Kilosmorning all05:21
mazalMôre oom05:27
Kilosdag mazal 05:27
mazaloom Kilos , weet jy dalk wat alles die command unity --reset doen ?05:28
mazalMy probleem het erger geraak , search werk nou ook nie meer nie05:28
Kilossjoe nee man05:28
mazaloorweeg om daai te run , maar weet nie wat als dit gaan doen nie05:28
Kiloshet jt fsck gedoen05:28
Kilosis dit op jou pc of werk ene05:29
Kilosdis was virusse doen op vensters ne , als work net erger05:30
Kilosklink soos n goeie command daai05:30
mazalIs op my main install , 12.0405:31
mazalEk gaan try en kyk wat gebeur05:31
Kiloslaat weet05:31
mazalSien hopenlik netnou weer05:31
Kiloshi bduk Xethron space 05:48
spaceKilos: you are very friendly, mate.05:53
Kilosyeah im the greeter bot here05:53
Kiloswb mazal 06:11
Kiloswat het dit gedoen06:11
bdukGood morning everyone06:15
Kiloseish 8ta throttled today 12.1 kB/s06:28
Kilosmorning liamT 06:49
liamTmorning everyone06:49
mazalKilos, didn't help , still the same :(06:50
Kilosyou have corrupted it with something you installed from unfriendly sites06:50
Kiloswhat did you install just before it started06:51
Kilosim doing a very slow 35m upgrade 8850 B/s06:52
Kilosmaybe its za.archive.ubuntu.com thats a bit sick06:55
KilosSymmetria, hurry with that fast mirror06:56
Kilosi would hate to have to download an iso at this speed06:56
Kilos14.8 kB/s now06:58
Kilosgprs speed06:58
liamTza.archive has been out of kilter recently06:59
liamTi had to update my keys and even then it didn't work well06:59
liamTi changed to main server and everything was fine again06:59
Kilosvery painful06:59
Kilosmain server is in the states?07:00
Kilosi try use the local ones07:02
Kilosuct or saix maybe07:02
Kiloseven the lesotho one07:02
liamTi'm not sure where the main one is, i though it was UK07:02
Kilosoh ya maybe07:03
liamTi find that the local servers often take a while to sync to the main server, and service is degraded while they are07:04
Kiloshi Squirm 07:10
Kilosdoesnt the syncing to all the other servers slow down the main server too?07:13
liamTi suppose it would, but perhaps they have a really fat pipe, or perhaps the local servers sync from each other, i07:14
liamT'm not sure07:14
Kilosai!  Fetched 37,1 MB in 1h 0min 27s (10,2 kB/s) 07:37
liamTbring on the image diff updates !07:42
Kilossome guy at the freestate varsity said he would run a deb-delta server for us but didnt get further than that08:04
Kilostoo much work involved i think08:09
mazalKilos, I didn't install anything , just normal updates08:17
Kiloshi psyatw 08:33
psyatwhi Kilos08:34
charl_good afternoon12:36
charl_hi Kilos, psyatw 12:36
Kiloshi charl_ 12:36
psyatwhi charl_12:37
mazalEnjoy your evening everyone12:45
ThatGraemeGuyi think i should put in for a transfer here :-)13:41
charl_good afternoon14:14
Kilosgee thats nice ThatGraemeGuy 14:15
charl_seems like my vps at hetzner decided to restart itself for some reason14:15
Kiloslo charl_ wb14:15
charl_lost connection before that, seems like there was a problem on their end14:15
charl_Kilos: thanks14:15
ThatGraemeGuyyou have a vps at hetzner?14:20
ThatGraemeGuyin SA?14:20
charl_no in germany14:22
charl_hey btw, did you see the link i posted yesterday? http://charl.eu/e2ee/14:22
Kilosohi superfly 14:23
charl_finally got some of my ideas drafted up14:23
Kilosyou gotta show the pro that at night charl_ 14:23
Kiloshes always fulla ideas14:23
charl_will do14:24
charl_missed him yesterday evening14:24
Kilosya he is sneaky at times14:24
Kilosscared someone makes him work14:24
* Kilos waits for the ai!14:25
Kiloshe normally lurks in the quiet till someone says something he disagrees with14:28
charl_then he pounces like a tiger ! :)14:29
charl_we should call him the channel tiger14:30
charl_the tiger of the east14:30
Kilosinetpro, ping man14:30
Kilosons skinner oor jou14:31
Kilosskinder ook14:31
ThatGraemeGuybye all15:18
Kiloscheers ThatGraemeGuy 15:19
Kiloshave a good night15:19
Kilosinetpro, jy doen dit weer ne?18:34
Kiloshi superfly 18:35
superflyhi Kilos18:35
Kilosyou and family good superfly ?18:35
superflyya, we're all good18:37
Kilosgreat as well18:37
Kiloshi psychicist 18:38
psychicisthi Kilos 18:43
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:28
inetproMaaz: tell kilos ai!20:57
Maazinetpro: Sure, I'll tell Kilos on freenode20:57

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