TheLordOfTimeanyone know if nicholas skaggs is here on irc...?00:56
TheLordOfTimeoh that's balloons lol00:57
TheLordOfTimeyo balloons ping00:57
SergioMenesesTheLordOfTime, but I think he is taking dinner01:00
TheLordOfTimeSergioMeneses, well, no matter, i'll hunt him down in -bugs, since he's proposing merging bugsquad and QA teams01:01
TheLordOfTimeand, well...01:01
TheLordOfTimei think bdmurray and bugcontrol gets a say... xD01:01
SergioMenesesTheLordOfTime, that is ok :)01:02
pittiGood morning03:39
nixnineanyone know how to remove an infected file found in chkrootkit?04:30
DanChapmanmorning everyone07:06
pittihey DanChapman, how are you?07:06
DanChapmanpitti, hey there. Im good thanks, and yourself?07:06
pittiDanChapman: very well, thanks07:07
pittichasing all the autopkgtest failures that we got in trusty07:07
jibelmorning DanChapman07:12
jibelGood morning pitti07:12
jibelhow are tou?07:13
pittibonjour jibel ! je vais bien, et toi ?07:13
DanChapmanpitti yes I had seen there was quite a few yesterday ;-). Talking of autopkgtests, you know we did some tests last cycle for the default installed apps and had a run on jenkins,  do you think they would be better off being run as autopkgtests like you did with shotwell. I still need to chat with balloons about what the plans with them are, I just think they are a bit wasted currently07:13
DanChapmanjibel, good morning o/07:13
pittijibel: first time that I really enjoy my shiny new 16 GB of RAM, running some three autopkgtest VMs in parallel and all in RAM :)07:13
pittiDanChapman: indeed, ATM I cannot even find them any more in jenkins07:14
jibelpitti, I'm a bit tired, I drove nearly all day yesterday, not the kind of thing I fancy the most07:14
pittiDanChapman: as autopkgtest they would be a lot more visible in the sense that they'll block package migration etc.07:14
pittiDanChapman: and people get notified07:14
pittiDanChapman: but they run in a rather restricted environment, of course07:14
pittiDanChapman: btw, we now have autopilot-sandbox-run which should make this much easier07:14
pittijibel: oha, where?07:15
DanChapmanpitti, great thats what i thought, well I will get on to balloons about a plan to get it done07:16
jibelpitti, from my home to my mother's place near Vannes (south of Brittany), nearly 4 hours one way and back in the evening07:20
pittijibel: ouch; not quite like vacation07:20
jibelpitti, not quite :)07:20
jibelpitti, talking about autopkgtest, network-manager is completely frozen. it happened 2 days ago already, I cannot even connect to the VM.07:22
jibelI'm wondering if it modified network configuration and ssh loses connectivity07:23
pittijibel: yeah, that's on my list too07:23
pittijibel: it already broke late in saucy, some upload broke wpa_supplicant for how we use it in testing07:23
pittijibel: I cannot reproduce the new hang on the dnsmasq test, but I can reproduce the previous failure08:14
pittijibel: "Failed to connect to socket /var/run/dbus/system_bus_socket: Permission denied"08:14
pittithat goes away when I disable apparmor, I'll chke08:14
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slickymastergood morning all08:54
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davmor2Morning all10:08
doug5can anyone trigger a rebuild on ubuntu-calender-app?
