rick_h_bah, this branch is cursed!01:52
rick_h_hatch: I found a way for you to help with the git changeover. It's nodejs for you :P01:55
hatchoh yeah? what do I need to do?01:55
rick_h_update https://github.com/Strider-CD/strider-github/tree/master/lib to do the pull request message checking for LGTM, triggering a CI build, and merging to branch XXX on success :)01:56
hatchok but we stil need a third party system to trigger this though right?01:59
rick_h_no, if we add support (and the stridercd guy is interested in having support built in) we could host our own stridercd instance (charm it up?) or use the hosted service. 01:59
rick_h_hatch: so we'd add the new feature as the hook in github for pull request comment, and on LGTM trigger a final build/merge02:00
hatchoh ok right, so no matter what we still need a third party to manage the github/travis business02:00
rick_h_hatch: yea, we'd not use travis in this case. stridercd does what we'd use travis for02:01
rick_h_no matter what we need something to handle the github hook for pull request comments and to trigger build/merge02:01
hatchsorry, we can't use it02:01
hatchhe puts commas first02:01
hatch:D I gota run for supper but I'll take a look at it later02:02
rick_h_hatch: yea, we can chat about it. I can help and see if we can make it work02:02
rick_h_it'd be a prime project to charm up as well02:02

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