ivoksadam_g: can we have this merged? https://code.launchpad.net/~ivoks/ubuntu-reports/private-ppa00:22
ivoksadam_g: https://code.launchpad.net/~ivoks/ubuntu-reports/private-ppa/+merge/18177800:23
roaksoaxnnnn//win 1400:35
newbie07flash-plugin-10.2.0-Meego Release.rpm does anybody have this file?07:14
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larsemilLooking for guidance. Need to invest in UPS for ~4-5 servers. How to calculate W and VA for them?09:53
larsemiland with dual power supplies, does both go into ups?09:53
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babinlonstonDid the OpenLDAP and LDAP or Different ?10:14
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mac_nibbletAnyone that can help me to setup a record in bind9 that will redirect all traffic to *.a to a certain ip ?11:04
marijnhhi there11:47
marijnhI'm new to Ubuntu switching from Debian11:48
marijnhI've got a question regarding supported php versions11:48
marijnhis it possible to install php 5.4 on 13.10?11:48
hitsujiTMOmarijnh: you can build it yourself11:49
marijnhok, but there are no pre-build packages11:49
hitsujiTMOunlikely, unless you can pind a ppa11:50
hitsujiTMO!ppa | marijnh11:50
ubottumarijnh: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge11:50
marijnhok, thanks for you help :-)11:51
marijnhI'll build it myself in that case11:51
hitsujiTMOppas are quite easy to use11:53
marijnhYeah, but I need to build some custom extensions anyway11:54
marijnhso than I might as well build PHP myself as well11:54
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marijnhHey guys12:22
marijnhand girls of course :blush:12:22
marijnhI keep getting errors related to LOCALE not set12:23
marijnhI've tried quite some solutions that are posted online but none of them seem to work.12:23
marijnhDo I need to reboot before locale-gen takes effect?12:23
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MavKenis there something you can add in a terminal string to automatically say yes to any prompt when using apt-get install or apt-get upgrade?14:52
geniiMavKen: sudo apt-get install -y packagename    ... use at own risk14:56
geniiWorks also with upgrade and dist-upgrade14:56
MavKenah thanks14:57
PiciMavKen: Keep in mind if that apt-get asks to remove half the packages to satisfy some dependency that your package wants, it will do it.14:58
MavKenhmm...i understand the use at your own risk now14:58
jrwrenthis does not work for me. is it supposed to in 12.04.2 ? http://techxana.blogspot.com/2012/09/ubuntu-12-dhclient-logging-options.html15:06
paco11hello guys!16:16
paco11i'm searching how can i activate core dump file on ubuntu 10.04 y 12.04. thanks very much!16:18
rbasakpaco11: I think you just "ulimit -c unlimited"16:25
paco11rbasak: yes, i set it like that but i don't see anything on /var/crash16:36
jrwrenit will write a core file to the cwd of the process16:39
paco11i'm testing openldap from source and i see many binary files like "core.xxxx" on "/home/test/openldap-OPENLDAP_REL_ENG_2_4-f9e417a/tests/"16:40
BlueBeeHey I am having the worst time trying to set up a postfix mailserver. I have been working on it for two days and still can't get it to send or receive mail. what are some common issues?17:08
sarnoldBlueBee: mail is complicated; focus on one thing at a time. first, make sure dns works. then tackle sending or receiving or imap or whatever seems to be broken one component at a time. keep a keen eye on the log files. Try communicating with multiple servers, anti-spam measures these days can be brutal to setup17:10
patdk-wkyour first mail server, should take you a good week17:11
patdk-wkif you know exactly what your doing, a mail server can easily still take >1day to do17:12
BlueBeeThanks for the help. Should I go back, delete everything and start from scratch just working on postfix and Dovecot until that works right then do the other things17:12
patdk-wkthere is no way to answer that, dunno what your issues are17:13
sarnoldBlueBee: if you think that would increase your understanding of the moving pieces, or allow you to better document what you needed to configure, sure17:13
sarnoldbut don't do it just for me :) hehe17:13
patdk-wkdo it for the kids!17:14
sarnoldwon't somebody please think of the children!17:14
BlueBeeThis is my first mail server on ubuntu. sounds like i shouldn't get frustrated after only two days. I am getting error 29985 when I look in the mail.log. is there anywhere that explains what each error number means?17:16
patdk-wkthat isn't an error17:17
patdk-wkthat is a failure to be able to read the error17:17