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pittifginther: I just tried to re-run the messaging-app tests, as you upgraded the otto runners12:35
pittifginther: "Resolving lp (lp)... failed: Name or service not known." when trying to checkout the branch?12:35
pittifginther: (not my branch, the autopilot-testrunner-otto-saucy one)12:36
pittifginther: also, this might need an update to -trusty?12:36
fgintherpitti, vila is in the process of cloning the testrunner branch to a trusty branch, but this is not your problem.12:57
fgintherpitti, the job requires a zip archive containing the packages from a builder job, it can't work directly on your bzr branch12:58
fgintherpitti, for that you would need to use
pittifginther: oh, I thought that's where I started it off the last time12:58
pittifginther: ah, so I picked the wrong job; sorry, thank you!12:59
fgintherpitti, no worries, it's not documented or anythings :-)12:59
pittifginther: so close, all tests (on both phones) succeed, just not the otto one :)12:59
vilafginther: argh, I've been delayed there by yet another fire that I'm still fighting, expect lag :-(12:59
fginthervila, understandable :-)13:00
fgintherelopio_, ping13:04
elopio_fginther: pong.14:17
fgintherelopio_, sorry, in t meeting be available soon14:29
elopio_fginther: ok.14:29
SergioMenesesmorning elopio_ \o14:29
elopio_hola SergioMeneses.14:29
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balloonselopio, thanks for adding those dependencies for AP 1.4 :-) But will the transition not occur nicely?14:37
elopioballoons: I'll figure it out as soon as I finish helping timp. From what they said to me yesterday, it seems not.14:39
elopioand all the branches failed because it seems otto is already in 1.4.14:39
* balloons should check the ml before pinging.. sorry, I see your mail now14:40
WebbyITHi balloons, how are you? :)14:42
elfymorning balloons14:43
balloonsmorning WebbyIT and elfy14:44
WebbyITballoons: shall you help me with a test, please?14:44
WebbyITI don't understand why it fails14:44
balloonsWebbyIT, sure thing14:46
WebbyITok, thanks14:46
balloonsohh hmm14:46
DanChapmanmorning balloons, afternoon elfy14:47
elfyhi DanChapman14:47
balloonsWebbyIT, well things are transitioning to trusty14:47
elfyDanChapman: no wiki yet?14:47
balloonsand it seems to be saying the ubuntu-team-sdk ppa doesn't have a trusty package14:48
balloonslet me see if this happens to my mp too14:48
balloonsDanChapman, how are you! :-)14:48
WebbyITballoons: on my local machine they work14:48
WebbyITbut I have raring/saucy14:48
balloonsWebbyIT, right.. depending on the my results I'll bug francis :-)14:49
DanChapmanelfy, ahh yes I have made a start on it https://wiki.ubuntu.com/dpniel I will get it finished some point today. So feel free to fill it out a little :-)14:49
WebbyITballoons: thanks :)14:50
DanChapmanballoons, I'm good thanks, and yourself? I'm just sorting out the gtk emulator MP so shall be requesting a review from you in a bit. :-P14:51
balloonsDanChapman, I'm doing well.. Trying to get things settled for trusty.. lots to nail down and discuss.. Feedback has been good so far, so I'm excitied14:52
balloonsit's an lts release, and we can help make it awesome :-)14:52
balloonsspeaking of which, I need to move over today to trusty :-)14:52
elfybit late balloons - it's been released ...14:53
elfywhere you been?14:53
balloonsdownloaded the package updates..14:53
balloonsWebbyIT, yep I got the same issue14:55
DanChapmanballoons, indeed! What is the intended plan with the ubuntu autopilot tests? I was thinking about it earlier and spoke with pitti briefly about it possibly being better to run them as autopkgtests like pitti did with shotwell, they seem to be a bit wasted atm.14:56
WebbyITballoons: ok, I'll wait14:56
balloonsfginther, I suspect you are a busy man today, but there is no trusty builds for the ubuntu-sdk, thus the core apps landing bot is failing14:57
fgintherballoons, ahh. that can be fixed14:58
fgintherthanks for pointing out the problem14:58
balloonsDanChapman, yes we should talk about those.. there has been a bit of a push to figure out what tests we have for the desktop and get it into the CI enviroment more directly.. aka, so it shows on the QA dashboard14:59
