Ajacmachow horribly concerned should I be about a kernel panic after attempting to install xubuntu?02:10
Unit193Depends upon what caused it, but can't say I get them too often.02:11
Ajacmacthe computer will not boot now, so that's annoying02:11
Ajacmackernel panic - not syncing .... drm kms helper panic occurred02:12
Unit193I'd start checking to see if hardware went bad, thus screwing up Xubuntu/the kernel.02:12
AjacmacI'm trying to determine if it's a bad hdd, but I'm not having any luck with ultimate boot cd atm02:12
Ajacmacnone of the hdd checking tools seem to be compatible with the drive, being a seagate drive02:12
Ajacmacthank you!02:14
Unit193Still under warranty by chance?02:17
Ajacmacit's one of the first eeepc's02:17
ronxxis anyonehere?03:27
ronxxAnyone know what this problem is?    Since I updated to xubuntu 13.10 (on 3 machines) when I create files or directories locally on a machine the permissions are u+rwx,go+rx instead of ug+rwx,o+rx. This is true both on the command line (bash) and file manager (Thunar). BUT: when I login remotely using ssh, and create files or directories, the permissions seem to work fine, i.e. ug+rwx,o+rx. Is there a bug in xubuntu 13.10 that causes the OS to ig03:28
ruienronxx: what's your umask setting in the terminal and also in ssh?03:32
ronxxthe umask is as follows: file   /etc/login.defs :   UMASK    022  ;    and    USERGROUPS_ENAB yes03:33
ronxxfile   /etc/pam.d/common-session :     session optional   pam_umask.so03:33
ronxxis that what you are asking?03:34
ruienwell, if (in bash) you type "umask", you get "022" regardless of whether this is the local terminal or remote ssh connection?03:34
ronxxin bash (local) I get 022, and ssh, i will tell you in a minute03:35
ronxxwhen I ssh, it's 00203:35
ruienokay, that's the reason then, so the question is why the umask is different. The OS is working correctly based on that umask value.03:36
ronxxthe files I referred to above are supposed to over-ride the 022 and change it to 002, i.e. the03:36
ronxxsetting USERGROUPS_ENAB yes  is supposed to change that to  0002 when the user and group are the same (or so the comments in the file  etc/login.defile etc/login.defs   say)03:38
ruienbut is the bash profile that's being run when you log in via SSH overriding the umask? that's pretty much the last thing that's being run. In other words, sort of what's described here: http://wiki.dreamhost.com/Umask03:39
ruienhm, i guess i'm not sure, seems it really should be respecting /etc/login.defs03:41
ronxxthe file ~/.profile does NOT override. But the other thing is, the file manager (Thunar) does the same, i.e. does NOT give the group file permissions upon creation03:41
ruienhave you confirmed that this exists in SSH even with a non-login shell, as well as a login shell?03:42
ronxxI am not sure what is a login shell and what is a non-login shell...03:43
ruienthis is the difference between ~/.bash_profile and ~/.bashrc , and you can execute different ones using "su" with and without " - ", for example "sudo su - foo" vs "sudo su foo"03:45
ronxxI don't have ~/.bash_profile files, only ~/.bashrc and ~/.profile. I will tell you in a minute what is in each of them, if anything, for umask...03:47
ronxxin .bashrc: no reference at all to umask;   in .profile, the line is a comment, i.e. the line is: #umask 02203:49
ronxxit's the same on all 3 machines I use03:49
kingbeowolfhow can i add the appmenu to a panel?03:56
kingbeowolfand how can i install AWN?03:56
kingbeowolfthis appmenu http://forum.pinguyos.com/Thread-How-to-customize-Xfce-4-1003:57
ruienronxx: not sure what to tell you, I normally just set the umask explicitly in ~/.bashrc, and i usually source ~/.bashrc from ~/.bash_profile03:59
GerowenIs there a command to temporarily suspend the screensaver function?  When I play games that use my controller, and no input is received via the mouse/keyboard, the screensaver randomly kicks me out, so I'd like to be able to script a screensaver suspension in with the scripts that start my games.04:11
Unit193xscreensaver-command -exit   then   xscreensaver -no-splash&04:13
kingbeowolfGerowen: good idea04:14
kingbeowolfGerowen: need something like that when actively watching videos as well04:14
Unit193VLC prevents it from happening.04:15
