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StravQuestion: Since a few weeks now, It seems I have to reset pulseaudio for it to recognize my usb headset when it's plugged in and Yet, it's detected by alsa's aplay -l. Is there any way I can fix this for pulseaudio to automatically add the usb headset? (resetting pulse cause kde's phonon to display pulseaudio as the only available "device" so the defined device preferrences do not apply anymore (I have to manually switch which is the01:07
Stravdefault output device with pavuconrol)01:07
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max_What folder to save you want to backup all you documents and programm configuration without plasma configuration itself ?09:56
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ErtheGood morning.10:39
ErtheI'm running Kubuntu 12.04.3 LTS and KDE 4.11.2; for some reason kdesudo no longer prompts me for a password when performing actions like mounting volumes in Dolphin or when trying to install packages through apper.10:40
ErtheHow do I enable this?10:40
lordievaderGood morning.10:59
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BluesKajHiya folks11:32
AceKingHas anyone else been having problems with Software Center crashes in 13.10 64 bit?11:49
BluesKajAceKing. it's still a bit unstable , no crashes here , but slow and clunky11:51
BluesKajI avoid it , use muon11:52
BluesKajif i need to find plg info11:53
AceKingBluesKaj: OK, thank you11:54
AceKingAnother question I had... Yesterday, I was having a problem installing Wine. I found this website, (http://www.itworld.com/software/371219/install-wine-171-ubuntu-1310-saucy-salamander) and followed the instructions. After I finished, I was a little concerned about the first ppa that they had me add. sudo add-apt-repository ppa:joe-yasi/yasi  After I ran update/upgrade in Konsole, I noticed this file changed libsdl-image1.2. I deleted12:00
AceKing the ppa, but I'm concerned about the file it changed. Any thoughts?12:00
FloodBotK1AceKing: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:00
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BluesKajAceKing. odd , that lib seems necessary for Simple Direct-Media Layer , but you can reinstall it12:05
AceKingBluesKaj: OK, I'll do that. That is odd that they want people to install that ppa. I should have known better12:07
BluesKajwine should install without problems right from the repos , do you recall the error . AceKing ?12:10
GallusHi, some1 else is having trouble comfiguring hsp/hfp bluetooth?12:12
AceKingBluesKaj: Actually, I couldn't find it for some reason. I found Play On Linux, and Wine tricks, and wasn't sure if it installed Wine along with it.12:13
BluesKajjust type wine in muon12:13
AceKingBluesKaj: I did, but it wasn't coming up for some reason.12:14
BluesKajplay on linux is wine in noob clothing12:14
BluesKajAceKing. make sure you have all your "universe" repos enabled in the sources list , then update and upgrade , then install wine12:16
Gallusmine is showing wine, playonlinux and wine1.412:16
BluesKajGallus. that seems right12:17
AceKingBluesKaj: I just needed Wine to run TeamViewer. Usually, when I download the TeamViewer deb file, it automatically installs Wine. But I downloaded the 64 bit deb, and was getting a dependency error. So I figured If I installed Wine first it would work. It turned out that I had to install the 32 bit version for some reason12:17
Gallusyep. mine is installed without problems.12:18
Gallusi think default wine installs 32bits modules12:18
AceKingGallus: I usually have no problems installing TeamViewer 64bit, which automatically installs Wine.12:19
AceKingEverything is installed now, so I am happy12:20
Gallusmine is installed right, but is 32bits for sure12:20
AceKingThanks for the help. Time to get my butt in gear and head out. You guys have a great day!12:22
BluesKajsame to you AceKing12:22
Gallusso, anyone but me have trouble with hfp/hsp12:24
BluesKajGallus. I never use hfp/hsp12:36
Gallusi have a headset bluetooth, he works with a2dp but not work with hfp/hsp12:47
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jsseaboldIs it enough to put a powersaving script in /etc/pm/power.d/00-powersave or do I need to tell power mgmt to execute it as well?12:49
BluesKajGallus. is your headphone bluetooth 2.0 /12:51
Gallusis bluetooth  v. 2.112:54
BluesKajGallus. what's hfp ?12:58
Gallushands free protocol12:59
Galluswe have several protocols fpr bluetooth12:59
Gallusbasicaly a2dp is for soud/music13:00
