smosercjwatson, around?01:31
smoseranyone know... i have a system with 4 drives, trying to install to it.01:33
smoserthe bios has one of them marked as 'boot'01:34
smoseris there any way to know which disk is boot to select that driver.01:34
saiarcot895smoser: #ubuntu might help01:41
lifelesssaiarcot895: lololol02:02
lifelesssmoser: UEFI ?02:02
lifelesssmoser: or you mean just where to write the grub mbr?02:03
smoserlifeless, yeah, which device to target with 'grub-install'02:03
lifelesssmoser: I'm going to guess that /dev/sda didn't work ?02:03
smosergood guess02:04
lifelesssmoser: thats very odd02:04
lifelesssmoser: is it uefi w/gpt or ?02:04
lifelesssmoser: so what I generally do there is grub-install all drivers02:07
lifelesssmoser: and have a mdadm /boot that is mirrored to all drives02:07
smoserthat was the first thougt at a solution02:08
smoserbut then if we give that drive (later) to something else02:08
lifelesssmoser: but...02:08
smoserthat blows away the grub on it02:08
smoserthen reboot will fail02:08
lifelesssmoser: when would you give the drive to something else?02:09
smoserwell after boot, but later.02:09
smoserie, i'd give it to ceph or something02:09
lifelesssmoser: I'm still not following the scenario02:09
lifelesssmoser: don't give ceph the full drive; give the drive two partitions - p1 is a 1G mdadm - part of /boot - p2 is a big blank device.02:10
lifelesssmoser: you give p2 to ceph.02:10
lifelesssmoser: you're looking at automating a robust answer for multi-drive bare metal ?02:11
smoserright. maybe that is right.02:11
lifelesssmoser: for getting different setups, you want to pass in a raid descriptor as part of your machine type.02:12
lifelesssmoser: or flavor, or whatever your bm cloud calls such things ;)02:12
=== TheMuso` is now known as TheMuso
Noskcaj_Is there away to find which apps still require python 2 on the iso?03:29
stgraberapt-get remove --purge python2.703:32
stgraberthat's usually pretty good at giving you a list03:32
infinityNoskcaj_: If you don't want to fiddle with germinate to answer the question, a simple way would be to "apt-get install ubuntu-desktop^ ubuntu-live^" in a clean chroot, and then remove python.03:32
infinityAhh, I see stgraber beat me to that, sort of.03:32
Noskcaj_Thanks for the info. I'll get a clean VM and try that03:33
pittislangasek: FTR, for crash reports that you didn't feed through apport-cli yet, you can run apport-retrace with -R; but then you need the same package versions installed there as on the system where the crash happened03:38
pittiGood morning03:38
pittiLaney: bzr-builddeb \o/ thanks!03:39
slangasekpitti: right, which isn't going to be the case between a phone and a desktop, so04:28
slangasekpitti: I think I assumed the package information was all gathered at the time apport runs for the crash; since to do otherwise means the files may change out from underneath before the data is gathered, resulting in skew in the reports...04:30
pittislangasek: right, but we check that at info collection time04:30
pittislangasek: the goal was to do as little as possible at crash time as you can't really control/suppress it as a user04:31
pittiand only do the heavy lifting (querying packages, checking modifications, running hooks) when the user explicitly says "I want to report this"04:31
slangasekunderstood, but it does mean there's the possibility of fuzz in the data being submitted as a result of package updates racing crash retracing04:31
slangasekdoesn't it?04:31
pittislangasek: apport does several checks for that, like "crash time must be > ELF modification time" and "ELF time at the time of crash must be equal ELF time at the time of data collection"04:32
pittiotherwise the binary changed in between and gets rejected04:32
pitti(well, the crash gets rejected, not the binary)04:32
slangasekah, right04:34
slangasekso it doesn't cause bad reports to be submitted, at least - that's good04:34
pittiit's a compromise04:35
pittibut people complain about the background IO/CPU enough as it is already04:35
infinitypitti: You stole kmod from me? :P04:38
pittiinfinity: oh, were you going to update it? I didn't know you had a lock on it04:38
infinitypitti: Nah, I don't care if you steal it, was just a bit surprised.04:38
=== jono is now known as Guest95491
pittiinfinity: how do you mean "steal"? it wasn't a merge04:39
infinitypitti: I was TIL regardless, I'm not sure "not a merge" is the metric. :)04:39
pittiwell, I wish it was, Debian is several versions behind too04:39
pittiinfinity: interesting; I don't generally ask the TIL except for merges04:40
pittiare we expected to now/04:40
infinityI offered to co-maintain it with Md, but he claimed he didn't need the help. :/04:40
infinitypitti: I don't ask TIL for bugfixes (clearly, I do a lot of them), but I tend to for things like a new upstream, since maybe they had plans.04:40
pittiok noted, I'll ask you next time about kmod04:40
slangasekinfinity: hey do you have plans for eglibc?  I was thinking about upgrading it to current CVS ;)04:42
infinityslangasek: If you can find a current glibc in CVS, good luck.04:42
slangasekactually, I just meant I was going to take the cvs source package and upload it in place of eglibc04:43
infinityOh, that could work.04:43
infinityslangasek: Might need to patch gcc for s/-lc/-lcvs/ while you're at it.04:44
slangasekno problem04:44
infinityLDFLAGS="-liberty" MAKEFLAGS="-justice" CFLAGS="-for=all" make04:46
