cyberangernetritious: well, once I boot, I could check if the MBR != /dev/zero01:28
cyberangerand if I cannot decrypt the drive (esp if the dm-crypt header was modified) that would also tell me01:29
cyberangerthe firmware issue, how would I check on something that low level01:30
cyberangeryour right that it's no really as clear as checksums against the mbr or /boot01:36
cyberangerbut it also doesn't slow my boot time beyond decrypting the drive01:36
cyberangernetritious: glad to see you around again, most the time I get less then halfway in that and the other person just says I'm paranoid02:03
cyberanger(which ok, I am, but reasonably so)02:04
cyberangeryour one of the few that not only hears me out, but also thinks along the same lines02:05
Unit193I've thought about encrypting the netbook, and using TC more in general, but 1. I just don't have anything of interest really.  2. Partly #1, and partly that things to slow the netbook down wouldn't be a good thing.02:08
cyberangerplus the typical issue, you have ten fingers and one password, I have a cigar cutter and only want the password, how many fingers do you need?02:16
netritiouscyberanger: you are paranoid, but that's ok. Noone is perfect :)08:15
cyberangera healthy dose of paranoia...08:18
netritiousI think paranoia is a requirement if you use encryption at all lol08:19
netritiousjust ran an apt-get update and I see libdrm2 and a bunch of [intel|radeon|nouveau]drm* packages08:26
netritiousprecise x6408:27
netritiouswhy the heck do I need drm /anything/ on my server?08:29
cyberangeryou know that's not Digital Restrictions Management, right08:38
cyberangerand are we talking ubuntu?08:38
cyberangerand my beowulf cluster is down...grrr08:42
netritiousah yep, jumped the gun...drm in this case != Digitial Rights Management08:50
netritiousaccording to apt-cache show...08:50
netritiousDRM stands for "Direct Rendering Manager", which is the kernelspace portion of the "Direct Rendering Infrastructure" (DRI). The DRI is currently used on Linux to provide hardware-accelerated OpenGL drivers.08:50
cyberangerwhich still means why does your server need them08:51
netritiousUnit193 said it best08:54
Unit193Hah. ;P08:54
netritiousUnit193: you mentioned TC earlier for your netbook... have you read this? http://istruecryptauditedyet.com/08:56
cyberangerI think one of us passed that to the other09:00
cyberangercannot wait for that09:00
Unit193netritious: I hadn't technically, but I linked to the Ars article on it.09:01
Unit193Now I did, thanks.09:01
netritiouscyberanger: you have pics up of your cluster?09:02
netritiousnp Unit19309:02
Unit193netritious: Not that it helps, but on most computers I'm using a package I built from source.09:02
cyberangernetritious: no, just 4 old laptops and one old desktop09:04
cyberangerwith cat6 strung about09:04
Unit193I do too would like to see that happen, but I may be more trusting of how it is currently.09:06
cyberangernothing worth a picture yet09:07
cyberangerwhen I get the rackmount servers in and repeat it with that, there'll be some photos09:07
netritiouscyberanger: do you have any services clustered or running MPI? openstack maybe? :)09:07
cyberangerrunning MPI, which appears to be what caused the crash09:10
cyberangermore accurately, it appears that one of the hubs locked up09:10
netritioushub? as in, not a switch?09:11
cyberangerwell, not an intelligent switch, just something consumer09:13
cyberangerI have been working along the lines of the kentucky linux athlon testbed09:13
Unit193netritious: I do actually have a few things that aren't critical in tc containers in Dropbox. :P09:19
netritiousUnit193: have you considered PGP?09:21
Unit193Not recently.09:22
Unit193(other than what I normally use it for.)09:22
netritiousUnit193: email?09:23
Unit193Package signing, actually.09:24
netritiouscool Unit19309:25
Unit1932048, made it in 2011. :/09:26
Unit193netritious: Pretty sure you win in this area though, encryption. :)09:28
netritiousI like cryptography like some people like crack. <-- See? I used "like" 3x. :)09:30
netritiousor chocolate.09:31
Unit193I'm sure you saw cryptsetup got tc support?09:31
netritiousmore like chocolate actually.09:31
netritiousYes! I did see that...very cool indeed.09:31
netritioushave you tried it yet? mounting a TC container?09:32