Gallushfp and hsp are for recording voice13:00
Gallusi tried same headset on windows machine. It works on A2dp when just listening, and when i need voice redording it switches for hfp/hsp protocol13:02
Gallusin linux it dont change automaticaly, but you can change manualy13:03
Gallusbut my problem is sound is ok while i am in a2dp protocol, but when i switch to hfp/hsp, headset dont work13:04
Gallusdont record and dont enable sound13:04
BluesKajwell, I have no knowledge about hsp ...my wireless headphones are connected to an audio receiver since all the audio sources connect to it13:07
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GallusThanks BluesKaj anyway13:30
kaddiheya, anyone know what's wrong with software updates in saucy? It was supposed to update 4 packages and download a total of 2MB nad it's been at it for 5h now14:14
kaddieverything is greyed out, only the blue bar for "loading software list" is running back and forth14:14
kaddii've tried to kill it, but it won't die14:14
kaddithere's also no lock on the lists no more, I've done an sudo apt-get update & upgrade in the command line and they said everything was up to date. So I guess it did the updates, just not sure what it is it is doing now14:16
BluesKajkaddi. try the terminal14:23
kaddiwhat do I do in the terminal?14:24
kaddiwhat's the apps name?14:24
kaddikillall muon-updater?14:25
BluesKajstop muon , update and upgrade thru the terminal with apt-get14:27
BluesKajm,ake sure you have all your repos enabled14:28
kaddii did the update and upgrade before, it said i was up to date (which is why I concluded that muon must have updated whatever there was to update14:28
kaddibut killall muon-updater closed the window14:29
kaddiso that's all i needed :)14:29
BluesKajkaddi. no matter if the repos are commented out in the sources.list and muon then apt can't reach them14:30
PasNoxI finished to backup / restore my data from old disk to new one.14:30
PasNoxnow i want to redownload and reinstall all currently isntalled packages to be sure no files are corrupted.14:31
PasNoxany hint of the apt-get / dpkg command to use please?14:31
kaddithere's nothing commented out in my sources.list14:31
BluesKajcheck muon too14:31
kaddiunless muon uses a different repository than apt-get?14:31
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BluesKajnope , but sometimes muon doesn't pickup changes in the sourc es.list even after updating and vice versa14:32
kaddihow do i check in muon-updater? I've tried to click on stuff, but it just doesn't do anything14:33
kaddiconfigure muon-update sohuld open a popup i guess?14:33
BluesKajdon't use the updater , open muon and choose settings /configure software sources14:34
kaddiok, it came up.. just seems slow. I don't see an option to configure where it14:34
kaddilooks to be in order too.. anything but the cd rom is checked14:35
BluesKajthere's a bug updating muon from apt-get , but once you have the same sources setup in both the sources.list and muon then updates/upgrades run smoothly14:36
BluesKaji prefer the cli/terminal for updating/upgrading , then if there's a problem it will show up in the text14:38
BluesKajespecially when OS is new like 13.1014:39
kaddiah, ok14:41
kaddiyeah, i did change the lists to include the canonical-partners last week.. it's possible this was the first time muon ran after this14:41
kaddibut it looked good when I got to the settings14:41
kaddii usually use the cli as well, but there was a popup so I figured "why not click it" :p14:42
BluesKajI turn the notifier off because I update every day , since I'm usually running a dev kubuntu version , but i think it's good practice anyway14:46
BluesKajmuon update notifier that is14:47
kaddiyeah :)14:53
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PasNoxI'm looking for a way to reisntall corrupted packages on my system. how can i force reisntall of all installed package on the systeme ? ( it's not a fresh install, and so get selection / set selection is not what i want )15:34
BluesKajPasNox. so you need to purge the the corrupt packages and their config files , the other packages really don't need to be reinstalled15:49
PasNoxBluesKaj: problems is i don't know which one are corrupted :/15:50
PasNoxi got a few sectors broken during the backup15:50
BluesKajhow were they corrupted ?15:50
PasNoxthe source broken hard disk was having corrupted sectors15:51
PasNoxand so the final backup as partial corrupted files15:51
