grandwatch_COMMAwould a radeon 7700 perform as good on ubuntu a son windows?00:08
grandwatch_COMMAregarding the driver quality.00:08
DenyerecIn the file manager, what's the command key to spawn a new window ?00:09
DenyerecAlso, are there any file managers that are somewhat less.... basic.00:10
DenyerecLike Directory Opus, for example ?00:10
grandwatch_COMMAmouse, can you help?00:12
hitsujiTMODenyerec: as in?: nautilus00:13
DenyerecWhatever the default file "manager"  is00:14
Denyerec(More of a file browser if you ask me)00:14
DenyerecJust wanted to spawn a new window - couldn't00:14
Denyerechad to use the mouse00:14
DenyerecTried Alt N, Ctrl N, Ctrl Alt N00:14
DenyerecNothing seemed to trip it off00:14
DenyerecBut in the file menu, I see "new window" with N as a shortcut key underlined.00:14
DenyerecThought that'd be Alt+N00:14
DenyerecBut didn't seem to work00:15
hitsujiTMOgrandwatch_COMMA: ati support tends to leave you with 2 choices: decent 2d performance and practically no 3d with radeon driver, or good 3d and crap 2d with fglrx00:15
grandwatch_COMMAwhat's with the three floodbots?00:15
grandwatch_COMMAit was fine on windows.00:16
grandwatch_COMMAbut for some reason catalyst doesn't save the settings, I've tried everything.00:16
grandwatch_COMMArunning as root..00:16
grandwatch_COMMAhitsujiTMO, could you help with this problem? where catalyst wont save my settings. the screen always goes back to not spreading out compltely. across the screen.00:17
grandwatch_COMMA1680 x 1050..00:18
hitsujiTMOtry setting up an xorg.conf00:18
DenyerecHow do I spawn a root file manager?00:18
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hitsujiTMOto be honest, i avoid ati graphics like the plague, so can't help you with the specifics00:19
grandwatch_COMMAi dont have dvi ports.00:19
grandwatch_COMMAthis is a tv.00:19
hitsujiTMODenyerec: install gksu and do: gksudo nautilus00:19
grandwatch_COMMAi would have gone for nvidia.00:19
DenyerecOh, so you can't right click and "run as root" ?00:19
hitsujiTMODenyerec: not that i know of00:20
DenyerecMaybe I should install Thunar instead of Nautilis00:20
DenyerecNautilus seems awfully... basic.00:20
DenyerecIs it supposed to be ?00:20
DenyerecOr is it operating in some kind of newbie mode?00:20
DenyerecBit new to Linux GUI, sorry :(00:21
Denyerec(Server commandline for years)00:21
oldsmokeygotta luv linux00:21
hitsujiTMOyeah, its intended for base use. power users tend to stick with terminal00:21
DenyerecBit of a quantum leap that.00:21
Denyerec"Here, have a crayon. Or this supercomputer."00:21
oldsmokeycant wait to tweak the crap out of it00:21
oldsmokey3.12.0-031200rc6-generic will make it scream lol00:23
sophie__oldsmokey, what's new in 3.12 over 3.8 from the standpoint of the end user?00:25
ExWizzardhello everyone, is it possible to restore an rm -rf / server by wgeting the files from another identical server /boot /usr and all that?00:27
ThalheimExWizzard, how did you end up in this situation?00:28
ExWizzardi was called to fix this, i dont know the exact details, the user with root access executed the command00:29
Thalheimyou'd need to boot it from a live system00:29
OerHeksExWizzard, not possible unless you were root. if so, time to backup and reinstall.00:29
ExWizzardi am booted into rescue mode, with the partitions attached00:30
ExWizzardhalf the files are there00:30
ExWizzardother half not..00:30
Thalheimrecover the files that you can.00:30
Thalheimthen reinstall00:30
Thalheimand rsync the files from there00:30
ExWizzardi see, so no chance of bringing the server up online without reinstalling?00:30
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Thalheimnot really00:31
ExWizzardi was hoping to run a file recovery program on the partition00:31
Thalheimat least that i know of00:31
Thalheimyou can still run a recovery program on it00:31
Thalheimbut there's no way you're going to do this on a live system00:31
ExWizzardthe rescue mode is read only, cannot compile the recovery program00:32
Thalheimworst case, mount a network drive00:32
Thalheimand compile everything on there00:32
tking0036I figured out the problem.. curl is replacing & in links with &00:32
tking0036how do I stop that00:32
Thalheimtking0036, what language are you calling curl from, if any?00:33
Thalheimis it in quotes?00:33
ExWizzardokay thanks00:34
tking0036It's not.. I'll try putting the url in quotyes00:34
Thalheimtking0036, if that fails, escape all of the &'s with \ slashes00:34
Thalheimlike this \& this00:34
tking0036is that -e ?00:34
Thalheimtking0036, what command are you using?00:35
=== master is now known as Guest63859
tking0036im doing curl -b cookies.txt --url "the url"00:35
tking0036writing out with > out.txt00:36
Thalheimand your url is in double quotes and it still fails?00:36
tking0036it doesnt fail.. It puts &00:36
Thalheimis the url constant?00:36
tking0036It works.. Like I get that page00:36
tking0036but there are links on the page with & in them00:37
tking0036and it replaces every & in the response file with &00:37
Thalheimoh i see00:37
tking0036Could I do something with sed?00:38
tking0036I don't regex so idk there00:38
m4they, could someone tell me what is renaming eth0 to em1 in 13.10?00:38
m4tno 70-persistent-net.rules00:38
wr3dhi all00:39
fwaokdausing ssh whats the proper way to download a file to my pc from remote location? i tried  scp filename ~/home/user/ but it put a copy on the remote server there00:39
wr3ddoes anyone know how to enable appmenu in GTK apps?00:39
wr3dor does unity-gtk2-module take care of that now?00:39
tking0036Thalheim: any ideas?00:40
Thalheimtry uppercase B00:40
ausxxhthis is a dumb question, is there a way i somehow apt-get back to the stage of fresh install?00:40
ausxxhreinstall with uefi and windows8 is always scary00:40
Thalheimausxxh, reinstall windows 8?00:41
ausxxhno reinstall ubuntu00:41
ausxxhin fact my laptop does not have a windows 8 cd with it00:41
Thalheimthen what does w8 have to do with it?00:41
ausxxhmy ubuntu is 'broken' somehow00:41
ausxxhdual-boot, and i want to see if i can 'reset' ubuntu before i have to reinstall it00:42
ausxxh12.04 that is00:42
ausxxhi think it's caused by some stupid i386 packages required by androdi build00:42
tking0036Thalheim: -B is for FTP transfers00:42
overdubfwaokda, scp -v user@host:/path/to/file .00:42
wilee-nileeausxxh, there is no reset.00:43
fwaokdaoverdub, is there a cmd or something to find out what my user@host should be?00:44
overdubthat would be the remote machine user host00:44
fwaokdaahh ok thanks00:44
overdubyou said you wanted to copy a file to your computer from remote00:44
tking0036can someone help me with sed00:45
tking0036I need to replace & with &00:45
overdubsed -e 's:\&:\&:g'00:46
Thalheimoverdub, does it make a difference to use slashes versus colons?00:47
tking0036overdub: thank you so fuckingmuch00:47
overdubyou may use any non meta character as delimiter00:47
Thalheimlearned something new00:47
wilee-nilee!language | tking003600:47
ubottutking0036: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.00:47
tking0036that worked00:47
overdubThalheim, have had that feeling in IRC many times myself :)00:48
ausxxhwilee-nilee: thanks. it's time to get a 'recovery' mode for linux...00:49
ausxxhwe should be able to roll back if a update messed things up00:50
ausxxhjust the system stuff, not user data,00:50
mae_taei want to install SVN but no idea, is there any web equivalent for that? do you know some good website where I can start on00:51
wilee-nileeausxxh, You can if you know what your doing, there are no hand holding apps, that's the point.00:51
tking0036what does the g mean in sed00:52
gram-negativeIs there a way to make a customized boot-usb for ubuntu? As in I boot off of it and all of my settings are already there?00:53
itaylor57g = global00:53
itaylor57i.e. do the substitution on all occurances00:54
tking0036how could I apply that to a script00:55
tking0036like to a string00:56
Thalheimyou mean, run it on a physical script or make it into a script?00:58
linuxuz3ri cant seem to wake up from hibernate and suspend can someone help00:58
Thalheimlinuxuz3r, is this a laptop?00:59
linuxuz3rdesktop 12.04.3 with updates00:59
linuxuz3rnvidia graphics card00:59
linuxuz3rthey said that its due to nvidia gfx card but i installed the drivers already and still cant wake up00:59
Thalheimwho said?01:00
tking0036you guys saved the day!01:00
linuxuz3rthalheim c an you help01:02
pfifoHi everyone01:07
OerHekshi pfifo01:07
pfifoIm on 13.10, using default apps, including firefox. Dont want to switch to chromium yet. But firefox keeps asking me to install flash. I have chosen to boycott flash and want this message to go away. How can I get rid of it?01:08
=== canadianidiot is now known as greeter
=== LOkopereta is now known as jeirdan
OerHekspfifo maybe flashblock is what you want >> http://askubuntu.com/questions/344312/how-to-prevent-the-flash-is-required-popup-from-showing-in-firefox-and-chrome01:14
OerHeksand try html5 on the youtube page, awesome01:15
qingluohi all, i have a question about shutdown command. why shutdown button in graphic mode, while using sudo shutdown in terminal will need user passwd. how it be?01:17
pfifoExactly, why flash when you can simply html.... join the movement01:17
OerHeksqingluo, "sudo" requires your password01:18
xanguapfifo: not all youtube videos are aviable in html5 player, neither all video sites01:18
pfifoqingluo: can you 'shutdown' without sudo?01:18
qingluoOerHeks: but why graphic mode shutdown button didnt require my passwd? normal user can run shutdown while any notice?01:19
pfifoxangua: actually 99% of my flash player usage was for viewing advertisements :)01:19
OerHeksqingluo, good question; i think that the gui has this solution build-in, but not accessible from comandline > http://askubuntu.com/questions/168879/shutdown-from-terminal-without-entering-password01:21
qingluoOerHeks: thanks you, i'll search it further01:22
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groundnuty_mhey, what command can I use to get as much details about my wifi usb antena?01:28
tvillerealesthey, how can i get skype on ubuntu?01:29
xanguatvillerealest: you can download it from the software center or go to skype.com01:30
Thalheimgroundnuty_m, you can try "lshw -C network"01:30
tvillerealestxangua: i tried that and it only offered a 32-bit but i need a 64-bit01:31
skraitoubuntu win again redhat guys?01:33
xangua!ot | skraito01:33
ubottuskraito: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:33
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hitsujiTMOtvillerealest: you need the multiarch01:35
Richhhusing wubi installer, stuck on 2/5 dots "Preparing to run ubuntu for the first time..." for ~1 hour now, fans are noisy so its hard to differentiate any hdd sounds, don't think there's a hdd light to check either, doesn't respond to ctrl+alt f1...f4 or s or enter, rebooted, following http://askubuntu.com/questions/127358/ubuntu-freezes-running-the-first-time   did step 1, except ctrl+x didnt do anything01:38
WheezUbuntu dropped Wubi after 12.04 because it had so many problems01:39
Richhhshall i just switch the PC off to reboot then continue to step 2?01:39
cfhowlettRichhh, wubi is for testing ubuntu, not for long term installation.  If you're only testing, you might find it easier to do so in Virtualbox.01:39
WheezOr a bootable disk or USB drive01:39
Richhhbootable DVD was not detected for some reason01:40
Richhhbootable USB not supported by bios apparently01:40
Richhhid like to dual boot XP and Ubuntu01:40
cfhowlett!dualboot|Richhh, dual boot then.01:40
ubottuRichhh, dual boot then.: Dual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot01:40
qasfdgafhquery %s01:40
groundnuty_mThalheim: not much info there01:40
WheezThere is a difference between dual boot and wubi Richhh01:41
cfhowlettRichhh, I take it this is an older machine?  it'll probably enjoy lubuntu or xubuntu more.  both are optimized for older/lower spec devices01:41
Thalheimby the way, lubuntu core is REALLY fast to boot.01:42
Thalheimi have it running on some servers for that reason01:42
weasel00suacy upgrade hosed my mediawiki apache conf file. any pointers on the correct settings? tried google to no avail :/01:42
cfhowlettThalheim, I see your lubuntu and raise you that xubuntu is the foundation of Ubuntustudio ...01:42
FesterJesterI am trying to take the output from shred and use it in YAD or Zenity01:43
Thalheimi'm calling your bluff*01:43
Thalheimno. joking01:43
cfhowlettThalheim, we both win!01:43
Richhhyeah cfhowlett01:43
FesterJesteranyone familiar with zenity or yad?01:44
cfhowlettFesterJester, never heard of them on this channel.  If they're apps you might find more support on their specific sites.01:45
Richhhso now i know not to use wubi do i need to uninstall whatever it has installed?01:47
cfhowlettRichhh, I'm thinking it hung.  if you can still boot OK, don't bother.01:49
time1hello everyone01:51
time1i want that every .exe file should open with wine windows program loader, but it is opening with q4wine01:52
time1i installed wine to install office01:52
time1now what to do01:52
xanguatime1: right clic, properties, open with01:53
time1yes, i know that but how to set it as a default01:53
time1there should be a check box to set a application as default in ubuntu, like windows01:54
time1this is just a pain for user to right click every time to do that01:55
leonidtime1: right click, properties, open with, choose app, set as default01:55
xanguatime1: 'set as default program' is right there time101:55
time1No, It is not there, let me show you the imagebin01:56
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time1xangua: ^^02:01
jack01111anyone here in umass that might be able to help me with my ubuntu install?02:02
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wilee-nileejack01111, state the issue to the channel, if someone knows they will probably answer.02:04
=== master is now known as Guest97883
time1i want to change my default file manager to nemo, because nautilus stopped responding many times, even on small directories, but nemo looks are not pleasent here, how to solve that http://imagebin.org/27458602:05
moderxwhy cant I send02:05
time1xangua:  http://imagebin.org/274586 leonid02:05
wilee-nileemoderx, send what? give some details and context.02:06
time1xangua: sorry, http://imagebin.org/27458402:06
Devin_Squirrelso hows everyone02:07
moderxgood you devin>02:07
Devin_Squirrelpretty good02:07
moderxok for some reason I wants allowed to speak in chat odd02:07
moderxglad its working now02:08
moderxI was getting "Cannot send to channel"02:08
moderxweird eh?02:08
moderxwell I goot to know its working02:09
moderxerr good02:09
jack01111anyone here in umass that might be able to help me with my ubuntu install? after grub is only black screen it's my first time installing an os. 0 computer knowledge, if anyone is in umass please help me02:11
hitsujiTMOjack01111: try adding the kernel param: nomodeset02:11
wilee-nileejack01111, This the at the reboot after the install?02:12
jack01111after the installation, i see ubuntu ubuntu13.10 system setup02:12
jack01111then any options just give me black screen except ssytem setup jumps me back to efi02:12
wilee-nilee!nomodeset | jack01111 try this02:12
ubottujack01111 try this: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter02:12
jack01111ok i will try it thanks02:13
wilee-nileejack01111, If that gets you to the desktop run a update and check the additional drivers app for ant graphic drivers offered.02:14
jack01111im on usb wifi...cant even connect to the net..02:15
wilee-nileejack01111, The usb wifi did not work in the live environment?02:16
moderxyou might need to be wired to get thet wireless driver02:16
jack01111sometimes it does, sometimes it doesnt, after installation there was a single instance the gui pops out , but no wifi and then black screen02:16
moderxare you using a recent version of ubuntu?02:17
wilee-nileejack01111, No Ethernet cable?02:17
jack01111i brought a very high end pc and im still with no OS for 2 weeks02:17
jack01111no ethernet, in school dorm02:17
moderxand all you get is a black screen?02:17
moderxdo you get the splash02:18
wilee-nileejack01111, Did the computer come with an OS, and does it get wifi?02:18
moderxlike the ubuntu boot up?02:18
jack01111no the computer does not come with an OS, it gets wifi on the live cd but not all the times, sometimes the drivers work on live sometimes it doesn't02:18
jack01111im using alfa wireless usb02:19
wilee-nileejack01111, If you can get to the desktop and open a terminal run lsusb and identify the usb wifi exactly. There are many that plug and work, you might consider getting one they are cheap.02:20
jack01111those commands you tell me im really noob at it, havent even install a windows os before :(02:21
jack01111i was hoping someone in UMASS might be able to help me. willing to pay...02:21
jack01111my local repair shop doesn't want to make the trip down to install02:21
hitsujiTMOcan you copy the line that identifies your wireless?02:21
moderxits cool jack01111. we all need to start somewhere! :)02:21
wilee-nileejack01111, this is a world wide channel, not umass02:21
moderxjust dong give up! :)02:21
moderxdon't* lol typo02:22
moderxLinux is a beautiful thing once you learn it.. turn hours of work into minutes02:23
moderxwilee-nilee has a good idea going02:24
wilee-nileejack01111, You can get a usb wifi from amazon that will identify working on linux by just plugging it in, and or a local store near you. YOu can just run the command I gave you from a terminal and identify the usb exactly not just the name, that does not really work, hardware has specifics.02:24
wyldejack01111, you could see if there's a local LUG02:24
moderxI got one for 11 dollard02:24
moderxyou can get cheaper02:24
moderxbut mine works fine02:25
moderxis there a reason that you cant get wired?02:25
moderxor borrow a cable from a friend?02:25
moderxcasue Ubuntu supports stuff pretty well02:25
moderxjust yo have to be connected to the internet for the driver02:25
moderxwhich believe me.... Winbloz can be a nightmare for drivers...02:26
user456does anyone know how to get the trackpad work in 13.10 on an acer c720 chromebook?02:28
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wilee-nileejack01111, here is an example of someone asking about a alpha us wifi, notice the header and the model info, the lsusb command will tell you that about yours. http://askubuntu.com/questions/178009/how-do-i-install-drivers-for-the-alfa-awus036h-usb-wireless-adapter02:30
jack01111ok im still reading on the nomoodset part lol02:31
hitsujiTMOuser456: what version of ubuntu?02:31
jack01111how do i enter nomodeset for ubuntu 13.1002:32
wilee-nileejack01111, Cool we all started somewhere in this trying to figure stuff out. ;)02:33
Guest98919Can someone help me?02:34
moderxI remember my first month ... it was rough... but now boss biges me tons of work and Linux makes the job easier... a LOT easier... boss doesnt none the wiser02:34
hitsujiTMO!ask | Guest9891902:34
ubottuGuest98919: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience02:34
moderxboss gives*02:34
Guest98919I am using Lubuntu and my Menu won't work properly. It only shows me the 'Run' and 'Logout'-Button, but not the Application, Settings etc.02:35
jack01111how do i enter nomodeset for ubuntu 13.10?02:36
Ben64!nomodeset | jack0111102:36
ubottujack01111: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter02:36
jack01111@Ben64 i don't see that try ubuntu screen02:36
Ben64Guest98919: can you post a screenshot02:36
Ben64jack01111: did you already install02:37
Guest98919Ben64: No, because i can't run much Applications02:37
Guest98919Firefox is on my Desktop, this Way i could enter a Webchat02:37
Ben64Guest98919: "print screen" key should still take a screenshot, and you can post it using firefox02:37
Guest98919If i try to access the Applications via PCManFM it just loads and loads...02:37
furoidohav eyou ever experienced Chrome not having titles in the tab?02:38
Guest98919Doesnt work somehow02:38
jack01111yes Ben64 already installewd02:38
Ben64jack01111: then read further down, where it says to hit shift to get to the grub menu02:39
crackquick question, is there any tool on backtrack that will let me reset an admin password on a machine in the same network i'm on???02:39
Ben64crack: backtrack is not supported here02:39
jorianwell that didn't work :p02:40
crackis this ubuntu only02:40
hitsujiTMOfuroido: not experienced, but heard it is a bug for some peeps02:40
crackhow can i switch to a back track irc???02:40
wilee-nileecrack, yes and backtrack is eol.02:40
crackits eol??02:40
crackend of line02:40
crackwilee can can i use then??02:41
joriancrack: I believe it was replaced by Kali linux02:41
cracksome dumb A$$ changed an admin password on me.02:41
Ben64!backtrack | crack02:41
ubottucrack: There are some Ubuntu derivatives that we cannot provide support for due to repository and software changes. Please consult their websites for more information. Examples: gNewSense (support in #gnewsense), Linux Mint (see !mint), kali-linux (#kali-linux), CrunchBang (support in #crunchbang), BackTrack (now end of life - see kali-linux)02:41
crackanyone have any ideas?02:41
crackquick question, is there any tool on backtrack that will let me reset an admin password on a machine in the same network i'm on???02:41
hitsujiTMOcrack try #backtrack maybe02:41
crackwhere do I put that?02:42
hitsujiTMO/join #backtrack02:42
Ben64/join #kali-linux02:42
joriancrack: honestly if you're looking to remotely change an admin password02:42
joriancrack: it might be fairly non trivial02:42
niftylettuce can anyone help with this Desktop Capture API issue on Ubuntu?  It's not displaying the window picker... https://code.google.com/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=31032902:42
crackya i know i've been trying02:42
cracki can do it all day in front of a machine.. that's easy02:43
crackmore like a dictionary or brute force attack02:43
hitsujiTMO!ot | crack02:43
ubottucrack: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:43
crackhow to i change to another irc??02:43
Ben64crack: its offtopic here, please take it to the appropriate channel02:43
hitsujiTMO/join #backtrack02:43
BradTNhey guys02:46
BradTNcan anyone please help me with my ubuntu box :(02:47
hitsujiTMO!ask | BradTN02:47
ubottuBradTN: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience02:47
BradTNhaving a software raid issue and i dont even know where to begin to be honest02:47
hitsujiTMO!details | BradTN02:48
ubottuBradTN: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."02:48
BradTNah ok im sorry02:48
BradTNI am running 12.04 ubuntu I had a software raid 5 of 6 drives02:48
BradTNOut of nowhere suppoesdly 2 of my drives failed?02:49
BradTNI rebooted the system and i randomly couldnt get back into ubuntu...02:49
BradTNI finally sorta solved that and i am back in the os02:49
ThalheimBradTN, check the power or data cable to them. yesterday my sata cable on a raid array somehow stopped working, and it reported a failed disk02:49
BradTNbut my raid isnt running or mounting? i have no idea what to do or what to look at02:49
BradTNi am a ubuntu noob 100%02:49
BradTNI am wondering if someone would PLEASE teamview in my box02:50
BradTNand take a look?02:50
ThalheimBradTN, pm me02:50
BradTNim freaking out02:50
time1i want to integrate pidgin to kde, taskbar02:51
time1how to do that02:51
xanguatime1: enable notification icon in pidgin preferences02:52
time1xangua: thanks a lot02:54
kyle__I'm having graphics problems with my ubuntu box since upgrading to 13.10.  It's got a Gforce 8400, using the neuvo driver02:54
kyle__It seems to lock up on _something_ repeiter host does when rendering the preview of what path the print head will take02:54
jorianBefore going down the rabbit hole, I was wondering if anyone has had any success using containers to run X11 apps in Ubuntu?02:55
kyle__jorian: which type?  I haven't tried, but it's an interesting idea.02:56
joriankyle__: Well, I haven't done much research yet.  But I was thinking it would be nice to run firefox in an LXC02:56
kyle__jorian: Out of curisoity, why firefox, or why just firefox?02:57
joriankyle__: Partly for securirty and partly just to see if I could do it.02:57
* kyle__ is porting over some openvz containers to lxc right now02:57
joriankyle__: I don't know very much about them yet.  I just found out about them the other day, and I have been getting a little bit excited about them.02:58
wilee-nileeI like FF in ram, http://www.webupd8.org/2013/02/keep-your-browser-profiles-in-tmpfs-ram.html02:58
kyle__Anyone?  X segfaulting on 13.04 with nouveau driver?02:59
StrongholdFor so many people, this channel has all the excitement of a sleepy sloth03:01
crocketI installed 13.10, and ibus is not displayed in the unity panel.03:02
matualguna chika?03:02
crocketIt used to be there in 13.0403:02
crocketWhat happened?03:02
CrazyZurferjust updated to 13.10 from 13.04 and now I can't log in.. i mean.. the screen keeps in black after login in. During update, had issues, so I did ppa-purge xorg-"Something" and that fixed the problem, what could it be?03:02
kyle__CrazyZurfer: What video card?  Mostly out of curiosity, more than being able to help.03:03
CrazyZurferkyle__: Nvidia geforce 650M03:03
kyle__CrazyZurfer: did you have ssh enabled?  Have another system you can ssh in with to see what's going on in the logs?03:04
CrazyZurferkyle__: I can enter to the console by control + alt + f103:05
kyle__CrazyZurfer: Can you log in using a different wm/de?03:06
CrazyZurferkyle__: I don't understand what you say.. I can see logs.. tell me where it is and i'll show it to you03:07
kyle__CrazyZurfer: First check /var/log/Xorg.log.0, since X is still running.  See if it crashed or if it thinks X is fine.03:07
crocketoh my03:10
crocketubuntu is replacing ibus with its own input methods.03:10
kyle__OK.  So, if I shut down my system, go away for the night, come back, it works until something in repeiter host renders, then I get odd graphics corruption and nothing can get GUI back.  If I reboot, I get a checkerboard garbage screen.  I can repeat with a clean looking boot tomorrow.03:12
CrazyZurferkyle__: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6292722/03:13
kyle__It didnt' happen before I upgraded to 13.10, so is that conincidence, and the card is dying, or a driver bug and the card is fine?03:13
kyle__CrazyZurfer: X is fine.  Or at least it thinks it's fine.  Do you know how to choose a different DE from the login screen?03:14
roxx_Have a question/problem with umask03:14
CrazyZurferkyle__: nope03:14
kyle__CrazyZurfer: I'm going to guess that it's something running on login (remenant from pre-upgrade), that isn't working.03:14
kyle__Hum.  Ok. This is from memory (my ubuntu box is hosed), so give me some leway....03:15
zerodividedSo TF2 runs pretty bad in 13.10. I'm running an HD 5870. Any idea whats up?03:15
kyle__When you reboot, don't log in right away.  Click the little ubuntu icon next to your name, and you should see a drop down.  Click on it, and choose gnome for failsafe.  Then continue to log in.03:16
time1helllo everyone, i am using dolphin right now, it is much better than nautilus file browser03:16
CrazyZurferkyle__: I don't see that option :S03:16
roxx_Anyone know what this problem is?   Since I updated to xubuntu 13.10 (on 3 machines) when I create files or directories locally on a machine the permissions are u+rwx,go+rx instead of ug+rwx,o+rx. This is true both on the command line (bash) and file manager (Thunar). BUT: when I login remotely using ssh, and create files or directories, the permissions seem to work fine, i.e. ug+rwx,o+rx. Is there a bug in xubuntu 13.10 that causes the OS to igno03:16
kyle__CrazyZurfer: Is there an "other" option?03:16
CrazyZurferkyle__: I don't see that ubuntu icon03:16
time1i want to know one thing, the files with big file names are appearing as it as03:16
CrazyZurferkyle__: nope, I see just the input password, but nothing else.. Down there I can see that it says, "invited Session"03:17
time1in nautilus, it usually display some few characters of file name, followed by ....03:17
time1how to do that in dolphin03:17
kyle__CrazyZurfer: Damn.  They changed it again.03:18
time1is there any skype plugin for pidgin03:19
time1voice and video calls03:20
roxx_Anyone know what this problem is?   Since I updated to xubuntu 13.10 (on 3 machines) when I create files or directories locally on a machine the permissions are u+rwx,go+rx instead of ug+rwx,o+rx. This is true both on the command line (bash) and file manager (Thunar). BUT: when I login remotely using ssh, and create files or directories, the permissions seem to work fine, i.e. ug+rwx,o+rx. Is there a bug in xubuntu 13.10 that causes the OS to igno03:20
BradTNcan anyone else help consult on my raid box with thalheim??03:21
kyle__CrazyZurfer: From the command line, try to sudo apt-get install lxde.  It's a very lightweight desktop envrionment.  Maybe if it's installed as well, it will show you the option from the login screen?03:22
crocketoh man03:24
=== dziegler_off is now known as dziegler
roxx_Anyone know what this problem is?   Since I updated to xubuntu 13.10 (on 3 machines) when I create files or directories locally on a machine the permissions are u+rwx,go+rx instead of ug+rwx,o+rx. This is true both on the command line (bash) and file manager (Thunar). BUT: when I login remotely using ssh, and create files or directories, the permissions seem to work fine, i.e. ug+rwx,o+rx. Is there a bug in xubuntu 13.10 that causes the OS to igno03:27
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=== jalcine_ is now known as jalcine
roxx_Anyone know what this problem is?   Since I updated to xubuntu 13.10 (on 3 machines) when I create files or directories locally on a machine the permissions are u+rwx,go+rx instead of ug+rwx,o+rx. This is true both on the command line (bash) and file manager (Thunar). BUT: when I login remotely using ssh, and create files or directories, the permissions seem to work fine, i.e. ug+rwx,o+rx. Is there a bug in xubuntu 13.10 that causes the OS to igno03:29
klyncroxx_: just got done reading it the first time, thanks....03:29
CrazyZurferkyle__: it was the bumblebee. i reinstaled it and it worked03:30
=== CrazyZurfer_ is now known as CrazyZurfer
roxx_is kyle still here?03:31
fahadashI installed ubuntu on a vm, I don't see any "wobbly" effect when I move a window around... How do I enable it ?03:32
fahadashActually I don't see any of the good ux stuff that I see on those youtube videos03:32
kyle__The 80's cartoon version, or the CGI camera from the (crappy) new movies?03:32
roxx_Anyone know what this problem is?   Since I updated to xubuntu 13.10 (on 3 machines) when I create files or directories locally on a machine the permissions are u+rwx,go+rx instead of ug+rwx,o+rx. This is true both on the command line (bash) and file manager (Thunar). BUT: when I login remotely using ssh, and create files or directories, the permissions seem to work fine, i.e. ug+rwx,o+rx. Is there a bug in xubuntu 13.10 that causes the OS to igno03:33
kyle__fahadash: compiz settings manager, probably.  You can find it in apt.03:33
CrazyZurferkyle__: ran dpkg to see the installed and uninstalled software, and saw that bumblebee was uninstalled, installed it again and worked03:33
Omen_20Does anyone know of any issues with the Startup Disk Creator? I can't get 13.10 to boot on my pendrive.03:33
Thalheimroxx_, please stop repeating yourself03:33
fahadashroxx_: umask03:33
kyle__roxx_: Stop repeating your question, please.  You're having umask problems.  A google search will probably help.03:33
fahadashsgp667 ?03:33
fahadashkyle__: Thats a little cryptic for me03:34
sgp667I am using Zorin and it came with CompizConfig  Settings Manager  it has settign for teh wobbly windows03:34
kyle__CrazyZurfer: awesome.03:34
sgp667but idk if it applies to your distro03:34
CrazyZurferkyle__: yeah, don't know why anyway but works haha, thanks for your help ;)03:34
fahadashkyle__: sudo apt-get install compiz setting manager doesnt give anything03:34
kyle__fahadash: compiz settings manager is a program to let you turn on and off compiz "stuff".  Unity hides most of the stuff from you, so you can't turn it on or off by deafult.03:35
kyle__fahadash: apt-cache search compiz|grep settings03:35
kyle__fahadash: apt-cache search compiz|grep setting03:35
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sgp667to be hones it cam with distro what about compizconfig?03:35
wilee-nileefahadash, sudo apt-get compizconfig-settings-manager03:35
sgp667that worked for me03:36
sgp667i'm not sure is the setting manager will be included though03:36
wilee-nileefahadash, Be very careful messing with compiz and look up the reset, sometimes it needs a logout or reboot when tweaked03:37
vertago1Anyone here use xpra?03:38
ubottuA high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.03:38
kyle__Does any here use !anyone?03:39
Dr_Willisdoes anyone ever read the bot posts? ;)03:39
vertago1My next question is if whoever uses xpra and ubuntu 13.10 was having the server seg fault every time?03:39
wilee-nileecan anyone here read03:39
sam113101I can read03:40
=== jalcine is now known as jalcine_
kyle__I never learned how to read03:41
kyle__</oscar moment>03:41
vertago1!anyone know how to force apport to watch a pid?03:44
ubottuvertago1: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)03:44
fahadashI am trying to set up win7 theme installation through a web article, I follow the steps and get "Please use the Gnome classic desktop for the Win7 theme installation."03:48
mae_taeDougie187: are you still there?03:49
Crazyzurferanybody here has Nvidia video card?03:49
Dr_WillisCrazyzurfer:  lots of people use nvidia03:49
CrazyzurferDr_Willis: do you?03:49
ubottuA high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.03:49
wilee-nileefahadash, Some of those can't be removed I would be careful, you may mess the whole thing up and have to reinstall.03:50
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kingbeowolfis this Gnome or Xfce? http://xfce-look.org/content/show.php/Orta?content=13412303:50
roxx_Since I updated to xubuntu 13.10 (on 3 machines) when I create files or directories locally on a machine the permissions are u+rwx,go+rx instead of ug+rwx,o+rx. This is true both on the command line (bash) and file manager (Thunar). BUT: when I login remotely using ssh, and create files or directories, the permissions seem to work fine, i.e. ug+rwx,o+rx. Is there a bug in xubuntu 13.10 that causes the OS to ignore the umask (002) when the user and03:50
fahadashI am using this: http://www.howtogeek.com/55985/03:50
kyle__Well holy crap.  Replaced the nevoau/gallium driver for my old nvidia with nvidia-current, and now repeiter-host doesn't crash x.  Woot!03:51
kingbeowolfroxx_: xubuntu 13.10 actually has a few bugs03:51
fahadashwilee-nilee: I have ubuntu installed on vm and disk-file is backed up. I use that vm to test add-ons before I install on real box03:51
kingbeowolfroxx_: not really worth upgrading03:51
xanguakingbeowolf: it's a gtk2 theme03:51
Psil0Cybinhey guys im using ubuntu 12.04, i see it says gpg  has a new version 2.0.22 is released but when i use gpg mine is completely outdated like version 1.4.11but im using the default Xubuntu/Ubuntu install, what can i do to update GPG or should I not worry?03:51
wilee-nileefahadash, Cool, good idea.03:52
kingbeowolfxangua: yeah what about the icons and everything03:52
Dr_WillisPsil0Cybin:  'it says gpg has a new version' -- what is 'it' ?03:52
kingbeowolfxangua: and the universal menu03:52
wilee-nileefahadash, I think that was a gnome 2 mod though03:52
kyle__Psil0Cybin: I don't know of any security bugs, so if you dont' need a feature from the newer version... I woulnd't worry about it.03:52
ubottuPackages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.03:53
kyle__Do your own search of known seucrity holes of coures.03:53
fahadashwilee-nilee: I am running 12.0 LTS, what does it mean by "Please use the Gnome classic desktop for the Win7 theme installation." ?03:53
ubottuThe default interface in Ubuntu 11.04 is !Unity. To switch back to regular !GNOME: log out, click your username, click the Session box at the bottom of the screen, and select "Ubuntu Classic". For 11.10, see !notunity03:53
Crazyzurferanybody with nvidia card.. In "details" -> Graphics, what does it show to you?03:53
Crazyzurferis it normal to have Controller: Intel Ivybridge Mobile and decoration Standart while I've got and Intel HD 4000 and an Nvidia Geforce 650M?03:55
Ben64Crazyzurfer: what is your actual question03:55
CrazyzurferBen64: that's my question03:55
kyle__Crazyzurfer: Driver Geforce 8400 (something something)\n Experience standard03:55
Psil0CybinDr_Willis: the new version is number " October 2013: new security fix released in 2.0.22 and 1.4.15 to mitigate deeply nested compression packets "03:56
Psil0Cybinwithin the Gpg channel03:56
Crazyzurferkyle__: do you have dual cards?03:56
Dr_WillisCrazyzurfer:  you mean to say you have an Optmius dual video chipset system>03:56
CrazyzurferDr_Willis: yes I do03:56
fahadashI don't see any session box at the bottom of my screen at login03:56
Dr_WillisPsil0Cybin:  often  security fixs get backported to older versions. and may eventually get into the ubuntu rele4ase03:57
Dr_Willis!bumblebee | Crazyzurfer03:57
fahadashI see "Ubuntu" and "Ubuntu 2D"03:57
kyle__Crazyzurfer: I've got a single dual head card.  I may get one of those chincey 1x->16x cables and use a second dual head card, if I get bored :)03:57
Dr_Willishmm no bumblebee factoid03:57
FreezingColdSo going to reinstall a Ubuntu installation, is everything really just in ~/home?03:57
CrazyzurferDr_Willis: I've got bumblebee installed, but it seems that the nvidia card is still not recognized03:57
FreezingColdIt's not my computer, it's the one I gave my parents awhile back03:57
Psil0Cybinso Dr_Willis if you use GPG do you leave it as is? o did you update it or something03:57
Psil0Cybini am just confused03:57
Dr_Willisfahadash:  you install theextra desktop packages and you get differnt sessions03:58
Psil0Cybincuz the people @ #gnupg tell me mine is out dated03:58
forgptI just installed 13.10 for the 8th time and this is happening with the toolbar http://imgur.com/qA7METi. Why is it doing that?03:58
Dr_WillisPsil0Cybin:  i tend to alwyas use the latest ubuntu release03:58
Crazyzurferkyle__: cool03:58
Dr_Willisforgpt:  reinstalling to fix little problems  is a windows mentality. ;)03:58
fahadashDr_Willis: Is there any easy way to install extra desktop packages ?03:59
kyle__Psil0Cybin: Are the people in #gnupg telling you it's insecure?  If they are, then worry about it, if not, just know some of the latest greatest tutorials won't match up with your version.03:59
