minetape|CloudHello everybody!22:25
minetape|CloudNoone active eh?22:26
SergioMenesesminetape|Cloud, working22:56
SergioMeneseshow are you?22:56
minetape|CloudSucky, but feeling king23:34
minetape|CloudEverybody tries to pick on me in school, so I make a good point to their offense which in term lowers their self esteem23:34
minetape|CloudOh, that was said HOURS ago23:34
minetape|CloudY U NO TWERK PUSH NOT.23:35
joseminetape|Cloud: please, be respectful :)23:51
minetape|CloudJose: y u interrup my soundcloud stream maaaaaaaaaaan23:52
minetape|CloudJk, sup!23:52
joseall good, trying to be civil :)23:52
josegood to know23:52
minetape|CloudThis is an irccloud account, so no matter what this nick stays on the channel for about 2 weeks until it quits and waits for you to log in23:53
minetape|CloudI'll log in with my PC, gimme a sec, it's a slow one23:53
minetape|CloudAgain, Microsoft?23:55
minetape|CloudMore updates? Even for XP?23:55
minetape|CloudJust horrible.23:56
minetape|CloudSWEET JESUS, 90 UPDATES23:56
minetape|Cloudjose: she could be awhile :P23:56

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