mfischare we moving to 3.8 for trusty?02:01
TheMuso`mfisch: We are already on 3.8 for saucy...02:36
TheMuso`mfisch: Hrm I assume you mean GNOME> Parts are already 3.8.02:37
=== TheMuso` is now known as TheMuso
mfischI wonder what packages I just was looking at02:37
mfischoh I fail I mean 3.1002:43
mfischTheMuso: ^^02:43
TheMusomfisch: Then no. We have the odd piece of GNOME in saucy thats 3.10, but in general we are remaining on 3.8.02:55
pittiGood morning03:39
pittigood morning Laney!08:06
Laneyhey pitti08:06
abhishek__helloi all08:33
abhishek__I have development board with Android preloaded on it08:38
abhishek__I want to run the Ubuntu desktop version on it08:38
abhishek__What I am supposed to perform?08:38
abhishek__Can someone please suggest me?08:39
=== tkamppeter_ is now known as tkamppeter
Laneydarkxst: know of any reason to not include rhythmbox 3?08:47
darkxstLaney, hi08:48
Laneyhey darkxst08:48
Laneyhow goes?08:48
darkxsthavent got around to looking at it as yet, but should work fine with 3.808:49
Laneyseems fine to me08:49
LaneyI have a niggle that someone told me of a bug with it though, but annoyingly can't remember what that was08:49
darkxstof course it has a bug!08:49
Laneyit was like "should we take this?" "hmm, there was XXX"08:50
abhishek__I have development board with Android preloaded on it. I want to run the Ubuntu desktop version on it. What steps I need to perform?08:50
Laneyabhishek__: Not sure you'll be able to do that without proper drivers08:51
Laneytry asking in #ubuntu-arm08:51
abhishek__Please suggest me08:51
darkxstLaney, well I still have tried it, so no idea...08:52
Laneyah ok08:53
Laneywill look and if I can't find it, well... :-)08:53
abhishek__Laney: can you please tell me 1 thing08:54
abhishek__Laney: I have Android source available for my board.08:55
Laneydarkxst: ah I found it, was just some concern with non-py3 plugins08:56
abhishek__Laney: I am supposed to change the fastboot to bootloader to boot the Ubuntu08:56
darkxstLaney, that should not be a big concern?09:06
LaneyI already fixed the u1ms one and pinged the maintainer of ampache about that09:06
darkxstLaney, what are the chances of updating cogl/clutter?09:13
Laneyis it a transition?09:13
darkxstyeh, lots of rdepends on clutter09:14
Laneywell, if someone checks it and everything works then it should be fine09:14
Laneystage it in a PPA or something09:14
=== vrruiz_ is now known as rvr
darkxstLaney, ok will do09:17
Laneyrb uploaded10:07
vilamlankhorst: ping, on trusty, I get a gnome-session crash on a AMD Radeon HD7750 blocking automated tests in ci, what's the best way to get this fixed ?10:20
=== MacSlow is now known as MacSlow|lunch
Laneydobey: do you have a packaging branch for rb-u1?10:30
Laneyoh for bzr format-patch10:31
mlankhorstvila: oh really? I thought I uploaded mesa 9.2.2 there10:42
mlankhorstvila: hm it's there, so I'm going to need more information first..10:43
vilamlankhorst: ask and you should receive ;)10:47
vilamlankhorst: which package should I check for ?10:49
vilamlankhorst: not sure which driver we use to start with :-/10:50
vilamlankhorst: the machine was running raring and was updated to trusty recently (obviously)10:51
mlankhorstmesa should be version 9.2.2ubuntu110:51
mlankhorstwell first try if normal opengl works, and what crashes?10:51
vilaapt-cache policy mesa-common-dev10:52
vila  Installed: (none)10:52
vila  Candidate: 9.2.2-1ubuntu110:52
vilano package named mesa10:52
vilamlankhorst: ^10:58
mlankhorstlibgl1-mesa-dri ?11:12
vilamlankhorst: same11:15
mlankhorstvila: not installed?11:28
mlankhorstvila: anyway what is the problem11:29
mlankhorstI mean crash is pretty broad11:29
vilamlankhorst: during an autopilot test the gnome-session is crashing11:29
vilamlankhorst: this is on a machine in the ci lab that has been upgraded recently from raring. It's one among others, I can access to it both via ssh and through a kvm11:30