wilee-nileeforgpt, Identify the graphic card03:59
wilee-nileeforgpt, run lspci and share the card with the channel03:59
Dr_Willisfahadash:  everything in the softare center is 'extra'   theres numerus packages that add more desktops to your system. the bot factoid mention what ones are for the classic look. I dont use the gnome classic stuff03:59
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Dr_Willisforgpt:  its not clear from that screenshot what the issue is.. and Uuntu can take desktop screenshots with the printscreen key04:00
forgptwilee-nilee, the drivers are installed and it doesn't happen with any of the previous installs04:01
Psil0Cybinkyle__: so that it i can rest assured from security updates04:02
Psil0Cybini am worried that i can have security flaws04:02
=== leaf__ is now known as Guest4180
Psil0Cybini dont care about new features04:02
Bauer1How do I install the lib32asound2 under 13.10? http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=lib32asound2&searchon=names04:03
Ben64Psil0Cybin: it might take some time, but there should be a security patch for it then04:03
fahadashThanks Dr_Willis04:03
Psil0Cybinalright Ben64 thanks guys for making me rest assured.04:03
Patero-nghi I want to know if ubuntu detected my card how to know and also how to know what drivers are loaded for it04:05
mrdebPatero-ng: lsmod in terminal04:05
=== jalcine_ is now known as jalcine
Ben64Patero-ng: what card04:06
Patero-ngBen64: is a wag511 wireless card04:08
Patero-ngmrdeb: just type lsmod?04:08
Dr_Willisand hit the enter key.... ;)04:11
Dr_Willisof course it could be a long list of modules that the sstem is using ;)04:12
Patero-ngI want to eject my pccard i want to know if it's safe to just remove it or do I have to type come eject command04:13
Patero-ngI'm on ubuntu server04:13
Dr_WillisPatero-ng:  pc card? you mean you have a PCMCIA card  with storage on it?04:13
Patero-ngDr_Willis: is a pcmcia card that's a wireless network card netgear wag51104:16
Dr_Willisthose should be hot-plugable as far as i rember.04:16
Dr_Willisnot seen one in well.. ages  ;)04:16
wayne__how do you copy dvds or blu rays with ubuntu04:16
Dr_Williswayne__:  clarify what you mean by copy. and what kind of disk? data? video?04:17
fahadashI got a 404 when tried to install gnome from software manager04:17
Dr_Williscomercial video disks? ones you made?04:17
fahadashHere is the error: Failed to fetch http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/main/a/accountsservice/gir1.2-accountsservice-1.0_0.6.15-2ubuntu9.6_i386.deb 404  Not Found [IP: 80]04:17
wayne__Like back ups.04:17
wayne__of what I own04:17
Dr_Willisyou mean 'comercial video disks'04:17
wayne__yeah I think04:18
wayne__Like a anydvd or ubuntu04:18
wayne__of not or04:18
Dr_Willistheres dvd riper tools in the repos04:18
Dr_Willisi tend to just rip to video files04:18
wayne__acid or something ?04:18
Dr_Willisused to use k9copy but its not in the repos any mpore04:18
Dr_Willis!info acidrip04:18
ubottuacidrip (source: acidrip): ripping and encoding DVD tool using mplayer and mencoder. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 0.14-0.2ubuntu7 (saucy), package size 58 kB, installed size 255 kB04:18
wayne__does it work04:19
Dr_WillisI use acidrip to rip dvd videos to video files.....04:19
wayne__like to mp4 or mkv04:19
Dr_WillisI tend to use mp404:19
wayne__okay thanks!04:19
Dr_Willishandbreak can also do dvd->video files04:20
Dr_Willissome of the newer dvd anti-copy features can break those tools sadly.04:21
wayne__Have you seen www.slysoft.com anydvd is great I want something like that04:21
Dr_Willisno idea what its features are.. try it in wine if you want.04:22
wayne__doesnt work done tried04:22
ObrienDaveIt probably would work through a VM like VirtialBox04:23
Dr_Willistheres plenty of alternatives ;) so i dont see why it so special heh.04:24
UserErrorwhat compiler flags / optimization targets are used for Ubuntu's binaries ?04:24
ObrienDaveDr_Willis... user preferences? ;)04:25
lachesissomething changed in my updates on 3.04, and now my radeon doesn't give sound over hdmi anymore04:26
=== jalcine is now known as jalcine_
Dr_Willisi just wish handbreak had a 'enque all using these settings..' that would save me a few min on each disk ;)04:26
lachesisi just updated to 13.10, and then mainline linux 3.11.6-031106-generic in the hopes that would help04:26
lachesisand i have the radeon.audio=1 in my grub - it's showing up in my dmesg04:27
nixnineAm I connected?04:32
lachesisnixnine, yeppers04:32
reisionixnine: nope, this is my local internet :)04:32
nixninecool.  anyone know how to remove an infected file found in chkrootkit?04:33
=== greeter is now known as that
time1hello everybody, i am using dolphin file viewer and it is great, how to show file names in short, and how to add send to> Pendrive> right click shortcut to its right click menu04:35
time1nautilus is slow, buggy and many times not responding on small directories,04:36
time1we couldn't remove as well04:36
=== jalcine_ is now known as jalcine
time1it will uninstall whole ubuntu deskto04:36
time1just ping me, anyone04:36
=== jono is now known as Guest95491
Patero-ngWhen I try to reconnect my wireless card the message that shows is failed to wakeup the mac chip what is going on?04:43
Patero-ngI think is using ath5k drivers04:44
Patero-ngI'm using modprobe -r ath5k to remove driver or disable the card and modeprobe ath5k to reenable it am i doing the right thing?04:46
Patero-ngI'm also unplugging and replugging the card04:48
ObrienDavenixnine, good question because I also get::: Searching for Suckit rootkit...                             Warning: /sbin/init INFECTED04:51
reisioObrienDave: according to what?04:53
wilee-nileeits a false positive there is info on the web04:53
reisioObrienDave: those sorts of things always give false posities04:53
reisioand even if they didn't you can't be sure04:53
reisiothe only way to be sure is to checksum the files when you install04:54
reisioand diff later04:54
reisiolook into AIDE04:54
ObrienDaveok, will check it that. thanks04:54
Dr_Willisgotta love weird false positives04:55
reisioI've never seen a rootkit finder script not generate MULTIPLE false positives04:56
reisioit's too little too late, and it would be even if they gave no false positives04:56
Psil0Cybinhey guys can i trust the program KeePX that is in the ubuntu repos04:57
ObrienDavetrying to tell me i'm being falsely positive? ;))04:57
Psil0Cybinthat is a password storage program04:57
reisioObrienDave: heh04:59
reisioPsil0Cybin: you can probably trust it to do what what it says it does04:59
Psil0Cybinreisio: so assume it doesnt have backholes or backdoors?05:00
reisioPsil0Cybin: if it were known to have such things, it wouldn't be in any distro repos05:01
Psil0Cybinlol yea thanks guess i asked a silly question05:03
Dr_Willistatoo your passwords onto the roof of your dogs mouth..05:04
JoeyJoeJoHow can I change my apt-get mirror from the command line? I know I can manually edit sources.list, but I was hoping for a program that lists the current mirrors for me to choose from05:05
Dr_Willisprotected by pomerian 1.005:05
UserErrorDr_Willis not much writing room05:05
Dr_WillisJoeyJoeJo:  there  used to be mirror-select. but im not sure if thats in ubuntu any more05:05
Dr_WillisUserError:  i use the same password formost sites. ;P05:05
UserErrorJoeyJoeJo , the mirrors trick picks the fastest05:06
Dr_WillisUserError:  i tried training the dog to type them in.. but he keeps going to  lolcats05:06
UserErrorShould've bought a border collie05:06
ObrienDaveLOL I've used 2 "high level" passwords for almost 30 years. haven't been compromised yet.05:06
=== robert_ is now known as Guest58025
reisioPsil0Cybin: it's a fair question if the awesomeness of free unix package management hasn't sunk in yet :)05:07
ObrienDavePsil0Cybin... that's the beauty, ALL open source code is just that, OPEN to inspection05:08
Dr_Williscool. Just found a tool in the repos - that can auto add boot-this-iso entries to your grub menu for whatever iso files you got in a specific system directory. ;)05:08
Dr_Willis!info grml-rescueboot05:08
ubottugrml-rescueboot (source: grml-rescueboot): Integrates Grml ISO booting into GRUB. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.4.3 (saucy), package size 6 kB, installed size 62 kB05:09
reisiogrml is a nice distro05:09
Psil0Cybinthat is very true ObrienDave05:09
Dr_Williscant say ive evern heard of grml . well time to test out the tool. bbl05:09
=== qos is now known as qos|away
UserErrorDoes anyone know the default compiler flags, optimization level and target that ubuntu uses for their 32 and 64 bit repos?05:10
grimetoni'd say -funroll-loops and --omg-optimized05:12
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lotuspsychjesupergauntlet: this is an ubuntu support channel05:14
UserErrorYeh that's hilarious... until you're on an AMD or ARM machine05:15
supergauntletlotuspsychje: grimeton> i'd say -funroll-loops and --omg-optimized05:15
grimeton--fuck-upstream is default on debian anyway05:15
UserErrorI'm asking because on many platforms the difference is 20+%05:15
IdleOne!language | grimeton05:15
ubottugrimeton: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.05:15
lotuspsychjesupergauntlet: my bad sorry05:15
supergauntletI just figured I'd point out what he was referencing05:15
supergauntletlotuspsychje: no biggie05:15
supergauntletUserError: this may help https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ToolChain/CompilerFlags05:16
grimetonhm great, upgrading from 13.04 to 13.10 on my mac mini produces a kernel panic on the first boot05:17
grimetonna, nice is different05:18
grimetonand rebooting doesn't look good either05:19
reisiowhat's it say?05:20
grimetonit just hangs05:20
reisiousually there is useful information before it says 'kernel panic'05:20
supergauntletsurely it gives some sort of error message/05:20
grimeton"... on the first boot ...."05:21
grimetonthe 2nd boot worked05:21
UserErroris there a dev channel05:22
lotuspsychje!dev | UserError05:22
ubottuUserError: Interested in becoming an Ubuntu Developer? Get started here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopment05:22
lotuspsychjeUserError: #ubuntu-devel05:23
supergauntletIsn't it just #ubuntu-devel?05:23
reisioUserError: /msg alis list *ubuntu*05:23
UserErrorthank you05:23
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BauerHow do I install the lib32asound2 under 13.10? http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=lib32asound2&searchon=names05:26
reisioBauer: do you really need sound for teamviewer?05:26
Bauerreisio: no, but I cant install the .deb file05:27
reisioBauer: then use the .tar05:28
reisioI told you multiple times05:28
Bauerreisio: sorry, I didnt see any answers about this until now05:29
Bauerdo you mean alsa-lib_1.0.25-4ubuntu3.debian.tar.bz2 ?05:30
reisiono, I mean teamviewer offers more than just a .deb on their site05:31
reisiothey have among other things a tarball05:31
grimetonthe self destructing cookie thing is pretty sweet05:33
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reisiogrimeton: ?05:34
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grimetonreisio: it's a firefox add-on - it destroys all cookies the moment you close the tab05:34
roscogruentomorrow i'll be helping a guy install some sort of linux.  i was thinking mint or ubuntu.  anyone give me plusses or minuses?05:35
lotuspsychje!ubuntu | roscogruen05:35
ubotturoscogruen: Ubuntu is a complete Linux-based operating system, freely available with both community and professional support. It is developed by a large community and we invite you to participate too! - Also see http://www.ubuntu.com05:35
lotuspsychjeroscogruen: we reccomend you ubuntu, one of the version sin topic05:36
grimetoneverytime a question like this comes up i'm tempted to suggest buying an snes05:36
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tjjI'm having trouble with telnetting to a nonstandard port. I think iptables is blocking me somehow. "telnet freechess.org 23" works but "telnet freechess.org 5000" gives 'no route to host'05:37
roscogruenlotuspsychje: may i ask this way, do you recommend it for a person completely new to linux and who won't want to figure things out?05:37
grimetontjj: no route to host can also mean that the port is just not used on the other end (icmp message makes it through)05:37
lotuspsychjeroscogruen: because ubuntu is very intuitive to install05:37
xmetalhmm i keep forgetting to install ubuntu on that spare partition05:37
tjjgrimeton: It's definitely used on the other end, it's the default port to connect to for that service05:37
grimetontjj: hm, so you think it's blocked locally?05:38
xmetalubuntu is one i'd recommed for people new to linux (and many others too :) )05:38
tjjgrimeton: I think so05:38
lotuspsychjeroscogruen: and security of your system will be tight05:38
zorbsonexmetal: virtualbox.org?05:38
roscogruenlotuspsychje: yes, i'll agree there.  the help irc channel is the best i've seen of any linux.  i'll go this way.05:38
grimetontjj: check you local output chain of iptables05:38
tjjgrimeton: How do I do that?05:38
lotuspsychjeroscogruen: wise choice!05:38
grimetontjj: open a root shell and enter iptables -L OUTPUT -vn05:38
grimetonhmm i wonder if there is an app armor setup for the telnet client!?05:39
tjjgrimeton:     3   180 ACCEPT     tcp  --  *      *              tcp dpt:500005:39
tjjgrimeton: That line is from when I tried (and failed) to unblock the port05:39
grimetontjj: yeah you need at least create state, what's the output policy and are there other chains involved?05:39
roscogruenany recommendation on the type or flavor?  want lightweight and no heavy whistles.  i liked lubuntu but it didn't seem faster than the vanilla flavor of ubuntu05:40
lotuspsychjeroscogruen: what is the system you want to install to?05:40
grimetontjj: something like iptables -I OUTPUT -p tcp --dport 5000 -m state --state NEW -j ACCEPT05:40
roscogrueni don't know what he has yet.05:40
tjjgrimeton: I ran that command but get the same no route to host05:40
roscogruenmy computer needs to restart.  bbl.  thank you lotuspsychje05:40
lotuspsychjeroscogruen: if its a new laptop/desktop plain ubuntu will do fine05:40
grimetontjj: what about a filter on your firewall?05:40
tjjI'm a total iptables newbie, I honestly don't even know what policies / chains are05:41
grimetontjj: when you to a iptables -L OUTPUT -vn the first line in the output holds a policy05:41
grimetontjj: something like Chain OUTPUT blabla POLICY05:41
tjjgrimeton: I suppose it's possible, but I can use bittorrent on nonstandard ports. The only other thing that could be blocking me would be my router and I don't think it has any firewall restrictions05:41
tjjgrimeton: iptables -L OUTPUT -vn now shows:     1    60 ACCEPT     tcp  --  *      *              tcp dpt:5000 state NEW05:42
lotuspsychje!info firestarter05:42
ubottuPackage firestarter does not exist in saucy05:42
lotuspsychjehmm seems like been removed05:42
grimetontjj: hm, you can check for the icmp messages that are returned...05:42
cfhowlettlotuspsychje, wasn't FS gnome based gui?  unity ...05:43
lotuspsychjeany gui alternatives for firestarter these days?05:43
grimetontjj: if there isn't any icmp message coming back it's blocked locally05:43
grimetontjj: is your network device eth0?05:43
lotuspsychjecfhowlett: not sure didnt use for a while...05:43
ripthejackerhow to know what type of RAM I have installed?05:43
tjjgrimeton: eth105:43
grimetontjj: tcpdump -pqni eth1 icmp05:43
grimetontjj: run this command and then try to connect in another terminal via telnet05:43
grimetontjj: then you get an icmp message - if not it's blocked locally05:43
tjjgrimeton: 00:44:02.138769 IP > ICMP host unreachable - admin prohibited filter, length 3605:44
tjj192.168.1.3 is my local ip05:44
grimetontjj: so there is a filter ...05:44
grimetontjj: either by intercepting or by
tjjgrimeton: A local filter on my box or a filter at some other point in the network?05:44
grimetontjj: some other point in the network05:45
grimetonif it is locally you wouldn't see an icmp message from the network05:45
ripthejackerhow to check If I am using DDR1 or DDR2 RAM?05:46
grimetonripthejacker: open the box and check the hardware05:46
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Bauerthanks reisio, wasnt able to make their tar.gz work via ssh, will try again when I get home05:47
ripthejackergrimeton: Isn't there any way I can check without opening?05:47
DoYouKnowhi. I tried a day or two ago to connect to a CentOS box using a different graphics card and stream OpenGL apps over ssh05:47
grimetonripthejacker: dmidecode would be another way05:47
ripthejackerI tried to use dmidecode, but it shows type as unknown05:47
DoYouKnowhow mcuh bandwidth does this require and is it possible?05:47
grimetonDoYouKnow: real time video with opengl requires gigabits network at least05:48
Bauerbut what if I want to do a normal install? and fix the missing lib? why not fix it reisio? which package can I install for that lib32asound2 on Saucy?05:48
grimetonDoYouKnow: and i don't think that would be enough05:48
grimetonripthejacker: then you're pretty much lost i guess05:48
ripthejackergrimeton: Ok thanks05:49
Baueror is it a good idea to issue dpk --force on the teamviewer .deb file?05:49
grimetonripthejacker: did you run dmidecode --type 17 ?05:49
Bauerto force the issue05:49
grimetonBauer: no05:49
ripthejackergrimeton: yes05:49
grimetonBauer: --force isn't a solution, it's always a problem05:49
ripthejackergrimeton: also dmidecode --type memory05:49
grimetonripthejacker: that's not nice05:49
DoYouKnowgrimeton, how is it usually done?05:49
ripthejackergrimeton: why?05:50
DoYouKnowgrimeton, I am referring to using ssh -X05:50
grimetonDoYouKnow: what? transfering real time video with opengl? bad idea imho05:50
grimetonripthejacker: because that somehow means that your bios doesn't know what's going on05:50
DoYouKnowhow do I view an OpenGL app remotely grimeton ?05:50
grimetonDoYouKnow: don't think that's possible - imho05:50
grimetonsame goes for memory overlays in X05:50
ripthejackergrimeton: so it means , the pc has a low quality motherboard?05:51
grimetonripthejacker: don't know, but at least it means the bios is not able to provide the memory type05:51
reisioBauer: I doubt you'd have a problem with force, it would of course be a kludge :)05:51
Bauerreisio: like you said, I dont need audio :P as long as it wont break the system or something?05:52
grimetonBauer: isn't there a tar ball that one can install to /opt or something?05:53
Ben64Bauer: what are you trying to accomplish05:53
BauerBen64: trying to re-install teamviewer after the succesful upgrade to Saucy05:53
Ben64Bauer: well did you fix all your apt problems first05:54
Bauergrimeton: the tarball does not seem to work propely via ssh, perhaps it will work when I am logged in X and run it...05:54
Baueryes Ben64, no broken dependencies anymore :) but now teamviewer .deb file requires lib32asound2 in order to install05:54
grimetonBauer: hmm05:55
roscogruen  could someone give me a means to determine whether i've a 32 or 64bit box?05:55
Ben64Bauer: why even use teamviewer? vnc works better05:55
grimetonroscogruen: uname -a05:55
Ben64roscogruen: "uname -m" will tell you what the os currently is, not what your hardware is05:55
BauerBen64: I find teamviewer much simpler to use for other people, and especially when having two screens.. I tried setting up VNC to work, and it was pain.. I didnt get it to work properly and simply05:56
Ben64Bauer: and you've been trying to get teamviewer to work for at least a day :)05:56
Bauerit requires to define the screens with :0, :1 etc... didnt work for me05:56
BauerBen64: it worked perfectly on 13.04 :P05:57
grimetonBauer: you got a x64 box there?05:57
Baueryes grimeton05:57
roscogruendoes "x86_64 tell me 64bit is the version i want?05:57
Ben64anyway, that library you want is in the repositories, don't install via thz05:57
reisioroscogruen: where?05:57
Ben64roscogruen: if thats what the command returned that means you're running 64 bit right now05:57
BauerBen64: do you refer to the lib32asound2?05:57
Ben64Bauer: yes05:57
BauerBen64: I tried, but it says Package lib32asound2 is not available, but is referred to by another package. aaand in the end it says: E: Package 'lib32asound2' has no installation candidate05:58
roscogruenis there a simple command to or way to blank and burn this iso to a usb stick to use an install device?05:58
chris11hey, I just ran ls and got a file in red text, what exactly does that mean?05:59
grimetonBauer: gimme 5 minutes05:59
Ben64chris11: its red. we'll need more info from you to be sure05:59
Ben64Bauer: try libasound2:i38606:00
ripthejackergrimeton: I gotit, I just checked for the motherboard info and looked online for the details.06:00
lapionI do not know if this is a problem in the ubuntu installer as well, but It cannot seem to make a btrfs volume.06:00
lapionin the ubuntu-gnome06:00
BauerBen64: libasound2:i386 is already the newest version. and: libasound2:i386 set to manually installed.06:01
grimetonBauer: got it06:01
chris11It's ubuntu 12.10 server edition, I tried to get a file via ftp and it hun on Opening binary Connection. When I then ran ls, that file that I tried to get is in red. I'm guessing the space is resevered, but it isn't valid?06:01
grimetonBauer: fix your dependency problems and remove teamviewer, tell me when you're done06:01
rrmanyone has an idea when next lts comes out06:01
Bauergrimeton: done - 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 6 not upgraded.06:02
k1lrrm: !trusty06:02
grimetonBauer: now enable multiarch: dpkg --add-architecture i38606:02
grimetonBauer: then run apt-get update06:02
k1l!trusty | rrm06:02
ubotturrm: Ubuntu 14.04 (Trusty Tahr) will be the 20th release of Ubuntu.  See the announcement at http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/1295 for more info.06:02
cfhowlettrrm, April 201406:02
grimetonBauer: got that?06:03
Ben64chris11: pastebin "ls -l /the/file"06:03
Baueryes grimeton06:03
grimetonBauer: download the 32bit / multiarch debian package: http://download.teamviewer.com/download/teamviewer_linux.deb06:03
grimetonBauer: then install it and see errors: dpkg --install teamviewer_linux.deb06:03
rrmcfhowlett, thank you, hope the unity will be a bit more fluid then in this current lts06:03
grimetonBauer: then run apt-get -f install and see all necessary libs installed including teamviewer06:03
Ben64chris11: and if you're on 12.10, you'd better hurry up and upgrade, you got 2 upgrades to do before February06:04
crocketI hate text entry.06:04
crocketIt doesn't accept "Hangul" key as a shortcut for switching to the next input source.06:04
cfhowlettrrm, consider the lxde/kde/xfce4 options: lubuntu/kubuntu/xubuntu06:04
reisiocrocket: you must like inefficiency, then :)06:04
reisiooh you hate that it is malfunctioning :)06:04
chris11Ben64: -rw-rw-r-- 1 chrism chrism 596907592 Oct 24 05:55 ghcnd_all.tar.gz06:05
crocketreisio, ibus is much better than "Text Entry" that replaced ibus.06:05
reisioso use ibus06:05
Bauerworks!!! thanks grimeton :)))06:05
grimetonBauer: you're welcome06:06
Bauergrimeton: should I now remove the architecture in the same way?06:06
rrmcfhowlett, i did, might try xubuntu, lubuntu is just too minimal06:06
lotuspsychje!cookie | grimeton06:06
crocketreisio, Ubuntu 13.10 prevents ibus from appearing on the unity panel.06:06
ubottugrimeton: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!06:06
Ben64chris11: probably the file type06:06
grimetonBauer: no, never remove i386 from the arch list06:06
cfhowlettrrm, xubuntu is the foundation of Ubuntustudio FYI06:06
grimetonBauer: the lib32 stuff will vanish and multi arch will become the way to go06:06
reisiocrocket: that's only a problem if you need Ubuntu 13.1006:06
roscogruenis there a set of instructions to get iso burned on to a usb stick so it is an install stick?  mint has a one line command06:06
crocketreisio, It's obviously a bug or done on purpose.06:06
Bauergrimeton: wont that cause conflicts in installing other packages? wont it begin installing 32 bit packages instead?06:07
grimetonBauer: if you remove i386 from the arch list you break your dpkg database, so bad idea06:07
grimetonBauer: it only installs 32bit packages if you ask it to by adding :i386 at the end of the package name06:07
grimetonBauer: i386 is a foreign arch, so it's not used for your system06:07
grimetonBauer: dpkg --print-foreign-architectures06:08
chris11oh, thanks  Ben64. I thought the coloring signifyied some error message.06:08
Bauerawsesome, thanks for explanation :)06:08
grimetonBauer: you're welcome06:09
reisiocrocket: probably just a bug06:09
reisiocrocket: it might even be listed as one already06:09
roscogruenlotuspsychje: are you still there?06:09
crocketreisio, It was added as a bug years ago06:09
lotuspsychjewho know the usbinstaller trigger for roscogruen ?06:09
crocketNow the bug is universal in 13.1006:09
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roscogruenthank you lotuspsychje06:10
reisiocrocket: if it's changed, that's more than one bug then06:10
lotuspsychjekeep forgetting that trigger06:10
reisiowhat, !usb ?06:10
crocketreisio, The bug was fixed in 13.04 and reappears in 13.1006:10
crocketWhat a unity06:11
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent06:11
urterrorcan anyone here tell me what command I can use to view real time statistics or data being moved up and down from my nic06:11
reisioluckily it's all open source06:11
lotuspsychjeright :p06:11
reisiourterror: ntop?06:11
lotuspsychjereisio: tnx06:11
chris11any reason ftp get file would hang on Opening BINARY mode data conection? I'm already in passive mode. Is it probably a firewall issue on my end?06:11
lotuspsychjeroscogruen: read that usb url06:11
crocketreisio, Unfortunately, I'm not capable.06:11
reisiolotuspsychje: if you /query ubottu you can test all the strings you like without spamming the channel :)06:11
reisiocrocket: get capbale :)06:12
roscogruenubottu: thank you.  i am there.  and lotuspsychje TY06:12
ubotturoscogruen: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:12
lotuspsychjereisio: yes i know that, just forget wich triggername it was06:12
jnhghyroscogruen: don't talk to the bot ...06:12
urterrorreisio: will try06:12
reisiolotuspsychje: ginkgo06:13
grimetonurterror: iptraf06:13
urterrorreisio: are you sure thats the right name of the probram06:13
lotuspsychje!info capbale | urterror06:13
ubottuurterror: Package capbale does not exist in saucy06:13
reisiourterror: of the package?06:13
reisiourterror: 'ntop'06:13
reisio'get capbale' is was not to you06:14
reisioand was a typo for 'get capable'06:14
reisio'cause this keyboard is awful06:14
grimetonurterror: in the console use iptraf-ng06:14
grimetonurterror: for a bit colored nice-looky use darkstat06:14
urterrorgrimeton: it says resource or device busy when I sudo darkstat -i wlan006:18
grimetonurterror: darkstat is a daemon providing a web interface06:19
urterrorI editated /etc/darkstat config file06:19
grimetonurterror: you have to configure it and then start the daemon06:19
urterrorI'm on ubuntu server06:19
grimetonurterror: did you restart the service after you modified the config?06:20
urterrorgrimeton: it wouldn't even load06:20
urterrorgrimeton: it will say device is busy06:20
grimetonurterror: huh?06:20
grimetonurterror: ps auxw | grep -i darkstat06:20
roscogrueni am curious of something.  i don't see an indication of moderators.  is this so?06:21
lotuspsychjeroscogruen: mods grant status when needed06:22
grimetonroscogruen: figure it out ;)06:22
urterrorgrimeton: it gives me a line06:22
grimetonurterror: is there a darkstat running?06:22
lotuspsychjeroscogruen: do you need an op?06:22
urterrorgrimeton: there is a line saying darkstat06:22
limpchi guys.06:22
grimetonurterror: that's not enough info06:22
lotuspsychjelimpc: welcome mate, what can we do for you?06:23
zorbsonelimpc: hello06:23
urterrorgrimeton: the line is mentioning my username06:23
limpctrying to install ubuntu 13.10 as a dual boot alongside my win7 partition.  but during ubuntu install, it doesnt recognize my win7 partition (win7 is a fresh install as well, boots fine).  googling around suggested I check gparted, which detects the partitions s invalid gpt tables.06:23
grimetonurterror: is it also mentioning grep?06:24
limpcI tried the suggested fix (chkdsk /f on windows boot) but that did not fix the problem06:24
Ben64limpc: windows does weird stuff with gpt06:24
urterrorgrimeton: it says grep -i darkstat06:24
grimetonurterror: then darkstat isn't running06:24
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grimetonurterror: but i wonder which device is busy06:24
limpcBen64: yeah i noticed.  do you know how to get around this problem?06:24
grimetonurterror: can you pastebin your config somewhere? like pastebin.com ?06:24
urterrorgrimeton: I don't have a web broswer here06:25
Ben64limpc: either don't use gpt, or partition using gparted before installing windows06:25
lotuspsychjelimpc: a great choice would be loose windows once and for good06:25
urterrorgrimeton: I have either eth0 or wlan0 and none of those are mentioned06:25
Ben64lotuspsychje: lose*06:25
roscogruenlotuspsychje: i don't need an op.  just curious and noticing how more smoothly things are running compared to four years ago06:25
limpclotuspsychje: i run linux for my primary systems. but this is a work laptop and they have software that can only run on windows. so i need it to dual boot.06:25
limpcBen64: is there no way to fix the current windows partition without losing it? it has some licensed software on it that would be very difficult to reinstall06:26
lotuspsychjelimpc: what kind of software is it, if i may know?06:26
grimetonlimpc: run linux or windows in a vm06:26
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limpclotuspsychje: its analytic software by Logi06:26
limpcits a pain because it has IIS/SQL Server integration06:27
Ben64limpc: backup?06:27
limpcso theres absolutely no way to save the partition?06:27
grimetonlimpc: sure, just install ubuntu around it06:28
grimetonlimpc: in the free area behind winodow06:28
lotuspsychjelimpc: did you choose install along windows during setup, or did setup not see the win partition?06:28
Ben64limpc: i haven't seen a way yet06:28
limpcsetup is not seeing the win partition. it displays a single, unused 1tb drive06:28
limpcthe win partition is about 600gb06:29
Ari-Yanghow come when I attempt to split a file into .rar parts it doesn't complete?06:29
grimetonlimpc: that's weird, the partition should be visible in the partition table06:29
Ben64grimeton: windows' gpt doesn't jive with linux06:29
fahadashI have a baseline ubuntu install, hardly installed anything on it and its eating up all my 5GB harddrive space why ?06:29
grimetonurterror: then do the following: cat /etc/darkstat/init.cfg | curl -F 'sprunge-<=' http://sprunge.us and give me the url06:29
Ari-YangI'm using compress (and tried running file-roller in terminal), and I just can't get a file to split. running on ubuntu 12.1006:29
grimetonBen64: there is a partition table and the windows partition is in this partition table - and linux should see the partition independent of what is inside it06:30
Ben64Ari-Yang: you've got about 3 months to upgrade to 13.10 or lose support06:30
lotuspsychjefahadash: 5 gig is a bit low for an ubuntu install06:30
Ari-YangBen64: that doesn't answer my question, thanks06:30
grimetonurterror: eeer cat /etc/darkstat/init.cfg | curl -F 'sprunge=<-' http://sprunge.us06:30
fahadashlotuspsychje: Whats the minimum space requirement for ubuntu ?06:31
limpcgrimeton: it detects that the partition is there, but complains that its gpt table is corrupted.06:31
Ben64Ari-Yang: ok, the answer to your question is read the man pages06:31
Ari-YangBen64: afaik ubuntu 12.10 will be supported 'til April 2014 or something06:31
lotuspsychjeAri-Yang: did you install 'rar'06:31
Ari-Yanglotuspsychje: aye, I did06:31
Ari-YangBen64: I have thanks06:31
Ben64Ari-Yang: but 13.04's support ends january06:31
malinusBen64, what about 13.10?06:31
grimetonlimpc: eww, but you're sure that the part table is fine? what part table does it detect? the gpt one or the older one?06:31
Ben64malinator: july06:31
limpcgrimeton: yes, it can boot into windows just fine.06:31
lotuspsychjefahadash: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SystemRequirements06:32
Ben64grimeton: again, windows' gpt does not work with linux06:32
ObrienDavemalinus... 9 months is the new life cycle for non-LTSs06:32
grimetonlimpc: but it's still weird ...06:32
limpcgrimeton: theres only 1 partition on it, the windows partition, and a chunk of unallocated space.  it detects the windows partition as an invalid GPT06:33
lotuspsychjeanyone knows the trigger for that system requierment?06:33
grimetonlimpc: does it say that the partition it self is invalid or that the partition table is invalid?06:33
urterrorgrimeton: ok will do06:33
Ari-Yang[02:31:24] <Ben64> Ari-Yang: but 13.04's support ends january ---> I suggest you check yourself before telling people to upgrade: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases06:33
fahadashWhat are the places to clean up the files from to get some disk space freed ?06:34
lotuspsychjeAri-Yang: how about that 7zip package might help you?06:34
limpcgrimeton: "/dev/sda contains GPT signatures, indicating that it has a GPT table.  However, it does not have a valid fake msdos partition table, as it should. "06:34
Ben64Ari-Yang: that says 13.04's support ends january, so i'm right, thanks!06:34
fahadashIs there any application to do disk cleanup ?06:34
lotuspsychjefahadash: firefox cache might clean alot!06:34
Ari-YangBen64: I wasn't referring to that, I'm referring to 12.10, don't run away from your error06:34
grimetonlimpc: that doesn't mean that it is broken - it's just missing the space at the beginning that holds a fake partition table for older systems06:34
lotuspsychjefahadash: ubuntu-tweak can clean alot of old stuff aswell06:34
Ari-Yanglotuspsychje: wasn't aware that 7zip is available for ubuntu, I'll look into it, thanks06:34
Ben64Ari-Yang: its not an error, upgrading to something thats EOL will not be a happy experience06:34
ObrienDave12.10 is on the old cycle, 18 months06:34
limpcgrimeton: yeah. its also stopping ubuntu 13.10 from seeing the windows partition or being able to install around it.06:34
lotuspsychjeAri-Yang: not sure whats it called again06:35
fahadashHow do I remove compiz ?06:35
fahadashcompiz might be eating space06:35
urterrorgrimeton: I deleted the init.cfg file how do I recreate it06:35
gdrg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yFXlX2hAw2o ROFL06:35
grimetonurterror: uargh, dpkg --purge darkstat and then reinstall it06:35
lotuspsychje!info p7zip | Ari-Yang06:35
ubottuAri-Yang: p7zip (source: p7zip): 7z file archiver with high compression ratio. In component universe, is optional. Version 9.20.1~dfsg.1-4 (saucy), package size 371 kB, installed size 979 kB06:35
Ben64gdrg: don't spam here06:36
Ari-YangBen64: you don't know my plans and whether I'm going to upgrade or not06:36
Ari-Yanglotuspsychje: thanks, I'll look into it06:36
malinuswhen I'm sshing into my mediaserver I get the "7 packages can be updated. \n 7 updates are security updates." . When I then run upgrade, I get "The following packages have been kept back: linux-generic linux-headers-generic linux-image-generic \n 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 3 not upgraded.". Any ideas?06:36
lotuspsychjefahadash: i would not reccomend uninstalling compiz06:36
Ben64Ari-Yang: i'm letting you know before you get into a position where you can't upgrade06:36
grimetonlimpc: an fdisk -l /dev/sda and an gdisk -l /dev/sda would be very helpful at the moment06:36
fahadashlotuspsychje: Can I keep compiz and ubuntu-tweak both ?06:36
grimetonlimpc: to see what's going on06:36
lotuspsychjefahadash: if you want ubuntu on low space hd, install lubuntu06:36
Ari-YangBen64: there are other ways of upgrading other than using software-updater~06:36
cfhowlettmalinus, relax.  just means some packages have been upgraded yet.  Once ready, those downloads will drop06:37
Ben64Ari-Yang: not if you want to come here for support06:37
malinuscfhowlett, why are they held back though?06:37
fahadashWhere are temp files stored when software manager downloads the stuff ?06:37
cfhowlettmalinator, there are THOUSANDS of packages to update.06:37
Ari-YangBen64: your response to what I just said doesn't make any sense .__. You're just going around in a circle, done having this discussion with you~06:38
malinuscfhowlett, yeah?06:38
limpcgrimeton: what info do you want from fdisk -l?06:38
grimetonlimpc: the complete output06:38
limpcim on a livecd boot so i dont have gdisk06:38
malinuscfhowlett, Iø06:38
malinuscfhowlett, *I'm really not following you here06:38
grimetonlimpc: can't you install it?06:38
Ben64Ari-Yang: don't complain here when you can't upgrade then06:38
lotuspsychjefahadash: ubuntu has a default 'disk usage' icon to findout06:38
cfhowlettmalinus when ALL are ready, you get the goods.  Otherwise your system might break.  So they're temporarily held.  I just had that last week with new kernels.  This week, they loaded.06:38
fahadashwhat would be the apt-get command to uninstall skype ?06:38
cfhowlettfahadash, sudo apt-get purge skype06:38
lotuspsychjefahadash:  are you actually gonna try all you ask?06:39
Ari-YangBen64: >assuming I can't upgrade06:39
limpcgrimeton: pastebin.com/ShF2z0KA06:39
malinushow would I check, which additional repositores I haved added (with the apt-get-add)06:39
cfhowlettmalinus thousands of lines of code, thousands of verifications to be done and MOSTLY by volunteers ...06:39
fahadashDoing it as I get answers06:39
malinuscfhowlett, okay, I'm with ya. thanks.06:40
cfhowlettmalinus, best of luck06:40
grimetonlimpc: this is a weird output06:40
fahadashIt says / is taking 3.7 GB  of space, but disk shows only 198 MB free. Total Disk is 5 GB06:40
limpcgrimeton: gdisk says "found invalid mbr and gpt."06:40
Ari-Yanglotuspsychje: so with pzip, I should be able to make RAR files, yes?06:41
grimetonlimpc: yeah, because the first partition should be with id EE06:41
fahadash/usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu is taking 226 MB, Do I need it ?06:41
grimetonlimpc: that's the weird thing06:41
lotuspsychjeAri-Yang: that p7zip can do alot of stuff06:42
Ben64fahadash: don't go around deleting random stuff, you're going to break your system06:42
Ari-Yanglotuspsychje: just apt-cache search p7zip and noticed p7zip-rar - non-free rar module for p7zip - hope that doesn't mean I can't make RAR files for free :S06:42
