that's interesting - could you add the detail about how you upgraded to your report please22:42
asdpenguin42 yes sure22:44
penguin42brainwash: Really something somewhere should have done a lot of that session debug automagically rather than the thing just sulking22:50
* penguin42 gulps at the loginctl kill-user parameter22:51
brainwashI really dislike ubuntu's systemd abomination :/22:53
penguin42what have they done - picked just one part of it?22:53
brainwashthe parts which are needed like logind, udev,..22:54
brainwashand we ship systemd-shim, a simple wrapper for dbus calls22:54
penguin42brainwash: In which direction do you dislike it, for going too far or not far enough?22:55
brainwashand the usual ubuntu custom patches :D22:55
brainwashgoing further would mean to replace upstart with systemd22:55
penguin42well you said you disliked it - but I wondered what your preferred route was22:56
brainwashthe current one is the "right" one22:57
brainwashwe had to replace consolekit22:58
penguin42brainwash: is this the same as bug 1243837 ?23:49
ubot2Launchpad bug 1243837 in xfce4 (Ubuntu) "Restart in the main menu does a logout instead" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/124383723:49
TheLordOfTimepenguin42, i think this is a different bug, looks like the user here is hitting shutdown or restart but then nothing happens, at least by their description...23:50
brainwashit is related to bug 118426223:51
ubot2Launchpad bug 1184262 in network-manager (Ubuntu) "[logind] stuck in PrepareForSleep, causing network and other services to not resume" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/118426223:51
brainwash^ this report is driving me mad anyway, people keep bumping it with "useless" comments or simply confirm the workaround over and over again23:54
brainwashstill no real debugging information23:54

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