skellatWell, this should get interesting: http://forecast.weather.gov/showsigwx.php?warnzone=OHZ089&warncounty=OHC007&firewxzone=OHZ089&local_place1=Edgewood+OH&product1=Short+Term+Forecast#.UmiMjq7FBBw02:57
jenni[ National Weather Service Watch Warning Advisory Summary ] - https://j.mp/17KkIVQ02:57
yano.nws Ashtabula, Ohio03:47
jenniFREEZE !WARNING! issued October 23 at 7:24PM EDT until October 24 at 10:00AM EDT by NWS03:47
jenniComplete weather watches, warnings, and advisories for Ashtabula, Ohio, available here: http://alerts.weather.gov/cap/wwaatmget.php?x=OHC007&y=1' -- You may also PM the bot to get the full list.03:47
Unit193Also in ##weather-us-oh03:49
skellatyano: The bad thing is there is Ashtabula Inland & Ashtabula Lakeshore.  The Ashtabula Township subdivision is split between the two.  I'm in the Lakeshore half which isn't under the warning.03:49
yanoyea, the .nws only handles either County, State pairs or ZIP Codes03:50
yanoUnit193: yup!03:51
skellatCleveland-area media get goofy when they try to illuminate the map as they just light up the whole county.  The Ashtabula Lakeshore zone is about 30 miles by 4 miles in size03:51
skellatWestern boundary to Eastern boundary of county but only north of a straight line roughly a hair north, so to say, of I-9003:52
skellatGenerally I'm considered too close to the lake for the really bad lake effect snow in this zone...my aunt's farm in the Inland zone is in the prime territory to get dumped on03:56
Unit193Should remove +c :(03:58
skellatUnit193: Hunh?04:00
Unit193Yey!  Hit wind chill of 31F!04:21
skellatWith luck we don't get black ice and have an idiot driver around here take out a pole04:34
skellatThe number of automobile crashes has been rising recently04:34
skellatDisturbingly rising04:34
skellatWell...if that happens...I'll fall off IRC and the UPS alarm will wake me up04:35
* skellat disappears04:35
Unit193Well, he did disappear.05:43
jrgiffordWell, its snow here11:59
jrgiffordAnd 32°12:00
jrgiffordDarn. That puts a wrench in my plans to bike into work today, nobody will know how to drive.12:00
jrgiffordSkellat: how's the snow doing up there?12:01
jrgiffordAnd we just lost power.12:03
skellatjrgifford: No snow on the ground here at the moment14:00
jrgiffordReally? Is not a lot here in Cleveland, but it's enough to make every driver on the road act insane.14:06
skellatThere might have been a candy-coating dusting earlier but now...bupkis14:08
paultagLess than bupkis!14:09
paultagwhat Bupkis keeps for lint in its pocket!14:09
skellatThanks paultag14:13
paultagNo one? frasier?14:13
paultagbah, kids these days14:13
* skellat is being summoned to handle animal wrangling14:13
thafreakso THAT'S where the snow was...14:44
thafreakkept seeing people driving towards akron and kent with snow on their cars...14:44
thafreakit was very confusing14:44
belkinsaskellat, you had a great opening talk for OLF.17:52
belkinsaSorry for being out context there, I started to listen to the talks from OLF 2013.17:53
Unit193Hah, now we're getting some. :P19:58

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