fahadashWhat would be the apt-get command to uninstall libreoffice ?06:42
Ari-Yangfahadash: sudo apt-get install libreoffice06:42
Ben64fahadash: search for it in the software center and remove it there06:42
ObrienDaveAri-Yang... non-free means the code is not FOSS06:42
limpcgrimeton: EE?06:43
Ari-YangObrienDave: oh, I see06:43
grimetonlimpc: yeah, GPT protective partition06:43
fahadashUninstall failed: Error in function:06:44
=== christian is now known as Guest414
lotuspsychjelimpc: how about backing up your win software and install ubuntu on full hd, then virtualbox your win software06:44
fahadashLibreoffice Math uninstall output (failed) http://pastebin.com/m8KQX33q06:44
ObrienDavefahadash... sudo ap-get purge liberoffice06:45
limpclotuspsychje: im not running iis/sql server enterprise on vbox06:45
ObrienDavefahadash... sudo apt-get purge libreoffice06:45
ObrienDavedang typos06:45
urterrorgrimeton: http://sprunge.us/cyyi06:45
urterrorcan you read info on there06:45
grimetonurterror: that url isn't valid06:45
lotuspsychjelimpc: wine and playonlinux might help you06:46
killerhey , is there a way I can rollback ubuntu to a particular time06:46
limpcgrimeton: "On MBR disks, type 0x27. On GPT disks, GUID: DE94BBA4-06D1-4D40-A16A-BFD50179D6AC. A hidden version of a Windows RE type 0x7 partition with NTFS."06:47
limpcthese partitions are both 0x706:47
lotuspsychjekiller: you can make backups with dejadup06:47
grimetonlimpc: hm, strange06:47
urterrorgrimeton: that's the output06:47
ObrienDavekiller... not like Windows system restore, no06:47
grimetonurterror: sprunge.us can't find the paste under cyyi - sure there isn't any kind of typo?06:47
killeractually I was chrooting in ubuntu image , but eventually soething crazy happened and my mouse of the current installation stopped working06:48
Ari-Yanglotuspsychje: do I have to re-install archive manager/file-roller to be able to make RAR files after installing p7zip?06:52
fahadashNow I got some space freed up to install gnome06:52
reisioAri-Yang: file-roller probably assumes unrar for that06:53
Ari-YangI installed p7zip, p7zip-rar, and p7zip-full06:53
fahadashBut installing through Software Center gives me this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/364874/cannot-install-gnome-on-ubuntu-12-4-lts-getting-404-on-a-deb-package06:53
reisiop7zip-rar probably only helps p7zip with rar06:53
reisioAri-Yang: but no, either way if file-roller can find the unrar executable it wants, you won't have to re-install it06:53
Ari-Yangreisio: well I still can't split this file into multiple RAR parts :s06:54
foofoobarHi. Ubuntu 12.04, 3.8kernel, atheros wireless driver. I have this problem: http://askubuntu.com/questions/285234/cannot-connect-to-wpa2-wpa-enterprise-peap-and-mschap except that after some minutes I am able to connect, but it needs a lot of connection tries06:54
=== karlo|afk is now known as karlo
foofoobarThere is no such line like "system-ca-certs=true" like it is suggested in the solution06:54
foofoobarany ideas what I can do ?06:54
reisioAri-Yang: sounds like something not worth doing anyways06:54
reisioAri-Yang: other archive formats can be split, they can compress more, and do it more efficiently and at less cost06:55
=== dziegler_off is now known as dziegler
Ben64Ari-Yang:        -v<size>[k|b|f]06:55
jack01111how do i use ubuntu to burn iso for windows 7 usb stick (uefi bootable)06:55
lotuspsychje!usb | jack0111106:55
ubottujack01111: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent06:55
fahadashWhat would be the package name for apt-ing ubuntu-tweak ?06:55
Ben64jack01111: eh, that sounds more like a ##windows question06:56
lotuspsychjefahadash: you need to add a ppa from their website, want url?06:56
Ben64!ubuntutweak | fahadash06:56
ubottufahadash: Ubuntu Tweak is a tool that automates some things; however, it is potentially dangerous, and an informal review of its code is pending. Most of the things it does can be done by the use of other tools. Please don't ask for or provide support for it in Ubuntu support channels.06:56
reisiojack01111: http://serverfault.com/questions/6714/how-to-make-windows-7-usb-flash-install-media-from-linux#answer-16706006:56
roscogruenusing unetbootin to create a usb startup disk.  it doesn't recognize the stick i've in it and suggests reformatting.  i'm lost.06:57
k1lfahadash: ubuntu-tweak is a 3rd party.06:57
fahadashI just need ubuntu-tweak to help me manage the hard drive space.. Any other tool recommendation ?06:57
lotuspsychjewell i never had any issue with ubunt-tweak06:57
ObrienDaveroscogruen... so, reformat the stick. easy peasy06:57
Ben64fahadash: you don't need it for that. you need more hard drive space really06:57
reisioroscogruen: do you have another stick you can try?06:58
k1lfahadash: what? there are alot of better ways to handle that than the ubuntu-tweak stuff06:58
roscogruenshouldn't i get something when i type, "fdisk -l" in terminal?06:58
urterrorgrimeton: I'm sure there is no type06:58
reisioroscogruen: sudo06:58
reisioyou should get something, but on some systems you will get nothing at all, because those systems are silly06:58
fahadashThe reason I moved away from windows was that windows was a hog who never had enough hard drive space and memory and processing power...06:58
reisioit should spit out an error if it requires root, it shouldn't just return nothing06:58
urterrorgrimeton: try yiov now06:58
lotuspsychjefahadash: 5gig is really low for ubuntu, go for lubuntu06:59
k1lfahadash: what do you actually want to do?06:59
urterrorgrimeton: that's the url cat gives me06:59
ObrienDavedang, new kernel. brb06:59
lotuspsychjek1l: he's uninstalling packages to free space from hi 5gig hd06:59
Ben64urterror: case does matter07:00
fahadashk1l: I am just running a baseline ubuntu on a VM to try out stuff... Have not installed anything yet but it is taking 4.5 gigs already07:00
k1llotuspsychje: ah07:00
reisiofahadash: that's at least 66% less than Windows 707:00
urterrorBen64: lol what? is a url07:00
reisioso no need to bring that up again07:00
fahadashI am sure Baseline Windows7 would need less than 5 GB, why not ubuntu then ?07:00
reisiofahadash: nope, it needs around 15GB07:00
Ben64urterror: so?07:00
reisiobut won't actually install unless it sees 2007:00
urterrorBen64: the browser won't care07:00
k1lfahadash: if you want a really small system install the minimal install and then just install that packages you need. but that is recommended to advanced users07:00
roscogruenwhat is url to post a screenshot?07:01
Ben64urterror: it does in fact, care07:01
reisioroscogruen: http://imgur.com/07:01
urterrorBen64: then it's YIOV07:01
haider254Hi! I've got a perplexing issue and could use some help! I used to have external media mounted to my home directory, apparently the mount was poorly configured and none of the data went into the external hdd. Now I have gigs worth of material hogging up my internal HDD but I can't find it! Can anyone lend me hand?07:01
k1lfahadash: you dont get windows with that less disk space reauirements07:01
urterrorBen64: I'm sure it doesn't matter07:01
Ben64urterror: well you're wrong07:01
urterrorBen64: like an email address07:01
Ben64no, its not. you're wrong. case matters.07:01
reisiohaider254: baobab07:02
grimetonurterror: doesn't work either07:02
Ben64grimeton: yeah it does07:02
grimetonBen64: gimme an url07:03
urterrorgrimeton: I'm not doing anything wrong I dont't think... when I type the command wrong it doesn't give me a url07:03
roscogruenreisio: do i need to register w/ that site?07:03
haider254reisio: looks interesting, however I only have a command line connection to the problem pc atm...07:03
grimetonBen64: aaah, upper case07:03
Ben64grimeton: see, case does matter07:03
reisioroscogruen: not last I checked, no07:03
grimetonurterror: uncomment the lines with DIR and PORT07:04
grimetonurterror: then restart darkstat07:04
grimetonBen64: don't tell me07:04
reisiohaider254: find / -size +1G -exec du -hs {} \; | sort -h07:04
roscogrueni posted it several times.  how do i get url for it?07:04
haider254reisio: will give it a go07:04
reisiohaider254: or try ncdu07:05
urterrorgrimeton: by restart darkstat you mean run sudo darkstat -i wlan0?07:05
grimetonurterror: sudo service darkstat restart07:06
haider254reisio: running the command now, will look into ncdu. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction!07:06
killerUbuntu is working normal except mouse stopped working suddenly when i broke something while chrooting in another systemm07:08
urterrorgrimeton: same error it says getaddrinfo null 667 failed name or service not known: device or resource busy07:08
urterrorI think I'll call it over07:08
grimetonurterror: is there something running on port 666?07:09
urterrorgrimeton: I dontknow07:10
grimetonurterror: sounds like there is... netstat -anp | grep -i 66607:10
ObrienDavekiller... unplug and plug back in. happens to me all of the time07:10
killerObrienDave: oops I did n't explained it correctly , it's a laptop nd mouse touchpad is n't working07:11
urterrorgrimeton: I have 6667 which is irssi07:12
urterrorgrimeton: not 666 or 66607:12
grimetonurterror: hm, did you change it to 667?07:13
roscogrueni doubt it gives me the url to the screenshot.  on a desktop w/ several usb drives, only one stick in now, is sdb the likely location?07:13
grimetonthat's really weird07:13
urterrorgrimeton: no I haven't change anything there07:14
grimetonurterror: i don't understand what is busy there07:14
urterrorgrimeton: maybe this driver is not loaded right I had my device went to sleep earlier i had to modprobe -r it and then reconnect it07:15
urterrorgrimeton: actually I ahd to reestart07:15
ObrienDavekiller... umm, that explanation would have helped. LOL07:16
grimetonurterror: hm, try again when the device is up and running07:16
roscogruenit also locks up firefox.  had to restart it.07:16
ObrienDavekiller... PS there is NO such thing as a mouse touchpad07:17
roscogruencould i do this in terminal:  sudo dd if=~/Desktop/ubuntu.iso of=/dev/sdb oflag=direct  bs=104857607:17
Dr_Willisa touch mousepad ;)07:17
roscogruento blank the usb stick?07:18
Dr_Willisroscogruen:  why are you using that bs argument?07:18
roscogruenmouse touchpad!  LOL07:18
Dr_Williscant say ive e er us07:18
Dr_Willised the o07:18
Dr_Williscant say ive ever used the oflag option with dd either07:18
urterrorroscogruen: I usually say touchmouse07:19
urterroror mousetouch07:19
Dr_Willisthose Lenvo machines have a little red nipple dont they still? ;) is it a Mouse-Nipple?07:19
roscogruenDr_Willis: no idea.  i copied it.  i might guess it tells it where to stop07:19
Dr_Willisroscogruen:  you just want to image the iso to the usb? bs tells the size of block to use. not where to stop.07:20
reisiothe thinkpads do, lenovo has many that aren't thinkpads07:20
Dr_Willisdd if=foo.iso of=/dev/sdb  bs=4M07:20
reisiothe keyboard-only addons for the tablets have an optical alternative that isn't the same thing07:20
roscogrueni want to make a new usb install or startup or live stick to help friend install linux.07:21
roscogruenunetbootin is a dead end for me so far07:21
Dr_Willisroscogruen:  the command i gave can do that.07:21
Dr_Willisroscogruen:  the pendrivelinux site has numerous alternatives to unetbootin07:21
urterrorroscogruen: use lili07:21
Dr_Willisive had issues with lili in the past. ;)  beyond its extreme weird-gui-ness ;)07:21
Dr_Willisdd should work in most cases. - However - i have seen problem machines that just dont want to boot from a live-usb no matter what i did..   had to use a dvd on it07:22
reisiobeyond that there isn't actually a guarantee that any of the following will for sure allow you to boot from usb: the bios/etc., the usb stick hardware07:22
urterrorDr_Willis: I was making a usb live ubuntu yesterday and my father closed lili thinking it was a spam window07:22
roscogrueni don't want alternatives but it done07:22
urterrorI got so mad07:22
Dr_Willisurterror:  yep - its one of the worst GUI;s ive ever seen07:22
fahadashIs the next LTS really coming on April 2014 ?07:23
Dr_Willisfahadash:  every 2  years is the schedule i belive07:23
Dr_Willis14.04 = 2014. 4th month07:23
Dr_Willis12.04 14.04 16.04  ;)07:24
urterrorI started using ubuntu 7.0407:24
fahadashWould that be capable of running on DELL Windows8 tablets ?07:24
Dr_Willisfahadash:  how should we know. ;)07:24
Dr_Willisby the time 14.04 comes out - there maybe ubuntu tablets.07:24
fahadashummm because you guys are ubuntu pundits ?07:25
roscogruenDr_Willis:  do i put the iso in the home drive?  and is the "~" left out?07:25
Dr_WillisMS likes its tablets locked down so no other os's can work07:25
Dr_Willisroscogruen:  use the fullpath.. dont rely on ~07:25
geirhafahadash: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/TrustyTahr/ReleaseSchedule07:25
fahadashSo does apple07:25
time1hello, everyone07:25
=== jalcine is now known as jalcine_
time1I updated gimp to 2.807:25
fahadashI would really love to be able to install ubuntu on new iPhones and iPads07:25
time1but windows are still separate07:26
roscogruenhow do i get the whole path?  i'm not good at this stuff.  learning disability07:26
time1how to merge them in one07:26
Dr_WillisI dont really see the point of using apple hardwar.. if you are not running the apple os on the hardware.. why spend more $$ for the hardware07:26
reisioCalinou: hi07:26
time1i mean, tool box, layers etc should be in one box, i have readd somewhere in release notes that this version can do that07:26
Calinoutime1: Window > Single window mode :)07:26
Calinouit's not defaul07:26
reisioyup, in >=2.7, IIRC07:27
crocketI decided that 13.10 breaks a lot of things compared to 13.0407:27
Calinou"I decided"07:27
CalinouI'm upgrading on my netbook right now07:27
crocketCalinou, Stop that07:27
crocketSkip 13.1007:27
Calinouno. :)07:27
fahadashBecause apple hardwares are better ?07:27
Dr_Willis13.10 seems to work well for me.07:27
Calinouapple hardware isn't "better", it just has an optimized OS07:28
crocketDr_Willis, Because you don't use ibus.07:28
Calinouhardware that you find on high end android phones is more powerful07:28
Calinouand not more expensivd07:28
Dr_Williscrocket:  cant really say ive seen many people in here with ibus issues.07:28
Calinoufrench here...07:28
Dr_Willisbut i am using xubuntu on a netbook as my main 13.10 machine07:28
time1Calinou: thanks07:28
Calinounp :)07:29
fahadashDr_Willis: My gf is using ubuntu 12.4 LTS on her netbook07:29
CalinouDr_Willis: same! :)07:29
crocketDr_Willis, xubuntu is better07:29
crocketunity is annoying07:29
fahadashDr_Willis: She asked for a more expensive netbook because hers was slow, I replaced win7 with ubuntu07:29
Dr_Willisi have no issues with unity. it just is too much for this netbook.07:29
crocketI think cinnamon is the way to go07:29
mdhi every one07:29
=== md is now known as Guest12279
time1Calinou: i want to add send to bluetooth & removable drives shortcut on dolphin, like nautilus, how to do that07:30
Dr_Willisi dont see much point in cinnamon either. Been playing with qtrazor lately07:30
=== Deyan is now known as Guest89529
crocketDr_Willis, What do you think about mate?07:30
=== Deyan_ is now known as Deyan
Dr_Williscrocket:  dont se emuch point in any of the gnome2-wanna-be clones.. since the gnome devs now have an official gnome-2 looking setup for gnome-shell07:30
Calinoutime1: no idea :/07:30
reisiomdh: sup07:30
CalinouI don't use kde07:30
crocketDr_Willis, what is that?07:31
fahadashGnome DE doesnt show up in sofware center when I search for it07:31
time1hmm, how to add it to the NEMO07:31
Dr_Williscrocket:  gnome shell 3.8+ has their official gnome-2 look/feel thing.07:31
time1i just don't like nautilus07:31
Dr_Willisi forget what they call it.. thse things have to many varity of names07:31
Dr_Willisgnome-classic or somthing07:31
Calinouthunar here07:32
Dr_Willisif i want an old skool type desktop for low end machines i use lubuntu or xubuntu07:32
time1why ubuntu ships such kind of buggy applications by default, like brasero, nautilus,07:32
fahadashPlease help... Canonical or whoever just pulled GNome from software center... It used to be there 15 min ago07:32
Dr_Willisqtrazor is a newcomer to that catatory also07:32
Guest12279when i run my script, it is working fine but when my script running  through crown it showing some syntax error in command. what should i do?07:32
Dr_Willisfahadash:  use the apt-cache search command. and what are you searching for exactly?07:32
time1does thunar support file search option07:33
Calinoutime1: if you are affected by a bug try updating the packages07:33
fahadashDr_Willis: Trying to install gnome07:33
Dr_WillisGuest12279:  cron dosent use bash by default.  make sure your script is ran with bash as its  first line. #!/bin/bash07:34
time1Calinou: most of time, it hangs, stops responding in small directories07:34
Dr_Willisfahadash:  which gnome? Unity uses gnome3 by default.. so your being vague07:34
Dr_Willisfahadash:  gnome-shell?07:34
Dr_Willisfahadash:  ubuntu-gnome-desktop ?07:34
fahadashI need to install gnome classic07:34
Calinounever hung for me07:34
Calinoubut I'm on thunar these days anyway07:34
Dr_Willisfahadash:  in what ubuntu release?07:35
ObrienDavefahadash... the gnome meta is still in the repos07:35
fahadash12.4 LTS07:35
Guest12279Dr_Willis, oh ok thanks07:35
fahadashI just did apt-get update and still cant find it07:35
Dr_Willis!info gnome-panel07:35
ubottugnome-panel (source: gnome-panel): launcher and docking facility for GNOME. In component universe, is optional. Version 1:3.6.2-0ubuntu15 (saucy), package size 333 kB, installed size 1353 kB07:35
ObrienDaveuse synaptic07:36
Dr_Willisthought it was gnome-panel that pulled in the classic gnome in 12.04  but i could be wrong.07:36
ubottuThe default interface in Ubuntu 11.04 is !Unity. To switch back to regular !GNOME: log out, click your username, click the Session box at the bottom of the screen, and select "Ubuntu Classic". For 11.10, see !notunity07:36
fahadashDr_Willis: http://imgur.com/ExFH7qR07:36
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 and higher use GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, from 12.10 an up install the "ubuntu-gnome-desktop" package. From 11.04 to 12.04, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions dropdown. Using Natty? See !classic07:36
Dr_Willisgnome fallback mode -> install gnome-panel the bot just said.07:37
fahadashUnable to locate package ubuntu-gnome-desktop07:38
Dr_Willisfahadash:  because you are on an older release07:38
bazhangfahadash, gnome-panel07:38
Dr_Willisgnome fallback mode -> install gnome-panel the bot just said.   fahadash07:38
fahadashIts installing now07:39
sferaHi, I searched  about this hardware in the forums but have not found any information that mentioned if this hardware with pre-installed ubuntu works  easily with this somewhat limited power processor, do anyone know  this hardware, have used it and that how responds with ubuntu?  supports a resolution full hd 1080 pp?07:39
Dr_Willisbe glad when all these redundant fallnack/classic/old-skool modes die out07:39
reisiosfera: if it's preinstalled, all you need is a return policy07:40
roscogruenwhat is the purpose of having xubuntu along with ubuntu?  how is xubuntu different?07:40
reisioroscogruen: it uses Xfce instead of GNOME 3+Unity07:40
Dr_Willisroscogruen:  xubuntu uses xfce07:40
reisiowhich is different, it's a little more like GNOME 2 than 307:40
fahadashI got gnome, thanks07:40
reisioand potentially uses fewer resources07:40
Dr_Willisxfce is a bit lighter ;) and more old skool in its looks07:40
OerHeksunity - 1024 mb / xubuntu - 512 mb / lubuntu 256 mb07:41
Dr_Willislubuntu and lxde is lighter still.07:41
Dr_Willisor go extreme and just use a basic window manager. ;)07:41
ObrienDavea little too lite for my taste07:41
roscogrueni'm gonna restart and try ubuntu for first time in four years07:42
urterrorit use to work well on my pentium 3 laptop07:42
Dr_Willisall im doing on my netbook is irc and watching vidoes. ;) jwm and a terminal is about all i need07:42
urterrorDr_Willis: are you watching flash videos from ubuntu server?07:43
lapionhmm gnome fall-back/flashback on i915 still does not do screen redraws correctly07:43
urterrorhow can it be done? using a svga framebuffer?07:43
Twinlatorwhat's the most important new features in ubutnu 13.10?07:43
sferareisio this hardware support full hd 1080 pp ?http://www.carrefouronline.carrefour.es/noalimentacion/TemplateProduct.aspx?pila=catal...&itemMarcado=&nivel_desplegado=cat410336&itemId=30300067007:43
wilee-nileeTwinlator, having people ask "what's the most important new features in ubutnu 13.10?"07:44
reisiosfera: I'd guess not, but we can figure it out if we look it all up07:44
reisiosfera: do you have a screen that supports 1080p?07:45
=== urterror is now known as Patero-ng
sferareisio yes it is for a tv lg full hd from 120 cm of diameter , 47 inch07:47
Dr_WillisJust use a flash downloader tool and a video player perhaps...07:47
Lynxxi have a q07:48
Dr_Willishmm.. even rather low end mondern hardware can support 1080p these days07:48
ObrienDave!ask | Lynxx07:48
ubottuLynxx: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience07:48
reisiosfera: there are some <$100 computers you can get that do 1080p07:48
LynxxWhenever i try playing bingo blitz on facebook it says i need to update flash. I already have updated to the latest but still same error, was working before i think...07:49
LynxxObrienDave, i was typing it07:49
Twinlatori'm using ubutnu 12.04 LTS now, and i wanna update my OS to the newest version. However ,the intro on ubutnu.com didn't give much more information.07:49
Dr_WillisLynxx:  could be theres some newer flash on windows thats not out for linux yet.  or their code is just being stupid07:49
ObrienDaveok, sorry. my impatience ;)07:49
reisiosfera: $50 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cubieboard07:49
sferareisio i wanted this machine because is very small07:49
reisiosfera: €3007:49
reisiosfera: this is even smaller07:50
LynxxDr_Willis, is there any work around?07:50
Dr_WillisLynxx:  no idea.07:50
reisioand about 300% cheaper07:50
Lynxxother than using windows07:50
Lynxxok ty07:50
Dr_WillisTwinlator:  if you dont have a real need to update. then dont. stick to lts or the latst release.07:50
Dr_WillisTwinlator:  upgradeing from your current install to 13.10 - maybe a bit of a pain. for little gain07:51
Dr_WillisTwinlator:  and 14.04 will be out in a few months.07:51
Sazpaimon_why do the ubuntu 13.10 isos not have an EFI folder?07:51
ObrienDave6, to be exact ;)07:52
OerHeksSazpaimon_, why does it need to have it? it works on UEFI.07:52
Sazpaimon_because for me to boot the installer in efi mode, it needs a bootx64.efi file07:53
Sazpaimon_does it not?07:53
sferareisio reisio ok it is cool but i cant buy it in a shop of my country, true??07:53
reisioSazpaimon_: no, uefi boots the usb stick07:53
reisioSazpaimon_: after installation you'd need an efi system partition, but not before07:53
reisioSazpaimon_: besides that, a bootx64.efi file is not an efi folder07:53
reisiosfera: what country, España?07:54
sferareisio , yes of course07:54
reisioI'm sure there are some €30 small form factor single-board computers supporting 1080p available in España07:54
reisioif not the cubieboard then something else07:54
Sazpaimon_reisio, so then how does the uefi firmware know how to boot the usb stick?07:55
reisiodoes it matter if it has to be shipped to you, though?07:55
reisioSazpaimon_: same way bios knows how07:55
reisiohello usb stick, please boot07:55
Sazpaimon_uh, bios only knows because the MBR is formatted07:55
Sazpaimon_uefi does not use MBR07:55
Sazpaimon_oh wait, I was mistaken re: efi folder missing07:55
Sazpaimon_i was loading the 32 bit iso07:56
* reisio shrugs07:56
fahadashWhere do I find synaptic ?07:56
Sazpaimon_the 64 bit iso clearly has EFI/BOOT/bootx64.efi07:56
Sazpaimon_carry on07:56
ObrienDavefahadash... go through software center07:56
OerHeksSazpaimon_, UEFI does not support 32 bit07:56
Sazpaimon_OerHeks, yes i know, i accidently mounted the wrong iso07:56
Sazpaimon_but just fyi that file is indeed required for any uefi system to boot the usb stick07:57
reisiosfera: http://cubieboard.org/buy/ three items for spain07:57
sferareisio ok but i like buy  it all in shops of my country07:57
OerHeksSazpaimon_, i am aware of that, have fun!07:58
lapionwell actually if you do not want to use bios emulation on an uefi system you need efi folder on any device you wish to boot07:59
reisiosfera: why?07:59
Sazpaimon_also speaking of distros tha are missing the EFI folder07:59
vadiWhat is a Ubuntu-friendly drawing tablet?07:59
Sazpaimon_the minimal CD is also missing it07:59
=== ping__ is now known as kiss
sferareisio , buy it  only in physical stores   ???08:00
reisiosfera: yes08:00
Sazpaimon_copying the EFI folder from the full iso into it makes it boot, though, but it'd be nice if it were included so I dont need to download an additonal 700+ MB ISO just to get the efi stuff08:00
sferareisio which is a physical store ?      Imai-solutions     Quascar     Goshield08:02
Sazpaimon_is this a mistake or is it by design?08:02
reisiosfera: no idea, why do you need to buy it in a store?08:02
reisioSazpaimon_: is what a mistake?08:02
ObrienDaveit's by design08:02
=== mtrd`w is now known as EugeneBndt
Sazpaimon_reisio, the minimal iso missing the EFI bits08:03
fahadashHow do I add new users ? I used useradd -d /home/username username <-- and I cant log in gui08:03
Sazpaimon_it only takes up about 1.5MB more, so I dont know why that's missing08:03
reisioSazpaimon_: I think someone said if it boots it boots08:03
Dr_Willisfahadash:  easier to use 'sudo adduser username'08:03
sferareisio because i can taste the hardware in the same shop before of buy it08:03
Sazpaimon_reisio, mini.iso wont boot unless I copy the EFI folder from the full iso to it08:04
reisiofahadash: you'd need to run 'passwd user' at the very least08:04
fahadashreisio: I did08:04
reisiosfera: that's what return policies are for08:04
reisiofahadash: then there are groups to consider08:04
fahadashIt accepts my user/pass , screen flickers and comes back to login screen08:04
fahadashWhich group should it be in ?08:04
reisiofahadash: almost all the same groups any user you're already using is in08:04
Sazpaimon_its not a deal breaker, i'd just rather not have to download 700MB just to copy 1.5-2MBMB of data to make a 36MB iso work08:05
reisio'groups existingUser'08:05
fahadashmy current (root/default) user is in adm cdrom sudo dip plugdev lpadmin sambashare08:05
reisiofahadash: what'd you put in the home dir?08:06
reisiosfera: if you're going to walk into a store08:06
fahadashreisio: useradd command didn't mkdir the new directory so I had to create one, its empty08:06
reisiosfera: you can just ask a sales clerk if it does 1080p08:06
reisiosfera: and return it if they lie to you08:06
reisiofahadash: -m does that08:06
fahadashI am trying adduser as Dr_Willis said08:07
fahadashadduser is asking a whole bunch of questions including room # and SAT score08:08
wyldefahadash, they can be left blank ...08:08
Dr_Willisevery time ive seen people have issues adding users from the cli.. its because they use useradd not adduser. ;)08:08
Dr_Willisfahadash:  so hit enter08:08
sferareisio in the web if you buy something  and you return this thing the cost of return this thing is yours08:08
reisiouseradd is simple08:08
fahadashWhy can't I use useradd ?08:09
Dr_Willisand they always seem to have a hard time understanding 'just leave them blank...'08:09
Dr_Willisfahadash:  my guess would be you did not tive useradd all the needed options08:09
fahadashsfera: That is why I always buy with free shipment; that comes with free return shipment automatically08:09
wyldeyou can use useradd, you just have to use it properly ;)08:09
reisiouseradd -m -G foo,bar,baz -s /bin/bash -c Edgar edgar08:09
mr-xuhi guys, is there some other programs like wgetpaste, i cant install wgetpaste in ubuntu08:10
reisiomr-xu: Ubuntu uses pastebinit08:11
reisiofor some reason every distro has their own favorite pastebin script :p08:11
reisioalmost as indicative as the package manager08:11
reisioprobably moreso08:11
sferafahadash ,the namew of a  universal web  of shops for buy this stuff with free shipment??08:12
=== matic is now known as Guest45692
mr-xureisio: tk ;)08:12
sferathe name08:12
bazhang!ot | sfera08:12
ubottusfera: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!08:12
reisioyou don't need free shipment when you're saving yourself 300% cost08:13
fahadashsfera: A whole bunch of them offer free shipments. amazon, newegg . You just have to play it right08:14
mr-xuhi guys, i cant start X window, here is the log file, can someone help, thanks;) http://paste.ubuntu.com/629363308:14
fahadashThere goes the Topic-Police08:14
k1lfahadash: no need for that comment. please see the guidelines to be clear what rules apply to this channel08:15
michagogo|cloudSomeone should fix the release notes link in the topic...08:15
fahadashOk I take my comment back. But you gotta relax on that limitations sometimes for trivial stuff08:16
fahadashIs there any such command as gnome-session-save ?08:16
Dr_Willis!find gnome-session-save08:16
ubottuPackage/file gnome-session-save does not exist in saucy08:16
k1lfahadash: we have a extra offtopic channel to keep this channel only for technical support. since its a 1700 users channel which gets out of hand if everyone wants to tak trivial stuff08:16
fahadashI am running a theme script, it cant find it08:17
Dr_Willisfahadash:  dosent seem to be08:17
Dr_Willisfahadash:  a theme script? what script?08:17
fahadashI am trying to run this on 12.4 LTS...http://www.howtogeek.com/55985/08:17
sferaok but i wanted find that hardware in a shop of my country and with complete garantie of return08:17
wyldefahadash, http://askubuntu.com/questions/38988/is-there-a-way-to-save-a-session08:18
k1lsfera: stick to technical ubuntu support in here please. you were already asked to drop that into #ubuntu-offtopic08:18
jackanyone want to help me a bit with apt/dpkg?08:18
Dr_Willisfahadash:  my advice... dont bother with that script/theme08:19
jacki'm stuck with E: Internal Error, No file name for python3.2:i38608:19
jackno clue what to try now08:20
ObrienDavewhy would anyone want a Win7 theme?08:20
=== zexcriz is now known as Guest140
k1ljack: can you put the command and the whole output into a pastebin?08:20
Dr_Willisfahadash:  if a theme needs some 'script' its most likely best to avoide08:20
Dr_Willisfahadash:  and look at the date.. seems that was published in 201108:20
Dr_WillisI bet it dident work very wellback then either08:20
fahadashObrienDave: I am trying this out... It would help me convert some win7 users better if they find a familiar interface08:20
jackok, trying08:20
sferak1l the best warranty is buy it all in the corteingles xd08:21
Dr_Willisfahadash:  i imagine that script can break your system badly.08:21
fahadashDr_Willis: Do you have other options to get windows 7 look and feel on ubuntu ?08:22
cfhowlettfahadash, use xubuntu or lubuntu instead.  they're less Ubuntuy08:23
cfhowlettto an extent08:23
ObrienDavehow about T.A.I.L.S.? it haa a XP looking theme built in ;)08:23
cfhowlettzebedee_, greetings08:23
zebedee_need some assistance please with xubuntu if thats ok08:23
cfhowlettzebedee_, asj08:24
vlt!details | zebedee_08:24
ubottuzebedee_: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."08:24
OerHeksfahadash, the start "sudo wget  ..." is reason enough to avoid it08:24
zebedee_fresh install 13.10   installed nvidia-common  and now I have no toppanel ??08:24
fahadashWhy you guys are all over me, telling me about my vulnerability instead of giving me the alternatives ?08:24
wyldefahadash, I saw a couple alternatives suggested.08:25
fahadashcfhowlett: Can xubuntu or lubuntu help me accomplish what I am trying to accomplish ?08:25
k1lfahadash: we gave you alternatives. see the desktops that look like the way windows looks08:25
fahadashDont want XP look, dont want xfce's default look08:25
wyldefahadash, then customize them?08:25
zebedee_I can get to a desktop  and alt+f2 will allow me to start applications - how do I get the top panel back please08:25
fahadashI want this look.... http://cdn.howtogeek.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/Final-Product-e1300273216522.png08:26
fahadashIs this possible ?08:26
reisiofahadash: there are several packs and howtos for making GNOME and KDE look like Windows08:26
reisiofahadash: including a few distros that ship them default08:26
ObrienDavexubuntu is a bit "plainer". I think it looks closer to classic windows08:26
k1lfahadash: and dont take the users for naive. they will see its not windows at least if they start a file browser or if the want to install some .exe08:26
reisiothere's nothing in particular that makes Xfce plainer, the Xubuntu guys just went with flat gray because they did08:26
fahadashk1l: I am not going to tell them its windows... I am trying to help users have a smooth transition08:27
wyldefahadash, the answer is yes. It is possible.08:27
fahadashreisio: Do you have any link to those howtos ?08:27
fahadashwylde: How ?08:27
reisionope, because they're so easy to find08:27
vltfahadash: What distro is this screenshot?08:28
fahadashvlt: Ubuntu 10.4 LTS08:28
reisiohttps://www.google.com/search?q=windows%207%20theme%20gnome etc.08:28
cfhowlettvlt, that would be ... vista08:28
wyldefahadash, by starting with a reasonably similar desktop and cusomizing it.08:28
wyldecustomizing it.08:28
Dr_Willishaving it sort of-kinda-look like windowsa but not act like windows will just cause more frustration08:28
fahadashvlt: Here is the actual page... http://www.howtogeek.com/55985/08:28
fahadashDr_Willis: Its "acting like windows" part that causes everybody frustration08:29
cfhowlettfahadash, it won't.  it's not windows.08:29
fahadashIf windows acting like windows, I wouldn't be trying to convert windows users into linux08:29
fahadashwait, i gotta rephrase08:29
fahadashIf windows did act like windows, I wouldn't be trying to convert windows users into linux08:29
Dr_Willisi convert windows users by just lettingthem use the system and they relize how its differnt and better08:30
* vlt too08:30
ObrienDavefahadash... http://www.pcworld.com/article/2028896/how-to-make-ubuntu-linux-look-like-windows-7.html08:30
cfhowlettfahadash, time for you to do your own research.  LOOK like windows is doable.  ACT like windows ... install windows and send them away happy.08:30
ObrienDavethat took all of 10 seconds to find08:30
reisiohe probably means act like windows if it weren't so awful08:31
Dr_Williswatch out for 'theme guides' that date back  2+ years ;)08:31
cfhowlettObrienDave, lmgtfy08:31
fahadashwait it still doesnt make sense... I guess I am too sleepy08:31
fahadashWhat I meant to say, Windows acting like Windows is a problem08:32
* Dr_Willis makes his windows setup look like unity.08:32
bazhang!ot | fahadash08:32
ubottufahadash: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!08:32
ObrienDavecfhowlett... LMAO08:32
* cfhowlett makes his ubuntustudio look kewl.08:32
Dr_WillisI still cant get the elementary os desktop working right on 13.10 ;(08:32
fahadashcfhowlett: I guess I am misunderstood, I am not trying to make ubuntu act like windows....08:33
fahadashI tried to get Windows to stop acting like Windows, I failed... So I moved to linux...08:33
bazhangfahadash, lets get back on topic08:33
ObrienDavefahadash... i think they're trying to tell you to do some basic RESEARCH08:33
cfhowlettfahadash, I think we' ve beat this topic into the ground08:34
bazhangfahadash, chit chat in #ubuntu-offtopic NOT here08:34
Dr_Willisfahadash:  i imagine if you want to customuze the desktop that much. you will want to be using XFCE and not Unity or gnome308:34
fahadashbazhang: I am talking about giving people who got stung by windows a solution...which is ubuntu... is it still off-topic ?08:34
bazhangfahadash, YES08:34
wowhi guys, i can see the display manager, and when i login, there is just black screen, here is the error message http://paste.ubuntu.com/6293691/08:34
reisioit'd take less time with Xfce08:34
wowcan someone help? thanks08:34
Dr_Williswow:  lightdm login works? or you dont even see that?08:34
bazhangwow tried nomodeset?08:35
fahadashDr_Willis: Are you saying getting that theme is easier on xfce than on gnome ?08:35
BenNZhi having trouble with the precise mini iso , ive tried on my laptop/desktop and vbox each time it fails after selecting the mirror , i did an md5sum test on the iso and it passed , anyone know what the problem is?08:35
ObrienDavefahadash... YES, this is Ubuntu SUPPORT not ex-window user support08:35
Dr_Willisfahadash:  you dont understand how themes work on linux desktops.08:35
Dr_Willisoh well.. never mind08:35
cfhowlettdang,  I just found his solution too  http://ubuntusatanic.org/08:35
Dr_Willisand for the record.. xfce is mor ecustomizeable. ;)08:35
Dr_Williscfhowlett:  what? not hanna-montanna linux? ;)08:36
bazhang!nomodeset | wow08:36
ubottuwow: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter08:36
reisioit's not more customizeable, it's just less complex, and therefore more easily customized08:36
cfhowlettDr_Willis, agreed08:36
cfhowlettDr_Willis, LOL08:36
Dr_Willisbe carefull we will have to !OT ourself more.08:36
Dr_Williswow:  if lightdm login screen works. but the desktop dosent. try making a new user. see if it works for them.08:37
wowubottu: thanks, i'll try08:37
ubottuwow: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)08:37
wowDr_Willis: nope, the same result08:37
wowubottu: thanks anywahy08:37
Dr_Williswow:  i imagine the guest user also has the same issue?08:37
jackk1l, check http://pastebin.com/Whd7wW1508:38
wowyep, i try the guest user, but it is black screen too08:38
Dr_Williswow:  often theres some issues with Unity/compiz and the video drivers.  but ive never seen a defacto fix.08:38
zetto123what is the top bar called in ubuntu? the one with all the small icons and stuff, and sometimes settings for an program.08:38
reisiotop bar, globalmenu, etc.08:39
Dr_Williswow:  other then to try a differnt non-unity/compiz based desktop ;) but thats a little  exterem08:39
zetto123oh it doesn't have a specific name?08:39
reisiopanel :)08:39
wowDr_Willis: ok, then i'll try lxde, tk ;)08:39
zetto123lol okay08:39
reisiozetto123: does it have a name in Mac OS?08:40
zetto123reisio: dunno not a mac user soo08:40
ObrienDavezetto123... panel 008:40
ab`what should be the behavior of 'sed -ni s/regex/foo file'?08:40
ObrienDaveI think ;)08:40
reisioab`: an error08:41
lapionubuntu installer cannot handle btrfs install08:41
cfhowlettlapion, default is ext4 ...08:42
=== GingerGeek[Away] is now known as GingerGeek
ab`everytime i do that, sed empties my file. is there a reason behind it?08:43