GerowenUnit193: Thanks for getting back to me, so in order to restore the screensaver to normal operation, I would just kill the xscreensaver -no-splash that I started, correct?04:27
Unit193Gerowen: The "xscreensaver -no-splash &" *was* to start it back.04:28
GerowenUnit193: Oh ok, I was reading the arguments for xscreensaver-command -exit, and from the way it worded the description of the "-exit", it just simulated user input, and would still kick in after a few minutes.  Thanks, :-)04:29
ronsonolNeed to report a bug resulting in a crash that simply logs user out.  Prefer reporting manually on Launchpad, but want to assure data collected about the correct event.  Any tips?06:13
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.06:14
ronsonolAlright, I have stuff to go blow up.06:17
Callan79Hi all, just popped in during xubuntu install (traditional ubuntu user, looking for lighter system for my netbook)07:18
ObrienDavewelcome Callan7907:19
Callan79hi ObrienDave07:20
Callan79I'm interested to learn opinions as to whether xubuntu users typically also install the ubuntu-desktop package, or not ?07:20
elfyI certainly don't :)07:20
Callan79I wasn't intending to, unless there is a good reason to07:20
Callan79good to know, cheers :-)07:21
ObrienDavenot if you want to keep the lighter system07:21
Callan79yeah, that's my aim07:21
ObrienDaveyou'll be happy with Xubuntu. we are07:22
elfyCallan79: I came fulltime to xubuntu in 11.04 when unity was the way it was going - not looked back since07:22
Callan79I'm familiar with the system, I've been using Ubuntu for a while but Unity is just getting way too slow on this machine07:22
ObrienDaveit's the same system except for the DE07:22
Callan79excellent, sounds like I'm not alone then LOL07:24
ObrienDaveI never liked Unity anyway. I'm an old DOS guy and don't see the need for eye candy07:24
Callan79I'll probably move my desktop to this aswell. I did check out Xubuntu a few years ago, it was quite plain, but this latest one is very pretty and smooth - impressed07:25
ObrienDavelike elfy, once I made the switch to Xubuntu, I never looked back07:26
ObrienDaveI've tried most Debian based systems, I keep coming back to Xubuntu07:26
remildo_buon giorno08:06
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)08:06
remildo_che dite, mi consigliate xubuntu per un aspire 5930G08:06
remildo_oooh sorri08:06
remildo_im sorry i dont undestand that here is allowed to speak english08:07
cfhowlettxaralx is a recommended package for UbuntuStudio?  Hasn't been touched since 2008?!!!!!08:20
ruienxara's good but i wish xaralx would get updates :(08:24
cfhowlettruien, it's a dead project which prompted my question ...08:24
ruienyeah, i actually use xara so i wish it wasn't a dead project. But your question is completely valid.08:25
cfhowlettand I'm in the wrong channel08:25
lameroidО класно09:00
lameroidздравствуйте господа, кто- то живой есть?09:00
lameroidхелп ми плиз09:00
ubottulameroid,: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.09:00
baizondamn to slow :>09:00
lameroidhelp concerning the xubuntu 13.04 installation09:03
lameroidlibng error:Read Error [13.295132] Kernel panic - not suncing: Attemped to killinit! exitcode=0x00000100 [13.295132] [13.295166] drm_kms_helper: panic occured, switching back to text console09:03
lameroidwhat with it to do?09:04
lameroidwho - that knows?09:14
cfhowlettlameroid, too quiet here.  give these details and your query in #ubuntu.09:15
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SappyHello, I have problem with xubuntu and flashplayer. http://postimg.org/image/m4n1hg7kb/ (1) How it looks, (2) how it should look.11:50
ObrienDavewhich browser are you using?11:52
knomeSappy, try disabling hardware acceleration from the flash right-click menu11:53
xubuntu689Hi, could somebody please help me with grub error ? Thanks.12:11
ObrienDavewhat grub error?12:12
ObrienDavepfffft, bed time12:14
xubuntu689I'll describe my situation... I have 2 HDD: internal with W7, and USB external with NTFS part. for data/backup. I reduced NTFS partition to have free space to install Xubuntu. But when I installed it, the grub crashed and this appeared: "No such partition, Grub rescue".12:15
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honza_this is international channel, isn't it?12:50
honza_greetings cfhowlett12:50
knome!english | honza_12:51
