Ghost1227evening all00:08
a_muvaFYI: mplayer via commend line works00:16
a_muvaI also tried VLC but I had no luck00:16
Ghost1227sweet on mplayer00:17
Ghost1227still struggling with apparmor and kernel setup :(00:37
jjohansenGhost1227: what is the problem?00:38
Ghost1227comprehension >_<00:39
Ghost1227i get that far, and understand pretty much everything after it (in theory) but for some reason i keep getting stuck there00:39
Ghost1227i was never good with apparmor even on desktop00:39
jjohansenGhost1227: are you trying to build the kernel?00:40
jjohansenpatch the kernel? Or is it another issue00:40
Ghost1227patching the kernel00:40
Ghost1227or hell, figuring out what kernel to use00:40
jjohansenGhost1227: have you seen https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SecurityTeam/AppArmorForPhabletKernels00:41
jjohansenyes its rough00:41
Ghost1227to be expected, it's still a new product00:41
jjohansenalright, so what is the device?00:41
jjohansenerr I assume that is the droid 2 for verizon wireless?00:42
Ghost1227though that would be logical00:42
Ghost1227galaxy s3 verizon00:42
jjohansenoh! hrmmm00:43
Ghost1227i did a double take first time i saw that codename for the galaxy00:43
Ghost1227i also made the assumption that with some history in porting and being a linux dev already this would be easier than it is :P00:44
Ghost1227i think those two things are working against me rather than for me00:44
jjohansenGhost1227: how different is than https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices/i930000:44
Ghost1227hardware wise they're similar, but the modems are quite different00:45
jjohansenright so I was wondering if it would be possible to start with that as a base and patch in the modem drivers00:46
Ghost1227in other words... not compatible, but not entirely dissimilar00:46
Ghost1227i'd thought of that, not sure if it'd work. i'd really like to understand the whole process though... hence trying to figure it out from the ground up00:47
jjohansenso I would start with the cygenomod kernel00:48
jjohansenGhost1227: the apparmor bit is actually pretty easy, if you just copy the apparmor directory over. What I do is checkout one of the backport kernels, rebase so I don't have the backport patches on it. copy the directory, and use that00:50
jjohansenI then cherry-pick the backport patches in order00:50
jjohansenyou could just take the whole thing with out the backport patches, depending on the kernel00:51
jjohansenthe backport patches only touch the apparmor directory00:51
jjohansenthe whole backport has been done so the apparmor backport does not touch the rest of the kernel00:52
jjohansenthis avoids breaking abi00:52
rick_i have a next7p12-8g tablet i want to install ubuntu01:03
rick_can someone help me please01:04
Ghost1227rick_: has anyone ported it to that yet?01:04
Ghost1227so you're not just installing it, you're porting it?01:05
rick_im not sure01:05
rick_ive been reading and am vry confused01:05
rick_i want to run ubuntu on my android tablet01:05
Ghost1227I'd start here if you haven't https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Porting01:05
rick_i have to port before i root?01:06
Ghost1227rick_: rooting isn't part of ubuntu, it's part of ANY custom rom01:07
Ghost1227you've never rooted your device?01:07
rick_so no need to root device?01:07
rick_no i have not yet01:07
Ghost1227you do need to root, yes01:07
Ghost1227hang on01:07
rick_thanks ghost i appreciate all the help01:08
Ghost1227not much out there on the nextbook...01:11
rick_im lost here01:15
rick_any help would be greatly appreciated01:16
Ghost1227well porting touch is irrelevant until you can root the device... and i have yet to find a reliable method for rooting it01:16
rick_no reliable method for rooting my device?01:17
Ghost1227i haven't found one at any of my usual sources01:17
rick_will that work?01:19
Ghost1227jjohansen: cm kernel located in /kernel? and kernel already has a d2 directory... separate i assume?01:19
Ghost1227rick_: it's possible... that's for a 7 and i believe yours is an 801:19
rog3rhi, I'm installing maguro onto a toro device. I'm currently looking at , "E:Can't open /cache/recovery/ubuntu_command\nautodeploy.zip not found." Googling suggests it might clear if I wait long enough. Your thoughts?01:23
Ghost1227i'm thinking the \n doesn't belong there... or at least the \. Linux paths use a /, \n means newline01:24
jjohansenGhost1227: I meant I would check the cm project and grab what ever kernel they had for the galaxy s3 as a base, and then start patching it01:24
Ghost1227jjohansen: working through that now01:25
rog3rGhost1227: sorry, I entered \n to indicate the following data was on a newline.01:25
Ghost1227jjohansen: i actually meant where should the kernel be in the directory structure01:26
Ghost1227rog3r: ah01:26
jjohansenGhost1227: I don't know I've never messed with the android side bits of the kernel01:27
Ghost1227jjohansen: lmao fair enough01:27
* jjohansen really should work through doing a port some time, but all the devices I have already have a port, and /me is too lazy to do one when when already exists01:29
Ghost1227i'd be doing one anyway just for the experience01:29
Ghost1227and knowledge01:29
rick_ghost i  have a 7 model01:30
jjohansenyeah I need to, its finding time when its not something that is critical01:30
rick_ever heard of Cydia Impactor01:31
Ghost1227time is why i'm still this early in the port after four days01:31
jjohansenrick_: so I don't see the next7 on the list of devices that ubuntu touch has been ported to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices01:33
jjohansenthat would mean after rooting your device, you would need to port ubuntu touch to it01:34
rick_ok so i can root with cydia impactor?01:35
rick_then i need to port ubuntu to device01:35
rick_i clicked erase and restore device and its taking forever...so i cant try anyting just yet01:36
rick_if i try to end that process thats bad right?01:36
jjohansenrick_: it is best to let that finish, it can take a while01:37
rick_ok takes hours huh?01:46
rog3rnvm what I said. Since seeing the error, I started over and it seems to be making further progress in spite of the error.01:47
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rog3rI installed ubuntu phone. yay! Now it shows "google" on boot and never gets past it. :(02:55
rog3rso I rebooted and selected recovery mode, but even that only shows the google logo and doesn't move on. What are my options (if any)?02:56
bef0rddownload mode and reflash I guess02:58
bef0rdI'm no expert though, so wait for other answers :)02:59
Ghost1227that'd probably be my first thought too02:59
duflurog3r: I reliable place to restart is with Android (https://developers.google.com/android/nexus/images). Then you can try Ubuntu again if you like02:59
duflu*A reliable :)03:00
rog3rwhat i'm wondering now is how to connect to the device with fastboot/adb/phablet-flash when won't even boot into the recover mode.03:01
rog3ri can get the bootloader, but thats about it, it seems.03:02
Ghost1227download mode != recovery03:02
rog3rthank you. i don't know what download mode is yet. I'll start googling.03:02
Ghost1227what device03:03
rog3rtoro (galaxy nexus phone)03:03
rog3ra-ha, got it into download mode.03:04
rog3rnot sure what to do next. i guess its downloading something?03:05
Ghost1227not if you haven't told it to03:05
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Ghost1227rog3r: don't know much about nexus, but i'd start here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1392310 or elsewhere on that subforum03:10
rog3rGhost1227: thank you. checking it out.03:13
rog3rdrat. windows-only program. I'm running Ubuntu.03:20
Ghost1227xda is a great resource... look around their forum03:21
rog3ra-ha, I got it to the recovery mode with adb sideload and adb shows a device attached now. maybe there's hope afterall.03:26
ignitiongtownWhen flashing touch on grouper should i use the saucy channel or stable03:26
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Ghost1227rog3r: there's always hope.. lost track of how many times (and devices) i've bricked03:29
eiaisis ubuntu touch available on the galaxy s4?03:31
Ghost1227for that matter, don't think i own a device (and not just phones either) that i haven't 'bricked' and then salvaged at least once03:31
rog3rGhost1227: thank you :)03:32
ignitiongtownNot yet03:32
ignitiongtownNot stable on s2 or s3 yet either that i know of03:32
Ghost1227rog3r: for what?03:32
Ghost1227ignitiongtown: not stable, but there's unofficial ports for both. i'm working (VERY slowly) on the vzw s3 port03:33
ignitiongtownThe nexus devices aren't that stable just yet i have an s303:33
ignitiongtownThank you for the work its greatly appreciated ghost122703:33
Ghost1227i'll be happy when i can at least get a functioning kernel built >_<03:34
rog3rGhost1227: thank you for reassuring me that theres hope and that I'll get through this.03:34
rog3rGhost1227: i've downloaded 4.2.2 (JDQ39) from https://developers.google.com/android/nexus/image and extracted it. I'm not sure which thing to sideload onto the device. Trying my luck with image-mysid-jdq39.zip now.03:36
Ghost1227lol no problem rog3r... nothing wrong with learning the hard way03:36
Ghost1227i still have the first device i ever bricked... haven't used it in years, but it still works!03:36
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Guest98929Is this the place to get help for Ubuntu Touch on the Nexus 4?03:42
