DeTorrDoes anyone want to help with an app idea06:36
mihirhey good morning :)07:17
Elleohttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7hiMfys5MIc <-- ported Eyrie, my music identifier :)17:57
a_muva_how to open a new instance of terminal-app?17:59
nik90Elleo: wonderful! Where can I find the source code for Eyrie?18:10
Elleonik90: I haven't pushed the ubuntu branch yet (just need to finish tidying up some bits first), but the meego source here: https://gitorious.org/eyrie/eyrie18:11
ElleoI'll push the ubuntu branch there as well18:11
nik90Elleo: thnx18:12
Elleono worries :)18:12
popeyOMG Elleo you are on _fire_18:13
Elleopopey: I've started on an erudite port too, that's taking a bit more work updating to Qt5 though18:14
nik90Elleo: what is erudite?18:15
* popey is looking forward to that one ☻18:16
Elleonik90: it makes it possible to use the amazon cloud reader18:16
Elleofor reading kindle books18:16
nik90ah nice18:16
nik90Elleo: just looking at your video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kmu0JLjjQac18:17
Elleonik90: yeah, you might notice it's called Firestarter in that video, which resulted in my first email from Amazon's IP lawyers :P18:17
Elleohence the name change18:18
Elleoperhaps I should start angling for a job at canonical so I can get paid for all this work ;)18:18
nik90Elleo: I am just currently going through your blog and looking at all the softare you created18:19
=== lan3y is now known as Laney
Elleonik90: now you've made me read back through my old blog posts and filled me with nostalgia :P18:25
nik90Elleo: :)18:26
popeyElleo:  you have net connectivity on your boat?18:35
Elleopopey: yep, I get unlimited 3g access from three for about £25/month18:39
Elleoit's actually faster than my net connection in Aberystwyth used to be18:39
Elleoalthough its taken a bit of a hit since I had to start using my n9 as a hotspot instead of my nexus 4 :P18:40
ElleoI might see if I can persuade network manage on the phone to act as a hotspot, my previous attempt got it running but failed to get any network traffic through it though18:41
popeyI use a mifi type thing I picked up from CEX for that18:45
popeyhandy having to shared over wifi, but if it's your phone too, that isn't useful18:45
Elleoyeah, I don't use it as my primary phone; but it's useful being able to since I get some ridiculous amount of free minutes as part of the unlimited internet package18:46
Elleoif all else fails I can simply get a microsim adapter and stick it in my laptop's modem18:46
Elleobut then I lose the ability to make calls again18:47
popeywhich aquaduct is that on your twitter banner?18:47
popeyI have a feeling I've been over it18:47
Elleoon the llangollen canal18:47
popeyyes, i think it is18:50
popeyhttp://strugglers.net/wiki/The_Great_Strugglers_Boat_Trip_2007 happy days18:50
Elleonice :)18:50
popeylovely views up there18:51
Elleoyeah, looks like you're going back over it from the Trevor direction18:51
popeyyeah, we went both ways, out and back18:51
popeyi _think_18:51
popey6 years ago, time flies18:51
sr20dettHello I have been trying to use Qstring to change up two variables inside a url and I'm not sure how to even include the class of Qstring let alone use it. The Qt site has many things on it about Qstring but where can i find some examples or source code of useing Qstring with variables inside a url22:14
sr20dettis this the wrong area for that?22:31
nik90sr20dett: this is okay..its just that no body is here..today is saturday night22:31

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