ubottuhonza_: The #ubuntu, #kubuntu and #xubuntu channels are English only. For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList12:51
honza_ok, i'll try to describe my problem in english :D12:53
honza_I'll describe my situation... I have 2 HDD: internal with W7, and USB external with NTFS part. for data/backup. I reduced NTFS partition to have free space to install Xubuntu. But when I installed it, the grub crashed and this appeared: "No such partition, Grub rescue".12:53
knomehonza_, or you can tell us what your native language is and we can point you to a channel with that language12:54
knome(if you're more comfortable with that)12:54
honza_knome: thanks, but i have no problem :-)12:55
knomeok, i have to go; good luck with yout problem12:55
honza_knome: thanks12:56
tempaskhi chan, i'm using Xubuntu 13.10. I already tried the xfce built in GUI config tools, disabled screensaver, did some power management config and even created Xorg.conf with "ServerFlags" "BlankTime" set to "0". None of that satisfied my goal to have the display always on. How do i configure the power management to _not_ turn off the display?13:00
honza_Can somebody please help me with...? I'll describe my situation... I have 2 HDD: internal with W7, and USB external with NTFS part. for data/backup. I reduced NTFS partition to have free space to install Xubuntu. But when I installed it, the grub crashed and this appeared: "No such partition, Grub rescue".13:04
GridCubehonza_, is your machine UEFI or BIOS?13:05
honza_Grid: BIOS13:05
GridCubehonza_, try again13:06
honza_GridCube: How you whisper? I have BIOS13:06
GridCubehonza_, its better to use the main channel that private messages13:07
GridCubeand in any case its "/msg nick"13:07
GridCubehonza_, your grub settings might not have been installed in the proper medium13:07
GridCubei would recommend you to reboot using another medium and use boot-repair to set the proper grub in the proper places pointing at the proper partitions13:08
honza_GridCube: so i need to reinstall grub via live usb?13:14
GridCubethat is probably the fastest route i know13:15
honza_may pc boots from sdb1 as first partition, not from sdb2, where is boot?13:16
GridCubehonza_, it will usually end on sda13:18
GridCubeunless you do something to change that13:18
honza_I've installed  grub on sdb, not sda and I boot from external hdd directly (boot option - one time boot)13:20
GridCubeoh ok13:22
GridCubei don't know then13:22
honza_oh, i think that i made a mistake... maybe it's not "no such partition", but "unknown filesystem"...13:24
honza_thanks for help, I'll try several solutions, that i found (supergrubdisk, format whole HDD and so on...) Thank You very much, and Bye ;-)13:36
slipp3danyone having luck with connecting a blue tooth headset and having it work?15:13
holsteinslipp3d: i have used bt15:21
ubottuFor instructions on how to set up bluetooth, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BluetoothSetup15:21
kingbeowolfcan some one help me with this http://forum.pinguyos.com/Thread-How-to-customize-Xfce-4-1015:22
holsteinkingbeowolf: are you running pinguyos?15:22
slipp3dholstein, your kidding right ... in 12.10 I have to manually configure the config files for bluetooth headsets to work?15:25
holsteinslipp3d: you are using 12.10?15:27
ubottuUbuntu 12.10 (Quantal Quetzal) is the current stable release of Ubuntu. Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/12.10/ - Release notes: http://ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/12.10 - Support in #ubuntu15:27
kingbeowolfslipp3d: i think xubuntu is struggling for help15:29
slipp3dyes i'm using 12.10 ... that link that you sent me to was how to configure bluetooth via config files15:29
slipp3dkingbeowolf, I'm starting to think the same thing ...15:30
holsteinkingbeowolf: xubuntu is ubuntu.. its a smaller team than the main one, but its quite strong15:30
kingbeowolfholstein: the 13.10 release had a lot of bugs and not really any improvments15:31
holsteinkingbeowolf: you are free to run the 12.04 version is you prefer15:31
holsteinkingbeowolf: do you have a support question? if not, visit the offtopic channel for chat.. thanks15:32
kingbeowolfholstein: i am free to do what ever i like if i prefer.. dont get all snippy about it15:32
kingbeowolfwhere is the bug tracker?15:32