balloonssince we have the CI team now to look after these things the burden on running them by use isn't so great.14:59
balloonsmaking them all into autopkg tests is one way to solve the problem I guess15:00
elfyDanChapman: all done :) payment later when I'm driving you nuts asking autopilot questions lol15:02
DanChapmanballoons, what other options do we have to run them??15:04
balloonsgema, jibel did you have any concrete plans for the community created desktop autopilot apps running at
DanChapmanelfy, your a star, thankyou :-)15:04
elfyI don't write them often :)15:04
gemaballoons: I 'd like to run them15:06
gemaon every image15:06
balloonsso you'd like to make them a part of the daily image testing then?15:06
jibelballoons, that's on my list of tests to open for trusty just after ubiquity15:07
balloonsso we'll be able to point to some results on reports.qa.ubuntu.com every day?15:08
jibelballoons, and I would like to run them in VMs instead of hardware. Now that daily release is running every 4h it doesn't let much time to run them.15:08
jibelballoons, that I don't know, becasue the dashboard can only be fed with results from utah15:10
balloonshmm.. gema do you have thoughts on getting them on the dashboard?15:13
balloonsas DanChapman mentions, we could convert them to autopkg tests and presume that is the way to write them going forward.. I'm not sure it's required, but we should think about which way is the best way to go, then do it15:14
balloonsit's a good question15:14
elfyballoons: while I remember - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/AutomatedTesting/ubiquity    "Our goal is to have this in place and running for the 14.04 cycle in time for the first milestone testing. " does that mean flavours first milestone or Ubuntu's ?15:15
balloonselfy, hehe.. clever15:15
balloonsWe want it up and running asap.. and DanChapman is on the case!15:15
elfygot my breaking things head on ;)15:15
elfyahah - 2 reasons then :p15:16
xnoxelfy: balloons: first milestone is 1st month, as per launchpad.15:16
xnoxwhich is roughly before the end of november.15:16
balloonsI wouldn't commit us to anything more than having it down for 14.04 final. But we want in place as soon as possible15:16
xnoxwhich needs (a) daily images started to build (b) me merging the tests (c) getting them to run =)15:17
elfyokey doke - thanks for info :)15:17
DanChapmanxnox, while your about, is there a way I can determine the flavor being installed? platform.dist seems to just show 'Ubuntu' on all flavors. I'm trying to avoid figuring it out from the page_title15:21
xnoxDanChapman: yes you can.15:24
xnoxDanChapman: first word of /.disk/info on the cd, which is /cdrom/.disk/info on the booted live cd.15:25
xnoxDanChapman: and there is a helper function in ubiqutiy to "fetch" that, which you should be able to "copy&paste" or import and use.15:25
DanChapmanxnox, brilliant cheers i'll give that a shot. Thankyou15:30
DanChapmanballoons, have you come across this error before http://paste.ubuntu.com/6295499/15:33
balloonsDanChapman, yes yes I have15:34
balloonsthat's a common error when autopilot and the lib packages are not in sync15:34
balloonsit means exactly what is says. if the protocol is not the same version it has trouble communicating and throws the error15:34
DanChapmanballoons, ahh ok cheers15:35
balloonsthe fix is to make sure you are running the autopilot version you want to be running, and ensure all the packages are the same version15:35
balloonsso libraries and autopilot are both 1.3 or both 1.415:35
balloonsDanChapman, re autopilot desktop tests. For now let's let jibel get them running as he plans to do and then see where things fall out. We've done the work to write them and running them as part of the image testing or during build works for me, as long as they are being run :-)15:43
DanChapmanballoons, ok mate15:47
borg_Hi, the python-qwt5-qt4 package in the current saucy repository is broken. It results in an immediate segfault if used.16:09
borg_I am pretty sure that there was just some kind of fault while the package was build.16:09
