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SuperMattmorning all08:33
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy World Development Information Day! :-D08:37
TheOpenSourcererWhat's the little audio settings widget called on the top bar? It has a bug. On Saucy if I mute, then come back later and un-mute, the icon itself stays in the muted image.08:40
JamesTaitTheOpenSourcerer, I think that'll be indicator-sound08:41
TheOpenSourcererAnyone else confirm what I'm seeing?08:42
SuperMattthat's the one08:42
SuperMattTheOpenSourcerer: I've seen similar things08:42
popeyTheOpenSourcerer: how did you mute?08:42
SuperMattI've got a weird bug right now. When using spdif out, the volume starts up AT FULL until I turn it down08:42
TheOpenSourcererClick the word "mute"08:42
popeyi clicked mute and it still shows the sound icon thing08:43
popeyi have two audio devices, wonder if that's why08:43
TheOpenSourcererHmm, it grey's out and you get the "x" next to the speaker icon.08:43
popeyand mute button on KB doesn't change the icon either08:43
popeywant me to file a bug?08:43
TheOpenSourcererRepeatedly muting and unmuting seems to get the icon to change correctly but it's not consistent.08:44
TheOpenSourcererYeah sure popey08:44
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LaneyThere's a bug where it gets stuck sometimes08:48
Laneykilling unity-panel-service and letting it respawn fixes it for me08:48
popeybug 124411408:48
lubotu3bug 1244114 in indicator-sound (Ubuntu) "Sound indicator icon doesn't consistently show muted state when muted" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/124411408:49
TheOpenSourcererThat's the one.08:49
JamesTaitI can't reproduce it.08:50
dwatkinsToday I learned a new software term: "ship blocker"09:14
mungbean_how can i see g+ posts i have commented on?09:15
SuperMattmungbean_: I'm just getting my CV checked out by somemone. Do I need a covering letter?09:15
mungbean_hmmm SuperMatt i haven't gone through this proces in a while, so its prob different now09:16
mungbean_i think its via online application form and cv.09:16
brobostigongood morning everyone,09:31
mungbean_is this a piece of fiction? https://plus.google.com/103470457057356043365/posts/9fyh5R9v2Ga09:35
mungbean_sounds like it09:35
mungbean_heh, i notice sadfl has commented on it09:35
MartijnVdShmm.. Dell's website claims you can't order the XPS13 online anymore.. preparing for a refresh?09:51
brobostigonlike selling off the nexus4 cheap, in prep for selling the nexus5, :)09:52
MartijnVdSbrobostigon: yeah, possibly09:52
MartijnVdSbrobostigon: speaking of which.. ;)09:52
brobostigonMartijnVdS: you bought one?09:52
MartijnVdSbrobostigon: Is the Nexus 5 out?09:53
brobostigonMartijnVdS: all but announced basiclly, yes.09:54
MartijnVdSbrobostigon: I want to order it!09:57
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brobostigonMartijnVdS: and you can afford it? however much it will cost.09:58
MartijnVdSbrobostigon: rumours are $350-$399, that's *cheap* for a good smart phone10:00
MartijnVdSbrobostigon: I've saved up enough money in the past 2 years of Galaxy Nexus ;)10:00
brobostigonMartijnVdS: :) very true, i thought the original nexus4 price was good aswell.10:00
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davmor2Morning all10:08
DJonesI wonder how long the Nexus branding will continue, we've got N4, N7, N10, N5 is due out, as a guess (on recent naming policies) N6 will have a 6" screen and at that size would more of a phablet than a phone or tablet, where do they go with phone names after that, an N8 with an 8" screen is getting seriously too big for a phone10:14
DJonesWill Google Glass be a N0.5 for the 1/2 inch screen :)10:15
penguin42DJones: What was the name of the guy in Blade runner who made the Nexus series eyes?10:18
DJonesThere was certainly a Nexus 6 reference in Bladerunner10:18
penguin42hm 'Chew' apparently10:18
popeyHannibal Chew10:18
penguin42hmm may not be that great a naming scheme, but for 'what I've seen with your eyes...'10:19
* DJones ponders a remake of the classic horror, "The hills have google eyes"10:23
MartijnVdSgoogly eyes?10:53
SuperMattmungbean_: submitted11:50
DJonesHeh, just saw this mentioned www.php.net is being blocked by Google Chrome for containing malware11:57
MartijnVdSit is11:57
MartijnVdSalso by firefox11:57
DJonesThats not a good thing to happen11:58
MartijnVdSDJones: probably some leaky PHP code :P11:59
SuperMattcan we now start ditching php?11:59
MartijnVdSSuperMatt: maybe12:00
MartijnVdSit's real12:01
mungbean_SuperMatt: \o/12:26
mungbean_bought a server from ibm and it came in parts o_O12:34
