rostamapw, I do not think I have serial port on this system00:34
apwrostam, then it could just be a new job which will fail and be disabled when you don't have them ... ie could be an upstart config issue01:20
rostamapw, thank you for shading some info on this. any more info on how to debug this please? thx02:40
larsduesingshort informational question: what do the tags "kernel-da-key" & "kernel-key" mean? Is there somewhere a list?04:17
larsduesing(only curiousity...)04:18
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apwlarsduesing, they are literally tags in launchpad we use to group bugs we are keeping a particular eye on05:28
apwlarsduesing, we mostly use them to list bugs by tag in launchpad05:28
cheater_3do the kernels in the kernel ppa have pae?06:57
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brendandcan someone help me understand this strace? http://paste.ubuntu.com/6294278/11:03
cheater_3do the kernel builds on kernel-ppa have pae support?11:04
brendandi think 'ioctl(3, RTC_WIE_ON or RTC_WKALM_SET, {enabled=1, pending=0, {tm_sec=4, tm_min=0, tm_hour=11, tm_mday=24, tm_mon=9, tm_year=113, ...}}) = 0' is where it's setting the wakealarm11:04
brendandit's using ioctl on the rtc device, right?11:06
brendandthe documentation for ioctl says it needs an open file descriptor, but i can't see where it was opened11:10
brendandoh i see it's on file descriptor 3, which is /dev/rtc011:11
brendandcking, meaning - i need to talk to you about this ^11:12
brendandcking, fwts aborts the wakealarm test on ARM, because it doesn't have /sys/class/rtc/rtc0/wakealarm11:13
brendandcking, but rtcwake appears to operate via ioctls on /dev/rtc011:13
brendandcking, and on the ARM hardware i'm testing, rtcwake does work11:13
ckingbrendand, file a bug and I will make it operate akin to what rtc wake is doing11:14
ckingrecall that this was originally just hacked up for x86, so never been tested, so bugs like this will occur11:15
brendandcking, cool - cheers11:16
ckingbrendand, the trace showed: open("/sys/class/rtc/rtc0/device/power/wakeup", O_RDONLY) = 311:16
ckingoops, forget that11:17
ckingbrendand, I meant open("/dev/rtc0", O_RDONLY|O_CLOEXEC)   = 3  (see line 52)11:18
brendandcking, one thing though is that we are using the wakealarm interface in our test code11:18
brendandcking, so either that *should* be there, and fwts should be updated to fail if it's not11:19
brendandcking, or we need to update our test code to use ioctl's or whatever else11:19
ckingbrendand, or something like that, file a bug and I will look at it, sorry but I'm fixing a more pressing bug at the mo11:20
ckingbrendand, when do you need a fix for this?11:20
brendandcking, it's not urgent11:20
brendandmanjo, just the person i needed :)11:21
ckingbrendand, OK, I will pop it on my list of things for friday or monday :-)11:21
brendandcking, here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1244184. like i said, not urgent for now - so feel free to schedule it whenever. if it becomes urgent i'll surely update the bug11:25
ubot2Launchpad bug 1244184 in Firmware Test Suite "wakealarm test needs to be updated to pass when rtcwake would work" [Undecided,New]11:25
ckingbrendand, ok, thanks for finding and reporting this11:26
brendandcking, note there's an open question about whether the wakealarm interface should actually be there anyway. i'm trying to find out11:27
brendandcking, will update the bug if i get more info11:27
ckingbrendand, no worries about that, I'll sort it out11:27
erle-last month amd had fglrx 13.9 on their website, now they are back to 13.413:11
erle-how come?13:11
erle-sorry, if you don't want to deal with those proprietary questions13:12
* apw yawns14:02
ckingmorning apw14:03
* cking wonders how we ever got stuff done w/o virtual machines14:04
henrixcking: with serial cables? :)14:05
ckingapw, got a fix to the ecryptfs bug, just exercising it like mad right now14:07
apwcking, hey that was quick, have you talked to tyler he was also sounding like he was looking14:08
apwcking, ie does he know you have it fixed :) so he can stop14:08
ckinghe's not online yet, but I will prod him asap as he comes on line14:08