lapionafter manually selecting btrfs the installer cannot handle using or formatting btrfs08:43
Dr_Williszetto123:  theres some web sites that give  the names of all the unity gui bits..  http://www.howtogeek.com/113330/08:43
reisioab`: try without -n08:43
icerootab`: sed will remove your regex with foo (and because you are using -n you will not get any output08:44
zetto123Dr_Willis: thanks that can be helpful, gonna look into it08:44
icerootab`: and maybe remove -i for testing, because -i will edit the file directly (see also man sed  for the options)08:44
Dr_Williszetto123:  seen several sites that are similer.. some may be a little out of date. then theres the offical ubuntu manual08:44
Dr_Willis!manual | zetto12308:44
ubottuzetto123: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/08:44
cfhowlettlapion, stop the installation.  reboot the ubuntu disk live session.  DO NOT install.  use gparted to prepare your partitions.  then reboot and install into the partitions08:45
zetto123okay thanks guys, guess i will for first time in my life read an manual08:45
Dr_Williszetto123:  its more pictures then anything else i recall. ;)08:46
ObrienDavertfm ;)08:46
Dr_Willis'read and follow label directions'08:46
ObrienDavesomething I can't get my wife to do LOL08:46
Dr_Willissome of the features of ubuntu are a bit hard to 'discover'08:46
ab`it works fine with 'sed -in s/regex/foo file', though. it seems little weird.08:47
lapioncfhowlett, like I said " cannot handle using or formatting btrfs"08:48
ObrienDavesometimes switch order makes all the difference08:48
icerootab`: ? so you say -in is working but not -ni? or what is your statement?08:48
cfhowlettlapion, per the gparted site, btrfs is doable.  I don't know why your's isn't working.  sorry08:48
ab`iceroot: exactly.08:48
icerootab`: ok that sounds strange, was never facing something like that, maybe i was just lucky08:48
ab`iceroot: just lost my big .emacs file08:49
icerootab`: the manpage says .) edit files in place (makes backup if extension supplied)08:50
icerootab`: so maybe there is a backup?08:50
ab`iceroot: i didn't supply any, sadly.08:51
=== hlmn is now known as hlmnrmr
ObrienDave*nibbles on fingers*08:51
BenNZhi having trouble with the precise mini iso , ive tried on my laptop/desktop and vbox each time it fails after selecting the mirror , i did an md5sum test on the iso and it passed , anyone know what the problem is?08:52
geirha-ni is -n -i,  -in is -i with n as suffix08:52
ObrienDaveBenNZ... have you tried a different mirror each time?08:53
wyldeBenNZ, what mirror are you choosing? Are you trying the same one each time? Is there any additional error output?08:53
cfhowlettBenNZ, wrong mirror?08:53
lapioncfhowlett, sorry a preformatted partition works fine08:53
cfhowlettlapion, more than one way to skin a cat ...08:53
ab`geirha: oh i see, there are 'filen' files in same directory.08:54
geirhaab`: You probably don't want -n at all, just -i, so the question would be why did you include -n in the first place?08:54
BenNZi did try the nz one and the one of the aus one's08:54
lapionstill it's sloppy to not insert a warning in the installer to point to this shortcoming...08:54
=== Lebby1 is now known as Lebby
cfhowlettlapion, I'm slow to claim BUG! but I think it might just be ...08:55
ab`geirha: i just forgot i was editing file 'in-place'08:55
ChiVampirHi I have some problem and are unable to get my system to boot.08:55
ubottuChiVampir,: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."08:55
=== songhui is now known as nubuntu
geirhaab`: Technically, sed cannot edit files. What the -i does is write the result to a new file and move it over the original one afterwards08:56
=== Guest140 is now known as xtriz
lapione this one account to login to everything in the installer.. this should not be in the installer..08:57
BenNZnope doesnt matter which mirror , just tried aus and us again , hangs at the same place08:57
xtrizis their a GUI for openvpn  ?08:57
ActionParsnipxtriz: client or server?08:58
ChiVampirI have problem with booting Ubuntu 13.10. I only run into this screen: http://i44.tinypic.com/2zsnr51.jpg I have disabled secure boot and boot mode is set to legacy. I was able to boot into the system one time after install (the boot took over 10 min), and installed updates as well as installing kernel 3.12. I've tried to do a boot repair and this is my url: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6293415/08:58
ChiVampirIf you need it I can give you the output of  lshw -short08:59
xtrizActionParsnip, both08:59
ActionParsnipChiVampir: check BIOS settings for the drive in BIOS. You may want to run a low level check using the manufacturer's tool on the Ultimate Boot CD08:59
ActionParsnipxtriz: network-manager icon in your panel can connect to VPNs and has the client in. I am not sure about a GUI for openVPN as an endpoint but there are tonnes of guides on how to set one up09:00
ChiVampirActionParsnip: Thank you. I will try and tell you the result.09:00
xtrizActionParsnip, ok , it would have been nice if there was a nice GUI to configure VPN as well.09:01
ChiVampirActionParsnip: I'm now in bios and don09:02
ChiVampir't quite understand what you mean I should do.09:02
gypsymauroI mount a smb share with nautilus, but when I open a qt application I can't see that mount point and I've no idea on how to access to it, any hint?09:02
ab`geirha: so, what goes wrong when with 'ni'?09:03
ActionParsnipxtriz: why? Most people put it on a server OS, so has no GUI09:03
wyldegypsymauro, look in ~/.gvfs ;)09:03
ActionParsnipxtriz: why does EVERYTHING need a GUI?09:03
Twinlatorhello, i have a error when i run a c program. (i'm a new man in c language). http://paste.ubuntu.com/6293806/09:03
Dr_Willisgypsymauro:  they are in the users /home/username/.gvfs directory09:04
ChiVampirActionParsnip: Where can I find the low level check?09:04
gypsymauroI don't have that folder09:04
gypsymauroeven showing hidden files09:04
geirhaab`: It includes -n, which you apparently don't want.09:04
Dr_Willisgypsymauro:  look again.  its where  the gnome virtual filesystem puts things09:04
Dr_Willisgypsymauro:  try the shell.. cd ~/.gvfs09:04
ChiVampirActionParsnip: And what is the Ultimate Boot CD? Sorry for not knowing...09:05
Dr_Willisgypsymauro:  if you are using kde.. it might use a differnt location09:05
knifesi install ubuntu 13.1009:05
geirhaab`: Have you looked it up in the manual yet?09:05
gypsymauroDr_Willis: yes iI found the same answer on internet but on my installation I can see in nautilus the share mounted and I can access to it but no .gvfs folder09:06
gypsymauroit's a 13.1009:06
Dr_Willisgypsymauro:  ls -l ~/.gvfs       gives what error/info ?09:07
ab`geirha: sure, i did. i have read the man, info and faq pages that come with sed. but it just says -n suppresses the output of context area.09:08
gypsymauroDr_Willis: no souch fiel or directory09:08
Dr_Willisgypsymauro:  and you are using unity/gnome? or kde?09:08
gypsymauroDr_Willis: unity/gnome09:09
ab`geirha:  this behavior is not mentioned anywhere.09:09
Dr_Willisgypsymauro:  i definatly have a .gvfs on unity/13.10 here09:09
geirhaab`: «suppress automatic printing of pattern space», which means that it won't output any lines unless you explicitly use the p command (or the p flag for the s command).09:09
wyldeDr_Willis, as does my Kubuntu 13.10 box09:09
gypsymauroDr_Willis: I added the share using "connect to server"09:10
Dr_Willisgypsymauro:  you could always mount the shares by hand to whatever location you want i guess09:10
knifesubuntu 13.10 its ok  still have lot of error and bug to work on09:10
Dr_Willisgypsymauro:  access it in nautilus, and look at the path its using09:10
gypsymauroDr_Willis: yes of course but is for a non geek user :)09:10
Dr_Willisgypsymauro:  ctrl-l shows the full path.address bar09:10
geirhaab`: Why did you include -n in the first place?09:10
gypsymauroDr_Willis: it says smb://myserver/share09:11
Wiz_KeeDHey guys, I tried making a ubuntu bootable stick and it didn't work, it just boot from it, show a bit of the welcome screen then go into a console and giving endless lines of killing something09:13
ab`geirha: okay, now i understand. '-n' is suppressing the output which was supposed to be sent to the file. that's why i am getting blank file.09:13
Twinlator<Twinlator> hello, i have a error when i run a c program. the result should be 3, but it returned 0. (i'm a new man in c language). http://paste.ubuntu.com/6293806/09:13
Wiz_KeeDI tried it with penlinux thing or what's it called to install ubuntu 12.04 Desktop x6409:13
yeehinvidia drivers problem: proprietary nvidia drivers were installed in Saucy, using the software sources/additional drivers method. Prior to installation, FPS scores were over 1000; after installation FPS is down to 60 (the refresh rate of the display.) How can this be?09:13
Wiz_KeeDWindows worked fine with the same stick and wintoflash09:14
ObrienDaveSazpaimon_... did you ever get the EFI files?09:14
yeehiHas the computer actually been slowed down by installation of the proprietary drivers?09:14
ab`geirha: i was wrongly guessing it works for 'stdout' only. okay, thank you very much for the help.09:15
ObrienDaveSazpaimon_... https://www.dropbox.com/sh/nvzhfnk4vxatpyh/6vl3VudId909:15
zebedee_not to worry about help question earlier  I re-installed and will now try and read about problems with nvidia-common09:16
zebedee_back later if I need to09:16
geirhaab`: yeah, sed -i 'script' file    does   sed 'script' file > file.tmp && mv file.tmp file   behind the scenes09:16
lameroidlibng error:Read Error [13.295132] Kernel panic - not suncing: Attemped to killinit! exitcode=0x00000100 [13.295132] [13.295166] drm_kms_helper: panic occured, switching back to text console09:17
lameroidwho - that knows?09:17
wyldeyeehi, check nvidia-settings and see if it's set to behave that way?09:17
lameroidnvidia 6800 GT09:17
zetto123What's the PPA for oracle java?09:18
n008help how do I setup a quick proxy on an ubuntu serveR?09:18
yeehiwylde, how do we check nvidia settings?09:18
Dr_Willis!java | zetto12309:18
ubottuzetto123: To just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.09:18
Dr_Williszetto123:  webupd8  has a ppa with an install script for it09:18
wyldeyeehi, the nvidia app in system? or type nvidia-settings in terminal09:19
yeehii found the app wylde, am looking at it now09:19
ivalihow can i enable multiple workspaces on ubuntu09:21
lameroidрусские есть?09:21
vlt!ru | lameroid09:22
ubottulameroid: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.09:22
vltYes, how can I enable multiple workspaces on Ubuntu (13.10) with Unity?09:22
Twinlator<n008> you can find the proxy setting in system setting>network09:22
yeehiwylde, is there a quick and easy way to verify I am utilizing the full power of the nvidia graphics card in this installation?09:23
zetto123Ivali: appearence>Behavior>enable workspaces09:23
yeehiI can't understand how glxgears was providing such high FPS scores. The FPS is meant to be approximately equal to the refresh rate of the display...09:24
wyldeyeehi, no idea. Use it, do some intense graphics activities. Browse ubuntu packages for graphics benchmarking tools?09:24
yeehiI don't know any display that refreshes at over 1000 FPS...09:24
yeehithanks, wylde...09:24
lapioncfhowlett, the breakage is probably because mkfs.btrfs gives a warning and aborts when formatting a pre-formatted partition. mkfs.btrfs will only format the partition if -f is used09:25
wyldeyeehi, welcome :)09:25
zetto123anyone here having experience using Déjà Dup? i can't get it to work with my webdav server...09:26
fahadashHi All09:27
fahadashI just wanna say thank you everybody for helping me09:27
ObrienDavefahadash... thank you for saying so :)09:28
fahadashThis is the snapshot of what I got so far....http://imgur.com/w8FpUc409:28
fahadashThat pcmag article (whoever shared it), was awesome09:28
ObrienDavefahadash... looks good so far09:29
holden87hi guys, i just have one question09:29
fahadashObrienDave: Now the menus are little bit off; the howtogeek article was showing the perfect win-like menu09:29
n008how do I setup a light proxy on a server09:30
holden87i installed 13.10, and when i visited youtube, it asked me to install the youtube shortcut or whatever that is. How do i uninstall it?09:30
cfhowlettholden87, it's a firefox addon and managed by firefox09:30
n008that I can use from my dektop09:30
cfhowlettholden87, firefox> tools > addons >09:30
holden87is it ubuntu online accounts 0.5?09:31
holden87or unity websites integration?09:31
harpalI have ubuntu harddisk mounted on /mnt/oldlinux directory. I am trying to remove libc6:i386 using command dpkg -P --force-all --root=/mnt/oldlinux libc6:i38609:31
cfhowlettholden87, ??? it's not related to ubuntu - it's a firefox dohickey09:31
cfhowlettholden87, unless we're talking about different things09:31
harpalbut it throws error about unable to execute installed post-removal script (/var/lib/dpkg/info/libc6:i386.postrm): No such file or directory09:31
wasanzyhow do I check if a file or directory is a symbolic link?09:32
holden87no no, that's what the firefox addons are named in my addon list09:32
holden87but i don't know which is the right one09:32
harpalwhile /mnt/oldlinux/var/lib/dpkg/info/libc6:i386.postrm file exists09:32
stritHi guys. Quick question, with hopefully a quick answer. I'm creating my own .desktop files, but the icons I specify in the file will not show. Is there a special syntax for that, or must the icons be in a specific folder?09:32
ObrienDavefahadash... which picture?09:32
jackE: Internal Error, No file name for python3.2:i38609:32
jackold,it's quantal09:33
fahadashObrienDave: http://www.howtogeek.com/55985/09:33
harpalI dont know why dpkg is not able to see that file while purging the package.09:33
=== dean|away is now known as dean
fahadashObrienDave: I am still seeing xfce layout on "Applications menu". Dont know how to customize that.09:34
Wiz_KeeDDo you guys recommend 12.04 or 13.04?09:34
jack13.10 :P09:34
fahadashWiz_KeeD: Not sure what is best but I use 12.04, I am a n00b.. 12.04 is LTS09:34
holden87Wiz_KeeD: 12.04, because 13.04 support is ending soon09:34
Wiz_KeeDyeah that's why I use it too09:34
jacksaucy > *09:35
Wiz_KeeDsoon? it hasn't been launched for that long :))09:35
holden87It has only 9months support09:35
ZerantDesktop I User 13.10 and on my Server and HomeServer i habe 12.04 LTS Server09:35
DJonesWiz_KeeD: Life spans are only 9 months now apart from LTS releases which are 5 years09:35
ObrienDavefahadash... because they're being done by 2 different methods. neither one will look like the other09:35
fahadashObrienDave: I got the bottom panel fine, applications menu button changed, window edges, folder icons changed... Can we even customize look n feel of Applications Menu ?09:36
jackE: Internal Error, No file name for python3.2:i38609:36
fahadashObrienDave: Or would that be the question for #xfce09:37
ObrienDavefahadash... don't know, never tried. I like it the way Xubuntu is. It's more like classic Windows09:38
fahadashObrienDave: I wanna give windows users the warm and fuzzy feeling while they switch to ubuntu09:38
fahadashBut that is good so far... Thanks again everybody for their help09:39
lalala_hello world09:39
ZerantHey guys i am trying to virtuallize my Ubuntu Server 12.04 LTS with KVM and ipv6 does someone have tried it yet?09:41
Zeranti am not that good in ipv6 atm09:41
wylde!details > jack09:42
ubottujack, please see my private message09:42
pockerfa1eHello at all09:43
ubottuUbuntu 13.10 (Saucy Salamander) is the current release of Ubuntu. Download at http://releases.ubuntu.com/13.10 - Read the release notes at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SaucySalamander/ReleaseNotes09:43
cfhowlettpockerfa1e, greetings09:43
pockerfa1ecfhowlett: thanks09:44
fahadashDoes it come with Salamandar disease ?09:44
jackwylde: http://pastebin.com/Whd7wW1509:44
cfhowlettpockerfa1e, what's the issue?09:44
HisaoNakaiHey folks, Is there a cli/ncurses bittorrent client which renders graphs?09:46
ActionParsnipHisaoNakai: graphs of what?09:46
vltHello. Two questions after upgrade to 13.10: How to add more workspaces? And how to cycle through the keyboard layouts? The settings dialog says “Super+Space” but that doesn’t change the layout (but shows the starter bar instead). Any idea?09:46
HisaoNakai(upload/download graphs, and maybe torrent progress graphs)09:46
ActionParsnipHisaoNakai: rtorrent has an ncurses UI09:46
ActionParsnipHisaoNakai: no idea about graphs09:47
HisaoNakaiActionParsnip: rtorrent hasn't been updated in years, right? o.o09:47
vltHisaoNakai: Can’t confirm.09:48
ActionParsnipHisaoNakai: if you want a server you can remote manage, then transmision has a remote UI you can use :)09:48
ActionParsnipHisaoNakai: https://github.com/rakshasa/rtorrent/tree/master/src  updated 2 months ago, so no09:48
jackwylde: ping?09:49
ActionParsnipHisaoNakai: where did you get the idea that it hasn't been updated?09:49
ObrienDaveHisaoNakai... you mean like bandwidth usage graphs?09:49
HisaoNakaiObrienDave: sorta09:49
HisaoNakaivlt: I see.09:50
ActionParsnipHisaoNakai: where did you get the idea that it hasn't been updated?09:50
ObrienDavedon't know of one for Linux09:50
HisaoNakaiActionParsnip: Oh. Holy crap, i didn't know it was on github, I was looking at the Trac. x-P09:50
=== caleb is now known as Guest66943
ActionParsnipHisaoNakai: simple websearch shows where it is ;)09:50
wyldejack, that's nice. Care to translate? :-P09:51
HisaoNakai('simple websearch' puts me at the trac page as the first result :\)09:52
caleb11223344556yo, i installed ubuntu 13.04 onto my asus chromebook and it worked fine. afterwards i installed lxde and when i try to click on the lxde menu button the only things that come up are "run" and "logout". any ideas?09:53
ActionParsnipHisaoNakai: searched for 'rtorrent'  and got09:53
ActionParsnipHisaoNakai: under download: http://libtorrent.rakshasa.no/wiki/Download   there is Git and Subversion repos...09:54
mooperscan someone help me with a simple question  or atleast point me in the right direction09:54
ActionParsnipHisaoNakai: which were updated 2 months ago09:54
ActionParsnipmoopers: ask away09:54
HisaoNakaiActionParsnip: Yeah, I clicked 'browse source' in the top right corner x309:54
HisaoNakaiSite needs updating lol09:54
moopersim trying to copy 100gb of music to an external hd, however it seems my screensaver keeps interupting the file copy process09:55
mooperscan i just write a script to move my mouse cursor a few pixels evrey couple min to keep it alive09:55
moopersif so   how09:55
ActionParsnipmoopers: what is the output of:  cat /etc/issue09:55
OerHeksmoopers, try disablng disable screensaver/energy setting09:56
moopersive tried most everything09:57
ActionParsnipmoopers: what is the output of:  cat /etc/issue09:57
moopersmy option seemed like that last09:57
wyldejack, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=210026509:58
wyldejack, it's old but may help09:58
jackk. thx09:58
Linuxhello at all09:59
ActionParsnipmoopers: I asked you a question...twice10:02
ActionParsnipmoopers: you still haven't answered?10:02
cfhowlettLinux, greetings10:02
ActionParsnipmoopers: its a simple terminal command, copy the output and paste to the channel10:03
ActionParsnipmoopers: its a single line so is fine10:03
vltHello. A questions after upgrade to 13.10 (and Unity): How to add more workspaces?10:04
ActionParsnipvlt: in which shell / desktop?10:04
vltActionParsnip: Is there more than one Unity?10:05
risro_any ideas why I get "New ubuntu release '14.04' is available" when I run apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade && update-manager -d (I'm using 12.04 lts)?10:06
ActionParsnipvlt: you could be using LXDE, XFCE, KDE and so forth.10:06
ActionParsniprisro_: because the latest (d)evelopment release is 14.0410:06
ActionParsniprisro_: that's what the -d option does..10:06
wyldeActionParsnip, he did include (and Unity) in his initial question is what he's saying.10:07
ActionParsnipvlt: You could also have LXDE installed and be using that etc :)10:07
risro_ActionParsnip: ah ofcourse. thanks!10:07
ActionParsnipvlt: http://www.webupd8.org/2011/06/unity-quicklists-to-add-remove.html10:08
ActionParsniprisro_: man update-manager     is a good read10:08
Wiz_KeeDGuys, I followed this tutorial, downloaded latest 12.04 Desktop x64, did what the tutorial asked (http://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/create-a-usb-stick-on-ubuntu) and now it's booting, showing a slight image of the ubuntu installation then goes to console and keeps printing undevd[194] timeout killing /sbin/modprobe -bv pci bla bla bla10:08
ActionParsnipvlt: http://ubuntuhandbook.org/index.php/2013/09/ubuntu-13-10-quick-tip-enable-workspaces-add-show-desktop-icon/10:08
Wiz_KeeDwhat does this mean? something to do with hardware??10:08
ActionParsnipWiz_KeeD: what GPU do you use?10:08
Wiz_KeeDwait...it booted now but it gave all those errors10:08
Wiz_KeeDgraphics card?10:08
ActionParsnipWiz_KeeD: yes, the chip on the card. What is it?10:09
Wiz_KeeDthere's a internal one Intel HD 4000 smth and there's a nvidia card as well10:09
Wiz_KeeDoptimus technology smth10:09
risro_ActionParsnip: yeah I copied that line from the web and didn't think about the -d10:09
ActionParsnipWiz_KeeD: try the boot option:  nouveau.blacklist=110:09
Wiz_KeeDhow can I set that on the usb stick ActionParsnip ?10:10
Wiz_KeeDwhen it's booting from that10:10
KyshtynbaiHi guys! What version of gnome shell is in the repository in 13.10?10:10
vltActionParsnip: Thank you.10:10
Wiz_KeeDnow the logo is loading but doesn't seem to be going anywhere10:10
ActionParsnip!info gnome-shell saucy | Kyshtynbai10:10
Wiz_KeeDthe splash or what do you call it10:10
ubottuKyshtynbai: gnome-shell (source: gnome-shell): graphical shell for the GNOME desktop. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.8.4-0ubuntu5 (saucy), package size 285 kB, installed size 1000 kB10:10
time1hello everyone, recently when i click iso file in nautilus, it used to be automounted, but now it is opening with archiver, how to stop that and i like to automount media.  how to reset nautilus, i want to open iso file with archive mounter but  it is not displaying in the  list, archive manager is in the list and no browse button is there in the nautilus, open with dialog, how to get them back10:11
vltA second question after upgrade to 13.10 (and Unity): How to cycle through the keyboard layouts? The settings dialog says “Super+Space” but that doesn’t change the layout (but shows the starter bar instead). Any idea?10:11
Wiz_KeeDActionParsnip, what can I do when the stick does not even boot to the main screen? :(10:12
Wiz_KeeDShould I dread the fact that this laptop cannot work with ubuntu?10:12
wyldevlt, http://askubuntu.com/questions/362041/problem-setting-keyboard-shortcuts-after-upgrade-to-saucy10:12
Wiz_KeeDwoah, it actually did but after a very long time10:13
vltwylde: Thanks10:13
wyldevlt, also https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/indicator-keyboard/+bug/1218322 , no problem10:13
ubottuUbuntu bug 1218322 in gnome-settings-daemon (Ubuntu Saucy) "Can't set keyboard layout change to alt+shift, ctrl+shift, etc." [High,Fix committed]10:14
babinlonstonDid the OpenLDAP and LDAP or Different ?10:14
multi_iohow do you enable multiarch on 12.04?10:18
multi_io(I want to install skype)10:18
ping-f-ponggo to skype.com and download version for linux10:18
multi_ioyeah, did that10:18
multi_ioskype-ubuntu-precise_4.2.0.11-1_i386.deb is the newest, I'm trying to install that10:19
multi_io(on an x86_64 system)10:19
ThinkT510!skype | multi_io10:19
ubottumulti_io: To install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga10:19
cfhowlettmulti_io, it's in the repos - software center10:20
fahadashWhats the code name for 12.4 LTS ?10:21
fahadashSaucy, Raring, Quantal, Precise10:22
fahadashDont know which one is 12.0410:22
wyldefahadash, precise pangolin10:22
ubottufahadash,: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) is the current !LTS release of Ubuntu.  Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/12.04/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/120410:22
ActionParsnip!nomodeset | Wiz_KeeD10:25
ubottuWiz_KeeD: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter10:25
Wiz_KeeDActionParsnip, I managed to get passed that and now installing updates10:25
Wiz_KeeDshould be fine I guess no?10:25
ActionParsniptime1: mounty can mount ISOs in GUI10:25
zetto123anyone know how to get facebook chat system to work with empathy?10:26
ActionParsnipWiz_KeeD: i guess, look into bumblebee to support your Optimus mess10:26
time1ActionParsnip: no, i mean, i was able to mount them in nautilus10:26
BenNZhi still having trouble using the mini iso for precise , no matter what locale or mirror i use still gets stuck at downloading release file information , md5sum matches , and it doesnt matter whether i dd the image , use grub to boot the iso , or use vbox , anyone know what could be wrong?10:26
ActionParsniptime1: there are nautilus-scripts to add that functionality10:27
time1ActionParsnip: now, where they have gone10:27
cfhowlettBenNZ, and it still fails at the mirror selection?10:27
ActionParsniptime1: they are 3rd party, you'll find them online with ease10:27
BenNZcfhowlett: just after with the release file download (same place as before)10:28
napscRunning 13.04: I just did the lastest update (not upgrade to 13.10).  It put the “Computer” “Home Folder” and “Trash Can” on the desktop (I don't keep icons on Desktop normally) and now they've disappeared.  Is that normal behavior?10:28
time1ActionParsnip: i don't know why they got uninstalled, i have not updated nautilus10:28
ActionParsniptime1: its not a default feature of nautilus10:28
cfhowlettBenNZ, man, I wish I knew what to say, but if it's not a mirror glitch, I'm out of idea.10:28
BenNZcfhowlett: also tried with the saucy mini but that didnt even get that far10:28
chromy keyboard stop working when I upgraded my ubuntu to 13.10.10:28
chroit works with older kernels, but not with the latest one10:29
time1ActionParsnip: yesterday, i was using all of them, but now they are not there, what has happend to my system10:29
chrowhat can I do ?10:29
time1ActionParsnip: let me see10:29
=== BlackDex_ is now known as BlackDex
BenNZcfhowlett: i even tried quantal and raring and they failed at the same place as precise10:29
ActionParsnipchro: are there any bugs reported?10:29
ActionParsnipchro: does the system have a make and model?10:29
BenNZcfhowlett: i cant figure it out either , perhaps theyre just not usuable10:30
chroActionParsnip, yes there are10:30
cfhowlettBenNZ, are you on the internet with that box?  I wonder if you're blocked or routing blacklisted or something10:30
Wiz_KeeDActionParsnip, if I have a ssd and a regular drive, I partitioned the ssd in half and the full harddrive for windows then installed ubuntu with "install ubuntu alongside windows" that means ubuntu is not installed on the ssd?10:30
Wiz_KeeDBecause if I boot from ssd windows starts automatically, if i boot from the other hard-drive, grub starts...10:30
=== luketheduke is now known as honestly
cfhowlettBenNZ, try a different internet connection10:30
BenNZcfhowlett: yep same one im using now , and i tried on my laptop aswell10:30
BenNZcfhowlett: router issue?10:30
ActionParsnipWiz_KeeD: you can have grub in the MBR of any of the drives, it can boot multiple drives10:31
cfhowlettBenNZ, and ALL fail at the same point?  i'd suspect you've got an ISP /router setting then10:31
wyldeBenNZ, I tested a mini.iso here and got the same.10:31
cfhowlettBenNZ, not hardware, not software10:31
ActionParsnipWiz_KeeD: normally it is on the same drive as the OSes etc, but its not 100% necessary10:31
BenNZwylde: fails at the 'download release file' for you aswell?10:31
FourFireHello is there a specialized OpenCL channel?10:31
wyldeBenNZ, immediatley after I select a mirror10:32
ubottuxxxman,: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw10:32
Wiz_KeeDActionParsnip, I just formated my normal drive will start the install once again, any suggestions on how to install ubuntu on ssd?10:32
BenNZwylde: thats the same , then its just ubuntu havent made the iso's properly then10:32
Wiz_KeeDI left the other half of the ssd unpartitioned10:32
BenNZwylde: not much i can do about that then10:32
wyldeBenNZ, not sure about, this iso I've had for a bit and used before successfully10:32
ActionParsnipWiz_KeeD: use the 'something else' option at install, you can set the partitions you wnat to use Ubuntu with and what function they will fulfil. Set the '/' partition as being on the SSD10:33
wyldeBenNZ, testing it again right now10:33
BenNZwylde: release file changed perhaps and they need to update the iso's10:33
wyldeBenNZ, perhaps.10:33
Zeranthey guys i am trying to ping an ipv6 host with my ubuntu 12.04 LTS Server and allways gets connect: Network is unreachable does someone know this problem?10:33
Wiz_KeeDActionParsnip, it's strange that I formated my regular hard-drive from windows yet when I set to boot from it ubuntu still starts10:33
Wiz_KeeDgrub then ubuntu10:34
Wiz_KeeDthat's mighty strange...10:34
ActionParsnipWiz_KeeD: you can install grub to the MBR of the SSD if you want10:34
Wiz_KeeDI have a feeling ubuntu is not curently installed on ssd it's taking like 10 seconds to shut down10:34
wyldeBenNZ, just selected the Canadian mirror and it's hung on the purple screen10:35
ActionParsnipWiz_KeeD: pretty normal...10:35
Wiz_KeeDwindows takes 6 secconds to boot and less to shutdown10:35
ActionParsnipWiz_KeeD: so?10:35
ActionParsnipWiz_KeeD: my xpud boots in 3 seconds10:36
Wiz_KeeDit's an indicative that ubuntu is not on ssd10:36
ActionParsnipWiz_KeeD: Its a totally different OS, it will behave differently10:36
Wiz_KeeDI was thinking that I install ubuntu on the ssd and keep the other hdd in windows that can be accessed from ubuntu as wel10:37
Wiz_KeeDlet me see now10:37
ActionParsnipWiz_KeeD: if you want, put /var and swap on the platter based drive too10:37
ActionParsnip!test | magdur10:37
ubottumagdur: Testing... Testing... 1. 2.. 3... ( by the way, remember that you can use /join #test )10:37
BenNZwylde: ok ive tried the us , aus , nz , fiji and there was another one , all fail at the same place , and youre having trouble with the canadian mirror , my guess is the release file has changed10:37
Wiz_KeeDActionParsnip, i don't know what that means :))10:37
ActionParsnipWiz_KeeD: you hear abouty people putting /home in a different partition, right?10:38
Wiz_KeeDI guess10:38
Wiz_KeeDBut i'd keep it on the ssd to have things run super fast like server or a database10:38
ActionParsnipWiz_KeeD: if you put /var on a partition on the platter based drive as well as the swap space, you will write less to your SSD and wear it out less10:38
wyldeBenNZ, yep. Same issue with the canadian mirror10:38
Wiz_KeeDYeah I heard about that10:39
ActionParsnipWiz_KeeD: the kernel will keep things in RAM that you use a lot, much faster than your slow SSD10:39
Wiz_KeeDyeah yeah just read a few articles the other day10:39
BenNZwylde: at least i know its nothing i have(nt) done , its an ubuntu problem10:40
wyldeBenNZ, for the record it's a precise mini.iso10:40
wyldeBenNZ, i38610:40
ActionParsnipWiz_KeeD: if you plan partitions before installing, you'll find it easier10:40
BenNZwylde: ive tried precise , raring , quantal 32 bit , all fail at the same place , for some reason saucy crashes earlier , but i believe its related10:40
Wiz_KeeDWell i am installing now, will click the "others" option but I'll need some help there I guess10:41
wyldeBenNZ, reasonable assumption I think.10:41
BenNZwylde: my only other thought was perhaps theyre looking for the medibuntu repo's10:42
zetto123i have a strange network problem in 13.10 didn't have this problem before. but when i connect to a wireless network with auth. PEAP i get dced all the time and gets really unstable internet. anyone know the solution for this?10:42
DenyerecWhich is better performance wise, parsing find results with -exec, or using -print and then xargs?10:42
Dr_WillisDenyerec:  id say use -exec,10:43
Dr_Willisless processes ;)  less redundancy10:43
wyldeBenNZ, shouldn't matter. I don't think anything the mini iso installs comes from medibuntu10:43
Dr_Willismedibuntu was never official. so i dont see how any official iso would be using it.10:44
DenyerecWhile we're here...10:44
ActionParsnipits also dead10:44
DenyerecI copied some TTF's to /usr/share/fonts/10:44
ActionParsnipas in..medibuntu, the repo is disabled10:45
Denyerecnow my "ubuntu" top left, and many items in the UI, are non-printing boxes.10:45
* wylde nods10:45
cfhowlettmedibuntu is gone.  use ubuntu-restricted-extras10:45
DenyerecBear in mind I did not set these fonts for use10:45
Wiz_KeeDIdk what to do now ActionParsnip :))10:45
Denyerecjust moved them to the fonts folder10:45
vikkyi need a portable php apache mysql linux server plz help10:45
Dr_WillisDenyerec:   they overwrote fonts that were llready there?10:45
BenNZwylde: i didnt think so , but other than that , the release file , cant think of anything else that would cause this10:46
Wiz_KeeDthere is only one dev/sdc6/ swap 8419mb and 0 used I have no idea wich that one is10:46
DenyerecNah I checked, they're all fonts I own from Windows, nothing that was on Ubuntu previously.10:46
DenyerecI've done fc-cache -rv  just in case10:46
Denyerecno dice10:46
DenyerecMaybe it's the VM glitching out and I should just reoot,10:46
Dr_WillisDenyerec:   i would have put them in the users .fonts directory10:46
ActionParsnipWiz_KeeD: sudo fdisk -l   will tell you which disk is which10:46
DenyerecI wanted them globally available to all users10:46
OerHeksvikky, install ubuntu server on your usb device ?10:46
Dr_WillisDenyerec:  and there are packages in teh repos to install the ms core fonts10:46
Wiz_KeeDi'm in the ubuntu installer in others now ActionParsnip10:46
DenyerecI have the core fonts.10:46
DenyerecSadly I wanted a little more than comic sans and times new roman :)10:46
Denyerec(Segoe, Tahoma and Consolas)10:47
Dr_WillisDenyerec:  check the fonts names.. sounds like you overwrote some defaults somehow.10:47
vikkysir i have ana pplication php which i will run on linux10:47
vikkyso i will be giving this app to a client10:47
DenyerecThe top level /fonts/ folder was empty tho Doc10:47
DenyerecIt contained only folders10:47
vikkyi need a portable apache mysql web server10:47
vikkywhich is porta ble10:47
Denyerecso I just popped the TTFs in there alongside said folders10:47
rachozetto123, i think this may be relevant to you https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/network-manager/+bug/110447610:48
vikkydoes someone has it portable10:48
ubottuUbuntu bug 1104476 in network-manager (Ubuntu) "Network manager cannot connect to WPA2/PEAP/MSCHAPv2 network without CA_Certificate" [High,Triaged]10:48
DenyerecJust to be sure I'll restart the VM as Unity can freak out inside there sometimes.10:48
Wiz_KeeDso dev sdb1 ntfs is the platter disk with 1tb size and 3221 used (even though I've formatted it from windows10:48
DenyerecOK yeah it was a VM freakout - apologies for th etime used Dr Willis10:48
Wiz_KeeDthe other is dev/sdc sdc1 ntffs sd2 ntfs sdc5 ext4 and sdc6 swap10:48
Dr_WillisDenyerec:  ;)10:48
DenyerecDo you know of any decent file managers BTW?10:49
DenyerecI use Diurectory Opus on windows10:49
Wiz_KeeDso I guess it's installed on the ssd after all but grub is on the platter one?10:49
Dr_Willis!info mc10:49
ubottumc (source: mc): Midnight Commander - a powerful file manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 3:4.8.5-1 (saucy), package size 442 kB, installed size 1410 kB10:49
Denyerecit leaves Nautilus feeling like a box of crayons10:49
Dr_WillisDenyerec:  'gentoo' is a similer dual pane file manager. theres a few others in teh repos10:49
thorin39mc the best10:49
DenyerecI shall check out both10:49
DenyerecMC looks like it's cmdline10:49
rachoit is10:49
Denyerecif I was happy there, I'd not have bothered with Unity ;)10:50
rachoncurses interfaces10:50
Dr_Willisof course it is. ;)10:50
=== Nick___ is now known as liquidsword
Dr_Willismc+ssh  = :) handy10:50
man0riaXHello everybody10:50
DenyerecVery true10:50
Dr_Willismc has so many features i bet i dont even know 1/3 of them10:50
Dr_Willisand ive used it for years10:50
DenyerecI wish Directory Opus was available on Linux.10:51
Dr_WillisDenyerec:  ir ecall some clones to it in the repos.10:51
DenyerecIt's hands down the best and most useful peice of software ever conceived.10:51
Dr_WillisI recall that onmy amiga decades ago. ;)10:51
DenyerecStrong legacy.10:51
Dr_Willisand as i said.. theres SEVERAL int eh repos that are similer10:51
Dr_Willisi just use mc instead of them ;)10:52
Dr_Willis!info gentoo10:52
ubottugentoo (source: gentoo): fully GUI-configurable, two-pane X file manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.19.13-2 (saucy), package size 755 kB, installed size 1906 kB10:52
DenyerecKrusader is another10:52
Denyerecthough that might need KDE?10:52
BenNZwylde: managed to find this http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2158954&p=12714144#post12714144 , but fuck waiting overnight to get to the next screen10:52
=== karlo is now known as karlo|afk
wyldeBenNZ, careful with the language please. Although I agree.10:53
BenNZwylde: oops sorry10:53
BenNZwylde: just have to wait for ubuntu to make them usuable i suppose10:54
Dr_Willistheres perhaps half a dozen or so 2 pane file managers10:54
Dr_Willissome are very old. :)10:54
Dr_Willis!info filerunner10:54
ubottuPackage filerunner does not exist in saucy10:54
wyldeBenNZ, perhaps. I might dig at it for something to do.10:54
Dr_WillisOh no.. not in the repos.  - that one was written in tcl/tk10:54
DenyerecIs it possible to add entries to the right click menu ?10:54
fahadashPositive side of getting ubuntu looking like windows, A lot of people will be saved from viruses whenever they think dialer.exe was the s3x tape of their favorite artist10:54
Dr_WillisDenyerec:  nautilus has its Nautilus Scripts feature10:54
DenyerecI don't have the time to rebuild Dopus in Nautilus scripts :)10:55
vikkyplz help me10:55
ActionParsnipDenyerec: if you add locations as bookmarks, they will appear in the left panel10:55
DenyerecNo, I want a "terminal" entry in the right click menu10:55
vikkyi need a portable php mysql apache server for linux10:55
ActionParsnipvikky: without knowing your issue, how can we10:55
DenyerecNot a location, per-se10:55
NullVoxPopuliHi, I'm having a problem with my graphics, and I need this computer for work. If anyone could help, that would be great. I just upgraded to 13.10, and now lightdm is either black, or goes into low graphics mode. Using onboard motherboard / i5 graphics10:55
