* ahoneybun is downloading AOSP code to try to build 4.4 for his Galaxy Nexus01:13
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lordievaderGood morning.10:59
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BluesKajHiya folks11:31
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littlegirlHey there. (:16:19
littlegirlI saw the mention of the bzr repository in the mailing list and got all excited, and then realized that's probably for packages and not docs. ☹16:20
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ScottKcyphermox: Nevermind on my tethering problem with Galaxy S3.  I tried it again today and it works.18:27
apacheloggerScottK: fwiw the qreal float -> double change would break ABI and API21:22
apacheloggere.g. if someone had #ifdef arch_arm; fancyfloatfunction(qreal); #else; fancydoublefunction(qreal); #endif21:23
apacheloggerwhich would of course be somewhat moronic, and therefore very likely to be used somewhere :P21:24
Quintasankubotu: topic learn21:49
QuintasanThanks apachelogger 21:49
Quintasanapachelogger: When exactly is our BSP?21:51
apacheloggerin november21:51
QuintasanHmm, I do think I should ask for sponsorship21:54
apacheloggerI wonder how much space there is actually xD21:56
ovidiu-florinapachelogger: 50 persons21:58
ahoneybunvalorie, looks very promising22:03
apacheloggercan do a party there22:03
ahoneybunvalorie, http://ubuntuguide.org/wiki/Kubuntu:Saucy#Dual-Booting_Windows_and_Kubuntu22:05
ahoneybunpretty nice info22:06
valorieoh good, they offer wubi though22:06
valorieI mean, oh god22:07
valorienot good22:07
ahoneybunit is a wiki we could change it22:07
valorielet's think about this, and how we can use this, and cooperate with them22:08
valorieI have a few other things on my plate this week, but I'll try to cruise around that wiki and check it out22:09
ahoneybunof course 22:09
apacheloggerdoesn't exist no moar I am reasonable certain22:10
* ahoneybun wonders about how to get in touch with them22:10
apacheloggerit got axed with a huge ass axe22:10
valoriethere are links at the bottom or in About22:11
* ahoneybun sees that wubi is still in the kubuntu iso22:11
apacheloggeroh la la22:12
* apachelogger duckduckwalks the wubi22:12
valorieperhaps we needed a boning knife, instead of an axe22:12
apachelogger"Windows installer is not compatible with Windows 8 or UEFI firmware, and is not available for Ubuntu 13.10."22:14
apacheloggervery interesting22:14
ahoneybunit is in the kubuntu 13.10 iso22:14
ahoneybunvalorie, http://www.kubuntuguide.info/22:16
valorievery spammy22:17
valorieyou rock22:29
ahoneybunwe also need to update this https://launchpad.net/kubuntu-docs22:38
valorieof course22:40
valoriethat's where are mini-docs will go, right?22:40
* valorie intrudes on the devel list discussion22:40
ovidiu-florin"It did not offer any regional languages or keyboards, " [durring installation]22:41
ovidiu-florin"in the Ubuntu family range, Kubuntu is the only one that refuses to give you the most awesome and popular gaming platform. How rude."22:46
ahoneybunovidiu-florin, how is the translations going?22:49
apachelogger"It did not offer any regional languages or keyboards, " <- lol22:49
apacheloggerI have installed saucy probably 30 times since september and it always had that xD22:50
ahoneybunvalorie, yea but we need to update it to show where our work is being done wiki wise22:50
ovidiu-florinapachelogger: same here22:50
ovidiu-florinahoneybun: I've been swamped these days, so not verry fast with the translations.22:51
ovidiu-florinI was thinking to leave some of that for the BSP22:51
ahoneybunovidiu-florin, ok no problem22:51
ahoneybunthe trip22:51
ovidiu-florinahoneybun: should I finish them faster?22:51
ahoneybunovidiu-florin, not rushing you just asking22:52
ovidiu-florinmy parents are building a new howse and I had to help my dad today, all day22:53
ovidiu-florinI'm exausted22:53
ahoneybunovidiu-florin, oh wow22:54
* valorie gives ovidiu-florin a cup of nice hot tea22:55
ovidiu-florinthanks valorie22:55
valoriegood on ya for helping out your parents22:56
* ahoneybun wants to kinda work on those pages that need refreshing in the mean time22:57
ovidiu-florinthe are there is verry low, ad proned to floding, so we had to get more dirt to raise the level22:57
ahoneybunhope you have a blast on that trip btw ovidiu-florin 22:57
ovidiu-florinand it's a big place to level22:57
ovidiu-florinahoneybun: thanks22:57
ovidiu-florinis it allright if I'll focus on that install doc, then?22:58
ovidiu-florinor should that be done faster?22:58
ovidiu-florincome to think of it, it should have been done before the release...22:58
ovidiu-florinso... I should do it ASAP22:59
valoriethe install doc doesn't have much to translate23:00
valoriemost of it isn't written yet23:00
ahoneybunvalorie, he is moving his blog post about installation from his language to english for that part23:00
valorieoh cool23:01
valoriethat would be awesome23:01
ahoneybunvalorie, then I add moinmoin on top of it23:03
ahoneybunthere will be 3 main topics23:03
ahoneybunfull install all in one partition, one / and one /home partitions, and dual booting23:03
ovidiu-florinahoneybun: it's not my blogpost23:04
ovidiu-florinit's a contributors23:04
ahoneybunovidiu-florin, right sorry23:04

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