infinitySo sad that only one of those does something.04:46
infinityI suppose if I had ustice CPU cores.04:46
infinitypitti: I suppose I could take TIL back by fixing your build failure. :P04:48
pittierk, missing xsltproc, sorry04:49
pittiinfinity: well, if you wish, otherwise I'll upload a fix04:49
infinitypitti: I'm poking it now.04:49
infinitypitti: Hrm, are you sure we can drop check_builtin_kver?  I'd have to sort out how and when that's executed, but if it could ever be run and break on a buildd, we still need it.04:55
pittiinfinity: hm, why would you install trusty's kmod on a lucid machine/kernel?04:55
pittiinfinity: fine for me to put it back in, but it seemed like a rather obsolete extra check to me now04:56
infinitypitti: You'd have it installed in any chroot building on a hardy-based buildd.04:57
pitti(I hope you mean lucid)04:58
infinitypitti: You wish I meant lucid.04:58
pittiah, I see04:58
pittiinfinity: we are running production machines which have been EOLed half a year ago?04:58
pittinice :)04:58
infinityThe function returns cleanly anyway, it's just noisy.  But I don't see any point in dropping the patch either.  *shrug*04:58
tarpmanpitti: infinity's comment made me curious. the sparc buildds (artigas and sejong) both appear to still be running 2.6.24 kernels05:03
pittitarpman: right, but they don't actually build anything newer than lucid any more05:04
pitti(do they even do that?)05:04
pittiI don't remember any more when we dropped sparc and hppa05:04
tarpmanhttps://launchpad.net/builders/sejong/+history seems to still build lucid updates05:04
pittiah, so we dropped it in karmic05:05
infinitypitti: All the PPA buildds are hardy.05:06
pittiinfinity: erk -- then I guess we should reapply the patch to avoid some noise?05:06
infinitypitti: Yeah, already uploaded.  But now I'm questioning this static/dynamic thing..05:07
infinitybin/kmod on my system is dynamically linked.  Which is what I'd expect.  The new one isn't.  That seems suboptimal.05:07
pittiaccording to upstream NEWS they did that to ease running from initramfs or other limited environments; and in the udev we want a static link anyway05:09
pittierr, I can't type "udeb" for the life of it05:09
infinityErm, you what?05:09
infinityudev links to libkmod directly, why would it care how /bin/kmod is linked?05:09
infinityOh, the udeb always was static.05:09
pittiinfinity: "udeb", "udeb", "udeb"05:09
infinityThe udeb was static, the deb wasn't.05:09
infinityWhich is correct, IMO.05:09
pittiin a sense, "udev" wasn't totally wrong as it's built very similarly; udevd and udevadm themselves don't link to libudev05:10
infinity        - kmod binary statically links to libkmod - if distro is only interested05:10
infinity          in the kmod tool (for example in an initrd) it can refrain from05:10
infinity          installing the library05:10
* infinity sighs.05:10
infinityWhat if "distro" is interested in not having two copies of the library for no good reason?05:10
infinityOh well.05:11
pittiI didn't find a switch to make /bin/kmod dynamically linked again, but I don't think it's a biggie so I didn't bother patching around05:12
infinityI should statically link everything in libc-bin, in case distro is only interested in /usr/bin/iconv05:13
infinityI'll argue this upstream if I find the energy, but no, don't care enough to fix it right now.05:14
infinityI find "I don't know how to do library reduction to build an initrd" a pretty lousy reason for statically linking everything. :P05:15
lifelesslsof 4 eva?05:23
lifelessI mean ldd 4 eva05:23
infinitylifeless: Using lsof to discover library linkage could be a bit racy. :)05:24
UserErrorWhat compiler flags and platform/march does ubuntu target for the 32 and 64bit platforms?05:24
lifelessinfinity: not to mention fatally buggy on platforms that map and close05:26
infinityUserError: -mtune=generic on both, and -march=i686 on i386.05:30
UserErrorthank you05:30
infinitylifeless: ld.so still has it open for a fraction of a second.  lsof faster.05:30
lifelessinfinity: :>05:31
UserErrorIs the add-apt-repository python 3 part going to be backported to LTS for the new features?05:37
UserErroron 2.7 or updated entirely05:37
lifelessUserError: The only new features LTS gets are hardware support, anti-virus and similar updates, and firefox05:43
UserErrorOh, gotcha05:44
sarnolddetails here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates/MicroReleaseExceptions05:45
UserErrorI don't suppose they would take kindly to asking for apt as an exception ;)05:47
UserErroror rather, a .py05:47
pittirbasak: hey Robie, how are you?07:11
pittirbasak: do you know when we'll get cloud images for trusty? It's currently rather inconvenient to run trusty autopkgtests07:11
ricotzinfinity, hi :), did libept1.4.12 broke abi? seems aptitude isnt happy with 1.0.1007:26
ricotzaptitude: symbol lookup error: aptitude: undefined symbol: _ZNK7tagcoll4coll4FastISsSsE13getTagsOfItemERKSs07:26
jibelpitti, first images landed yesterday: http://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/trusty/20131023/07:28
pittijibel: hm, prepare-testbed still complains07:29
pittiI guess no /current link yet07:29
Noskcajmdeslaur, Do you mind if i merge tiff?07:41
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ogra_pitti, hmm, seems we have a new powerd crash during tests of image #4 (http://reports.qa.ubuntu.com/smokeng/trusty/touch/mako/4:20131023:20131015/4795/sdk/) ... and i noticxe upower was the one suspicious change ... http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/touch-image-stats/20131023.changes ... any idea if your update could have caused that crasher ?08:42