vikkyim telling u10:55
Dr_WillisDenyerec:  use the apckage manager and search for dual pane file  manager. ;10:55
Denyerecplus the launcher bar is cluttered, and autohide doesn;t work10:55
fahadashvikky: Did you check xampp ?10:55
vikkyi have a php application10:55
DenyerecI'm installing them all now Dr_Willis10:55
ActionParsnipNullVoxPopuli: what is the output of:  cat /etc/issue10:55
Dr_Willistheres some package that adds a terminal here... menu item to nautilus10:55
vikkyxampp is not portable10:55
vikkyi want portable10:56
Dr_Willisor just use  somthing like guake10:56
vikkyi will give it to client10:56
fahadashvikky: Why you need a portable server-set ?10:56
* ActionParsnip loves guake10:56
vikkyto give app to a client10:56
ActionParsnipvikky: have you asked in #lamp10:56
NullVoxPopuliActionParsnip: Ubuntu 13.10 \n \l10:56
Wiz_KeeDwhat guake?10:56
vikkyya they say they dont have something likt that10:56
fahadashvikky: If its a php web application you can host it and give clients the www address right ?10:56
ActionParsnipWiz_KeeD: drop down terminal, like the tilde menu in Quake. Hides and shows on shortcut key10:56
vikkyno sir10:57
vikkyi dont want to do that10:57
ActionParsnipNullVoxPopuli: do you use a switchable gpu (with an nvidia in there too)10:57
vikkyi will give a php desktop application10:57
fahadashIts funny, you wanna ship a php web application + mysql database as a desktop application10:57
Dr_Willis'php desktop application' sounds sort of.. well.. wrong in my mind...10:57
vltHello. I want to install grub on a new disk. I tried `grub-install --recheck /dev/sdc` but I get "/usr/sbin/grub-bios-setup: warning: your core.img is unusually large.  It won't fit in the embedding area. \n /usr/sbin/grub-bios-setup: error: embedding is not possible, but this is required for RAID and LVM install." Any idea what could be the problem here?10:57
rachovikky, create a virtual image with a LAMP stack copy the .vdi and carry it around on a usb stick10:57
fahadash+1 Dr_Willis10:57
NullVoxPopuliActionParsnip: Nope, it's a desktop motherboard, with a 3.4GHz i5 (I think that's the speed). I think the onboard graphics are called HD 300010:57
fahadashvikky: You should rewrite the application in GTK+10:58
ActionParsnipNullVoxPopuli: is the OS fully updated?10:58
vikkyracho i didnot understand what u said10:58
DenyerecOn windows I used Beyond Compare for diff10:58
vikkyplz explain10:58
Denyerec(It;s awesome, by the way)10:58
DenyerecI know there are many, many diff frontends on linux10:58
Denyerecbut is one considered "The Best" ?10:58
Denyerec(As BC is on Windows)10:58
ActionParsnipDenyerec: none10:58
vikkyracho : help me10:58
ActionParsnipDenyerec: there is no single 'best' for anything10:59
ubottuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.10:59
Dr_WillisThis is the best channe however. ;)10:59
DenyerecOk so a different approach10:59
NullVoxPopuliActionParsnip: just ran this: sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get upgrade; sudo service lightdm restart;   Still low-graphics mode10:59
ActionParsnipDenyerec: if there was the others would die off as they would not be used as one is best over all10:59
DenyerecIs there a comparable program to Beyond Compare on linux ?10:59
vltvlt: I think I solved it. I moved the begin of sdc1 a bit further ==> error gone.10:59
Wiz_KeeDfdisk -l didn't work ActionParsnip10:59
ActionParsnipDenyerec: why not just use diff in CLI11:00
DenyerecOOH OOH11:00
Dr_WillisWiz_KeeD:  you did do a 'sudo fdisk -l' or 'sudo blkid'11:00
DenyerecActionParsnip - If I was happy in the CLI I wouldn't bother with Ubuntu.11:00
Dr_Willis!find colordiff11:00
ubottuFound: colordiff11:00
ActionParsnipWiz_KeeD: saying 'didnt work' tells us nothing at all11:00
DenyerecTurns out Beyond Compare has a linux build!11:00
DenyerecHappy days :D11:00
Dr_WillisDenyerec:  man up and learn the cli. ;)11:00
DenyerecHopefully my licence transfers.11:00
Dr_Willis!info colordiff11:00
ubottucolordiff (source: colordiff): tool to colorize 'diff' output. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.13-1 (saucy), package size 13 kB, installed size 75 kB11:00
rachoNullVoxPopuli, do you have a discrete gpu or it's just the internal intel one?11:00
ActionParsnipDenyerec: according to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beyond_Compare it runs in Linux too11:00
vikkyplz anyone help me11:00
vikkyim having trouble11:00
DenyerecYeah I just discovered this :D11:00
vikkyi want to create portable web application in php11:01
gvo!info gvimdiff11:01
ubottuPackage gvimdiff does not exist in saucy11:01
Dr_Willisvikky:  the idea of making a 'portable' php app. is just a bit weird. people are saying set up a mini system that runs in a VM to handle it.11:01
NullVoxPopuliracho, I'm using just the internal intel one. I /had/ a GPU, but I disconnected it, as NVidia causes problems a lot of the time, and I wanted to eliminate drivers being the issue11:01
ActionParsnipDenyerec: I had no idea about this, yet using the power of websearching I found that file11:01
DenyerecDidn't think you could run .debs on ubuntu?11:02
DenyerecI downloaded the tar source to build11:02
Dr_WillisDenyerec:  err.. ubuntu uses .debs11:02
ActionParsnipedgars: you dont run debs, you install them11:02
DenyerecColour me silly11:02
DenyerecI was thinking of RPM11:02
ActionParsnipDenyerec: how do you think you get updated?11:02
FloodBot1Denyerec: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:02
Dr_Willis!manual | Denyerec11:02
ubottuDenyerec: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/11:02
rachoNullVoxPopuli, it's a long shot but usually hybrid systems have an option in the bios about witch gpu to use? could it be set to nvidia still?11:02
NullVoxPopuliracho and ACtionParsnip: my lightdm.log says Seat: Steopping; failed to start a greeter11:02
HisaoNakai!google | ActionParsnip11:02
ubottuActionParsnip: While Google is useful for helpers, many newer users don't have the google-fu yet. Please don't tell people to "google it" when they ask a question.11:02
vikkyDr_Willis ,sir i want to have a server like server2go(it is for windows)11:03
ActionParsnipHisaoNakai: you read too far between the lines11:03
Dr_Willisvikky:   never heard  of it.. neer used it..11:03
NullVoxPopuliracho: I turned off the PCI slot that the gtx 650 is attached to. The monitor wouldn't turn on otherwise. I can only use the graphics card OR the motherboard DVI port. it doesn't let me use both11:03
DenyerecActionParsnip - I was confusing it with RPM as they supply one of those also.11:04
DenyerecI am aware of yum, apt, etc.11:04
ntg-workmy add a new printer button is greyed out, are there any packages that i need to install ?11:04
DenyerecBut had to wrestle with RPM's at my last workplace.11:04
wyldevikky, make a bootable usb with persistance and install the lamp stack there? Just a thought.11:04
ActionParsnipDenyerec: apt uses deb files....11:04
DenyerecJust got my brain crosswired.11:04
Dr_Willisntg-work:  try the cups web interface?11:04
DenyerecI know11:04
DenyerecI am trying to relate to you11:04
ntg-workDr_Willis: cups web interface? I'll look into that11:04
DenyerecThat I am aware of this, and you have jumped on simple confusion.11:04
ActionParsnipDenyerec: well they make debs, so you are good :)11:04
ActionParsnipDenyerec: i recommend you learn how to use diff, you will be able to use a standard command then, in any UNIX / Linux system as diff is diff.11:05
HisaoNakaivikky: You're probably looking at apache, lighttd or nginx. Read the documentation at library.linode.com . howtoforge.com is also useful at times. duckduckgo the rest. Any problems, ask on IRC :)11:05
ntg-workDr_Willis: ooh sexy, thank you.11:05
ActionParsnipDenyerec: rather then some GUI app which may not be available11:05
DenyerecI can struggle by on the cmdline for simple stuff11:05
Denyerecbut 3 way merges from Git on cmdline is pure hell fo rme11:05
DenyerecTHe vimdiff interface is atrocious11:06
DenyerecThat's why I got BeyondCompare in the first place :)11:06
ActionParsnipDenyerec: it limits your skills, using standard apps means more transferable ability. Your choice though11:06
killerhey , where is the location of .deb packages (that are installed on system)11:07
DenyerecSometimes you need to merge the code and move on, rather than learn a new language :)11:07
Denyerec(I do appreciate your point, however)11:07
vikkyHisaoNakai, Sir i want to have a server2go like server11:07
Dr_Williskiller:  no  where.. unless they are cached in /var/cache/apt/11:07
vikkyserver2go is for windows11:08
vikkyit didnt need any installation11:08
killerDr_Willis: exactly , thanx11:08
HisaoNakaivikky: That means it was pre installed. Everything has to be installed lol11:08
Dr_Williskiller:  dont rely on them being there for very long. they can get cleaned out. ;)11:08
NullVoxPopuliActionParsnip, racho, any ideas?11:08
HisaoNakaivikky: India se ho?11:08
=== GingerGeek is now known as GingerGeek[Away]
vikkyi am from india11:09
Dr_Willisvikky:  were you fighting with Java in here just a few days ago?11:09
vikkyno sir11:10
HisaoNakaivikky: Heh, same. Use the guides on library.linode.com . a quick fix solution is unlikely to help here...11:10
rachoNullVoxPopuli, i suppose it has something to do with .Xauthority but i never had this issue. you may try to purge lightdm and then reinstall it11:12
vikkyHisaoNakai, have u done some research on it11:12
NullVoxPopuliracho, I'll give that a go. one sec11:12
Dr_Willisyou can remove the .Xauthority file and let it get remade if its an issue11:12
HisaoNakaivikky: aap #ubuntu-server main bhi koshish kar sakte hain, lekin jawab badalne ki gunjayish nahin hai. I'm a newbie webadmin of sorts.11:12
rachoNullVoxPopuli, i suggest installing gdm then dpkg-reconfigure to gdm, then purge lightdm and then the reverse (dpgk-reconf lightm and purge gdm)11:14
ntg-workmfw printing on linux (ubuntu) works without problems11:14
ntg-workthanks for the cups web interface tip11:14
vikkyHisonakai, mera project atka hua hai11:14
vikkykya karun??11:14
grimetonvikky: E_WRONG_LANGUAGE11:15
vikkyi want portable web server??11:15
vikkyfor linux includingn php,mysql11:15
Dr_Willisand no one in here seems to have seen one for linux vikky11:15
=== karlo|afk is now known as karlo
=== luketheduke is now known as honestly
NullVoxPopulioh yeah11:16
NullVoxPopuliracho, I'm getting a ton of you have held broken packages errors.11:16
wyldevikky, you're not going to find a drop in. Have you made any attempts using the suggestions you were given?11:16
NullVoxPopuliracho, I tried installing gdm, said I needed gnome-shell first.. .but it is not going to be installed11:16
NullVoxPopuliracho, i tried installing gnome-shell, it listed 6 other dependencies that aren't going to be installed11:17
vikkyi made aatempts for portable apache11:17
vikkybut nothing worked11:17
ActionParsnipNullVoxPopuli: are they from a PPA by any chance?11:17
vikkypath is the main problem11:17
rachoNullVoxPopuli, can you re-install lightdm?11:17
vikkypath and permission in ubuntu are problems11:17
ActionParsnipvikky: never had an issue11:18
NullVoxPopuliActionParsnip, maybe? maybe not? I thought everything came from a ppa?11:18
Dr_Willisthe idea that 'portable apps' on linux . are i think the core of the problem11:18
NullVoxPopuliracho, yeah, I already did a purge and reinstall of lightdm, no dice11:18
=== jwheare_ is now known as jwheare
vikkythats why i have raised  this problem11:18
ActionParsnipNullVoxPopuli: no, the normal updates come from repositories, those are the official packags made by canonical11:18
vikkyif u have one portable server plz give me11:18
vikkyi have tried all11:18
ActionParsnipNullVoxPopuli: PPAs are packages made by some guy on his PC and published to a PPA11:19
grimetonvikky: define "portable"11:19
vikkyits in windows but not for buntu11:19
vikkyportable means once i give this app to anyone11:19
ActionParsnipvikky: i dont know what a portable server is11:19
=== SunTsu_ is now known as SunTsu
vikkyit will run no configuration nothing required11:19
ActionParsnipvikky: by definition, servers stay still and users connect to them11:19
grimetonvikky: you want a virtualization solution11:19
vikkyportable server is once downloaded run11:19
ActionParsnipvikky: why would you want a portable server?>11:19
grimetonvikky: e.g. an image for virtual box or something11:19
vikkyto sell my app without clients work11:19
vikkyi can give virtual box image11:20
ActionParsnipvikky: yes apache and sql do that, post install the services are told to run, as well as being added to the startup of the system so they run at bootup11:20
vikkyserver2go is there but for windows11:20
grimetonproblem solved11:20
rachoNullVoxPopuli, can you dump the whole lightdm.log11:20
vikkymy quseion is is there a server2go like for linux11:20
* Dr_Willis imagines how easially a 'portable' app would break...11:20
ActionParsnipvikky: then they need to install the service on the system, then you add the service data11:20
Dr_Willisvikky:  checked on askubuntu.com yet ?11:21
=== christian is now known as Guest18871
vikkyaction , this thing is already done in server2go11:21
NullVoxPopuliracho, and ActionParsnip: I'm removing all my extra ppas (wayland daily, ricotz-testing-saucy, ubuntu-x-swat-x-updates, xorg-edgers11:21
=== gbyers[Away] is now known as g_byers
ActionParsnipvikky: the services you are talking about are in pretty much every mainstream Linux distribution, so they can install the service then copy in your data11:21
ActionParsnipvikky: I cant see a single issue here11:21
grimetonvikky: distribute server2go inside a virtualbox windows image - problem solved ;) hrr hrr11:21
rachoNullVoxPopuli, you're on 13.10? why do you keep xorg-edgers if you don't have a discrete gpu11:22
vikkyman the problem is that11:22
ObrienDaveOMG I just HAD to play with the "make it look like Win7" stuff. dummy me LOL11:22
NullVoxPopuliracho, yeah, I'll dump teh lightdm log in a few.  also, for xorg-edgers, i was trying /everything/ yesterday11:22
wyldemeh, learn to package, include the lmap stack as dependency, and a post install script that installs your webapp, corrects perms and sets the appropriate settings in the lamp stack. Package is and have an installable .deb11:22
vikkythe server will run some linux programs too11:22
vikkynow tell me11:22
vikkythis server will run programs from linux11:22
ActionParsnipvikky: yes, install the services and then import your data, done11:22
vikkywill my client do that11:23
vikky'i want one click to go and nothing else11:23
Dr_Willis'linux programs' is a bit vague11:23
vikkyit is product not for my friend11:23
NullVoxPopuliracho: paste.ubuntu.com/6294377/11:23
vikkyi want just a server2go like for linux11:23
ActionParsnipvikky: then you can make a deb, with the services as dependancies11:23
grimetonvikky: you want to distribute a virtualized linux image11:23
wyldevikky, then write one?11:23
Dr_Willisvikky:  i doubt if 'one click and it goes' is going to happen with out a lot of work on your part11:23
Ben64"portable server" and "server2go" are vague too11:23
ActionParsnipvikky: do you think people running MS SQl server have this? Or Windows IIS web servers?11:24
vikkyok let me explain whole problem11:24
grimetonmaybe an ootb linux container11:24
vikkyi have dep packages11:24
ActionParsnipvikky: no, they install the sevrice then the devs import their data, is completely normal11:24
vikkyi will install them on client machine11:24
vikkyand the software installed will be rujn with help opg web gui11:24
vikkyplz state if there is a server11:24
vikkyor if i can make one11:24
vikkywithut any virtual thing11:24
Ben64could you define "rujn with help opg web gui"11:24
ActionParsnipvikky: yes, install lamp as always, it will give you the server11:24
vikkylampp is not portable11:25
vikkywhat are u talking about11:25
vikkyi have used it11:25
vikkyi tried to make it portable but nothing happened11:25
ActionParsnipvikky: unless the server does not have web access (unlikely) it will be able to install the packages needed via their package sources11:25
ActionParsnipvikky: won't they11:25
vikkyi will be giving debs for other softwares11:25
wyldevikky, then package your "web app". Seriously. http://developer.ubuntu.com/packaging/html/packaging-new-software.html11:25
vikkyand my gui will operate them11:25
Ben641. what do you mean by "portable" 2. why do you need it "portable"11:25
vikkyeasy for client11:26
ObrienDavevikky... do you mean something like install the server on a USB stick?11:26
NullVoxPopuliracho, now that I've cleared my extra ppas, I can install gdm11:26
ActionParsnipvikky: why not use the package repos, like normal installs of any packages?11:26
vikkymy god portable is for making client ease11:26
ActionParsnipvikky: lots easier11:26
rachoNullVoxPopuli, can you also dump /var/log/lightdm/x-1-greeter.log11:26
vikkyusb stick is good11:26
Dr_Willis'portable' means differnt things to everyone in here.11:26
vikkybut what when my client installs on machine11:26
vikkythats main problem11:26
Ben64i can pick up my desktop computer, move it to another room. that is portable11:27
ActionParsnipvikky: using the web is much easier and will be sure it is the latest version available to the distribution11:27
ActionParsnipvikky: you are fixing a non-existant problem11:27
vikkyportable means it is a webserver that can run directly from cdrom without installation11:27
NullVoxPopuliracho, gdm actually got me into my desktop... so.. that's good. I'll get you that file though. I'm still curious why lightdm doesn't work11:27
Dr_Willisthen you wouldebnt be supplying it as a .deb  if it was portable11:27
wyldevikky, if you simply learn to package your "web app" as a .deb. The all you need to carry is the mywebapp.deb as long as you package with the lamp stack as a dependency.11:27
Ben64why would you possibly need to run a websever from cd11:28
ObrienDavebecause she wants to?11:28
rachoNullVoxPopuli, i guess it may be some version/package clash between official packages and ppa packages11:28
Dr_Willissounds like a huge security hole also.11:28
rachoNullVoxPopuli, one of the biggest offenders is X11:28
NullVoxPopuliI hate X11:28
ActionParsnipits just dumb, what is the customer uses Puppy? or gentoo? How will you run it from there?11:29
NullVoxPopuliracho, I can't wait for Mir or Wayland to actually get some traction11:29
vikkynow i have web app in php11:29
vikkyim not hosting it11:29
rachoNullVoxPopuli, soon we'll all bask in Wayland11:29
ActionParsnipvikky: its not feasible to take into account all eventualities11:29
vikkythats the main problem11:29
* wylde *sigh*11:29
vikkythats what im asking11:29
rachoNullVoxPopuli, i actually run wayland no11:29
vikkythe problem is that i want a server2go11:29
vikkyplz if anyone knows that tell me11:29
NullVoxPopuliracho: I tried doing that yesterday, but I ended up not getting anywhere.11:29
vikkyor if u dont see server2go11:29
vikkyi want that type of server11:30
vikkyServer2go a portable web server11:30
ActionParsnipvikky: the OS you are using is far and above more complex then WIndows, You can knock this all on the head by having the services install on a server11:30
rachoNullVoxPopuli, i'm on fedora 20.. don't know what is the situation in ubuntu land11:30
Ben64or write the application better so it doesn't need a webserver to function...11:30
vikkyActionParsnip i will do as u say11:30
NullVoxPopuliI think ubuntu things are a little /too/ tightly integrated with one another11:30
vikkyjust fullfill what i want11:30
ActionParsnipvikky: as this will install for whatever distribution and architecture they are using11:30
NullVoxPopuliI may be swiching to Arch at somepoint... so.. idk11:30
vikkyi want my client one click and run app11:30
wyldevikky, no one has seen it. You're either going to have to search for it, or write one yourself.11:31
vikkyone lcik app starts now tell me11:31
ActionParsnipvikky: then make one for WIndows...11:31
humanoidsi tried to start unreal and it needs libsdl11:31
ActionParsnipfor Linxu11:31
vikkythats what u would have said earlier11:31
vikkyok bye11:31
ntg-workvikky: you want to make an app that uses a webserver?11:31
ActionParsnipvikky: with all the architectures, for all distributions/11:31
humanoidsthen i tried to get to install the ia32libs but it won't work11:31
vikkylots of problem solved11:31
ActionParsnipvikky: ood luck11:31
NullVoxPopulioh, whaddaya know. I just found an article saying lightdm and gnome don't work together in 13.1011:31
Dr_WillisNullVoxPopuli:  Hmm.. cant say ive noticed any issues.. been using them since beta11:32
rachoNullVoxPopuli, did you have the gnome ppa activated?11:32
NullVoxPopuliin 13.04, yeah11:32
Dr_Willisi might be using GDM to launch both however.. im not sure what i got going right now11:32
NullVoxPopulithe upgrade removed a bunch of my ppas11:32
ActionParsnipNullVoxPopuli: then tahts why11:32
racho13.04 and 13.10 use gnome 3.8 but afaik the gnome ppa is set to 3.1011:32
rachoso expect the unexpected11:32
ActionParsnipNullVoxPopuli: you can get gnome-shell from the Ubuntu repos11:33
racho^ this. remove the ppa and sync the gnome packages with the official repos11:33
ObrienDaveNullVoxPopuli... they aren't removed, just disabled11:34
rachohumanoids, then install libsdl11:34
humanoidsits installed but only the 64bit11:35
rachoyou can install the 32bit besides it11:35
Ben64humanoids: which "unreal" are you starting11:35
Ben64yeah... which11:35
humanoidsunreal 99 (not tournament)11:35
Ben64if you put :i386 after the package name, it'll get the 32 bit version11:36
ActionParsniphumanoids: M-M-M-M-Monster kill!11:36
humanoidsno monster kill11:36
humanoidsits not tournament11:37
humanoidsits unreal return to napali11:37
rachounreal + return to na pali11:37
humanoidscoop not that stupid death match thing11:37
Dr_Willishead Shot!? ;)11:38
rachoback in the days when pentium 2 was a mean machine :)11:39
grimetonyeah, dual p211:39
Dr_WillisI got some of the old Unreal games as part of a Steam Collection pack.11:40
Dr_WillisSo this is an open sourced project you are refering to?11:40
ObrienDavemy first PC was a 286 25Mhz LOL11:40
grimeton286 that fast? really?11:40
humanoidsmy first computer? a zx spectrum11:41
rachomine was pentium 2 MMX 350 with a voodoo banshee....great times back then11:41
Dr_Willishumanoids:  I still have one of those.. hanging on the wall.11:42
Dr_Willisoh wait. thats a timex sinclare. ;)11:42
humanoidsi still use z80 computer11:42
Dr_Willismicrowave oven, ;)11:42
ObrienDaveDr_Willis... i bought one of those LMAO11:42
humanoidsnah TNC11:43
zexcrizwhat is virtualhost ?11:43
Dr_WillisCP/M ! ;)11:43
grimetonTerminal Node Controller11:43
icerootzexcriz: sounds like apache211:43
=== andyc is now known as Guest37774
grimetonhumanoids: are the basic ones still made with z80s?11:44
hitsujiTMOzexcriz: that's a question better asked in #httpd11:44
humanoidsgrimeton i don't know maybe TNC2 based ones11:44
humanoidstoday they are used for APRS11:45
grimetonhumanoids: last time i remember the tnc2s have been discontinued and they switched to smaller structures11:45
lesshastewhen I save something as eps from gimp the quality is terrible. How can you make it "full quality"11:46
grimetonlesshaste: modify the quality settings before you store the picture?11:46
lesshastegrimeton, how do you do that? I have it opennow11:46
humanoidsgrimeton those from symek?11:46
wyldelesshaste, I bet #gimp would know11:47
grimetonlesshaste: go on save as and then a dialogue should open op11:47
grimetonhumanoids: eww, it's at least 15 years ago ... don't remember11:47
lesshastegrimeton, save as doesn't give sensible options.. only export11:47
lesshastegrimeton, I mean export lists eps but save doesn't11:47
grimetonlesshaste: then use that ;)11:47
grimetoni wonder if the gimp on os x is that different11:47
lesshastegrimeton, there are no quality options11:48
humanoidsno its like linux11:48
lesshastewylde, sadly they are asleep or dead :)11:48
ObrienDave*correction* my first PC was a 386 25Mhz LOL11:49
ObrienDaveIBM compatable, that is11:50
grimetonlesshaste: hm, i get a postscript dialog where i can seet multiple stuff11:50
lesshastegrimeton, anything related to quality?11:50
lesshastegrimeton, I get things like rotation11:50
lesshastegrimeton, and if I want a preview11:50
RarrikinsRarrikiHow do I randomize my computer's DHCP name?11:51
=== RarrikinsRarriki is now known as Rarrikins
grimetonlesshaste: when i look at the exported eps at the same size the original png was the quality isn't really nice - you're right11:51
grimetonlesshaste: and i don't see anything regarding to quality options11:51
lesshastegrimeton, :(11:51
lesshastegrimeton, google doesn't help me either with this11:52
vltHello. After rebooting and logging in my volume control is back to really hurting 100%. How can I fix this?11:52
grimetonlesshaste: did you try libmagick?11:53
grimetonlesshaste: convert command?11:53
lesshastegrimeton, yes.. same problem11:54
grimetonlesshaste: looks like it's a postscript problem then ?11:54
lesshastegrimeton, I don't think so11:54
lesshastegrimeton, postscript can just contain the raw bitmap wrapped up in principle11:54
bagzhey , I'm trying to kill wpa_supplicant, but each time i try it respawns autmotically, is there any process that could be restarting it?11:55
Dr_Willisvlt:  i recall seeing mention of some cli tools at askubuntu.com that can 'save' the  mixer state.11:55
grimetonlesshaste: hm11:55
Dr_Willisvlt:  someone was asking about it last week i recall seeing  askbuntu.com showing several ways to set  the levels at boot time11:55
wyldebagz, I would suspect network manager11:56
Dr_Willisvlt:  somthing like alsactrl store/restore11:57
bagzwylde, thanks11:57
grimetonlesshaste: maybe this is the key: http://www.tek-tips.com/viewthread.cfm?qid=119055811:57
lesshastegrimeton, it doesn't really contain any information11:58
grimetonlesshaste: it tells you that gimp is the wrong tool for the job11:58
lesshastegrimeton, that's just unhelpful in this case11:59
lesshastegrimeton, It's a picture.. someone else needs it in eps. End of stroy12:00
pablo_hello all12:00
pablo_I have a eeepc asus 1225C with ubuntu 13.04 amd64 ; my problem is the light of the screen ; it don't go pls help me12:01
Voidhello, im having a problem with ubuntu after an employee update the system now when i click on any menu it  doesdn dessapear and stay stick to the screen ... the same when i pass the mouse over an icon it shows a description but remain stick to the screen any help to solve it ?12:02
makarahi. I'm trying to determine the total bandwidth cost of a "git pull" command. Is there a program that can do this in the form 'app git pull' ?12:03
ActionParsnipVoid: what is the output of:  cat /etc/issue12:03
ActionParsnipVoid: if you make a fresh Ubuntu user, is it the same?12:03
Void1) ubuntu 12.04.03 LTS /n /s12:04
Voidthat ubuntu machine is into a domain if i enter with a new user ... the same history12:05
Rorymakara: The closest thing I could think would be nethogs although it doesn't work exactly like you want http://www.tecmint.com/nethogs-monitor-per-process-network-bandwidth-usage-in-real-time/12:07
rossmooreHi. I'm looking for some support with installing Ubuntu. I'm an experienced user of Ubuntu, but the 13.10 DVD simply will not even boot12:07
rossmooreIs this a widespread problem?12:07
k1lrossmoore: no. make sure the md5 is right in first place12:08
rossmooremd5 is definitely correct12:08
rossmooreI have tried grub n iso, usb stick and dvd12:08
rossmooreand have double-checked the md512:08
rossmoorethe system is currently running 13.0412:08
vltWhich key (combination) opens the shutdown dialog on Ubuntu 13.10 Unity?12:09
hitsujiTMOrossmoore: in what way exactly will it not boot? does it get skipped over by the bios?12:09
rossmoorei have 5 drives on the machine, I've seen a hint somewhere that multiple drives might be a problem12:09
k1lrossmoore: no thats not a problem12:09
rossmooreit dumps me to initramfs right about 5 seconds after choosing "try ubuntu without installing"12:09
rossmooreor indeed "install ubuntu now"12:10
k1lrossmoore: maybe you need special kernelmodules.12:10
k1l!nomodereset | rossmoore12:10
rossmoorei've just a core i3 (sandy bridge)12:10
rossmooregigabyte motherboard. nothing unusual12:10
rossmooretry nomodereset as a grub kernel option?12:10
hitsujiTMOnomodeset don't you mean?12:11
k1l!nomodeset | rossmoore12:11
ubotturossmoore: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter12:11
k1lhitsujiTMO: thanks :)12:11
rossmoorewill give that a go right now12:12
rossmooredidn't expect to need that, just using on-board intel graphics. all open source12:12
rossmooreright back at initramfs12:14
hitsujiTMOrossmoore: i would try backing up your system and then perform a do-release-upgrade12:16
rossmoorek1l thanks for the nomodeset idea, but no luck12:16
rossmoorehitsujiTMO: thanks. that's where I started.12:17
rossmoorehitsujiTMO: Tried a do-release-upgrade. That bombed due to unspecified package problems, so I figured I back up and start again. Only to find, to my shock, that I couldn't even do that.12:18
hitsujiTMOrossmoore: whats the exact model of your motherboard. i would report it as a bug, as it appears the kernel has dropped support for some device you are using12:19
jasichello guys , I had a problem with WUBi please help me12:19
hitsujiTMO!details | jasic12:20
ubottujasic: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."12:20
auronandacejasic: wubi is being phased out, i suggest you avoid it12:20
jasicauronandace, why sir?12:20
gvoauronandace: Is anything replacing it?12:20
jasicauronandace, so, why is it in the iso then?12:20
auronandacegvo: i don't know12:20
jasicof 13.10??12:20
gvoWUBi seems to be a great idea.12:20
rossmoorehitsufiTMO: GA-H67N-USB3-B312:21
auronandacejasic: its not compatible with uefi and safeboot apparently12:21
TOM_otakuxasking one thing12:21
TOM_otakuxkubuntu 13.1012:21
jasicauronandace, i only want to fix, why is it downloading the files...12:22
TOM_otakuxplasma-nm did not show any connection even though i have added DSL connection12:22
auronandacejasic: to fix what?12:22
TOM_otakuxthis problem is ?12:22
mjaykHello all im trying to format a usb stick in ubuntu 13.10 and i get a formatting error "error: setting partition type after formatting: Error settings partition flags on /dev/sdc112:23
mjaykany help ideas12:23
rossmoorehitsujiTMO: is there any way to get a debug log out of the boot in this case, do you know?12:23
jasicauronandace, while I install WUBI, it downloads the files ,which it shouldn't ,I just downloaded 13.10 iso ... wanted to install using WUBI ... ;p12:23
jasicauronandace, while I install WUBI, it downloads the files ,which it shouldn't ,I just downloaded 13.10 iso ... wanted to install using WUBI ... :p12:23
rossmoorehitsujiTMO: just don't know where to start with it12:23
ActionParsnipmjayk: are you using gparted o format it?12:24
auronandacejasic: then you are talking to the wrong person, i don't use wubi nor recommend it12:24
jasicok , so anyother guys there , installing Ubuntu using WUBI ??12:24
mjaykActionParsnip: im using "Disks" I also get the same error when I right click in file browser and format, would you recomment I try gparted?12:24
ActionParsnipjasic: wubi is awful, its also not advised under Windows812:25
ActionParsnipmjayk: is the partition to format unmounted?12:25
jasicActionParsnip,  while I install WUBI, it downloads the files ,which it shouldn't ,I just downloaded 13.10 iso ... wanted to install using WUBI ... :p12:25
jasicActionParsnip, I don12:25
mjaykActionParsnip: fixed it sfdisk --force /dev/sdc12:25
ActionParsnipjasic: if you put the ISO in the same folder as the wubi ISO, is it used?12:25
mjaykActionParsnip: it was the --force that made it work12:26
hitsujiTMOrossmoore: i'm unsure as you are booting a RO file system at this point. https://wiki.debian.org/InitramfsDebug might help12:26
jasicActionParsnip, i don't want to let the downloads from WUbi again12:26
ActionParsnipmjayk: please remember to safely remove your USB sticks in your OS before you physically unplug them]#12:26
jasic ActionParsnip I downloaded the iso in which there was WUBI12:26
ActionParsnipjasic: did you mount the ISO in Windows?12:26
newuserHello, I've got two problems since I've update my ubuntu to the last version. Could someone help me? Thanks!12:26
ActionParsnipnewuser: with details, yes. presently, no12:27
jasicyes , I extracted the whole iso in a folder12:27
ActionParsnipjasic: you don't extract the ISO12:27
ActionParsnipjasic: that isn't part of the procedure12:27
linuxuz3rwhats a good twitter client for ubuntu?12:27
ActionParsnipjasic: instead of looking at how Windows presents data, use your mind12:27
BluesKajHi folks12:27
ActionParsniplinuxuz3r: friends or gwibber12:27
jasicActionParsnip, I tried both the mounting and extraction...12:28
mjaykActionParsnip: Cheers for your helps12:28
ActionParsnipjasic: if you make a USB stick or CD< you can install easily with thtat12:28
newuserThe problems are: 1) the mouse cursor blinks everytime and 2) even if I change my browser, the internet in my computer doesn't work well - in my ipad it works, but in the computer I have problems with photos of websites12:29
rossmoorehitsujiTMO: Just noticed something as it boots: "Error root variable isn't set" flashes up briefly12:29
ActionParsnipjasic: I recommend you resize NTFS, boot to an Ubuntu install media and install to the freed space12:29
jasicActionParsnip, I know , but I don't have USB currently12:29
jasicneither  a blank dvd :p12:29
hitsujiTMOrossmore: seems like its not detecting or setting the root filesystem from the live usb.12:30
ActionParsnipjasic: if you download the wubi.exe as a separate file and put it in the same folder as the ISO file, it will be used12:30
ActionParsnipjasic: wubi is not a long term solution and is a try-before-you-buy at best12:30
hitsujiTMOrossmoore: are you using a usb image or the dvd itself?12:31
rossmoorehitsujiTMO: yup. I'm using a DVD at this point, as the least likely to have some quirk (IMHO). The root filesystem should therefore be just the DVD12:31
rossmoorehitsujiTMO: Burned the DVD with brasero just now.12:31
hitsujiTMOrossmoore: what filesystem was the usb when you tried it?12:31
rossmoorehitsujiTMO: with USB the filesystem was fat3212:32
rossmoorehitsujiTMO: OK, by passing the debug boot parameter I can get access to some kind of initramfs debug log (mentioned in that link you sent me)12:34
rossmoorehitsujiTMO: I can't figure out how to "scroll" through it, but the last few lines say "no iti found. Try passing init= bootarg"12:35
rossmoorehitsujiTMO: sorry "no init found." etc. seems related to the root argument message before.12:36
jasicclefebvre_, hello dude12:37
jasicis this channel or the devs?12:37
azixx_hack   12:38
mjaykjasic: this is a channel12:38
jasicare the Ubuntu devs present here?12:39
jasicmjayk,  are the Ubuntu devs present here?12:39
moppyjasic: Some are, but won't uncloak by magic12:39
moppyjasic: it's open source anyway, a dev won't necessarily be able to give a better answer unless its about canonical polcy12:40
=== deduct_ro is now known as dkro
moppyjasic: did you have a question?12:40
jasicmoppy, Is Debian a LFS ?12:42
ubottujasic,: Ubuntu and Debian are closely related. Ubuntu builds on the foundations of Debian architecture and infrastructure, with a different community and release process. See https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/installation-guide/i386/what-is-debian.html - Remember, !repositories meant for Debian should NOT be used on Ubuntu!12:42
moppyjasic: think you need #debian12:43
jasicmoppy, why debian repo doesn't work in Ubuntu ??12:43
pablo_there is a GPL driver for the gma3600 ? I founded only the proprietary intel driver. Pls answer me12:43
moppyjasic: this isn't debian12:44
gvojasic: why doesn't my chev waterpump work on my ford?12:44
cfhowlettjasic, it doesn't.  please direct further questions to #debian.12:44
gvoOK Mercedes then, not chev12:44
* cfhowlett wonder's why my key won't fit that maerati parked out front12:45
moppyoh i get it,some car brand?12:45
jasicmoppy, are u a dev ?12:45
moppyok i see now, chevrolet12:45
gvoRight chev = Chevrolet12:45
jasicmoppy, is the Ubuntu versions a respin of previous with fixes of buys and extra installation ??12:45
* cfhowlett ... feels a disturbance in the force and gets his trollbat ready12:46
moppyjasic: it's based on debian but not fully compatible12:46
moppyis that chev-ro-lay as in french or chev-ro-let as in literal english?12:47
gvomoppy: the former12:47
=== cantoma_ is now known as cantoma
moppyoh they do the volt, i had of heard of that but the name didn't register12:48
rossmoorehitsujiTMO: no more ideas?12:48
linuxuz3rgwibber has bad background12:50
linuxuz3rhow do i change gwibber background12:50
hitsujiTMOrossmoore: fraid not. have not seen that issue before12:50
hitsujiTMOrossmoore: well, you could possilby try booting manually from the grub prompt, if you know how12:51
rossmoorehitsujiTMO: choose the hard drive partitions like (hd0,msdos2)? there's no problem booting the existing system12:52
docmurI'm having really annoying issues with Ubuntu 12.04 and up deuathenticating from my enterprise wireless.  The wireless is WPA-EPA, PEAP, MSCHAPV2 and I have the Cert.  I can connect to it but then it will drop and reauth and continue this over and over.  I've tried wpa-supplicant and I see the exact same repsonse.12:53
rossmoorehitsujiTMO: I can do that, but I still can't successfully bring up the DVD12:53
JWFoxJrdocmur: I had a similiar problem - try changing the channel on the infrastructure AP - you might be experiencing interference. That was what solved my issue.12:55
hitsujiTMOrossmore: does the dvd show up if you type ls at grub prompt at all?12:56
jasicmoppy, is the kernel of Ubuntu modified from Debian or not ?12:58
rossmoorehitsujiTMO: how would it help if it did? [sorry, stepped away from that computer for a few minutes]12:58
Priceyjasic: Yes.12:58
hitsujiTMOcould allow you to manually boot if whatever is detecting the dvd in the grub config is not working12:59
jasicPricey, where is the kernel files present in the filesystem?12:59
ActionParsniplinuxuz3r: not something I use,13:00
moppyjasic: my understanding is the kernel is configured with different options13:00
moppyjasic: /boot and /lib/modules13:01
jasicand what about the initrd.lz ??13:01
SIGKILLerUmm.. I just installed a 32-bit package by mistake, I meant to download a 64-bit .deb. It seems half my system was deleted in the process:O13:01
linuxuz3rActionParsnip, ok13:02
docmurWhats the best way to set my channel?13:02
linuxuz3rdocmur, what client13:03
docmurI prefer network-manger but I can also use wpa_supplicant13:04