borg_i rebuild the package from source and it works16:09
borg_https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pyqwt5/+bug/1243102 (see last comment)16:09
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1243102 in pyqwt5 (Ubuntu) "python-qwt5-qt4 segfaults immediately in saucy" [Undecided,New]16:09
borg_who can i contact to rebuild and reupload the package?16:10
anv_eshI'm new to the development community. Can anyone help me out?16:10
balloonsborg_, best to ask in #ubuntu-devel16:19
balloonsborg_, they should be able to help sponser something to fix it16:19
borg_balloons: thx16:20
TheLordOfTimeballoons, i was looking for ya earlier17:41
TheLordOfTimeyou busy?17:41
balloonsTheLordOfTime, give me a min17:58
TheLordOfTimeballoons, OK.  i'm having issues sending emails hence why i'd like someone to be able to hear my opinions :P17:58
TheLordOfTime(about the QA/Bugsquad merger thing)17:58
f-jackHow do i sign up for the QA team I am currenty a bugsquad member18:08
cgoldbergelopio, hey..  regarding Autopilot 1.4 update. so we first want to port those tests, but not merge them yet?  little confused on order of upgrade18:18
cgoldbergelopio, also, i can review that stack of branches with the version upgrade.. have you run each one?18:19
TheLordOfTimeballoons, let me know when you're not busy :)18:19
balloonsTheLordOfTime, go for it18:23
TheLordOfTimeballoons, i would suggest making a note that tester and bug triager would overlap18:23
TheLordOfTimebecause there are triagers who triage bugs in the dev release without actually doing everything else a tester does18:24
TheLordOfTimecase in point myself, I triage nginx bugs in the dev releases, but that's kinda my focus for triaging so that makes sense.18:24
balloonsTheLordOfTime, under this model, the idea would be they are still "testers".. just focused on bug work18:24
balloonsif you have to install and use the devel release at all, you would fall under that18:25
balloonsof course people can play multiple roles18:25
TheLordOfTimetrue, i meant that you should also make a note there is going to be occasional overlap18:25
TheLordOfTimeat least, on paper, in case someone gets confused about that18:25
balloonswell we want things to be clearer, not more confusing:-)18:25
TheLordOfTimeotherwise, looks good, but i agree with leaving the discussion open a bit18:25
TheLordOfTimemaybe get bdmurray's opinion ;)18:25
* TheLordOfTime yawns18:26
TheLordOfTimeurgh, time for another coffee break >.>18:26
elfysome are more likely to be more interested in one side of it than the other18:31
elfyespecially if they try to read https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Bugs/HowToTriage :p18:31
* TheLordOfTime returns with extra strong coffee18:35
balloonsyes no problems if folks only do certain activities.. nothing wrong with people doing what they enjoy18:37
TheLordOfTimeballoons, i'm all for the merger though :P18:37
balloonsthat is the point.. just want to expose folks to as many oppurtunties as possible. variety is nice to have18:37
TheLordOfTimethat means there's more collaboration between QA and bug triagers xD18:38
elfywhich in itself has got to be a good thing18:38
elfyespecially if it leads to better bug reports - which we can only hope leads to more being dealt with18:38
TheLordOfTimewell, the system has changed a bit, a lot fo the issues i see nowadays of 'Unaddressed Bugs' are just old bug reports that were never autoclosed come EOLs18:41
TheLordOfTimeunless you include the nginx bugs, a few of them are still open because i haven't gotten to them yet xD18:41
TheLordOfTimebut yeah a big issue is just old, neglected bugs18:42
elfyI really should go through bugs I've commented/me too'd - I know that most of them will be EOL'd18:42
TheLordOfTimethat may have been fixed, but the bug reports didn't get closed or something18:42
TheLordOfTimeelfy, quite a few were autoclosed for a given release, but yeah going through bugs wouldn't hurt.18:42
elfyindeed - if only to stop them showing when I click bugs at my lp page :)18:43
elopiocgoldberg: hey, sorry, I was in a meeting18:57
elopiocgoldberg: thanks for the offer.18:57
elopioso what we need is to make branches for all the projects that will work with autopilot 1.418:57