holsteinslipp3d: i refered to that link i gave, and was able to get BT configured. but, this was a different release.. 12.04, and i dont have the particular hardware anymore15:33
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.15:33
kingbeowolfi dont want to report a bug i want to read them15:34
ubottuLaunchpad is a collection of development services for Open Source projects. It's Ubuntu's bug tracker, and much more; see https://launchpad.net/15:34
xubuntu462hello, I've installed Ubuntu 13.10 then xubuntu. I am unable to have compiz with xubuntu. Unity plugin cannot be unset15:34
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)15:35
kingbeowolfcan some one help me with this http://forum.pinguyos.com/Thread-How-to-customize-Xfce-4-1015:37
kingbeowolfi think a universal menu work be awesome15:38
kingbeowolfbut i cant get it working15:38
kingbeowolfgetting xfce to look like this would be awesome http://xfce-look.org/content/show.php/Orta?content=13412315:38
kingbeowolfi also cant install AWN in 13.1015:38
kingbeowolfis it not being maintained any more?  their site was down15:39
GridCubekingbeowolf, any of those desktops seem very doable15:39
kingbeowolfGridCube: im just getting into xfce so its all new to me15:40
kingbeowolfGridCube: it is running better then Unity with less program crashes15:40
GridCubekingbeowolf, just download the themes, install them and then choose them on the settings, you have the main theme settings and the window decoration settings, you can install any program like awn just from the USC15:41
kingbeowolfGridCube: what is USC?15:41
kingbeowolfubuntu software center?15:42
kingbeowolfi am on 13.10 and AWN doesn't show up15:42
elfykingbeowolf: as far as I know last version it was available on was 12.0415:43
elfyin the repos that is15:43
kingbeowolfi looked at launchpad and it hasn't been updated and the site is down15:44
kingbeowolfso xubuntu people dont update to the newest release?15:44
elfykingbeowolf: look on packages.ubuntu.com - it's not not available in repos to Xubuntu - it's not available to *buntu15:45
kingbeowolfso...what do you do when this happens?15:47
xubuntu462hello ! Do you confirm that compiz cannot be used with xubuntu 13.10 ?15:49
kingbeowolfis compiz the compositor?15:49
kingbeowolfbecause if it is it works15:49
xubuntu462compiz --replace bring me Unity15:50
kingbeowolfxubuntu462: do you have the settings manager?15:51
kingbeowolfi just click on window manager tweaks and then go to compositor tab15:51
xubuntu462yes I can set a lot of thing with ccsm ... then reboot and here is Unity again15:52
kingbeowolfthen click enable display15:52
elfycompiz is not the the compositor xubuntu uses15:52
elfycompiz isn't installed with xubuntu15:52
kingbeowolfthat explains it15:52
xubuntu462so compiz could not be use anymore15:52
GridCubeit shouldnt15:54
GridCubeyou can try to figure out how to use it tho15:54
ubottuCompiz (compositing window manager), for a howto see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager and more help #compiz15:54
GridCubebut its not recommended15:54
elfyxubuntu462: I think that people have managed in the recent past - but I can't say more than that I'm afraid - I didn't ever use compiz with ubuntu15:54
xubuntu462Yes this page is not working with 13.1015:55
gdossynaptic crashed during an installation. how do i rerun the installtion process? is it 'sudo dpkg-reconfigure --a' ?16:11
geniigdos: Try first sudo apt-get -f install16:58
gdosgenii: just like 'musica' the following package would not install properly 'nescc' so now i have a broken package which i can neither re-install nor purge.17:01
gdosok that command 'sudo apt-get -f install' is crashing everything. i just submitted 20 bug reports.17:07
TheSheepgdos: make sure you have free disk space17:08
gdosTheSheep: of a 300G hard drive, i'm only using <20%17:09
TheSheepgdos: for the home, but what about the root partition?17:09
gdosthat's <50% used.17:10
dunpealHi. Is there a way to get a list of all keyboard key names, so I can use them for custom shortcuts?17:15
dunpealFor example, KP_Page_Up17:15
Sappy_ Hello, I have problem with xubuntu and flashplayer. http://postimg.org/image/m4n1hg7kb/ (1) How it looks, (2) how it should look.18:33
Unit193Sappy_: Heh, you have an older intel that's using 16bit graphics.18:40