JWFoxJrdocmur: I guess it depends on who the AP mfg is. If it's enterprise AP like Cisco you could probably google how.13:05
JWFoxJrdocmur: you don't want to set the channel from client side.13:05
docmurI think the channel auto selection might be causing my wifi issue13:06
JWFoxJrdocmur: That could possibly be. I hadn't thought of that.13:06
docmurbasically I'm authenticating / disauthenticating over and over to the enterprise wifi, PEAP, MSCHAPV2 WPA-EPA CCMP.13:07
linuxuz3roh i thought you mean irc client13:07
docmuroh no lol wifi channel, sorry13:08
rossmoorehitsujiTMO: doesn't seem like it can't detect the dvd. It gets to the grub entry in dvd, then successully starts _something_ on the dvd using that grub entry13:10
rossmooreit's just that _something_ isn't functioning properly.13:10
Krupptinitrd.gz located in /boot ...has modules that are loaded into RAM disc for enabling hardware (drives, etc.)  on boot up13:11
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centralalguien sabe como instalar una epson en ubuntu?13:13
fidel!es | central13:13
ubottucentral: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.13:13
centralbien grascias13:13
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central"/join #ubuntu-es"13:14
=== badger_badger is now known as ktosiek
clemensI've a problem with Dropbox. It always stop downloading the files. Ubuntu 12.04 64 Bit - I use the same folder for WIN and Ubuntu (Ntfs)13:19
g105bclemens: What is the problem?13:20
ssj5gokuClemens: rey usin a download manager13:20
hitsujiTMOclemens: what do you mean exactly by: "It always stop downloading the files"?13:20
ActionParsnipclemens: dos your system have free space?13:24
clemensssj5goku, what download manager?13:24
ActionParsnipclemens: if you hover your cursor over the dropbox icon, does it display an error?13:24
ActionParsnipclemens: also do you have free inodes?13:24
clemensActionParsnip, 20 GB free space left13:24
ActionParsnipclemens: if you run:   df -i    do you have fre inodes?13:25
juliusAnyone know a project like FreeNAS, that enables you to host your own web server, email server, ex owncloud, ftp and more, easy from within a graphical server management interface? Like arkOS is for Raspberry PI ?13:26
clemenshitsujiTMO, if I start dropbox, it download the index list or something like that, than uploadding some stuff and it start downloading and stops after a few files13:26
zradhi noob here, using ubuntu 12.04; I can't click on anything on the desktop. I think I caused this problem by adding an application that requires root permissions to startup. I can get to another terminal (alt+ctr+f1). Not sure how to remove that application from startup from the command line (I think that would solve my problem).13:27
Ceninantjulius,vmware? lol that's a super jack of all trades13:27
kathahi. mint 15 64x does not start normally, but taking recovery mode and resume works.13:27
hitsujiTMOclemens: is there an error from dropbox app? sounds like a normal sync if there's only a few file changes.13:27
DJones!mint | katha13:27
ubottukatha: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org13:27
juliusCeninant: do you mean Zimbra from vmWare?13:28
clemensActionParsnip, Where the dropbox is: /dev/sda5      381332748   198926 381133822    1% /mnt/Data13:29
toadhi guys gtk apps are crashin unity during snapping13:29
hitsujiTMOjulius: have you looked at juju for ubuntu-server?13:29
toadin saucy13:29
ActionParsnipclemens: thats good13:29
toadanyone with this error13:29
clemenshitsujiTMO, dropbox status: 57 Dateien werden heruntergeladen... seems it tries downloading13:29
ActionParsniptoad: I disable that feature, drives everyone I know mental13:29
toadbut i use it alot :(13:30
donavan01What is my best option for setting up a RDP/VNC connection to my desktop from a windows machine to my linux box... been a while since I had to do this in linux and didnt know what the best practice is now13:30
ActionParsniptoad: does it happen as a fresh ubuntu user?13:30
Rorytoad: If you run a GTK application from the terminal, do you get any error output when it crashes? If so, can you please paste the full error message on http://paste.ubuntu.com and put the resulting URL in this channel?13:31
toadafter that i have to force a logout since unity and the session dies13:32
juliushitsujiTMO: Just a quick lock, but in seems that it requires lots of components?13:32
fishsystemhi so I hold super+ctrl+down, but this window won't minimize. What's wroooom..ng (wrong)?13:32
hitsujiTMOjulius it should allow you to install what you need from the interface13:32
hobareyfishy.... use windows 813:32
kristenbbHi, I'm trying to set up a static ip on a Ubuntu server, however my changes are not applied. Restarting the networking service doesn't change anything. What could be wrong ?13:33
toadcould it be an issue with the upgrade13:33
Rorytoad: Possibly, could you see if the issue occurs as a different user, or as the guest user?13:33
toadall my friends with clean installs dont have this issue13:33
juliushitsujiTMO: hmm okey, i'll look into juju then! Thank you very much13:33
hobareykristenbb: dont use the GUI.. install joe editor and edit the relevant files by hand.. they must be somewhere in /etc..13:34
clemenshitsujiTMO, It seems that i stuck somehow, because when i click pause syncing nothing happen13:34
toadRory: its a hard issue to reproduce13:35
toadwill try and try to get logs13:35
hitsujiTMOclemens: when you say the folder is shared with windows? do you mean that both your windows and ubuntu are sharing the exact same physical folder?13:36
clemenshitsujiTMO, that's correct13:36
hitsujiTMOclemens: thats your problem!13:36
kristenbbHobarey: I'm not using the GUI, i edited the /etc/network/interfaces file but the ip is still the old one.13:36
toadsome guys are telling me to purge unity and reinstall will this work?13:37
clemenshitsujiTMO, why it should not work?13:37
xiaoykristenbb, which ubuntu version? did you edit /etc/network/interfaces file?13:37
hobareykristenbb: i have no idea friend... why do you rely on ubuntu for a server anyway? why wont you use something more serious like debian? or at least slackware13:37
fishsystemcan you minimize current window with some keyboard shortcut? ctrl+super+down only restores the window13:37
hitsujiTMOclemens: you effective trying to sync an already synced folder, and ubuntu's dropbox index does not match whats in the folder!13:37
kristenbbCan someone please help me to configure a static ip ?13:38
clemenshitsujiTMO, is there a way to use the same folder in both OS ?13:38
hobareykristenbb, did you google?13:38
fishsystemkristenbb: trust me on this one, follow any tutorial (google)13:38
hitsujiTMOclemens: not for dropbox13:39
xiaoykristenbb, https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/network-configuration.html13:39
kristenbbFishsystem I did but it didn't work13:39
hobareykristenbb: that is because ubuntu is a joke13:39
fishsystemkristenbb: it'd be inconvenient to give a 20KB tutorial on IRC13:39
fishsystemhobarey: I'd agree on that. I only use it now because it was easy to install and has a non-cryptic-10100101 desktop13:40
hobareyfishsystem: it is ok for desktop, but she uses it for a server.. isnt that risky?13:40
Picihobarey: knock it off.  This this channel is for being helpful, which you are not doing.13:41
clemenshitsujiTMO, Okey ty for your help13:41
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cgtI just bought a new Nvidia graphics card. I am currently using an ATI graphics card (with the radeon driver). Are there any steps I should take before installing the new card and removing the old to ensure that my system will function after the new card has been installed?13:42
=== Pints is now known as Pots
hitsujiTMOcgt: what driver are you using?13:43
xMopxShellHi, I was following this guide to install dspam: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Postfix/Dspam . It seems to be working but forwarding mail to the "spam" and "ham" addresses doesn't seem to do antyhing & I'm not sure where to start troubleshooting.13:43
kristenbbFishsystem I tried to use this tutorial but I fails at the ifup step. The error returned is ignoring unknown interface eth0=eth013:43
cgthitsujiTMO: I am using the radeon driver. I wish to use the proprietary Nvidia driver with the new card.13:43
hitsujiTMOcgt: you should be fine so, just disable the xorg.conf if you made one.13:44
UbnoobtuHey all, I have a short question. I recently installed Ubuntu 13.10 on a PC. The first thing I want to do is use a wireless adapter. I googled around, found someone who asked the same thing I did on 10.04.13:44
UbnoobtuDo I do the same thing, using the same file, or what?13:45
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cgthitsujiTMO: I should note that I am using a minimal Ubuntu install with i3 and GDM. Does Ubuntu automatically switch to nouveau when it detects a new Nvidia card?13:45
kristenbbCan someone please help me to set a static ip ? I followed some tutorials but it fails at the ifup or service networking restart step13:46
hitsujiTMOcgt: yes it should auto switch13:46
hitsujiTMOcgt: unless you use a xorg.conf that is13:46
cgthitsujiTMO: Excellent. Thank you.13:46
fishsystemhobarey: I don't find ubuntu to be an optimal server no.. but that depends on what you're doing13:46
hitsujiTMOUbnoobtu: no dont follow those exact steps. he's using an older kernel and completely different system effectively. and aswell is prob using a different wireless device.13:47
fishsystemkristenbb: are you wireless or hooked to a string of copper?13:47
otakkristenbb: if your network is working now, try command ip addr show , it will tell you about your interfaces13:47
hitsujiTMOUbnoobtu: lets start by you giving us the output of: lsusb13:47
Rorykristenbb: You can set  a static IP in the Network Manager GUI13:48
fishsystemkristenbb: eth0=eth0 is not a network interface, but eth0 is13:48
fishsystemkristenbb: what rory said13:48
kristenbbRory I only have ash access it's a Ubuntu server13:49
Ubnoobtuokay, should I plus the adapter in when I'm doing this?13:49
hitsujiTMOUbnoobtu: yes13:49
kristenbbFish system I know that eth0=eth0 is not an interface but why is it claiming it is ? I only wrote eth0 in /etc/network/interfaces13:50
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UbnoobtuhitsujiTMO: is this command used to list usb devices and what type like 2.0?13:50
=== GingerGeek[Away] is now known as GingerGeek
hitsujiTMOUbnoobtu: it lists usb devices, does not specify type13:51
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UbnoobtuhitsujiTMO:  Linksys WUSB54G v2 802.11g Adapter [ instersil ISl3887]13:52
fishsystemkristenbb: I don't know anything about linux really, just using my common sense. Google it, I'm sure you'll find the right thing. Try googling for: ubuntu server static ip, and don't chose any result but chose one that seems convenient13:52
kristenbbOtak the command you mentioned has a weird  output. It shows two ips with eth0 and secondary eth0. What does it mean ?13:52
hitsujiTMOUbnoobtu: i need the exact string it produces13:53
Ubnoobtuokay, give me one moment, I'll have to use a flash driv13:53
kristenbbFishsystem ok np thanks for your help. I'm sure others will know. I did try google but the tutorials don't mention what I'm facing.13:54
Patero-ngdoes anyone here knows why my conecction with the access point is lost? like if I would have set the essid to none... I have to do iwconfig wlan0 essid "router" to reconnect13:54
ScrivenerYo, so I made the mistake of upgrading to 13.10... :P Hi all!13:55
ScrivenerI'm on a Thinkpad T430 with Intel HD4000 graphics, and I am attempting to use 2 external monitors in addition to my laptop's screen.13:55
ScrivenerUnder Ubuntu 13.04 this worked brilliantly. No problems. I upgraded to 13.10 last night, come into work, and discover the error message "Could not set the configuration for CTRC65"13:56
ScrivenerI discovered this post: http://askubuntu.com/questions/195812/2-external-displays-on-thinkpad-t430s-with-hd4000-graphics13:57
ScrivenerWhich seems to claim that 3 displays on the HD4000 is not workable in the real world, but I know this can't be true, as I was just doing it for the past several months without any problems.13:57
kristenbbOtak could you help me a bit further with my networking issue please ?13:57
ScrivenerOnly after I upgraded did this break (along with other sundry errors on different things... I may end up having to do a re-install of 13.04, ugh)13:58
ActionParsnipScrivener: why not do a clean install of 13.10?13:59
ActionParsnipScrivener: 13.04 is EOL in January 2014.13:59
ScrivenerActionParsnip, I could try a clean install of 13.10, but I was hoping to avoid the arduous process of setting up my development environment again.14:00
ScrivenerLuckily I've documented most of it, but still...14:00
ScrivenerIs that what's needed to get 3 displays working again?14:01
ScrivenerI'm sorta regretting trying 13.10 instead of waiting on 14.04 when I had an OS that worked :P14:01
Scrivener"If it ain't broke" and all that.14:01
jpdsScrivener: For a work laptop, use 12.04 LTS. ;-)14:01
Scrivenerjpds, Well I found that 13.04 worked just fine :) Meh though. Nobody familiar with this display issue?14:02
ScrivenerI'm *at* work and need to get working... I should've known better :P14:02
ScrivenerWhat would cause this to break?14:03
UbnoobtuhitsujiTMO:  Heres the output from lsusb14:03
=== a1|away is now known as AbyssOne__
UbnoobtuhitsujiTMO: Bus 001 Device 006: ID 0bda:0111 Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTS5111 Card Reader Controller Bus 001 Device 007: ID 13b1:000a Linksys WUSB54G v2 802.11g Adapter [Intersil ISL3887] Bus 001 Device 004: ID 13fe:2240 Kingston Technology Company Inc. microSD card reader Bus 001 Device 003: ID 05dc:a660 Lexar Media, Inc.  Bus 001 Device 001: ID 1d6b:0002 Linux Foundation 2.0 root hub Bus 002 Device 002: ID 1532:0016 Razer USA, 14:03
Scrivenerjpds, ActionParsnip it looks like people using 12.04 are/were unable to get a 3-monitor setup working.14:04
ScrivenerBut it wasn't an issue with 13.0414:04
ScrivenerMaybe it was something that got backported too...?14:04
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babarhaqhi all, can a diskless desktop boot off ubuntu live (usb)14:05
toadissue just happens on apps using gtk ..is there a way i can get the unity debug output14:05
toadin a file14:05
UbnoobtuhitsujiTMO: did it work correctly?14:06
hitsujiTMOUbnoobtu: seems like it uses the p54usb driver which should be available in the package: linux-firmware-nonfree, if you can get net access thru your wired port, try downloading the deb from http://packages.ubuntu.com/saucy/all/linux-firmware-nonfree/download and copy it over to your machine and install it with: sudo dpkg - i linux-firmware-nonfree_1.14ubuntu1_all.deb14:07
hitsujiTMOUbnoobtu: sorry that should be: sudo dpkg -i linux-firmware-nonfree_1.14ubuntu1_all.deb14:07
UbnoobtuhitsujiTMO: thank you so much for your troubles, you're the man.14:08
delinquentmeso I've got an interesting package operation happening ... which ideally I'd love to get fixed :D https://gist.github.com/delinquentme/0f7ca6588a3624897e9414:08
delinquentmeBasically I just uninstalled R w sudo apt-get remove r-base14:08
delinquentmeand now a package which was up and running ( with its dependencies ) no longer installs14:09
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docmurDoes anyone know why wpa_supplicant won't accept freq_list on ubuntu?  I'm trying to use it in the config but it keeps saying it's an unknown global14:12
babarhaq hi all, can a diskless desktop boot  ubuntu live (usb)14:12
hitsujiTMOdocmur: how exactly are you declaring ti?14:14
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docmurbefore my network={ block, in the global context14:14
hitsujiTMOdocmur: please specify the exact string you are entering to the config14:15
UbnoobtuOkay, I have another question. How do I resize my pc video output. It's connected to a tv through hdmi. It's a nivida videocard, and I think I could use its driver to do it.14:17
hitsujiTMOdocmur: you must speficy it within the network block14:17
Ubnoobtubut how do I get the drivers, etc etc, anything thats useful is appreciated14:17
hitsujiTMO!nvidia | Ubnoobtu14:18
ubottuUbnoobtu: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto14:18
s-haha-nwhat the best app for power saving on a laptop for ubuntu 13.10?14:19
=== christian is now known as Guest6084
hitsujiTMOs-haha-n: i use indicator-cpufreq to manually specify my desired cpu power usage14:21
s-haha-nhitsujiTMO, i'm not too savvy with that stuff exactly and i need something quick and easy just turned my laptop on in  a lecture no charger14:22
hitsujiTMOs-haha-n: its a little systray app, fairly easy to use :P14:23
s-haha-nhitsujiTMO,  ah so "sudo apt-get install indicator-cpufreq"?14:23
hitsujiTMOs-haha-n: yes14:23
s-haha-nhitsujiTMO, thanks14:24
skavscan anybody help me in setting up hindi input method in ubuntu?14:24
donavan01what program is used for remote desktop into an ubuntu box?14:25
kambavananhow r u14:25
d3fc0nvnc comes to mind14:25
donavan01does the VNC that comes with it support SSL or something ... I have only every used remoting into a machine on windows14:27
MouzzAny advice on getting apache2.4 to not give me a 403 even after changing Order/Allow directives to Require?14:27
s-haha-nhitsujiTMO, what's going to extend my battery longer? powersaving or on demand?  I'm just taking notes on a word processor in browser.  probably on demand right?14:30
hitsujiTMOi just use on demand ... never checked the specifics14:30
wiz__hey guys14:30
wiz__dpkg -l 'linux-*' | sed '/^ii/!d;/'"$(uname -r | sed "s/\(.*\)-\([^0-9]\+\)/\1/")"'/d;s/^[^ ]* [^ ]* \([^ ]*\).*/\1/;/[0-9]/!d' | xargs sudo apt-get -y purge <-- Can i really run this to remove (Previous version) form the grub menu?14:31
hitsujiTMOs-haha-n: powersave does not allow you to just to higher frequencies14:31
hitsujiTMOs-haha-n: powersave does not allow you to jump to higher frequencies14:31
hitsujiTMOwiz__: you should purge manually.... never run a script you don't inderstand, especially ones with complex regexes14:32
wiz__it's from here http://askubuntu.com/questions/2793/how-do-i-remove-or-hide-old-kernel-versions-to-clean-up-the-boot-menu14:33
MouzzCould it have anything to do with the DocumentRoot being inside my homedir?14:33
wiz__how do I purge manually?14:33
saiarcot895wiz__: 'sudo apt-get purge' purges packages14:33
=== elopio_ is now known as elopio
wiz__and list them with dpkg -l ?14:34
s-haha-nwhat is the default file browser for 13.10?  nautilus?   how do you ssh with nautilus?  'File' -> 'Connect to server'  but where form there?14:34
Patero-ngwiz__: I think is dpkg --purge14:34
Patero-ngand name of packet14:34
wiz__to identify the name of the package i meant14:34
saiarcot895wiz__: dpkg -l 'linux-*' returns all packages that contain linux, yes14:35
blubber123What is the difference between hard and soft values? ulimit -Hn14:35
wiz__ah there you go14:35
theadmins-haha-n: Type the URI like ssh://ssh.example.org/14:35
saiarcot895wiz__: including ones that aren't installed14:35
theadmins-haha-n: And there you go14:35
saiarcot895wiz__: You could also use synaptic to have a graphical view of installed packages14:35
hitsujiTMOwiz__: dpkg --get-selections | grep "^linux-image.*install$"       will list currently installed kernels ... uname -r   will list your currently running kernel14:36
theadmins-haha-n: (where "ssh.example.org" is the FQDN of the server you're connecting to, an IP address works too)14:36
wiz__generic-lts-raring, what the hell14:36
theadminwiz__: Current LTS versions get kernel updates from upstream Ubuntu releases, as an attempt to improve hardware support.14:37
theadminwiz__: Is normal.14:37
s-haha-ntheadmin, wow... that was so simple, and it works beautifully!  I can uninstall nemo now!  thanks man this rocks14:37
wiz__so i sudo apt-get purge everything except the one in uname -r?14:38
hitsujiTMOwiz__ that's listing headers only, not kernels14:38
saiarcot895wiz__: not everything14:38
theadminwiz__: To remove every kernel except your currently-running one, do: dpkg -l 'linux-*' | sed '/^ii/!d;/'"$(uname -r | sed "s/\(.*\)-\([^0-9]\+\)/\1/")"'/d;s/^[^ ]* [^ ]* \([^ ]*\).*/\1/;/[0-9]/!d' | xargs sudo apt-get -y purge14:38
hitsujiTMOwiz only purge older than uname -r, not newer14:38
ActionParsniptheadmin: yikes14:39
theadminActionParsnip: I know this looks scary but it actually works :D I run it after every kernel update, saved it in a shell script here.14:39
saiarcot895theadmin: first off, I wouldn't do "apt-get -y purge", just so I have a chance to review things14:39
Edgar_I have a laptop the does not have a valid partition on which to install UBUNTU. How can I partition mu hardrive and format the needed partition(s) to prepare for installation of UBUNTU from a DVD that I have prepared from an ISO?14:39
theadmins-haha-n: Ah, that makes sense. Well, the command is actually ripped off from some blog so.14:40
Edgar_that* my*14:40
ActionParsniptheadmin: I'd do it a little simpler but if it works then fine :)14:40
theadminEdgar_: The installer can handle the partitioning by itself. You may simply select "Install Ubuntu near current OS" or "Install Ubuntu instead of current OS".14:40
hitsujiTMOEdgar_: the linux installer will do that for you14:40
moppyEmpathy is the messenger client in ubuntu?14:41
ActionParsnipmoppy: its A messenger client, it's not THE14:41
saiarcot895moppy: the default one, yes14:41
theadminEdgar_: OR, you can do the partitioning manually from the installer, then you need to create a partition for / with type ext2/ext3/ext4 (or btrfs though I'd recommend against this), and one for swap, and maybe for /home (also ext2/3/4/btrfs)14:41
Edgar_OK I will try that. Do you mean that the installer will repartition and reformat my hard-drive?14:41
moppyi have a question about using Empathy with multiple PCs14:41
theadminEdgar_: Yeah, it's full automated. It also detects already-installed operating systems and sets up dual boot.14:42
k1lempathy is a client, not a server, moppy14:42
moppyif you are simultaneously logged in on multiple PCs to the same messenger account, how would empathy handle this? Pidgin doesn't really do it properly14:42
Edgar_I will try. Thanks.14:42
saiarcot895Edgar_: it doesn't reformat the whole hard drive, it formats any new partitions14:42
k1lmoppy: that depends on the chat protocol.14:42
MouzzCan anyone tell me  where/how I can get the default content for /etc/apache2/mods-available/php5.conf on 13.10 ?14:43
ak__whois ak14:43
moppyk1l: Ah i see - thanks - so same as pidgin. I'll give it a go just to make sure though14:43
verses_so, I installed xfce4 on my ubuntu 12.04 and now when I start terminal it doesn't show prompt... nor does it echo in characters I "try" to type.14:43
hitsujiTMOmouzz: try: sudo dpkg-reconfigure php514:44
=== ak__ is now known as help
moppycan we recommend any ubuntu IM program that *would* sync across multiple PCs?14:45
=== help is now known as Guest89690
=== Guest89690 is now known as akshri
theadminverses_: Is of clean install?14:45
verses_theadmin, the clean install?14:46
theadminverses_: Like, did you modify anything after the installation?14:46
verses_theadmin, no I didn't.14:46
MouzzhitsujiTMO: dpkg-reconfigure didn't bring back the php5.conf (which I moved out of the way before executing)14:46
akshrihi, can anyone help me installing murrian theme engine.. I m using ubuntu 13.10 with gnome 3.1014:46
saiarcot895moppy: IM programs don't sync across multiple PCs; if you are signed in at multiple locations, the defined behavior is up to the IM server/messaging protocol14:47
hitsujiTMOmoppy: the issue is if the protocol can handle concurrent logins, not the client14:47
verses_in fact, when I landed up on the xfce the very first time I saw it's terminal the way it is now.14:47
theadminverses_: Hm. Okay. If you hit Ctrl+Alt+F2 and log in, does the prompt show? (Ctrl-Alt-F7 to go back to GUI)14:47
saiarcot895moppy: IM server being the service you are using14:47
k1lmoppy: again: that is protocol specific14:47
elijahIs there a way to always assign a certain window to a specific workspace? e.g. phpstorm on workspace 414:47
ceborhi are there any differents between oracles jdk7 and openjdk7 ?? i heard jdk6 had problems with font rendering, is this fixed in v7??14:48
theadminelijah: I don't know of a way to do it with Unity. You may be interested in a superior WM. For example, in i3 it's very easy to do.14:48
elijah^^ every time I switch from my dock (external monitor) back to laptop screen it moves my windows to different workspaces14:48
verses_theadmin, yes , it shows there. But what about terminal's?14:48
saiarcot895cebor: openjdk7 is open source and includes nearly everything in Oracle's JDK 714:48
elijahtheadmin: what is a superior WM?14:48
theadminverses_: Hm, yeah just trying to figure out what the problem is so checks... Eh. No idea. Maybe the color scheme is borked and is, say, black on black?14:48
s-haha-nso i currently had a windows 7 laptop, installed ubuntu on a partition, and am now dual booting, i noticed that you can only have the encrypted secure files with the ubuntu install when you format your hdd.  I'm thinking about wiping my laptop clean and installing ubuntu would i Then be able to install windows on a partition with a valid ISO on usb?14:49
moppyYea Im aware its the protocol, i was just asking if some programs took 3rd party steps to get around it. I see from your answers you dont know of any so i assume there isnt one, unless i us a cloud service or a plugin to get it to sync over irc or something14:49
verses_let me check then.14:49
hitsujiTMOmouzz: the the conf in that  dir is a symlink, not the actual conf, just symlink to where it the conf is14:49
theadminelijah: Basically... Ubuntu's default window manager, Unity, can into very tiny amount of actual window management tasks... There are other window managers, which can do a lot more, like auto-tiling, etc. But they can be pretty complicated to configure.14:49
MouzzhitsujiTMO: I know. I'm in the mods-available dir.14:49
hitsujiTMOmouzz: its prob in /etc/php5/14:49
verses_theadmin, you were right , surprisingly.14:49
saiarcot895cebor: I don't know about font rendering problems in JDK 6, but I would simply recommend to use JDK 7 for the security fixes14:50
theadminverses_: Well that's weird14:50
verses_just removed the "use system colors" and I get white screen with a prompt , ugh14:50
elijahtheadmin: ahh, gotcha. I am pretty sure I did this with compiz/unity a year or so ago14:50
verses_thanks theadmin14:50
theadminelijah: Ah, there must be a way to do this with compiz.14:50
elijahtheadmin: there was a gui program I could use to target the window to get the actual window name, I was then able to make the window "on all workspaces" and "always on top" in that case.14:51
elijahI forget the gui program but I don't think it was ccsm14:51
ceborsaiarcot895: ok thanks14:51
elijahI think it is ccsm, http://askubuntu.com/questions/7377/how-to-start-an-app-with-always-on-top-set14:52
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ping-f-pongHello! May I ask an unrelated question regarding xchat - client?14:52
s-haha-nwhat's the best way to wipe a laptop entirely erasing everything completely except for the BIOS?  I've used DBAN auto nuke, before, any suggestions?14:53
theadminelijah: CCSM has "Place Windows", there you can assign "Windows with fixed viewports".14:53
theadminelijah: So there you go. As for getting the name, xwininfo may help I suppose.14:53
elijahtheadmin: very nice, thanks!!14:53
hitsujiTMOmoppy: if a protocol does not support concurrent logins, then it can't support concurrent logins (such as with steam). attempting to hack a bypass for this could very well get your account/ip banned14:53
saiarcot895!offtopic | ping-f-pong14:54
ubottuping-f-pong: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!14:54
moppyhitsujiTMO: steam supports it, for their chat client14:54
Piciping-f-pong: Try the xchat channel: #xchat14:54
verses_ping-f-pong, #xchat perhaps14:54
ping-f-pongunderstood. sorry.14:54
theadmins-haha-n: DBAN does the trick very nicely, but is slowish. Then again, any secure wipe tool would be14:54
verses_I want to know your problem14:54
verses_so would you follow there14:54
hitsujiTMOmoppy: yes they support it for chat, not for main account (just using it as an example)14:55
s-haha-ntheadmin, yeah i think i'm going to use that again, would you say it's the standard in this type of stuff?  seems like it.14:55
Patero-ngany body here knows why my wireless nic disconnects from the access point? this is something I fix by doing iwconfig wlan0 essid "router"but still is anoying14:55
theadmins-haha-n: Eh, I doubt there are any standards. Best way? Break HD with hammer and buy new HD.14:56
moppyhitsujiTMO: i thank you for your concern for me - it's good people look out for others. in general though messenger services dont mind concurrent login as people tend to have pc, phone, etc14:56
Patero-ngtheadmin: I have a 40GB harddrive I have that has damaged circuit and I have waiting 3 years now to buy its'replacement circuit so I can keep using my old p3 desktop14:57
supNowmy Ubuntu server upgrade failed and now it won't boot. It was trying to update to 13.10 Anyone know where I can find documentation on how to fix this?14:57
theadminPatero-ng: That message wasn't directed to you :D14:57
moppyPatero-ng: can you not find another drive of same model and take the part?14:58
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hitsujiTMOsupnow what error are you getting?14:58
babilensupNow: It is typically necessary to know *what* failed if you expect others to help you ;) Use, for example, http://paste.ubuntu.com to provide relevant output. The log of your entire upgrade session would also be interesting as well as information about *which release* you upgraded from.14:58
Patero-ngmoppy: it has my valueadable data on it14:58
Patero-ngmoppy: I bought its replacement circuit but I broke it again14:58
Patero-ngmoppy: it cost like 40$ more then the HD's worth but data has no price14:59
moppyPatero-ng: what i meant was find a second drive, take the electronics from that14:59
hitsujiTMO!behelpful | babilen he was asking for documentation not help :P14:59
ubottubabilen he was asking for documentation not help :P: As our !guidelines say, "When helping, be helpful". If you're not familiar with the issue at hand, let someone else handle it instead of making !offtopic comments or jokes.14:59
s-haha-ntheadmin,  lol gotcha14:59
Potslamers on line14:59
babilenhitsujiTMO: I don't think that was neither appropriate nor helpful in itself.14:59
supNowbabilen: it was ubuntu server 12.10 upgrading to 13.10. It failed while fetching packages. Not sure how to get logs as it won't boot15:00
supNowupdate manager came up with a new release I clicked ok...15:00
Patero-ngmoppy: yea it has to be the same model and even so has to match I have no money so data stil sitting since 2009 or so15:00
theadminsupNow: If it failed in fetching packages, nothing would actually happen...15:00
hyliani get this error when trying to send files to my bluetooth phone... (This worked just three days ago) Error while getting peer-to-peer dbus connection: The name :1.41 was not provided by any .service files15:00
ChogyDansupNow: are you sure 12.10?  12.10 can't upgrade to 13.1015:00
priamAny body who knows how to install ubuntu besides windows?15:00
hitsujiTMOsupnow: did you use ppas?15:00
theadminpriam: Easy. Boot the Ubuntu CD (or DVD, whatever). Click "Install Ubuntu" and then "Install Ubuntu alongside Windows".15:01
supNowI have nothing special running on the server just a basic web host and file server for in the office15:01
theadminpriam: Then say how much space you want to give to each OS.15:01
jhutchinspriam: Dual-boot installs have been the default for about twenty years now.15:01
theadminpriam: Done :)15:01
cheater_3do the kernel builds in kernel-ppa have pae support?15:01
priamI mean window815:01
hitsujiTMOsupnow: where is it exactly failing during boot?15:01
jhutchinspriam: In spite of what Microsoft says, W8 is nothing new.15:02
theadminpriam: Ah. Well, then just disable the "Fast Boot" in Windows and Secure Boot in your BIOS, and see aove.15:02
UbnoobtuI've got a Nvidia GeForce 8500 GT,  I've gone to the https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto, and I think got it. But could I get some more info, because I'm an Idiot and I'm afraid I'll fuck my self over.15:02
the1can any one help me : 1 get adobe flash to install on ubuntu  13.10 ..there is no windows installer...2 I cant get wine to do anything after trying everything...15:02
babilensupNow: I would recommend to boot a live CD and to chroot into the system. You can then provide additional information (e.g. /var/log/apt/history.log or your sources.list or output of "apt-get dist-upgrade" and so on) that would allow people to help you. fwiw, you might get better support in #ubuntu-server.15:03
jhutchins!tell priam about install15:03
ubottupriam, please see my private message15:03
hillary_ i get this message "org.hsqldb.sdbcDriver could not be loaded" when trying to create a database table using libreOffice Base ubuntu 12.04. what could be the issue15:03
hitsujiTMOthe1: adobe flash is no longer updated on linux by adobe. easiest way to get flash is to install chrome15:03
hylianwhat would cause a bluetooth connection to work one day, and not work the next? I already tested my bluetooth dongle, it works...??15:03
Liam-I have a question, when I use "ssh -R 8080:localhost:8080 root@my-vps" from one Ubuntu computer, to my vps, and then try binding my local 8080 port, it fails to bind15:04
Liam-And i'm unable to forward the port15:04
supNowbabilen: I just took a couple screenshots with my phone I will post them in a moment15:04
Liam-Is there a better location to find information about forwarding ports using SSH, other than the top links on google?15:04
the1thanks hitjusi15:04
the1thanks babilen15:04
mgaunard_I'm having issues linking OpenMP with MKL (be it with libgomp or iomp5) since I upgraded to 13.10. Did anything change with regards to the linker behaviour? It works fine if I use clang or an older unsupported gcc package15:05
m_tadeuis there a way to get which distro I'm using on the command line? the same that comes in the package names (ex: ubu1304)15:05
fishsystemso.. can linux be used as a sandbox by restricting an applications rights to a specific directory? Can I, for example, restrict a malwares/trojans right to a limited directory with chmod and run it?15:06
hitsujiTMOm_tadeu: cat /etc/issue15:06
manlinm_tadeu: also cat /etc/lsb-release15:07
hillary_my libreoffice base not working in my ubuntu 12.0415:07
ChogyDanfishsystem: I think you can use chroot, but you still can't let the virus run as root (root can break out of a chroot)15:07
supNowhope those screenshots help15:08
hillary_i cannot create tables because i cannot connect to the created database15:08
supNowbabilen: Is there something I can do from that prompt to get the information you're looking for?15:09
moppyfishsystem: you can in theory, but wouldnt a VM be better15:09
moaz_1991From morning till now, I've been trying to download this video: http://player.youku.com/player.php/sid/XNDM1MTQ1NDky/v.swf => no success => any idea? any software?15:09
m_tadeuhitsujiTMO, manlin: thanx...but dpkg-buildpackage is setting "ubu1304" on the package name....now I'm makeing a script and I need to rebuild the package name again...with that string exactly15:10
Patero-ngI have port 22 open ssh why? I don't use it help!15:10
Patero-ngI don't want to get hacked by urt users15:10
theadminmoaz_1991: That's the video link, download it with anything.15:11
moppyso it wasn't a flash 0-day then? :-)15:11
theadminmoaz_1991: I use the "FVD Video Downloader" plugin for Chrome/Chromium, works for anything but Youtube :)15:12
UbnoobtuCould someone walk through the process of updating my drivers in 13.04, I'm a novice on 12.15:12
killerwhen will ubuntu switch to python 315:13
DenyerecSkydrive possible without a 3rd party webservice?15:13
moppykiller: they said their milestone is 14.4 but who knows if they wil hit it?15:13
theadminkiller: Python 3 is already in the default installation if that's what you mean. There's currently no plans to make /usr/bin/python point to python3 as that would break a huge lot of scripts.15:13
hitsujiTMOfishsystem: defo use a virtual machine, some sandboxing guides suggest chroot, but that can be easily circumvented15:13
moaz_1991theadmin: Yeah, I tried FVD but just recognize ~12MB=6minutes of it?!15:13
theadminmoaz_1991: Eh who knows...15:13
saiarcot895Ubnoobtu: what graphics card do you have?15:13
theadminmoaz_1991: I don't want to bother downloading it myself :D15:14
moppy> It is a release goal for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS to have only Python 3 on the desktop CD images15:14
killerIt is in the default install but ubuntu softwares are still written in python 215:14
UbnoobtuI've got a Nvidia GeForce 8500 GT,  I've gone to the https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto, and I think got it. But could I get some more info, because I'm an Idiot and I'm afraid I'll fuck my self over.15:14
theadminah okay moppy, my bad15:14
saiarcot895If you open up Software & Updates, there should be a tab that says Additional Drivers. Any proprietary drivers that are available for your system are listed there15:15
saiarcot895Ubnoobtu: ^15:15
saiarcot895Ubnoobtu: also, try to keep it clean15:16
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supNowbabilen: sudo rm -rf /var/lib/apt/lists/* is saying files are locked and read only15:16
moaz_1991theadmin: I tried your link directly into chrome; I'll back with result; It's still 12. MB => may this one is complete video!15:16
theadminmoaz_1991: Possible, I honestly dunno, this site looks strange.15:16
verses_ok there's one more question, I have to connect a windows 7 machine with ubuntu, for sharing Internet and files.15:16
supNowbabilen: sudo dpkg --configure -a is returning unable to access for same reason... read only15:17
verses_Can I share the internet both ways?15:17
UbnoobtuOkay, So how do I open up the control panel, I need to adjust the display to fit my tv, which is my own source to output15:17
saiarcot895Ubnoobtu: you can just type in Software in the Dash search bar, and it should come up15:18
theadminmoaz_1991: It's just 12MB, it'll take seconds to download with any decent connection, why not download and check?15:18
Ubnoobtuwhat software?15:18
theadminUbnoobtu: (s)he literally meant the text string "Software".15:19
Patero-ngI have port 22 open help me close it please15:19
saiarcot895Ubnoobtu: Software & Updates, for the drivers15:19
