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sveinseHow can I runtime determine if a system is armel or armhf?18:47
Tassadaruname -m?18:48
sveinseIt return armv7l on armel at least. I dont have a armhr system right now, but I'd guess it returns the same18:49
sveinsearmel vs armhf is not about the machine, its about a gcc config (of sorts)18:50
sveinseI'll answer myself: dpkg --print-architecture18:52
infinityTassadar: uname is never the right way to determine userspace arch, on any arch.23:21
Tassadarinfinity: why? it takes info only from the kernel?23:34
infinityTassadar: Exactly that, yes.23:35
Tassadark, I'll remember that, thanks)23:35
infinityTassadar: You can have an i386 userspace on an x86_64 kernel, or powerpc on ppc64 or, in fun virtualisation scenarios, things like armhf on i386.23:35

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