adomChinnoDog: you snag one of those $35 cloud servers at cloudatcost.com? im just checking it out now.12:50
adomfor $35 one time fee, i might just have to grab one for the theck of it.12:51
adomeven just for SSH and all that12:52
adomvery enticing idea12:53
ChinnoDogadom: no. I was considering one of the high end ones but idk anything about that site. What if they go belly up tomorrow?13:01
adomyeah, was thinking about it...wouldn't be surprised if 6 or 18 months from now they *accidentally* got hacked and all emails, passwords (unhashed), credit card data, and server data was compromised and the company disappeared.14:27
adomjust seems like their only goal is gaining a wide user base and not making nay profit.14:28
adomits likely just a reseller with a private rack somewhere charging to host VPSs for customers, we have plenty of those here, but those prices are sketchy as hell.14:29
ChinnoDogThey use someone else's equipment I think14:37
ChinnoDogI doubt they have any of their own equipment14:37
ChinnoDogI mean.. I could do that14:37
ChinnoDog(Maybe I should)14:37
ChinnoDogOn the plus side the AUP does not have an IRC restriction14:47
ChinnoDogadom: http://forums.redflagdeals.com/new-provider-cloudatcost-com-cheap-vps-1-month-first-10000-servers-1392062/2/#post1755373015:26
ChinnoDogI'm not entirely sure how to interpret it but what I get from it is that they are super cheap because they built /everything/, which is probably convenient to do in Canada, a land of large open spaces15:29
adomi might just buy one of the $35 ones just to have for IRC or something if i ever stop using Blinkenshell. or maybe just put a lightweight server on it (landing page, Vent server, etc)...but I'm using paypal for payment and I'm using a password I've never used before jsut for that site.19:54
adomChinnoDog: ^19:54
ChinnoDogI want to buy the high end one. lol20:34
ChinnoDogI would replace my dedicated box with it20:35
ChinnoDogI pay $25/mo for my current server so even if I paid the $140 one-time fee it would pay for itself in 6 months20:36
marcoceppiadom: I bought a few21:01
* marcoceppi shrug21:01
ChinnoDog"a few"?21:01
ChinnoDogI am still trying to convince myself to go for it21:03
ChinnoDogok, I did it. I hope this was a sound purchasing decision.21:29

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