=== Sweetsha1k is now known as Sweetshark
vilamlankhorst: so I can check anything you want or install anything that is needed but I need a bit of help :)11:32
vilamlankhorst:  as usual it's a bit urgent as many people are blocked by these failures ;)11:34
mlankhorstwhat makes you say it's a xorg bug, and not anything?11:35
vilamlankhorst: it works on other machines, only the radeon one is failing11:36
vilamlankhorst: so that's where we're starting to investigate and didrocks pointed me at you11:36
vilamlankhorst: the above contains gnome-session[5989]: Gdk-WARNING: gnome-session: Fatal IO error 11 (Resource temporarily unavailable) on X server :0.11:39
vilamlankhorst: and thry the kvm, during the test failures, the session crashes and comes back to the lightdm prompt11:39
vilamlankhorst: so, first thing, how to I find which driver is involved ? What are the alternatives (free/proprietary) and which package can I check to find that ?11:41
mlankhorstso Xorg is crashing11:47
mlankhorstanything in Xorg.0.log ?11:48
vilamlankhorst: well, things, but the .log and .log.old are from succesful uses :-/11:55
vilamlankhorst: and the test run didn't collect X.org.o.log :-(11:55
vilamlankhorst: can we start by identifying which driver is used and make sure my install is correct ? I'm starting to suspect some upgrade issue or some missing part (3D for example)11:57
mlankhorstthat would be obtained from Xorg.0.log..11:57
vilamlankhorst: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6294522/12:03
vilamlankhorst: didn't have copy/paste through kvm, had to find a way to access the lxc container content through ssh12:03
vilamlankhorst: that's the current one so no crash but that should be enough to check the config right ?12:04
Laneyricotz: can you do a MP to drop the Posix stuff from fixes.vala in unity-greeter?12:13
Laneyand I guess bump the valac version12:14
LaneyIt's defined in vala now12:14
mlankhorstvila: well no crash, I really don't know then :S what does the qa stuff do?12:14
mlankhorstcan you reproduce the crash manually?12:14
=== MacSlow|lunch is now known as MacSlow
vilamlankhorst: yeah, no crash in that file, said so above, pasted to check the config so you can tell me which package I need to check ;)12:15
vilamlankhorst: I'm looking into collecting the crashed versions in the mean time12:16
mlankhorstI honestly don't know12:16
mlankhorstmy psychic debugging skills are lacking :/12:16
ricotzLaney, those "binding fixes" should have been guarded in the first place or put in another namespace12:19
LaneyIf you want to do that then feel free12:19
ricotzLaney, i am not really comfortable touch unity stuff anyway12:19
ricotzdont ask ;)12:20
LaneyYou'll do a merge proposal and it will be reviewed12:20
Laneyshouldn't be risky12:20
Laneyunless you mean CLA stuff ...12:20
ricotzLaney, i didnt sign those, so strictly i am not allowed to contribute12:22
Laneyokay, I'll do that one12:23
Laneybit unfortunate if you can't fix your broken stuff though12:23
ricotzLaney, just put "#if !VALA_0_22 ... #endif" around the parts12:23
Laneyoh cool I didn't know about that define12:24
ricotzwhy is it *my* broken stuff?12:25
Laneystuff broken by your change12:25
Laneyanyway, it's quite reasonable if you don't want to sign it12:25
ricotzthis is more like a programmers error in the first place!12:25
ricotzit should be put in the different namespace to avoid collisions12:26
Laneyyeah, but sometimes the bugs of others are only exposed later on12:28
* Laney tests this12:28
Laneyit dies in the testsuite12:30
Laneyoh now it works12:35
Laneymust be slightly flaky12:35
mlankhorstvila: but i should have access to the qalab, what machine is it so I can poke it a bit in 30 minutes or so?12:35
vilamlankhorst: qa-radeon-7750 but you'll need to go into the container, ping me when you're ready, I may have an relevant Xorg.0.log then12:37