Ghost1227might get a better response if you ask a question :P03:45
Guest98929lol, ok. I can connect to wifi but not 3g. I came across this article: https://plus.google.com/100264483712374857174/posts/3o1tjYo9Ghx but it says in the comments that it's obsolete and you shouldn't need the commandline anymore03:47
rog3rWhen the Nexus phone is booted and it shows Google on screen, what does that mean? Has it booted the kernel yet?03:47
Ghost1227Guest98929: so the question is how to connect to 3g?03:48
Ghost1227rog3r: honestly don't know what all is being done in that stage... haven't gotten that far yet03:48
rog3rk. i'll keep on googling.03:49
Guest98929Yes.I have "System Settings->Cellular->Cellular data" and "Data roaming" enabled03:50
Ghost1227rog3r: does that mean you got through your initial 'brick'?03:50
rog3rGhost1227: not sure. I get the bootloader screen. I can select Recovery. In the recovery menu, I get lots of interesting choice, like the sideload. But my sideload attempt failed. I think I attempted the wrong file. So on normal boot, it still fails to get anywhere past displaying Google.03:51
Ghost1227rog3r: out of curiosity, what recovery are you using?03:52
Guest98929Ghost1227: and on a side note,  /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections has files for my wifi connections but not one for a 3G connection.03:53
rog3rGhost1227: I get, "CWM-based Recovery v6.0.2.8"03:53
bray90820Am i right that ubuntu has a driver error on the nexus 704:01
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rog3rholy crap, I did something right. successfully restoring factory image with fastboot and ./flash-all.sh now.04:13
excalibrI'm interested with few files in ubuntu touch but I don't want to download the entire touch image. Does it have bzr or repo where I can browse the image contents and get the files I want?04:13
Ghost1227rog3r: told ya you could do it! \o/04:16
rog3rGhost1227: yeah, it finished restoring and its booted up normally now. Next I'll restore my backup and brick it again another day. :Z)04:17
rog3rer, :)04:17
Ghost1227rog3r: my advice would be to backup anything you needed to restore somewhere secure... never know when you might need to again04:21
ignitiongtownGlad to here your good04:23
rog3rGhost1227: good advice, thank you.04:25
rog3rignitiongtown: thank you.04:25
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rog3rI would've saved myself time by understanding what Fastboot actually was. It took me all this time to figure out that initial VolDn+VolUp+Pwr screen was the Fastboot that I needed to restore from. *sigh*04:27
Ghost1227rog3r: learned that the hard way... a few dozen times over04:27
rog3ri hear ya. restoring with adb restore backup.ab now04:27
rog3ri use Ubuntu at home and at work. Looking forward to Ubuntu Touch on my phone. Perhaps I'll have better luck tomorrow.04:29
Ghost1227rog3r: with my current phone i finally got smart... keep a script i wrote that can root/unroot/flash my standard rom/backup/restore on me at all times :Pf04:30
Ghost1227* :P04:31
rog3rhehehe, awesome04:32
rog3ri've got 4G to restore. this'll be awhile. I'm gonna go to bed. thanks again.04:33
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ignitiongtownWith ubuntu touch can i code a counter to count pulses from the headphone jack? Small electromagnetic pluses like the same given off from speech into a mic?05:05
ignitiongtownCounts every time a threshhold of voltage is hit05:06
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mohdishamWhere can I find the latest Ubuntu touch image for my n710005:31
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rrmanyone to use ubuntu touch on a viewsonic vpad10?06:08
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AskUbuntuinstall ubuntu for phones on galaxy tab gt p1000 | http://askubuntu.com/q/36489207:34
OjzcrocI was wondering if someone could help me: I'm using Ubuntu touch, and it won't let me connect to my home wifi network. Our network is 128-bit WEP. The network shows up in the list of networks, but it won't ask for a password, and cannot connect.07:56
popeyOjzcroc: does it work if you use "phablet-network" from a connected pc on the wifi08:05
OjzcrocI've never tried that; all the things i've tried have been using the phone by itself. Do I just connect it to a pc and type "phablet-network" on the pc's bash shell?08:07
Ojzcrocpopey: thank you, thank you, thank you, it worked! I spent days trying to figure that out!08:08
popeyOjzcroc: yay08:12
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JamesTaitGood morning all; happy World Development Information Day! :-D08:37
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popeyogra_: starting apps from a connected computer... "adb shell sudo -u phablet -i start application APP_ID=com.popey.giffgaff_giffgaff_0.2"08:57
popeyogra_: do you know how we stop apps remotely?08:57
ogra_sudo -u phablet -i initctl list08:58
ogra_that should show you the jobs08:58
ogra_though i'm not sure how to tell the stop command which application-click job to stop09:00
greybackit's the same syntax I think: stop application APP_ID=...09:01
greybackno? Huh09:01
popeyhence why i asked ☻09:02
popeyalan@deep-thought:~/phablet/scripts$ adb shell sudo -u phablet -i stop application APP_ID=com.popey.giffgaff_giffgaff_0.209:02
popeystop: Unknown instance:09:02
greybackI usually use the upstart-app-stop binary in upstart-app-launch-tools09:02
popeyooh that works09:03
popeymuch nicer than grepping the pid and kill -9'ing ☻09:03
* greyback suspects "stop application APP_ID" should work though, will log a bug09:04
ogra_popey, yeah, that might produce .crash files (dont use -9 there)09:04
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1244124 in Upstart Application Launcher "Command "stop application APP_ID=.." does not work" [Undecided,New]09:07
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janimo`popey, http://developer.ubuntu.com/api/ubuntu-12.10/qml/mobile/qml-ubuntu-components0-orientationhelper.html such 12.10 URLs are still top places on google09:17
janimo`popey, who handles the docs server? These should get redirected to sdk-1.0 URLs09:18
jibelI flashed my mako with channel devel-proposed a couple of hours ago and it installed saucy, shouldn't it be trusty instead?09:25
popeyjanimo`: mhall119 can probably fix that09:29
janimo`rsalveti, is the grouper known not to have screen orientation working yet?09:49
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davmor2Morning all10:08
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Unopoohi guy, I have some trouble to install touch10:30
ogra_Saviq, wrt bug 1240911, i tested a patch from tvoss that made this issue go away while the whole was still slow10:32
ubot5bug 1182930 in Mir "duplicate for #1240911 Galaxy Nexus rendering performance is too low" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/118293010:32
ogra_i'm not sure it is the overall slowness that causes it10:33
tvossogra_, I think the bug is too unspecific here, we have had more concrete candidate bugs10:33
tvossSaviq, any specific reason you are looking at that bug?10:34
Saviqtvoss, triaging10:34
ogra_tvoss, the one about the camera app ?10:34
tvossogra_, yes, for example10:34
tvossSaviq, ack10:34
* ogra_ found that quite specific10:34
Saviqbug #124091110:34
ubot5bug 1182930 in Mir "duplicate for #1240911 Galaxy Nexus rendering performance is too low" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/118293010:34
Saviqah crap ;P10:34
Saviqogra_, feel free to un-dupe10:34
ogra_it points to one action/animation issue ... and i have seen that getting a lot better when testing your fix recently10:35
ogra_while the general slowness didnt change much10:35
Saviqogra_, especially if you have more info like that ;)10:35
UnopooI'm using manual method, downloaded those five files, but after i run "fastboot flash recovery ....", adb give me "Failed, (remote: recovery not support flash).10:35
ogra_Unopoo, sounds like your device isnt properly unlocked or something10:36
ogra_Unopoo, also note that the manual method installs an unsupported image ... we dont really support or test the cdimage zips anymore10:37
Unopooyeah, I searched about it, but I'm using Xiaomi, and google told me that Xiaomi is originally designed unlocked..10:37
ogra_oh, right10:37
ogra_if it is a port the cdimage zip is indeed your only option atm10:37
Unopooogra_: are you team still developing Ubuntu touch?10:37
ogra_but we focus only on the galaxy nexus and nexus4 currently10:38
ogra_(this will likely change for the 14.04 cycle, we might add nexus5 or find an OEM to work with us which we then support too)10:39
ogra_(and there should be more focus on tablets again the next months ... we kind f left them behind for the last cycle)10:39
UnopooI fiddled about this flashing touch to phone thing for two days... really tired..10:39
ogra_Unopoo, where did you get the device.zip from ?10:42
ogra_did you build it yourself ?10:42
UnopooI really don't know which zip file to download10:43
ogra_Unopoo, that has nothing for Xiaomi10:43
Unopoothen, is their anything for Xiaomi?10:43
ogra_you need to have a ported zip for yoour device10:43
Unopooa ported zip?10:44
ogra_well, if there is nothing on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices you have to do the porting yourself10:44
ogra_like described at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Porting10:44