Unit193No, I'm on Ubuntu generally, but actually my Debian testing host... Good idea. :P09:34
netritiousSo I asked myself what would I do if I was asked to reveal the contents of my drives to some govt authority, and whether civil disobedience is good for my family unit.09:41
Unit193(Yes it works.)  What'd you decide?09:44
netritiousthat's cool Unit193...good to know, and I haven't yet.09:45
Unit193Well, I generally go back to "Is there really anything I want to hide?"  and it just leads to "Not really, but they shouldn't be able to do that either."09:46
Unit193netritious: Heard of tcplay?09:46
netritiousSee that's the thing...in the end, if you actually have nothing to hide, you end up just being an activist, which is fine and all, but at what cost? Realistic, immediate consequences.09:48
netritioushm, rings a bell Unit19309:48
netritiousah that's why...it's the TC implementation for dm-crypt09:49
Unit193Yes, not using truecrypt itself, just the spec, so should be compatible but it just doesn't have all the features.09:50
netritiouslike everything that's ported, at least at first.09:50
Unit193netritious: But yes, thanks for reminding me that I should actually try cryptsetup, and that I have a box capable of it. >_<09:51
netritiousnp Unit19309:51
Unit193And here's one you won't like, pretty sure that's the first time I actually used cryptsetup, at least manually. :P09:52
Unit193Now, Trusty Thar better pull it in, because I want it.09:52
netritiousi didn't know much about it until I wanted to remotely unlock encrypted / via ssh09:53
cyberangernetritious: see, that's the thing, my case I have no major family concern, and the data is protectinga sensitive correspondence09:53
Unit193I like Truecrypt, but considering cryptsetup, having that capability default would be nice.09:53
cyberangerso it's the invere, it's gotta hold09:54
netritiouscyberanger: If you can resist, resist. Not sure I would or even care to try...completely undecided.09:59
netritiousI'd ask my wife lol09:59
Unit193Ahaha!  That's not a stereotype at all. :P10:01
Unit193Anythoughts on LXQT?10:01
Unit193( https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1239970 )10:01
cyberangerI don't know that I could, but I understand I'd need to try10:02
Unit193I'm pretty sure I couldn't, unless I forgot it.  Hit hard enough and it's pretty simple.10:02
netritiousUnit193: what is LXQT? just glancing at google I'd gues LXDE written in QT?10:06
Unit193netritious: Yes, they are moving from GTK2 to Qt rather than GTK3.10:06
netritiousoh wow...more fargmentation over gnome 310:06
netritiousthat came out sarcastic, but I am wow'ed by all the fragmentation all over gnome 310:07
netritiousit's been happening for some time now but I thought everyone would be over it by now.10:08
netritiousand isn't QT commercial? how would an open source developer download edit and compile changes if no free access to QT build tools?10:09
netritiousor is there free access to QT build tools now? Or has there always been and I'm just confused? Please correct me if I'm wrong.10:11
Unit193GTK and Gnome haven't really been "acting like open source software", GTK3.10 will be dropping something Gnome doesn't use anymore, which may render the Xfce application menu without icons...10:12
Unit193(For example.)10:12
Unit193The "G" in GTK seems to stand for "Gnome" now. ;P10:12
Unit193Wireshark is moving too actually.10:13
netritiousI'm trying to remember if you can use QT for open source projects with out paying license fees...that has to be the case.10:15
Unit193Oh I'm sure it is.10:18
wrstnetritious: it is10:22
wrstUnit193: I know openlp uses at and they have no money :-)10:22
Unit193Reminded me to check out SqliteStudio, they're going from TCL/TK to C++/Qt iirc, great move.10:23
Unit193wrst: As others.10:23
wrstUnit193: as others have no money?10:24
Unit193That are Qt, yep.10:24
Unit193Qt is pretty open, and quassel blogged about how backwards compatible Qt5 is to Qt4.10:24
wrstUnit193: you really never sleep10:24
Unit193Heeeey, I have to sometime.10:25
Unit193netritious: But yes, glad you're back, been interesting for sure.  Hopefully not too bad on your end. ;)10:25
wrstgoodness no one in here sleeps at night10:28
netritiousgood morning wrst10:30
netritiouscompany here isn't so bad Unit193 ;)10:30