Laneyricotz: synced vala-0.2212:40
ricotzLaney, thank you12:44
vilamlankhorst: captured on the fly: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6294696/12:48
dobeyLaney: no, rb-u1 doesn't use "vcs-bzr"12:58
darkxstseb128, attached patch to bug #123241912:58
ubot2Launchpad bug 1232419 in gnome-settings-daemon (Ubuntu) "[xsettings]: gnome-settings-daemon crashed with SIGSEGV in notify_have_shell()" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/123241912:58
darkxstno way to test here, but hoping that helps12:59
dobeyLaney: i just use the imported branch in launchpad when i do uploads12:59
darkxstseb128, that said, I'm off to bed, probably catch you in the morning13:00
seb128darkxst, hey, k, I can have a look today, thanks for working on it!13:05
mlankhorstvila: yeah some glamor bug then :/13:07
vilamlankhorst: what's the course of action from there ?13:08
mlankhorstreducing to a simple testcase13:08
mlankhorstor just installing all xserver.*-dbg packages and run it on valgrind13:09
vilamlankhorst: that's already an automated test suite13:09
vilamlankhorst: you'll have to elaborate that '*' ;) I still have no idea what packages are involved, see backlog ;)13:10
mlankhorstvila: yeah but something triggers it, have to figure out what exactly13:10
mlankhorstapt-get install xserver-.*-dbg13:10
mlankhorstand apt-get install valgrind, then start x in valgrind and run the test on it manually13:10
vilahmm, that's a lot of packages :-/ I'll need to be able to revert that later...13:12
mlankhorstthey're harmless, it only contains some debug info to make valgrind logs easier to understand13:13
vilamlankhorst: packages installed13:16
vilamlankhorst: how do I start x in valgrind ?13:16
vilamlankhorst: tell me it's an option in some config file, that's inside a container and will be already tricky13:18
mlankhorstvalgrind --track-origins=yes --error-limit=no /usr/bin/Xorg :013:18
mlankhorstexport DISPLAY=:0 and run the test that crashes13:18
vilaghaa, that's a no go, we need to find a way to do that outside of the container :-(13:18
vilamlankhorst: wait, let's try something simpler, go to the lab and try to start/stop x as you see fit, I'll try to find the autopilot command you need to run13:20
mlankhorsthm lets see13:21
seb128larsu, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/indicator-appmenu/+bug/120194713:25
ubot2Launchpad bug 1201947 in indicator-appmenu (Ubuntu) "unity-panel-service crashed with signal 5 in g_type_create_instance()" [Medium,Confirmed]13:25
mlankhorstvila: hm why does it say unknown job lightdm? :P13:33
mlankhorstoh the host part probably didn't have it, no wonder..13:38
vilamlankhorst: yeah, part of why I want to simplify to the point where you can work outside of the container13:38
vilamlankhorst: we've already out the machine in a state where it will probably be easier to re-installl from scratch than making sure we revert all your work when you're done13:39
mlankhorsthm probably13:40
mlankhorstvila: so how do I run the tests?13:40
mlankhorstor well, at what point do the tests fail and crash the xserver?13:43
vilamlankhorst: sorry, I have to attend a meeting right now, you can try to join #ubuntu-ci-eng to get that question answered, I'll be back asap13:48
mlankhorstvila: ok I've uploaded an updated glamor-egl snapshot to ppa:canonical-x/x-staging, should try wth that first, bbiab myself13:54
vilamlankhorst: ack13:54
* Laney looks at the cmake branch again13:59
seb128sil2100, cyphermox, didrocks: can we get http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~indicator-applet-developers/hud/trunk.13.10/revision/341 SRUed? it's the most reported e.u.c saucy issue14:00
sil2100I guess cyphermox is on it then :)14:01
seb128cyphermox, 340 with it would be good as well14:01
seb128cyphermox, I can file the SRU infos on those bugs if you want14:01
cyphermoxyeah I was just checking that14:01
didrocksthanks cyphermox ;)14:01