ogra_(not thats not a beginner task)10:45
Unopoooh god, I don't even know what porting and ported zip are..10:45
Unopoookay, let me figure this out first10:45
* Unopoo gone and to figuring something out...10:46
ogra_Unopoo, well, you flash two files when flashing ... first the device specific zip that was created following the porting doc10:46
ogra_Unopoo, second the rootfs zip that you download from cdimage (the armhf.zip file in the manual howto)10:47
ogra_we only offer device specific zips for 4 nexus devices, they wont work on other hardware10:47
ogra_(so flashing a maguro, mako , manta or grouper zip will not get you anywhere)10:48
UnopooI know I have to flash to zip file according to your guide, but I have problem before that, when I'm doing flash recovery/boot/system..10:48
ogra_you need to use the recovery.img that was created by doing your port10:49
Unopooyeah , and you said that's probably because I have a unlocked phone10:49
ogra_if you port the android tree, it will create a bunch of img files and a zip ... one of tehm is recovery.img10:49
ogra_you need to flash that with fastboot10:49
ogra_then boot into it and flash the device specific zip ... then the ubuntu rootfs zip10:50
ogra_but your very first step will have to be to even create these files by doing a port of the android tree of your device10:50
Unopooyou mean I have to create my own recovery.img? the file I download from http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-touch/daily-preinstalled/current/ is not working on my phone?10:51
Unopooso I got that failure message?10:52
ogra_cjwatson, you are most likely the wrong person to ask this, but i'll try anyway ... if i create a click package with a .qml file that has some imports at the top, shouldnt click build pull in the additional bits i use over the framework automatically ?10:52
cjwatsonogra_: click build doesn't look at file contents10:52
ogra_Unopoo, exactly10:52
cjwatsonogra_: if you want them in your package, put them in the filesystem tree10:53
ogra_you mean like dpkg -x *.deb . ?10:53
cjwatsonogra_: if anything should do this automatically, it should be much higher-level than click10:53
ogra_in the click package directory10:53
cjwatsonogra_: er not literally10:53
cjwatsonogra_: you need to ask somebody who knows more about apps I think.  I just know the low-level stuff10:53
* ogra_ tries to follow http://daker.me/2013/10/package-your-webapp-for-ubuntu-touch.html for a UA string overrride of the browser ... 10:55
ogra_while the app thats describer there works fine when installing the click package, doing the same steps for my stuff doesnt work10:55
ogra_and i clearly dont see the browser bits included in the .click10:55
xnoxogra_: no brower bits needed in the click....11:18
xnoxogra_: and that's a crazy way to package webapp.11:19
xnoxogra_: http://developer.ubuntu.com/publish/webapp/packaging-web-apps/11:20
ogra_xnox, its the onlz way to override the UA11:20
ogra_(apart from adding it to the override db file, whi ch wont be possible easily for saucy)11:21
xnoxogra_: ah, true. Althought i thought webbrower-app was going to get that flag/option.11:21
ogra_we have an overrde db11:21
ogra_but if i want my click package to work on saucy i need to use this override method11:21
ogra_and the fun is, the click app that uses it seems to work just fine11:22
ogra_something must be missing from that howto11:22
tvossdidrocks, ping11:29
didrockstvoss: pong11:29
nik90popey: if I install a .deb package from a MP, will it obstruct the SDK update that I get from the ppa?11:38
nik90popey: or will the ppa update override the manual deb install?11:38
nik90to put things into context, I am trying to see if a certain SDK MP fixed an issue I had. SO I want to install that deb package. However I hope it doesnt stop the SDK update I get from the PPA (13.10)11:40
popeyyou can go forwards and backwards with debs nik9011:40
popeyapt-get install packagename=version11:40
popeyso you can always revert what you did11:40
nik90ah okay..so I can revert the manual deb install after t my test11:41
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GreySyntaxHi currently attempting to port to the HTC One/m7ul, once i've flashed the custom cm build should i be flashing trusty-preinstalled-touch-armhf.zip or saucy-preinstalled-touch-armhf.zip?12:03
GreySyntaxi'm presuming it's the first atm12:03
ogra_GreySyntax, well, there is not really much difference between the last saucy build and the first trusty ones12:07
ogra_(trusty has a bunch more fixes)12:08
GreySyntaxogra_: thanks just wanted to confirm i was using the correct image :)12:10
Diggicellhey Guy!! The instructions from Dragünkorr to setup Ubuntu Phone on HTC sensation is driving me nuts. Followed all the steps but still isnt working. Maybe someone could help ? At the point iam loading recovery it just revocvers android again , and i see no point like revocer from sd or smthg12:13
davmor2ogra_: dude what the command to double check what version you are on please12:14
zsombicwayne-afk: hi, seems the theme-paths MP landed in the SDK, not sure whether it got released or not, but it got merged into SDK trunk12:14
ogra_davmor2, system-image-cli -i12:14
ogra_via adb or ssh12:15
davmor2ogra_: thanks12:15
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Diggicellso i think my Question is HOW TO FLASH the DragonBuntu UBUNTU PHONE rom ?12:15
Diggicellquiet a new12:16
popeyDiggicell: never heard of DragonBuntu12:16
popeygot a link?12:16
DiggicellDragunKorr its Name, sorry12:17
popeyno idea, we tend to only support our nexus images.12:17
popeygosh, quite a long thread12:18
davmor2ogra_: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6294582/ what the ?12:19
popeythats right12:20
ogra_nothing wrong in there12:20
davmor2ogra_: I'm expecting to see image 3 or 4 there not 101 :)12:21
ogra_so switch over to the right channel ;)12:21
Saviqogra_, you'll probably know the answer - q: is there any reason to use phablet-flash after having flashed an ubuntu-system image once? since the read-only root is in a file anyway, using system-image-cli will just revert you to a read-only state without touching anything ese?12:21
Saviqand obviously discarding any changes to the root fs, if it was made writable?\12:21
popeythat wont work12:21
popeyif you make it writable you break OTA12:22
ogra_Saviq, well, an OTA might cause havoc if you have changed the installation much in rw mode12:22
davmor2ogra_: that was after running adb shell system-image-cli -c trusty -b 4 -v12:22
ogra_davmor2, did it install anything ?12:22
ogra_or did it just say "up to date" in the end12:22
davmor2[systemimage] Oct 24 12:11:46 2013 (25143) Already up-to-date12:22
Saviqogra_, popey, ah so it won't just replace the rootfs file?12:22
ogra_davmor2, try -b 0 instead of 412:23
popeyit's a binary diff12:23
Saviqogra_, popey, not even when it uses a full image and not diffs?12:23
davmor2ogra_: will do12:23
ogra_Saviq, you cant be sure its a full image12:23
Saviqpopey, right, can you force a full-image download?12:23
popeyyeah, phablet-flash ㋛12:23
popeydunno if you can on-device12:23
ogra_i think switching channels forces a full download12:23
ogra_and going back in versions with -b12:23
ogra_but not 100% sure12:24
ogra_barry or stgraber would know12:24
Saviqpopey, yeah, phablet-flash scraps much more than just rootfs (even without --no-backup - I rarely get the backup to work :/)12:24
popeyyeah, known bug12:24
ogra_Saviq, the backup is only for going from cdimage images to system-image12:24
ogra_it wasnt updated for sys-img to sys-img updates12:24
Saviqogra_, orly? it works *sometimes*12:26
ogra_matter of luck then :)12:26
ogra_it isnt designed for that upgrade path yet12:26
Saviqthat explains things ;)12:28
* Saviq wants to be able to force system-image-cli to do a full-image OTA ;)12:28
ogra_system-image-cli -c trusty -b 012:29
ogra_try that12:29
davmor2ogra_: 0 is downloading stuff12:30
ogra_ok, i'll send a followup mail12:30
ogra_well, or probably wait until you are done12:30
ogra_just to be sure12:30
davmor2ogra_: I would not that I don't believe it won't work or anything :D12:31
Saviq  -f FILTER, --filter FILTER12:32
Saviq                        Filter the candidate paths to contain only full12:32
Saviq                        updates or only delta updates. The argument to this12:32
Saviq                        option must be either `full` or `delta`12:32
ogra_i think -b 0 forces that anyway though12:32
Saviqogra_, no way to select which image you want, though - it'll always go to the highest one, would it?12:36
ogra_i think so, yeah12:37
* Saviq files a bug12:37
Saviqbug #1192577 btw12:41
ubot5bug 1192577 in Ubuntu system image "Support for switching to system builder mode ... and back!" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119257712:41
Saviqand bug #124420812:44
ubot5bug 1244208 in Ubuntu system image "system-image-cli should allow selecting which image to upgrade / downgrade to" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/124420812:44
ogra_Saviq, both for barry i guess12:47
ogra_well, the second one at least12:47
Saviqogra_, the first one is by barry, even12:47
MacSlowloicm, ping12:47
cwayne-afkzsombi: i saw that, thanks!12:48
janimo`mhall119, ping12:59
=== cwayne-afk is now known as cwayne
janimo`ogra_, do you know if the app sumit process is in place? I went through a wizard on the website and after completing it I was told that this process is being replaced, and that the upload did not work13:01
