JonathanDWhats up rmg5109:45
rmg51just us09:46
JonathanDseems like my autoaway is broken.09:46
teddy-dbearMorning peoples, dogs, turkeys and everything else12:03
jedijfwhy do i always feel like the last category12:04
teddy-dbearbecause your not a dog or a turkey, and people have doubts about you being a peoples ;-)12:23
jthanjedijf: ROBOT17:48
TheLordOfTimei'm more likely to be part robot than jedijf is... xD17:59
=== rmg511 is now known as rmg51
jthanI think I miss using Linux more often.20:00
JonathanDso use it more often.20:00
jthanI don't really have the means at the moment.20:01
jthanLike... I want to buy a laptop just to put Ubuntu on to flash around :-p20:01
jthanis that bad?20:01
JonathanDjthan: get an x3120:01
jthanYou're trolling me20:02
JonathanDjthan: I'm not.20:02
JonathanDThey're fun to play with.20:02
JonathanDjedijf: get jthan an x3120:02
jthanI still owe him $9 for the msp430 he sent me... :-p20:02
JonathanDjthan: he gave out free x31s at fosscon 2 years ago20:03
jthanHe's generous as all hell. I love him.20:03
jthanHe even gives out free ideas, life tips... umm..... bread20:03
JonathanDjthan: they were from ntr20:04
JonathanDjthan: jedijf's got those connections ;)20:04
jthanI finally got my raspberry pi.. maybe it'll satisfy my craving for a little while.20:05
jedijfjthan: if i give - no one owes me20:06
jedijfjthan: do arch on pi20:06
jthanjedijf: I was considering arch, actually. Might roll it on the linode first just to mess around.20:06
jedijfdo on pi20:07
jthanHave you gotten a pi?20:07
jthanWhat's it do for you?20:08
jedijflol - nothing20:08
jthanI want to get a TV tuner and use xbmc to record my bff anderson cooper.20:08
jedijfthats on my list20:08
jthanWell I've got everything to do so except a TV Tuner that is on the list of approved ones.20:08
jthanI'd rather get arch up and running first20:08
jthanIf I go with arch*20:09
jthanWhich I probably will20:09
jedijfi need to design something for these red light cameras20:10
jthanThat sounds fun.20:10
jedijflike a missile launcher20:11
jthanWell that seems excessive.20:11
jedijf$100 a pop is getting expensive20:11
jthanMaybe a potato gun.20:11

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