auscompgeekoh yeah, I was going to mention this a while back, but forgot06:29
auscompgeekwubi doesn't have Ubuntu GNOME in its list of Ubuntu flavours, but it does install after adding it in06:30
x-Na_Hello, is there anyone awake?09:32
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x-NaI finally got around investigating my problem with gnome-shell crashing when changing users, as this is a multiuser computer.09:33
x-NaAnd it seems that whenever I change from LightDM to GDM, it causes the gnome-shell of the first logged in user to crash09:33
x-Na...when user is switched09:34
x-NaThis does not happen when running same setup in Virtualbox, though09:34
x-NaSo first thought I get is that it is a combination of GDM and NVidia drivers, probably09:34
x-NaI haven't found any relative bugs from launchpad, though. The problem is that it is REALLY hard to find any help with a multiuser setup, seems almost that it is not very common for people to run multiuser setups09:36
x-NaBut anyways, I want to file a bug about this, but I'd appreciate any help so that I get all the necessary information along so that it won't get just closed as invalid etc09:37
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cxexaHi all. Are the instructions here the best way to go about checking out 3.10 on a fresh Ubuntu Gnome install?  http://www.webupd8.org/2013/09/how-to-install-gnome-310-in-ubuntu-1310.html16:55
cxexashort version: still need to add next and staging PPAs?16:55
roastedI'd be so happy to help answer if people would stick around long enough :(17:39
teemperorroasted: it's hard17:58
x-Naroasted, well I've been here all day after I explained my situation :D18:22
teemperorhi MaverickPT18:27
teemperorx-Na: and it got solved? :)18:27
MaverickPTwas just wondering how long each release is supported until but I found it all by myself18:28
MaverickPTyou guys running 13.10 yet?18:29
teemperorMaverickPT: sticking on the LTS :)18:31
x-Nateemperor, nobody answered anything :)18:45
teemperorx-Na: that's sad, what's your problem?18:45
x-NaSwitching to GDM cause the gnome-shell of the first logged user to crash (disappear completely, leaving desktop unusable) when switching users18:46
x-NaHappens on 3.8 and 3.1018:46
x-Na...and silence again...19:18
x-NaI am suspecting that at some point I will have explain to my wife why we do not use windows. And this does not really improve the situation...19:19
SonikkuAmericax-Na: GDM knocks off a current session? How?19:20
SonikkuAmericaOne second...19:20
x-Nasession stays, but gnome-shell crashes and leaves an empty white backgound19:20
teemperorx-Na: you can ping people :)19:20
teemperorx-Na: sometimes people get busy anf forget stuff :D19:21
x-Nai know19:21
x-Nawith kids and all19:21
teemperorx-Na: using another greeter? lightdm has a lot of nice ones19:21
x-Nalock screen works only with gdm, right?19:22
x-Nawife was wondering where it had gone19:22
x-Nahence this situation19:22
teemperorx-Na: AFAIK it uses the gnome lockscreen even with lightdm19:22
x-Na3.8 does not19:22
x-Naearlier the situation was different19:23
x-NaIt seems to have changed from 3.8 onwards19:23
x-NaI would use 3.10 but it needs GDM19:24
x-Naworks like a charm as long as there is only one user logged on19:24
x-Nacant reproduce on virtualbox19:24
x-NaAnd I am losing my battery on my phone.19:25
teemperorx-Na: hmm, weird19:27
teemperori'm using 3.419:27
x-NaWith 3.6 there were problems with GDM too, it had problems, but it worked in sense of logging and switching users19:29
x-NaBut as I said, usually multiuser setups get neglected, IMHO19:29
teemperorx-Na: as the guy making the pantheon-greeter19:29
teemperorpriority is low19:29
x-NaWhich is sad, though19:30
teemperorx-Na: yeah, multi-user systems with graphical display are not thaat common19:30
x-NaI wouldn't want to switch to Windows for reasons like this, have been GNU/Linux only since 2004.19:30
x-NaBut in 2004 things worked19:30
x-NaWhat happened in these 9 years19:30
teemperorx-Na: true, so much stuff gets broken19:31
teemperorx-Na: i would say: use elementary OS but you were already in #elementary because of bugs ;)19:31
teemperorand it's not my job to play the advocate in a gnome channel. Just helping out because it seems that gnome-ubuntu is low on manpower19:31
x-NaI fell in love with Linux almost instantly, when I started back in 199819:32
teemperorbtw, is the bug also happening on other distros?19:32
teemperorfedora? arch or something?19:32
x-NaI haven't tried19:32
x-NaAs I have only one desktop-pc that needs to work19:32
teemperorif you have another system, you can push that bug to the gnome devs (instead of the gnome-ubuntu devs)19:32
x-NaAnd I really do not want to go rpm19:32
teemperornobody wants, rpm is fugly19:33
teemperoryou could try debian :)19:33
x-NaIt does not have 3.1019:33
x-NaI switched to ubuntu back in the old days as it got me the latest Gnome faster19:33
teemperoryeah, not the latest, but you enjoy stability :)19:33
teemperorubuntu turned the non-LTS to a beta-test thingy19:34
x-NaNo comment on that19:34
x-NaSo far everything else has worked19:34
x-NaBut as they focus on Unity...19:34
x-NaWhich just does not appeal to me at all19:34
x-NaDebian might have 3.8, though19:35
x-Nabut I don't want to go through the hassle of installing and reinstalling just for test...19:36
x-NaI did file a bug, but let's see what happens19:38
teemperorx-Na: gnome bugtracker?19:39
x-NaNo, ubuntu-bug19:41
Ben10hi where do i report a bug on the latest ISO20:07
Ben10if anyone sees this later, the entire X Window System freezes when columns are dragged in GNOME System Monitor.  This affects the 64 and 32 bit versions20:12

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