ogra_janimo`, i only packages soem webapps, but that worked fine13:01
thor___hello can you give me an example of what udev rules files should look like?13:04
ogra_thor___, for a port ?13:05
sergiusensjanimo`, it should just work; beuno can give you some insight on the backend side if you still need it13:06
rsalvetijanimo`: I know we were able to rotate the shell by default in grouper, but I'm not completely sure if we have rotation for the apps at least13:06
beunojanimo`, you are trying to submit an app for Ubuntu Touch, yes?13:06
thor___orga_ : i need this for helping to port UT to  nexus s13:07
beunojanimo`, https://myapps.developer.ubuntu.com/dev/click-apps/new/13:08
beunois the URL you should be submitting to13:08
janimo`beuno, I guess I went to the wrong URL: http://developer.ubuntu.com/publish/apps/get-started/13:08
barrymandel_: ping, re: u-d-m debugging13:08
thor___ogra_ i found this http://stackoverflow.com/questions/7365716/connecting-nexus-s-to-eclipse-under-linux13:08
thor___but i don't know if it's the values I should be looking for13:09
beunojanimo`, well, that's where step 4 takes you to13:09
ogra_sergiusens, i cant see my desktop anymore ... attaching my phone opens an mtp window every second !13:09
ogra_sergiusens, was your mtp change tested at all ?13:09
* ogra_ drowns in windows, aaaargh !13:10
ogra_thor___, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/trusty/lxc-android-config/trusty/files/head:/usr/lib/lxc-android-config/13:11
sergiusensogra_, my mtp change didn't land13:11
ogra_thor___, i thought there was a script on the porting wikipage i added to convert from uevent rules to udev rules (though that still needs you to do a lot manual additionas and changes)13:11
sergiusensogra_, did it? In my last discussion with rsalveti we had changes to make still13:12
ogra_sergiusens, oops, sorry13:12
ogra_i saw mtp was updated13:12
ogra_but that was xnox' boost rebuild13:12
ogra_not yours13:12
sergiusensogra_, great, because I still need to implement usb connects/disconnects to make this complete13:12
ogra_anyway, i'm drowning in mtp windows and errors as soon as i connect with image #413:13
* xnox is drowning in mtp windows and errors with my Android Nexus4......13:13
xnox(not touch)13:13
ogra_well, for me this only started after upgrading to #413:13
ogra_was ok this morning13:14
xnoxogra_: well my phone goes crazy that is, constantly attached/detached mtd. ogra, Android Nexus 4, as in stock one.... not ubuntu-touch anything.13:14
ogra_well, mine does too, buut only since i updated from #3 to '413:14
thor___ogra_, thanks i'll take a look at this13:15
Saviqogra_, popey, yeah, `system-image-cli --build 0 --filter full` seems to be working fine13:16
ogra_hmm, intresting13:16
ogra_root@ubuntu-phablet:/# cat /var/log/upstart/mtp-server-bootup.log13:16
ogra_could not set property13:16
ogra_could not set property13:16
ogra_could not set property13:16
ogra_if it would only put timestamps in the logs13:16
ogra_jodh, ^^^ can we have that at some later upstart release ?13:16
popeyyeah, people who write logs with no timestamps will be first against the wall when the revolution comes!13:16
popey(myself included) ⍨13:17
ogra_popey, well, i think upstart should just add one :)13:17
davmor2ogra_: I'd hold off on that email I'm stuck here http://paste.ubuntu.com/6294849/ I've had lunch while I left this13:21
jodhogra_: feel free to argue the priority on bug 1154207.13:21
ubot5bug 1154207 in upstart "console log should have an option to add timestamps" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/115420713:21
ogra_jodh, lovely ... :)13:21
davmor2ogra_: time here is now 14:21 so the time code should give you a clue13:21
cwaynemhall119: ping13:26
cwaynemhall119: unsure of who to ping about this, but hteres a small error in http://developer.ubuntu.com/publish/webapp/packaging-web-apps/13:26
janimo`beuno, thanks, that link worked fine, submitted13:27
ogra_janimo`, oh, sorry, i let you down being distracted13:28
janimo`rsalveti, autorotation did not work, so the sensor interface could be the problem. Rotating explciitly worked13:29
rsalvetijanimo`: yeah, probably13:29
ogra_janimo`, i think only a few apps actually do rotation at all13:29
ogra_the browser should13:29
sergiusenscwayne, there's a report bug at the bottom, isn't there?13:29
sergiusenscwayne, I logged one there13:29
cwaynesergiusens: ah, of course, thanks13:30
janimo`ogra_, I did not know the status of rotation in general. autoRotation works on N4 but not on the N7 with my newly uploaded app13:30
janimo`ogra_, but setting rotationAngle explicitly - which I actually needed works, so all good13:30
janimo`I needed to force landscape mode13:30
karni/system/bin/screencap not working for me. known issue?13:37
ogra_karni, well, thats an android app13:38
ogra_karni, only working with surfaceflinger13:38
karniand now we're on mir.. ?13:38
ogra_(which we dont use on the supported devices)13:38
karniyeah, that used to work. I see.13:38
ogra_what device are you on ?13:38
karniogra_: N4, flashed just now with trusty13:38
ogra_fo n4 we have a workaround ...13:39
karniogra_: any way to take screenshots from utouch?13:39
ogra_one sec13:39
karniogra_: \o/13:39
ogra_sadly it doesnt work on gnex, else we would ship it by default13:39
ogra_try that script13:39
ogra_(on the host indeed, not on the phone)13:40
karniok! lemme try that.13:40
cwayneoSoMoN: ping13:40
ogra_we call it mirfbdump btw13:40
ogra_in case you need to google for it or some such13:40
oSoMoNcwayne, pong13:40
cwayneoSoMoN: would you be the right one to ask about any issues creating a new quick webapp?13:41
karniogra_: works great, thank you sir!13:42
* karni saves as mirfbdump ;D13:42
mhall119cwayne: what's the problem with that page?13:42
oSoMoNcwayne, I can try and help, but you’ll probably get better help/answers from dbarth and alex-abreu, the webapps masters13:42
alex-abreuoSoMoN, hah!13:43
karnimhall119: any plans to pull this kind of tutorial to dev.ubu.com? http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=41115284&nocache=1 We've hardly got anything about c++ apps for utouch.13:43
karnialex-abreu: good day :) o/13:43
alex-abreucwayne, sure you don't need much13:43
alex-abreukarni, ! :)13:43
karniogra_: is this mirfbdump script public?13:44
mhall119karni: plans yes, eta not yet13:45
oSoMoNalex-abreu, would you rather I called you the webapps king? or perhaps the webapps demi-god?13:45
karniogra_: I think it is since you used paste.ubuntu.com :)13:45
karnimhall119: ACK13:45
karnioSoMoN: haha13:45
=== Namidairo is now known as Namidairo`bnc
ogra_karni, i think jibel has a bzr branch for it somewhere ... but as long as it does crash the gnex we cant ship it13:45
cwaynealex-abreu: just wondering if theres a quick way to make the toolbar not show up when a page is loading13:46
karniogra_: I was thinking of more in lines of can I share it on ubuntu-phone mailing list?13:46
cwaynemhall119: there's a missing \n in the manifest json13:46
alex-abreuoSoMoN, we are all grasshoppers :)13:46
ogra_karni, well, with a disclaimer that it can crash the galaxy nexus hard and that it hasnt been tested on mako and grouper13:46
karniogra_: ACK :)13:47
alex-abreucwayne, in the webbrowser-app ?13:47
cwaynealex-abreu: yeah, i thought that's what --webapp would do13:47
alex-abreucwayne, no, to control the ui you have a set of "orthogonal" flags, e.g. --chromeless, --enable-back-foward etc.13:48
oSoMoNalex-abreu, speaking of which I’d like to work on splitting the webapps container as a separate app asap, maybe even start tomorrow if I manage to find some time13:49
cwaynealex-abreu: ah, that makes sense :)13:49
alex-abreuoSoMoN, as a click app ?13:50
cwaynemzanetti: ping13:51
mzanettihi cwayne13:51
janimo`which is the package dealing with the application list/new app install GUI? I'd like to file a bug13:52
sergiusensstgraber, hey, is there anything on the filesystem that I can rely on as an interface to know I'm on a image upgrade system?13:52
cwaynemzanetti: is there a way to set what the background would be if the device is a tablet?13:52
oSoMoNalex-abreu, not necessarily in the same MR, that can be done separately13:53
karnihi mzanetti. I sent an e-mail to the list sharing what I just learned from ogra_, how to take a screenshot on mir.13:53
oSoMoNalex-abreu, but at least have two separate executables13:53
alex-abreuoSoMoN, yes13:53
mzanetticwayne: no idea, can you ask seb128 about it13:53
mzanettikarni: oh, cool. Thanks13:54
ogra_sergiusens, system-image-cli -i  ... if that returns 0 for all versions you are on a cdimage image13:54
karnijanimo`: wild guess, https://launchpad.net/qt-creator13:54
cwaynemzanetti: sure, thanks!13:54
cwayneseb128: ping13:54
janimo`karni, I mean the "applications page" component on the phone screen13:55
karnimzanetti: just today I learned you have written Ubuntu Authenticator. How neat is that?! :)13:55
karnijanimo`: oooh13:55
ogra_sergiusens, there is also a file in /etc/system-image/ where it pulls that info from ... in case you want to avoid subprocess calls13:55
mhall119cwayne: better now?13:55
mzanettikarni: heh. glad you like it13:55
sergiusenskarni, ogra_ mirdump script is in a bug in phablet-tools13:55
ogra_sergiusens, we need to find a safe way for omap though13:56
karnisergiusens: Excuse me? :)13:56
sergiusensogra_, I actually want to leave phablet-flash as just a bootstrap, no backups13:56
seb128cwayne, hey13:56