BluesKajPasNox. reinstall kubuntu to / if you have a separate /home partition, if not then backup your data and do a clean install15:53
PasNoxthere is a lot of custom conf files i don't want to rewrite in /etc and my databases to be checked15:54
PasNoxis it possible to know the list files being palced in bad sectors ?15:54
PasNoxso i oculd eventually reduce the things for reisntall15:54
BluesKajidentifying data loss in broken sectors is beyond my expertise , but I'm sure if you asked in #ubuntu you might get an answer...the population here is pretty small to expect a quick answer here15:59
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PasNoxBluesKaj: ok, thanks16:07
PasNoxif i recall, they ban me ;)16:07
PasNoxa whole ago :d16:07
BluesKajif I recall you objected to too many suggestions and you got classified as unco-operative16:09
PasNoxBluesKaj: dunnow ;), the only thing i recall is an op being speaking to me very bad, and was not accepting i do same with him. so he bann me ;)16:19
PasNoxeasy way of stupid people ;)16:19
BluesKaj no point in discussing it , you could try #kde16:20
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NTFS83!ops | ljl spammer17:24
ubottuljl spammer: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) Hobbsee, Tm_T, Nalioth, Riddell, seth, imbrandon, gnomefreak, nixternal, ryanakca, mneptok, PriceChild, tsimpson, jussi, Pici, ikonia, genii, Mamarok, claydoh, maco, seele, Nightrose, JontheEnchidna, rgreening, or txwikinger17:24
fatihhi, i'm using kubuntu 13.10 and i activated compiz but my kde windows look so ugly. how can i change my windows decorations?18:08
BluesKajfatih. no need for compiz on kubuntu , kwin provides most desktop effects , unless you have special requirements18:10
zero_coderhello , my os getting unresponsive at times18:12
fatihBluesKaj: i changed some things about kwin. i clicked use compiz windows decorator against kwin and i cant remember how i changed it.18:12
fatihBluesKaj: how can i access kwin properties to use nice looking windows decorations?18:13
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BluesKajfatih. kmenu>computer>system settings>workspace appearance., then look in application appearance for style, icons, fonts etc18:16
BluesKajfatih. personally I would uninstall compiz18:17
fatihBluesKaj : thank you very much. i made it.18:18
BluesKajfatih. good :)18:18
fatihBluesKaj: if i uninstall compiz can i still use windows effects?18:18
BluesKajyes, kwin has it's own compositor18:18
BluesKajthen check out desktop effects/all effects tab  in system settings , fatih18:20
fatihBluesKaj: thanks it's time to search how to uninstall it. thank you again. have a nice day/night. :)18:20
BluesKajfatih. look in kmenu>apps>system>muon package manager and type compiz in the search then uninstall it18:22
fatihBluesKaj: thanks. i'll.18:23
fatihBluesKaj: thanks again. have a nice day.18:29
BluesKajfatih. same to you :)18:30
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lordievaderHey ramonnieto19:11
lordievader!spanish | ramonnieto19:12
ubotturamonnieto: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.19:12
Linusnewbhi all19:12
Linusnewba few question :)19:13
lordievaderHey Linusnewb19:13
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience19:13
ramonnietoubottu ¿hay canales Kubuntu en español?19:14
ubotturamonnieto: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)19:14
Linusnewbi have kubuntu + ubuntu sources + some other saurces implented,... so now my networkmanager not use resolv.conf and dhcp319:14
draikxI just installed 13.10 onto my new laptop (Acer Aspire V3-571), and I don't have a working mouse or eth0/wlan0. It all worked when I was using the LiveCD. I've done 2 re-installs now, and still having the same issue. How do I resolve this?19:14
draikxramonnieto, #kubuntu-es19:15
ramonnietoMuchas gracias draikx19:16
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LinusnewbI'm not be able to change my dns so I have manipulated dhcp.conf in /etc/dhcp it seems work but not by every restart19:16
ramonnietoSoy  usuario novato, pero un entusiasta en linux, tengo un blog para aprender, por si desean aportar orientación o información www.lindux.net19:17
lordievaderLinusnewb: Dns is set by /etc/resolv.conf which is generated by /etc/resolvconf/resolv.conf.d/19:18
ramonnieto#kubuntu-es: Cannot join channel (+i) - you must be invited  ??19:19
LinusnewbI have set me as root and delete resolv .conf in /etc and /run folders19:20
Linusnewband also scripts with resolv.conf19:20