mungbean_i mean, had to install CPU, ram, raid card, pcie riser, 10gb eth, disks.12:35
penguin42mungbean_: Yeh you get the base thing and all the addons12:35
mungbean_something went wrong somewhere, i'm sure customer doesn't install this12:35
directhexmungbean_, "system integration" is a line item, maybe?12:35
mungbean_thats why you get ripped off by a reseller12:35
nayai'm new here12:35
popeyhello naya12:35
mungbean_dell servers ftw12:35
nayai've been out of ubuntu for a while12:36
MartijnVdSmungbean_: IBM has an army of servicepeople to do that,right?12:36
MartijnVdSnaya: welcome back then :)12:36
mungbean_i thought some of the items i instaled were not customer installable12:36
mungbean_how can they validate the new server is working oterhwise12:36
nayacan i get help here?12:36
mungbean_of course naya whats up12:36
nayai mean with configuration stuff?12:36
popeyyou can drive to mungbean_'s place and setup a server ☻12:37
popey(I kid)12:37
nayai use Toshiba Satellite L775 but my keyboard does not work when the system boots12:38
nayai'm using the life CD now.12:38
penguin42naya: When you say the keyboard doesn't work - is that the only thing that doesn't work?12:38
penguin42naya: i.e does the mouse move? Or an external keyboard work?12:39
nayaoh yea right the touchpad doesn't either.12:39
nayai don't have an external mouse or keyboard.12:39
penguin42naya: OK, so what makes you think it's the keyboard that's failing as opposed to the whole machine being dead?12:40
nayabecause when i use the onscreen keyboard i'm able to log in and that's it12:40
dwatkinsin German, "na ja" means "well, yeah"12:40
penguin42naya: You mean touchscreen?12:41
nayaonscreen keyboard i mean.12:41
penguin42naya: OK, that's interesting - I had heard of other people who had keyboards that didn't work12:41
penguin42naya: I'm not sure what to suggest, I would file a bug, which version of Ubuntu are you using - and if you can borrow an external keyboard I'd try it12:42
nayapenguin24: and i'm gonna get and external keyboard and mouse12:43
penguin42naya: ok, is this 12.04.3 ?12:44
nayapenguin42: yea it is12:44
penguin42naya: OK, so other things to try - and I don't know if any of these will help; 1) Try the latest 13.10 release just to see if it works  2) Try an old release like 10.0412:45
penguin42naya: But also, if you can do a bug report against 'linux' and mention the bug number here I'll try and see if I can spot anything obvious in the logs12:45
nayapenguin42: ok thanks12:46
nayapenguin42: i'll try the different versions first!12:46
penguin42naya: If the 12.04 live CD works you can also try installation from say 12.04.1 or switching the hardware enablemenet pack to 12.04.1 or 12.04.2 - that wouldn't need a reinstall12:47
mungbean_shuttleworth appears to have 2 G+ accounts12:47
penguin42a work one and a private one?12:47
jussimungbean_: I have 4....12:47
penguin42that's pretty common thing to do12:47
mungbean_2k followers on one, and 4k followers on other12:47
nayapenguin42: ok!12:47
jussimungbean_: yeah, one is for the unity and mir lovers, the other for haters - Ill let you decide which is which :P12:48
ali1234i broke launchpad :/13:05
MartijnVdSali1234: awesome13:05
ali1234upload a package to a ppa, then delete it, then upload it again13:06
ali1234now i have pending builds on my ppa which contains now packages, because the packages are all pending for deletion13:06
jussiali1234: well done! :D13:10
* popey dug 3 suits out of the cupboard, and they all "fit" (ish)14:57
popeyhandy for bigcalm's wedding tomorrow14:57
MartijnVdSpopey: so you can "superman rip" out of 2 suits during the course of the wedding? :)15:00
popeywhy do those twitter accounts exist15:02
penguin42is there live coverage on here?15:02
popeymany look like generated names15:02
popeybut they are tweeting many of the same pieces of text15:02
MartijnVdSSearch engine optimizers?15:02
popeyI can't fathom what the benefit is, given they aren't tweeting links15:03
MartijnVdSmaybe it makes the accounts seem more "legit" to Twitter's spam-detect robot15:04
MartijnVdSso once they start spamming, they don't get blocked as quickly15:04
popeyhttps://twitter.com/windroadkbKhoko/status/393395714249588736 probably explains it15:20
ali1234why do any twitter accounts exist?15:28
mungbean_i understand certain use cases15:47
mungbean_not for me though15:47
mungbean_bloke who invented twitter sis its to express any info you want anywhere without constraint. except 140 chars15:51
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ali1234trololol :D16:27
