Hypnotoadknome: Of course.03:27
astraljavazequence: Right, so I wasn't fantasizing about that after all. Just came to mind when folks over at Xubuntu side talked about such.06:53
SpEcKz!seen ttoine07:27
ubottuI have no seen command07:27
SpEcKzanyone seen ttoine here guys?07:28
zequenceOvenWerks: Have you been following what the changes were to fix the UEFI bug?15:47
zequenceI'm away for the weekend, but next week I really need to finish up work for planning, and set up a meeting between the devs in our team, etc17:44
OvenWerkszequence: I will look at it some more. As far as I know, ours should work now. Do we want to try it with the UbuntuStudio back in?20:28

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