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Linusnewbbut I can still connect without them19:20
lordievaderLinusnewb: You don't want to delete them! You want to edit them.19:21
Addleramonnieto: I tried and got redirected to #Ubuntu-es. Try joining that directly.19:21
Linusnewbis a wonderful life without them but to edit by every restart dhcp.conf is not a funny job19:23
ramonnietoaddle ?19:23
tdnHi. I have just installed Kubuntu 13.10 on a new Dell E6430 laptop with nvidia NVS 5200M graphics. I have tried installing the proprietary drivers using additional drivers program (jockey). However, it does keeps being "Not in use". How do I utilize my Nvidia graphics card in Ubuntu?19:23
Addleramonnieto: He intentado unir # kubuntu-es, pero he redirigido a # ubuntu-es. Intenta unir eso directamente.19:26
Linusnewbnow question is there a way to fix dhcp.conf with manuel dns settings without loss by every restart?19:27
Linusnewbcause it seems kde networkmanager use this script but it's regenerated hisself by every restart,...19:30
AddleLinusnewb: You could edit the connection, go into the IPv6 tab and select the method "Automatic (DHCP) Addresses only". Then enter the DNS server IP address.19:34
AddleLinusnewb: Well, it's just Automatic (only addresses), now, but close enough. :)19:36
LinusnewbAddle I am using IP4 but it;s reset after reboot so I make script manipulating19:39
Linusnewbresolv.conf made me angry and I delete everything with them and linked in dhcclient19:40
AddleLinusnewb: I mean do this in the network manager applet. Click on it, select your connection, and click on the wrench. Then click on the "Edit Connection" button and go to the IPv4 tab.19:40
Linusnewbso dhclient doesn't work as default but the script still works19:40
AddleLinusnewb: If you're using Network Manager and you try and fight it rather than use it, you will lose. lol19:41
Linusnewbit's not working but the only thing what work is dhcp.conf but by every restart I lost my configuration file19:42
AddleLinusnewb: Ooops, I typed "go into the IPv6" tab, and I meant IPv4.19:43
AddleLinusnewb: Exactly, Network Manager is responsible for managing that stuff, and will overwrite it. You have to go through the plasmoid.19:44
Linusnewbwich script and wich daemon use the networkmanager IPv4 dhclp3 is doesn't exist in my system :D19:44
draikxI've re-installed Kubuntu 13.10 on my laptop (Acer Aspire V3-571) a few times now, and I cannot get the mouse, ethernet, wifi, or USB to work. Everything worked in the LiveCD, though.19:47
draikxIs this a known issue with 13.10, and is there a solution? I've not found anything online to reference this issue.19:48
AddleLinusnewb: Assuming you haven't messed it up, Network Manager should be there by default. The dhcp client should come from the package 'isc-dhcp-client".19:48
AddleLinusnewb: Configure it from the applet. Don't mess with config files.19:48
AddleLinusnewb: The daemon is "NetworkManager", FYI, but all you really need to know is configure it properly in the "Edit Connections" from the applet in your system tray. If it doesn't show, right click on the little arrow on the system tray and go into "System Tray Settings" and unlock the widgets, then make sure there's a check mark next to the "Network Management" entry.19:52
bassehi.. i am having trouble with my tablet. when connected the notifier in kde doesnt say anything.. and i see this in logs: Nov  2 21:45:17 kone mtp-probe: bus: 2, device: 9 was not an MTP device19:52
bassehowever, i can do "mtp-detect" by hand and the device is found. so what is this mtp-probe?19:53
basserunning 13.1019:53
kaddihow do I check what packages were updated during the last upgrade? Is that even possible19:55
Addlekaddi: Look in /var/log/apt/history.log19:59
kaddihmm, that only contains the ones I istalled manually recently. Not the updated ones20:00
kaddiah no20:01
kaddisorry.. client was hanging20:01
Addlekaddi: np :)20:01
kaddimy battery charger/acpi applet seems broken and I recall it was working fine yesterday20:02
kaddilooking at the stuff that was updated today, it's mostly grub and glib-networking related.20:03
draikxDoes anyone know why something would work seamless on the LiveCD, but then not work at all through an actual install?20:03
kaddinot sure if those could affect the issue?20:03
Addlekaddi: Hm, don't see why those would.20:04
Addlekaddi: How is it broken?20:04
kaddiAddle: it doesn't realise when I unplug the power supply and claims that it's 100% charge even after 2-3h of usage20:05