elopiobut do not merge them until we have autopilot 1.4 on the jenkins runners.18:58
elopiorobotfuel is also helping.18:58
elopiocgoldberg: can you start with the calculator?18:58
robotfuelI am doing the ubuntu-filemanager-app now18:59
TheLordOfTimeelfy, heh.19:00
robotfuelwhile I wait for mir to build19:00
robotfuelelopio: where do I get libautopilot-qt for autopilot 1.419:01
elopiorobotfuel: I had to build it myself.19:01
elopiorobotfuel: do you know how?19:02
robotfuelelopio: yes19:02
elopioI didn't, so spent the past hour figuring it out :)(19:02
robotfuelelopio: I was hoping for a ppa :P19:02
elopiorobotfuel: I think they have just removed it from the ppa, or something like that.19:02
elopioI'm not understanding all the details of the mess.19:02
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cgoldbergelopio, sure.. stepping out for a sec then will work on  calc19:05
davmor2elopio: isn't just qmake name_of_guild ?19:06
robotfuelelopio: dpkg-buildpackage works for anything with a debian directory.19:06
elopiodavmor2: it's dpkg-buildpackage19:06
davmor2good to know :)19:07
elopiorobotfuel: yes, I just thought libautopilot-qt was build from the autopilot branch. Had to dig to find the autopilot-qt project.19:07
elopiothen the dependencies made a mess on my machine.19:08
elopionow I think my toolkit branch is ready, making a last run.19:08
elopiothomi: we are here breaking everything.19:14
thomielopio: \o/19:14
elopiothomi: take a look at the autopilot 1.4 thread on the qa-team list.19:15
thomielopio: I'm writing a very angry email about it right now.19:15
elopioI'll tell didrocks that you are angry with him :)19:16
thominot angry with didrocks19:17
Letozaf_balloons, hello19:21
Letozaf_balloons, is autopilot vers.  1.3.1  the right version to use, the docs are about 1.419:21
balloonsLetozaf_, hello19:23
balloonswe are migrating to 1.4 for the core apps19:23
Letozaf_balloons, now ?19:23
balloonsyes, elopio is working on it ;-)19:24
Letozaf_balloons, oh! but if I have to write autopilot tests, what should I use now ? should I wait or what ?19:24
balloonsfor the moment everything will continue to run under 1.3.. if you write new stuff, feel free to use 1.419:25
balloonswe will be migrating too it.. so any bugs found will need to be fixed19:25
Letozaf_balloons, so if I want to fix a broken test, it's firs better to fix it using 1.3 ?19:26
Letozaf_sorry first19:26
balloonsin the end it doesn't matter, but everything will be running 1.4 soon19:27
Letozaf_balloons, ok19:27
balloonsthe app might not have any issues with 1.3 to 1.419:27
balloonsbut it's not a bad idea to use 1.4 for stuff now19:27
Letozaf_balloons, fine, thanks19:28
elopiorobotfuel, cgoldberg: the first one is ready: https://code.launchpad.net/~elopio/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/autopilot-1.4/+merge/19257419:28
robotfuelLetozaf_: the thing to watch out for is select_single raise an error in 1.4 when it doesn't find anything, instead of returning None like 1.3.19:29
Letozaf_robotfuel, ok thanks, so assertions about something equal or not equal None  are better be changed19:30
robotfuelLetozaf_: yes,  https://code.launchpad.net/~elopio/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/autopilot-1.4/+merge/192574 is a good example19:31
elopioballoons: do we have all the tests passing on all the applications using 1.3?19:37
balloonselopio, in theory :-)19:38
elfyballoons: just looking at finishing up the Ubuntu One addition to testcases - do things like OEM setup/non-english installs all have the same thing?19:59
elfycan I assume that if the testcase has "Input your initial user details and password" then it will also have the Ubuntu One item ?20:00
balloonselfy, what do you mean?20:01
elfythe Ubuntu One setup bit you get in Ubuntu installs - will the same thing be there in OEM install/non-english installs20:03
elfydo they need the change to be made as well20:03
balloonsohh.. yes they exist in oem installs, but I believe that's a bug.. meaning it shouldn't exist in the initial oem install20:04
balloonsbut only the user install20:04
elfyok - just wanted to make sure I wasn't going to waste time20:05