didrocksand seb128 :)14:01
cyphermoxI'll write the SRU blob on the bug too14:01
seb128yw ;-)14:01
seb128cyphermox, thanks14:02
seb128cyphermox, the segfault one, just write "check e.u.c"14:02
seb128cyphermox, that's https://errors.ubuntu.com/problem/80ec348bd203ad9f5b91a956c463234dce72d2e714:02
Ursinhaseb128, sorry bug 1201485 wasn't fixed in time for the release, there were a few complications none of us thought about until we actually tried to fix that14:06
ubot2Launchpad bug 1201485 in Ubuntu Translations "Need to import translations for the unity daily builds" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120148514:06
Ursinhabut should be QAed/in production rsn14:06
seb128Ursinha, no worry, we workarounded it by doing manual template update for 13.1014:09
seb128Ursinha, seems like it's going to be fixed soon though, which means no issue for the lts14:10
seb128Ursinha, which makes me very happy, thanks for fixing it! ;-))14:10
Ursinhaseb128, no problem :)14:11
Ursinhaseb128, latest required bits landed yesterday, wgrant did some QA that I'll continue today, should be in production soon14:13
seb128Ursinha, excellent, let me know when it's in production so I can check with the next upload/confirm that it's working14:14
Ursinhaseb128, sure :)14:14
Laneyseb128: any objections to merging the cmake branch now?14:38
seb128Laney, no, I didn't try it since tuesday but the I pinged the #sdk guys about how Jussi made the qml sources listed in qtcreator and they said it was the right way to do it14:39
Laneyseems to work now14:39
seb128let's get that in14:39
seb128Laney, I'm going to review your background branch today btw14:40
seb128Laney, it would be nice if you reviewed attente's language one, you looked more at this code than me14:40
Laneyyeah it's on the list14:40
Laneyoh god it's merged14:57
seb128lunch time, bbl15:02
vilamlankhorst: I'm back15:42
vilamlankhorst: I have installed the packages for the tests and I think I have the right command, now we need to server started as you need and find some required env vars (I think I can find them once the gnome session is started)15:44
mlankhorstvila: ok can you test with glamor-egl first from the ppa, to check if it still crashes?15:45
vilamlankhorst: which ppa again ?15:45
vilaxserver-xorg-glamoregl ?15:46
vilamlankhorst: ^15:47
mlankhorstand the other debs15:47
vilamlankhorst: but wait, if you made changes to the config, I'd rather reproduce on the host than re-running the container that may not like your tweaks15:48
mlankhorstoh I didn't touch the config yet15:48
vilanot even /etc/X11/X ? (Yeah, the kvm was still on, didn't follow closely what you did though ;)15:48
vilamlankhorst: ^15:48
mlankhorstno that was a test, but it just tries to run valgrind15:49
mlankhorstscript is called /etc/X11/X2, and /etc/X11/X may be pointing to it as symlink, it's just a script I use from home lol15:50
mlankhorstI don't think I made it point to it, though15:50
vilamlankhorst: well, X -> X2 currently15:51
mlankhorstoh in that case make X2 executable and it should work, /var/log/xorg.log contains valgrind logs15:52
mlankhorstbut meh dno if it runs it in the chroot15:52
vilamlankhorst: right, that's exactly the kind of issue I want to avoid15:52
mlankhorstwell in that case it will fail to start15:52
vilamlankhorst: ha ha15:53
mlankhorstelse just remove xserver-xorg and remove /etc/X11/X15:53
vilamlankhorst: look, I've setup the host so you can test, the server will need to be reinstalled from scratch when we're done so can we just go ahead ?15:54
mlankhorstok try it :)15:54
vilamlankhorst: try what ? there is no lightdm running15:55
vilamlankhorst: the kvm shows your console right now15:55
mlankhorstthe valgrind incantation is "valgrind --error-limit=no --track-origins=yes  --malloc-fill=ef --free-fill=df /usr/bin/Xorg :0 -core -verbose 10 2>&1 | tee /var/log/xorg.log"15:55