=== tkamppeter_ is now known as tkamppeter
pittiogra_: unlikely; upower fixed bug 1240673 with a very simple change (http://launchpadlibrarian.net/154787650/upower_0.9.23-1_0.9.23-2.diff.gz)08:43
ubottubug 1240673 in upower (Ubuntu Saucy) "Reports 0% charged for fully charged batteries" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/124067308:43
pittiogra_: what's the crash?08:43
ogra_pitti, see the first url, there is a .crash file08:44
pittiogra_: so unless this had a dell battery, it should behave identically08:44
ogra_well, -1 had changes too08:44
ogra_oh, that was -108:44
ogra_hmm, or i'm blind :P08:44
pittiogra_: well, for a few weeks now we had powerd crashes in every other test; is that a new one?08:45
pitti(no data collected on that, so it's fairly useless)08:45
=== iahmad|afk is now known as iahmad
ogra_pitti, it is the first time we have one in trusty08:46
ogra_image 1 and 3 didnt have it08:46
ogra_(2 failed to build)08:46
ogra_hmm, sad, i was hoping to find an overseen g_type_init() or some such in the code, but seems that was removed in june08:48
pittican we fix whichever test runner that is to actually process .crash files?08:49
pittilike that they are mostly useless08:49
ogra_psivaa, ^^^ ?08:49
pittiI thought we were using /usr/share/apport/whoopsie-upload-all or something similar in most test runners now08:50
ogra_might be that the sdk test doesnt though08:50
psivaaogra_: ok if processing crash files is what's needed, ill take it upto doanac and plars about it08:53
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dokoxnox, what is triaged in https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gcc-4.7/+bug/1015219 ?09:55
ubottuUbuntu bug 1015219 in gcc-4.7 (Ubuntu Precise) "Can't install lib64stdc++6 due to unmet dependencies" [Medium,Triaged]09:55
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xnoxdoko: a warm fuzzy feeling of the requester. Is it actually a bug that was fixed, or simply multi-arch was not properly available/enabled in 12.04?09:59
=== emma is now known as em
pittityhicks, jdstrand: do you have any idea about bug 1244157 by chance? I'm pulling my hair out on that one, and it's not clear to me what changed on Oct 9 to break it10:16
ubottubug 1244157 in apparmor (Ubuntu) ""Failed name lookup - disconnected path" in dhclient D-BUS access" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/124415710:16
=== MacSlow is now known as MacSlow|lunch
pittijjohansen: ^ I bisected this to https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/3.11.0-12.18, so something with your patches10:50
pittijibel: ^ FYI, as you were asking about the NM autopkgtest regression10:50
juliankcjwatson: You wrote that bug 1132918 is a python-apt bug; but I don't see how size_to_str can return a non-unicode string in Python 3. Do you know what's happening there?10:50
ubottubug 1132918 in python-apt (Ubuntu Raring) "Ubiquity crashes after user creation" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/113291810:50
cjwatsonjuliank: I can't remember.  IIRC it's a string overflow or otherwise busted string data rather than non-unicode in any normal way10:51
cjwatsonjuliank: I remember it not being at all obvious and taking a while to find10:51
xnoxjuliank: as far as I remember one needed to use a funky locale to reproduce it, e.g. fi_FI.UTF-8 or some such.10:53
juliankcjwatson: Thanks, that's all I need I think. APT uses sprintf() for printing, it should use snprintf.10:54
cjwatsonjuliank: Oh maybe it was et_EE.UTF-8 or something10:54
cjwatsonI think xnox is right, there was some locale that returned non-ASCII data10:54
cjwatsonAnd apt/python-apt wasn't converting it10:54
cjwatsonsprintf/snprintf is probably a red herring10:54
juliankcjwatson: I just wonder, because if you can decode the return value of size_to_str in Python 3 (which the changelog for ubiquity mentions), it cannot be a (unicode) 'str'. But size_to_str returns unicode here.10:56
juliankIf decoding means calling decode() on it10:58
juliankAs that method does not exist in Python 3 for str objects, only for bytes.10:58
cjwatsonYes I know.  The relevant code is:10:59
cjwatson            current_cps = apt_pkg.size_to_str(self.current_cps)10:59
cjwatson            if isinstance(current_cps, bytes):10:59
cjwatson                current_cps = current_cps.decode()10:59
cjwatsonBut it was clearly a workaround10:59
* cjwatson tries to remember how he reproduced this11:00
juliankThe Python object is generated by CppPyString which calls PyUnicode_FromStringAndSize(), I doubt that one returns a bytes object.11:01
* cjwatson resorts to grepping IRC logs11:01
cjwatsonjuliank: At the time there was a non-breaking space in the thousands separator in at least some locales, but we may have dropped that which would make this harder to reproduce11:03
cjwatsonjuliank: But it's also possible that code came from the period when we needed to deal with polyglot Python 2/311:05
cjwatsonAnd in Python 2 I needed that to be reliably unicode11:06
cjwatsonjuliank: However, the syslog in that bug postdates ubiquity switching to Python 3, so it can't be as simple as "just works in Python 3".11:09
cjwatsonAnyhow, the decode is irrelevant, it's after the crash site in this bug11:10