cwaynemhall119: yessir :)13:56
seb128cwayne, we don't have per-for-factor backgrounds no13:56
karnisergiusens: oh, I didn't get the bug part. yo umean the script is in phablet-tools?13:56
sergiusenskarni, ogra_ https://bugs.launchpad.net/phablet-tools/+bug/123883913:56
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1238839 in Phablet Tools "Add phablet-screenshot script" [Undecided,Confirmed]13:56
sergiusenskarni, not yet13:56
karniThank you! That's neat.13:57
ogra_sergiusens, well, we should have some kind of backup tool ... but yeah, doesnt necessarily need to be part of phalet-flash :)13:57
cwayneseb128: so it just stretches the wallpaper?13:57
sergiusensbut you asked if it was public13:57
seb128cwayne, yes13:57
karniCorrect :)13:57
sergiusensogra_, I am in the works13:57
seb128cwayne, the per-for-factor doesn't make sense13:57
ogra_heh, i didnt mean to push :)13:57
mzanettisergiusens: on MeeGo there was an app that would allow you to take screenshots. would be nice to have such a capability to execute this stuff in apparmor13:57
sergiusensogra_, only reason to need a backup from phablet-flash is when you move from cdimage builds to image based upgrades13:57
seb128cwayne, you can use a phone in landscape mode and some phone have higher resolution than some tablets13:57
cwayneseb128: well not per-form-factor, but i thought it was something like if width was higher than x gu's then use this wallpaper13:57
ogra_sergiusens, i can imagine paranoid users that would like to do regular backups to their PC13:58
sergiusensmzanetti, people told me it would added to the shell13:58
ogra_independently of flashing13:58
seb128cwayne, well, unity8 has some logic with 2 cases, but imho that's not clever13:58
cwayneseb128: basically the context here is that our customized background looks no bueno on a tablet13:58
sergiusensmzanetti, as in the shell would be the one to take screenshots and such13:58
mzanettisergiusens: oh... seems I missed a team meeting then :D13:58
seb128cwayne, that seems line an unity8 bug, they should do nicer scaling/resizing13:58
jdstrandmzanetti, sergiusens: mir needs to expose that in some manner (it doesn't aiui) and then it needs to integrate with apparmor so we can allow it. that said, apps should be able to screen grab their own surface I think (once mir supports it)13:59
mzanettijdstrand: apps can grab their surface already13:59
cheeseboyHi. I have a nexus 4 (cyangenmod). How risky is installing ubuntu touch atm?13:59
=== dandrader is now known as dandrader|afk
jdstrandok, so full screen-- like sergiusens said, that is a shell thing. if we were going to expose that in apparmor (I'm thinking probably not though), there would have to be apparmor integration with mir14:00
jdstrands/expose that in apparmos/expose that to apps/14:00
* jdstrand needs to stop doing multiple things at once. I can't type14:01
mzanettijdstrand: QQuickWindow::grabWindow() btw14:01
jdstrandcool, thanks14:02
popeyballoons: do you know if it's easy to programmatically dismiss the keyboard?14:12
alex-abreuoSoMoN, I'll sync up w. u next week I guess on that14:12
oSoMoNalex-abreu, yep, let’s discuss this (and many other things) next week14:13
alex-abreuoSoMoN, btw ... not sure if you had the time to check https://code.launchpad.net/~abreu-alexandre/webbrowser-app/fix1240685/+merge/19222114:14
oSoMoNalex-abreu, yup, I commented on the MR14:15
=== dandrader|afk is now known as dandrader
alex-abreuoh u did14:15
alex-abreuoSoMoN, ah indeed14:15
cwayne2cwayne ping14:15
popeyogra_: do you see errors when starting webapps?14:22
popeywebbrowser-app: unrecognized option '--enable-back-forward'14:22
popeywebbrowser-app: unrecognized option '--webappUrlPatterns=https?://*.ebay.com/*'14:22
popeywebbrowser-app: unrecognized option '--webapp'14:22
davmor2ogra_: this should of moved on by now right?14:23
mfischpete-woods1: whats going on with that usermetrics stuff? did you hand-merge it?14:31
=== elopio_ is now known as elopio
pete-woods1mfisch: yeah, I ran the tests everywhere I could (arm, etc) then merged it myself, jenkins didn't seem to be getting any better14:37
=== pete-woods1 is now known as pete-woods
mfischpete-woods: will it be landing in the image still this week?14:40
pete-woodsmfisch: I don't know for certain, but I'm going to try and get it landed14:40
mfischpete-woods: okay, I've got one pending on it. I'm not in a rush, but can you just let me know so I can land it?14:41
pete-woodsmfisch: sure, I'm assuming we're talking about landing to saucy here, right?14:42
truebattleaxegood morning all14:42
truebattleaxeis there any news on getting ubuntu touch working on the motorola moto x for at&t14:42
mfischpete-woods: I didnt know saucy was even being built still14:43
pete-woodsmfisch: it is for mobile, I think14:43
pete-woodsmfisch: if this isn't needed for saucy, then it makes it easier, obviously14:43
mfischpete-woods: I dont think we need it for saucy14:44
pete-woodsmfisch: okay, cool, my life = easier :)14:44
truebattleaxeis there any news on getting ubuntu touch working on the motorola moto x for at&t14:45
ogra_popey, hmm, didnt notice (and tegh options work as expected)14:45
ogra_davmor2, well, probably system-image-cli cant reboot if it is called via adb or so14:46
ogra_i'd stop it, log in and run it again from the console14:46
davmor2ogra_: okay thanks14:47
truebattleaxeanyone have any luck on the motorola moto x installing and running? i couldn't find anything on the wiki14:52
cheeseboyhi I just installed ubuntu on my nexus 4. anyway i can get hdmi output to work?14:54
truebattleaxehey cheese14:56
truebattleaxei myself am trying to just see if it is possible to install on my new moto x14:56
cheeseboytruebattleaxe, i thought its only nexuses14:58
truebattleaxethere are different builds on the wiki for many tested devices. but i haven't found anything for mine14:58
truebattleaxei do have the first gen nexus 7 but i cant risk bricking it14:59
systimetruebattleaxe: Just take a nandroid on your nexus, then try touch.  If you don't like it, just revert back.15:07
cheeseboyanyway to get hdmi output working?15:10
popeycheeseboy: not yet15:12
popeycheeseboy: patches welcome ☻15:12
* cheeseboy nub15:13
cheeseboythis os is being suppa buggy15:13
cheeseboypopey, http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2013/07/ubuntu-edge-convergence-shown-off hows that guy doing it?15:15
popeycheeseboy: that's not Ubuntu for Phones, that's Ubuntu for Android, different product15:16
cheeseboywhats the difference? :/15:16
popeyUbuntu for Phones = ubuntu on the phone with a little bit of driver support from the android kernel15:16
popeyUbuntu for Android = Android on the phone with an Ubuntu desktop also installed15:16
cheeseboyso i guess ubuntu on android is better?15:18
ogra_nobody knows15:19
popeyIt's not been released yet.15:19
ogra_(apart from a few devs that work on it)15:19
ogra_ubuntu for android can only be released together with a vendor15:19
ogra_it requires massive changes to the shipped android15:19
cheeseboydoes ubuntu-touch have default password?15:20
ogra_it uses an autologin and has an open adb shell15:20
cheeseboysudo is asking for pass15:21
ogra_but yes, the phablet user also has a password ...15:21
ogra_its phablet ;)15:21
cheeseboyany reason my keyboard is super glichy when i use phone horizontal?15:22
ogra_bugs i guess :)15:22
GreySyntaxHi is there a way to make the custom udev rules build into the image? I can't seem to find a udev.conf that's copied to the image15:28
cheeseboyim ssh'd into my phone anyway i can make sure its using wifi for data?15:31
ogra_cheeseboy, have a look at nmcli15:33
=== gatox is now known as gatox_lunch
cheeseboyogra_, can i use X11 apps?15:44
ogra_no X1115:44
cheeseboydouble lame15:44
ogra_its a phone15:45
ogra_why would you run any X11 apps that arent optimized for touch ?15:45
ogra_once we have the convergence mode you will be able to run X apps btw15:46
ogra_in the docked mode15:46
ogra_but as long as that mode isnt implemented shipping X to bloat the image would be nonsense15:46
cheeseboyogra_, i wasnt expecting it to ship with X15:47
cheeseboywas hoping i could install / use it tho15:47
ogra_you surely can hack it up and make it use X with framebuffer driver15:47
ogra_and ignore the whole android container that runs the graphics driver15:47
ogra_but i doubt that will be any fun to use15:48
cheeseboyim just playing15:48
cheeseboyima prolly flash back to android in a week or so15:48
ogra_well, its ubuntu, you can bend it in any direction you want :)15:48
ogra_we even offer "play around images" that are very similar to std. installs (readwrite normal filesystem etc) if you want to play with the guts of the system15:49
ogra_(the cdimage oprion to phablet-flash gives you these image)15:50
cheeseboythanks ill look into it15:50
ogra_oh, and indeed, all cmdline apps work fine in the terminal app ;)15:51
* ogra_ knows some poeple run mutt and irssi15:51
GreySyntaxogra_: is there a way to modify the ubuntu-root that's build? trying to add udev rules and can't seem to find where they belong i've done grep -r "udev" * and can't find any likely candidates15:52
cheeseboyogra_, i was curious about running a (simple)game that used x1115:52
ogra_cheeseboy, ah, yeah, that would be tricky15:52
ogra_GreySyntax, we ship the rules in the lxc-android-config package (if you have a working rule, file a bug against this package and aattach the rules file, i'll care to get it into the package) /usr/lib/lxc-android-config carries them15:54