Unit193Sappy_: Drop http://paste.openstack.org/show/uZLRIlVRt7SGoj79M7eT in at /etc/X11/xorg.conf, see https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/117364918:42
ubottuUbuntu bug 1173649 in xserver-xorg-video-intel (Ubuntu) "incorrect color depth - intel graphics card" [Undecided,Opinion]18:42
xubuntu953Hi. This is the first time I get in here, and I need some help about how can I errase the ".trash" file I have in my external hard disk or pen drives?19:34
manuelhi! can someone tell me why my xfce4 desktop looks different on local display compared to a xrdb session? (ie. icons are misseng and many other settings seem to be different...)20:05
manuelxu 13.10 and I have already asked google :-)20:06
Unit193xrdb, does this start a new session?20:06
manuelyes, its a complete different desktop - which is ok - but I'd like to have the same icon theme on the xrdp sessen as local20:11
Unit193How do you call it?  OK, so I've been testing a little, and I'm pretty sure it's not complete, but what happens if you drop http://paste.openstack.org/show/D7VimGKTgkzsPeiNxiEX in ~/.xinitrc and call  startx  in whatever session?20:12
Poisoned_Dragonmanuel, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=189911120:13
Poisoned_DragonSee if that post helps you.20:13
Poisoned_DragonThough it is geared towards Gnome 2d, I'm sure it can be adapted20:14
Unit193Aaaah, so it's not calling it like NX does.20:14
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ptnxHi - anyone else having trouble with the Log Out menu option?20:51
ptnxIn 13.10?20:51
elfyptnx: does it 'loop' ?20:52
ptnxSystem gets bogged down20:53
ptnxBefore the menu with restart/shutdown, etc shows20:53
elfyptnx: not sure what you mean to be honest - there can be an issue with systemd-shim20:55
elfybug 122180920:55
ubottubug 1221809 in xfce4-session (Ubuntu) "systemd-shim removal causes restart to logout" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/122180920:56
ptnxI don't think that;s it20:56
elfyyou could see if you have it installed - run this in a terminal dpkg -l systemd-shim20:56
elfyif it doesn't show it installed - try doing so20:57
ptnxlooks like it's there20:57
ptnxWhat happens is Xorg maxes out the cpu20:57
elfynot sure then I'm afraid - sorry20:57
ptnxok - thx anyway20:57
Unit193Can you pull up a TTY or ssh in from another computer to check it out?20:58
elfyoh - might be a graphics card issue perhaps - at the end of a long day here - someone will comment I expect20:58
TaoLiafter 13.10 update, i lost pulseaudio control from my top task bar, the speaker icon now does nothing, can someone help?20:58
elfybug 120820420:58
ubottubug 1208204 in indicator-sound (Ubuntu) "indicator-sound no longer functions with xfce4-indicator-plugin" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120820420:58
ptnxinteresting, i have had issues with graphics driver since upgrading. will look into that more20:58
elfyTaoLi: ^^ bug up there - and it's mentioned on the release notes20:59
TaoLithanks guys, there is a workaround mentioned there. all is well.21:04
phooI installed a different sound control applet and it works fine.21:13
phooTaoLi: check out volti21:13
TaoLiphoo thanks volti is pretty cool, and in python, but just checked out the source don't know whats going on LOL21:26
peyamisn't 1a32-libs available in xubuntu 13.10?21:34
peyamknome: are you there?21:40
knomepeyam, yes?21:47
peyamyes it is included21:47
peyamone more thing21:47
peyamit is not possible to make menus in the "Main Menu" option21:48
knomepeyam, please stop from asking support questions from anyone specifically; people in the channel will either answer or not21:54
peyamso why doenst it work?21:55
TheSheeppeyam: maybe you need to ask better questions :)22:02
peyamTheSheep: The question is why "new menu" in "main menu" option in the setting manager doesnt work22:02
CypherPunk39Hello all22:25
ran_i have a question. there is any known problem about the update notifier icon?22:34
ran_i am using 13.10.22:35
Poisoned_DragonI haven't noticed an issue. What have you noticed?22:37
ran_Poisoned_Dragon, i think that its not shown when there is an update.22:39
Poisoned_DragonOh... I'm impatient. I update with synaptic. :)22:40
ran_because there is a problem with the pulse-audio volume, because its gtk3.22:41
brainwashno, it's still gtk2, the issue is related to dbus22:42
brainwashgtk3 indicators don't get displayed at all22:42