elfyif it's a bug in OEM I'll not do anything for that one20:05
balloonsI would set it up properly20:06
balloonsno ubuntu one during oem install20:06
elfyk - ignoring that testcase then :)20:06
balloonsbut have it exist during  user install piece20:06
elfyaaah - ok - got you - reading the whole testcase now :)20:07
elfywould it be after "Add end user details and click Continue"20:08
balloonsafter the reboot for end user install20:10
balloonsbasically you install with oem, setup for end user20:10
balloonsthen reboot.. the end user will go through an install, and during that we should see the ubuntu one config ;-)20:10
elfyyep - understood - not sure where exactly - I'll mail you with where I think it is - you can reply at your leisure :)20:12
elfyor we're going to go back and forth ;)20:12
balloonslol.. send the mp as best you can20:12
balloonsI think you'll get it :-)20:12
elfyok - trusting soul you are :p20:12
balloonsevening fetz !20:19
fetzHi Nick, looking at the new jobs on the QA site, dont know what to choose :/ i like writing tests and love testing lol20:21
elfydo both - I do :)20:21
fetzthats a good point never thought abouot doing them both :D20:22
knomeyou can even do both and more :P20:23
elfythat too - but I thought it polite to not say so :)20:24
fetzhaha yeah need to see how much i can fit in20:24
elfyalways a little bit more :D20:25
knomewell my suggestion is to rather do one thing well than three things badly20:25
fetzyeah im good at breaking stuff thats why i like testing20:26
elfyballoons: ok - that's pushed and ready for you now then20:28
TheLordOfTimeballoons, what'll happen with bugsquad, is that just going to become a subteam of the QA team or something?20:28
TheLordOfTimeor will thebugsquaders all have to join the QA team20:28
cgoldbergelopio, i'm building autopilot from trunk, it's 1.3.1?  where's the 1.4 branch?20:30
balloonsTheLordOfTime, that's an implementation detail, but I suppose either works20:30
elopiocgoldberg: they changed trunk to point to 1.3. I'm not sure how to find 1.4 now.20:31
elopioI had it branched, so I just didn't pull the change.20:31
TheLordOfTimeballoons, trying to decide whether to preempt by joining QA team, or doing nothing, depending on implementation20:31
balloonsTheLordOfTime, :-) can't hurt to join the team. part of me says to close the team and expire everyone after x amount of time and encourage them to join the new team20:32
balloonsanother says just make it a subteam, but then folks will have to join both20:32
balloonsthen there is the issue of bug controls with the admin teams20:32
balloonsso I don't think we can just close them all up20:32
elfycan't bugsquad team be a member of qa team20:32
TheLordOfTimeelfy, that's what i thought20:33
TheLordOfTimeballoons, it *is* possible to just have BugSquad be a member of the QA team20:33
elfythen no-one personally has to do anything20:33
TheLordOfTimethereby everything applies20:33
TheLordOfTimethat was what i was asking whether that would happen20:33
balloonsI don't see why note, I was just listing scenarios20:33
TheLordOfTimethen bugcontrol still maintains bug authorities that they have (i think)20:33
balloonsright.. bugcontrol will stay as is20:33
balloonsthat's a big ball of worms to try and change bugcontrol20:34
TheLordOfTimeyeah, because bugcontrol is handled separately from bugsquad.20:34
balloonswhich is good :-)20:34
TheLordOfTimeoh god, let's not, i don't want to have to be stuck on the wrong side of triage permissions :P20:34
TheLordOfTimeballoons, what's the qa team on lp20:34
elfyI vote for making TheLordOfTime need more coffee - but he'll know that :p20:34
TheLordOfTimetheir url :P20:34
TheLordOfTimeelfy, that's a perpetually permanent "Approved" vote xD20:35
TheLordOfTimebut its no secret i need my coffee to keep going :P20:35
* TheLordOfTime sips on his 3rd cup of coffee of the day20:35
fetzill get the kettle on20:35
knomeif something is a ball of worms to change/poke, then that probably should be poked...20:35
balloonshehe fetz.. can you put tea on too?20:35
fetzu take sugar?20:36
* balloons notes knome likes tipping over baskets20:36
balloonsfetz, straight please, no sugar :-)20:36