cjwatsonjuliank: I think this bug occurs when you get non-ASCII text from the locale's numeric representation and try to feed it to PyUnicode_FromStringAndSize.11:11
juliankThe traceback said: File "/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/apt/progress/text.py", line 187, in pulse11:11
cjwatsonjuliank: Well, I don't know if this was the original problem (it's weird that ubiquity would ever be in this locale), but here's a reproducer: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6294362/11:20
cjwatson(Of course you have to have the et_EE locale generated first; note that that's a non-UTF-8 locale)11:21
dokoScottK, is kgraphview unmaintained? I see you let it build with boost1.49 with your last upload11:21
juliankcjwatson: OK, that makes sense then. But then it's a Python bug, as that is decoding the string.11:22
cjwatsonjuliank: Seems more likely that there's some other function that would do the right thing11:23
cjwatsonI mean, Python certainly *can* decode from such encodings11:23
cjwatsonAnd PyUnicode_FromStringAndSize is *documented* as taking UTF-8-encoded bytes11:23
cjwatsonSo it is the wrong function to call if the data might be non-UTF-8-encoded11:24
juliankSeems true.11:24
cjwatsonI don't know the C API well enough11:24
* cjwatson drops a reproducer into the bug11:25
juliankSo, do I really have to lookup the message encoding of the locale and then use that one for decoding? There's no easy function for this available; I'd expect that to be a normal issue in Python development.11:28
cjwatsonI'm not sure, I'm afraid11:28
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juliankI don't think there's a sane way to support non-utf8 locales11:32
=== _salem is now known as salem_
=== MacSlow|lunch is now known as MacSlow
jdstrandpitti: re bug #124415712:19
ubottubug 1244157 in linux (Ubuntu) "[3.11.0-12.18 regression] "Failed name lookup - disconnected path" in dhclient D-BUS access" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/124415712:19
jdstrandpitti: are the network manager tests running in a container?12:19
pittijdstrand: no, plain VM or just plainly on my workstation12:19
=== brainwash_ is now known as brainwash
jdstrandthat's very strange since I would expect massive bug filings if dhclient didn't work in the generally case12:22
pittijdstrand: right, it doesn't happen with my "normal" NM either12:22
pittijdstrand: I'll still try to reduce the reproducer, but I asked jjohansen in case he already has an idea from that message12:23
jdstrandpitti: yeah, I think we need jjohansen for this. if lxc or chroots aren't involved, then we need him12:23
=== freeflying_away is now known as freeflying
jdstrandpitti, jjohansen: I'm looking in https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/view/Trusty/view/AutoPkgTest/job/trusty-adt-network-manager/1/ARCH=i386,label=adt/artifact/results/log and it looks like pbuilder (ie, a chroot) is involved12:37
jdstrandpitti  (fyi jjohansen): can you update the profile to have:12:38
jdstrand/usr/lib/NetworkManager/nm-dhcp-client.action flags=(attach_disconnected) { ... }12:38
pittijdstrand: no, we don't use chroots there; it just calls pbuilder-satisfydepends-classic to install the dependencies12:38
jdstrandpitti (fyi jjohansen): and try again?12:38
* pitti sets up VM to avoid losing network12:39
jdstrandpitti: where is pbuilder-satisfydepends-classic installing the dependencies if not in a chroot?12:40
* jdstrand is not a pbuilder expert12:40
pittijdstrand: into the currently running syste12:40
pittijdstrand: it's just a helper tool to determine a set of packages from a Depends: line12:41
jdstrandI see12:41
pittijdstrand: but in the reproduction recipe in comment #2 there's no chroot or pbuilder involved12:41
pittiok, I'm set up12:41
jdstrandpitti: I think adding attach_disconnected is still worthwhile as a data point12:41
pittijdstrand: "sudo /etc/init.d/apparmor reload"?12:42
jdstrandpitti: sudo apparmor_parser -r /etc/apparmor.d/sbin.dhclient12:42
pittijdstrand: oh, seems "reload" worked12:42
jdstrandit would too, it is just more heavy-handed12:43
pittiyay, so that's it12:43
pittiwhat does that flag mean?12:43
jdstrandso the paths are disconnected from a filesystem (ie, the leading '/' is missing). attach_disconnected will just put them on '/' and hopes for the best12:44
pittijdstrand: oh, I'm running the tests under an unshared file system12:44
jdstrandpitti: can you update the bug that adding attach_disconnected helps as a workaround? the thing is, we shouldn't need attach_disconnected here12:44
pittijdstrand: as I'm mounting tmpfses over /run/NetworkManager and /etc/NetworkManager as to avoid disturbing/destroying files in the production system12:45
pittijdstrand: yes, currently doing that; I was just wondering because even setting the profile to "complain" didn't help12:45
ogra_jdstrand, hmm, could it be that we borke netwporking for armhf desktop users who have to use a kernel with old apparmor ? bug 123177812:46
ubottubug 1231778 in network-manager (Ubuntu) "wifi not working on Saucy Salamander" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/123177812:46
jdstrandwell, attach_disconnected is exactly what you want12:46
pittijdstrand: the test could completely disable apparmor, but I'd rather test the whole thing as closely as possible12:46
jdstrandpitti: I think this is a case for another sed12:46
pittijdstrand: (it'd be the first sed, but I see what you mean)12:47