Addledraikx: Well, theoretically, the DVD has everything it might need on it, whereas the install itself should try and only install what it knows it needs. Strange that so much doesn't work.20:05
kaddi i've gotten to the point where I know that upower  -i /org/freedesktop/UPower/devices/battery_BAT1 shows 100% recharged, but cat /sys/class/power_supply/BAT1/charge_now  shows 2736000 (when full charge is 7200000)20:06
kaddiso I'm guessing something isn't read correctly somewhere... :p but where?20:06
Addlekaddi: That is a very good question. :)20:06
kaddifunnily enough, the led for "power supply plugged in" seems to be working just fine ;p20:07
draikxAddle, that makes sense. Not sure why it isn't being passed along, though.20:09
Addledraikx: Indeed! In particular, the mouse and USB stuff... Not sure how that wouldn't work out of the box.20:09
draikxI only have lo in /etc/network/interfaces20:10
Addledraikx: Yeah, same here, so that's normal.20:11
draikxAh, OK.20:11
Addledraikx: Is your mouse USB? Try lsusb and see if it shows up in there.20:11
Addledraikx: For example, I get one line in there that says: Bus 008 Device 004: ID 046d:c01e Logitech, Inc. MX518 Optical Mouse20:12
draikxAddle, no, it's the laptop mouse.20:12
draikxI'm going to see if I can install 13.04, then upgrade to 13.1020:13
Addledraikx: Oh, the track pad. Wonder if it shows up in lshw.20:13
draikxAddle, I just formatted the drive for 13.04. Sorry. I did lshw earlier, but I was only looking for the ethernet and wifi card.20:16
Addledraikx: Ok, well, shouldn't be necessary to do that, but I guess we'll see if that works. Good luck! :)20:16
draikxAddle, thank you. I'm hoping this works out, too.20:16
draikxSo far, 13.04 works as intended. Time to upgrade.20:25
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draikxThat seems to work. 13.04->13.10 worked. Still don't know why 13.10 install wouldn't work.21:16
apacheloggerdraikx: UEFI/secureboot/windows8 computer?21:17
draikxapachelogger, yes.21:17
Addledraikx: Indeed! But glad you got it working.21:17
draikxI disabled UEFI, though. I went back to "Legacy BIOS"21:17
apacheloggerah, ok21:17
apacheloggerUEFI installation only works if you activate updates in the installer21:17
draikxapachelogger, I did. 3rd party and install updates both checked.21:18
* apachelogger meant to write a note about that21:18
Addleapachelogger: His problem was that his mouse (trackpad), network interfaces, USB, didn't seem to work.21:18
draikxAcer Aspire V3-571-9401, if interested.21:18
apacheloggervery strange that it would work on an upgrade21:19
draikxI don't get it, either. vOv21:19
AddleYep, it's a puzzler. :)21:19
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draikxBut now I'm happy that I have a working laptop with Kubuntu 13.1021:21
draikxAnd it appears that I'm running at 1/2 my installed RAM (4GB instead of 8GB)21:22
apacheloggerdraikx: says who?21:24
draikxfree -m21:25
apacheloggerdraikx: running 32bit maybe/21:25
apacheloggersays who? :P21:26
draikxOne sec. Getting things setup.21:26
draikxI'll get on IRC from there in a bit21:26
draikxuname -a21:26
apacheloggerall very curious21:27
Addleapachelogger: Yeah, I'd love to know what the source of the problem was. Hard to get it fixed this way.21:35
draikapachelogger: I'm on my laptop now21:36
draikLinux V3571 3.11.0-12-generic #19-Ubuntu SMP Wed Oct 9 16:20:46 UTC 2013 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux21:36
draik             total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached21:38
draikMem:          3773       1190       2583          0         47        62221:38
draik-/+ buffers/cache:        519       325321:38
draikSwap:        15257          0      1525721:38
draikSorry, I didn't mean to spam. That's all I got now.21:38
Addledraikx: That's odd!21:39
Addledraikx: Guessing that other 4GB RAM doesn't show up with sudo lshw?21:39
draikLet me check21:39
AddleIt's no longer Oct. 31st, so it shouldn't be haunted.21:40
draikOnly reading 121:41
AddleWondering if the RAM is seated properly, hardware wise.21:42
draikxI can check on that momentarily. Got a few downloads going real quick.21:43
draikxI'll even swap them (bank 0/1)21:43
AddleOf all the things, finding your RAM and using it when running a 64 bit OS is one of those "should just work" sort of things.21:43
draikxLaptop inspected by: Law, Murphy21:45
MeanderingCodeanyone know a command or script to reload touchpad config? (it "resets" until restarting kde when i run a 'rmmod psmouse && modprobe psmouse' )21:48