elfypffft - you lot with your funny timezones ... I've been through tea/coffee/tea and am on brandy now20:36
knomewell why not? if it helps to clean up the community...20:36
knomeelfy, oh oh, that reminds me i have a yummy british beer!20:36
=== salem_ is now known as _salem
elfyknome: there are a few :)20:36
balloonsknome, actually in this case it's setup properly, so no reason to undo it20:36
knomeballoons, are you trying to hide some facts from me? :P20:37
knomeif it's set up proprely, at least document it well..20:37
knomeelfy, hehe, not in my fridge :)20:37
balloonsknome, bugcontrol? afaik it's all good and proper20:37
knomeelfy, http://www.oakhamales.com/citra.html20:37
knomeballoons, hehe. is it documented? :)20:38
balloonsI guess if we proceed with the merge we shall find out eh?20:38
balloonsit's all part of the process.. discovering things :-)20:38
fetzWhen will the merger go ahead?20:38
balloonsI want to let everyone have there say, so I wouldn't push for a yay or nay for a few more days20:39
elfyTheLordOfTime: I think it's this one https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-testing though I might be wrong and often am20:39
balloonselfy, yep that looks correct20:40
fetzkettles boiled. one tea no sugar and another coffee for thelord and a straight vodka for elfy ... sorry no brandy20:40
* balloons sips readily20:41
TheLordOfTimesee, i don't mind joining yet another team :p20:42
knomeballoons, now wait a bit, that's elfy's cup!20:42
TheLordOfTimebesides, i lurk here and comment on stuff all the time where its needed on the mailing list :P20:42
fetzremember that error with the cyborg mice i found with 13.10 I found a fix by adding it into /etc/x11/xorg after installation but is there anyway that could be automated so when the user plugs in that type  of mouse it just works?20:48
* elopio <- lunch20:50
thomielopio: no idea sorry, I haven't caught up on how the project has been changed yet20:50
alesagethomi can you instruct on how to make an autopilot test run only on the phone?20:54
thomialesage: looka t AP docs for autopilot.platform20:54
thomithere's an example there20:54
alesagethomi cool thanks20:54
robotfuelcgoldberg: you can get 1.4 in the autopilot ppa20:56
robotfuelcgoldberg: but you have to build libautopilot-qt20:57
robotfuelcgoldberg: hmm that might be an old version :/ 2013091720:57
balloonsfetz, I suspect not21:13
fetzyeah might not be worth adding it unless alot of users have the same mouse lol21:14
SergioMeneseshi guys! testdrive will have support for ubuntugnome soon https://code.launchpad.net/~sergiomeneses/testdrive/ubuntugnome-release/+merge/192530 :)21:18
SergioMenesesballoons, thomi TheLordOfTime \o21:18
balloonsSergioMeneses, woot21:19
TheLordOfTimehello, SergioMeneses.21:19
SergioMenesesbtw balloons nice post http://www.theorangenotebook.com/2013/10/quality-and-community-in-trusty-cycle.html I hope to be more active this cycle with the qateam21:20
balloonsSergioMeneses, glad you like the changes21:20
SergioMenesesballoons, I heard you will be more involved with docs, right?21:21
fetzim looking forward to this one gonna spend as much time as possible on it21:21
balloonsSergioMeneses, yes I intend to be a bit more involed21:24
balloonswith docs that is21:24
TheLordOfTimeballoons, i joined the quality team on LP now :P21:26
fetzwelcome lord ;)21:26
TheLordOfTimein case you were curious :P21:26
TheLordOfTimealthough in any case that's because of the proposed merger of bugsquad and QA21:27
robotfuelwhat replaces self.assertThat(self.select_single(<thing>), Eventually(Not(Is(None))) in autopilot 1.4?21:38
robotfuelelopio: ^ thomi ^21:38
thomirobotfuel: wait_select_single21:41
robotfuelthomi: thanks21:42
robotfuelthomi: what's the best way to do Eventually(Equals(None)) in 1.4? Eventually(Equals(dbus.StateNotFoundError))?22:16
thomirobotfuel: use select_many, and assert that it equals []22:16
thomiit's slightly more clunky, but that's the trade-off we had to make to make select_single more intuitive22:17
robotfuelI need 2 functions for the same thing  now :(, but it did get rid of alot of duplicate code.22:18

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