GreySyntaxogra_: i'm still trying to test the one's i've added can't get the display etc up atm just the basic kernel15:55
ogra_GreySyntax, on boot there is an lxc-android-config-boot upstart job that copies the right one for your device to /lib/udev/rules.d/ from there15:55
ogra_well, are you in the ubuntu rootfs via adb already ?15:55
ogra_thats usually the hardest part of a port15:55
GreySyntaxseems to get reset after each boot though15:56
GreySyntaxactually it appears the ubuntu fs isn't there i've got adb shell working but no /usr or /var/log15:56
* GreySyntax should start again15:56
ogra_oh, that sounds more like you end up inside android then15:57
GreySyntaxyeah just realised15:57
ogra_adb shell cat /var/lib/lxc/android/rootfs/ueventd*.rc|grep ^/dev|sed -e 's/^\/dev\///'|awk '{printf "ACTION==\"add\", KERNEL==\"%s\", OWNER=\"%s\", GROUP=\"%s\", MODE=\"%s\"\n",$1,$3,$4,$2}' | sed -e 's/\r//'15:57
GreySyntaxi extracted the ueventd files from cm and generated the config already15:57
ogra_that should generate a rules file for you ... though most likely you will still have to do a lot of manual changes with trial and error testing until you have all of them right15:58
ogra_also look for chmod/chown commands that touch /dev in your init.rc15:58
balloonspopey, I just got a notification from your question about the osk :-) no, there isn't a way to dismiss it, but you can turn off the service programmatically15:58
ogra_android isnt very consistent in that regard ...15:58
ogra_some bits are handled by ueventd some in init.rc15:59
popeyballoons: ooh, how?15:59
GreySyntaxyeah i've already noticed a few in the qcom init15:59
balloonspopey, for instance we do it in some autopilot tests.. stop maliit-server16:01
popeyoh, of course ☻16:02
=== dandrader is now known as dandrader|lunch
davmor2ogra_: Yay Finally :) current build number: 416:05
ogra_awesome !16:05
davmor2ogra_: so adb shell into the device and then run system-image-cli -c trusty -b 0 -v  and all is well :)16:07
cheeseboyogra_, how long on convergence mode you think?16:07
GreySyntaxah it's the emergency adb shell i'm getting /data isn't found16:07
GreySyntaxtime for coffee16:07
ogra_cheeseboy, the first traces of it might appear in 14.04 ... proper implementation will happen in 14.1016:08
cheeseboyso 6months?16:08
davmor2cheeseboy: 6-12 months16:11
cheeseboyany other distros doing anything similar?16:12
JuaninnI have a lot of answer about16:12
Juaninnubuntu phone.16:12
cheeseboylot of answers?16:13
Juaninn¿Can you help me?16:13
JuaninnLot of questions lol.16:13
cheeseboyyoure the one with the answers16:13
cheeseboyyou want us to quiz you?16:13
JuaninnI have an Alcatel One Touch Idol Ultra16:13
Juaninnbut i want ubutu phone16:13
JuaninnCan be this possible?16:13
JuaninnI want Ubuntu on my phone.16:14
crowellJuaninn: if it can run cyanogenmod10, it is most likely possible to port16:14
JuaninnNot suportt customs rooms16:14
Juaninnlast time my phone bricked.16:15
JuaninnCan you help me pls?16:16
cheeseboyim a nub16:16
beunoJuaninn, this is the list of unofficial ports: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices16:17
JuaninnThanks bro.16:18
JuaninnThanks .16:18
JuaninnDoesnt work with my phone16:19
JuaninnAnyone have the alcatel one touch idol ultra?16:20
Juaninn_I want ubuntu phone16:21
Juaninn_in my alcatel one touch idol16:22
ogra_Juaninn_, if your device is not https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices i fear you have to do a port yourself (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Porting) but this is not a beginner task, alternatively you could ask if someone in the xda forums would like to do a port16:23
Juaninn_Thanks ogra16:24
dakerKyle: ping16:37
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mvollrathanybody else had issues connecting to WPA-protected networks on grouper?17:06
s3is whatsapp available on ubuntu and do you recommend it on samsung gs3 for a non-developer user17:07
s3is whatsapp available on ubuntu and do you recommend it on samsung gs3 for a non-developer user17:11
bef0rdno, and no17:11
mvollrathit connects to an insecure network just fine, but it says pre-shared key may be incorrect17:14
mvollrathwhen connecting to WPA17:14
a_muvajust want to let you know that  I can listen to live stream and watch youtubes videos via mplayer17:15
mvollrathis wpa_supplicant cli expected to work?17:16
ogra_mvollrath, if you have a laptop connected to the same wlan you can use the pahblet-network command, it will copy the connection info via USB17:17
ogra_*phablet-network ... without typo :)17:18
mvollrathneat, that's handy17:19
a_muvahow can I select/copy/paste text?17:20
ogra_a_muva, i dont think that works yet17:22
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doanacsergiusens, ogra_: discovered a pretty annoying bug: https://code.launchpad.net/~doanac/phablet-tools/test-run-with-click/+merge/19255517:49
doanacwould be nice to get that landed quickly17:49
ogra_i assume you tested it ...17:50
ogra_(line 8 seems to be missing one \" )17:51
ogra_unless i read it wrong17:52
ogra_oh, i see, the closing one is in line 1617:52
doanacogra_: yeah - its ugly. i thought someone was moving phablet-test-run to python for trusty, so i was trying to be conservative with how much i changed that18:06
hazenmeanyone here familiar with u-boot.bin on encore?18:11
cwayne_sergiusens, hey, are phablet-tools documented anywhere?  I'm looking to help bolster some docs, as some of the lesser-known scripts can be quite useful, but people may not know about them18:12
hazenmelooking to change the kernel cmdline args, but modifying Boardconfig.mk doesn't change the /proc/cmdline in the running image. I think the kernel cmdline is getting hardcoded in the u-boot.bin18:12
ubuntuHPcan someone help me18:12
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hazenmeout of curiosity, would a kernel cmdline arg of console=ttyO0 cause a bootloop? I see that in grouper we had to add "console=tty1" to the kernel boot args to avoid a bootloop.18:14
GreySyntaxHi i'm having issues getting /data to mount i've located the 'disks' uuid and by-path under /dev/disk i presume i'll need to customise scripts/touch to get booting working?18:18
hazenmeis your data partition listed in /dev/disk/by-label ?18:19
GreySyntaxi've only got by-path by-uuid and by-id18:20
hazenmeI got the data part working on encore by adding a line like this to scripts/touch:18:21
hazenmeln -s /dev/mmcblk0p6 /dev/disk/by-label/userdata18:21
GreySyntaxhow are you getting changes to scripts/touch to stick?18:22
GreySyntaxsince ubuntu-root seems to be re-created on each build18:22
hazenmeunpacking the ramdisk.img in the packaged zip file, then changing things, then repacking18:22
GreySyntaxah right ok wanted to make sure i wasn't over complicating things18:23
hazenmeyour data partition needs to be labeled one of these names if you dont want to edit the scripts/touch file18:23
hazenmeuserdata UDA DATAFS USERDATA18:23
GreySyntaxyeah i came across that when debugging, thanks hazenme :)18:23
hazenmeI had to actually mount the data partition from init before the touch script could detect the data partition.18:25
hazenmeit was panicing and dropping to adb with 'couldn't find data partition'18:25
GreySyntaxyeah thats what i'm getting with the one18:26
hazenmenow that it is mounting the data part and touch can detect it, I get bootloops.18:26
hazenmeI think it is the console=ttyO0 arg that seems to be hardcoded in the u-boot.bin for encore18:26
GreySyntaxhow odd18:27
hazenmeyeah they fixed grouper's bootloop by adding console=tty1 to the kernel boot args18:28
hazenmebut with encore I think the kernel boot args are hardcoded in the u-boot.bin18:28
belkinsaDoes Ubuntu Touch only work the tablets listed on the wiki page (install one)?18:29
hazenmeThere are a handful of unofficial ports floating around XDA18:30
belkinsaThank you, I will look at XDA's site.18:32
slangaseksergiusens, rsalveti: so, https://lists.launchpad.net/ubuntu-phone/msg04813.html ... I think the fundamental bug here that we need to fix is that the process environment when connecting over adb is not what it is when launching from inside a proper login session18:36
slangasekand I'm wondering how we fix that18:36
UbuntuUserDoes anyone know of a commandline tool to get mobile data working for a US mvno sim card?18:37
UbuntuUserI found this topic https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-system-settings/+bug/1225174 but my UT build doesn't have a GUI for editing APN18:37
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1225174 in ubuntu-system-settings (Ubuntu) "Cellular Settings -- No way to edit APN" [High,In progress]18:37
UbuntuUserok... so I guess i just wait for an update that includes that feature?18:39
sergiusensslangasek, let me look, at a conf now with slow network18:40
rsalvetislangasek: right, adb will login as root by default as well18:41
rsalvetislangasek: our plan is to move away from adb and use ssh instead18:42
rsalvetiwhich will bring a proper session18:42
sergiusensdoanac, approved18:42
rsalvetito fix that for adb we'd need to make it login as phablet by default, and make sure it's starting a clean session from scratch18:42
rsalvetithat's why we recommend people using sudo -u phablet -i when using adb18:42
sergiusensrsalveti, slangasek phablet-test-run does that18:43