jdstrandpitti: oh, I thought we were doing a sed on something else as of a few weeks ago12:47
pittijdstrand: no, I fixed that properly in dbusmock12:48
jdstrandah, right12:48
pitti(but that part isn't involved here; that was my first thought)12:48
pittithese tests run without any mocking12:48
jdstrandogra_: no, that is different. no (relevant) apparmor denials in that bug12:48
ogra_jdstrand, well, i just had someone debug it and he noticed that dns doesnt work at all with NM, while it works with /e/n/i ... seems i need to poke cyphermox then12:49
pittijdstrand: so the patches in -12.18 weren't really a regression but this is supposed to not work with an unshared fs namespace?12:49
pittijdstrand: i. e. is this "invalid"/"wontfix", or still a bug and the above is a workaround?12:49
jdstrandjjohansen: fyi, seems that attach_disconnected is exactly what pitti needs-- he is mounting tmpfses over parts of the filesystem12:50
jdstrandjjohansen: I'm not sure if there is another bug there, can you comment in the bug?12:50
pittijjohansen, jdstrand: not the D-BUSy parts, though; I guess it's the "unshared fs" which upsets it12:50
jdstrandpitti: I'm not sure12:50
pittijdstrand: anyway, I followed up to the bug with a summary12:51
jdstrandpitti: let's leave it open for now and let jjohansen comment when he gets back12:51
jdstrandpitti: thanks12:51
pittijdstrand: thanks to you!12:51
pittiRan 23 tests in 221.487s12:51
jdstrandyw :)12:51
pittiI'll come up with some seddery for now12:51
ogra_jdstrand, there is an intresting line in dmesg of that bug though ...12:52
ogra_[   59.264921] type=1400 audit(1380291018.856:28): apparmor="STATUS" info="failed to unpack profile" error=-71 pid=781 comm="apparmor_parser" name="/usr/lib/NetworkManager/nm-dhcp-client.action" offset=15512:52
ogra_(and dhcp/dns is the bit not working apparently)12:52
pittiwow, seems ogra_ and I stumbled over two completely different problems in the very same line of a profile :)12:52
jdstrandogra_: hmm.. I have never seen that error befor12:53
ogra_jdstrand, that device uses an android kernel without apparmor patches ... (but ubuntu config)12:53
ogra_could that have any influence ?12:53
ogra_(and no, this is lubuntu desktop, not touch)12:54
jdstrandogra_: I would think that would be an influence, yes. I don't know this error condition-- that is coming from the kernel. normally the parser isn't run on profiles when apparmor is disabled/not available12:56
jdstrandjjohansen: different issue> can you comment on backscroll between me and ogra_ going back 5 minutes from this message?12:56
ogra_jdstrand, well, i think it is enabled (as the device copies the panda kernel config with HW specific adjustments) ... but only the version that is shipped in this kernel by default12:57
jdstrandogra_ (fyi jjohansen): ah, well that is probably explained by an old kernel with new userspace and new apparmor policy (nm-dhcp-client.action has dbus rules)12:58
ogra_right, thats what i suspect12:59
ogra_note that we have many (if not most) armhf users out there with such setups12:59
jdstrandogra_ (fyi, jjohansen): the parser I think should be able to handle that though since it is examining apparmor features in the running kernel though. there might be a bug there or for some reason what it needs to determine the feature set isn't present13:00
ogra_the majority of our arm community uses their own kernels just with an ubuntu-core rootfs where they then install the desired -desktop package13:00
jdstrandogra_: honestly, if they are using their own kernel, it seems like they should really also be pulling back the new apparmor like the porters for touch do13:01
ogra_jdstrand, 90% of these people just know how to flash their device ...13:02
ogra_they always used the existing kernel binaries and an ubuntu userspace13:02
ogra_(often even android binaries)13:02
ogra_if we add a hard dependency on patching yoour kernel in our userspace we'll likely use that lot13:03
jdstrandthat seems problematic for a bunch of reasons. anhyhoo, like I said, there might be a bug there or something isn't setup right for that confiugration13:03
* jdstrand needs jjohansen to comment13:03
ogra_s/in out/to use our/13:03
ogra_jdstrand, it works fine with debian, or fedora13:03
ogra_or whatever other distro they use13:04
ogra_(though i guess fedora will soon cause similar issues by using systemd)13:04
cjwatsondoko: I'll take valadoc13:05
pitticjwatson: FYI, doko and I discussed valadoc13:05
dokocjwatson, pitti was looking at13:05
jdstrandlike I said, apparmor_parser should be able to handle that aiui13:05
psivaapitti: ping13:05
cjwatson"discussed" or "is going to fix"?13:05
cjwatsonI assume you need https://mail.gnome.org/archives/commits-list/2013-September/msg08896.html13:05
pitticjwatson: trunk builds against cgraph, but apparently too many other packages would need porting as well, so doko was going to bring back libgraph13:05
cjwatsonpitti: Yes, but that didn't obviously help13:05
dokocjwatson, so I re-enabled libgraph again, however it looks like libcgraph and libgraph cannot co-exist in parallel anymore13:05
pitticjwatson: oh, ok13:06
cjwatsonpitti: We need to port everything, I think; it sucks but there it is13:06
pittiso it seems we either port the five-or-so libgraph consumers or don't build cgraph?13:06
cjwatsonLet's just port, we already started13:06
pittiat least until Debian gets the new version, so that we don't have to deviate so much13:06