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diddledanali1234: quit trolling17:00
davmor2diddledan: maybe we should have the government introduce interwebz trolling tax,  of course most of us would be bankrupt by the end of the month :D17:11
diddledanI'd be bankrupt after the first hour17:12
nayapoivy on ubuntu 12.0417:47
nayaany ideas?17:47
popeynaya: https://www.poivy.com/download has a link to sign up to get the linux version17:47
nayapopey: really? i check didn't see that though17:48
nayabut i'm gonna get back to u.17:48
nayapopey: i can only use the websignup version not a standalone application!17:49
popeypoivy just looks like a sip provider17:50
penguin42anyone tried Mozilla's togetherJS stuff?17:56
penguin42e.g. https://togetherjs.com/examples/drawing/17:57
ali1234anyone got an awk oneliner that turns scp syntax into ssh syntax?17:58
penguin42not sure it's that trivial, I know of at least differences in -P to -p and scp is fussier over the placement18:01
penguin42but not sure of other differences18:01
ali1234well basically i just need to turn 'user@host:/path/to/file' into 'user@host -c "cat /path/to/file"'18:01
ali1234this can't be all that hard... it might not be perfect but it's good enough18:02
ali1234maybe i can do it with sedactually18:02
ali1234just replace first :18:02
ali1234and stick a " on the end18:02
ali1234yeah that should work18:02
ali1234can i untar to a series of pipes?18:19
MartijnVdSali1234: *to* a pipe? unlikely.18:20
MartijnVdSyou can untar *from* one, or tar *to* one, no problem18:20
ali1234eg for each file in a tar file, pipe it to md5sum > $filename.md518:20
MartijnVdS     --to-command=COMMAND18:20
MartijnVdS           pipe extracted files to another program18:20
MartijnVdS^ from "man tar"18:20
MartijnVdSI don't know if that pipes it as one big blob though18:21
MartijnVdSor as separate files18:21
ali1234yeha i don't want it to18:21
ali1234exactly what i need :)18:23
MartijnVdSWow, another batch of security updates18:26
MartijnVdSwas there some kind of backlog?18:26
davmor2http://www.kulfoto.com/funny-pictures/52288/librarian-humor-na-na-na-batman  I'll just leave that here18:28
MartijnVdSdavmor2: ...18:29
davmor2MartijnVdS: put a smile on my face so thought I'd share it :)18:33
MartijnVdSdavmor2: I've sent it on to a librarian I know :)18:33
ali1234for when you have to copy a directory twice using absolutely the minimum amount of bandwidth possible19:13
penguin42ali1234: pv ?19:15
ali1234pipe viewer, shows throughput on the pipe19:15
ali1234this is my final solution instead of using rsync19:16
penguin42what was wrong with rsync?19:16
ali1234well, the double file thing19:16
penguin42double file?19:16
ali1234this makes two copies of every file and also writes checksums, while reading each file strictly only once, and writing it strictly only twice19:17
ali1234doing the same with rsync would mean multiple reads of each file19:17
ali1234i don't have time fo that19:17
penguin42why multiple reads?19:17
ali1234rsync it to make copy 119:18
ali1234that's 1 read/1write19:18
ali1234then rsync it again to make copy 2, that's another 1 read and 1 write19:18
ali1234then md5sum it all, that's another read19:18
penguin42oh you're wanting double copies19:18
ali1234= 3 reads, 2 writes19:18
ali1234this does the whole thing in one step, thus it's optimal i think19:19
ali1234not sure how much overhead tar and ssh will create, probably not much though19:19
ali1234turns out my laptop doesn't actually have gigabit ethernet, so that's will be the limiting factor19:22
ali1234i need to test this with spaces in the file names19:25
* popey hopes bigcalm gets a good nights sleep21:28
penguin42popey: You've not tied him naked to a lamppost with cat5?22:07
directhexcat5 is poor rope22:11
directhexdoesn't knot well22:11
AlanBellI am sure bigcalm will be tucked up in bed nice and early22:15
AlanBellHayley might not be though :)22:15
AlanBellAnyone know lots about VAT? DJones?http://www.theopensourcerer.com/2013/10/crowdfunding-and-vat/22:20
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bigcalmI've just got back from the venue. Some joint decorating while we're still aloud to see each other23:37
bigcalmI'm now on my own and unlikely to sleep23:37
penguin42well, you shouldn't be sleeping tomorrow....23:43
bigcalmT - 14 hours 46 mins23:43
penguin42ah very civilised, no rush23:45
bigcalmIt's 00:45, not a civilised hour I'd say23:45
penguin42but 2-3pm will be23:46
bigcalmI will be back at the venue at 10am though to continue setting up23:47
bigcalmMaybe watching TV in bed will help23:52
bigcalmNight peeps :)23:52

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