Poisoned_DragonIs that the glitch where your sound indicator doesn't work?22:43
evolvexEvening everyone, I've upgraded a VM install of Xubuntu to 13.10, now  Im getting a blackscreen on startup.... is this a common problem?22:43
brainwashran_: and regarding the update notifier, not sure, but it might be intended, that only a window popups22:44
ran_brainwash thanks. because until now i did not see the notifier icon.22:46
brainwashran_: same here22:46
ran_i hope that there is an icon because its more conviniant than sudden pop-up window.22:48
ran_sorry about my english.22:48
Poisoned_DragonI've seen far worse22:49
ran_anyone also notice that synaptic crushes if onboard (virtual keyboard) is loaded?22:54
ran_if onboard is not loaded everything seems fine.22:55
Poisoned_DragonI never used the virtual kb22:55
ran_its a strange problem.22:56
Poisoned_DragonI didn't even know there was one22:56
ran_sometimes i using onboard (very good virtual keyboard), and synaptic crushes when it loaded.22:58
Poisoned_Dragonwhere do you get it from?22:59
ran_it comes with xubuntu (if im not wrong)23:00
ran_on accessories23:00
Poisoned_DragonI'm using Ubuntu Studio.23:01
Poisoned_DragonSo, I might have to install it23:01
Poisoned_Dragonis it called onboard?23:01
Poisoned_Dragoninstalling now23:04
Poisoned_Dragonit's running fine for me23:06
Poisoned_Dragonusing it now23:07
ran_with synaptic?23:07
Poisoned_Dragonoh hey23:07
Poisoned_Dragonit just hung23:07
ran_synaptic hungs?23:08
Poisoned_DragonIt hangs. I had to force it closed.23:08
ran_or onboard hungs?23:08
Poisoned_DragonJust synaptic23:08
Poisoned_Dragononboard still worked23:08
ran_so there is a problem23:09
ran_its interesting what causes this problem with onboard and synaptic, because on anything else there is no problem with it.23:11
Poisoned_Dragonnow synaptic won't reload properly because onboard is in memory23:11
ran_yes this is exactly the problem23:12
Poisoned_DragonAh.... Sounds like you need to fill out a bug report.23:12
ran_yes but dont know how to do it23:12
ran_and my english is not perfect.23:13
dont-panicran_: your english is better than most people23:14
ran_i know my english is in a good level, but its not perfect.23:15
brainwashyou don't need perfect english to file a bug report :)23:16
ran_so how i do it?23:17
brainwashdid you already start synaptic inside a terminal window? it might print some error message(s)23:17
brainwashrun "ubuntu-bug synaptic"23:18
ran_i will try that.23:19
ran_it says: GtkNotebook 0x19cb590 is mapped but visible child GtkLabel 0x1a56610 is not mapped23:19
ran_full: (synaptic:14217): Gtk-WARNING **: GtkNotebook 0x19cb590 is mapped but visible child GtkLabel 0x1a56610 is not mapped23:20
brainwashbug 123584623:21
ubottubug 1235846 in synaptic (Ubuntu) "synaptic package manager has stopped working with gtk errors" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/123584623:21
ran_synaptic hungs only if onboard is in memory. otherwise its working OK.23:25
ran_i tested synaptic with another virtual keyboard (florence) and synaptic hungs again.23:27
brainwashtry "NO_AT_BRIDGE=1 synaptic" from a terminal window23:27
brainwashor is it synaptic-pkexec?23:28
ran_so there is a problem with virtual keyboards and synaptic23:28
brainwashit's synaptic-pkexec23:29
brainwashso "NO_AT_BRIDGE=1 synaptic-pkexec"23:29
brainwashwe are just gathering some information right now, you'll have to file the report23:30
ran_but i dont know how to do that23:30
brainwashrun "ubuntu-bug synaptic"23:31
ran_run it. now what i do23:32
brainwashdidn't a dialog window popup?23:34
brainwashso continue the bug report process23:35
ran_now im in launchpad23:35
ran_and i dont have an account23:35
brainwashyou can create one23:35
brainwashIt's pretty handy to have one if you use Ubuntu23:36
ran_ok. i will create account23:36
ran_one moment23:36
brainwashran_: this wiki article might be helpful https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs#Non-crash_hardware_and_desktop_application_bugs23:41
brainwashit describes the process with all the details23:42
ran_ok, i have logged in to launchpad23:43
ran_now what to do\23:44
brainwashplease read the linked article23:48
ran_now im reporting the bug23:53
brainwashthanks for reporting it :)23:56
ran_thanks for helping.23:58

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