pitticjwatson: ok13:06
psivaapitti: hey, we are seeing some issues with running webapps AP tests and appear to hit some dbus issues. so wondering if you'd be able to help13:07
cjwatsonpitti: so, OK if I cherry-pick the cgraph work from upstream?13:07
pitticjwatson: I just tried a trunk build, not a cherry-pick; but you need to disable the 0.16 bits (i. e. drop the libvala0.16 build deps), I didn't get that one to build13:08
cjwatsonLooks like 7b22bc146b318790552aa8ec1ece25a3a06d1316 and 0dcad4e7364c1f7c892ed0c0073a66aefa325b4213:08
pittibut that's fine, we want 0.2013:08
pittipsivaa: I have some three conversations and a meeting in 20 mins, after that?13:09
psivaapitti: sure, thanks :)13:09
pittipsivaa: (or subscribe me to a bug or something)13:09
psivaapitti: we have not reported any bugs but i'll try and ping you after an hour13:09
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pittijdstrand: added another question to the bug, perhaps you know this13:14
plarspitti, psivaa, ogra_: yes, there seems to be some issue with inotify in whoopsie. I was looking at this recently and had some limited success with restarting whoopsie, then calling whoopsie-upload-all. But most of the time it seems like it will still timeout after failing for 30 minutes to see that the .crash file has uploaded13:14
plarsI'll look at it some more today13:15
ogra_great, thanks13:15
pittiplars: at least after that the crashes should have the packaging information13:15
jdstrandpitti: yeah, just saw it. I don't think so13:16
jdstrandpitti: but let's see what jj says-- there might be a bug and you might not need attach_disconnected13:16
pittijdstrand: I guess I could copy the whole /etc/apparmor.d into a tmpfs and move it over; but I'm not sure that would even work13:17
evplars: is inotify actually working on /var/crash?13:19
ogra_ev, is inotify working omn bind mounted dirs ?13:19
evyou tell me! :-P13:19
* ogra_ doesnt know ... but /var/crash is a bindmount 13:20
pittioh, that woudl explain it13:20
pittiif whoopsie starts first, sets the inotify, and *after* that you do the bind mount13:20
pittithat would explain why restarting whoopsie makes it work13:20
ogra_the bind mount happens from mountall13:20
pittias the original inotify is on an inode on the root fs13:20
ogra_whoopsie surely doesnt start before mountall, does it ?13:21
pittiok, would have been a nice explanation13:21
pittiogra_: so that's not done by writable-files?13:22
ogra_writable-files are processed in the initrd13:22
ogra_to create an fstab13:22
ogra_eth actual mounting is done by mountall processing the fstab13:23
plarsev: it would appear not since it needs to be restarted, but sometimes even that doesn't seem to be enough13:24
dokocjwatson, pitti: looks like my graphviz upload re-enabling libgraph was not a good idea. you can't have these in parallel anymore. and configuring graphviz --without-cgraph doesn't seem to work either13:36
cjwatsondoko: Can we just go back to 0ubuntu2 and port everything?13:36
cjwatsonFedora did that13:36
dokoyes, we have to13:37
xnoxstgraber: can we fix this: http://blog.bofh.it/debian/id_41314:00
seb128xnox, stgraber, tedg: with the current upstart jobs, is it possible that unity-panel-service is started before dbus's session job?14:11
seb128if so can we make it just start when the session bus is ready14:11
tedgseb128, I don't think so.14:11
* tedg double checks14:11
seb128tedg, you don't think that it's possible... or happening or...?14:12
tedgseb128, No it's starting with gnome-session, which is started after dbus.14:12
seb128tedg, we are getting indicators that hit g_error() code on init because there is no session bus, that's weird14:13
tedgseb128, I don't think the restart bug is fixed in distro yet though.14:13
* seb128 wonders how that's possible if thing are correctly ordered14:13
seb128tedg, what restart bug?14:13
tedgseb128, When upstart restarts it doesn't save the environment variables, so then tasks can't find dbus.14:14
tedgseb128, Looks like 0ubuntu8 is in trusty, but not saucy.14:14
seb128tedg, "upstart restarts"? is that re-exec on update?14:14
tedgseb128, We put a recoverable error in HUD to detect it: https://errors.ubuntu.com/bucket/?id=DBusSessionAddressNotSet14:14
charleswe're seeing this can't-get-bus-so-let's-crash happen in multiple indicators, and there are similar crashes that go back years in LP14:15
xnoxseb128: it shouldn't, but it can be sometimes.14:15
seb128xnox, tedg: is somebody working on getting that upstart fix SRUed?14:15
xnoxseb128: re-exec on update upstart itself, or any it's dependencies upgraded. you can reproduce it with $ telinit u14:16
xnoxseb128: i dont' think that was in trusty yet.14:17
tedgseb128, I assume, but I haven't verified.14:17
tedgxnox, Oh, is that not in ubuntu8?14:17
xnoxseb128: tedg: there is merge proposal to fix it, but that's not merged in trunk yet.14:17
xnoxtedg: read changelog =) https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/upstart/1.10-0ubuntu814:17
xnoxtedg: there is no mentioning of the saving/restoring environment =))))14:17
tedgxnox, Ah, I figured "super important" :-)14:18
xnox(serialising, deserialising and preserving evn acroos restart)14:18
tedgseb128, So apparently not fixed yet :-/14:18
xnoxtedg: ph, desktop stuff =) the host stayed up.14:18
xnoxtedg: but yeah, it's important and jodh is working on fixing it.14:19
seb128tedg, xnox: who is working on it? jodh?14:19