mlankhorstoh I'm not logged in15:55
vilamlankhorst: I'm not sure we're on the same page :)15:56
mlankhorstanyway try to start xorg-server with that invocation, then do export DISPLAY=:0 and crash xserver, log should be in stdout and /var/log/xorg.log15:57
vilamlankhorst: could please log in and start whatever you need in a way that will give you the bits you need, once you're there, I'll debug the command needed to run the test to break the server15:57
mlankhorstI'll just spawn an Xserver then15:58
mlankhorstexport DISPLAY=:0 and go ahead and crash it15:58
vilamlankhorst: I think autopilot requires a gnome-session15:59
didrocksou need to have the dbus env var at least15:59
viladidrocks: but the X server won't be enough for that right ?15:59
viladidrocks: do you remember the trick to set dbus enva var, I remember it's under some file under ~/.something but details are fuzzy16:00
didrocksvila: it's better to export all env var from gnome-session to be certain we don't miss anything16:00
mlankhorstdidrocks: hm how do I start a full ubuntu session from the command line?16:00
=== m_conley_away is now known as m_conley
vilalightdm should be enough I can connect from kvm16:01
didrocksmlankhorst: not really sure, as you installed lightdm I guess kvm is the easiest way to get them16:01
vilaas long as the X server is configured the way you need it16:01
viladidrocks: and you know how to export all those env vars ?16:02
didrocksvila: export FOO=bar ?16:02
viladidrocks: he he16:03
viladidrocks: thanks I needed a laugh ;)16:03
viladidrocks: I meant I know they are defined somewhere16:03
didrocksvila: cat /proc/`pidof gnome-session`/environ16:03
didrocksas you need gnome-session env var :)16:03
viladidrocks: rock&roll16:03
vilaha, installing lightdm16:05
viladidrocks: still slightly simpler than from the container but we're getting close ;-/16:05
viladidrocks: and yes, I've added the unity-daily ppa16:05
mlankhorstI guess setting export DESKTOP_SESSION=ubuntu then running bash /etc/X11/Xsession16:06
vilaor just service lightdm start ?16:07
mlankhorsthm this bug again? eep16:08
vilamlankhorst: it's installed16:08
vilamlankhorst: what bug ?16:08
mlankhorstAIGLX: Suspending AIGLX clients for VT switch repeatedly infinitely16:08
mlankhorstoh well thing crashed16:08
vilamlankhorst: ignore that for now16:08
vilalightdm is now installed16:08
mlankhorstno that caused it to crash here, but probably not the one you were hitting16:10
mlankhorstlets try again16:10
* vila nods16:10
mlankhorstI started xserver again16:11
vilamlankhorst: erm, lightdm, not x server, if your script is in place ligthdm should call it right ?16:11
mlankhorstagain that bug.. bah16:14
vilaok, I've got a prompt16:14
vilaconnecting as ubuntu16:14
mlankhorstok it's not valgrind clean at least16:14
vilanothing happens16:16
mlankhorstas in no crash?16:16
viladoesn't look like lightdm16:16
vilano, the it took my password by stayed there16:16
mlankhorstwell do you have ubuntu-desktop installed? I wonder if there's a session or not :P16:17
* vila sighs16:17
vilano installing16:17
vilamlankhorst: you stop lightdm16:18
mlankhorstyeah it's annoying as hell, I wonder if it's easier to just buy a 7750 online and try for myself16:18
vila*you can16:18
mlankhorstand then play around with it locally..16:18
vilamlankhorst: it's annoying for me as well :) I've been told it's urgent so I'm doing my best16:19
mlankhorstvila: if it isn't about open source drivers try fglrx16:19
vilamlankhorst: I'd rather not change at that point since we need to re-install the server from scratch, so better dig that one until we can reproduce16:20
mlankhorstif it is about open source drivers I can order a 7750 online and play with it on my own system and fix any bugs I find16:20
mlankhorstwould that be acceptable?16:21
vilamlankhorst: that would delay the diagnosis even more, but feel free to ask in #ubuntu-ci-eng16:21