sergiusensrsalveti, slangasek and just calling qmlscene works from what I remember18:43
rsalvetiright, if just for phablet-test-run then it might be a bug specific to that tool18:44
rsalvetibut that would break a bunch of stuff I guess18:44
sergiusensrsalveti, the sdk has some helper tools that try to find the correct qmlscene with dpkg-architecture18:45
sergiusensrsalveti, they created their own test class to replace the one in each test suite (and avoid dups)18:45
slangasekok, so perhaps autopilot isn't / wasn't using phablet-test-run?18:46
rsalvetisergiusens: right18:46
slangasekthat is, perhaps people weren't using phablet-test-run to invoke autopilot at the time18:46
sergiusensslangasek, the problem is people doing su - phablet18:46
sergiusensslangasek, and I'm thinking that's why this was added18:46
slangasekwhy would 'su - phablet' not also work?  su calls pam_open_session(), it should get /etc/environment18:47
sergiusensslangasek, hmm, it does18:48
sergiusenseven the DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS works now18:48
sergiusensslangasek, did this start working when polkit was fixed? or not related?18:49
slangaseksergiusens: should be unrelated to polkit18:49
sergiusensin any case, it shouldn't be needed at all then18:49
slangasek/etc/environment is just su/sudo -> pam_open_session -> pam_env -> /etc/environment18:49
slangasekyep, I'll follow up to the thread18:49
sergiusenscwayne, I just blog about it; but waiting a bit because we might need homogenization of switches and such18:52
cwayne_sergiusens, ah, that makes sense18:53
cyphermoxjhodapp: poke?18:59
nexusjayHi everyone! Been digging around and wanted to confirm that there is no Canonical Support for the Nexus 7 (2nd Gen) device.18:59
wilee-nileedepending on your definition of "support" there is none on  the original19:00
wilee-nileethey are hardly any different hardware wise19:01
nexusjaySo I can wipe it and install it on the 2nd gen?19:02
wilee-nileenexusjay, You tell us, you can try if it does not run, you can reload your backup.19:03
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wilee-nileeI would research if what you want is what you will get as well.19:04
davfcan someone point me to info on touch with galaxy S3 vzw? I want to know what does/does not work, currently.19:05
wilee-nileeI found the desktop version to be problematic on my nexus 7 a while back the hardware is just not up for it is all.19:05
nexusjayhahaha thanks. I was looking at the documentation and i know the first gen works, but didnt see anything about the 2nd19:05
nexusjayi see. Maybe thats where I started getting my wires crossed.19:05
popeywe don't have an image for nexus 7 201319:05
nexusjaysorry for the noob question but if theres no image, can i download the packages and make it work?19:08
davfI'm basically just wanting to know what hardware works/doesn't specific to the vzw s3.19:09
davfI'll do all the legwork for porting etc... if I know that it *SHOULD* work.19:09
davfJust read that "we can easily take advantage of all the devices that are officially supported there (cyanogenmod)."19:10
nik90hey everyone, I heard before that the core apps which are currently present as click packages on the phone will  continously be updated via the app store just like any other app. However what happens to the dependencies that  these click packages depend on? Will they also be updated?19:12
nik90an example in my case is the clock app which depends on the EDS. Will EDS be updated for those running the  builds 101 saucy?19:13
nik90or should I be asking those users to upgrade to trusty build 5 for that?19:13
davfpopey - ?19:17
doanacrsalveti: can you top approve this: https://code.launchpad.net/~doanac/phablet-tools/test-run-with-click/+merge/192555 sergio did a moment ago but the landing job faild19:18
davfI'd really like to get some info beyond the wiki. Googling isn't coming up with much19:18
rsalvetidoanac: sure, 1 sec19:18
davfAre there only core apps still (has there been an offical release now?)19:18
davfpopey ^19:19
rsalvetidoanac: how to test that?19:19
doanacrsalveti: how to test the fix? run something like "phablet-test-run -o /tmp dropping_letters_app" it fails now. this branch fixes it19:19
jhodappcyphermox, ouch19:20
rsalvetidoanac: great, thanks19:20
davfSo this says "Ubuntu Touch Support and Discussion" is the IRC just not up and running yet?19:21
popeydavf: yeah, patience19:22
davfSeems to be very difficult to get info19:22
popeydavf: what specific info do you want?19:22
davfGalaxy S3 hardware with VZW. Anything that wouldn't work? GPS for example.19:22
popeyis that GSM or not?19:23
davfUmm... vzw S3 is 4G but I'm not clear if it is still CDMA as it has a SIMM card.19:23
davfIs CDMA working?19:24
popeynot yet19:24
popeythats why I asked.. currently we're only supporting GSM19:24
davfnot LTE?19:25
popeyI dont think we test on any LTE capable devices yet19:25
popeyGNEX, N4, N7, N1019:25
davfOk, any ETA roadmap website, RSS I can watch?19:27
davfN10 is LTE.19:28
davfSorry that's 10-219:29
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janimo`Mirv, can Qt 5.X and 5.Y coexist on the same system?19:40
janimo`Mirv, would an import of 5.1 or 5.2 to the archives prevent 5.0 being usable?19:41
rsalvetijanimo`: I think currently we can only have one 5.x series19:48
janimo`rsalveti, ok, so qtchooser is for 4.x vs 5.x then19:49
rsalvetijanimo`: currently, yes19:50
UbuntuUserdoes anyone know of a way to edit APN via the commandline? No gui support yet20:01
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JamesTaitpopey, your bbcnews app is now installable. \o/20:20
roguesatanicI installed ubuntu touch Trusty through CWM Recovery (mako) and the update feature in system setting just spins its wheels. Nothing happens. Is this a known occurence?20:23
hazenmeThat has been the behavior of every UT install I have used so far20:24
pmcgowanhazenme, hmm?20:24
pmcgowanroguesatanic, it should not do that, which version did you install?20:24
pmcgowanand do you know you have working internet connection?20:24
roguesatanicor at least I thought so, I did not notice until later there was also 10/17 on the page...20:25
hazenmeIt has done that on grouper since 13.10 was released20:25
roguesatanicit also did it for me on 13.1020:25
hazenmehappens on mako too20:25
pmcgowandefinitely should not20:25
pmcgowanthe only time I saw it was a problem with my network and it was not yet sart enough to detect20:25
roguesatanici am hoping to use it and just enjoy updates and stability as they happen.20:26
pmcgowanI got two updates today20:26
pmcgowanI am using the very latest howver20:26
roguesatanici am on wifi only, so sim. would that make a difference?20:26
pmcgowannope wifi is fine20:26
hazenmepmcgowan, are you referring to System Settings> Update?20:26
roguesatanicno need to run any apt-get commands first?  I understand that is not the same type of update as in system settings.20:26
hazenmeor the update app?20:27
pmcgowansystem settings>update20:27
pmcgowanroguesatanic, maybe file a bug here https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-system-settings/+filebug20:27
pmcgowanit gets image based deltas, no apt involved20:27
roguesatanicgood idea, just want to make sure i am not missing something trivial.20:27
pmcgowanit should work, check the wifi is working20:28
roguesatanicit is. at least insofar as i can use the browser.20:28
pmcgowanwell thats fine then20:28
pmcgowanroguesatanic, there is a command line tool you could try running, system-update-cli20:29
roguesatanicthx. I'll try now.20:29
pmcgowansorry system-image-cli20:29
pmcgowanpopey, do we have an example for using the online accounts api?20:32
roguesatanicweird. it returns phablet@ubuntu-phablet:/usr/share/click/preinstalled/com.ubuntu.terminal/0.5.2720:32
rsalvetidoanac: happroved20:34
doanacrsalveti: thanks!20:34
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popeypmcgowan: an example as in documentation or an example as in an app already made?20:37
pmcgowanroguesatanic, do adb shell system-image-cli -i20:37
pmcgowanpopey, I would take either and both20:37
pmcgowandocs are not very good20:37
pmcgowanthat I can find20:37
* popey has a look20:38
roguesatanicpmcgowan: I don;t have adb. I am using Terminal app on the phone.20:39
roguesatanicI flashed through CWM Recovery; I did not push to phone.20:39
pmcgowanroguesatanic, how did you flash? I assume phbalet-flash and you have adb tools20:39
roguesatanicI staed that when I first asked. would this affect the update mechanism?20:39
w-floroguesatanic, I'm not sure the system-image based images can be flashed through CWM at all (?)20:40
pmcgowansorry missed that, I am not sure either20:40
w-flomaybe you have a plain old "cdimage"-style setup now20:40
pmcgowanprobably not20:41
roguesatanicI see. I thought with the OTA capability this would change. I guess tonight's project is to flash it properly. :) Thanks for your assistance.20:41
pmcgowanok vg20:41
roguesataniccdimage? I used preinstalled .zips20:41
w-floThat's how the so-called "cdimage" images work AFAIK20:41
w-flowhile "system image" has a custom recovery etc20:42
roguesatanicI gotcha. Sounds like I would have to reinstall every time the image updates the way I did it20:43
w-floyes, I think so. Some parts can be updated using apt-get if the partiton is mounted read/write, but that can break things from time to time20:43
popeypmcgowan: uReadIt by mhall119 has it20:45
popeypmcgowan: http://popey.com/~alan/phablet/device-2013-10-24-214621.png that what you're after?20:46