seb128xnox, ok, thanks14:19
xnoxseb128: tedg https://code.launchpad.net/~jamesodhunt/upstart/bug-1238078/+merge/19072314:19
jodhtedg: I've fixed the issue, but we have a bit of a review backlog atm :)14:20
* tedg can click "approve", send me links! ;-)14:21
cjohnstoncjwatson: when you get a chance, could you please ack my email to ubuntu-devel ref a UDS track name change?14:22
jodhtedg: sorry, upstart devs only :). FWIW, that is the top priority branch to be merged.14:23
cjwatsoncjohnston: done14:23
cjohnstonthanks :-)14:23
cjwatsonsigh, it's unfortunate that trusty-proposed is a partial suite.  I'm either going to have to make librdf-trine-perl and libtest-rdf-perl uninstallable for a publisher cycle when the rest of the perl transition is done, or else force it in a complex way14:24
cjwatsonhm, maybe a faux package would do the job14:25
dokoouch, wth did I package yapgcb for?14:26
stgraberxnox: did you try it on Ubuntu?14:27
stgraberxnox: because it won't work ;)14:27
xnoxstgraber: sounds good ;-) let me try it and see what happens.14:27
stgraberxnox: apparmor will prevent you from re-mounting sysfs and will prevent any write under /sys14:28
dokocjwatson, would you mind removing yapgvb?14:31
cjwatsondoko: can do, just give me a reason I can type into remove-package14:32
dokobased on libgraph, which doesn't exist anymore. last upstream 200914:32
cjwatsondoko: done14:33
dokotwo left kgraphview and ggobi14:33
cjwatsonI'm chasing the other things p-m is complaining about14:33
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saiarcot895When backporting a package, if the package depends on a backported package,....well, is this allowed?15:00
xnoxsaiarcot895: yes.15:06
stgrabercjwatson: can you rescore: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ggobi/2.1.10-4ubuntu1/+build/515760215:12
cjwatsonstgraber: done15:13
stgraberit looks like it'll also need some of that autoconf-dev magic to build on arm6415:13
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cjwatsonsigh, and massif-visualizer is one of the packages that's uncopyable due to an LP bug15:16
rbasakpitti: I'll check15:16
cjwatsonHm, now proposed-migration seems to have decided that graphviz doesn't need to go in with perl, wtf15:30
cjwatsonI guess I could decide not to care about that for now15:30
cjwatsonOh, no it hasn't, it's just that libgv-perl is listed as broken now15:31
cjwatsonThat'd be the connecting package15:31
stgrabermaybe the link between graphviz and perl was one of those packages that got removed/demoted15:31
jibelrbasak, trusty┬ž20131023 is on cloud-images.u.c but there is no current/ directory and image is not listed in daily simplestreams json file15:31
cjwatsonstgraber: No, it's just that on the last run graphviz was out of date so it didn't consider it at the output stage15:31
cjwatsonIt'll reappear next run, I expect15:31
rbasakjibel: I'll check with utlemming when he gets in15:35
jibelrbasak, thanks! Also can you check with him to bring jenkins node ec2-tester back to life?15:37
rbasakWill do15:39
mardythomi: hi! I'm having some trouble with autopilot, which seems has to do with the D-Bus timeout15:42
mardythomi: how long is it by default? is it possible to extend it (maybe with some env variable)?15:42
cjwatsonok, working around the massif-visualizer problem15:46
borg_Hi, the python-qwt5-qt4 package in the current saucy repository is broken. It results in an immediate segfault if used.16:21
borg_I am pretty sure that there was just some kind of fault while the package was build.16:21
borg_i rebuild the package from source and it works16:21
borg_https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pyqwt5/+bug/1243102 (see last comment)16:21
ubottuUbuntu bug 1243102 in pyqwt5 (Ubuntu) "python-qwt5-qt4 segfaults immediately in saucy" [Undecided,New]16:21
borg_who can i contact to rebuild and reupload the package?16:21
xnoxborg_: assigned to ScottK, he is the last one to touch the package, and should now if that is the case and how to deal with it.16:29
infinityshadeslayer: Can you re-do that grub2-signed SRU without the trusty changelog entry in there?17:12
shadeslayerinfinity: sure17:12
shadeslayerRiddell: ^^ still around to upload that for me?17:13
Riddellinfinity: shadeslayer: doing17:13
infinityRiddell: Also, please don't set Fix Committed on SRU bugs when you upload something.17:19
infinityRiddell: In Progress is fine, but we use Fix Committed to mean we've actually accepted it to -proposed.17:19
Riddellinfinity: I know sorry I think I got confused on which was in -proposed17:20
rbasakpitti, jibel: utlemming is working on it and expects to have something by EOD. Apparently we're not used to having customers this early in the cycle :)17:25
slangasekMirv: so in the authoritative configuration, the autopilot tests are being executed via phablet-test-run, connected how? adb?17:58
seb128bdmurray, there? I'm not sure what to do with software-properties to re-inject the version you didn't commit17:59
infinityricotz: Known bug in 1.0.10, fixed in 1.0.11.  On the other hand, 1.0.10 is only in proposed, so the right answer here is in the form of a question: "Why are you running proposed?"17:59
seb128I wonder if I should uncommit my update, push --overwrite, commit yours and redo mine on top of it18:00
seb128I don't like much uncommit/overwrite though18:00
infinityseb128: Just fix the changelog and commit?  Unless you're concerned about tags being sane too.18:00
