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ochosihi bregma22:47
bregmawhat up?22:47
ochosithanks for packaging and uploading light-locker!22:47
ochosi(i'm one of the devs/maintainers)22:47
ochosiwe're about to release 1.1.0, which introduces a new feature that ubuntu might be interested in22:48
ochosiit locks the screen based on the timeout of X11's screensaver22:48
ochosi(so whatever you set with "xset s $time" + a configurable delay)22:48
bregmaI think we're already using that featurre in gnome-session-deamon for unity22:49
ochosijust to give you a heads-up22:50
ochosibregma: what would be nice though were if lightdm supported keeping the screen blanked on this timed-locking action22:56
bregmaI believe lightdm comes up with the unlock screen in reaction to logind sending the Unlock() signal over DBus (I could be wrong, but I believe that's the signal), so it would be tricky22:59
ochosiyeah, a new signal would have to be created i guess, or an additional parameter that light-locker emits in this case22:59
ochosiit would definitely ease the visual pain of the vt-switching though :)23:02
ochosibregma: anyway, maybe we can talk to robert_ancell and see what he says, gotta go hit the sack now23:03
bregmanighty night23:03
ochosioh, and would nice if you could keep me updated when you guys decide whether it's going to be used by default (or not)23:04
ochosi(might attract more translators too)23:05
ochosibregma: ^23:06

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