pmcgowannot sure popey20:47
popeypmcgowan: well, it uses the friends API really..20:48
pmcgowanpopey, I see, I want onlineaccounts, but I bet friends uses it20:48
matv1hello all. can anyone confirm a bug where brightness dims randomly?20:49
roguesatanicwould you guys recommend flashing 13.10 or 14.04?  I am wondering if fixed/added items will make it to both, such as mms, alarm clock, etc20:49
matv1I just scanned launchpad but nothing on there like it, it seems20:49
roguesatanic(no daily driver expectations)20:49
pmcgowanroguesatanic, I would go with trusty20:50
pmcgowannot all fixes will be out into 13.1020:50
roguesatanicthat was my concern20:50
pmcgowanmatv1, the screen dims after a 30 sec timeout20:50
matv1nah this is anywhere from 2 secs upward20:50
pmcgowanroguesatanic, do trusty stable and it will be good20:51
pmcgowanmatv1, then no I dont think so20:51
hazenmeI noticed that on grouper matv120:51
matv1seems like its actualy triggered by a zealous prox sensor20:51
pmcgowanthat could be20:51
hazenmealmost seems like ambient light sensor wonkyness20:51
matv1im not on grouper20:52
matv1on a galaxy nexus20:52
hazenmeit happens with grouper too20:52
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matv1hazenme is that bug listed on lp?20:54
hazenmehavent looked20:54
matv1i dont see it20:55
hazenmeI put the N7 down for now while I try to get encore working20:55
matv1should i file it?20:55
mhall119popey: uReadIt has what?20:55
hazenmeup to you20:56
popeymhall119: i thought pmcgowan wanted friends, he wants onlineaccounts examples20:56
matv1hazenme cool20:56
mhall119uReadIt actually uses both20:56
hazenmeSo when building the android bits, there is a ubuntu ramdisk and a android ramdisk correct? Do I need to modify the ubuntu ramdisk to get the system and data partitions mounted on encore, or is this handled in the android ramdisk?20:59
popeyhazenme: not a ramdisk, a read-only filesystem image20:59
popeybut yeah20:59
w-flohazenme, you can set the "datapart=/dev/whatever" kernel cmdline param in case the initrd can't find your data partition. It will try to find it by its name, so maybe it works without that21:00
w-flothat's bug 1199084, it's not 100% done yet21:01
ubot5bug 1199084 in initramfs-tools-ubuntu-touch (Ubuntu) "mount support via cmdline parameters: systempart= datapart=" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119908421:01
hazenmeyeah it seems that encore uses a prebuilt u-boot.bin that has the kernel cmdline set...   I got initrd to find data by mounting it in init, then adding a ln -s /dev/mmcblk0p6 /dev/disk/by-label/userdata21:01
w-flohazenme, you may want to add a link for your system partition too, it's needed by the "update-fstab" script that runs on first boot21:02
hazenmethat got it to see data, but still panics21:02
w-floouch :(21:03
hazenmedo I need to mount system before scripts/touch runs?21:03
w-flono, I think system is only mounted later on (by mountall I guess)21:03
hazenmeso as long as it has the system label it should find it?21:04
roguesatanicpmcgowan:  w-flo  thx again.21:06
w-flohazenme, yes, those are valid labels for system: syslabels="FACTORYFS APP system SYSTEM"21:06
hazenmesweet. I will test now. Thanks21:07
w-floit shouldn't panic without that though :/21:07
hazenmestill bootlooping on encore.21:19
hazenmeinit: cannot open '/initlogo.rle'21:20
hazenmeinit: Unable to open persistent property directory /data/property errno: 221:20
hazenmeat least it is not complaining about not being able to find the data partition anymore...21:20
alesagehi I'm building unity8 from source and installing on my mako and getting a weird err during dpkg -i , any help?  http://paste.ubuntu.com/6297387/21:28
slangasekalesage: sadly, unity8 is copied to a tmpfs and bind-mounted in order to enable setting acls21:31
alesageslangasek, any advice on installing?  just testing some changes to autopilot-ify--is there an install guide?  /me is new here :)21:32
slangasekalesage: high-level: you need to undo the bind mount and then run dpkg, which requires first stopping any unity8 process21:35
slangasekI expected 'service lightdm stop' to do that21:35
slangasekand it didn't here :P21:35
alesageslangasek, possibly I'm in a weird state having stopped unity8 artificially, let me try again from a blank slate21:36
popeygra_: in case you want to release #5 tomorrow, I have tested it and all seems okay here.21:38
slangasekalesage: if you've stopped it already, then just try 'umount /usr/bin/unity8'21:38
slangasekthen retry the dpkg21:38
alesageslangasek, ok thanks, will report21:39
hazenmeGot a bit further on encore.21:44
hazenme(stk) :ldisc installation timeout21:44
hazenme(stk) :ldisc_install = 021:44
hazenmeinitrd: mounting /dev/mmcblk0p6 initrd: Couldn't find a system partition.21:44
hazenmels -la /dev/disk/by-label/ output:21:45
hazenmelrwxrwxrwx    1        14 system -> /dev/mmcblk0p521:45
hazenmeso mmcblk0p5 has a label, I can mount it with 'mount -t ext4 system /system'21:46
hazenmebut initrd is not able to find it21:46
xnoxhazenme: propose a patch against https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/trusty/initramfs-tools-ubuntu-touch/trusty21:51
xnoxhazenme: it has a few labels it uses to look for system partition, i guess above is not one of them =) so should be a simple one liner or something.21:52
hazenmew-flo stated earlier that valid labels for system: syslabels="FACTORYFS APP system SYSTEM"21:53
hazenmeI have /dev/mmcblk0p5 symlinked to system in /dev/disk/by-label/21:53
notzippyFor ports which ubuntu touch builds should be used ? The ports page isnt specific on this matter22:46
hazenmeso my encore build is getting to the point where it mounts the userdata partition to /tmpmnt, then I get this in the dmesg:22:47
hazenmeinitrd: Couldn't find a system partition.22:47
hazenmeI already symlinked /dev/mmcblk0p5 (system partition) to /dev/disk/by-label/system22:48
aquariusDid I hear Saviq suggest in a talk the other day that I can adb to my Ubuntu phone over wireless, without it being connected by USB cable?22:49
aquariusif I did hear it, is it the truth? :)22:49
hazenmeDo I need to mount /system before scripts/touch runs?22:49
ryukafalz_aquarius: Not sure if you can adb, but you should be able to ssh, right?23:03
ryukafalz_I mean it's just Ubuntu ;)23:03
aquariusryukafalz_, there's an ssh server by default??23:03
ryukafalz_By default... hmm idk23:03
ryukafalz_I should check haha23:03
aquariusnot by the look of it23:03
aquariushaving just nmapped the phone :)23:03
ryukafalz_there's a terminal by default, try sudo service sshd start23:04
aquariusryukafalz_, ah, I know I can probably set it up.23:04
ryukafalz_my nexus 7 is currently running android and rebooting would take a bit :P23:04
aquariusI had this idea that I could send links to the phone without push notifications by just sshing from my machine into the phone23:04
aquariusand then say "here is a cool tiny chrome extension to do this"23:05
ryukafalz_ahh okay23:05
ryukafalz_well then you'd need ssh in a chrome extension...23:05
aquariusbut if I have to prefix that with half a page of instructions about how to enable ssh on the phone, then maybe not worried. :)23:05
aquariuschrome extensions can call native code, now.23:05
ryukafalz_wait they can?23:06
ryukafalz_that seems like... a bad idea actually? >.>23:06
aquariusthey can't just randomly shell out :)23:06
aquariusthey have to call a pre-prepared thing.23:06
ryukafalz_aha, interesting23:07
ryukafalz_also, I did not know until just now what libhybris actually was23:07
ryukafalz_and it's awesome o.o23:07
aquariusadb seems to be doable wirelessly, but you have to plug your phone in and set it up that way first23:07
aquariusso this all sounds like hassle and I should wait for push notifications and do it properly. ;)23:07
ryukafalz_haha maybe23:08
ryukafalz_not to mention even if you could do it with SSH, you'd need the IP of the phone :P23:08
ryukafalz_and it'd need to be on wifi because carrier wireless is NATed to heck23:08
aquariusthat's where the next step comes in, which is asking why ubuntu-phablet.local doesn't work. I suspect that "turn on the mDNS stuff" is something on the big list of stuff to do on the phone build, so that's OK.23:09
ryukafalz_ah well that one assumes that that's the hostname of the device then :P23:09
aquariusthis is for sending web links from my laptop to my phone, remember. The times when I need to do that and they're not both on the same wifi network are extremely, extremely rare.23:09
aquariusbecause if there isn't wifi, then my laptop can't see the web to get links from it... and if there's wifi, the phone will also be on it :)23:10
ryukafalz_and if there are multiple ubuntu touch phones on the network? :P23:10
ryukafalz_actually how does mDNS handle hostname conflicts anyway?23:10
aquariuswell, it should be called StuartsPhone.local, picking up the name of the phone, obviously, like my laptop is. :)23:10
aquariusno idea what mdns does if fifteen StuartsPhones show up :)23:11
ryukafalz_problem is if you ever wanted to distribute this to someone else (the reason for not using SSH) you'd have to work that out :P23:12
ryukafalz_because I'd imagine most people don't change the hostnames of their phones23:12
slangasekalesage: how'd you get on with umount?23:14
alesageslangasek, sorry afk for a bit, appears to work thx :)23:36

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