mlankhorstbbiab, food :/16:21
vilaoh, it just displayed 'loggin in...' ;)16:21
mlankhorstit's technically EOD and EOW for me, but I'll look when I get back16:21
vilamlankhorst: and no one else than you can help here right ?16:22
vilamlankhorst: installed16:23
vilaservice lightdm restart16:23
vilabetter looking16:23
vilalogged in16:24
vilaautopilot test running16:26
vilaerr, well, that was the point...16:28
ogra_Sweetshark, oooh ! congrats Mr. Director !16:31
Sweetsharkogra_: thanks!16:32
LaneyO RLY16:34
Sweetsharkogra_: btw -- same time on the Ubuntu project, still no package uploader rights for LibreOffice ;P16:34
ogra_oh man16:34
Sweetsharkogra_: no worries, I stopped being angry about that a looong time ago.16:35
mlankhorstvila: oh free memory after all..16:40
mlankhorstvila: http://paste.debian.net/61284/16:41
mlankhorstno idea yet what triggers it though16:41
vilamlankhorst: reducing the reproducing recipe, gimme a sec16:42
vilareproduced twice, so far so good16:44
vilamlankhorst: so, you know how to connect to the kvm right ?16:47
vilamlankhorst: for visual feedback16:47
mlankhorstvila: I just need the minimal testcase, I'll try to reproduce it with glamor locally after you have that :)16:47
vilamlankhorst: the ubuntu user will autologin when lightdm restart16:48
vilamlankhorst: so from your shell, connected as ubuntu:16:48
vilasudo service lightdm restart16:48
vilaand when it's up16:48
vilaautopilot run -v autopilot.tests.functional16:48
mlankhorstis that one publicly somewhere?16:49
vilamlankhorst: what one ? ;)16:49
mlankhorstvila: the crashing one16:50
vilaI don't get it :-/16:50
mlankhorstvila: autopilot crashes right?16:50
vilawell, autopilot triggers a crash in X, apart from you and me not sure who knows about that (apart from #ubuntu-ci-eng that is)16:51
vilamlankhorst: are you talking about the autopilot code ? tests ? It should be the trunk versions16:53
mlankhorstvila: what I mean is can I download those autopilot tests and run them on a machine I have at home?16:53
mlankhorstideally precompiled16:53
vilaapt-cache policy on that machine will tell you all :) : ubuntu@qa-radeon-7750:~$ apt-cache policy python-autopilot16:54
vila  Installed: 1.4+14.04.20131024.1-0ubuntu116:54
vila  Candidate: 1.4+14.04.20131024.1-0ubuntu116:54
vila  Version table:16:54
vila *** 1.4+14.04.20131024.1-0ubuntu1 016:54
vila        500 http://ppa.launchpad.net/ubuntu-unity/daily-build/ubuntu/ trusty/main i386 Packages16:54
vila        100 /var/lib/dpkg/status16:54
vila     1.3.1+13.10.20131003.1-0ubuntu1 016:54
vila        500 http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ trusty/universe i386 Packages16:54
mlankhorstoh it's python-autopilot16:54
vilathe code yes16:54
vilaubuntu@qa-radeon-7750:~$ apt-cache policy python-autopilot-tests16:55
vila  Installed: 1.4+14.04.20131024.1-0ubuntu116:55
vila  Candidate: 1.4+14.04.20131024.1-0ubuntu116:55
vila  Version table:16:55
vila *** 1.4+14.04.20131024.1-0ubuntu1 016:55
vila        500 http://ppa.launchpad.net/ubuntu-unity/daily-build/ubuntu/ trusty/main i386 Packages16:55
vila        100 /var/lib/dpkg/status16:55
vila     1.3.1+13.10.20131003.1-0ubuntu1 016:55
vila        500 http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ trusty/universe i386 Packages16:55
=== alan_g is now known as alan_g|EOD
* didrocks waves good evening17:01
mlankhorstok lets see..17:01
mlankhorstvila: thanks, I can crash it locally now with that autopilot invocation17:03
vilamlankhorst: same crash ? Sure ?17:04
mlankhorstyeah had same error17:04
vilamlankhorst: so you don't need the lab machine anymore ?17:05
mlankhorstI used my ati 5570 and forced glamor acceleration17:05
mlankhorstbut that's about as much as I can do for now17:05
vilamlankhorst: ack, can you file the bug and subscribe me ?17:05
vilamlankhorst: I wouldn't even now against which project to do that ;)17:06
