jeajared: you around?00:44
jaredjea: just got home, how can I help06:08
jeawould you like to take a look at the mailing list pending items06:08
jeathere is one from the lists.u.c postmaster, which i found a bit odd06:08
jaredjea: looks like a spoof to me06:09
jaredI'm not expert but looking over the headers it looks a bit dodgy06:10
jeai actually didn't look closely at them06:10
jaredThe message body also includes a lot of garbled ascii.06:10
jeayes, headers do look a bit bad06:11
jaredjea: nice to know I'm actually learning stuff though. I'd never known that before I started moderating mailing lists.06:11
jeai thought the ascii stuff at the end was an attachment06:11
jeabut i would agree it looks bad06:11
jaredjea: yeah looks it, which isn't in context for the message so out of place to me06:12
jaredyou can forward it to mailman@lists.ubuntu.com if you feel like it, otherwise I'd just discard it06:12
jeai will just discard it06:13
jeaif it happens again, then i can do it06:13
jeaby do it, i mean forward it to mailman06:13
jaredI swear we used to have a mirror list on the AU wiki site but can't find it now. Do you remember ever seeing it?06:16
jeait does sound somewhat familiar06:16
jeathere are some there06:17
jaredFound it, it was called LocalAptMirrors06:17
jeaoh, that type of mirror06:17
jeaoops :P06:17
jaredNo worries, I didn't explain it well (or search very hard either apparently)06:22
croppaI am using ubuntu 12.04. Can i have sound output through analogue as well as hdmi at the same time? 09:52
jaredcroppa: apparently you can - http://askubuntu.com/questions/57319/analog-and-digital-audio-output-at-the-same-time10:24
jaredPersonally, I just have a small mixing desk under my computer table to put all my computers through one set of speakers.10:25
jaredBut I'm a bit sad.10:25

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