theadminPatero-ng: Uninstall your OpenSSH server.15:19
k1lPatero-ng: i think you have a wrong idea of open ports15:19
ActionParsnipk1l: +115:19
Ubnoobtuit has all the boxes checked15:19
slipp3danyone having any issues getting bluetooth and pulse working ?15:19
saiarcot895Ubnoobtu: Is there a "Additional Drivers" tab?15:20
user_does anyone know how to get the fans to turn off when putting chromebook in suspend?15:20
k1lPatero-ng: if you want a running ssh on your system you need a open port 22. if you dont want it stop the ssh server15:20
Patero-ngk1l: in what way? an open port is an invitation to get hacekd!15:20
user_using c720 in 13.1015:20
malinusI've just installed php5-sqlite. How would I figure out where it got installed?15:20
UbnoobtuYes, but it own has my wireless adapter listed15:20
moppyuser_: your chromebook suspends? :-) samsung 5x (intel) here with ubuntu , and it doenst15:20
saiarcot895Ubnoobtu: I never found out, what graphics card are you using? (Nvidia? Intel? AMD?)15:20
ActionParsnipuser_: are there bugs reported?15:20
user_when i put it in suspend the fan turns on15:21
Patero-ngis there a way to close it? I mean why is it on?15:21
UbnoobtuI've got a Nvidia GeForce 8500 GT,15:21
user_when the computer is on the fan is off15:21
k1lPatero-ng: stop the ssh server. or remove that if you dont want it15:21
slipp3dPatero-ng, remove the openssh server15:21
Patero-ngI remember selecting something like that during install but I didn't think itwas gonna be open just because I installed it15:21
Patero-ngk1l: tell me how to stop it I might need it later15:21
user_i heard some people having trouble with suspend using chromebooks as well15:21
Ubnoobtuhow do I quick reply to people15:21
slipp3dthat is how ubuntu works ... you install a service it opens the ports that service needs15:21
theadminPatero-ng: Open ports aren't a bad thing... They're only a problem if some malicious software is opening them.15:21
malinusso, figuring out where stuff got installed, any ideas?15:22
Ubnoobtulike you did to me, saiarcot89515:22
moppyPatero-ng: if you arent going to ssh into your machine, you might as well uninstall it15:22
saiarcot895Ubnoobtu: hmmm, Nvidia should have other drivers15:22
slipp3dif you want to leave openssh installed Patero-ng ... just change the port to a really high number and you should be fine15:22
saiarcot895Ubnoobtu: just type the person's name, like you did15:22
theadminmalinus: Uh. It gets installed where it needs to. Simply use SQLite in your PHP scripts, it'll work magically.15:22
moppyUbnoobtu: type a few letters then press tab to match the name15:22
saiarcot895Ubnoobtu: one moment15:22
theadminmalinus: Like $db = new SQLite3("test.db");15:22
verses_ok there's one more question, I have to connect a windows 7 machine with ubuntu, for sharing Internet and files.15:23
Ubnoobtusaiarcot895 : I checked and it said it wasn't supported. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsVideoCardsNvidia15:23
k1lPatero-ng: but this will only stop it until reboot. "sudo service ssh stop"15:23
Patero-ngmoppy: I might ssh into my system I want to learn15:23
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moppyuser_: I have found the chromebook google group to be really good for support15:23
ocooelany good software to learn other languages..?15:23
Patero-ngk1l: thanks15:23
Patero-ngocooel: roseta15:23
user_thanks moppy. ill check it out15:23
malinustheadmin, nah I get "undefined" error. looking in the phpinf() I can see it's "enabled" everywhere, but the "sqlite3.extension_dir" has "no value"15:23
theadminmalinus: Oh, that's odd.15:24
theadminmalinus: Well. You can list all files in a package with "dpkg -L packagename"15:24
theadminmalinus: That should give you at least some idea.15:24
malinustheadmin, thanks15:24
ocooelPatero-ng, what language did you learn..?15:25
lotuspsychjewhat sound recorder package could i use for decent audio interview15:26
moppyocooel: whihc language?15:26
Patero-ngocooel: I learned how to use roseta15:27
ocooelmoppy: I need to finish learning Italian. Then I want to learn a little latin and japanese.15:27
zhxksuggest me a paste.net15:27
cgtHow does one "finish" learning a language?15:27
saiarcot895Ubnoobtu: you might have to use the open-source drivers (which are installed by default), if additional drivers doesn't suggest anything15:28
Patero-ngocooel: I bought an english learning program for 70$ in 1999 that I still have it had voice recognizion and it told you if you pronounced like a native15:28
saiarcot895Ubnoobtu: does the display look fine?15:28
moppyocooel: Can't help with those 3, sorry.15:28
Ubnoobtusaiarcot895: no, It's too large for my screen.15:28
ocooelcgt: to the point you do that many exercises and speak to people using the language fluently.15:28
ubottu#ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!15:28
Ubnoobtuhow do I join another channel15:29
ocooelI can pick out words and put together the "idea" of what someone might be telling me in italian15:29
moppyocooel: DId you try the local paper. In my area there are a lot of lonely foreign student who will teach for a few free beer15:29
saiarcot895Ubnoobtu: /join #channelname15:29
UbnoobtuI do want to join offtopic15:29
ocooelmoppy: great idea..!15:30
saiarcot895Ubnoobtu: technically, this would be on-topic, but ok15:30
Ubnoobtusaiarcot895: no, I mean this is fine, but I'd like to chat off topic eventully, lol.15:30
ocooelPatero-ng: roseto looks good, but is online.15:31
Ubnoobtusaiarcot985: so then, how can I edit the screen size, resolution15:31
saiarcot895Ubnoobtu: try going into System Settings>Displays and change the resolution. Typically, the highest resolution is the correct resolution. How many resolutions are there?15:31
saiarcot895Ubnoobtu: *How many resolution options are there?15:31
supNowit appears I have some lock files preventing dpkg to work but the sudo rm **** is returning that it's read only. How can I get around this?15:31
lotuspsychjeocooel: plz use #ubuntu-offtopic as Pici sugested15:31
ActionParsnip!aptfix | supNow15:32
ubottusupNow: If an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »15:32
hitsujiTMOsupNow: make sure update manager & software centre is closed15:32
supNowthanks i'll try that and it has to be closed I can only boot into a command prompt... :(15:33
ocooellotuspsychje: sorry. was only asking about software initially.15:33
moppyomg! for years apple fans have been telling me ubutnu are trying to copy mac os especially with 'ocelot' being a cat.. now apple's new os is called 'maverick' ... haha15:33
lotuspsychjemoppy: same for you use #ubuntu-offtopic for chitchat15:34
jhutchinsmoppy: mavericks15:34
UbnoobtuSaiarcot895: quite a few, from 1920 x 1080, to 800x600. but none to change the size of the borders15:34
saiarcot895Ubnoobtu: that's good; borders? As in the gray/black bar at the top?15:35
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Ubnoobtuits going over, so most of the icons, time etc are outside the display15:35
saiarcot895Ubnoobtu: what's the current resolution setting?15:36
slipp3dis anyone having issues with connecting bluetooth headsets ... I'm getting it connected ... but pulse doesn't see the device15:36
=== superman is now known as Guest61837
Ubnoobtusaiar895: its on 192015:36
Guest61837how do we add hibernate option for Ubuntu 13.10?15:37
cgt!details | slipp3d15:37
ubottuslipp3d: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."15:37
saiarcot895saiarcot895: try changing it to 1440x900 or 1280x720 (the resolutions are something like that; I don't remember the exact numbers)15:37
=== Guest61837 is now known as super_man
supNowubottu: it won't run that command it keeps telling me the file is locked15:38
ubottusupNow: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:38
hitsujiTMOUbnoobtu: borders may be caused by the tv settings. there should be a method to disable the overscan seetings for the used port15:38
super_manubottu: how do we add hibernate option for Ubuntu 13.10?15:39
ubottusuper_man: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:39
UbnoobtuhitsujiTMO: unfortunately the remote is missing and I am not able to do what I did when it was on windows vista.15:39
slipp3dokay.... I'm having a problem connecting my bluetooth headset ... the bluetooth applet says that it's connected but when I look in Pulseaudio's volume control -> configuration it's not listed so I can't send audio over the device15:40
slipp3dcgt, is that better?15:40
Gallomimiaslipp3d: a good thing to check would be if pulseaudio has its bluetooth modules loaded and running properly15:41
saiarcot895Ubnoobtu: to extend that, the disadvantages of having a single remote: if you lose it, you lose all control :)15:41
* Ubnoobtu sobs15:41
hitsujiTMOsupnow you could try: sudo rm -f15:42
andrebmorning all15:42
lotuspsychjeany reccomends for a decent sound recorder package to record an interview15:42
ActionParsniplotuspsychje: sound recorder is in a default install....15:43
andrebi just enabled locking on the screensaver for ubnut 12.04 LTS... screensaver is running.. .but now i cant unlock it.. doesnt give me a prompt to unlock.. just keeps telling me Authentication failed.15:43
lotuspsychjeActionParsnip: is it decent enough for a good quality?15:43
ActionParsniplotuspsychje: depends on the mic15:44
andrebhow can i get around this problem ?15:44
lotuspsychjeActionParsnip: ok tnx15:44
slipp3dGallomimia, yes it does have that module installed ... how do I check to see if it's running?15:45
=== ping-f-pong is now known as Linux_Jihadist
Gallomimiaslipp3d: pacmd list-modules (or just list to view everything)15:46
Patero-ngis there a chess program I can install in ubuntu server?15:46
ActionParsnipPatero-ng: to play? there may be a cli chess app15:47
subz3r0server? chess? server?15:47
Patero-ngto play online better over the server lol15:47
hoxenion running netstat -ap | grep :5000, I get the foll output15:47
hoxenitcp        0      0 localhost:5000          *:*                     LISTEN      -                tcp        1      0 localhost:5000          localhost:39341         CLOSE_WAIT  -15:47
subz3r0a server should even has NO de installed!15:48
hoxeniI can't kill these two process and free the socket15:48
hoxeniwhat should I do?15:48
hoxenican't restart15:48
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=== matic is now known as Guest46521
Gallomimiahoxeni do you WANT to restart?15:49
lotuspsychje!info gnuchess15:49
ubottugnuchess (source: gnuchess): Plays a game of chess, either against the user or against itself. In component universe, is optional. Version 6.0.3-1 (saucy), package size 199 kB, installed size 422 kB15:49
hoxenican't restart15:49
deitarionMy brother just bought a new system and we're trying to set up an nVidia+Steam stack but, with all driver versions tried, there's an unpredictable chance that it'll boot to the terminal and the binary drivers will have wedged X11 so strongly that, unless we `killall lightdm` first, it'll get stuck trying to shut down.15:49
Gallomimiaah i thought you meant you were unable to. you mean you cannot due to  something running15:50
deitarionHe's running a brand new GeForce GTX 760.15:50
Patero-nglotuspsychje: can I play multiplayer with that game15:50
lotuspsychjePatero-ng: dont think so, it seems to be asci in terminal against computer15:50
deitarionDoes this sound familiar to anyone? I've been having trouble getting relevant results out of Google due to how new this card is.15:50
Gallomimiaeasy enough to fix in open source environment15:51
jasicclefebvre_, hello clem how are you ??15:51
Gallomimiadeitarion: what seems familiar is linus torvalds giving nVidia the finger for not supporting the linux environment enough and causing problems like that15:51
jasicclefebvre_,  remember me ??15:51
Patero-ngsomebody should do a multiplayer chess game for ubuntu server so I dont'have to go to a web browser on a gui interface15:51
moppyPatero-ng: there are lots of websites that offer online chess in a browser, if that helps. yu dont really 'need' a local client.15:51
andrebcan anyone help me with the screen saver issue on ubnut server 12.04 lts ?15:52
moppyPatero-ng: do you mean terminal-based multiplayer chess? there's an IRC for that... check channels15:52
deitarionGallomimia: Constructive commentary only, please. I've never had a problem with my GT430 or the 7600 I was running prior which blew a capacitor. (And my brother never had a problem with his old 9600 nor my old PC with its FX5200)15:52
Gallomimiaandreb i would suggest you come up with more details regarding your hardware. i think there's an issue with waking displays on certain laptops15:52
Gallomimiabut have you gotten an nvidia card to run under linux yet?15:53
clefebvre_jasic: hi, I'm sorry no15:53
Gallomimiai personally just bought a new rig then when i got it built and decided to skip the idea of windows forever, realized how fortunate it was that i changed all my chips to amd flavor before ordering...15:54
linuxuz3ris there a codec that renders your video image to ascii characters?15:54
ActionParsnip!details | andreb15:54
ubottuandreb: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."15:54
moppyclefebvre_: are you the c lefebvre? as in mint?15:54
clefebvre_moppy: yes15:54
moppyclefebvre_: cool, it's a nice project15:54
hitsujiTMOdeitarion: does the crashing occur if you force nomodeset for every boot?15:54
clefebvre_thanks moppy15:54
jasicclefebvre_, clem , so how is days going on?15:55
hitsujiTMO!behelpful | Gallomimia15:55
ubottuGallomimia: As our !guidelines say, "When helping, be helpful". If you're not familiar with the issue at hand, let someone else handle it instead of making !offtopic comments or jokes.15:55
jasicclefebvre_, so, how is Petra going on ??15:55
Wiz-KeeDhey guys15:55
andrebubottu : i enabled the option on ubuntu server 12.04 lts to lcok the screen after 10 minutes of the screen saver running.. the thing is when i try to unlock the screen or even try moving the mouse i am getting an Authentication error.... no password prompt or anything is coming up15:55
ubottuandreb: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)15:55
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clefebvre_jasic: good, thanks but it's off-topic here on this channel15:55
deitarionhitsujiTMO: I haven't tried it. I've never needed to. Give me a sec to look up how to do that with GRUB2. (I've only ever edited kernel parameters with LILO and GRUB 1 on Gentoo.)15:55
Wiz-KeeDhey guys, can someone help out it seems the my monitor is flickering pretty bad and my eyes are getting sore on this new laptop :(15:56
Wiz-KeeDanyone have any suggestions?15:56
jasicclefebvre_, dude, ok say lets then talk about the Ubuntu ;)15:56
jasicclefebvre_, have you tried Saucy ??15:56
ActionParsnipandreb: ubuntu server doesnt have a mouse pointer15:56
clefebvre_jasic: not yet no15:56
ActionParsnipandreb: server is cli only15:56
jasicclefebvre_, so want you have a try or during respin only ??15:57
hitsujiTMOdeitarion: add it in /etc/default/grub     the line: GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash nomodeset"          then run: sudo update-grub15:57
andrebi installed gnome on it to make admin it a little easier15:57
Gallomimiai seem to recall being told server can install a gui. also, there's a #ubuntu-server channel15:57
ActionParsnipandreb: then its a desktop OS15:57
clefebvre_jasic: I've downloaded it, hopefully when I've more spare time.15:57
ActionParsnipandreb: if you wanted a GUI OS, why not install the desktop OS?15:57
ActionParsnipWiz-KeeD: what make and model laptop?15:57
moppyWiz-KeeD: what do you mean by flickering?15:57
GallomimiaWiz-KeeD: sounds like you have set it to the wrong refresh15:58
jasicclefebvre_, you are currently off the mint irc?15:58
ActionParsnipWiz-KeeD: what GPU?15:58
ActionParsnipWiz-KeeD: which ubuntu release?15:58
ActionParsnipWiz-KeeD: details.....?15:58
clefebvre_jasic: it's on irc.spotchat.org #linuxmint-chat15:58
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Wiz-KeeDActionParsnip, ubuntu model or notebook?15:58
ActionParsnipWiz-KeeD: both15:58
ActionParsnipWiz-KeeD: you have stated the issue, yet no details about the setup it is happening15:59
Wiz-KeeDuname -r is 3.8.0-32-generic15:59
wertyHi, I wanted to install Ubuntu with full-encryption enabled. But to do so, I have to select "erase entire disk"... if I do so, will I have the possibility to install other SO alongside this Ubuntu encrypted one?15:59
Wiz-KeeDhow do i extract the hardware data ActionParsnip ?15:59
GallomimiaWiz-KeeD: we usually know it before installing ubuntu...15:59
ActionParsnipWiz-KeeD: sudo dmidecode -t 1; sudo lshw -C display15:59
* Gallomimia writes this down...15:59
Wiz-KeeDknow what before installnig buntu Gallomimia ?16:00
andrebACtion : Installed the GUI so my manager can do some work on it if he watned too.. hes not so well will linux a gui made he feel more comfortable having the box around16:00
Wiz-KeeDActionParsnip, http://pastie.org/842720616:00
ActionParsnipandreb: i suggest you stick to the desktop ISO until you become versed in the OS16:00
ActionParsnipandreb: did you install xsrceensaver16:00
Wiz-KeeDresolution is 1920 x 108016:01
Gallomimiaandreb are you actually planning to use it as a server all the time, or is it possibly going to be used as a workstation too?16:01
ActionParsnipWiz-KeeD: so your question should have been:  "I have an Aspire V3-771 with Optimus GPU and the screen is flickering under Ubuntu Precise"16:01
ActionParsnipWiz-KeeD: yes?16:01
andrebI i install xscreensaver 5.1516:01
Wiz-KeeDthat would be much more accurate yes16:01
ActionParsnipWiz-KeeD: can you please give details like that, in future, it makes things a tonne quicker16:02
Wiz-KeeDActionParsnip, also under windows, but in grub and boot it doesn't seem to have problems16:02
ActionParsnipWiz-KeeD: what is the output of:  cat /etc/issue    you can paste to the channel as it is one line16:02
Wiz-KeeDEspecially on gradient gray and colors like that you can really see it16:02
Wiz-KeeDUbuntu 12.04.3 LTS \n \l16:02
RayWizardis there a way to force linux save clipboard somewhere, i cant ctrl-v after ctrl-c if i closed source application16:02
ActionParsnipWiz-KeeD: did you install bumblebee?16:03
Wiz-KeeDissue pastes the ubuntu model? wierd16:03
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jasicguys why the ubuntu doesn't feature a cool integration for bluetooth services16:03
Wiz-KeeDno I did not ActionParsnip16:03
Wiz-KeeDwierd thing is that it happens under Windows as well...16:03
GallomimiaRayWizard: um... what environment are you operating in? my clipboard works pretty well16:03
Wiz-KeeD!info bumblebee16:03
ubottubumblebee (source: bumblebee): NVIDIA Optimus support for Linux. In component universe, is extra. Version 3.2.1-3 (saucy), package size 59 kB, installed size 229 kB (Only available for linux-any)16:03
ActionParsnipWiz-KeeD: well you have an OPtimus switching GPU mess, you will need it to get some sort of support16:03
Wiz-KeeDmess? why do you say that?16:04
ActionParsnipWiz-KeeD: imho its a nasty hack16:04
RayWizardclipboard works fine, but! if i close apllication where buffer was, and then try to ctrl-v it wont, buffer whould be empty, it seams only reference to data is stored16:04
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* Wiz-KeeD feels bad about the laptop he bought now16:04
hitsujiTMORayWizard: if you cant ctrl+v after the app closes then that app must be using its own clipboard16:04
moppyWiz-KeeD: if it doesnt work in windows either, im betting it's not drivers, and it's the chips on the fritz16:04
Gallomimiathe hardware design, or software to drive it ActionParsnip ?16:05
Wiz-KeeDmoppy, if so then I will try to return this laptop right away16:05
Gallomimiamoppy: he said it DOES work in windows, but the problem persists during boots and grub16:05
Gallomimiaoh, i must have read that wrong16:05
Wiz-KeeDI'll confirm again by switching to Windows16:05
svectorwhat is happening with the line args.putInt(ArticleFragment.ARG_POSITION, position); at the end of http://developer.android.com/training/basics/fragments/fragment-ui.html ?16:05
svectorwhat are ARG_POSITION and position?16:06
Gallomimiaarguments for a command16:06
svectorGallomimia, is ARG_POSITION inherited or assumed to be defined? Is it a known constant?16:07
Gallomimiasvector: 1. ubuntu != android thankfully... 2. i'm going to have to read this page first16:08
moppysvector: sorry you appear to be asking an android development question? i would think one of the comptuer programming channels might be of more use?16:08
svectorGallomimia, oh sorry. I thought I was on #android-dev16:08
=== guy is now known as Guest60308
svectorsorry guys16:09
andrebgot it fixed.. via ssh.. xscreen couldnt read /etc/pam.d/common-session ...16:09
svectormistakenly got here16:09
Gallomimiasvector: is this C++? you're going to have to look at the signature for the Bundle.putInt function in order to find out. does this function ask for its args by reference or as a copy?16:10
deitarionhitsujiTMO: That looks like it fixed it. Thanks.16:10
hitsujiTMOdeitarion: np at all16:11
deitarion...but now we've got another problem. Ever since I tried running Firefox with pasuspender to gather data on why his Flash audio might be stuttering, he's had no sound because his pavucontrol keeps flickering between speakers and headphones, forcing a ALSA mixer mute each time it happens.16:12
deitarions/a ALSA/a full ALSA/16:12
Patero-ngis there a way to view pictures on ubuntu server and those picture being from internet source16:13
Ubnoobtusaiar895: So, I have a question. What drivers am I using>?16:13
deitarionI don't know how to fix that. Ripping PulseAudio out of my system is coded into the post-installer setup script I always run on my systems. (I'd do it on his too since it causes latency in LMMS but, at the ALSA level, his system sets the S/PDIF output as default and I don't know how to change that without writing a whole new asoundrc.)16:14
k1lPatero-ng: what does ubuntu server has to do with it?16:14
saiarcot895Ubnoobtu: I'm guessing the open-source Nouveau drivers, but can you open Terminal and type in "dpkg -l | grep nvidia"?16:15
Patero-ngk1l: is the only ubuntu installed16:15
Patero-ngand I love using termianal remains me of my time using dos16:16
hitsujiTMOPatero-ng: i think you need to install fbida    its the image addon for w3m iirc16:17
Gallomimiapatero-ng curl and wget are good cli tools for fetching content from a http server. including pictures16:17
jasicguys why the ubuntu doesn't feature a cool integration for bluetooth services16:18
Patero-ngGallomimia: but then how do I see the picture?16:19
k1ljasic: a "cool"? it does integrate bluetooth already16:19
dannymichelto make fonts look exactly like this using Infinality? http://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?f=90&t=148200&p=777346#p77734616:20
Patero-nghitsujiTMO: explain me more16:20
jasick1l, it just integrate but doesn't features more services16:20
hitsujiTMOPatero-ng: you want to view images on web in ubuntu-server right?16:20
deitarionOk. I've figured that out. PulseAudio was muted and it applies its settings whenever the jack sense changes and it appears the jack sensing is messed up.16:21
dannymichelI will pay someone to do it http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2182682&page=2&p=12826805#post1282680516:21
Ubnoobtusaiar895: now its listing drivers for the videocard, which do I pick?16:21
Patero-ngyes hitsujiTMO16:22
saiarcot895Ubnoobtu: where? Terminal or Software and Updates?16:22
Ubnoobtusoftware and updates16:22
hitsujiTMOPatero-ng: w3m is the default web browser on ubuntu server but is text only. fbida adds image support16:23
wilee-nilee!mint | dannymichel16:23
ubottudannymichel: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org16:23
Patero-nghitsujiTMO: sweet16:23
Wiz_KeeDon this image with the new laptop under windows and ubuntu16:24
saiarcot895Ubnoobtu: interesting. Is there a recommended driver, or something indicated?16:24
Wiz_KeeDit flickers pretty bad...16:24
hitsujiTMOdannymichel: i think you are reffering to font hinting. try installing unity-tweak-tool and changing font hinting to medium or full16:24
Ubnoobtusaiarcot895: one the is propietary and tested16:25
Patero-ngis there a command to know the latest programs installed16:25
GallomimiaWiz_KeeD: things still flickering??16:25
saiarcot895Ubnoobtu: try that one.16:25
Wiz_KeeDGallomimia, yes sir it is!16:26
Gallomimiaif it flickers under both OS's you have one of three things wrong: possibly some software in the GPU and board is messed up. Possibly something in your bios is messed up. Most likely there's a hardware problem and you should return it. Seek hardware testing suites to look16:26
Ubnoobtuhow would I find out how to open the settings once I do that. I have a hard time remember what each command is to open up those menus16:26
tubaguy_Is there a way to allow a user to restart a service, but not added it to sudoers?16:26
Wiz_KeeDGallomimia, they updated the bios btw! at the warranty16:26
GallomimiaPatero-ng: yes. it's dpkg. read the manual and find out how to list all installed packages. it should have an option to list by install date16:27
Gallomimiatubaguy_: sudoers can probably let you restrict the commands each group of "sudo" capable users is allowed to do16:27
saiarcot895Ubnoobtu: you can just hit the start key, type in "Software", and either "Software & Updates" or "Software Sources" should come up.16:27
saiarcot895Ubnoobtu: from there, you can enable or disable proprietary drivers16:28
tubaguy_Gallomimia: I have this in visudo: username ALL=NOPASSWD: /etc/init.d/php5-fpm16:28
GallomimiaWiz_KeeD: if that's something that has changed since your last "working" state of this computer, then you should look into that very strongly. i was going to say it's probably not that cause no one changed it... but they did.16:28
=== dean|away is now known as dean
tubaguy_Gallomimia: When I try "sudo /etc/init.d/php5-fpm stop" I get no feedback and the service doesn't stop.16:29
frojndI don't know if this is vbox question or not. The thing is that I've installed guest addons for ubuntu 12.4. Yet when I press combination of keys (My host is running xmonad) to switch windows it wont. It's stuck inside window where guest is running. Is this ubuntu 12.04 issue or virtualbox issue?16:29
Gallomimiatubaguy_: unfortunately i'm not well versed in sudo. i know enough to think it's possible but i need to study it myself16:29
tubaguy_here's where I'm at if anyone can help: http://serverfault.com/questions/548362/user-with-root-privileges-to-restart-a-service-cant16:29
cheater_3do the mainline kernel builds in the kernel ppa have pae support?16:30
Calinouhi, I may upgrade to 13.10 soon, and currently I have nvidia driver installed from xorg-edgers, what is the best option to do before upgrade? switch to nouveau?16:30
Ubnoobtuokay, so I found out I could sudo nvidia-settings but its now saying that... " you do not appear to be sing the NVIDIA X driver, please edit your X configuration file, ( just run ' nvidia-xconfig' as root), and restart the X server16:31
hitsujiTMOtubaguy_: what is the user name you wish to allow access to that service?16:31
saiarcot895Ubnoobtu: follow what it says. Run "sudo nvidia-xconfig".16:32
=== vyom is now known as Guest6648
tubaguy_hitsujiTMO: strativent16:32
Ubnoobtuin the terminal its saying IBUS WARNING**: The Owner is of /home/******/.config/ibus/bus is not root!16:33
saiarcot895Calinou: You might want to use ppa-purge to revert to the official packages from xorg-edgers and then upgrade, so that there are no version conflicts and so that it's a clean upgrade16:33
saiarcot895Ubnoobtu: ignore that16:33
Calinousaiarcot895: ok, thanks :)16:33
Gallomimiatubaguy_: if permissions on your script file are 755 everyone should be able to execute it16:33
Gallomimiashouldn't need sudo at all16:34
Calinousaiarcot895: if I use ppa-purge, which driver will be used?16:34
hitsujiTMOtubaguy_: add the line: strativent ALL= /etc/init.d/php5-fpm16:34
Calinounouveau or nvidia proprietary?16:34
Calinounot that important i know, just wanting to know :)16:34
saiarcot895Calinou: I think you'll still be using the nvidia drivers16:34
Ubnoobtusaiarcot895: okay, I ran sudo nvidia-xconfig. New X configuration file written to '/etc/x11/xorg.conf'16:35
Gallomimiatubaguy_: that being said i'm going to suggest that possibly the script in question forks and loses privs when running as someone who can't run much with sudo16:35
saiarcot895Ubnoobtu: now try running nvidia-settings16:35
tubaguy_Gallomimia: Correct.  It needs to be run as root.16:35
hitsujiTMO!behelpful | Gallomimia, you clearly don't understand the problem.16:35
ubottuGallomimia, you clearly don't understand the problem.: As our !guidelines say, "When helping, be helpful". If you're not familiar with the issue at hand, let someone else handle it instead of making !offtopic comments or jokes.16:35
gotsaquestionHey, does anybody know what ubuntus source code is programmed in???16:35
gordonjcpgotsaquestion: that's not a very easy question to answer16:36
UbnoobtuI get the same messages16:36
gordonjcpgotsaquestion: Ubuntu is a particular distribution, with stuff written in all kinds of languages16:36
togglerDoes anybody have "extended knowledge" about 3G Modems in Ubuntu?16:36
gotsaquestiondo you have any idea where i can find out???16:36
saiarcot895Ubnoobtu: I forgot the part where it said "restart the X server"16:36
gordonjcpgotsaquestion: find out what?16:36
wyldegotsaquestion, pick a package, grab the source and have a look ;)16:37
Ubnoobtuokay so it just when all crazy colored and whent black16:37
gotsaquestionwhat ubuntu 13.04 is programmed in (source code-wise)16:37
gordonjcpgotsaquestion: I already told you16:37
tubaguy_hitsujiTMO: I already did that.  In that ServerFault question I did "strativent ALL=NOPASSWD: /etc/init.d/php5-fpm"16:37
Ubnoobtusaiarcot895: its back, normally.16:37
gordonjcpgotsaquestion: lots of different languages16:37
esingI have issues with ubuntu's radeon driver. I noticed this error in kern.log, what does it mean? http://dpaste.com/1428205/16:37
gordonjcpgotsaquestion: it's not one single project16:37
gotsaquestionis there a primary language? C maybe?16:38
tubaguy_hitsujiTMO: In auth.log I see that strativent calls the command as root, but nothing happens.16:38
wyldegotsaquestion, it's not one big source. It's many many packages coded in a number of languages.16:38
gordonjcpgotsaquestion: depends which bit you look at16:38
gordonjcpgotsaquestion: the Linux kernel is written in C16:38
saiarcot895gotsaquestion: for starters, there's C++, Python, and C16:38
Boneslash      #16:38
Ubnoobtuhow do I restart the server16:38
gotsaquestionOh yeah, duh... Sorry I didn't realize that16:38
saiarcot895Ubnoobtu: try "sudo restart lightdm"16:38
hitsujiTMOtubaguy_: have you ensured that all configs are correct? doesnt not seem like a sudo issue then?16:39
gotsaquestionHow secure would you say Raring Ringtail is anyway? Like, are there any known vulnerabilities?16:39
tubaguy_hitsujiTMO: Root can start and stop the service just fine16:39
Patero-nghitsujiTMO: I tried looking for fbida but is not listed16:39
gordonjcpgotsaquestion: pretty secure16:39
costalesHi! Where can I send an email to Canonical about a mobile business collaboration? Thanks in advance! :)16:40
gordonjcpgotsaquestion: as more people use the released version, more bugs get shaken out16:40
Ubnoobtusaiarcot895: the sudo restart caused me to go to the log in window, and when i signed back in, the only thing on screen is my mouse cursor16:40
gordonjcpgotsaquestion: after a while the updates slow down, as it all gets worked out ;-)16:40
gotsaquestionBut since it's open source, any programmer amongst all the contributors could leave a backdoor or something, right???16:40
MonkeyDustcostales  ubuntu.com  contact16:40
gordonjcpgotsaquestion: theoretically, yes16:41
gordonjcpgotsaquestion: but it tends to get spotted straight away16:41
togglerIf there is noone with knowledge for 3G Modems in linux: Would there be a more specific channel16:41
togglerwhere i could get help?16:41
gordonjcptoggler: don't ask to ask16:41
Gallomimiado believe i've read stories about such backdoors being spotted swiftly16:41
hitsujiTMOPatero-ng: try fbi then16:41
gotsaquestionOh. That's cool. I was worried about that16:41
gordonjcptoggler: just ask your specific question16:41
gordonjcpgotsaquestion: in proprietary OSes you can hide all sorts of nasty stuff16:41
gordonjcpgotsaquestion: I know, I've done it ;-)16:41
malinusgotsaquestion, you got it the other way around. Closed source, proprietary software almost definitely has backdoors, because why not? Open source software don't have that freedom because it can be reviewed.16:42
hitsujiTMOtubaguy_: are there relative links in the config?16:42
tubaguy_hitsujiTMO: which config?16:42
saiarcot895Ubnoobtu: still nothing has come up?16:42
gotsaquestionproprietary OSes?16:42
Gallomimiagotsaquestion: that exact story is why OpenSource in the first place16:42
Ubnoobtushould I reinstall?16:42
gordonjcpGallomimia: did you see the one about the root elevation trick that *nearly* got through, which came down to the difference between "==" and "=" in one part of the kernel?16:43
hitsujiTMOtubaguy_: for php5-fpm. such as relative symlinks or relative paths being reffered?16:43
tubaguy_hitsujiTMO: Nope.  Like I said, root can start and stop the service just fine.16:43
gotsaquestionSo, what's the big difference between UNIX and Linux anyway? Is it the GUI or something?16:43
gordonjcpGallomimia: long time ago now16:43
Gallomimiaesing: i'm trying to compare your issue to mine from a week ago...16:43
hitsujiTMOtubaguy_: can anyone with sudo group start and stop the service?16:44
tubaguy_hitsujiTMO: Yes.  I just don't want this user to have sudo access to everything.16:44
gordonjcpgotsaquestion: UNIX is a specific trademark, and to be called UNIX a Unix-like OS has to meet a certain set of criteria16:44
moppygotsaquestion: originally linux was a clone of unix, but they;ve diverged now. some unix are open source btw16:44
Gallomimiagordonjcp: no i don't think i did. sounds interesting. i think the one i was looking at was something in the repo that didn't get checked in thru normal channels. obv someone must have hacked their repo and added stuff hoping to slip it thru16:44
moppygotsaquestion: and there's lot of unix that are not named unix, for example citrix's netscalar16:45
togglerOn my mobile phone I can make hash-tag requests (call *102#) and receive back a notice from my provider, can I do something similar with my 3G modem?16:45
gotsaquestionAnd Linux doesn't have a set of criteria?16:45
k1l!ot | gotsaquestion16:45
ubottugotsaquestion: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!16:45
costalesThanks MonkeyDust :) I found this http://www.ubuntu.com/phone/contact-us I think is more specific. Thanks! :)16:45
hitsujiTMOtubaguy_: at this point, i'll bow out. unsure as to where along the line the issue is failing16:45
saiarcot895Ubnoobtu: at this point, I'm not sure.16:45
moppygotsaquestion: its open source and anyone can fork it, im not sure that's really a relevant way it think about it16:46
Gallomimialinux is linux. there's no linux-like things afaik. all distros are based on the linux kernel plus other things they like16:47
Ubnoobtuokay, I restarted16:48
Gallomimiaesing what drivers did you install, and what card do you have?\16:48
Ubnoobtusaiarcot985, I had to force restart it, and now when I logged in, everything came up.,16:48
saiarcot895Ubnoobtu: ok16:48
leo-the-manicHi all. Trying to install the Jenkins tool following their instructions (https://wiki.jenkins-ci.org/display/JENKINS/Installing+Jenkins+on+Ubuntu). However when I run "apt-get install jenkins" it installs an old version (1.424); which seems to be in an Ubuntu package list. I don't have in-depth knowledge of apt-get; how can I use it to install the newer version from the Jenkins site?16:49
Gallomimiaesing: i had problems with the radeon drivers too. first i tried installing specific drivers for the radeonHD7790 card i have, but that made things worse. i installed the generic catalyst package they have next, and everything works great16:49
Ubnoobtusaiarcot895 : Now I'd like to use the card settings to adjust the size of the display to fit within my monitor16:49
Patero-nghitsujiTMO: I installed fbi but when I load w3m and go to facebook I can't see any images why16:49
saiarcot895Ubnoobtu: go into Settings>Displays, and change the resolution16:50
Gallomimialeo-the-manic: did you add the software source as given in the top lines of that page you linked from jenkins site?16:50
k610is : "service --status-all" really showing all runing services ?16:50
saiarcot895Ubnoobtu: changing the resolution may or may not work, depending on the TV settings16:50
leo-the-manicGallomimia: I think so, but I don't know how to check that it worked16:50
leo-the-manicGallomimia: I ran all the shell code on the site16:50
hitsujiTMOPatero-ng: w3m has limited javascript support (unfortunately is the case for all terminal browsers). the fb images are displayed with js16:51
Gallomimiareally the only way is to view the file called /etc/apt/sources.list.d/jenkins.list and also make sure aptget is looking at that source16:51
PiciPatero-ng: keep in mind that framebuffer images will only display if you are working locally on the server, it will not work over SSH.16:51
hitsujiTMOPatero-ng: an alternative browser you could try is links216:52
leo-the-manicGallomimia: That file does have the jenkins-ci.org line. How can I check/make it that apt-get is looking at that source?16:52
UbnoobtuSaiarcot985, You did it man16:52
Patero-nghitsujiTMO: I'll try another website16:52
GallomimiaPatero-ng: if you really want a gui on a ubuntu-server i suggest you run an xwindow server. you can view it on a remote machine, and you can use gui web browsers and all that16:53
gordonjcpPatero-ng: GUI on a server?  Why?16:53
gordonjcpPatero-ng: terrible idea16:53
Gallomimialeo-the-manic: this i don't know. i think i'm only slightly ahead of you in understanding apt-get and sources. i've never personally seen the sources split into multiple files within a .d folder like that16:53
Gallomimialeo-the-manic: but, maybe if you try apt-get update it will list out all the sources it just checked, and you'll find a jenkins-ci.org url at the bottom16:54
esingGallomimia, The radeon driver which comes with ubuntu and I have the ati hd 775016:54
esingGallomimia, I got adviced to enable v-sync, since it seems to be vertical tearing16:54
Gallomimiaesing: very very similar to mine. i had to install a driver from amd.com16:54
=== karlo is now known as karlo|afk
Gallomimiaoh. mine's tearing a lot too, but at least there's gpu acceleration where there was none before16:55
