cmaloneyI think the Starbucks thing may need to be rethought00:02
cmaloneyManaged to luck into a table here00:02
widoxwaf: hola01:29
wafwidox: test01:30
greg-grick_h_: does your team use any specific dev methodology? You have in-person sprints, but do ya'll also do the 1-2 week sprint idea? Still use LP for managing those sprints?06:04
rick_h_greg-g: so I think it's just kanban + agile? We do have 1-2 week "features" we break into single branch-ish kanban cards we move across the board from study, coding, review, landing/qa, done14:14
rick_h_greg-g: but we don't really call them sprints14:14
brouschjrwren: Is there a charity I can give to to help you get over that ailment?14:35
jrwrenthis does not work for me. is it supposed to in 12.04.2 ? http://techxana.blogspot.com/2012/09/ubuntu-12-dhclient-logging-options.html15:06
greg-gjrwren: is that an endorsement?15:52
greg-g"In the case of decentralized teams, stage-illustration software such as Assembla, ScrumWorks, Rational Team Concert or JIRA in combination with Jira Agile." oh no! my only floss option is JIRA?!15:54
greg-gfrom https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scrum_%28software_development%29#Scrum-ban15:54
cmaloneyDid someone wave the magic scrum wand?15:54
cmaloneySeems we're also "doing Scrum"15:55
rick_h_greg-g: yea, we don't use open source kanban/etc.15:55
cmaloney(and Jira is only this side of OSS)15:56
greg-gcmaloney: well, being a little more reactive to reality, for us. Also, our team needs something to help us stay on task.15:56
greg-gwe're your typical fire-fighting team (the "Platform/Core" team) so we're the ones called in when shit breaks and people don't know how to fix it immediately15:56
greg-gbut, we also have things we need to build, so, yeah15:57
jrwrenagile with a capital A is bullshit.15:58
jrwrenthe only agile I care about are the 4 values defined in the agile manifesto.15:58
jrwrenas for scrum or scrumban, yes, they are fine methodologies15:58
jrwrenimplementing them can be challenging15:58
cmaloneyI think Agile got the same problems as some of the other methodologies, namely this idea of purity in implementation16:00
cmaloneyThat and XP16:01
cmaloney"Thou shalt have a 10 person team for a two person project"16:01
cmaloney"And thou shalt not call it 'Agile' unless thou has delinated these roles to ten separate people"16:02
greg-gjrwren: that's my perspective as well16:22
greg-gcmaloney: yeah, we ain't pure :)16:23
jrwrencmaloney: that is why...16:38
jrwrenagile with a capital A is bullshit.16:38
cmaloneyThat moment you find someone on G+, think it would be interesting to follow them, and then get hit with a stream of political posts19:34
greg-gthat moment when you think about doing something on G+, open it up, and run away screaming19:35
cmaloneyHey now. :)19:35
greg-gyou feel icky when someone says scrum, I feel icky when someone says G+ ;)19:35
cmaloneyI didn't say I felt icky about scrum19:36
cmaloneyjust that i've heard it a lot lately19:36
cmaloneyAnd nothing wrong with G+. It's actually a nice community19:36
brouschgreg-g: Where do you converse with fellow nerds?19:36
cmaloneythat said, i follow a shit-ton of gamers19:36
greg-gbrousch: right here, on IRC19:36
brouschBut there's no pictures!19:37
cmaloneyUsed to be identi.ca, but people fell off that wagon.19:37
greg-gASCII ART!19:37
greg-galso, yeah, identi.ca, but too quiet19:37
greg-gapparently quittr.se (statusnet based) is pretty popular19:37
greg-gbut, I think full of mega chatters, the likes of whats his name from that one outlaw podcast19:38
greg-gyeah, him19:38
cmaloneyWe are a federation of microbloggers who care about ethics and solidarity and want to quit the centralised capitalistic services. We've been around since 2010 and will always be non-profit.19:39
cmaloneyAnd... no.19:39
cmaloney(from http://quitter.se)19:40
greg-gwhat's wrong with being non-profit?19:40
jrwrenscrum is just a to short of scrotum19:46
* _stink_ steals that19:47
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