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ozbrkhi guys how can I mke thunar as a deaflut file manager on 13.1009:54
ozbrkhi guys10:28
ozbrkI'm looking for the different styles for my lubuntu10:28
ozbrkhow can I find them10:29
Hyuristylehow could i reduce temperature on Lubuntu?11:08
Hyuristylethe temperatures are high, even when running only the system11:09
ozbrkare you sure there is no problem on your system11:11
ozbrknot the OS11:11
ozbrkthe mechanical problem11:11
Hyuristyledon't seems to be, i logged in on windows 8 and the temperatures were low11:15
Hyuristylethe minimum on Lubuntu was 56 and the maximum was 7011:16
Hyuristyleon windows 8 was around 4711:17
Hyuristylenow is 54ยบ C11:21
Hyuristyleand CPU is at 1%11:21
Hyuristyle(on Lubuntu, 13.10)11:23
ozbrkwell I don't have any answer with my knowleage11:25
Hyuristyleok, thanks anyway11:25
Hyuristylejust an additional information: is a Notebook, Asus11:28
Hyuristyleintel processor11:29
Hyuristylethe "Temperature Monitor" also shows this:11:35
Hyuristyle/sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/: 2711:35
Hyuristyle/sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone1/: 5411:35
Hyuristyle/sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone2/: 5211:35
SixtyFoldwhat is the most current long term release?11:38
Unit193There isn't one for Lubuntu.11:39
Unit19314.04 will be the first.11:39
SixtyFoldis there any complications upgrading from 12.04 to 13.10 or should i just burn a new .iso of 13.10?11:41
Unit193Hyuristyle: cpufreq-info can tell you what governor you're using.11:41
Unit193SixtyFold: No idea, generally you do one at a time.11:42
SixtyFoldthen ill just DL and burn a new .iso i guess, lol11:42
Hyuristyle"sudo apt-get install cpufrequtils" ?11:48
HyuristyleUnit193: do you know what could cause high temperatures?11:48
Unit193I'm trying to indicate that if the cpu isn't in powersave or ondemand, it could cause it to heat some...11:50
Hyuristylei've installed jupiter from the webup8's launchpad, when the system started a massaged appeared: "on demand mode", but the temperatures are the same and the applet doesn't appear11:52
Hyuristyleseems to be at least running because python started11:53
Hyuristyleand running through the terminal: no errors11:53
ZeThomashey, can anybody help me, I made a bootable usb with the lubuntu iso (via unetbootin), but my computer doesn't boot in it11:56
Hyuristyletell more about your computer11:59
HyuristyleUEFI BIOS? It has windows 8 on it too?11:59
HyuristyleUnit193: "current policy: frequency should be within 1.20 GHz and 2.30 GHz. The governor "ondemand" may decide which speed to use within this range."12:33
Hyuristyleseems to be running at on demand, really12:34
Junkalubuntu 13.10 disappointed me14:52
Junkait is unstable, bugs everywhere14:53
jrou6hi :)15:28
jrou6on lubuntu 13.10 pidgin when i minimize it then bring it back up it's all choppy any idea's?15:42
zero_codermy lubuntu is freezing at times18:08
zero_coderi am running lubuntu 13.1018:08
greeterhmm i wish i had seen what zero_coder said sooner. mine does that periodically too, although a reboot fixes everything right up when that happens19:08
SonikkuAmericagreeter: Hmm?19:09
greeterzero_coder was in here saying his/her lubuntu froze sometimes. mine does that on occasion too but when i reboot it's generally fine19:10
greeteri'm running it on an ancient computer with a hard drive that apparently is failing, so i'm not surprised mine does that at times19:12
SonikkuAmericaMayans, Aztecs, Olmecs?19:15
greeterlol beats me. i will admit ubuntu has run much more smoothly than fedora lately, which for some reason has been growing progressively more upset with my hardware19:16
ianorlinI have one where the hard drive has failed and I now boot it with plop and an external hard drive each time19:16
greeterwhat is plop?19:16
greeterhmm let's take a look. i might need it, in a few years lol19:18
greetersmart has been saying my hard drive has been failing for over a year now. in that time a whole 34 sectors have gone bad. so i'm a bit skeptical that the failure is as imminent as claimed19:18
ianorlinyou might not if you can boot from usb19:19
greeterthere is a bios option for booting from a usb device, but i'm not sure if that means an external hard drive or any usb file storage device19:19
ianorlinI think it can be external hard drive but I installed on external hard drive19:20
greeteri do have a spare hard drive lying around that i can play around with in case it does fail. just reinstall lubuntu and i'll be fine :-)19:20
greeterit's an ancient hard drive that i think had knoppix installed on it back in 2006 and hasn't been used in the mean time. modern software might shock it too much :-S19:21
StretchyHi everyone...21:33
StretchyI'm having some difficulty getting my Wireless to work.21:35
Stretchywould anyone be able to give me assistance with setting up my wireless on my Powerbook PPC that I just installed Lubuntu on.  currently I'm on the internet via ethernet.21:50
BossTVGameshello guys im having some trouble with skype could anyone help me22:07
StretchyI am having an issue getting wireless to work on my system that I just installed Lubuntu on22:08
BossTVGamesi asked a question but still havnt got an answer either22:10
BossTVGamesI guess this isnt the place to ask guestions22:11
StretchyApparently not...22:11
StretchyI doubt I would be able to help...22:11
StretchyI may...but it's a slim chance...newby22:11
BossTVGames im having some trouble with skype could anyone help me22:11
BossTVGamesIve been using lubuntu for about  1 month now22:12
Stretchyare you just starting with skype?  I've used it before, just not on my laptop22:12
StretchyI only just began using Lubuntu...I'm trying to get my wireless to work and can't quite figure it out...22:13
BossTVGamesIm using skype on my laptop and I havent had this problem before22:13
BossTVGamesHave you tried to go at the bottum at the task bar thing and click the bar thing and click your internet22:14
StretchyI apparently don't have to correct firmware installed yet...I installed b43legacy but I can't seem to see it...I'm going to try something but it requires a restart...best of luck with your question22:15
BossTVGamesANYONE HERE?!22:19
BossTVGamesIm going to leave this lubuntu distro and go back to linux lite22:19
BossTVGamessee yah people that cant help with support22:19

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