BlueBeegood to know. it also says tht the mail transport is unavailable.17:18
patdk-wkpost whole lines17:18
patdk-wkreally, post a whole transaction, to a pastebin17:18
BlueBeeOct 24 13:10:06 user-server postfix/error[29988]: 81F271E219B: to=<example@example.com>, relay=none, delay=1091, delays=1091/0.01/0/0.11, dsn=4.3.0, status=deferred (mail transport unavailable)17:20
BlueBeeI changed the username and email but this is the line17:20
sarnoldBlueBee: the [29988] in this case is just the process id that logged the error :)17:21
patdk-wkwell, I can say, it's really screwed up17:21
patdk-wkand it's really screwed up, cause you selected the wrong option, when ubuntu asked you, how will email be used on this server17:21
patdk-wkso you need to go and fix it all, or maybe do a dpkg-reconfigure17:22
BlueBeeI selected internet site17:22
BlueBeethats what the guide sugested17:22
BlueBeewhat setting should it be instead of internet site?17:23
patdk-wkdunno, what are the options?17:23
sarnoldlast time I did it I think it had "no configuration", "local only", "smart host", and "internet site". but that was a few releases back...17:24
BlueBeeya its no configuration, internet site, internet with smarthost, satellite system, local only17:24
patdk-wkinternet site should do it17:24
patdk-wkbut it sounds like you selected local17:25
patdk-wkI always do no config17:25
patdk-wkbut postfix/error is not a normal postfix thing17:25
patdk-wksomething configured it to run the error program17:25
patdk-wklook in main.cf and master.cf17:25
BlueBeeI am pretty sure I selected internet site, but Fill run the config again make sure I select it17:25
patdk-wkit likely says, default_transport=error17:26
BlueBeecan't seem to find it. I think I am going to uninstall all packages and start back at square one so I can really understand each part. thanks for your help17:32
BlueBeeone last question "mydestination =" in main.cf shoud I put www.example.com example.com or the IP address17:33
BlueBeesame with myhostname should I put www.example.com or example.com17:34
patdk-wkBlueBee, no way to answer that, I don't know how you want to use this mailserver17:39
BlueBeeI have a domain and I would like any emails sent to user@example.com to arrive at this mailserver17:40
tejasI am unable to connect with monit in my web web browser at localhost:2812  please help19:43
tejascan someone suggest best web based monitoring tool for ubuntu server ..coz i think webmin is insecure19:46
tejasthanks bazhang ..19:50
patdk-wkaren't they all insecure?20:11
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reeceFamiliar with AppArmor?20:43
reeceNo one?20:44
bazhanghttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/AppArmor  reece20:46
TheLordOfTime5 seconds too slow xD20:46
bazhangneed to switch my irc client to nanoseconds20:46
TheLordOfTimebazhang, actually people just need more patience20:48
bazhangTheLordOfTime, 90 seconds seems standard these days, between post/quit or post/crosspost20:48
TheLordOfTimebazhang, then there's people who amsg every channel then idoru gets annoyed at them xD20:49
bazhangyep good old idoru20:49
jpdsreece: Hello.21:02
jpds20:46:27 [!] reece [~reece@67-0-214-53.albq.qwest.net] has quit [Client Quit]21:02
jpds20:46:33 < bazhang> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AppArmor  reece21:02
TheLordOfTimereece, you left 5 seconds too early, bazhang gave you a link there to the AppArmor community help docs21:02
TheLordOfTimewhich are here: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AppArmor21:02
reeceThanks, but I've become very familiar with that. My issue is with denying capabilities21:03
reeceI've copied and renamed python and applied a pretty strict profile to it and everything works great.21:06
reeceExcept, it has privileges to kill and ptrace for some reason.21:06
jdstrandreece: those aren't mediated yet21:07
jdstrandyou get normal kernel protections (ie, can't send a signal to a process owned by another user)21:08
jdstrandthe yama LSM is in ubuntu though, so ptrace should be limited only to children21:08
jdstrandnot sure what yama does with ptrace if you're root otoh21:09
reeceOkay, that makes sense. Could I deny my python access to say the ioctl header file?21:09
jdstrandroot is allowed21:10
jdstrandand ptracing children is allowed21:10
jdstrandreece: sure-- file denials are no problem21:10
jdstrandbtw, ptrace, signal and other forms of ipc will be mediated in apparmor v3, scheduled for ubuntu 14.0421:11
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