ubot2Launchpad bug 1244324 in glamor-egl (Ubuntu) "glamor-egl crashes when running autopilot tests" [High,Triaged]17:09
mlankhorstEOD, EOW, will probably fix it first thing monday17:09
vilamlankhorst: thanks ! enjoy your we and thanks for your efforts !17:09
seb128charles: can you have a look to https://code.launchpad.net/~laney/ubuntu-system-settings/fix-linkage/+merge/192543 ? The changes make sense to me, but you are the one who wrote that code so it would be nice if you could confirm that's correct17:45
=== m_conley is now known as m_conley_away
GunnarHjattente: Hi Will, I just posted a comment on bug 1240058. Please read it before doing anything.19:16
ubot2Launchpad bug 1240058 in ubuntu-system-settings (Ubuntu) "UI uses chinese, french and english simultaneously" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/124005819:16
attenteGunnarHj, thanks for the notice19:21
attenteGunnarHj, is there a way for us to not hack accountsservice and force the priority list to never be longer than two locales?19:22
attenteor is this actually the ideal behaviour we want on the device?19:23
GunnarHjattente: Given the design of language-selector, it's my belief that the current behavior is the best for now. I'm aware of the fact that g-c-c does not include a GUI for setting fallback languages, so it's possible that we should make some kind of adjustment when language-selector is dropped in Ubuntu. But we need to take Xubuntu and Lubuntu into account when doing so. And I don't think that this bug report is a valid reas19:30
GunnarHjon to change anything.19:30
attenteok, thanks GunnarHj19:32
GunnarHjattente: yw19:32
attentebregma, hi20:57
attentei'm trying to figure out where in the unity codebase the ShowEntry dbus method is invoked20:57
attentemy guess was that it was being triggered by the keyboard shortcut identified by UNITYSHELL_OPTION_PANEL_FIRST_MENU20:58
bregmait's in unity-panel-service, I believe20:58
bregmaor do you mean where it's called?20:59
attenteunity-panel-service provides the method, but i'm not sure who is calling it20:59
bregmawhich is part of the Panel21:00
attentedo you know how the shortcut for UNITYSHELL_OPTION_PANEL_FIRST_MENU gets triggered?21:01
bregmais that what you get when you hit the 'menu' key?21:02
attenteyes, the menu key being alt-f1021:02
attenteunity i assume makes some keyboard grab through compiz in order to catch that shortcut?21:04
bregmaI can only imagine there is some horrid path winding through Compiz then half od Unity before some signal is queue to be executed at idle time ...  unfortunately Trevinho is more the expert on this, he's out until Monday21:05
bregmaI don;t think it;s a grab, just responing to the event21:05
attenteok, thanks bregma21:12
GunnarHjattente: still there?22:08
attenteGunnarHj, hi22:09
GunnarHjattente: I'm slowly starting to realize that Ubuntu Touch may have separate needs. Is accountsservice used as is in Ubuntu Touch?22:10
attenteGunnarHj, yes, we don't modify it at all22:11
attentei'm not sure about other panels that might be using it, but for the language settings, we set the language and formats locale through it22:11
GunnarHjattente: In that case, I suppose it would be motivated to make language-tools in a-s only set one language in LANGUAGE.22:12
charlesLaney: thanks for https://code.launchpad.net/~laney/ubuntu-system-settings/fix-linkage/+merge/19254322:13
GunnarHjattente: Do you know how to best identify Ubuntu Touch?22:13
GunnarHjattente: XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP?22:14
attenteGunnarHj, i'm not sure22:14
attenteGunnarHj, sorry, i have to go now, can you make a comment on the bug?22:16
GunnarHjattente: Will do.22:17
attentebut i'm not sure if it's a good idea to make a hack to behave different between desktop and phone22:17
attenteGunnarHj, thanks22:17
GunnarHjattente: Let's talk about it on the bug.22:17

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