josehey wgrant, around?05:28
wgrantjose: Hi05:32
josemind a quick PM?05:32
Fudgehow can I list all binary packages for particular arch's07:02
Fudgestill have 225 binary packages for firefox07:07
wgrantFudge: archive.getPublishedBinaries(status='Published', distro_arch_series='/ubuntu/saucy/powerpc')07:17
wgrantOr look in the indices on ppa.launchpad.net.07:18
Fudgewgrant thanks, but I received an error bash: syntax error near unexpected token `status='Published','07:40
wgrantFudge: That's launchpadlib syntax, not bash.07:41
Fudgeit over my head :(07:49
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saiarcot895Is it possible for apport to use a dbg package in a PPA?21:56

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