wrstmorning netritious10:31
wrstand I agree with you on Unit193  just don't tell him I said it10:31
Unit193Heh, one of the odd times I'm not kind of trying to stay out of here. :D10:38
wrstoh no10:39
cyberangerwrst: I slept, for like three hours12:12
wrstcyberanger: congrats :)12:12
cyberangersome of us do sleep, just not much12:13
cyberangerbesides, sleeptyping is a thing, right?12:13
* wrst does happy dance, crashplan on freenas!12:26
wrstUnit193: I think I'm about to try out ubuntu touch13:58
tencGood morning wrst, Unit193, twayneprice, cyberanger, netritious.13:59
wrsthowdy tenc14:00
tencOoo, neat wrst! On what hardware?14:00
wrstnexus 714:00
wrstjust got it yesterday, might as well...14:00
cyberangermorning tenc14:03
cyberangersnowing here14:03
tencNice! Send some of that my way.14:05
cyberangeractually, on reflection, it's ice pellets (better know as sleet)14:10
cyberangerbut it's a very wet sleet, very close to snow14:10
wrstwe had a flurry or two yesterday tenc14:12
wrsthmm this install is just like ubuntu... slow14:16
tencWe never get interesting weather down here in the valley. I guess that's just valley life.14:18
wrstno interesting weather is not necessarily a bad thing14:18
cyberangertenc: what valley?14:19
tencTechnically a ridge I guess. Anderson county. Do the valleys have names aside from being part of the TN river watershed? I'm relatively new to the state.14:21
wrstthis is really not bad....14:21
tencPast installation finally, wrst?14:22
wrstyes i really like the keyboard14:23
cyberangertenc: might depend on the valley somewhat14:25
cyberangertake lookout valley and lookout mountain as examples, near chattanooga14:25
cyberangerbut that's more like a town in the valley and on the mountain14:26
cyberangerare you more oak ridge or clinton14:26
cyberangeror near any of the state parks in the county14:27
cyberangerodds are you'll see something this year, unless your in the oak ridge area14:27
cyberangerand even then you could14:27
wrstok this is pretty cool: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6srvj8fu5vonovm/2013-10-24%2009.31.01.jpg14:32
tencHah! That keyboard isn't too cramped?14:36
wrstno its perfect, the keyboard is likely too spread out in landscape14:36
wrstlandscape doesn't seem to work so that isn't a problem :)14:37
wrstbut I must say the design is nice... if it was optimized, and complete with apps...14:50
Unit193Heh, we be getting a little snow now. :P19:59
wrstawesome Unit193!20:03
Unit193Maybe we should turn on the heat soon...20:05
wrstmight be a good idea :)20:05
Unit193But have to wait until November!20:05
wrstor lots of blankets20:05
wrstwhy must you wait?20:05
wrstI'm giving ubuntu touch one last try today20:05
Unit193Because it's a game, you have to wait the longest, or make it into November at least.  Oh?  Have fun?20:06
wrstit looks nice20:06
wrstit operates like a turd20:06
wrstactually it isn't terrible you just can't do anything with it really20:06
Unit193Hah, tell that to popey!20:06
wrstgoing to try to install quasselclient and see what mayhem that causes, or if its using those repos who knows20:07
Unit193Quassel is outdated in Debian unstable, and 0.9.1 fixed an incompatibility with Qt and the postgresql!20:08
wrstthe no bootsplash and the screen being totally off is really reassuring however20:09
wrstI like the slide in from the edges stuff20:10
wrstwell Unit193 Im installing about 300MB of depens....20:17
Unit193wrst: You installing quassel-client-qt4?20:17
wrstwhich one should I have installed?20:18
wrstit doesn't really matter I have the previous install backed up20:18
wrstwell I don't have the ability to get the keyboard back up20:18
wrstI'm curious if it will add an icon if it will work20:19
Unit193Depends: kde-runtime  is part of the other one, which will pull in a lot more.20:19
wrstoh well20:20
wrstwell I'm halfway there they need special keys for the terminal20:28
wrstoh cool they do!20:29
wrstUnit193: "cannot connect to xserver" ha ha I should have known that!20:39
Unit193Isn't it running Mir/XMir?20:39
wrstbeats me20:41
wrstI have wasted enough time :)20:41
wrstreflashing android20:41
wrstI tried starging from terminal and probably something you need to do to get it to work with xmir20:42

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