Gallomimiaesing: at first it was like... "why is this game running at 2.5fps and taking 400% cpu!?"16:55
esingGallomimia, Hm, I thought I can install the proprietary driver also with the package fglrx16:56
esingAnd you still got tearing?16:56
Gallomimiathat's the one that didn't work16:56
akShrihi, can anyone help me install murrian theme engine, i m using ubuntu gnome 13.10 with gnome updated to 3.1016:56
esing(When watching videos?)16:56
Gallomimiain fact everything went slower after installing that16:56
leo-the-manicGallomimia: apt-get update does look at jenkins-ci.org. It also complains (which I forgot to mention earlier) about a "duplicate sources.list entry"; pasted the error to https://dpaste.de/to4X16:56
hitsujiTMOesing what is the output of cat /etc/issue16:56
wilee-nilee! ppa | akShri16:56
ubottuakShri: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge16:56
esinghitsujiTMO, Ubuntu 13.1016:56
haysi have the kernel update blues16:58
fahadashWhat kind of stuff ppa can do ?16:58
Patero-ngok I am using nano and I want to copy a line of text I tried control 6 and I can mark the text but I can't copy it on memory and and I know paste is shift insert but I'm not sure help16:58
hitsujiTMOesing: which drivers are you using exactly?16:58
fahadashOr what regular softwares can do that ppas cant ?16:58
haysis there a way to update to raring while keeping my nice comfy old 12.04 LTS kernel16:58
wilee-nileefahadash, WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages16:58
Gallomimianano does not use a clipboard sharable with other softare16:58
ihrewhen a make command gets interrupted by ctrl+c, should make clean/distclean be run?16:58
Gallomimiauh.... probably make can recover from that16:59
haysihre: probably not needed16:59
esinghitsujiTMO, xserver-xorg-video-radeon16:59
saiarcot895leo-the-manic: you have some entries that get packages from hardy, when you are running precise. You need to open Software Sources and correct that (and the duplicate entries)16:59
fahadashwilee-nilee: PPAs have access to all resources of the system that a Software would have ?16:59
ihrehays: how can I check wheter I should run make clean or not ?17:00
haysits not something you really check for17:00
jhutchinsihre: It really depends on the package, but it's probably best to start over.17:01
Gallomimiaeasing: this is the driver I used. I installed it right over top of the HD7790 driver which failed for me. Things basically "work" in that department so i moved on till I can get some time to really fiddle with it17:01
hitsujiTMOesing: 7000 series graphics only have had support to them in the radeon driver. i would report the issue as a bug on launchpad. in the mean time, it might be an idea to switch to the proprietary drivers17:01
haysbah just run make again17:01
saiarcot895fahadash: If you add the PPA to your system and install packages from it, yes17:01
Gallomimialeo-the-manic: what version of this software SHOULD it be installing?17:01
naxilciao ragazzi17:01
ihrejhutchins: what do you mean by start over? just run make again, or from scratch?17:01
jhutchinsihre: use make clean.  You shouldn't need to run .configure.17:01
esinghitsujiTMO, Good to know thanks. Already reported the bug to launchpad https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-ati/+bug/124341517:02
ubottuUbuntu bug 1243415 in xserver-xorg-video-ati (Ubuntu) "Narrow blurred horizontal stripe is flickering in the middle of a video with quick moving objects " [Undecided,New]17:02
=== DYnamo is now known as Guest77171
ihreso thats 50/5017:02
haysor just run make again17:02
AzerHello, raid 1 of the OS on desktop possible?17:02
Wiz_KeeDGallomimia, i'm returning it tommorow, hope they will take it back and give me my money17:02
Gallomimiaesing hitsujiTMO i got confused while working on this myself. is there not a huge difference between radeon 7000 series and radeon HD 7000 series?17:02
haysis there a way to update to raring while keeping my nice comfy old 12.04 LTS kernel?17:03
haysI ask because the new kernels apparently hose up my wifi driver17:03
Wiz_KeeDDo you have any suggestions as to how to pick a notebook in general that will work with ubuntu and without general problems?17:03
GallomimiaAzer: possible. you need proper hardware. raid controllers + boot volumes = headaches17:03
Wiz_KeeDA few rules of thumb so to speak17:03
=== Guest77171 is now known as DYnamo_
AzerGallomimia, i should have stated software raid..17:03
hitsujiTMOGallomimia: sorry meant hd 7000. 7000 series are so old that they may not even exist anymore17:04
AzerGallomimia, during a fresh install17:04
haysWiz_KeeD: my advice-- not really possible. exception is to buy a laptop with linux preloaded and never upgrade17:04
DYnamo_Hello, Im having a hard time installing my Wireless USB stick (Linksys WUSB54G ver 3) i read so many threads and man pages but still not good, any idea guys?17:04
GallomimiaWiz_KeeD: i'd go straight ahead and find a notebook that comes with ubuntu pre-installed. they exist17:04
Wiz_KeeDyeah they do Gallomimia but that does not neccesairly mean they have good driver support17:04
Wiz_KeeDhays, never upgrade? that's silly17:05
hitsujiTMO!hcl | Wiz_KeeD17:05
ubottuWiz_KeeD: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection17:05
Wiz_KeeDIt's just some guy like me and you that installed it there17:05
GallomimiahitsujiTMO: ah okay. haven't been well versed in the video boards labeling schema for the last 10 years, till i got on the shopping bug17:05
haysWiz_KeeD: well, if you don't want to deal with any problems, that's what you do17:05
DYnamo_Im getting this:17:05
jhutchinsWiz_KeeD: You can also look through the mailing lists and hardware sites and see what works well for peple.  I've had Toshibas, Dells, Acers, and Thinkpads and they all worked pretty well.17:05
DYnamo_[ 1012.855243] usbcore: registered new interface driver rt2800usb17:05
DYnamo_[ 1014.072703] IPv6: ADDRCONF(NETDEV_UP): wlan1: link is not ready17:05
leo-the-manicGallomimia: 1.517:05
wilee-nileeDYnamo_, there are many that plug and work, buy one.17:05
jhutchinsWiz_KeeD: Try to go for something that's been out for a while instead of the latest and greatest.17:05
Wiz_KeeDI have DELL and still have problems with wireless network and i'm shipping back an ACER now because of the graphics card and optimus shizzle17:06
haysWiz_KeeD: I have a fully supported Asus linux laptop and the update to 13.x killed my wifi. doesn't work any more despite being a supported card in the kernel17:06
Gallomimialeo-the-manic: i seem to have forgotten the command that lets you list versions available and installed and the source for a given package. but it should start with dpkg. read man pages, lookup on google, or hopefully someone else here can give you more info17:06
haysso... if you don't want to be rooting out BS problems like that...  i think you have to stick with whatever is "supported'17:06
hitsujiTMOWiz_KeeD: also there's http://www.ubuntu.com/certification/17:06
Wiz_KeeDDell has the most support I see...17:07
hitsujiTMOhays: you may need to blacklist a conflicting kernel module17:07
Wiz_KeeDthis is a REALLy good link hitsujiTMO17:09
Wiz_KeeDWhen I like a laptop I just check if it's here17:09
Gallomimiaholy wow. Wiz_KeeD yeah it's awesome. i'm going to look up all my NAS drives and other devices17:10
mehdianybody knows how can i setup kerio connection ?17:11
leo-the-manicGallomimia: Ah I found the apt-cache madison command which shows that 1.5 is available. Although apt-cache show still shows 1.4; if I do "apt-get install jenkins=1.5" will it not auto-update? My head hurts17:12
Gallomimialeo-the-manic: you've now passed me in knowledge of the subject. i'll learn from you at this point17:12
leo-the-manicGallomimia: Haha well thank you for your help to here, it's much appreciated17:13
DYnamo_<wilee-nilee> ok solved it lol17:14
DYnamo_wilee-nilee: im so goofy i spent all day yesterday reading so many things and man pages and it turned out that i just had to set the essid and trigger it with ifconfig17:14
Wiz_KeeDDude what is with this integrated graphics proccesor?17:15
Wiz_KeeDOptimus and all that crap?17:15
Wiz_KeeDIf you have a 2gb 4gb video card, what 's the point?17:15
Gallomimiasecondary or backup?17:15
Wiz_KeeDbut whyyy? :)))17:16
XtremeHey guys17:17
Gallomimiaplug your dual 40" 1ms gaming displays into your radeon and use the 15" display on the integrated for a terminal running top, volume control\ and some risque backgrounds cycling?17:17
XtremeUsing XFCE here. Its still remembering previous session even when i have unmarked it17:17
GallomimiaHi Xtreme17:17
Xtremewhat can i do17:17
Patero-nghitsujiTMO: I tried links2 and tried to load a jpg image but it only showed gargabe instead is there an fbi for links2? btw the same link for w3m only showed an empty black screen and I had fbi for it17:18
cariverihi. normal booting results in black screen, recovery mode boot + "resume" = everything works. what can I do?17:19
OerHeksPatero-ng, install a desktop to view images on your server, w3m has its limitations17:21
leo-the-manicIs anyone good at 'pinning'? How can I pin when the package is provided by a source line that looks like this? "deb http://pkg.jenkins-ci.org/debian binary/"17:21
fishsystemhai what's the shortcut for mininiininimiminizing windows? ctrl+super+down only restores a window, not minimizes it17:22
genii!nomodeset | cariveri ..might want to try this17:22
ubottucariveri ..might want to try this: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter17:22
Patero-ngOerHeks: I just want to see image files I am not looking for javascript support I use to watch images on a dos 5.0 palmtop that was like 20mhz17:22
Patero-ngdon't tell me it can't be done17:22
Gallomimiafishsystem: alt-tab or alt ~ might get you where you want to go17:22
=== thor_ is now known as Szadek
OerHeksPatero-ng, good luck with it.17:23
fishsystemGallomimia: I want to hide my pr0n window but keep everything else up17:23
theadminleo-the-manic: That's just the repo, not a packge name. You can prevent updates for a package by using the following command (IF that's what you want, I'm not certain it is): echo "package_name_here hold" | sudo dpkg --set-selections17:23
Gallomimiaoh i got it backwards i thought you wanted it to popup on demand ;)17:24
leo-the-manictheadmin: I don't want to prevent updates, I want to grab a newer version from this source in prefrence to an older version from the official Ubuntu source17:24
Gallomimiawhich... now that i think about it, i should have probably recommended a pill instead17:24
leo-the-manictheadmin: The package name is jenkins btw17:24
theadminleo-the-manic: Uh. APT will always install the latest version.17:24
theadminleo-the-manic: No matter what the source.17:24
Gallomimiafishsystem: ctrl+alt+numzero17:25
GeekDudeI'm trying to get internet over bluetooth to work with my ubuntu desktop & BT adapter sharing it's ethernet over bluetooth to a Windows XP tablet with built in BT. I got it to connect, but pages don't load in chrome17:25
hitsujiTMOPatero-ng: try: links2 -g     i'm not familiar with links2 tbh .... have a look at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1225697 for more ideas17:25
leo-the-manictheadmin: Oh. Huh. Well I dunno if I changed something but yeah it seems to be working the way I want now. Before it kept installing an older version17:25
fishsystemGallomimia: ah, thank you very much17:25
leo-the-manictheadmin: Thank you for that lol17:25
Gallomimiafishsystem: found in system settings > keyboard > shortcuts > window > minimize window. you can change it17:25
=== dziegler_off is now known as dziegler
theadminleo-the-manic: Maybe you forgot to run an apt-get update17:26
theadminleo-the-manic: Happens.17:26
Gallomimiafishsystem: i suggest you add another modifier and use a button close to them to promote one handed presses of that combo.........17:26
GeekDudeDoes anyone here have experience doing this?17:27
cconstantineHey guys, I tried to install skype and it's failed with a "skype:i386 : Depends: libqt4-webkit:i386 (>= 4:4.5.3) but it is not going to be installed".  I don't particularly care about skype, but it's preventing me from doing any other apt action.  How do I tell apt to forget about skype?17:27
FxMrhttp://www.nelsonpires.com/software/dimmer/ Is there a similar program for linux?17:27
GallomimiaGeekDude: have you used ping to discover how far you are allowed to go on the "internet" ping the other device, ping its router, ping and similar known public machines. then do a dig and host on some domains17:28
theadminFxMr: See http://justgetflux.com17:28
hitsujiTMOcconstantine: sudo dpkg -r skype:i386 && sudo dpkg --configure -a17:29
thneeWhen running an alternative desktop (awesome), magnet links don't open in deluge. gconf-editor says it should, and gnome-settings-daemon is running. What else might be needed?17:29
cconstantinehitsujiTMO, thank you :)17:29
FxMrtheadmin: thx17:30
cconstantinehitsujiTMO, that was a very hard thing to google for17:30
hitsujiTMOfxfm: you can also do it at the command line with xrandr17:30
GeekDudeGallomimia: pinging localhost works, pinging (the router) does not work, and neither google nor google's dns work.17:30
hitsujiTMOcconstantine: surprising considering how many people it catches17:30
theadminFxMr: Err, never mind. I misunderstood the description of dimmer.17:30
theadminFxMr: Flux is not what you are looking for.17:30
GallomimiaGeekDude: type ifconfig and see if you like the results17:31
Gallomimiaalso ping not localhost but the non-localhost ip of the local system.17:31
Gallomimiawhatever that might be sounds like a good candidate17:31
GeekDudeGallomimia: I'm troubleshooting the XP end; IPConfig gives as teh autoconfiguration IP address, and for the subnet mask. all the other values are blank.17:31
z2s8Is it safe to replace unity with GNOME, or should do a reinstall w/ Ubuntu gnome?17:32
theadminz2s8: Sure is safe, no problems would arise17:32
GallomimiaGeekDude: so your ubuntu system doesn't have a network configuration for the bluetooth adapter?17:32
z2s8I'm scared of dependency errors ;)17:32
Gallomimiaset that up and you'll make progress. manual set up in system settings > network17:32
wilee-nileez2s8, unity is a plugin in compiz running on gnome 3, what gnome are you referring to, the gnome shell, fallback gnome 2?17:33
z2s8Gnome 3.8, the interface17:33
GeekDudeGallomimia: I'm confused, do I need to set something up I didn't? I just apt-get installed blueman, and enabled NAP in the "Local services" menu17:33
Wiz_KeeDI cannot seem to find a dual-bay hdd laptop on 15 inch17:33
wilee-nileez2s8, the gnome shell, don't exspect support if you use a ppa.17:33
z2s8Willee-nilee I suppose its gnome shell17:34
z2s8Yep all good then17:34
Gallomimiayou need to assign that adaptor an ip address, tell it what its router and subnet mask are, and provide a server to use for dns queries17:34
wilee-nileez2s8, I use the shell myself17:34
z2s8I'll give it a shot, thx guys!17:34
Gallomimiaeither your XP machine will provide your ubuntu system all that with a dhcp server, or you'll do it by hand17:34
GeekDudeGallomimia: So basically, I have to manually point it at all the relevant addresses?17:34
hitsujiTMOWiz_KeeD: use at your own risk: http://www.ebay.ie/itm/9-5mm-SATA-to-SATA-2nd-HDD-Hard-Drive-Universal-Caddy-CD-ROM-Pro-Optical-bay-/320987078390?pt=UK_Collectables_HardDriveEnclosures_RL&hash=item4abc521ef617:35
Gallomimiarouter is what you gave me. pick an ip you like on the same subnet, put subnet mask to
GeekDudeGallomimia: Where do I find a menu to do this?17:35
Gallomimiasystem settings > network17:35
Wiz_KeeDhitsujiTMO, to replace the standard dvd-rom /17:35
hitsujiTMOWiz_KeeD: yes17:35
=== dziegler is now known as dziegler_off
GeekDudeGallomimia: I have two options, "Wired" and "Network proxy"17:36
Wiz_KeeDwouldn't that be at much lower speeds hitsujiTMO ?17:36
Gallomimiaclick the + button at the bottom of that list17:36
hitsujiTMOWiz_KeeD: not necessarily. most likely sata1 speed ... depends on what interface the mobo is using17:36
GeekDudeGallomimia: It gives me the option to create a VPN, is that what I'm looking for?17:37
GallomimiaGeekDude: maybe the wired one is your bluetooth adapter?17:37
Gallomimiano, vpn is not what you want17:37
Gallomimiado you have a wired connection on this device?17:37
GeekDudeGallomimia: Ethernet wired connection on the desktop17:38
GeekDude(The one that is running ubuntu)17:38
Gallomimiabut.... not how you're trying to connect?17:38
GeekDudeGallomimia: I'm trying to connect to wifi over bluetooth from XP to Ubuntu17:38
Gallomimiak.... your networking system doesn't know about your bluetooth yet17:38
Gallomimiayou're trying to establish a bluetooth network from ubuntu desktop to xp... laptop?17:38
GeekDudeXP "laptop", it's an x86 fujistu tablet17:39
Gallomimiaah that's the issue. it has no ethernet :) limited options man... pretty ballsy to attempt this at all17:39
GeekDudeI'm trying to get the laptop to use internet over bluetooth, and the desktop to use internet over ethernet, while sharing with the tablet.17:40
GeekDudethe tablet runs XP, the desktop, ubuntu 12.0417:40
Gallomimiak, so the desktop has internet thru it's wired connection?17:41
Gallomimiaah. same problem, different direction. later in this process you'll want some kind of natd to run in your system. i think that's built in isn't it?17:42
hidhi is there a way to type non-breaking spaces in numbers?17:42
Gallomimiaanyway, the problem i see now is getting your bluetooth device to be recognized as a network interface17:42
GeekDudeGallomimia: I wouldn't know. I'm not sure what a natd *is*. I'm not much for networking17:42
hidI'd like to follow the systeme international of units17:43
Gallomimiahid i would suggest you change the formatting and make the entire cell not wrap. i don't know if there's an actual nbsp17:43
wagonboiHow would I check if my NIC has a correctly installed driver?17:43
hidi mean, automatically by typing the spacebar in numbers*17:43
GallomimiaGeekDude: natd stands for network address translation, and it's what home-based routers do to share internet like this. you need a program on your desktop to work with it17:44
GeekDudeGallomimia: Should I go with blueztools and try to set things up with the command line instead of with blueman17:44
Gallomimiabluetooth on ubuntu is a bit beyond my knowledge17:45
sarah33hi everyone, I have a little problem, my brother has installed ubuntu on my laptop, and the fglrx didn't work, so he has explained to me that he had downloaded them from ati website and installed it. With the fglrx ubuntu version, the laptop cannot start, startup is blocked on purple screen. so the last time, ha has use grub recovery mode en use something like "check for damaged packages" to enable read/write on the disk and then go17:45
sarah33 to root shell and remove all fglrx packets. My problem is: I have updated ubuntu to 13.10 and I think fglrx is now ubuntu one because the laptop freeze on startup at purple screen, but grub recovery mode doesn't work, check for damaged packages works infinitely as graphical safe boot. So now I'm on the live cd and I want to chroot my system and remove fglrx, could someone help me to do that?17:45
wagonboiuvala, A+17:46
GallomimiaGeekDude: what I want to do now is configure your network adaptor and the network between the tablet and the desktop. but somewhere in the plugging in a device, populating it to /dev, using its driver, and recognizing it as a network adaptor, something's not complete, and i am lost17:47
uvalahello everyone, I have  problem getting sound in audacity, can anyone maybe help?17:48
uvalawagonboi, I couldnt understand your reply17:48
hitsujiTMOsarah33: try booting with the kernel option nomodeset17:48
esingI want to install the proprietary drivers for my ati graphic card. Do I just install the package fglrx or do I also have to tell ubuntu to stop using radeon?17:49
sarah33hitsujiTMO, ok I have see that on internet, so at the boot, I'm pressing 'e' and change the concerned line but right after that I don't know what to do, how to save this modification and boot, if I press F10, the system start but freeze too17:49
GeekDudeGallomimia: Do you think doing something like this would work? http://www.jasonernst.com/2011/11/29/creating-a-bluetooth-access-point-nap-in-ubuntu-11-10/17:50
uvalahello everyone, I have  problem getting sound in audacity, can anyone maybe help?17:50
hitsujiTMO!nomodeset | sarah33 have a look at the tutorials here17:50
ubottusarah33 have a look at the tutorials here: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter17:50
oiI need a help with ubuntu server perfomace17:50
rostamHi is there a link for how ubuntu rc script framework? thx17:50
theadmin!rootirc | sarah3317:50
ubottusarah33: It's not technically our business, but we'd like to tell you that IRC'ing as root is a Very Bad Idea (tm). After all, doing anything as root when root is not needed is bad, and especially bad with software that connects to the Internet.17:50
oithe system is very slow17:50
oibut there is no botleneck17:50
oiIO is fine17:50
oidisk space is fine17:50
oimemory fine17:50
cariverithanks genii . I will try nomodset.17:50
oicpu 99 idle17:50
^Phantom^does xubuntu have full wine support?17:51
oiany ideas?17:51
theadmin^Phantom^: What? That question doesn't even make sense. WINE is present in all the official Ubuntu derivatives' repositories, yes.17:52
theadmin^Phantom^: But WINE isn't a supported piece of software per se, you'd need to go to #winehq for WINE support.17:52
GallomimiaGeekDude: im reading, but its looking promising17:54
^Phantom^theadmin, let me refine this question then, does xubuntu get access to the full wine environment?17:54
^Phantom^Seeing as it's a lighter 'buntu, and all17:54
GallomimiaGeekDude: bridge is better than natd17:54
GeekDudeGallomimia: So, this is what I should be doing/looking for?17:55
theadmin^Phantom^: Basically... All the official Ubuntu versions (Ubuntu, Xubuntu, Kubuntu and Lubuntu) have full access to all sotware present in the Ubuntu Repositories (or the Ubuntu Software Centre), so as long as the machine has internet connection, yes, you can install WINE in full.17:55
GallomimiaGeekDude: also, this guide is for 2 ubuntu computers. you'll need to adapt the instructions for the xp side of the link17:55
^Phantom^That's what i was interested in.  Thankies.17:55
GeekDudeGallomimia: I think the only difference is I don't need to bother with configuring the XP side17:55
GeekDudeI'm not positive, though. Can't hurt to try17:55
Gallomimiayeah it should be ready. just wait for the bluetooth handshake17:56
^Phantom^I need to set my mom's xubuntu pc up to run wine17:56
Gallomimiak, so first add the bridge connection to /etc/network/interfaces like it says17:56
Gallomimiait says get pairing done before anything else17:56
theadmin^Phantom^: If the target machine is NOT going to have internet connection, but you have an existing machine running Ubuntu, you can easily build a custom ISO for that machine using the Ubuntu Customization Kit.17:56
Gallomimiaand to use blueman from the repos17:56
^Phantom^Oh that is neat.17:57
^Phantom^It's already set up, though17:57
^Phantom^But that is neat.17:57
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basichashOn vim I keep getting "E325: ATTENTION - Found a swap file by the name xxx.y" every time I open a file. How can I stop this from happening?17:58
b22poivy on ubunut 12.0417:58
b22any help or application?17:58
uvalahow can I install avconv?17:59
GeekDudebasichash: I think by deleting the swap file. Don't quote me on that.17:59
hayshitsujiTMO: yeah i tried all that18:00
Gallomimiai was gonna say that too. but i recommend moving it, or finding out whats in it first18:00
hayshitsujiTMO: with the blacklisting.. I tried the proprietary broadcom drivers and the open source driver18:00
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OerHeksb22, no, there is no linux client > http://www.poivy.com/download18:00
hayshitsujiTMO: the odd thing is that the 12.04 LTS configuration uses the open source kernel driver with no proprietary code18:01
theadminbasichash: In your ~/.vimrc, set directory=''18:01
hayshitsujiTMO: yet the kernel update breaks it for some reason18:01
theadminbasichash: Also, vim rocks :)18:01
basichashtheadmin: haha indeed it does, thanks18:01
theadminbasichash: Also, if those files appear, they're basically temporary files, and they should disappear whenever you close (:q) vi/vim/ex.18:03
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basichashtheadmin: oh right. is there anyway to remove the "unable to open file.swap, press ENTER to continue" when I open a file?18:05
hayshitsujiTMO: the driver in 12.04 LTS that it shipped with is brcmsmac, which I think is in the kernel sources18:05
theadminbasichash: Uh, remove file.swap itself :D18:05
gordonjcpbasichash: make sure you're not editing it somewhere else first18:05
gordonjcpbasichash: then delete the file18:05
haysbut moving to 3.8 kernel this doesn't work anymore... and the "sta" driver also doesn't work, although has different indications of not working (heh)18:06
UbnoobtuHow do I get audio driver info?18:07
Gallomimiapacmd list-cards should give you something18:07
fishsystemPatero-ng: I have no idea who you are and I know you can't speak english. But I want to spend the next 3 month with you at a motel room.18:08
DJonesfishsystem: Please remember this is a support channel18:08
Gallomimiasounds like he's getting some support for a real serious problem :/18:09
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Ubnoobtusaiar985: You wouldn't happen to know how to I can get audio output? It's not listed, but it looks to be 5.1 audio and I'd like to test those next.18:13
samli upgraded to 13.10  and gnome keyring stuff doesn't work18:15
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samlCannot register authentication agent: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.PolicyKit1.Error.Failed: An authentication agent already exists for the given subject18:15
sarah33I'm back, I have tried the nomodeset for grub and that not work18:18
moaz_1991I upgraded to 13.10 last night; Nautilus crashes if I click on any file!?18:19
sarah33hitsujiTMO, I have tried your solution but the startup still freeze18:20
moaz_1991I can not access to files via nautilus (As a temporary solution, I've installed Thunar, but it's not on my desire!)18:20
esingGallomimia, With the proprietary ati drivers I don't see any tearing yet18:21
esingGallomimia, Also I have the impression that the overall desktop graphic is better than before18:21
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moaz_1991esing: proprietary ati drivers are available for 4xxx radeon series?18:22
moaz_1991This is my video card:18:23
moaz_1991product: RV710 [Radeon HD 4350/4550]18:23
esingmoaz_1991, I think yes, officially 4xxx is supported on 12.04 http://wiki.ubuntuusers.de/Grafikkarten/ATI/fglrx18:23
moaz_1991yeah, On 12.04, they support xorg, but I had problems with it on 12.10 and 13.04;18:24
esingDid you try fglrx on 13.10 yet?18:24
Kiwi_I cannot extend my partition that ubuntu used to be installed on18:25
moaz_1991I afraid! -> on 13.04 it ruined my system -> I reinstalled it!!!18:25
moaz_1991esing: ^18:25
esingYou can always uninstall it18:25
binyodI've been asking yesterday about a conversion tool for video to audio, I found WinFF, a great one: http://is.gd/QaLQFe18:26
esingmoaz_1991, Worst case you boot from a live cd and chroot into your system and the uninstall18:26
belkinsaWhat is the channel name for Ubuntu Touch support?18:26
fishsystemwell, this is the place. May I take your order please.18:27
bazhang#ubuntu-touch belkinsa18:27
belkinsaThank you, bazhang.18:27
c|onemanI have to type uppercase "Y" to accept packages now?18:27
esingKiwi_, Do you mean resize the partition?18:27
moaz_1991esing: yes, I've just learnt chroot yesterday when I had a problem during upgrading to 13.10; However, I'll try that driver soon.18:27
ses1984i was wondering if anyone knew more information about this issue, regarding copying to an NFS share, the copy operation will freeze, sometimes lock up the whole desktop18:28
ses1984this is marked solved, but people are continuing to have this problem, with a wide range of hardware and kernel versions18:28
moaz_1991kiwi: what do you mean? more details, please!18:28
moaz_1991NO idea for "nautilus crashing"?!18:29
moaz_1991I upgraded to 13.10 last night- ->  Nautilus crashes if I click on any file!?18:30
moaz_1991ses1984: try via command line18:30
ses1984moaz_1991: actually, i have copied via command line, using cp, rsync and scp18:31
ses1984it copies up to a couple hundred megabytes, then stops18:31
moaz_1991ses1984: If I where you (as a temporary solution), I zipped it and then try again!18:32
ses1984moaz_1991: i'm supposed to zip 900GB of hd video?18:33
ses1984its already compressed anyway18:33
krabadori must deactivate journaling from / partition on ssd, on 13.1018:33
krabadorhow can i do?18:33
hitsujiTMOsarah33: at this point i can only suggest backing up and data and doing a reinstall18:34
wjtaylor_what package keeps ubuntu server in line with a time server?18:34
hitsujiTMOwjtaylor_: you dont need to install a package, use ntpdate to sync, add it to a daily cron to keep it synced18:36
wjtaylor_hitsujiTM0: thanks18:36
moaz_1991ses1984: I dunno a real solution, but you may want to split it into smaller pieces (if it's currently zipped) and share it at this step; next you can solve it permanently.18:38
SeuLhelp me18:38
ses1984moaz_1991: i don't need a work around involving nfs, because i have already copied all the data i need just by sharing the same volume with cifs instead of nfs18:38
hitsujiTMO!ask | Seul18:38
ubottuSeul: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience18:38
cariveriapt-cache search bash18:38
* hid se marre18:39
ses1984but cifs is ugly and why would i use it in a linux only environment when nfs is made for linux18:39
SeuLi have ubuntu18:39
ses1984nfs should work. it's not. apparently that's a big problem with a lot of people using ubuntu18:39
SeuLi don't find my patrition in ORDINATEUR18:39
hitsujiTMOses1984: cifs has a handful of utilities that nfs does not have18:39
krabadori must deactivate journaling from / partition on ssd, on 13.1018:39
krabadorhow can i do?18:39
ses1984well, all things being equal, cifs and nfs should have similar performance. i'm getting decent performance with cifs, and i'm getting zero performance with nfs, because it simply doesn't work18:40
hidSeuL: what does ORDI contain?18:40
moaz_1991N a u t i l u s crashes! why does it crash while it is a fresh upgraded 13.10?! damn upgrading:-!18:40
SeuLmeaninig ?18:40
hitsujiTMOmoaz_1991: is nautilus crasing for specific directories?18:41
zykotick9moaz_1991: "fresh upgraded", if only that was possible ;)18:41
SeuLhid !18:41
moaz_1991hitsujiTMO: for all, for anything -> I also lose desktop when it crashes18:42
SeuLhelp me !18:42
wilee-nileekrabador, You can use trim, modern ssd's last as long as mechanical HD's.18:43
hitsujiTMO!fr | Seul18:43
ubottuSeul: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.18:43
krabadorwilee-nilee, trim?18:43
Xuorxhello all,18:43
moaz_1991SeuL: Your question is not obvious!18:43
Xuorxi have got a problem18:43
wilee-nileekrabador, 100's, probably 1000's of web pages on setting up a ssd in linux18:44
hidHe did not speak french...18:44
Bombois it possible to install a 32bit version of gstreamer incl plugins into a 64bit ubuntu?18:44
zexcrizwhat is LTSP used for ?18:44
wilee-nileekrabador, here is one I use. https://sites.google.com/site/easylinuxtipsproject/ssd Do your research18:45
DuncanNZBombo: sudo dpkg --list-architectures | pastebinit18:45
hitsujiTMOhid ordinateur is french for computer ... he's saying he cant find his partition in his computer ...18:45
DuncanNZBombo: sorry, that's  sudo dpkg --print-foreign-architectures | pastebinit18:46
hidhitsujiTMO: It is the name of the partition... you can call it whatever you want...18:46
moaz_1991hitsujiTMO: a new day, a new word: ordinateur (fr) = computer (en)18:47
moaz_1991@SeuL can solve this "misunderstanding"!!!18:48
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ubottuLTSP is the Linux Terminal Server Project, which adds thin-client support to Linux servers. See chapter 3 of the !edubuntuhandbook, http://www.ltsp.org and/or http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux_Terminal_Server_Project18:51
moaz_1991which file-managers are more customizable than Thunar (a non qt-based one, please)! Thunar = ugh! (I'm forced to use thunar instead of Nautilus for a day!)18:51
zexcrizOerHeks, thank you :)18:51
zoraelDoes anyone know of a program that visualizes an electrical circuit schematic, like the java applet at http://www.falstad.com/circuit/e-resistors.html ? Preferably in the repos, naturally18:53
whitenoisehey guys, for dpkg --get-selections, is there a way of only printing out the packages that have been apt-get installed, instead of getting every package on the system, most of which came with it?18:55
zoraeltmmunq: Well, yes18:56
hitsujiTMOWhiteDawn: dpkg --get-seleections | grep "install$"18:56
hitsujiTMOWhiteDawn: sorry: dpkg --get-selections | grep "install$"18:57
hitsujiTMOWhitenoise: again sorry: dpkg --get-selections | grep "install$"18:57
whitenoisehitsujiTMO: thanks :)18:57
nexusjayHi everyone! Been digging around and wanted to confirm that there is no Canonical Support for the Nexus 7 (2nd Gen) device.18:58
IdleOnenexusjay: #ubuntu-touch18:58
hitsujiTMOnexusjay: #ubuntu-touch18:58
nickgawok I just finished the ubuntu upgrade with do-release-upgrade -m desktop and again I am able to login but as before orca did not start after I entered in my password but it was on when I was at the login screen if I was using gnome classic before the upgrade will I still be on gnome classic after the upgrade?19:00
Bombois it possible to install a 32bit version of gstreamer incl plugins into a 64bit ubuntu? $ dpkg --print-foreign-architectures -> i38619:00
vindavhello, has anyone had trouble with the last update from Ubuntu on their 12.04 LTS distro ?19:00
hitsujiTMObombo add :i386 to the end og the package name19:01
ars23hy, does anybody have an idea about an IDE for simulating verilog code?19:01
wilee-nileevindav, any last update for anyone will be different depending on what's installed and when last updated, be specific, details...etc19:02
BombohitsujiTMO: hmmm i'll try19:03
vindavwilee-nilee:  Thank you for your response.  Ok, we'll...a couple of days ago I had updates from the Canada server, and after re-starting, my background wallpaper changed, the vertical launcher with Unity blinks and flashes randomly all together, when dragging screenlets or windows, duplication of images exist and seem liek they are multiplied immensely.  When windows / application are closed, there are video images that seem like they are 19:06
theadminvindav: What is your GPU (graphics card)? If using proprietary drivers, stuff happens...19:07
theadminvindav: I am running on nvidia with bumblebee though and things are fine19:07
wilee-nileevindav, You might try a compiz reset, do you have a proprietary graphic driver installed per-chance?19:07
vindavtheadmin:  my graphics card is a Nvidia - GeForce310, driver version:  304.8819:08
theadminvindav: Hm ah, yeah, proprietary drivers may cause problems as I said, try deactivating them through System Settings -> Hardware Drivers19:09
vindavwilee-nilee:  I have a proprietary graphic driver installed:  Nvidia GeForce 310, driver version:  304.8819:09
tejasneed help..I have a ubuntu server box with only samba setup for file sharing..i want to monitor it with "monit"...but it always says unable to conect at localhost:2812....Do i need to install Apache for this only...?19:09
wilee-nileevindav, From nvidia or the repos?19:09
theadmintejas: 2812 does not seem like any sort of HTTP port, unlikely that Apache will have to do anything with that.19:10
vindavtheadmin:  so, if I deactivate them from System Settings->Hardware Drivers, would do I do next after that, reboot or what ?19:10
theadminvindav: Yeah, reboot and see if this helps.19:10
kriskropdI have a core 2 duo with a 1min load average os 228.36 and is frozen - what do to find out what the bloody F*** is going on19:10
vindavwilee-nilee:  it is from Nvidia19:10
tejastheadmin what you suggest for this error..or i should go with webmin :-(19:11
hitsujiTMOtejas: did you change the monit config to allow access from ips other than localhost?19:11
theadmintejas: Yeah no, Webmin is kinda broken with Ubuntu19:11
tejasit even not accessible from localhost19:11
wilee-nileevindav, Ah, well I think you know what'sup from looking at your posts.19:12
compdoctejas, if you use a browser to open monit, then yes, you likely need apache. Have you searched for any how tos?19:12
vindavtheadmin:  ok, I'll try that out first and come back to this chat here to report.19:12
vindavwilee-nilee:  Could you please clarify as I am need of some understanding of that ?19:12
tejasthanks copdoc..I was thinking this...I was trying to avoid installing apache..19:13
vindavwilee-nilee:  how do you do a Compiz reset ?19:13
hitsujiTMOtejas can you post your monit config?19:14
wilee-nileekriskropd, This is a worldwide channel including many cultural and ethnic groups, what makes you think swearing is an allowed reponse here.19:14
kriskropdwilee-nilee: my frustration19:14
kriskropdwilee-nilee: I'm not directing my anger at anyone here nor am i uncensored19:14
tejasyes..why not..I just changed only few options...wait sending pastebin link19:14
tmmunqzorael: http://www.staticfreesoft.com/productsFree.html19:14
vindavtheadmin:  ok, am removing the driver.  I noticed that there are other Nvidia hardware drivers waiting to be activate, all seem like they are beta like.  Should I activate them after re-boot ?19:15
wilee-nileevindav, this link might help it also addresses nvidia. http://askubuntu.com/questions/127782/ubuntu-12-04-compiz-failure-computer-has-nothing-to-use19:16
theadminvindav: Eh, if the deactivation of the current driver helps just leave it as is19:16
tejashere is mine monit config file... http://pastebin.com/dRS3GSUK hitsujiTM019:17
wilee-nileevindav, I will say though that theadmin is a better support here than myself.19:19
theadminwilee-nilee: Don't be of saying that, you are into great help many times :)19:19
wilee-nileetheadmin, graphics I have no clue of is all. ;)19:20
vindavwilee-nilee:  why is that ?  I like your support too.  In fact am reading and implementing what you shared in regards to that link in resetting Unity and Compiz.19:20
wilee-nileevindav, This area I know enough from seeing traffic on the channel, and I don't give advice that is not