dolo_awayMeanderingCode would a bash script added to startup take care of that?21:52
MeanderingCodedolo_away: startup is fine, my config is loaded.  what happens is that dropping/reloading the psmouse module "resets" the active config to default21:53
MeanderingCodeand i don't want to have to log out and back in to get my config21:53
dolo_awayahh ok21:54
dolo_awayI don't know much about that unfortunately21:54
draikThis is my MEMORY output from lshw: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6349521/21:56
draikGoing to power down so I can check the memory (physically)21:56
AddleMeanderingCode: Not sure at all, but as a long shot, and the only thing I can come up with, maybe toggling the TouchpadOff setting with synclient would cause it to reload?21:59
AddleMeanderingCode: I'm more worried about the need to do that in the first place, though. I guess it stops working and you need to reload the module?22:00
Addledraikx: You have 4 banks. Maybe one of the chips is in the wrong slot?22:01
Addledraikx: Going to guess that if one is in bank 2, the other should be in bank 0.22:02
MeanderingCodeAddle: yeah, touchpad occasionally gets stuck in only passing s'th that's read as scrolling (i can drag my finger up/down on the touchpad and scroll)22:02
MeanderingCodecome to think of it, i think it gets stuck thinking there's two fingers22:03
MeanderingCodeb/c i think tapping executes a right click22:03
MeanderingCodewhich is the other two finger associated setting22:03
MeanderingCode(two finger motion and two finger tapping)22:03
Addledraikx: My motherboard manual for my desktop mentioned something about that, and I think there were two sets of differently colored DIMM slots.22:03
MeanderingCodeand i don't like it, either, but quickest solutions are gold for me, b/c my life has moved on from that time when i adopted linux and could spend >8hrs a week just fiddling with things ;)22:04
AddleMeanderingCode: Wonder if turning off the two finger thing would resolve the issue. Keeping in mind I'm far from a trackpad expert. :)22:04
draikxIt wasn't seated right. Sticker got in the way.22:05
Addledraikx: Nice! Glad it works, now.22:05
MeanderingCodeAddle: hmm.  i'll give it a shot next time22:06
draik             total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached22:06
draikMem:          7805        798       7007          0         75        28822:06
draikSwap:        15257          0      1525722:06
MeanderingCodehard to reproduce, so it's a waiting game :)22:06
draik8GB of RAM now :)22:06
MeanderingCode(still open to solutions, though, if others have thoughts)22:06
AddleMeanderingCode: hehe Hope you get it sorted out. :)22:06
AddleDangit, it's getting cold in here. Quick, someone offer me a job in Hawaii! XD22:08
AddleEh, worth a shot. lol22:09
apacheloggerdraik: congratz22:11
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draikxEverything seems to be working. Even got my Android phone paired with my laptop :)22:35
Addledraikx: KDE Connect has been a fun toy to play with. I got a text yesterday and it popped up in my system tray notifications. Niiiice...22:36
draikxAddle, THANK YOU! I was just going to look for something like that.22:36
Addledraikx: Still needs a lot of work, and it would work better if I was on Android 4.1 or better (4.0.x right now). But very promising.22:37
draikxI'm on Android 4.3, so I shouldn't have a problem (then again, look at this laptop, haha).22:37
Addledraikx: Keep in mind the version in the repos is old enough that the android one from the play store will complain. It was better once I built it myself.22:38
Addledraikx: As I recall, I got some instructions from: http://larsemil.se/small-howto-on-kde-connect-and-ubuntu/22:39
draikxChecking it out...22:44
MangaKaDenzaI still cannot find the source for kubuntu22:46
MangaKaDenzaam I missing something22:46
valoriethere are source repositories for *every part*22:48
valorieyou just have to enable them22:48
valorieonce you do that, and update, you will have ALL the sources22:48
valorieof course it takes up room22:48
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draikxAddle, it doesn't have bluetooth support. I found Android Desktop Notifier (for the laptop) and Remote Notifier (for my phone), and that is working.23:21
Addledraikx: Yeah, it uses Wifi. Don't know about Bluetooth. My desktop doesn't have it and my laptop is ancient. :)23:22
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