seb128infinity, I would prefer tags to match uploads yes18:00
infinityIf I were you, I'd just suffer with his upload being untagged.  But your VCS, your call. :P18:01
* seb128 shakes fist at people not using the vcs18:01
slangasekseb128: branch from last common revision; commit bdmurray's changes on new branch and tag; merge that branch into your trunk18:01
infinityseb128: Or, I can just accept your rejected upload, and then your tags will match, and his will just appear to have never happened.18:01
slangasekoh, what you have committed in the VCS doesn't match the archive?18:02
seb128slangasek, well, trunk has a tag for a version that got rejected now18:02
seb128so that tag is buggy as well18:02
seb128infinity, I start thinking that's easier18:02
infinityseb128: Yeah, I'll just do that, and you can pretend none of this ever happened.18:02
seb128slangasek, it matches my upload to saucy-proposed that Daviey rejected because there was one of bdmurray already in there (which was lower number/not in the vcs)18:02
seb128infinity, thanks18:03
seb128infinity, slangasek: thanks18:03
infinityseb128: Done.18:04
seb128infinity, thanks18:04
bdmurrayseb128: sorry about that18:04
seb128bdmurray, no worry18:05
robruogra_, ping? can I get you to seed webbrowser-app for trusty? https://code.launchpad.net/~robru/ubuntu-seeds/ubuntu.trusty/+merge/19256418:35
xnoxrobru: have the extra dependencies that that pulls in been dropped?18:38
xnoxrobru: specifically those that get pulled in by qtmultimedia?18:38
robruxnox, i thought so? did mirv not get his updated qtmultimedia in?18:39
robruxnox, if this isn't in, can somebody sponsor it? https://code.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/qtmultimedia-opensource-src_5.0.218:39
xnoxrobru: no  it hasn't yet.18:40
robruxnox, well can you sponsor/upload it please? it's ready to go18:41
xnoxrobru: please wait until that branch is actually uploaded, built in -proposed and migrated to -release. Only then the seed change can go it.18:41
robruxnox, so you're not going to upload it then? i don't have upload rights18:42
xnoxrobru: Mirv didn't request that branch to be properly sponsored. Therefore it didn't appear on any sponsorship queues/reports and none of the sponsors patch pilots looked at it.18:49
xnoxrobru: so it hasn't landed yet18:50
xnoxrobru: i openend the task agaisnt qtmultimedia, linked the branched to the bug, made merge-proposal into the default packaging branch, subscribed ubuntu sponsors on the bug report.18:50
xnoxrobru: soon it should appear on http://reqorts.qa.ubuntu.com/reports/sponsoring/18:50
robruxnox, thanks18:50
xnoxrobru: and then one of the sponsors will look into it in due course. I am extremely busy at the moment, and can't look into it.18:51
xnoxrobru: once qtmultimedia task is "Fix released" then webapps seed proposal can be made. And you should request "ubuntu-core-dev" to review it, then it will also end up on the above sponsorship report to be merged/sponsored.18:51
mdeslaurNoskcaj: thanks, I'll take a look at it tomorrow19:05
NoskcajHas anyone looked at bug 1234612 ?19:19
ubottubug 1234612 in memtest86+ (Ubuntu) "Please update memtest86+ to the latest 5.0.x release - memtest86 in Ubuntu 13.10 is 2 years old (v4.2.0)!" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/123461219:19
cjwatsonNoskcaj: level of interest in touching that at all without the Debian maintainer taking it very low indeed19:43
Noskcajcjwatson, not suprising. I've emailed the debian maintainer and will let everyone know if i get a reply19:44
* cjwatson leaves a bug comment to that effect19:44
cjwatsonNoskcaj: why e-mail directly, rather than filing a Debian bug?19:44
cjwatsonno obvious need for privacy here19:44
Noskcajwill do now19:44
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seb128infinity, can you get the gnome-settings-daemon saucy SRU that is in the queue in? it fixes those keyboard problems a bit harder than the version in proposed is20:41
infinityseb128: With extra gusto? :P20:42
infinityERROR: Queue has more than one upload of this source, please handle manually20:42
* infinity sighs and goes to look.20:42
seb128infinity, both are from me, you can reject the older one20:43
seb128the new one includes the 3 changelog entries20:44
sarnoldhttps://launchpad.net/bugs/1243969  has me confused how to proceed; flightgear needs an update. the reporter who provided a debdiff claims that archive flightgear can't rebuild against archive simgear because of a change in simgear made _after_ the flightgear package was built. flightgear now FTBFS as a result of the change in simgear.23:45
ubottuUbuntu bug 1243969 in simgear (Ubuntu) "buffer overrun through UDP input" [Undecided,Confirmed]23:45
sarnoldwhat's the next steps? get someone else to fix the ftbfs in an sru so that the security fix would then be small? or try to fix the ftbfs in the security update directly?23:47
infinitysarnold: Fix the FTBFS in the security update, it doesn't make sense to do two uploads just to keep them isolated.23:47
sarnold(does anyone know flightgear well enough to just say "add -lpthread to CFLAGS" or "do not under any circumstance try flightgear with threading"?)23:47
infinitysarnold: Do you have a failed build log?23:48
sarnoldinfinity: no, not yet23:48
* infinity gives it a whirl.23:48
* infinity gives is a very slow whirl...23:52
infinityThat's a lot of build-deps.23:52

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