apwtyhicks, ^^14:08
ckingtyhicks, hey, I got a fix :-)14:08
* cking has a late lunch break14:30
ckingbrendand, can you reply back to bug 1244184 as I need a little more data14:57
ubot2Launchpad bug 1244184 in Firmware Test Suite "wakealarm test needs to be updated to pass when rtcwake would work" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/124418414:57
brendandcking, sure14:58
cheater_3do the kernel builds in kernel-ppa have pae support?15:01
brendandcking, which options will get me the most info out of fwts?15:17
ckingbrendand, just run it the way you tripped the issue and send me the bit of text that reports the error you saw15:22
brendandcking, ok - the body of the results.log should do i think15:23
tyhickscking: hey - I had come up with a potential fix last night and let some tests run while I was sleeping15:48
* tyhicks looks to see if we came up with the same thing15:49
ckingheh, could be a dup of effort15:49
ckingi was on a plane last night so I only saw the email this morning15:49
tyhicksSame fix :)15:50
tyhicksI hadn't updated the bug yet15:50
tyhicksI noticed that corruption would start at (4G - 8192 + 1) upper file size, would would be (4G + 1) lower file size15:51
tyhicksand then noticed the recent change that I had made to the lower offset calculation15:51
ckingtyhicks, i looked at a bunch of other file systems and saw they needed to do the same cast before the shift too15:52
tyhicksah, yep15:53
ckingwell, shall I leave it in your hands?15:53
ckingtyhicks, I'll drop doing any more on this then, are you going to SRU it for Saucy?15:57
tyhickscking: I'm going to use your patch since you've already got the commit message done15:57
tyhickscking: I'll get it to Linus today and I will also do the SRU15:58
ckingok, thanks, whatever really :-)15:58
tyhickscking: thanks for the help! :)15:59
brendandcking, updated16:11
ckingbrendand, ta, I'm working on a fix now16:11
brendandcking, did you make a decision about whether the wakealarm file should be there?16:12
ckingbrendand, see my comment in the bug, I'll update it when I am certain16:12
erle-jsalisbury, i reopened the bug now16:20
erle-problem still exists will all 3.11 versions and with fglrx purged16:20
jsalisburyerle-, ack.  can you post the bug number?16:21
erle-i am just adding reports16:22
jsalisburyerle-, thanks, I'll take a look and update the bug.16:24
erle-I just added a list of kernel versions I tested16:25
erle-all from ppa or from official repo16:25
jsalisburyerle-, Is the bug fixed with 3.11.0-13.20 ?16:26
erle-wait, i will try it out16:26
jsalisburyerle-, great, thanks16:26
erle-costs me a lot of time btw, its my main machine :)16:26
jsalisburyerle-,  I believe it should be resolved in that kernel.  It might also be good to test the latest Trusty kernel, if you have a chance.16:27
erle-jsalisbury, 3.11.0-13.20 came up this time16:29
erle-jsalisbury, worked another time16:33
erle-ok, maybe 3.11.0-13.20 is fine16:34
jsalisburyerle-, cool.  that means the bug should be fixed in the next Saucy update.16:35
erle-i will put status to "fix commited" again16:35
erle-i will report if anything bad happens16:36
erle-i will go without fglrx for a while now16:36
jsalisburyerle-, thanks for all the help testing16:36
erle-i should have written down some notes about what version crashed when16:37
rostamHI all,  I am porting a driver for a capture card. The driver was originally developed with Linux 2.6.32 (RHEL 6.4) now I am porting it to linux 3.8 (Ubuntu 12.04). There was only one change that I had to do, ".ioctl"  to ".unlocked_ioctl"  in  'struct file_operations'.  The driver loads fine but it fails on any ioctl with "Unknown ioctl cmd ..." any help greatly appreciated.  Thx 17:02
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ckingbrendand, i'll have a fix for you to test first thing tomorrow19:20
coredumptools/hv refuses to compile21:02
coredumphv_kvp_daemon.c:1450: error: 'CN_KVP_IDX' undeclared (first use in this function)21:02
coredumpany hint?21:03
apwcoredump, the debian/rules in the package manage to build it, the incantation there should help21:44

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